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Monday, April 23rd

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Ever story this hour comes to us out of Maryland and a high school where there are some issues we're going to have Travis explains exactly what we're talking about here but that's not an aspect and again. Officials brought neck high school remove the doors to about half the bathrooms this week the stalls. To discourage increasing numbers of students smoking taping or quote jewel leading. Inside a language ruling is in a second Travis explains Bob moser who is the county schools spokesman said principal Jen time decided to remove the doors Tuesday in bathrooms. Male and female. Where doll where stalls could not be seen from the hallway of your watch and guy. And there's an air stalls where you can't see the doors. We can't see the stall for the doorway right they've taken those doors off rights to all. Iron right so they've removed the doors in bathrooms were stalls only could not the portly port. Two weeks ago officials at the school near cape saint Clare added two stops to prop the door is open but those were kicked off dot. On the doors were removed on Tuesday and will remain removed until further notice. He said it was Knology similar changes not been made in other schools. Still asserts that sort parents about. Student privacy. Travis explained Julie what is Juli why should we care. So Julie is basically your another form of baking. A smoking basically it looks like a USB drive. And that's actually how is charged so you can charge through like I porn charge or through your computer. And there's a cartridge that goes on top in that space investor nicotine. Cartridge. Liquid. Actually. I would say the smoke evaporate truly quick so you take out the door to means nothing. They can be doing in class and you probably would even now. Their rail tooling so or even taping depends I am a smoker taken taken and you could. Take a big puff. Bloat in your shirt and you would him and I guarantee you teach wouldn't you know look fast enough for that smoke. To be seen it's gone right. So it is just another way to be discreet. Of smoking in the end it's smaller in your normal eight pin though four you know for nicotine can like as it looks like USB drive. So you can be go to class and low and use USB drive this not a smoking device and. Great to start with where like crap let's be clear about or talking about. They're taking the doors off the actual bathrooms at bat died this Stahl has the stealth about entryway it was yeah. And so that's why about the mentally to doorsteps and asked the door stops there are the doors are gone. As long as you can't see a stall that from Iraq. It's just it'll work. No. I mean next question a girl if Travis is right and I'm and I believe Travis because he's hip if Travis is right. And Beijing which doesn't smell. Much like written and is scheduling which he says smells even less. Then taping us. If you're trying to catch kids smoking cigarettes actual cigarettes what percentage of kids are actually smoking cigarettes. Vs Julian or invading it seems to me this is pointless but. It is the thing about cigarettes is you know when you smell a cigarette do you know that that's strong smell less segregated and drooling invade being. Is mostly through base metals. So the only way I can see this kid's being caught in the bathroom is if there is someone standing. In the bathroom while these kids are going to the bath. That's the only way you really honor of that because so problems at bath and my announcing in the stall and I'd just take a hit of my might shall in my vapor. None of that smoke is gonna last long enough or to go out the door for someone to see. Ask parents how you feel about their not being doors on bathrooms. Two to zero or 5767798. Only one parent so far is complaint. About taken the doors off about its students are relieves. Privacy privacy absolutely privacy parents feel about not being doors and bathrooms. Stalls were talking about the bathrooms. But there's certain element of additional privacy that that door off first. You know mom and I'm thinking about occasions where let's say the bathrooms are used on after a sports practice or something. Evans kids and their want to change and are stalls but if it's all the same sex kids that are in which should be other kids can out change. In the common area and after that part that's a little locker Republican but it don't make it even happened yet it happen or after a dance or something or you know those those restaurants. Might have other uses. I'll is coming off the map. And we're out. Would you want to say your kids' school. 576779. Because my question is. Is it is is it. Is it worth the invasion of privacy. To get the results they want to keep kids from jewel lean and very being. At school is getting the results you want I. A mind like no idea first of all if it's not getting kids tune stapled last with these little Jewelers or whatever column then. But the horse back on because I got to imagine. If Travis is right in if I would sixteen year old kid and for whatever reason I need to have my nicotine fix now I did I did smoke at sixteen. In doing at school all that often although occasionally we did because it was cool. But if if that. Is my goal can't I just go into a stall. Sit there for thirty seconds term minute or whatever or or stand there and if Travis is right. Blow the smoke in in my coat you know like eight I don't feel like this is getting to the root of the problem. And if this doesn't do what media. And tell contacts from people getting me. Various schools where they are up the doors off the back and really. I can name you can't argue apparent this of a student at one of those schools and how does that make you feel and so what do you do about the chilling if this doesn't get it done and if and again Travis telling us that to be doing in class and only now. That tells me parents probably don't know. I have two words that what you think about. And you tell me if we need this. Bathroom monitor. We have hall monitors. Do we need whether their sticks assign students. Are they assigned security guards you gonna put him in every stall do we ever interviewed every stall his kids are gonna walk in the bathroom and Alastair gonna search on. I you know they've got. The little devices on 5767798. Is taking the bathroom doors off in schools and stuff they're doing this that your kid's school. Is taking the bathroom doors a an invasion of privacy. And be an effective way to cut down on kids smoking. 