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Friday, December 15th

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Okay. I guess. It's. Lean on me OK I know. You can go. They need to man as I clean up my. It's. Let me. And man you need me. Hey yeah. And to. And then you. 22880. TV's off today. Get a flight from the buzz filling in later on we're gonna play ask Annie anything and guilty fund today right now as usual its first wrote Friday. These personal problems in. Turning in my time in my mind by myself with I rented since I'm going to see the new Star Wars tomorrow morning. They rented the forcibly agents but to get caught up and refresh my memory. So put it a go it like I go to red box. The only guy left to does that ring as a go to Arkansas back about put it in the dvd player and get the input but not my public TV. And for whatever I don't know if I put it in 123 I. It will come up so I have to take it or out of the back the dvd Blu-ray player and insert the when he goes to the cable box that you know that wins. Mean and so it's in our kids get back there could be gusty sometime TVs on the loss I have to get some need help we take the TV off the wall seventy inches it's like these are my issues my first world problem is applaud him. The new style. The one and I nobody better road and. I'm on our he's our guy. I feel like overtime and the more you it's like it's like the being YouTube. When they first came out Graham ground breaking everybody was losing their minds they had a couple of really good albums. But there's only so many groups you have inside of you that are new and interesting as a group and eventually. What you do and as a force yourself on to people's iphones and part it's nobody likes. The longer along at a time line everybody survivability goes to zero I feel the same is true with Star Wars 456. Untouchable in terms of greatness because. The possibilities. Of what happened after we're endless now you're defining it I'm not happy but I'm also permits. Get off his lawn ladies and de La La. OK on that electorate. From the text line 22980. For real problem. The website and try to buy a present from doesn't accept PayPal. That's kind of offer. Go right there. You know how like auto fill in their credit card on your phone can be Dag is type in the number they. Let's see that's ridiculous it's poison. My life series three apple watch will connect to the cellular status as you can only use it next or her phone. It's as if to hold the phone next to the watch what's the point of it yet just fighters of yelling at series. I have a dry hole and so I have a Droid. I live in reality you have green text messages of its own thing keeps me from. That's it it's the green is the problem. First world problem mandatory overtime is 54 bucks an hour that does not only problem at all. 22980 from the tax line the batteries in my remote are dead and can't watch TV. That would suck it up to push the button to camp find the remote control and these TVs and even have buttons anymore honor the one button on see and so it's all it's all like that it's just flat got to fight in the Davids are you as you're done. I'm really glad I brought that up. I'll play and begin osment Xbox last night as plain mad in the united that they become the your batteries are going to die. At about oral. Like you're about Angelo on a you know the time Robert on defense and in my my controllers doesn't like no well I don't know the day you Amelio like it's just get a charge and put it on again charges you don't have to worry about it afterward that's true. But at this. Not typically Ramos sixth yes that's my game right there on your play Ramos that not a gamer. It doesn't matter if you are now if you wanna save the world from terrorism. There and I I've looked I looked at my Nintendo and played Contras alive beat the vial red falcon did you use that she I don't need to use it but I did this we covered drunk gonna tell you one thing like I'm really impressed that you don't need cheek I don't need to cheat code in Condit I needed life force but I don't know yet. But I tell mediated contract. I can be Contra with I mean maybe not right now my first tried to give you little little warm up into some rapid spread and a good. First real problem. Got to the bottom of the Coke bottle the focus flat column every tree that things like it was a leader. It was its leader festival. Personal problem only had one more present to wrap and it rained completely and wrapping paper. What did. You find a scraps of tissue paper. The newspaper you grabbed hold just white paper computer paper. Actually did happen on our projects. Personal problem was off two days this week I spent the whole time. With my body sorting Legos really pleased that you travel. That's actually achieving student right now slightly it's like to Lagos. What are in the Lagos. Personal problem being a soccer mom and tried to buy weed through sketchy dealer would love to walk into a shop. Between the hours of 10 AM to 6 PM and by my pot in the socket a safe way so that you have a relationship problem not a dealer pro. So that Cuba an episode of weeds to watch. Personal