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Friday, April 13th

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Final hour of the week we'll the first ruled Friday is a little bit later on in the hour right now though the story comes to us across the pond. From MSN. Does not a two year old who has a dairy allergies. 20 boy with a dairy allergy was allegedly left fighting for his life. After eating pizza that was described as begin at a Pizza Hut in the UK. So he's using claims his son's ion went in and of lactic shot on Sunday after eating a Margarita pizza. That was later found to contain cheese icing claims that he and has wife repeatedly assure by employees. At the Pizza Hut at the pizza was safe for his son to eat out he said evil we got pizza. I wouldn't let them eat it before re confirming it was definitely dairy free today said he was. So he ate it eats up minutes later the two year old child stopped responding to his parents. And started vomiting and struggling to breeze dad's semi was on the phone. I was violently sick everywhere when paramedics arrived his oxygen levels were low. He went to hospital he was treated for a couple of days. Pizza Hut spokesman says the company is in touch with the family about what happened. Is that we party done an internal review and investigation which found the wrong pizza was given to the family. As a result of human error. So. To what extent does Pizza Hut Pizza Hut have liability here. Because I think it's it's possible it was as an accident you know it's possible that they just grabbed the one on one off. You know off the rack or over the pizzas were in ages Canada wrong one. And every candidate John it was the end you know I'm just Wednesday. But for those few that have experience with allergies. Not allergies we allergies cold or allergies whatever it is that makes it difficult for you to eat out or you're out it's when it's not a home. You handle it 22 and zero or 5767798. Because you could say it will just don't go to places that serve geez okay kids everywhere. You know cowboys it's pretty much everywhere don't ever give the kid peeps want to tell what you do is. Or something he think is began you do your due diligence you ask multiple times and when you're assured that as you believe. I have to assume this is really really hard for parents and and we had some incredible stories back the 10 o'clock hour we talked about this. About what people are allergic to how they go about. Being around her trying not to be around things parents keeping an eye out for your kids with peanut allergies I have to imagine that is an absolute. Struggle. 5767798. Give the short story because we had a guy call in earlier that was allergic to the cold. It would it got below 32 and he was outside his outside his exposed skin broke out. Somebody earlier said that the that they at a at an allergic reaction to cents. As in smells. Perfumes. Cigars. That that would just cause them to gag in Wheaties. I mean some of these are incredible. Thing you have to look out so excellent text and earlier there are allergic to protein. A child once my it out of these things that people Kennedy. You know can have a hard time when somebody's allergic to me to say kiwis creates its funny things that people yeah it now and said. What the hell is not there repeats how about don't eat pizza all they may. Beat and she they make begin trilogy you can get it here there are pizza restaurants in Kansas City that do begin keeps us do you think people were big and can eat pizza curmudgeon you know they terrible person beat and products of just about every. Stoney in inning it ever has she's ever there's a whole market for that the person is they couldn't see cheese on it before he ate it. It looks the same beach right she's looks the same as dairy cheese. 767798. This is it just let all of these people die off already god why you might quite right or is that. All that's on the tax on opening the tax why that's greats. But. Are taking your calls let's go to Ashley in Kansas City on KM BZ. OK guys my best friend that actually allergic to that's. On. Wait wait wait wait wait. Eight when he allergic to this Sonnen. Literally he will break out in high itchy about in the went out wearing long you. She got along we urge the public out. But it Pletcher and she spent about three dollars I think you see that there. Hoping that she actually go well the that can basically like our security and we've got a canopy. And that. Her out of that and it's going to be bullish here. Pick your summer is long here too. And she there are immune deficiency where she can't take by community. To get the burst some extra bad dialog pop and that should get vitamin. Goodness thank the phone call actually immediate. I try to figure or I can go live somewhere in the summertime worried it was a short summer and got back to that cloudy winter broke as fast as possible. Let's go to Kelli and Casey on KM BZR Kelly. Well I'm I looked at him I had to work that people had an and other restaurant and I are now has dealt with Terry and RT I can't. And thirty year real pain and you kind of rain that has been your kid can eat at like an idiot coach you know I know and I can't argue we had to meet Gary or interpret as a party are sure he gonna be eight. I know you're a parent that they are without court market. And they should be trying to figure into kind duke. And as they played soccer and he and I Anthony to stand by it and I ink what they needed era. And you order something in and she is betting he used the party or crack. Up for her. Green Jelena urged and I had a preference than it in the open and it would it differently. Archie and argue. It it's not your personal artsy and needy and manager needs of our air that actually knowing that they're out on line sir you need. Me. Training accreditation. At one current impression that strain net you know. Cutting board and it's been a lot like everybody else and it you know