5767798. Get to a lot of your text messages coming up as well 22980. Happy Monday at 1117 we're talking about a story out of Baltimore. Officials at rotten next high school remove the doors to about half the bathrooms this week to discourage increasing numbers of students smoking taping or Julie inside. They decided to remove the doors in bathrooms where you stalls could only not be seen from the hall supplies cancer the stalls and they're gonna take it or not. Two weeks ago officials at the school at a door stops to prop the doors open kids kicked those up off of course that it has the doors are removed on Tuesday they will remain removed until further notice on some of the students are sat. About the invasion of student privacy as they'd take it to being they say the policy punishes all students even though some are gaping and some are not. Couple's teams would like to see officials work to punish students who are responsible. And educate students about the danger of eight. 5767798. Evening this is an effective way. To keep kids from smoking in schools and is this a violation of privacy by 767798. Let's go to Kelly in Kansas City on KM BZR Kelly. There are now I do not to think this is an invasion of at sea in a party. You go to places like key right for an and there aren't too we're on the back term care. There's an open door you lock. Towards the Arctic pack thinks the media in a lot of public created an art alert on. The bathroom. In in the afternoon directly into the holiday. You can't you install. You might see saint meaty but came up I mean is part is that I that you protected and that's all I don't think it is the location at the feet. They're really good idea kicking back and other agents to. Like all I had cute kid I know a lot of times that our kids they're cornered in the back through because Kurt you place. They're not not that your they know that they go in there and they're willing to be monitored it could get away with a lot of things that don't depend Thomas. The poking the Juli actually considering how to greet his. But I don't think it's an invasion of privacy and beat the great. For the folk always appreciated. So might depend a little bit and I hate to get this. Detailed about it but some might depend on the lay out of the bathroom do you like in talking about Casey right a lot airports like that where you walked in and there's a little bit halt layer over the return or something move so there is no possible way to see any part of the bathroom. From the content area barrier right like UC Wallin and turn left and interact and schools might be different my guess is because school bathrooms are smaller than airport bathrooms it's probably just a walk writing kind of thing. Like you're saying the bullying things. A point lead in the bathroom there probably bigger in this high school in any case mr. eggs to throw that out there. Well in Kansas City on KM BZ Eloranta. Without. It's a big ditto ditto ditto. I mean I. Dumped at a community college there are. Waited late in girl listeners that there are no doors. Actually if you wanna look at. How positive on this besides the bullying and makes it easier for handy cam X access. To it I don't think it's an invasion of privacy and I want to know where the current top line is for teenagers. Seventeen below all of the sudden deciding you're going to rise. It'll all be adults what we can and cannot do. And I went in to get a little bit sick and I. And you know they think that they now can case in point is seventeen year old running for governor. He couldn't complete a full sentence. He had d.s. And the wherewithal to kind of site. Mr. and I don't know how to pronounce his blessings on their old. I'm back I mean this district there they're high. And then you get in big guns and I don't mean to be back at some point you don't have to be an adult. And when I would like you cared. The way that perhaps they could make an app. Or from being as in their and the bathrooms. Okay there's something going on. And you know perhaps you know be tight after monitor. And electronic miners some kind that would be very sensitive and can get a. I don't know how a whole lot about technology Loretta but it would seem to me that. If if it is as discreet as Travis is saying that this Julian is or beeping can be. And I have seen some people who take some monster hits on Bates in and around Kansas City and it just looks like a giant plume of smoke. But then it's gone if Jo Ling is even more discreet and I can hide it in my coat. Or just blow it down there you know it's gone in three seconds I don't know if you can fat have technology. In schools that can detect that so easily. It is that you could smell the fruits and kind coming out of them by it I wouldn't know what that's like. You mean teachers I guess we need to be trained yeah I. How many different Travis even flavors of Julian oil or other church 4000. Are