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Wednesday, January 3rd

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What's Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending losers what's true and a midday with Jamie and wicket on 981 KM BZ. The number and topics in Kansas City is. The Kansas City year old colts that is what a lot of people that love with the words air act as over. Are both being talked about a lot in Kansas City right now a seven year deal is on the table. For Eric Hosmer to come back to the royals worth 147. Million dollars that's 21 million dollars a year. We don't know the details of the contract we don't know if he's going to take the contract but Bob nightingale reported it this morning. From the USA today I am in full favor of this deal. A big fan of the deal breaker from lover a little bit later yeah we've got a Twitter holdout and also if you like to weigh in there good deal bad deal follow us on quarter and vote act KM BZ radio 55%. Of those that have voted so far say it is a good he. Bombs like. Bomb cyclone is threatening that is the reason that it is snowing in Florida I've never heard I saw this for it there's like some weird atmosphere. Seeing and cold weather and down in the south. And they're talking about like us no tornado or a bomb site owner what it's funny when you see Alec Ross story tweet out 43 minutes ago. You're seven terrifying apps and fax three how is he about the cyclone weather heading East Coast. It means that on it is snowing in Tallahassee it was snowing in Tallahassee this morning it means that they have a wind chill advisory there tonight and it doesn't really snowing or no so they're kind of freaking out. Like it's kind of like when Atlanta last year the year before got half an inch of snow and it shut down the interstate buses which tightens up like Adam in Florida does not deal with either. But they are seriously talking about the entire eastern seaboard getting hit with ice and snow and. John it's like a cyclone that will form over the East Coast yeah bombs like the odd it's the apps on and it's. It's those things where it's getting so much play on Twitter that I don't know if it's a real thing or if people are mocking no. Seems like they're mocking it up. Yeah well like there are coming up with the bomb. Apocalypse or whatever their. It is an urgent as a big winter weather something or some kind of snow or even warm weather alert a new term every couple years I'd never heard before lake. But ten years ago in the term thunder snow. That one but there's no it was a real quick tell C is trending here and that under my trends that the company has under it is actual snow is following in Florida's capital. That only and his actual snow let it once every how many years does it snow in Tallahassee applicant for that how often I mean schools are closed. What I want answers now. One inch in Tallahassee one inch. Steam bay and it is trending. Remember he was one of Donald Trump's right hand man. He had eyes and he along with a guy by the name Michael Wolff Michael Wolff has put out a book inside. Trumps White House. Steve Bannon calls trump junior and his meeting with the Russians treasonous. Steve Bannon has said that Robert Boller is going to crack Don junior like an aide get. There are. Lou lots of things. That are going to be in this new book that Steve band I mean who knew more than they did yeah everything. Well Michael is running for the same reason. He is his right area at his book and so yeah I TI QL zone is now on and wait to read this book. On jets get a top player on Twitter today on nearly enough nothing about nuclear war is trending today have we moved. As nuclear war fast like this what we woke up to this morning is is organized talking and he feels ABC news about a few minutes. About president trumps tweaks basically saying my steak is bigger than yours like that kind of oil or out right now it's clear except it's. You know nuclear war that we're talking about that's the only thing it was that Hosmer the the world cared about this morning putting and. We just moved us. Ask her for house threat of nuclear war so that is what's trending but we will find out the latest from the White House we're gonna join up with any field from ABC. He's gonna join us coming up next we'll find out. What's on that idea of the tweets also maybe if there's any trump reaction yet to be. Now words that are being quoted in the book from a former advisor Steve Bannon will do all that coming up next here and came easy 1215. On Wednesday thanks much for joining us. Yesterday was an interesting day for the president on Twitter today also an interesting day considering the words from Steve Bannon that are being quoted in a book. Will start with yesterday as we welcome in ABC's in the field any thank you so much for the time we appreciate you joining us. Thank you remember. What do you think. And and Europe closer to the president and his Twitter account than a lot of us thought what I think was the reasoning behind the tweet where. He compared his buttons size to that of like Kim Jong Hoon. So we read it if I ever forget it. Ozzie for those who don't know we're