Midday with J&W: How would you sell Kansas City to bring the World Cup here?

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Wednesday, June 13th

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As you heard the World Cup is coming to the United States Canada and Mexico in 20/20. Six. Which is huge this year's World Cup starts tomorrow in Russia there'll be three cities in Mexico most likely three in Canada that will host. The Mexican allocations Monterrey Guadalajara Mexico City in Canada will be Montreal Edmonton and Toronto Kansas City is one of the many cities up. For hosting matches and activities so when the World Cup does come here in eight years and earlier today we had a chance topped with. Josh polling year these sports during Kansas city's morning news. And also down the hall on 610 and there was a bit of a voting process that went down we spent talking about how it went for the United States to get the most votes. It was about two to one in favor of the United States in a pretty pretty significant oh win over Morocco for accounting and that is it is a win yeah I thought I. I thought it should have been a no brainer I think I know they want us for these things out but Morocco was gonna have to spend sixteen billion dollars in infrastructure and stadiums to go ahead and put this thing together. I've jokingly said that we just need to open up arrowhead. Make sure there's enough concession stands are open wipe off a few seats and we can put on anything right and and and America can kind of do that do we have all these built in stadiums already. That we don't have to build anything new it just makes so much. Sense it it feels that way for the Olympics too late we have the infrastructure we have the facilities you know the US should begin getting consider. Considered for the at these massive worldwide events. Mexico's gonna get three allegedly 33 of the city's. Real assays are rescue of three here in Canada now whether or not they get all three from each country remains to be seen I think is quite pretty good chance that I'm thinking what's gonna happen is. There are banner left with seventeen US cities that we battling out for I don't. And they don't they haven't said how many spots. We know Kansas City will be quote unquote involved somehow. That doesn't mean. We're going to get World Cup games at Arrowhead Stadium would have his eyes so that's the whole. They are looking for for training sites. For. Media sites for. Refereed. Hampson. Those types of things. Up a little bit of my fear is we have a lot of really good soccer facilities in Kansas City including the the sporting KC it's called a medical training facility it is fantastic it is top notch. It is. Capable of hosting multiple teams and they also train rafter reads your round that's part of it part of this bill like some like okay they're gonna see all these great practice and you can't get that. And children's mercy park which you could yeah the practice and you and say well that's a good that's a good trading facility let's just that and not get matches now be. They can see sports commission obviously heavily involved with this Cathy Nelson told us earlier today it between now and 20/20. They'll be deciding on the big game venues but that we will have some type. Of activity. I'm just hopeful that it does include matches and I wanna I want matches that at Arab state the united at a here right stadiums ago a great spot to be hosting. Tell about what that means in terms of impact how many people we haven't town you know what's. Why should people be excited about that possibility. International stage. Showcases your city. All those things that we talk about even on up on our on a national level you know getting a draft for instance getting an all star game. All those types of things in the impact it has now it's multiplied. X number times what you can do across the world showcase Kansas City is another. Great sporting event for Kansas City there will be. Big time dollars I don't I don't have that the the dollar figure but the other 70000 seat stadium is gonna hook would be able to host multiple games you had teams in town I think if they get. Matches. There also be able to host. Teams to train. Her so that matches my work we've all my facilities are I think we can do at all. Which makes Kansas City I think a really great destination finesse. Looking at the at the list of cities in America LA New York DC Dallas Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta Philly Nashville Seattle the bay Boston Cincinnati Miami Orlando. Not a lot of Midwest City tonight because Chicago is not listed. I'm with USA two that are earlier today I think that that has to factory and of Chicago's in the Mexican go look at everybody wants your LA and Chicago here ago again. There's not a lot of midwest dallas' first Dallas is a for sure a 100000 seat state Dallas and Los Angeles are the fur shorts. New York you can say yeah. Shall eat probably ABC but maybe you can have those cities via beat the quote and quote involved because they're on the same general area if you want to spread out across the country you want midwest. Worry it. It the other the Midwest City there was Cincinnati and NN I don't know how passionate with the facilities like in Cincinnati Jamie will argue Ohio's not the midwest the ever since Cincinnati's upcoming soccer market where they were moving to a Major League soccer. I'm coming up they've had a really good they're out trying to read well and their in my. They're they're the minor early and watched the rest I don't read it but that there are drawing the professional baseball team in their