there. Are. Or that out at lookup when I know for baby gators I mean. A ton hundreds yes there's there's thousands. Loretta thinks your phone call appreciated balance soccer filling Kansas City Phil would think about removing the doors in this high school from these bathrooms. Disagree. Because that its invasion of privacy. I agree that her ex. So you are. The way social media and market major at all. They post it in the Utah Libor rate in the nation why that. You know they you ought to have someplace to go on living like that is. And school there and watched the first leg and it didn't mean. Kiki Roger out so that there have only hit a four day. Don't seem to make our kids virtually that mr. open at this. The Q actually you can do they want you executed. Well in school in which all of NG average so. I agree I don't think that when. We get that question. May be right about that Phil thank you so much for your phone call let's talk to Jim in Kansas City right KM BZ go ahead Jim. Well a couple. Or call him. I don't know what he. Theater's are open door. We yeah they have always. Over here. Not been entered in that actual background. What what does this news. Just in general. Gender neutral. And quote me being. Installed in these rules. Were opened well. I don't understand what your point is what what would. Oh would have to do with anything. Oakland or you have male female in the back room. But you're not seeing them go into stalls like that you know if if this was. That if if you could see stalled doors open and close having little say that to me is an invasion of privacy. I'm gonna gas the only in bathrooms in a school. That now now this is changing a little bit but for the moment. Most of the bathrooms and schools are going to be gender specific. And gender neutral bathrooms are probably going to be singled. It out and assault it's a single back you know like like family restrooms at target or something like better. Can be one big room. Yeah I I don't think into that I think it and forget the girls in the called early but she'd really good point you brought up the idea bullying I know. You're not gonna see a role of your riddles from the doors of the bathrooms that app and remove your docket is seat toilets they're not gonna take those doors they're not taking the doors up of those bathroom that's invasion of privacy you know you can't right can't they can't do that high school I mean when you walked with little busier airport you walk by you might see a sinker to you know when you go by those stores if you're looking or your underweight in the you'll know then. I know the men's room at them that sprint senator. You know there's there's not a door there's an open concrete walkway but you can't see a sink you can't see a urinal you can't see a toilet you can't see a woman stalled. You can't see any act of god crowd's gonna say just what the doctors. Eight flavors. And there on about fifteen bucks a cartridge for bathing or for jewel for jewel but there's a cool man at Virginia tobacco mingle flavor crammed relay. Classic tobacco classic menthol who cool cucumber and from mad cool cucumbers and amp. There's this much nicotine no. In that each one of those a pack of cigarettes says. 5% nicotine by way. I don't have a fifty milligram nicotine's what does that even mean knowing favorite. In this story from the AP. It says scheduling cartridges contain as much nicotine as there is gaining. Attacked smokes. So you're not it's for those who believe it's a healthy way to smoke it's not that it's really not. Everybody's confused we are talking about the door to the bath right indoor bathroom doorway these Stahl bathroom entrance door. I don't think although he told me you're aware bathrooms that don't have doors on the stalls. By some bars have now. That we're starting at the doors to the actual after Jack in high school. On the points Anderson to if if they I think you're right I think a lot of bullying can happen in bathrooms and probably wonder why that in to the doors off sooner. You know it's it's it had kids are Smart too by the way we know this. I can bet Chia just by my old observation of knowing how I would have thought back then if there are there's a I've I was a kid today. The kids that Jules invade. Will go to the bathrooms that still have the dollars that kids that don't jeweler bay. Are gonna go to the lines without the bathroom doors and everything's gonna tear it and you'll know exactly. Which ones are which by. And also gives you better chance of catching the kids who were tooling and they're gonna use the ones that have to exactly so you know I know the kids are going to be literally put on an outside those bathrooms. And and smell for maybe as they come out maybe that's what you do it narrows half the space is where they're gonna do it as you know the juggling kids are still gonna try it. They're gonna go to the bathrooms that have the doors. And the kids that are like look I don't you don't cared have to. And I saw a movie this weekend. I would like to clarify it out to you sought to movies this weekend. All one time I'm impressed by that its fourth straight hours of movie watching in my house over the weekend has got to be record without sleeping what's. I'd say it's a new me it's just it hit it's good to me what's nice about that plus true what Travis said to the talking coupled during the movie is gonna make you smile. We'll get to that after the 12 o'clock news that I saw a stupid movie which is exactly what you would have expected to do that but this next story comes to us out of Minnesota. And they start review and out of Minneapolis it's about a guy four year old Georgian annual. Who says children need more prayer in their wives and he is on a mission to bring