talking about the exact week let me read this one for real fast. On North Korean leader Kim Jung un just stated that the quote nuclear button is on his desk at all times. Will someone from is depleted and food start regime please inform him. That I to having nuclear button but it is much bigger and more powerful one and his and my button works and. Legal victory of a big buttons. It. I you know I didn't buy it and I did not go to war school for psychology field or did monitor it but I argument that he would he was frigid Arctic. All I can tell you is this is pretty consistently what the president sort of in the past wouldn't contribute long rattled his cage. In a rural and some of the president's and he's been arraigned on fire and security like the world we're seeing their. It can Joba as far as problem other missile course Jim Jones fired a few more missiles into them. He warned that he would totally destroyed North Korea. You did the president will as well as real military yesterday in terms of issuing threats everything from pulling. Of the US funding to Pakistan and the Palestinians saying they should throw one of Hillary Clinton's lead in jail because of the sample. He emailed students waving the Democrats and bullets earlier said he wanted to have the bipartisan deal was so it really is not clear warriors the president has certainly decided to regulatory agency current quarter. It does strike me as as strange and I guess one of the questions. From those you talked to in and around the White House or the scene is empty statements just I've Amanda lashing out on Twitter. The folks from the White House don't like to talk about the president Twitter big because lead mostly it's clean up files so excellent. You they've got to come out clean up to stole. More you don't double that sales did you know there's nothing wrong with that. I've completely irrational statement of the president just made good. Most of the world news news quaking and cheer from exactly the reaction from any politicians or you know this is what looked manual says not. But the leader of the free world. Couldn't deal was slopes and he had represented Jim Hines. Have Connecticut saying. Good do you have like an integrated schoolyard bullies are usually the person most question we probably would trust. Is infect the weaker one level playground Eliot Cohen who world. With a counselor certain sectors are probably right thinks. The president historical spoken like a potential of ten year old. So we're above that was glad tweet though that didn't supportive of president Michael Clayton junior year. The son of Michael Flynn whose pled guilty to lying to the prosecutors of Russian investigation Michael sleep junior. Tweeted that mr. trump sort of tweak was just also. Well lately he's got excellent junior. Side ABC's eighty field joining us so reaction from the national security team from the secretary of state Defense Secretary anyone because that's what happens when we start talking about North Korea and about the potential nuclear war. President trump tweet something. That a lot of us question whether he's being serious or not and because we don't know we're looking for answers from the people that we hope are making some decisions behind. Well I think people looking for answers to confirm from people who were going to be a little more level headed. At least they're public discourse and Italy governor from the secretary of state who is that you know he thinks of it being negotiated settlement that when the president to greet the older can't. The senators' states that well maybe we can't have one readjusted it whiplash that you get covering the state prospect for it is. There's a lot of reporters walker I don't know races here. How and that's normally go next but how hard is it to cover that the relationship between. Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump. It's like covering a tennis match in raiders your your credit goes one way and it is cute really. I've been covering politics solicited for quite some time. And I've. Never seen anything remotely like this where a different parts of the administration are contradicting each other. I mean we've gotten appointments have been written North Korea but the president issued an order to have to work friends genders in the military. The military is basically ignore him. Because we and our gonna have transgender in the military they're back yeah. We already had traction in the military. Did you go under under an order from President Obama. Do as a president who basically. Pull plug on the abdomen McCord they went according. The builders should enable it to the citizens in it is due to this does not seem like something especially in light brigade marital problems. Did the president wanted to court court of law. ABC's Indy field joining us it is they're feeling amongst those of you that are in the media in DC that this is a bit. The tweet storm that he went on yesterday was was something we hadn't seen since before the holidays than media was involved it talking about these media awards next week Alia the fake news awards trophies or whatever they're called where where I where you are all hoping or in