minor league soccer team has done a good job yeah wrong but. You feel like is that rewarded now or we're gonna reward the soccer hotbed that of doing they're doing really big things are now Atlanta's been incredible. As a Major League. Major League soccer market in just a couple of years they've obviously hosted big time event. That would make sense I think that's a gamble I would consider them midwest either I think from a midwest quarter or. You know they want. Perspective in the the country we got that too. Does it matter at all have done that. We don't have a liar and it's kind of an island out there in terms of hotels and restaurants and things like that we talk a lot about people want to move in now the royals on how to whatever does that matter at all that your. A drive out from the good stuff downtown. I don't think for this so much. I think hotels a factor in everything right every every event were trader trying to attract the question mark as we haven't and places for people stay and I think that's. That's valid it being isolated though now. I especially for the World Cup. If you if you followed it the train at different. Places and coming just for the game in an Intel think you could do that too with if if you needed hotels and facilities you we have the cities within. A few hours and that's what they're pitching to in terms of the the practice availability they pitched Columbia. I'm Manhattan. Kind of the kind of the area. Which is treat you could treated team sounds like they they were there are a college campus type things rehab facility plus. Probably an area for teams to stay kind of hang on so they pitched. Colombian Manhattan as well kind of factory and so the the whole region could be kind of involved of this but. To me out I want I want teams that are at first it was going to be a race and we can do it. But first and foremost let's get some gains and here. What's the press conference at arrowhead lake right now is just to announce that they're one of the sixteen or finalists for the for the tent cities 23 finalists for the sixteen cities and and we are part of this for Giuliani six probably a little bit about what their what their pitch can be. Nam I figured that's the next stage it's funny. They were. Discussing. Kevin council is discussing that to our focus was being unified bid. And I generally say it's an out now our own then our start and fight it out right out it was a big event let's win it for the Buick has rescued Canada now it's like we're offer our offer ourselves now let's give the city on the map so that's their focus now I know that the other this year's World Cup starts tomorrow right in Russia correct and it took a total denial because the president also we're in the World Cup this year you. As a host as a host to get you team and so on cell so. We're and everybody toll six up the weight of the Mexico and Canada will also get bids to be in automatically correct and real quick the number of teens is going to be going yeah there's going to be more teams in 20/20 six that we have this year which means. More opportunities to. So up to 48 teams now. Now though there's more opportunities probably for a for this to make sense for a lot of US at least cling thanks so much rent so what's it done when I well I I. For robbery every event Kansas City. I I love the center of the hole yeah I would never bring the ball to bring them all a game that whatever it just Wheeler. Up from sixty in sports ready also you hear a month during Kansas city's morning news that certain about Josh when earlier this morning with us and it is pretty exciting and end. What are the things we were kinda kick in around. How would you sell Kansas City. To the people who are making the decisions of where to go Ameen ya heard. The the the other cities. LA's gonna get one New York's gonna get one we know that Chicago was out. DC Dallas Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta Philly Nashville's Seattle. The Bay Area Boston Cincinnati Miami Orlando. If you're selling Kansas City to the people who make the decisions. For the sites for the World Cup in 20/20 six I think about eight years from now. How would you sell 5767798576779. Meter text in at 22980. Dixon puts on your phone calls how would you sell Kansas City. For the future site. We're future sites. Of us a World Cup matches eight years and now it's your phone calls to World Cup 20/20 six governing United States Canada and Mexico. They're looking at about ten cities out of I think I counted seventeen. Finalists in the United States. Kansas City is one of them the big dogs are there is always LA New York Chicago not on the list by the way neither is Vancouver. Up in Canada but Atlanta is there Houston is there are Seattle's there's San Francisco Boston and Kansas City also on the list the only. Reeled me it's in the middle of the country there's nothing else really around it that. Is nominated for this news. Of 5767798. How would just Celek is now we've got about a year and a half to they have to sell. Kansas City to the bid that in the bidding process. How would you do it Kansas City eight years from now what will be the focal point and also what has to get solved between now and then. It would be helpful to have more restaurants around arrowhead. It it would I'm thankful for it to meet will be helpful to have era I'd be more destination of itself other than just those stadiums being kind of isolated. It be nice if there was more right there instead of people having to drive so much on metro on the other hand. Having them have to drive so much b.s are gonna go do more stuff instead of just hang out at