prayer back in the public schools. He is starting with the school bus I'm staying alive as they school bus driver. Who says he was take off his route last week because he is leading students and Greer while driving. Now he alleges the move violates his constitutional rights to freely speak and practice his religion. It's not the first time the Georgia Daniels raised concerns by praying with children on a bus for years ago. He was fired from his job driving burns ill kids to school for the same reason. He is the pastor of a pretty big congregation in Minneapolis. That it got him from trying again with students attending NASA should cola. A Brooklyn Park charter school focused on Russian language and culture he says that's were the constitution crimson. You've got to freedom to exercise or religious beliefs. He admitted that his ultimate goal is to convert people to christianity but said he had never forced students to pray with them but the owner of quality care transportation company that employees and said. School officials got complaints that he was influencing miners to the point where he was in fact forcing them to practice. The owner of that company said while he allows his driver's time for personal prayer. Leading children and prayer is not a bus driver's job. He has not been technically fired because the owner of the company hasn't had a chance to sit down with him. But they did take his route away and he's not been given anyone so it's it's sort of like being fired at least temporarily. Jamie I'm not the most religious person in the world yeah I know that may shock people here just joining us you're new to the program who knows. As a pretty strongly about this one idea. Europe bus driver. To arrive the damn bus do not offer to let kids lead prayer do not offer to lead the children in prayer. It is not your job. Drive the damn bus but children anymore and their lives we Eagles on the bus go round and round round and round they do not need you as a bus driver to leave them in. And our father or whatever. Are right. I would pull my kid off this bus so fast if they didn't already. How this guy yanked off the route. Parents. What would you do. Again this guy says he was shocked that parents had an issue because he had discussed preying on the bus with. He says he thinks their concern was that he disciplined route students by moving them to another area of the bus. Tiny zero or 57677. I I know there are some of you that are not gonna have a problem that I believe it. Because it's a school bus not school. Now he's forcing them to pray I think we can all admit that we have legal problems that complaint said he was sites there were some people that said he wise. There's nothing quite like forced religion to make a twelve year old kid love god. That that has got to do it right there for kids questioning has been brought in up you know it's gonna get thank you to convert to christianity. A bus driver forcing me to say the our father. Most of students at the school are Christian. Our Russian and Christian I believe that and so affect the Russian weird it's a passenger is random. That's pretty gestured at charter school for a lot of different gallons is a god that. So most students there are Christian. Add. And again is you still have legal is a church and state is literally rust there. I don't believe isn't a Christian school is that a private. What do those what is it called it is call. Lehman say now I don't believe it's like saint Thomas a coin is at a Minneapolis and you'll really dumb NASA should call eight Brooklyn Park charter school focused on Russian language and culture just like we have things like academy Lafayette here the focus on French language at okay same idea at school just focuses on one particular part of culture to this buster ever been yanked off his route. Or do you think he was writes may you think he was right and if you call on and not everybody complained that a lot of people complained. You drive the bus. That's your job you're not supposed to drive home the word of god you're supposed to drive my kid to and from school well let's get evenly you've got out of it. You're not supposed to force personable and any time you dine out because we talked last week about gay teachers and a lot of you lost your minds at the prospect of a gay teacher. Coming out is day. And and students may be learning something from 5767798. Tonya what do you think of this bus drivers should leave has been taken off his his route four. Promoting the word of god on the bus rides. At 8 o'clock. And on and he hit me. Not. It. Yeah. It'll anybody or. Kill. It or. Anybody else. I also agree 100%. Down for those that think if let's see what those people in your texting it to Jamie in the text line or whatever your sit bureau or your house your car whatever you think and you know what the sky was right we need a little more religion in our life what if the bus driver was Muslim. And it was lighting treat people and we're up prayers to all off and you wouldn't like that. It's it doesn't even matter if he was forcing kids or not it's it's. I get and turn it around it is the exposure. To that you know you're not forcing maybe you're not forcing every kid. To take part in the prayer but by leading it and enforcing every kid on that bus to be exposed to. Tonya thanks for the phone call led to go to Linda in Kansas City that thinks for collier and 81 KM BZ. And he's made that guy operation and guided by safely pictures students at saint and he should. Not be preaching religion to get a I didn't should be suspended. If you can not volatile. There needs to be terminate its. He had this avenue four years ago as a matter of fact is Jamie mentioned this this is the second time. This bus driver