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Thursday, January 11th

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Once Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending producers what's true and funded day was Jamie implicated on 98 wind KM BZ. What is the day of the week. At first it. Was the national championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Rightly busy hours or so into the game yesterday you said why is this still threatening so the fact that it still running today makes me that it was several days ago via Monday. And now. It's still spreading here on Thursday. The national championship game rumors about Nick Saban needs their head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Five titles in nine years and now there's talk he might go to the NFL. Also couple other notes if you're college football fan wide receiver Calvin Ridley able forgo his senior season from Alabama that's why BM is still training. Go to the NFL also running back steamy Harris coming back. And Alabama the other running back. Scarborough is gonna go to the NFL so there's. Reason to worry about Alabama once again but that is the reason why roll tide makes they've been in the national championship game are all still trending. On Thursday someone teach me about what's going on with Nintendo's switched. And I just read I'm excited for the re masters just announced on a Nintendo switch we bring in our video game insider Travis walker switch is turned Travis. I actually have no idea about which because it's hand held device that I haven't had since I game boy who was out. OK so my guess is committed to and you were coming neural and come out with more market what they're doing is there a lot more games that can be converted you can play on switch if you wanna play like Mario Kart back that was only on N 64. Fifteen years ago there making announce he can play those odds which a lot of other games as well yet a lot of systems have done that eight months one you can now play Xbox Xbox 360s Smart enough. Targeted out of made people mad given by the new system used to buy all the games right and that's cool switched to do Nintendo did. We a lot of people here with connections to Baltimore. No I don't know why. Sam's Club is trending. And I did look up we're Owings Mills it is and the story is being done by CBS Baltimore. So there's a Sam's Club there that is closing without notice to the public well that's probably why. Is selling well I think it's not. It's not cool that Sam's Club disclosed without telling anybody and a bunch of people showed up to work and didn't have a job and that's not cool Sam's Club is losing money. Their jobs are going away don't forget Wal-Mart gave out a bunch of bonuses building those two are connected. Also in the same vein. Carrier. Ever trump save the carrier plant in Indiana yeah hundreds of jobs go another close and. But again. Why is I do that it's interesting that this price that people here think it's interesting people. Are off work today heaven only knows what is different about your social media death injury and yet. You speak for yourself don's. That's just a water right now offered us a lot for now but yet slice into clubs club. Medicaid is trending because the trump administration is giving states the authority to create quote work requirements for able bodied adults to qualify for Medicaid don't include. Requirements like skills training volunteer etc. you know I don't hate that. I. I really don't do more for the right I don't hate that I think Medicaid and Medicare both important and should be touch problem we messed with by the government but I don't hate the idea of hey look. Show that you could actually work eight hours a week. Eight hours that that's all right what do whatever the numbers and and will you'll qualify. So OK that on that's about it these cycling cancer center is trending up in Saint Louis. Police a running in a security guard shot and killed a knife wielding 46 year old man inside the cancer center a couple of hours ago. Eight of the 144 guy running around with a knife. He is now dead after security gate shooting. I so you gripe is is no longer turning in my last hole ran that race just went off my list to there brightens and about the story we've been talking a lot about today the Missouri governor. Who has admitted to having an affair while he was married is denying allegations that he. Attempted to blackmail the woman with aid mostly nude picture if she talked about it. I'm surprised it's not trending blue eyes five minutes ago we're gonna find out exactly the latest and coming of our next guest Charlie Brennan from came election will join us. And he spoke with the lawyer of the now that's the number one question I think people have about all these allegations the affair happened there is no doubt the affair happened Greg is admitted to the affair. But the blackmail and the timing of this all in the air amber to find out far on the Charlie Brennan our sister station Campbell X and Saint Louis will join us coming up next 1218 hopefully your take it easy on the roads out there. Welcome back to your phone calls coming up in just a bit the big story. Popped up last night out of Jefferson City right after the state of the state. From Missouri governor Eric brightens went out there was a story put up like KM a movie out of Saint Louis. On a governor brightens confirmed part of that he and an extra barrel fare in his admission this was a long investigation that have been going on there's also though. On allegation that he tried to blackmail