problem I'm waiting on 90 but I am might see who do you call. And at. That's kind of a big problem that is a that's more about the rest of this Friday probably David parks will deal. First world problem. I had tried twice to get it cleared of picture of my check the deposit in the bank. Yeah redundant retake the picture to deposit the check. And it comes back it's has try again. Yeah overtake him and those risque self days not a clean now lands Israel's much you know answers now aka never done it never know. Do you want him. For the text line two to 900 the leaf blower guys came by and blew leads dust alone by just washed car I get that. Travis is issue. My first world problem is my coworker thinks he's better than he really is was it. I did not know ethics and edited it that it a minute ticket to someone else resonant and now a that C bought at joyful work. Liked but it's like for war. That said does not include double days after buying the double is opened its late founder Eddie to Tripoli is instead. The blocks lie you know it's inevitably included. That he did exactly what about white elephant. Like parties I've filly that's for work like people care enough that they wanna hang out. I'm hosting an ornament exchange tomorrow get out of mind. And I thus ended the great wicket Danny experiment I. He had to create their own ornament you can make like you can buy what he can take what doctor tree or you can re gift one. I'm going to violently wants to make one were hosting the ornament. The tax line that singer is horrible that's my life. Validly gently ask or I thought it was you know. Is that line text or did they sell. Which is about they got to take the criticism along with the Braves right somebody once it was the force awakens on Netflix no road one is on Netflix. There's a difference. I like that. Something tells me. York terror. Yeah prevent it. First real problem net neutrality is gone know that seem real world problems out at Dynegy I'd throw. That is Protestants is named three times on the radio they'll hear it right here in on me she. Tea pot and I picked up up up up. It is your your tax line of serie a personal try to do that next line. Coming up. If you missed the news yesterday. The Kansas City Council. Voted down the memorandum of understanding when it came to edge Morse proposal to just I there's going to be a formality. But we talked to quit Lucas and we talked to jointly justice bolt from the Kansas city council on councilman Lucas voted. I know. Councilman and councilman justice voted yes the knows who won this back debate yesterday nine to four you're gonna find out from both of them coming up next why. They voted the way they did any bullying Virginia mine is silly Mike wicket here on a Friday I tell you what's been consuming me during the commercial break. If you go to our FaceBook page there is a cow on the loose. Two cows are on the run you're the only the district activities that are now out watching this thing run through this giant field of grass right now with. Two police suvs and then there's another black pickup truck they're trying to corral this thing it. And it will move. Move out of the way. I object. I'm Sarah will I utterly speechless. I I love like I'm gonna go now look at this because you've been over here like. Is riding no I got you sucked me into this now oh gosh it's Republicans offense they may have had this thing in Namibia over. This meant that once or the or during her car chase there was a police car chase that okay the police officer is just gotten out of the that would of the suvs. The that I was up against a chain link fence and there's a pick up truck at a closing in on it and they're trying to tissue warily now it's going down on this side of the fence. Italy that there is a loose how the police officer was doing like angels in the outfield thing like I believe and you like waving his arms in the air out going back across the history. Does that dug up his pedestrian there's others say OK now it's moving out from. He keeps trying to make it or Kirk now it's in the parking lot there's eight how on the loose in old lace them. And there are other. What do you think in this issue I would like to see police officers nationally. Treat all on what suspect with the respect that they're giving this cow. I think that would solve a lot of calling temperaments beats. Only the police have said they're not sure the cows have come from but according to channel on there being described as uncooperative. Now so there is cold setup in the in the parking lot this giant. Parking lot like at the only the district activities that are. There's cult like drivers it holds a delegate at the White House they tell us he was as the person which. I'm positive this chase Arthur cowboys are out here in Kansas City so to get out there and last so this thing and put it and try and get it back the form that belongs on you -- the cowboys are letting us all down yet this is your moment to shine. Go to our FaceBook page were watching it right now from the tax line. How lives matter. Cal is under hot it's hot and ready spree from we'd the only thing they can stop a bad how is a