arrowhead the whole time that there there. In the tax line Kansas City has to sell itself as the mid western US soccer headquarters. And the new and upn comedy. One with street cart expansion in new airport hotel heard the news. Terminal to new downtown Tel. The only world crest world class midwestern cities and Chicago was out having every top notch facility. Plus three nearby college towns or. With facilities and that's a good selling point right there 5767798. Stephen your 91 KM BZ. The guy that don't open a lawyer. And join a 100% that we got a question I'm. Complex that a little bit on. Johnny with a restaurant and entertainment of that ordeal. That's about the only way I mean our web content trying to get them transportation and airport here. So many times did that you're out there you know we're gonna happen. And it's just too when we get some of you I'm not a crane. I mean about the I think what we've just like that extra that we are in your party complex here and the part. That and bring them then. Complex. Woman that. Yesterday and the argument that whatever. On. Ensuring. That. It has not. There. Like that caused. That while I couldn't agreement to. Wanted. To talk about it that you can't back up again. And these. Coasters. Are. And at the bit and the and that but I'm. Don't even when injured. In that. Yeah. Yeah yeah let's share. And it. I. Applied at a better spot here but that. Hey Steve thinks the phone call man I I've never been to Boston. I have heard it is a fairy you racist town I have never been to Boston I don't know about racism. But I can't stand by Austin really and there are a lot of cities that I really don't like to spend time and Saint Louis as we know as one of them really but I'll say Saint Louis to Andy has the Boston attitude without. The redeeming qualities of Boston like in history. There's too much ads. In Boston to me I just don't I don't like the attitude I don't like the darkness that comes with Austin about racism but there's definitely an unlikable qualities to me about us now she's the article by the way she's going in part to be on water which we don't have here. Missouri right give her credit he got a couple of licks you know. 5767798. He brought it the the mass transportation to the airport. I mean clay chest pains light rail comes up in this conversation often I don't know if it's ever going to be a thing. That's the people talk about the difference between. Kansas City and Chicago. The biggest difference to me is the L but they need the L they need that that be elevated train in Chicago. It I mean. We don't need that we are. And I don't think people want their to be enough people to necessitates. They meet you noted to media. Think about the cost of facts and how many miles you were talking about to get. From river market to the airport and how many miles. Of street car whatever it's going to be. Yeah expensive that would be gap over. It now if you don't wanna deal with that over. Let's go to Sean and KM BZ Shaun how would you sell Kansas City to defeat for people who are make in this decision. John bush and John. Once twice it's a launch on it also texted at 22980. I mean there there are some some problems obviously made it and we start that we talked about this last hour. Saar in the 10 o'clock hour the last time we talked about as the first response they came in kind of upset me. It was one of our listeners named Rick Rick is a frequent poster to FaceBook page and doesn't like much. And the first thing that he posted was. As we said how would you sell Kansas City and his answer was it sucks. Some nice buildings but crime and violence or hide no one seems to care. Your speed. Is that I did that feeling from some people while they. You don't. We take that. We asked this before and it's a simple question. Jamie I've been here almost three years you've been here almost eleven. Travis you've been here almost five I think. Are you proud of this city. Are you proud Kansas City in the surrounding areas. Are you proud to be from Casey because. Every city on this list New York Philly Nashville Seattle San Francisco Miami. Every city. On this list has a crime problem. Just like Kansas City has a crime problem every city on this list as financial questions. Every city on this list has its issues. I've only lived in the midwest who lived in Detroit I lived in Milwaukee. So far Kansas City is pretty dang acts. The weather to meet Allah the hot wet I had to mock the winters are incredibly mild the that the summertime is fantastic. It's very affordable. Lee and I you know have been here almost three years and we may be put down likes. I feel like there are a lot of people like Rick. That say that at Kansas City sucks them. Better from here and maybe your from leavenworth you've never left leavenworth and you only eleven or anything on this side of the state line. Is gonna blow you away. I have no idea. But it's a simple question. Are you proud to be from Kansas City how long have you been here. 5767798. As I tell my friends about Kansas City where they visit from other parts of the country or my family comes here. They're blown away by what Kansas City has to offer. And you remember how how far we've come and if if you're not in brass may not proud that your least impressed by what we have here. Think back to where we were ten years ago you know before power and light the force burns on her before Kauffman center. Before street car before all the restaurants that we have now before the piercing erupted before the distillery seen erupted for. We've you know between the wineries in the food and everything on. Yeah I think that tour