has been pushing it on kids in a different part of the state or different school district or whatever. So he's a two time offender and your phone call and a 5767798. Kerry in Kansas City Terry thinks Colin. Yeah I love most are remind our playing in. My take gives this catch totally uncalled or relating. Keep it for error. Meaning it preaching to. Can find Jewish church. And like somebody else you know where a driver was among them. And further. Come editors. I myself am. In the gun owner and I am several baseball caps. Never tie assured they're current. Brandon Gunter that and entering and and I don't even worse end. Juba on to work because of what happened in our plan and all of my at all and so. A key key players in preaching all insult. Thank Terry thanks for your phone comment we appreciate it that opens a blind for you 5767798. It also texted at 22980. Text for. Out. Yours your foresight and I would like this person to call on L series now is because I think we need. Decide represented athletes out waited till licking your tolerance is gleaming right now he didn't do anything wrong there is nothing wrong with prayer. Why are we tolerant of everything not Christ centered. I don't. Think that I would feel appropriate if a Muslim bus driver was preaching to a lot with a bunch of kids or some of the Jewish face faith was teaching that that the teachings. All of the of Judy isn't it my kids. An atheist right why is telling kids not to believe in god are. Its so called out their attacks there I didn't say. Don't teach Christ I don't want your religion being talked to my kids aren't any bots. Are right. It if you want would have the bus driver was patted up and it was up a product of satanism. And was teaching. The religion of satanism I have. You what that means I just know it sounds bad a lot of bust this is why we have church and state yes because everybody needs to feel welcome in school and you can't teach them all. You have one. School like this can't teach or religions or you don't teach right. I don't have a private you're teaching the history of different religions including christianity and whatever. Eat a class that is designated for that any child has chosen to take I Anders I'm fine with that I think it's actually probably something that many of us need. But I don't need a single. Bus driver who also happens to be a pastor or one amber. Preaching his religion and inviting kids to leave the bus in prayer on the way to school are right there's a difference. Where your calls coming up next is 1148 of the latest for you coming up. And Antioch Tennessee. The Nashville Waffle House shooter. Right now we can tell you there's no confirmed sighting of the Waffle House should listen to what is seen him since he. Ran off into the woods. Over the weekend on the latest for you coming up at 12 o'clock and were talking about a bus driver in Minnesota. Named Georgia Daniels. Who is also the pastor of a pretty big congregation in Minneapolis and things kids need more exposure for prayers or he taking it upon himself. It is part time gig is a school bus driver too honest prayer on a school bus routes. Now says he was taken off his route because he was leading students in Greer while driving alleging the move violates his constitutional rights to freely speak and practice his religion. I said that's cost isn't you've got the freedom to exercise your religious beliefs. Others bus route for a Russian school. And so it's not a Christian school attending is important to point out although. A parent told the star Tribune that most of the kids there are Christian. 5767798. Mark in Kansas City should this bus driver been yanked from his route. Yes and now and they used to not not to operational or gaga and Andy did he shoot at least being paid. Who ought to go about but nevertheless. There is no separation church and state. About Ricardo as a banker in north west said he that he was. There are trying to force of the mitigate date cake in the not too easily get sued. Took. Separation of church and state the budget Iraqi women Christians we sort of got you guys. Get on it Christians like it was Brett I'm better so I mean you know now's got on as an observer. Our fast. This cake had nothing to do with the school. No no that's allowed to do with this group. But it always church and state excuse me for once I can't. To be clear when we say church and state what it in this particular case what rock and talking about we say church and state is the separation of religion and schools. And yeah. Yes rent or hate it does not allow schools to teach or practice religion with their students and religious. Anybody you know whether. Or not it's the same thing because of a all the Christian persecution. That two bit and a question. And he has the right to turn down. That go to Christians are you at dinner go to. The next moment I'm mark if you're selves and. Mark honestly but to do it yourself offended by a bakery are rendered. It's that you guys. Aren't you guys. Take double that lab equipment and by the Bible and I went against about problems. I'm doctor and. Weight limit when I come over here and take a quick. Do you protect what who or what race are you mark. It does Asia say a few guys and race is out onto her state to indicate the division moon. If you don't. Like a bakery. Because they will make a cake for your particular. Sexual preference. Go to another bakery. Go to another breaker that's not the same thing as though it's not it's not even in the same stratosphere. As a bus driver. Preaching the word of god. Two kids. On a bus. Or I you'll like it. You wouldn't like it if it was a Muslim teach her Muslim bus driver preaching the word oval off. You wouldn't like that. There is in time. Joseph