good guy with a horse where were calculates. OK there's two cows there artsy council we have to Gaza once in the parking lot of the defense line Eric house ever this have been going this is utterly insane. I I'll lie I well I mean the cows are truly milking this for all. It's worth these are some spoiled I mean these police officers really need to close that over there and get the leather route I got more cal plans if you wanna I can go for days right. If he could hear the aerial coverage from channel 41 helicopter. Everybody stay safe out there. You don't wanna run a restive city and there's 2000 this giant parking lot. Are ranked amateur in the countdown. Man it really doesn't it looks like it's at a high school of my god they're locking down the schools like there's there's a track is this it the only it would regulate the high schools. A laser district activity center the stakes have never been higher it is now. This is USDA choice news. Love. Good cal ponds. Was really fenced in around there isn't any. Agree that we turn this down record here. Hey it is rumored that they have. Of obvious. That earlier today when a chance to talk about the big decision last night the City Council in Kansas City. Odd looking to pass the memorandum of understanding for the single terminal Casey's eyes. On the nose had nine before the City Council voted to reject memorandum of understanding one of the members have voted no was quite Lukas. Who joined us earlier today joining us right now welcoming in the city councilman quit Lucas. Councilman Lucas we appreciate the time so much thank you again for coming and you know yesterday was kind of hectic day for. You know good to be with you guys always it was an interest in de. Before two explaining kind of what we're all about. Counselor Lucas you're one of the of the nine who voted no in this and got everyone questioning why what was the reason it and lets this go into this. Was this more than just a formality that we all thought was going to be the first little hurdle after we all were thrilled I mean. As a guy who voted yes as a guy and the radio was banging the drum for yes. We really thought the the meeting about the W was just going to be act it all right let's just sign off on this but it didn't turn out that way. No we didn't solve my background I'm actually a contract lawyer and so. I think what we were doing was trying to make sure that we are protecting the public interest law tour. Certainly enable you to actually burst after the sort of contracts. But I think what you saw from the council yesterday it was in no way folks trying to say we hate the project there's not going to be new airport terminal or anything like that it was. The fact that they were certain terms of the deal that we just couldn't live with. When one of them he did -- for some reason that hasn't happened over the last several weeks. And so therefore with all the authority it was kind of start anew on the W. And try to come to better negotiation position. I know there were some concerns expressed about the vague terms community benefits. First let's talk about dollars. This thirty million dollar idea that's hanging over this project. For those that are listening what was the conflict what was the problem in and how much did that factor into your noble yesterday. You know I think it was a significant part of the no vote I mean the idea is this. Aren't born without it now. I will get reimbursed for expenses in the event for some reason they either go away just as there are some collect. It's like a severance payment for somebody is fired or contractor. And while that is routine and our business some of those are question on the council Wagoner why are we pay. Four costs that were incurred prior to the election for example warily paper costs were incurred in connection with covered up with some sort rendering. As you might remember Robert Donnelly. So we were wondering why worksheets that he's a few million dollars and also what attorney. All these things at the beginning the but developers are saying. They were doing at risk. Announcing what the public restored to reimburse that would have been giving people false there was another reality ago which was that of course colonial last contractual arrangement. In the morgue are very popular thirty feet and what we were saying was what will get Bashir for some reason. Let's say that there is any calls for a those separately sent more something broader or we do. Do we want to always actually have to have that thirty million dollar Kurt. Sitting there and so while it's one that progresses over top. I think even from the start the idea that repaid expenses activated from September to now preparing going to dollars expenses Macaulay got are all noted. We don't know what some of those are we going to do. Maintenance calls there it's once that's more questions about it. Now councilman Lucas I am just filling in here on the shows have pleased you forgive me I'm a bit of a village and it okay. About right I think the village idiot perspective is an important one here. Because so I absolutely understand and appreciate you looking out for the finances