ordered out and then. And make up their. Hair I mean it's you got a tractor and I need that. And why aren't need to get paid for your head or your belt you gotta be a party poll. And you know a cat bird hunting which will tell me and you know. Kelly let me ask your question about your son if your son had one. Like peanut out of the bag to get on an airplane is he done for this seat in Izzy gets sick. I'm out or me I might help out at age eighteen an art ejecting that anchor and one walk back. Out about it you know. Actually when I spoke about it he had. Being election argued it that they are unpredictable that you could. One day and an entity. That had a Jerry nap eat and I'm out. That that party and how different Dimitri you're like you to your belt wrapped buried in any earlier. And Barry archer played that he you know may feel like he can manage it out cheering and happy and something that's a prominent cheer on a lot of in Dayton and captured in. Their. Or Kanye on the equipment out. Yeah makes sense mpeg Keller thinks a phone call we appreciate it 5767798. Heidi keep your kids away from whatever their allergies are what about you. How hard is it three New York. Allergic reactions to what ever give us your story I've 767798. Text into 298 her two year old boy in England. He and his family had gone to a Pizza Hut and the order repeats of the kid has a dairy allergy the ordered pizza they say is it became friendly isn't begin friendly. Even got the pizza when they got it is it is it begin friendly. They were assured by Pizza Hut multiple times yes his begin friendly kid took a bite moments later he's an and a collecting shocked and he is sick as a dog. So we're asking you about the way to deal with allergies. You know short of never going into a restaurant what's your allergy and Heidi handle with your kids 5767798. Right back to the phones we go to Michelle in Kansas City Michelle. What death would your story how do you deal that. Polite and now he's on that element. You end up going. Yeah I mean it is a couple of all. Like threatening to be an accurate high school aged cook and more in handling and can now dean and who it I'll worry about is. To make it. Yeah I mean is the one I will say though Michelle and I I used to work at a pizza restaurant. I won't say which one. But I remember on a busy day like I was working on Friday come in at 4 o'clock you know fraud is going to be a lot of pizzas. You would get all the pants for the different sizes and you would start put the dough in the paint but the cornmeal down you make Dell you ball up he put it in there you spread it out. And then on top of that and you put the next and the next and the next and so in the rush it. You just grab it go I'm guessing that's what happened here there was a multiple people ordering. And somebody just grabbed you know just grab the wrong one. I can enter and on and I don't think that now the app shouldn't like criminally. I don't at the date I'd add to what they ought. Warning saying candidate and three aching feet and he you don't want and have more. On that app and they arrogant to confirm that it was a nation be liable in and commit fraud at and get it to a lot. Sure I'll absolutely enable already admitted they don't know what the plane is going to be but I'm sure there'll be something coming pizza that's why now. Michelle in Kansas City on KM BZ another Michelle go ahead. That I get pretty severe at my name me out alive. And a little confused I understand what they asked several times. He. Atlanta beat him because beating she looked very different in my thinking they're not missing any relief charmed. And he pretty bad I know people say at that he you don't like. They're like no luckily they're good thing for everything and out for achieved but both my kids and human activities. And one in the allergic to dairy England on eating Jack. Very easy and everything I mean it's tough. Did the heart and a lot easier you know they got going to be in people who exit out for a but. Yeah yeah tackle and the only really knew my kids had probably cry when we're babies and figure out. It would literally didn't really be quickly did it could think that maybe if they actually aren't. So aren't we get it in any should go. Or money to meet basically. One week introduced apple the next week introduced right in terrible can we wouldn't trouble. All of our handling it like that apparently. We need to prepackaged meals microwaves that in ancient order for the next. Like it hate it was terrible oh I'm very think about it. There be on Mac play. You know it gives Ali directly cake and eat out but. I mean we're lucky me and marketer of lactic well goodness I can't imagine that it is like he'd allergy. And Michelle thanks to your phone call appreciate it. We we just lost Ursula who was who's gonna come up next and my screen said she was allergic. To the FB patent. That is that an anti cancer at an FT ten shot would kill her interest personal you can call back a 5767798. Several people pointed out that the agencies is often made of nuts. And I mean if heaven forbid you have both. I nut allergy and dairy allergy I don't know Ireland and out and I ask is that you can't eat a lot of you can substitute their core and allergy on top of that now my goodness thanks to the phone call Michelle we appreciate it. 5767798. Can also text in and 22980. I mean I I think that if you look at this from a legal standpoint. The bare minimum pizza what you pay for. The the hospital bill for now where this family I I'd. For seal loss. The out. Only here is because we sue over mistakes all the time because it was an honest mistake. You know the doctor didn't intend to cut off the wrong leg but still about a practiced a last pay for right now it's out exactly. I 767798. Let's bring it Rosie on KM BZ was a bruising. I. I think I get up and Iowa are are. Whatever you guys are. I. I. Oprah I don't think I'll. And we. PC and you know about it now. I. Can't. I read it