the running to be an honor to be nominated but it. And that means. It really ever an excellent enemies list people play average. Tied up all looked up what is is this. Does it feel like this is all just a distraction to keep people's eyes off of something else let me is north Kirk are we. Actually using nuclear war as a distraction from something. Well we are but the president enters. I don't know what do you do you really baffling but at 3 o'clock eastern time today should be. You can reserve central souls who peculiar to him but he. The Press Secretary will once again I'm try to explain suites. Does she have the toughest job in show business to I feel like she does that every day she must walk in and out oh my gosh I don't wanna look at my phone. I mean seriously I don't know what she's gonna say to explain. Well. She does seem a couple of answer for almost everything than yesterday's most battle analog ones. Asking about all the time the president as the most played golf and I'd be it's it's already battered over these play golf over a hundred times you visited his properties that many times. All which has called courses. But I think someone and so would touted the times we could almost confirmed played golf because the White House won't do. And it's upwards of over seventy. These platelets he's Serb. In the White House. You remember that this would not be an issue were not for the fact the president during the campaign. Very vocal Lee criticized President Obama saying. You know largely seized on and play golf if I were president I would never have time to play golf and he says that repeatedly. It is all his bases and seem to carry thing about that. Well it it doesn't matter that he plays golf so it's it's a tough job garden and bird socialist group like gulp of the fact. It's a democracy and respectable white has struck it highlighted. That gives me an issue. But the white rose sir Sanders yesterday basically decided by saying well you know. Reporter asked what do you published. And she says it'll be having measles. He's he's strengthening relationships with members of congress. We went back and chat checked of those seventy times that we think he played golf he's gone golfing with politicians on capitol little seven. Seven out of seven. He's actually gone golfing with a lawmaker. Well adolescents talking to world peace and Tiger Woods or some the other people just don't care about that it did interest. It kind of defies logic. Any real quick and we got to let you go here in just a moment but back to the nuclear threats or empty threat or whatever was. He does not in fact have a big red button on his desk them like Kim Jung on might you would not believe how many articles there are you today explaining that there is no button. You may have had wanted stalled auto book. No it is the reality of this and that into deadly serious reality in the you receive this aid going with a all the commentary was big briefcase military unit called nuclear football basically. Contain some record if you nuclear colds. An embarrassing questions that have to be carried out exactly right so the president reads something and the place and that part of the missiles after confirmed that people ought to turn to keep the missiles finals it's it's pretty complex. To make sure that has to do indeed the president positioning these orders but it is the president who commission rules orders and that. It's what made people has made people very nervous what the president very casually so does my nuclear buttons bigger over here. Any real quick on where this morning about what powers the president would have if if he was serious about test. What latitude does the president have to act against North Korea without approval from congress. Well that's you know that's a good question and it seems to be very murky area because he uses a commander in cheesy can order. Troops to do certain things certainly at the bit about the need to do if they need to be done. Both been retroactively of course he should ask congress for a declaration of war. We'll have this on gulf war on terrorism and and other places and of one of these things just undeclared wars. Andy since we've had you on. President trump has released a statement firing back at Steve ban in I'll give you time to go read that talk with you again soon. It never heard it never ends in DC with you guys do at this stage in this world we live in today thanks Ian for coming on. Like candy thanks in need. Yeah you're really do we tipped it to can hear what. What trump tweets are re with trump tweets and then. The explanation from Sara Sanders or there what Tillerson says and then trumps explanation are what Jeff Sessions says or. I mean it is a freak in war and. I'll ask us because several tax on attacks liner making me think that there are people who support president proms and of course are meaner there are going to support and his base will never say anything bad about. But I guess I need to hear someone defend. On to a harder time frankly with 'cause I don't know whether to take the war a hard time with the fact that. He said those words in a pretty flippant manner on Twitter and doesn't seem to realize the impact of a statement like that is. Terrifying to me that in the same 24 hours he made comments about these fake media awards next week and a genuine what what appears to be genuine threat against North Korea those two comments came in the same. You know in the same day on Twitter from the same person I need someone to defend that. Between the two others I try to take a little more on objective view our president I don't sometimes to my detriment and have a hard time supporting this. This action. 