of the city on that level. And you know personally. I don't understand why these extremely wealthy companies ever get some sort of Al from a city. I also kind of feel like from. The idiot perspective I've watched this go back and forth in the press and it's almost another black eye for the city in that. We can't get this done and I was against how this whole process started from the get go with the burns and McDowell even though I'm sure it was a above the board it felt like. It wasn't and so from the get go I was questionable but I do understand the need for a single term I'm all for it. How do we get through this process how do we get everybody on the same page. How do we moved Kansas City forward. There are other they're very question about the 100 votes from people actually. More cancer as mourners who people are being two. Very simple. This means a short. Obstacle I you know I disagree intensity start pretty. Strong words in your editorial that there are progressing is accurate. There were suggesting this could lead to years of delays. All types of other horrible conditions. That's not true. I think there is no on the council Percival once after open for an new procurement process goes through even the mumps. While delayed that we are so I think what you're going to see in the next several days is not come together once again try to work on what it is that we want it. For example perhaps some specific financial terms we can protect the flying public. And the city's interest long term. I think what shall also see itself stronger definitional what community in agreement. Mean Q arms means a majority of the council will welcome back and frankly I don't you want to accept it get done before crest. And so you know I'm I'm leaving a lot of Twitter unfortunately. I know you're okay your. That's moment. But he arbiter suggesting that it would mean god in this is the worst who rapper better and I respect what they're saying but here's the deal. We're gonna get the new airport the voters approved its airport the council's support new airport this is not an end around off. All this is doing is making sure we get it done right and a broad. But the or years from now we're not looking at each other and wondered why something went wrong and nobody's asked the question again. That's councilman quit Lucas here on KM easy earlier today the rest of that plus the other side where Jolie justice joined us she voted yes you're gonna hear why she voted yes coming up. Coming up to hear from Jolie Justus Kansas City councilwoman who voted yes and that 94 vote wanna play the end of the conversation we had with councilman quick Lucas. Who yesterday was one of the nine council can he council members. That voted no against the memorandum of understanding from edge more what it came to decay CI single terminal plan. But he is your 91 KN BC. When it comes to. The community involvement and reaching out towards minority companies for hiring for construction. Was there a specific debate that was held on that day you had in the rest of those no votes had a problem with. You know there's a lot of prickly debate using outside. Talked about yesterday but it opened the minds so. There are labor unions and issues to think about it connection with this. Ally has a reputation as they could. There are minority owned firms own or. There's this reality that there's be one billion dollar plus. And so I think you have a lot of different interest groups. That are trying to be part of that and you know argument that Sergio. And so like he might be co editor at its reasons. Idling at one competency one of the be transformative. Cited. Creating jobs people. Another colleague it was all about the labor have a colleague Richard Burke now. And so your right is. Different and disparate and but you know art or urgent is to say you're doing paying protection Gregg and other people. And so I would hope that over the next few days myself truly just to. They are so many others. Jermaine readers on the committee. Get a chance to work toward I think what is it consensus. And how we go forward and how we've actually go according to the best product possible. Council and another is the sky is falling attitude like you said on on Twitter and part of the of the facts that are coming out is that one member of the city councilman councilman Barnes. Has introduced a resolution that would end it immediately and further negotiations with edge more. And move on to the runner up which was eight become. Is that a realistic possibility could we be saying goodbye to edge more in like you said you wanna get it done before Christmas but is that a realistic possibility. You know I think the answer to that is that there are number responsibility now and on the opposite that you probably. Real witches. And I hope it does proceed simply get a chance to pocket more you can sort of treatment he. Yet however the council. Yeah we're past that point negotiation where Mercer street. You look at the numbers in order and think the other option would be open procurement about what to do. And so you know you're looking at where opportunities. In terms of the pardon question. I