apparently they get. Hurt. You'd like not acting. Out it got the he picked up. You know making sure. The paper. I am. PT. I don't want I don't see. Copy it. I now. Certain. All I doubt that I'll. Yeah absolutely I'm glad you're back in town too and probably appreciate that you you call us when you when to get back here to Kansas City or near leavenworth. Thanks to the vocal appreciate it let's go to Brian you're 91 KM BZ what's up Brian. I don't know about where to look and showed. Got to act that India. And just one at that point out that there's some really great progress in that it loaded. Up but don't let and adequate treatment it. Who make sure that and they're doing operations that were areas that. He the product that it. He delegates separate area in their kitchen where they're making sure that they're making. So would you date. Mean obviously it's on opposite sides of the room is or special cabinet so like how how did they handle. I'm not exactly sure that they what it sent this note Adam you know greatly. Preparing this year that there. Going to be today. And strengthened. And that they. I got Brian thanks much for the fogleman we appreciate it you can read about on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KMB easy. I just saw this come across Twitter and how I just lost it coming across Twitter sop to give back to it here in a moment. Coming up. Accepting it I should ask detector didn't affect assessment Huey Lewis and The News program. Huey Lewis is canceled all the shows for Tony eighteen I don't know if they were coming to Kansas City. I can let that happen it just saw this on Twitter he put it out yes I follow Huey Lewis and The News on tour. Two and a half months ago just before showing Dallas I lost most of my hearing although like instilled your little one on one and on the phone I can't hear music well long enough to sink lower frequencies distort violently making a putt impossible to find pitch. I've been the House Ear Institute Stanford ear institute in the Mayo Clinic hoping to find an answer a bit of butchered his name but the doctors believe I have a many years disease or mean years disease. And have agreed that I can't perform until I improve their for the only prudent thing to do was cancel all future shows needless to say a few horrible but horrible about this. And wish to sincerely apologize to all the fans who already bought tickets. And were planning to come see us and going concentrating getting better and hope when dale soon be able to perform again sincerely Huey so Huey Lewis and The News. Canceling shows as Huey. Has a has lost is here and I'm as web site yeah there are no updates on his website anywhere around on his tour schedule and I'm going through man AG and analysts and out of dating a website or maybe have a different one now or maybe it's are all automatically. In either party ticket and maybe they've already taken off because honestly I know that if they did Jack is I'm looking at the announcement on its website. Island at reads to what you just I don't know what the ads scheduled an party to take announcements. That was quick. That was really fast well that's a bomber well that stinks I loved if you're a senior Lewis and the news out. Good that they're good show you know every Don that it be fun every song sure see year canceled one in Saint Augustine canceling one in. Florida canceling line and it romantic canceled bunch Wisconsin state fair does there's canceled its banks. Are coming up quit Lucas the Kansas City councilman who raised an objection. When the jazz district lifted the Vito for churches. Well they decided to I get rid of that Vito for all the other entertainment districts in Kansas City. Find out why plus YKCIA. We'll have a delay the new one. When they finally break ground and get this bad boy open is 133. Offers ruled Friday is coming up dean a big and it's you know last week we ain't Kansas City councilman Jermaine read in studio we were talking about the lifting. Of the church Vito along. In and around the jazz district and no one of the people who had an issue with that was a councilman quit Lucas. I and also something that is good. Probably irk some people but there's reason for Casey I will open just a little bit later than expected for more on this. We bring in Kansas City councilman quit Lucas counts of Lucas thanks much for joining us. Counselor Lucas are you there. Out there I had at the right button came here my dad thank you councilman Luka. So who are at work. So it comes relentless let's get right to TCI plans I guess a good problem to have that passenger counts are up and not a case CI that with the new terminal plans. We need more dates than was originally planned can you explain what you learned yesterday. Yeah yesterday we learned from the airlines actually it's it's totally provoked by the that in a passenger counts have their. We estimate that they were using or corporate purposes. Now suggests that we should actually start with the future of facilities. That would be a 39. Votes over 35 so I didn't get a good into the market. We absolutely Robert is one of those who would include your life to get all that work done now because final price at all. But I think you know what can be happy with the fact that it looked like that in normal life because all of my options mortuary is there are. You hear what was the reaction from edge more. Yeah what was the reaction from edge more. Oh you know I think that it reaction to that war was. The understanding of it I think that if there are we have to deal I think this is. Give them an opportunity in frankly. Continue on a court order to create a substantial change at least what was already been planned and that our original plans. You haven't airport would expand the ability option. As anyone knows ago that the case the other alliance as a lot of things. So I don't either making too big Richard we'll have a price tag. So we'll let you know about them. And also pushed