in Kansas City on KM BZ did you. Hey and up for the record I've never order demanded a vacancy orchard push yourself. Now there you go where you can. But. So the guys at. Pastor and congregation and he is willing to let others different but the curbing Internet threat there are human rights and that is congregation without aggregation being able to leave. For liberation has Satan how long it takes to drive to school. I I have your your question was so long I don't know the answer Joseph the fifty what do you tell us the right it's earth. Our detectives. You know district adage you're going to have other times you know expressed their First Amendment. I don't bat that he I I would bet that he wouldn't appreciate someone who is not a Christian faith of something that like I keep referencing. Summit of the Muslim religion being on his doorstep preaching to his his kids but but that's a different story. Read it like it just we go now. Should should this guy have lost his route. Where you can I have to look over at an open pretty different to keep private school. But it's not looking good form. It's a private company isn't it it's not just his yellow school bus right right it's it's a private. Bus company we we have been here and quality care transportation yak and so he's been fired for this before. Four years ago the same thing in a different school. My guess is he'll be fired against let's go to Christie on KM BZ I Kristy thanks much for calling. Yup my job my favorite morning show. I'll think you know appreciate it Christi correct me if I'm Ron your last your phone number ends and 47. Kept wondering detects that you cents. That it's. Encouraged to call I answer the call. Waited so quick it your tolerance is gleaming right now he didn't do anything wrong there is nothing wrong with prayer. Wire we tolerant of everything not Christ centered I just think it's it's for every text we get. I think they're more people who believe that the don't have accidents I wanted to call and talk about taxed. I. Love my. I don't care that I pray for aircraft or you're saying I. It within him. Now we are working company. Because there's an article. That I've been at company let me give it. Chris and I am OK with him pre. Empt rank and are. He wasn't doing that I was albeit well because I end. Oh and pot that make bent. Does that those words make sense but what if you know and and interest to the problem comes with every other parent of that bus Herbert of the students on that bus. Who may not want to hear now a lot of percentages Jamie mentioned a big percentage of the school is Christian. But. I don't understand why it's okay for one religion to be preached by a bus driver whose sole job it is is to drive a bus. Oh. Did you read it at an article quotes out of it but it. A mid air church pastor who also drives a bus as his right of free speech and to practice his religion were violated. Eight church pastor we. On a hot. I was going to is religious beliefs at the church I mean I'm a lot of things when I get on the here I'm nothing more than a talk show host with Jamie. I mean I'd stop all different. Freer and right at 88 exactly Christie like you think no matter what. If I hire this guy to do anything he has to preach the word of god. However. At that married actor for 21 year you. We. Kristen Kart commanded a bit ugly and it. Dupree and pray that. Our man and it not there. Manning on it died and I don't or right I think any. And I'll write about it. Didn't hear a lot. And I'm not I'm not China and grant not you know were not a quote scripture. A lot now I am 100. I. It and don't like that. That. Rule on Scott Young that I'm I'm gonna end. And that's all but he's gonna face the consequences right and he can do that but that means that his employer. Who signs his paycheck can say you can do that that there are consequences for that. You're the you're the best Christie thank you so much for calling I appreciate it. I just know that if you hire I I don't maybe I don't understand or I can't comprehend. If I hire you in Europe pastor I hear you to drive a bus I have to be wary that you're going to preach. I I don't know I don't know if that is if if that's. If that falls in line with the hiring process they brought me Chris you not a percent right. I think a lot of people can claim higher calling to a belief yeah a lot of people in San passionate about and belief and so I'm gonna spread that belief no matter where am I do. That's cool. Leisure travel I'm sorry you're not doing on the bus with my kids. What if I'm a legacy and what if it was about a Muslim. You would want that would ease and I'm praying for your children. But I'm doing it the word of all law. You wouldn't like that would have what would have let that is that the verbiage that was used let's go to Louisa you get the final word on KM BZ I Louisa. And and I. And a lot and not a pay as. We lay in. Majority of people here Chris in. It or. Break. Rain and it. They. In the LO. Why in the world would anybody in advance. Or be offended by something like. Because not everybody believes and not everyone's as Christian as you and your not raised Christian and you're forcing a group of people. To take part in something that they may fundamentally not believe and and in schools and in some jobs that is not okay. That's why I mean it does not everybody believes it. Mean when you have kids for the bus driving like our whose Italy is in prayer. And I'm if I'm not a kid it's going to church all the time I'm just sitting there like I I don't wanna be part as I don't want my kid to be part that it is tightening I believe it. I guess I don't believe you the reaction. From Louisa. Or anyone else would be the same. As if they guy's name was Mohammed she bats.