don't see why there has to be here. I mean. We'll see what we can all sit room today I guess on Monday notice about the public. And come to some sort of decision comport ourselves to think about what is. Well. And so I think you're right there. Why don't we like to get back on now be thought right now is way. Is this process still troubled we had a vote would just break. There and that's where it all interest there and make sure well. That's councilman quit Lucas he was on earlier today he voted no and joining us one of the yes votes Kansas City councilwoman Julie justice is with us. I counseled injustice thank you so much for the time. Yesterday it seemed like it was a formality going in for those of us that are on the outside looking in. But it turns out it wasn't this and oh you. Got rejected in thrown out how surprised were you did you have any inkling going in this is going to be a 94 vote the other way. Well going into it I was not prepared to vote on it yesterday because I knew that we were still negotiating text more. We out of council the week before out of the airport committee had passed that came in value. I applied to nothing and favorite you know you had passed out of committee. And between last Thursday yesterday we had I don't remember who expressed concerns and that we wanted to go back mark. And ask them if they were willing to meet that concerned. And out of the fact that the council pushed forward for a vote yesterday before going back and mark that was the part that was applied to me. Why are you not prepared to vote. Why would not prepared about it because we had. Basically heard from council members that they would like he's he's more in the in value. So far everything we have asked for a summit more vague idea too that when I also remember that. Hey we've got more things that we want indium value we needed to go back edge morn they are you OK with that and that had not happened yet. You were. A concern with those two things in their obviously whether it was terms community benefits. An edge more and double talk about this thirty million dollar. On clause there for a second. But you still voted yes can you tell us why and tell our listeners why. You're absolutely notes that Arctic Council has only done one thing definitively. Which is on I didn't think that August this year lead pack out an ordinance that said here's everything that we want our community benefits agreement. Now please go forward and negotiated in you would explore. And so that was the independent vote. Of course at that time overwhelmingly the people looked into Padilla after I'm having looked at our issues and of course you and I got a lot about that yet. The past couple of years. They voted at that exact percent in favor of the project. And and we were moving forward with their duty to an agreement on the non by understanding. I voted yes because right now like at morehead said yes to everything we asked for. I they just be clear I did not do. Have a vote yesterday I voted to make sure that we attic right before people made their final decision. Councilwoman Julie just is joining us here on 981 KM BZ we had councilman quick Lucas on earlier. There was a reimbursement situation that he was concerned with the that was why he along with others voted no. Where do you come down in this questionable reimbursement thirty million dollar claws of let's say use say goodbye to edge more or they were to say goodbye to us. Hearing yesterday and that one of the things that I wanted edge more. So yesterday he had that ultimately look at again it's for instance that you would like ethnic community benefits agreement that would not ten million dollars it closer to 42 million dollars. He had these questions regarding reimbursement agreement. But I didn't go back and more and say hey we don't like the reimbursement agreement or we'd like that the which community benefits agreement. And folks are willing to vote no on it and I just stop but it was preacher. The thing and it might if we want to go back adds more say here's what we wanted to council and it Morton as a now. Absolutely let's reject BMI. And let's move on. But the problem that we had yesterday wasn't that it is that the process that preacher. I am I do have one question for you regarding. Some more of this money stuff. Somebody's that when you have a generic line item for 151000 dollar mark for months travel and it's not saying who and where and how that's a little vague now. I can see how what your putting something together especially for non binding. Resolution. That you know you're trying to throw something together is this more. Like waste or is this more well we're trying to get this pretty much where we needed to be. There's nothing like sinister happening here that's probably what it cost per month to get this done properly. Yeah that is correct because let let's cut this thing in the conversation is that thirty million dollars is the absolute maximum. And what they didn't they win and estimated at all these costs would be. We decided to split ways and and what would happen men and is the aviation department would have to go through and actually look