5767798. Which you make of the president's week yesterday Kim Jung on about having a bigger red button on his desk. I didn't think we ever had in my lifetime. Have a president. Who was getting into a with an insane Psycho path of a leader from another nation. But it's 2018. Dan why bond did you ever think we'd be living in that world no I never did now but it's when he teamed for a schoolyard. Hijinks. High school locker room hijinks and out of high school now probably right about that. My nuclear button is bigger more powerful that the tweet from president trump yesterday. 5767798. A phone number can Texan at 22980. I hide it it is a childish. Way to get your point across that is not be fitting of the White House. Eight it's just another. Notch on the bed post I guess. President trump tweeting out. What I believed to be empty statements first of all yes no but none is on his such button that would launch a nuclear weapon on his desk. To a lot of people don't know that but. We had a clear that up 7677. On a stock to William in Kansas City Michael. I am actually I think it and how it back I'll let you go or restore out. A dictatorship like. Maybe don't they might query you ought. A lot of people like you don't matter in an Alley 18. Albany older soul or Clinton. Went when you buy it. I think it's I think it's great but. Give it credibility. You know what apple board. You know you eat your doctor you like I mean you're a lot of an. We're all Obama right in the Carter whatever you know they now. Eight it ain't Bob is that they built. Open the only one back but he. I ink reader but he'd done what he Betty yeah they're he. You don't hear that he says things like those on Twitter I am in. Because I think it's wrong I think it needs to be defended because I don't light. What I judged to be a flippant attitude about nuclear war. I don't like. I don't like attitude at all for sure I don't like it on Twitter I don't like it in the same to hone. As him talking about these fake media awards next week and there's something wrong with that to me. Let's go to they revoke Ali appreciate it by 767798. Let's go to Steven in Overland Park Ahmed Steve what's up. Yeah yeah. Let us open winner. And quote pretty. A guy right here I like even Stevens got the said he would only stops according to rob. If he endorsed Roy Moore that he endorsed Roy Moore and he still supporting trumpet so you're a liar just like the president Steve. Forget about it more a tiger rabbit look it. It no no no no no no no no my man. Oh pretty good and I don't want this to. Keep it. And then get him in there are taught era so. I. Know. And Lou rocket man who will be a good news. But your reporting your. Are determined that gentleman just like a little jealous. Tenure old and didn't wanna buy the Olympics so nor are they want it. Ought. No picnic and I'd say you know a bit. There at midfield. And somebody you pay extra bill. I don't have any problem would. We've. And the present during particular war at all I think he's just. Making the points. They have no your commission. It's currently do worker and full plate in my in my. Armed armed forces boy for this year in terms of that country. So so I think you know there was little. Problem. Here you come back on the table. State wanna get a few more. Appreciate folk opera. You just called a threat against North Korea on Twitter to four point four million followers that'll fun 44 million out thank you I knew I had some forty or 44 million people you just called a threat to North Korea to some good old fun. He did. Jim to go to Mike in North Kansas City and KM BZ what's up Mike. Can say that at all good old on that day that I'm I'm given prior to that are. Gonna basically a little anger. The little guy over there it'll rattle Asian neighbor for the last year and we do not about you know that we're basically here are telling him. Quiet and it's gonna hurt. We are gonna hurt you. It might appreciate the focal 5767798. Chris. Listening to his online and KM BZ what's gone on Chris. Sure no right out all the. It. I'm almost like. And is currently. What. It will. Directly to the American people wouldn't namely the people who are angry about. If you can call and ought as an enlightened by wind that. We're stick out there and lacking. In power in charge it and it the other side. Actually didn't and all and went in that we were. Thanks for the folk element should. 