the woman to keep the encounter quiet joining us right now from our sister station can't elect's radio in Saint Louis we welcome and most of the morning program Charlie Brennan is with us chart we appreciate the time out busy day for you guys. Yes no doubt about that glad to be here thanks for including me. With the news broke yesterday. And it was immediately confirmed. By governor brightens what was your reaction. You know I think what happened in the timeline of events according to Lawrence trader who broke the story for jail for cable be here. When she contacted him for a response or comment regarding the story that she was going to run he was at that point. That he issued. This statement with his wife. And moderate reaction. Was as well here we go the year of actual scandal or escapades or whatever you want to call enemies like. Every day there's something else but I also thought wow I thought the governor was a little more savvy that that don't forget. He's kind of a follower of Mike Pence went to the guy who's you know vice president said. I I'm not going to be anywhere along with a woman result could be a third person in the world. I thought that Eric Wright and for goodness sakes it's 2015. Is running for governor would be a little happier that he wants. So part of how well the reason this came out was because the woman he had the affair with her ex husband had recorded a conversation in which she. Describes all of their relationship including the alleged blackmail I'll let you lay out some of those details. And you have talked to the attorney in the case. Like his name is Albert walked in these kind of a character rather well now being negated name in the papers and I'm. In the radio free office. And he actually backing away quite a bit from the term blackmail for whatever reasons. He that the photograph was a cute involved early. It points or bouts and used as leverage for the purpose of keeping secret their interaction. And but he he what he won't say that he was adamant they I'm not calling it blackmail. I'm not exactly sure like that that's what somebody else. Do well look at but he'll act the allegations that units client making is based on that. Record conversation with its clients XY. She said that she was photographed in a bury apple might be in position during their first encounter. Does the ex husband. As the attorney I guess for the ex husband. Does he give a reason of why you're in 2018. He's coming out this as opposed to win the alleged recording actually happened. Yes he said for the sake of the children in here that's what he's saying through a deterrent so that's what attorney Albert walk it. Ruby ridge gold and cooked up. For the sake of the children he didn't even bring it up during their divorce proceedings as leverage. Then the in 26 team land and Eric crichton's was running against. Rick pastor a script doctor excuse me for governor of the state. He was inundated this father was this posted. But all sorts of images because apparently he worked in radio here at Saint Louis. But he still was quiet and that he was approached. According to the attorney Albert walk ins by war helpful democratic operative in a close associate of sportscaster. And they asked him at least let's go public with this but he refused he said because. He was that gives kids and then. He was appreciative of the lawyers says a copter and couple are not going with the story. But recently he was inundated with all sorts of phone calls from national and international media as well political operatives and dead. It's youngster I don't know how old got. A phone call from a member of the national media looking corporation about this alleged affair. The youngster. Kind of freaked out brought the attention of the fathers fathers said. According to a dirty hey I want a steer this train I'm gonna control it getting out of control. And the story that's told will be mine and for that reason he went public as he did yesterday. Charlie one of the things I heard in a sound byte with hand was part of the reason he brought it forward now was because of the involvement of law enforcement which we have really heard anything about. And we even asking ourselves today. What can happen criminally to air crichton's based on what we now have heard a thing about the law enforcement involvement. I must say it's the first time I've heard of law enforcement involvement at all. And I'm not sure what laws were broken here so then. Yeah maybe law enforcement is looking into it perhaps there is blackmail or extortion something like tech going on. But I don't have any now. Where's the picture right now did did the attorney Albert Watkins mentioned if state habit is it in circulation is saved anybody's phone. All of you out. Are apparently quite this tore that up if the after the photo was taken and that's was during the first encounter in his statement. You know. The woman the wife of the client of the attorney acacia hairdresser. Governor right it was a quiet. She became very interested in him buyer orbit mission and it act. Start the relationship. Went into his house at one point he said number I know that sounds strange valedictorian at a dual proper well. So they went into the basement and that's where they had these relations he tied her up. Photographed her but then later she said he apologized in torque while ago. And that they had in the air for another 45 months. So this was say a long standing affair this was not just a one timer to time thing do we know why or how it and it ultimately. Yeah. She told Kimmel be warned