at I would be real expensive. And then they would only reimbursed expenses that were actual expenses and it would document it. That was adamant that the maximum com article Matt reimbursement agreement I wanna be clear where hard costs for things that we're gonna need to do we partly. I've been built the airport. Environmental studies designed to back all of that sort of thing the other thing that I think it's important for that the taxpayers in the voting public can understand. Is that all of that reimbursement agreement has been agreed to be paid for by the airlines. And go to the extent that we would ever have to pay any I bet thirty million dollars after we looked at all of the receipt for the and that sort of thing. Be reimbursed the following year by the airlines. That's Jolie Justus Kansas City Council and there's more of that interview you can check out KMB easy dot com it is one of 43. Coming up or check in with Dana and parks Danny boy from the buzz is filling in today for Jamie money selling. And we're gonna wrap it up with a fun addition. A Friday edition. I'll ask the any any it is Friday is anything off limits. On the text in any questions if you listen April on time over on the buzz. Ask him anything you want text added 22980. We get to your questions for Danny boy. From the buzz again in the text line questions right now 22 daddies are and nothing is off the board. And we do that but up next. Now let's send it as dream in which he didn't think this. That hey yeah I know you'll remember this but I think that's adorable but he's grown up and I'm demand. Any question institute 298 C. Is that day within the weekend on night before 1 PM TV. I think. That that open that might be offensive. That the I might lose my job verbatim that now. I made this time no idea it really is in poor did about a silly today. We got about five or six minutes before we check inundated parts. Two detected anything asking any anything to accident 22980. You'll close the tax line you CDs. This one has been the most common one how did you meet your life at a concert. What counts. And it's. Buzz. Brazil went. Great did in the line I was. Yeah I felt that I'd never did like it I like radio and I love what I do and I like music. But really for me. Doing what we're doing right now talking with friends and broadcasting it in not solving the pertaining to solve all the world's problems and my favorite thing and so. That was a concert that I would call it a non mandatory concert it's not like it's a station event but its not like twenty that you you laugh you have to go to the one tomorrow yet by the buzz and I've I can't wait like warrants very exciting my wife loves warrants totally gonna go and have a good time but that was one that I kind of historically avoided. And I I went there. And it was like basically a full moon and we walked around mean offense to locker on the penguin enclosure. You know I had a cigarette and we locked down and I saw article talking to this woman. Was due to the Lionsgate this is like right behind after the show right ourselves out in. And he's talking tour and I'd look at the pendulum like this will not stand. I absolutely he would. And you know take some time. Because we're both Mary and but we. Been together if I mean I I still love that woman she's completely changed me you're talking and ask me anything she knows the pool everything. Thought we cannot say because of your advertisers boxers or briefs. Definitely boxer shorts or nothing. OK I like it nice spree but not during the wintertime. Any do you think wake it has reached puberty Dahlia with it is handsome and feral man. I wish she would let his beard grow just a little bit. More I sometimes political in this I had to it was actually quite. Mean G a meaty and older it's that were but I had to do. A presentation on last Saturday. In front of 151000. At sprint center before TI trans Siberian orchestra wow so I had to kind of look presentable I trim the beard. Because my wife was up for the family thing up in the mowing and then Aaron who feel that for you yesterday was going to do this check presentation thing. He got strep throat lost his voice like an hour and a half of before the eventually can you do me a favor. Go home without a suit. And then stayed in front of 151000 people. And present the Kansas City children symphony youth symphony with this check from DSL. I never seen that before that was cool amazing that you did that would be amazing that you cleaned up. I don't know it gets it's this Christmas season. The Christmas miracle it's. Well I. I'd be any gap Scott parks insinuated recently everyone on the buzz is on meth. Is that true. I'm on Ritalin which is actually cope mean. Derivatives. So I would say that is not I mean personally. I am on Britain there I. Is anybody on the bus and us. I think we're more of you know this achievement had a group RC TV Qaeda I think like our demographic skews more towards you know cocaine definitely. That brings up the next question to Tivo or it definitely does TV I'm amend our collective and you don't want anything that's gonna put you on the sofa. Let's see here is a hot dog