wives. You make it sound like it was a desolate area with tumble weeds rolling through and nothing but strip clubs and porn stores it there just wasn't as much to do. There's wasn't as much for young people before what a simple question. Are you proud of being from Kansas City Pulitzer and 5767798. You can also text into 22 united zero. And if you're not the Scottie hey everybody call and say good things about the city may be your. Maybe your answer is now if that's the case 5767798. Kansas City as they're making their bid to host of the World Cup matches in 20/20 six along with some of the other cities. In the country LA New York DC Dallas Denver Houston Baltimore Atlanta Philly Nashville Seattle San Francisco Boston Orlando. Cincinnati Miami all up to get about ten spots. Were also asking you our product Kansas City because it was the first guided to comment on FaceBook and I don't richt doesn't speak in FaceBook is not speaking for everyone I'm very aware of that. His first answer was it sucks not so nice buildings the crime and violence are high you know it seems to care. Crime and violence are prevalent in all of those cities are mentioned but what would sell Kansas City and it got us thinking. Are you proud of being from here because coming from a I grew up in the Detroit suburb and Detroit has been a crap hole for most of my life. It's on its way back. Milwaukee right lived before I came to Kansas City is the single most segregated city in America. It it it's completely broken up by. Race and relations are great there and we've done plenty of stories about crime and violence. Coming out there here. There are issues don't get me wrong but the affordability. I love the weathered out here Jamie thinks it's too hot there is top heavy the only thing I believe that we don't have that Chicago hats get ready once compared to the great city of Chicago which is a world class city. We don't have the L because we don't need it and we pay a lot less in rents in taxes in everything as compared to Chicago. It's not as. Nicholas urban you know yes a little less that it there's less on it literally had smoke it's a little more suburban analysts. So we're asking you simple question your answer can be no link somebody on FaceBook or on Twitter I should say. Says no but I'm proud to be from Overland Park. Or it fair enough. By 767798. Wrecked the bones Rebecca how would you sell Kansas City to those that are going to be deciding where soccer matches will be played. I would Kansas City is that count as always supported or. And that adamantly and pictures and news reports that we have here they have the best accommodations they have the best of everything. And I just think it's so important frequently. You know supported change we support the Orioles and those without it faculty. So we're doing we're and we have you know our. Our own property here real I mean we can't open that huge new facility. That beautiful. I mean we're willing to shell out of the cash and that's so that people who. I'm very accurate thing that I'm very productivity per year nuclear great city. Rebecca thank you so much for the phone call appreciate it let's go to Jose on KM BZ as they were you from. I'll go to my. Definitely you know everybody everywhere that I will happily. I better get ready oval for committing. And it. It's a great. Sport big event to go out here because our trip I fear. You're an off then. You know and get on a hit very hard to go right back here PD you know be all you know that bad or good evening infertility to go to parliament. Other always driving twelve miles under the speed limit especially if they're from Kansas. While people here in the ethnic and enjoy. Beat airport portrait. Because. They always like being here. They appreciate what. I come dramatic goal and the opportunity where I am wrong. You. Girl who's much. You know in the hat by years there so much opportunity here to inform yourself. They're here. What is your. Picture as. Well. You're number. Eight fabric and. And thanks so much for the phone call Jose we appreciate it. Man's gonna Keenan on KM BZ where you from Keenan. I come from it or. Hate. You're not irked him router are under dog beauty out. They know Egypt that the respect because there are and we do get are I heard a lot like Asia we. We do have a soccer team not only do we have a soccer team a bad soccer team. In the lead. But the opportunity to remember it Intel. Or an elaborate and block everything. That he I appreciate it. Thank you very much of the phone call. They get the best record the second best record in the league he lied teen in Atlantic united has nine wins. But up up up of thirty points I'd look this up sporting KC is 29. Let's go to late on KM BZ what's up Liguori from. I mean you try refugee. And obviously. I've not fair I. Also the city. I grew up watching that city I decade. And I'm in Kansas City about twenty years ago. The higher crime I have been here at city Pat Brown if city has improved. This city has built. And it has been a great place to live. And it was very refreshing. To have that coming from Detroit to see so much improvement constantly. That are carrying out. And that people are friendly name and it's just and a great site but damn good. Cost of living and not them it's just it's been a good place to be. True. I a good dollar around this city proper exit several suburbs oil oil or leave Washington much but aren't out. And the band but we we we bought time it right in the club and yet you're not. I believe via actually appreciated and I don't ever question for yes stress. Are we maybe I'm confused on what we're talking about right now