trigger. Actually the what are her husband insisted. That for the sake of the children it was getting out of hand and the fact that the person you nailed to that that's report cable B dot com. That she said look there's not a can't take my children please don't call me anymore so chic. Asked the governor to stop their relationship. Was there any history. Between the husband now ex husband and great things before the election but debate. Interact with one another. It's possible. Because the husband works in radio. And great of course the public figure bestselling author. That's the big charity Saint Louis of course ran for office but I don't know if it's possible they knew each other and it's possible that it I don't know. I know some of the struggle that some of the print media that we've talked to have had an in deciding whether to do the story was because the woman in this case the woman that had the affair with governor crichton's Waltz. Go won't be interviewed she won't she won't tell the story it's her ex husband. That's telling the story any idea why is is it continues is that the children that she continues to uses the reason. Didn't rank speculation but I think that's probably it and she doesn't want to be. At the epicenter of any controversy let alone this. And. I'm not exactly sure. Some people like privacy perhaps that you know we're concerned. But I I'm not sure we haven't tried to contact her right there are I don't know she. I'm sure a lot of people got sick that are she's refused to talk to them that maybe she able. Privacy factor from from the Garten brightens family his wife asking now for privacy in your opinion Charlie. Do elected officials get as much privacy as they want considering their position and this bombshell story. Great question. I think. And that by the way is a discussion here in Saint Louis should anyone. Like channel four have gone forward with this story you know it's just an extramarital affair with what's newsworthy about it. I happen to think it when your governor or senator congressman public official 2070s. If you engage in this kind of activity. You have only yourself to blame when it blows up now is he entitled some privacy. I I should think so. Bought it he has done something like blackmail and I think he loses that possibility. At the gates and blackmail on the actual. I'm not a lawyer original. So it's possible. That you could face some charges are that much about that we'll find out. Last week for you Charlie the reaction from state lawmakers especially in the Saint Louis area have been kind of inconsistent I mean we at one represented a one sender last night say. He should resign immediately others have said we have to wait and see and or praying for the family. What's the reaction been like in the last couple of hours from lawmakers. What's amazing to me is that he doesn't seem to have full support. Of those pivotal part on that back to writing these staged a Republican Party each other watch. These seat and so Jefferson City. He's got some friends. How Republicans are currently with them. Rob shop one of the state senators there today it before and he's done shoppers Republican. There were re leader who also. Issued a statement today at for the governor to be honest forth right. You wonder why they would need to issues such statement is they thought the governor YV. Four right so I don't think. He has too many. A favor to call in in the state capital so I think he might be on his own on this one. Ager the present time so much thank you for joining us and if need be we'll check in with you again soon. Or regard. Any time Charlie Brennan from came Alexa joining us here on KM BZ the other side of the state spoke with. The lawyer of the ex husband Albert Watson's earlier today on his show and hey it it is just muddy it's murky and Mikey said he doesn't have. The backing of this entire party. I think this is tough to defend I think as a Republican you can go ahead with the everybody has affairs if you wanna say that you can say it's his private life if you want to but a lot of people are gonna disagree with you on that and say you ran for elected office your private life becomes less private. I think this is a tough one for Republican. 5767798. Sheila did governor brightens stepped down after the allegations are out about a black male. In ball being governor great isn't a woman several years ago before he became governor Eric brightness. And also an admitted affair that he has confirmed did at. Should he step down. Should resign if Republicans call for him to do. If you have more and more Republicans in the Missouri legislature that are calling for him to resign or the very least. Are not backing him are not coming out in support of him which I think we'll tell us a lot should he resign then then I think is is a big plastic. I suspect he will resign. This we just got on Twitter we're gonna go right to the phones after we play the report and KM Moby the broke the story yesterday it is from Lauren. She writes. It wouldn't bother me as much except he ran his campaign on transparency. And family values for politicians family values is code for I have ugly skeletons in my closet. I I don't know what the right answer is you know I mean it's like one of those I'm not sure. And you elected him to be a leader and did his affair previous. To the election. Does that cause him not to be as credible leader or. Does that mean you can't trust the man who's in the highest office in the state. I feel like it raises questions about character and I said this may some this may be some and