76779. A-Rod and hear some bill I'm KM BZ was caught on rod. Not bad what do you think trust week. It's ridiculous to be ordered on and supporting him have the same childish. Narrow minded shallow view that the president does not what are supporting him they don't understand anything about diplomacy. Or actually quite a grown up and having. Any kind of respect for the office of the president does not have respect for the office. Thank you for your vocal forget some balance some bolts at Herridge a couple of quick tax of like that I had because I think it's important nobody is brought this up yet on about. How kids are reacting. To news like this somebody just texted and I don't like trumps tweets because my grandkids can't sleep at night. Because they're afraid he might push the button. I believe that so what are you know when your kid because I. It just passed a mop and school I can't believe it doesn't and I think kids go back to school this week. Asking you about it are are are they having to are they ask you about the button and what you tell them about the potential war with North Korea. On and just to show you that I'm not we're not the only two people on the side yeah and that collar somebody such crop is a joke embarrassing. He doesn't know any about national security yes and done anything guide because he's an idiot don't say stupid things to put America in jeopardy he needs to go out. 5767798. Or you can also text in 22980. Dave in Kansas City right KM BZ was a day. Thanks. He. Got to read aren't there. Now we've actually said time and time again for the last forty minutes that he does not have a red we actually does its for Butler doesn't have the red button. To fire the nukes on his desk we'd actually said that several times. Yeah I know what I mean you're obviously educating their Keenan sitting in there. They're not a black on that. Now there is not there is the football aren't really there aren't. I leave here's what I believe game. I believe there is a strong percentage of Trump's followers. That no matter what he says they believe as gospel and if he says he has a red button. There is a big portion of his base the bulls say he does. That is what I bowl game. I don't know where you that that I really don't I'm but I you know. Well. It's a lot better than I Eleanor out. North Korea like Bill Clinton did. Let's get booted ball and no secular. Our latitude acute hope they don't color picker their weapons. During the past administrations are currently I'm not. An Al record entering. Fool according to those volleys which he letter obvious. That is obvious. I didn't think of your focal go to Megan and independents and KM BZ would make him. Hi guys. I'm great person I'll show. There are on the opening adding it up at it ever or shall. Any inappropriate. I'm trying your IndyCar at a minute I mean Erica now. Well. I secretly. Or not they are out. There it. Now is that they like that that are able specially Marshall. Should get off Twitter dumb. Well. I don't I don't know I. Because I I don't sing that with an opinion about it on because President Obama was on Twitter it's not it's okay for a president to communicate on Twitter. But should this president beyond where the stock to Evan in Kansas City on KM BZ what's up Evan. Do it okay weaving the truck the toll from president trump yesterday. But with that sickening impaired yeah. I would kind of shocked by day you know similar to look owing in. I'm in the work. That there. It's it's as if they are being being shot at daily habit that. And like you're saying earlier patty and eleven and thirteen Euro and you know I hear they're not outwardly you know. That they're not outwardly stress and end up at night worrying about war but my eleven year old. And they knew it joke lately about nuclear war in America you know starts at their own. You get that from from her parents that get but it did there just. It's it's just been saying that there is though. He is acting you know like it's a foreigner. A lot of trump. The order virtually are related to some of them. Who hate what you an actual literal doubtful they think is actually there with the cherry red button on. And you know somebody you know talk bad about me or get back and work it just. B I'll let the president be should be held a little bit more spec or decorum or intelligent. Power it's. It's on the threatening at this point it at the picnic on the on the ovals in its. I haven't think of your phone call last on this goes to keep in Edgerton I'm KM BZ what's up Keith. Would you think the president's. I well at this point I'm sick of Twitter and I certainly sickness tweeting but I also made it. There are times when it becomes necessary. You get someone's attention and when you're human with a nut sometimes you gotta be not a year. Her heart gets back to 1984. When everybody during the Cold War call Ronald Reagan scalpel. And he's going to get it didn't or any he's going to cause some problems and we stared corporate job and the Russians right down. I think it's about time that we stand. Dead or adds up and beat big boys. And actually scares me the creeps down because. As far as I'm concerned. Are less scary than the little guy over there who think nobody's advantage doing it wants ever buddies. You get to a point where he street baby like a baby. And I think this is it's high time we starts in an upper shelves and pouring now the yen that there is reckoning Edgar is. A consequence. In this