are we selling Kansas City defeat for right now Reid is saying why do you like. Being from Kansas City I'm wondering because right now all I'm hearing now that policy in the fifa committee. No this is telling me why should bring. A game. Or at the World Cup to came to see this is his saying okay the cost of living while Mac on the live here and watch a game. That's Alan. This is the same now I mean some of this is. An and look at it as some substance waiting on phones adding some of this is. Stuff that you do hear are things that you do over the course things attractive but you're right about cost of living I mean other than. Lower consulate and also sometimes means lower cost to do things you know gas is going to be lower than Chicago in things like hotels will be cheap. They aren't Chicago or new door I think of foam what I count on since I'm screen the calls when I wanna hear from callers are. Tell me from someone that's from Texas only been here for a limited time. What would bring me four here for a week or World Cup game what are the attractions that I would want to be around. Want to be in city what would draw you right to Kansas City. You know for for the potentially five matches right of the World Cup could be as few as one. Thank you could be zero nearly come here for training in what content from media exposure. I. Could be up to five matches. What what would if you're selling Kansas City. What would get you to you know stepped in front of the powers that and he is saying. This is why you should put soccer on the world stage this is why Brazil and Nigeria should come and play at Errol. Why is. 5767798. Was they are and came to see what's up man. And how much first up I'd probably built in the union that peaked yet tonight at 9 o'clock. And then they you know probably date it is the earnings call. Oh and it's not on the air we appreciate Colin in brother went to Wear your phone calls coming up next year and 81 K and the easy how would you sell Kansas City. To the powers that be. The united bit of Canada Mexico and United States are now hosting the 20/20 six World Cup. Out to play and that would by the way because host nations automatically get a bid which is nice we don't waiting qualify for this year's World Cup. Which starts tomorrow at Russia. That feat sign up the united Billiton bid will determine which cities get chosen so your talk and if he thought you get the talk of fifa. Why would you bring World Cup why would Kansas City be one of the cities that gets to host why would aero had be a place they. Should host the World Cup games Gail writes great restaurants Casey power light steam full soccer fans just from the Kansas City area great music venues. And the friendliest people in America. Thank you guilt that we appreciate it what about you correct the phones and Dave on KG MB easy sell thief I gave. While I believe we have it and dates here. Bloody year and he EU. At Iowa we get it and they all around they beat out great to bring it here. Quite entertainment. We've grown a lot and I believe we're gonna keep growing. And I think people here are very friendly. What we we have a growing we have not yet here it would be like. To try and once someone gets out it it tried. Probably get more of that. In in the future net debt Casey Ali port river. Chasing. You got it going on here. I gave trichet that man thank you so much I think too if you look at the map. There's nobody north of you know north of Kansas City and T start going east. That's going to be in on this you could draw as the closest World Cup site. From Minneapolis. From Milwaukee from Chicago. I mean those are three big cities that are closer to Kansas City than anything I think we're closer than Cincinnati and after get real close at a map the though that's I mean you're about to massive cities there in Minneapolis Saint Paul and Chicago that would be a place to go to. Yeah we often complain about this actually that were you know at least three hours away from anywhere but that might be a benefit and we can draw from all those places. I say this. I know your favorite there's come here to. If if slides and were to make a montage decision to fifa. He should go you should go to YouTube or go to parent light. And take that image or the video it's about a thirty seconds of power and light when USA paid Belgium and Tony fourteen. The crowd goes nuts we scored the winning goal. And we were on is the end. Top ten for the best crowds were number three or four. I feel like that's something that she should show. People not just for no where you Philips stadium. But you have every one that's one to watch a game you have every one IP NL have a drink going crazy because their country. Is moving on the next round. I think correct me if I'm wrong is based on the imagery that I've seen. There were more people get Casey lives in power and light for that game in the World Series yes there were more people at for the World Cup. In the World Series games I was there and it was packed from. If you go inside you know. He NL and you know that screen yet from the screen to the top of those payers. Today outside of Pino were separate sinner is yet was packed full of people because they had TVs everywhere plane. Every single game they didn't have that during the World Series. They had been into the the KC like block was full from the from the screen which is now bigger but from the screen back. Big twelve pretty dang packs but not like during the World Cup. Go to Scott and K a BC what's up Scott. Yeah I think bank withdrawal on the people around. It are cracked current order brand. Anecdote that you didn't think gore. It