back I mean obviously if if your. Potentially needing to build more space that may take a bit more time. You know I mean I think you're ugly people let. You have. That call concerned and other that are trying to label put out as you know walk. The if that is definitely I think we're a situation where. We were egregious to have some good news is to work with the airport project. As planned before and I think this is not a prolonged debate about the remote view. Of. Freshman emerald like because it's it's possible that. If everything goes well passenger counts will continue to go up over over the years to com. Does the design account for that. On in that you know what if that we find out next year we may need another four in the fall you know we might have to add more gates on does the design allow for that. Wanted to do but I doubt that throughout computer via beat it and abilities. I've talks. But up to 42 then of course that we reviewed it even more. In the design of the way it is right now as Leo well. Extricate these investments just got added to what was beat the wings of the new combo. And so you as a group who would then have burned. And that could it is not a question as to when we determine. Not equal facility and I think we'll look at passenger demand. And the dynamics of the aviation business and be our guide the future like we said before. Not just the ball in the next you know 304050 years and so you know we slightly out or creates opportunities. Counselor Lucas I don't know if you have the answer to this but let's say like Jamie said you know ten years down the road. After this new new wing opens is due airport opens we need ten more gates people are wondering. Who pays for that. I know our tax dollars are not going to the airport but what about ten years from now is that still user fees is that an additional user fee. Do you have any information on that. You know will be the exact same part in and you're out of luck with the problem but analysts was that it is today. On the airport did not go for full. It is only you do the other. That are incurred. Actually he at least they didn't go to that is what creates the change in terms of financing. Itself and create change in terms of who paid for the taxpayers Kansas City, Missouri and it's still not be exposed. Comes a look as we wanna move on and talk for a moment about. Another thing that has come up this week in some talked about last couple of weeks as far as the power that churches have. To Vito. The kind of businesses that can be near them specifically bars we talked last week about eighteenth and vine. Being a one part that you talk about what happened yesterday what we know now. You know I think last week's vote war between sources of contentious. Why we eliminated the church be so we want our city. According eliminated eighteen and bond because of the we should make if there in the other corner in the districts give to which our country club level Westport. Rose. And so yesterday I think council just. Change is so eighties all entertainment districts the idea is that there are certain areas where people quote ample ego Westport. There have been you know we're far as the rest I think there and so yeah if you that we create consistent rules in every part of the city. Are you one other point or circles that. Is an effort in the wouldn't do we really haven't affinity to this special protection the church's. There was of course there will be decided not to try to answer that with at least eight. Only on their places. Where will the elimination. Of the church veto. Hilton Lucas did you see or hear from a lot of businesses who wanted to open up in say west sports or other other areas of town. Debt worry and fear of being vetoed out by church. Well I don't actually think we ought to question I think a lot of the yeah representations. Of businesses that they didn't want to. Have a veto act them. And so what we saw it fair I think I was on the council a group probably. Will say look the you know we don't wanna create a who who is going QB is advantageous. You churches in only one ever came to Kansas City. Instead ultimately be their possible. And so we've taken already knew that the city code entertainment districts. That are in the district and all over the city's about to mightily locked up for our light district court triple. And so our ideas what we have suggest that this is supposed to be reachable draw. Who have different liquor organs were core. And by the way it goes it was you know what McChrystal everywhere you. Want more good group or. Are the look changed by this rule is all it's cracked up early small percent. In the early I think what you'll continue to see is that there's conclude process. Every liquor of the city that include the entertainment industry and so people have to talk to their neighbors. You have to make sure that it's not so offensive and so I think we created more equity. One little error of the State's premier you know that's it was a late in the dark night it might be up only two church retreat. Now consistency and those intentions. Ultimately Lucas thanks so much we always appreciate your time have a great weekend in. Counseling quit Lucas. I hear a 91 K and BZ we're gonna wrap up today's show like we do every Friday. Our first world Friday's text and two for 2290 texting your first world problems. I don't know if I have a lot assured them up some during the break right there on borderline and a lot of people texting and. It will solve real problems. Noted in Canada I don't know real honest and files yet we'll fix. I I will address travel questions we will take a look at questions we will take Haywood I do this week and questions will take. Questions that we know something about half texting your first world problems whatever they may be. You know you couldn't get your chrome cast to sync up with your phones he had to stream that the Netflix film on and on your laptop that is the stuff we're gonna mom.