threat. Appreciate the focal we got to get to a break but pretty balanced there we knew he had the trump supporters early in the truck detractors in the end it. Kind of got a 5050 there is gonna keep the scoreboard. Even just keeping score here. In kind of like baseball this big baseball. Here customer may still be signing on with the Kansas City Royals. What what does that mean how much money. And why would this be a good or bad signing will talk with rails insider Josh per year coming up next 91 KM BZ. I love the fact that this is a bigger story in Kansas City in the potential threat of nuclear war and last night I went to bed reading about. Former royals first baseman Eric Hosmer who has been doing the two were about where he's going to laity could be in San Diego last letter read a story that he was getting interest from the St. Louis Cardinals and there's some other teams whose. Talking with the Red Sox earlier maybe the giants who knows. But. This morning Bob nightingale of USA today putting out a story that you can read on our FaceBook page that Eric Hosmer. Has received an offer from the Kansas City Royals. Of seven years and 147. Million dollars to come back to Casey that works out to about 21 million dollars a year. And joining us right now to talk about what that deal would mean and more is our friend Josh burn your royals insider from down the hall and 610. Burton how surprised were you when you heard this news this morning. All that would be great intro I've ever her. Popular. With a baseball. Let. I would merely surprised but again that at all and also there's an all well they're made it out of pocket of opera seven years a 140. Dollars so now though. But the war. Are out there are still seemed like the article that you see are these years and now up and even more so. Look I'll never really describe that the world that we bought it but they couldn't find the money they are pockmarked. The money in Major League Baseball. Get out. Am. I hit it because there's there's no way from new money. In professional sports so. I would happen that yet but you know luck cautiously optimistic look forward. Yeah but the question at all about mr. Burkle in our group right now because. It typically when you look at. Eric outsmart. So that we all went out on the field that goes on here but not. Seven year 147. Million dollars or what makes him a war. A hundred reporting that a new vehicle you can't. His. Ability. Means willingness to grab the microphone opening date has made a few words about our work but all outcrop and immediate. Ability to. Stand up in front of the one or gotten out of the club out of all each and everyone of what you expect what the man. From god but of course what you do on the field of play. I'm debate pat you wanna vote that shut all the opted not to do anything great but he got Auburn well. So that the whole. At all that you are going through right now whether or not it's work that they're a complete its work out Merck. The patent like a superstar which is what you woke. No not. Alex Rodriguez that it would or cheap upgrade you'll. It will targeted at your franchise. In the community. That might not be one that you know you're cute into the baseball. And isn't something that only the royals would appreciate given his history here that might be worth more of the royals them would be the Padres he really. Like you're talking about some of the off the field stuff that. Doesn't necessarily. Yeah now on equal money on the field but that really matters to the community in my get more people ought to see games. The audit although I don't know if a rebuilt its forthcoming about you need it and I'll walk then have a way. Oh road in La. Let people ma Mike when people log Allen scored a losing hand. Coming up short of expectations and not producing. People have a tendency to put it I know what brought. Corporate 2018. But all of them in the World Series title. What would not be locked in front of oil and I don't know what are pockmarked. But we will not be in love with them that they are currently that he needs more intensity than anywhere else. Don't want that again but look you know vote equipment. The royals have offered Eric Hosmer a seven year deal where the 147 million dollars or talk to thrills insider Josh burn your. You're 91 K eight MBZ. I look at a guy who. You know I think this is a wonderful deal for all the reasons were talking about but some people would say he'll follow the real good year like this one up with a bad year. Went from 293 to hit 232 went from Britain 302 to 270 a couple of years ago the they won the World Series at 297. Followed that with a 266 year he hit 318 this year. Is there a worry that this is going to be. The inconsistent Eric Hosmer where it's good ears are worth 21 million dollars a year but are those bad years worth it. But that request because the acting. It often is it a better not great that he Trent is great if you comply and numbers that defense is as good as. Without. Running is great but how much are you really willing to paper it just brought that up. I got the clubhouse stop and in the community as well. Yeah I mean. You don't want so inconsistent. In that shell oil and you're wanna see you are aged twenty to age according he's been. I'll ultimately not Mike throughout the day not assume. Our. You know I'll completely in early on in her career will be with you get the page follow it is I would eat I'm just now on my problem I'm just not auto. We are but my career in which apple put up and he won't. 80900. Yeah. Type numbers hit 301. People want to buy a home run to the it was just turning coordinate well with Arnold at the break out. And that's what I love the deal you're not this isn't one of those deals where you're signing Albert Pujols for seven years and 200 billion dollars at the age of 35 you're citing this guy going into his prime this is that would. 