didn't look alterations. Here tomorrow. Are you soccer fan there's got. Art chopper you're a die hard soccer made eagle lot of years over into children's mercy. On you go to C sporting play. Now I wouldn't go door shocker or report to execute very good record. Interpret how we're gonna get our GA cannot vote in beard. And are. And good grace. And good grass. It's not big soccer radio children's mercy now. Mark your I'd KM BZ what's up mark. What you guys are mentioning you know that Manhattan and Columbia you know there are you kidding about end. Within an hour and Citigroup or College. Park. You know that the huge what you do and gene in here all right within an hour. Al dorm dining facilities practice facilities that are well batters in auto world class soccer. Facilities. In light you know eastern all eastern bloc centuries in some. Other places around the world peace games like. They can do northwest Missouri central Missouri and you got a bunch of them within a couple of hours. No doubt no doubt mark that comment appreciate it. 576779. Nader texted at 22980. Asking are we really gonna try to say that soccer is bigger than baseball. Here. I mean it might have hit that I mice is that soccer is consistently popular. And baseball anymore popular with the royals are doing while I like their art die hard. Soccer fans that go to the cauldron. And go to every game and it's a big deal for soccer fans and I'm close friends of the couple and they don't miss a game. There aren't nearly as many but blitz but it like they are passionate about soccer. Where's the royals. Unless there to really really well it seems like a game I was around here. When he fourteen but from talking to people of my boys burned who does the pre imposed over there. He was saying that up until September people during the first World Series run. Work dole to Kauffman Stadium because they didn't believe right or whatever Tony fifteen was knots obviously now I was around for the end of that. And and last year was OK these are the royals ranked dean attendance this year and last nowhere near the bottom attract 23. Home home attendance they're averaging just over 20000 people. The Marlins averaged just over ten and that's an empty stadium. I'm not saying in soccer's more popular than baseball in there I I will not I will never ever say soccer in Kansas City is more popular than baseball. I sat wise. The most packed the Casey lied block as ever bad and power and light is ever bad for a single sporting event was the World Cup. That's the mentality from the pictures I have seen a single but not the royals eight. Give Iran the royals parade not a game not at arrowhead where there's 80000 people I'm talking watching the game on TV. Because I was around for some of the World Series. Narrate. And I was there I watch some playoff games in other great crowds people went nuts no doubt. But from what Travis is describing to the fact they'd have TVs on the outside in between. Casey lives in sprint center and the ATVs and the crowds were jammed there there are eight kind of soccer fans around here. I just I just three watched the video and I'd give you little clip right here down. Portrait or there's not one thing and that's not jumping around when you can't see it in the like section offers donors a little pocket they army is just packed. Crazy again I think it would be great I'm not even a soccer fan and I've been to a game exporting I'd bill again. I've not soccer guy Travis you're gonna watch every match of the World Cup starting tomorrow route went when it comes the World Cup on the guy who. I during the the Nash term for for basketball I have screens everywhere computer really you know do this but screens. I'm not that guy if it's odd. Mean they have on what does a couple of TVs here in the studio. I'm not. Gonna tell you know anything about soccer I don't I I've watched it I played it. Just never took. But I know people it's who are into it absolutely. Into it. And we watch all these matches and and it would be really cool to have part of the spotlight part of the North American spotlight here in Kansas City I think it would be great. As somebody said what about mass transportation out to aero and you. And treat it like that chief's game. It'll have a couple I mean it would be a little crowded no doubt yeah but if we don't have any you know get the Drury and out there across the street east. But if you don't now if you know. Mass hotels built out there just treat it like chief's game. It did it to me isn't very different in it then. You know. Shipping get 80000 people out there for chief's game. First game tomorrow by the Lake Travis is at 10 AM Kansas City time Russia the host nation. In Saudi Arabia. Playing tomorrow excited about that yep. Oh. This is what somebody's on yeah. Right baseball fans cheer on their team soccer fans cheer on soccer's a whole matter who play I believe that that sounds about right I think you're gonna get more people at a bar watching the royals if they're good. But soccer Fain will go lots like there'll be there's a bar somewhere in Kansas City that is going to be champ tomorrow yeah. To watch from Russia and Saudi Arabia at 10 AM. Now by the onto college kids in the UN Casey campus don't have to you might skip school don't have jobs. But you get into Friday and Saturday and when it's a full slate of games. Like there is a 5 AM game between France and Australia. And I'll bet she'll bar in Kansas City will be jammed with soccer fans just to watch that. And in Argentina and Iceland and in Peru in Denmark as soccer fan watches soccer and baseball fan watches their team yeah that's it.