sandwich. It depends it's up to you it's a very subjective call much like music I think whatever you believe is true. Did jazz or pirates. Cowboys. Not an option okay then I will go ahead and I'll the dabbling take Ninja's desist I don't like the cleanliness that doesn't exist on acquired him. Takes them into 22980. Not asking him about that there's a lot of questions in here for you that I can't read on the air right so yeah. And just get you know right through that design. How did you he wanted to be on the radio. When I was a kid I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah was is hilarious I'm Catholic and if you didn't know is that in the eighties it's a Mormon town that is a mis there I did not know your Catholic from Utah Utah and low stakes day out are moving to neutral. Of all lord and there's this radius is an X 86 scary villains you did mornings they were counterculture and I grew up listening to them wanted to beat them and now I've been on the radio. Doing morning's hearing Kansas City. As long as they had been when I grew up listening to them so that's a very exciting milestone that's very cool yeah. You really want me to ask the anyway he thinks of Donald Trump. I mean that Donald Trump I think one of the biggest problems we have in America. It is not you know we're all guilty of this then looking and Amir is very difficult thing. And I think trump is really get it not doing. 69 to 75. DN ERU bigger than no I am walk currently like fifteen. I'm 63. And 215 and I'm entering late stage beans on body. OK yeah ad buy gas. Let's see where hockey jerseys just because that's what fits with seniors wouldn't excellence and I'm from or Utah or. Army guys kicked our butts in football I any of five kids how many years how many errors but he boys and girls three boys two girls three or mine to ours are all three girls yours now I have one girl two boys Islam Boylan and I met your kids. Yeah I remember. You don't at this chain smoker so you met my eldest son. I remember the beginning of the chain smokers show and remember the end of that but yeah. We got a lot of Olympics is the only that you do in your life very nice to my child first concert I do remember that his first show was the chain smokers yeah. That staff at. I remember that night like that music is subjective about an argument that there are I had listening idea remember. Leading back and we were sitting in for audio and I remember looking over Europe and budget the stairs. And I remember looking over heavily. The idea is not enjoying this because I love electronic music I always have my entire life. And only this is not Danny's team right here you call me on that and actually I really do appreciate it because I was like you know what I remembered my dad not having any fun added WCW wrestling show ninety's and I started dancing after that and I became a better by the day because of you wicket. It was calling it freedom be that's like that's. What's up from the Phillips is Utah Utah Utah and saw Brigham City arrogance I. Brigham City lights are you wanna talk about you know you'd think about a Catholic in Morgantown impression. If you live in Brigham City you're just born a rebel. Captured on both campaigns are you friends with John there. Yeah he's actually really nice to invites me to go hang out let him bring my kids because he's always got a political toys. Like a flame thrower. Always good for children now that's actually the hot Christmas I of this players or forget how sports via what makes everybody forget men. Is asking any unit to terrible. Couple questions I just can't read on the air the answer is probably. An. He's one one of the questions at the word threesome and it Jessica. It'd just so it depends how the letters breakdown now on and you have to talk to my feeling to avoid that out. And I think so much for hanging out and I have a good time I hope I did well by I knew I. Would love to have you back to Jamie takes vacations ensure when next time I'm gone. Next Friday I might at last the for the years next Thursday so that the point first. Yeah yeah yeah it suits my papers because you're done. Ab but yes I would love to have you back if you'll come back I just I feel like god this was a nice little fun thing if given emea I don't wanna where in my welcome obviously today in the village idiot but everyone's wild not too bad to come in here and be a jerk at other people will to idiots on the air for four hours a day that's what you and I can do Italy and so we could do eight you said. Some. Simply by the way wants an though to listen iPod Shuffle we got thirty seconds. I love your iPod Shuffle like you just based on your music choices I would date you from the text line you have to talk to my wife what's your favorite genre. Anything that striking in the mood I'll like anything from like some no effects with punk rock you know because that's really cool or all like Alabama I'll like I like Alabama. I Republican her public. I had to take a punk and troubling that our our that's hard core it was thinks quit Lucas. Also things to Jolie justice for joining us to Travis walker. As well as a have a good weekend man.