we'll get into it later they're more tomorrow but. I don't know what causes a person. Who was presented with you with the opportunity to have an affair. I don't know what the differences between a person that says yes as their crichton's dead and the person that says now. And what that says the person that says yes I don't know what that says about their character but he's saying yes to something he shouldn't have he and Colin weakness column mistake what happened and on for months but. Rights and and then he ran as a family values candidate and and misled voters and sell. The fact that he about it tells us he knows that it was wrong I don't it's to me it's what you think of people that have affairs do you think they're just human. Or do you think that they're doing something wrong I don't know the extent to which we excuse it but again and it's. The affairs one thing it is the allegation of blackmail that to me makes this something much Morse. For more on this this is the report the broke last night on channel four cable be out in Saint Louis yesterday. News I'm a navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father during. His campaign and while not this governor gray and has built himself a family man. But aqsa woman accuses grades of committee on tape this man says are horrible and disgusting. I think it's absolutely. And Yemeni. Until the mid provided deet tails to news for a sexual encounter between his now ex wife and gripe and back in march of 2015. News four is choosing not to name the woman she has not made on the record comments for the story. The recording was made just days after great and the woman's first sexual encounter his wife did not know as she confessed intimate details to her husband. So. Before the first thing I did go to. I think it was nothing infuriated that ever happened repeatedly until. This snowball. And tornadoes have. I know I brought up. The explains that her interaction with grades were sometimes initiated by herself they met because she cut his hair. Very big weird world and I instantly had a weak person. She says she felt drawn to talk to him but when he told her I want you to come over to his house she first said no she wanted to meet for coffee but great asset to her. No I can't I can't be seen with you this is wrong and from wall. We think it's. Cool. Oh my health she agreed to go to his house to talk it's unclear where gray and his wife for children were app at this time. The woman admits that when the sexual encounter began that day it was wanted the. Hopefully it won't matter who. The only people. There is. What can you would be improper or. School is being factual and it's important for her role was. And he went in keeping one. Born a woman. She went on to say though that some of his actions scared her. You know why do. You think about. She then described what grades allegedly did next that made her feel sick. Back. Or both of them. Significant event in my game but anyway. It's this action that upset her husband at the time. Because. My wife naked at a black male. There's no. Word person and what still upsets him to this day I think it's as bad as it gets. I think it's as bad as it gets when somebody takes advantage of somebody. It's lowering trigger reporting from KM OV I 767798. Knowing what you know about this the admitted affair the admitted adultery he admitted infidelity. Confirmed. And the allegations. Black male should governor brightness stepped down 5767798. And let me play what they outgrow click on to me there is a pattern here of some things that. He's got coming hide. There was the dark money allegations about not knowing where some of his campaign finances came from there was the the app that is hands phone that got rid of the text messages called confide. Things are heading up a little bit now stock to about Jon and independents say John thanks for calling your end KM BZ. I think guy. Yeah out first palace servant and a load its secret Serbia old broad daylight. On this perfect cut and on the stern father. Why am there for months of the loan. As a line of Q yet that you think Hughes whose side initiated your member of all more sin. The attorney general from can't can't contenders aren't. Surgery to gob that had there were nervous about him. I actually don't recall that maybe that was before I came to town I'm sorry. Well that we don't know what is the bit still though he had resigned of her serve I'm revealed that you know ethnic. That was. Going to air that I it's the that he hadn't been paying to if it continues to enter. That's a jump thinks the phone call by 767798. I don't know Howell. We backed that up. If our kids are looking at our leaders as role models and probably should you would think that a senator a mayor a governor. President but let's just focus on the governor of the state of Missouri welcome back to that what if you're. Sure why don't we want as Americans to have our leaders. Beat good and maybe I'm completely redone that. And you know. We've all made mistakes and so no candidate is perfect. And some people would have an. The problems at Missouri voters didn't get the luxury of having this information to decide whether they would still want him to be governor knowing as they didn't know that act and you bring up president trot. The differences that all of his alleged wrongdoings or some of them on tape wrongdoings. That were not alleged we knew all that going in and people voted form anyway so why I wonder if the standard. Different 57677. Adding to protect your phone calls coming up also all the check on the roads for