28 about 35 re the best years baseball players how. I don't even if we want to bring back their property and if you increase that he'll sometime down the line. Likely going to be. You it's not the pretty lean years coming down the pike in Kansas City. And they like Eric Hosmer. Are the commercials. Right in the club house. I'd do in the post game and abuse may make Beck. Make it a little bit more. Adjustable awards also. A very real quick as we gotta get out get to a break he seems like he's this generation's George Brett if this deal does does go down that sort of a torch passed to tie highs. Is there a possibility tell our listeners if this does go doubt about the possibility of an out after say three years if possible is not happy. Yeah I think certainly it wouldn't want to be to opt out and so what are. You know notebook I am fifty million U you know not let a lot about. Probably for users involved 13. There what will happen as usual and 20011. They'd get the typical model or what multiple. Agencies more than likely it will you play opt out. You know a contract if indeed he looked about the incident. Or does it get done today is either remain at royal Yasser now well. Burned that's not the answer we wanted to hear. A dialogue. Hopefully we're all like yeah. Guys just burner are royals insider from down the hall on 6105767798. Not you know the I guess the some of the background on the deal which you want the royals to spend a 147. Million dollars. On Eric Hosmer over seven years that's 21 million dollars a year 5767798. This was the one thing that push the nuclear war threat off the top of the table. You're in Kansas City. On and so these things normally. Yeah I mean. I mean 888 that this you this that the winter offseason here when all these regions are supposed to sign. It has been a very very slow offseason like there not been it's not a big names. Hosmer was one of the bigger names to sign. Imperative to get signed. This can still take weeks pitchers and catchers report seen in four weeks is that you know there report. Check eloquent pitchers and catchers report to us surprise warming. Travis so there are still weeks I mean this to me was at and teams to want to know they went into the market. If the rest at fan fest coming up a few weeks they wanna be I mean who's going to be a band. Selby Duffy and we. Instead it at that present earlier to throw out there this year going to be February 13 so doctors and catchers so what forty days. Forty days to pitchers and catchers report out to a two surprise. And this can take a little while to get on so I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else counters I don't know the royals can spend more money. They have a little more money coming in the future. Because their TV deals could change and able of the war that the lowest. Funded TV deals because of where we are with fox sports Kansas City incensed ABC. ESP and bought 21 century fox. That Dave fox sports Kansas City will now be an ESPN's station ESPN pays a lot of money for baseball which means money will filter down to markets like Kansas City. Which could offset some of that 21 million a year so. People have set and attacks on the last few minutes and also earlier today that that money needs to be spent on pitchers instead. What more money and pitchers that back gets you more more mileage for the money. I get that I do. You'll they've got they're they're number one guy in Danny Duffy they've got some mothers have been there is. That the the problem is. You have to figure out where you're going to. Spend your money obviously. And finding that great pitcher. For twenty million dollars a year is is tough and the fact that. We thought it at especially with a wants to come here. You know what with all due respect. Those pictures wanna go to Boston or New York or whatever. Hot Kansas City guide there is great for opening for him to stick around and be here. Duffy loves BAC tweet it out Berry meet a raw deal. But yeah I understand to dribble rather have pitching which he got to still be able to score some runs they're they're he's still going to be able to score some runs. And and it may wind up as shocking as it would have been five weeks ago. It may wind up being highs back in the Kansas City read about the dealer FaceBook page can also check it out it's on Twitter and good or bad deal. To sign Eric house burn to a seven year deal with a 147 million bucks 55% to be so far right tweeters say it would be a good deal.