yet. These nasty conditions make things a little slick out there we'll check in a scout well guess what I hear from you Susan your lead off hitter coming up next year and KM BZ 49 we're asking you right now bush governor great step down 5767798. Confirmed a fair and is that reason to do was step down if you're governor brightness there's a affair that was going on between governor right as any woman who has been unnamed as of right now before he was running for governor. And according to the story that was put up a team will be yesterday and is all over right now governor great and tried to blackmail the woman to keep her encounter quiet including inviting her to his house. On going down the basements to teach her how to do a proper pull up when they got down there though according to the report and the story. He takes her wrists to some rings. Blindfolded her took pictures and said if you speak of this I will put those pictures out. The reason we know about this is because the woman's now ex husband had a recording of a conversation the two of them have the woman and her ex husband. Where she lays all this out and that audio has been released came movie out of Saint Louis got a hold to that. And we are asking questions about why he would release it now with the ex husband that released it she is knocking she's not getting interviews she is not telling the story. All we know she want this to come out for all we know she had no idea that her ex husband was about to release the list. On he has sent out wheelers and Charlie Brennan earlier that the reason that the ex husband finally came out with this was because. Rumors were out there it seemed that that some people knew there were some media members that do and that the final straw for him was when his child. Got a call. And was being at a member zappa from whom but I got a phone call in which that the kids learn about it and was asking questions about it and that was the point at which she said okay. Now we got to go public with it if they want to ruin air crichton's he could releases during the campaign trail there's no way he would have been elected on. Because he ran family values so. If you're confusing me a little bit on as I'm watching attacks on their very closely. I want to know why so many people are making those about the woman he had the affair with I'll we're getting. And I can read you often numbers of the people that are they're telling me why did she stay in the sexual relationship with him why did she continued to have an affair then and I asked. Why are you making this about the woman that she but he had the fairway it is it because you don't wanna blame is it because. You don't want to acknowledge that he has done something wrong as an elected official in Missouri. On I just don't get why that's the place ago. I mean here's a perfect response to that from the text line. I love Bolton he listens to you and sorry but you've lost me today. Don't blame me blame my conservative stance I've voted all our across the board to make a Republican is guilty until proven innocent with both of you. Well he did admit to them to to the affair. And there are many many people. That are believed that this guy is shady. This guy is dark this there is a lot of secrets because it the dark money coming in that was a problem. The confide app the disk that deletes alt text messages that rolling you cannot forward copy or screen shot them. Like their. There's reasons to believe her brightens is a little shady here and now we find out that he cheated on his wife for months I don't know why she stayed with with Eric in this after this initial picture taking situation to. Relevant they both chose to be in the situation she might have started it but he said yes so you two consenting adults. No one is more to blame than the other for the affair that they happened again the differences that one of them chose to run for governor and the other one didn't. That's have a 677 NH governor great step down do you think there's enough on the table for a guy that ran on family that ran on the grace of god. Who committed adultery and lie to you. Lie to you during his campaign last November 2 November's ago when he beat Chris Custer and others. Running on decade campaign of purity. Should he step down. We think the poll is right now on Twitter came BC radio 54%. 61%. 39% say no let's go to Susan in Overland Park thanks much for hangs his tenure on KM BZ. Absolutely for about yet he should step down. But we're seeing and the dominant forget his name you had in her that you enter Egypt a little bit ago he even said that. He called just an affair if that would have happened in eight that it was Jack that there. And it all the other didn't happen then it was just that I am so tired old. Appearing that this was shot and Mary are not and the stake. After a mob got out of it didn't just happened it was carefully planted it at high low. And and the family values they accuse you keep bringing I lately I agree with. I think a disgusting even if someone didn't land on the family values platform but I think that may say. Word. And if the allegations that Black Mountain app to be true. It battered beyond evil it is so disgusting and I actually think he should step down. Susan thank you for your phone call chat in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ I Chad. Her yeah what you think man. He should be forced to resign if he doesn't sign on it in her integrity and resign resign and he should be recall a 125 years. I travels but most of my my marriage I traveled away from my elect more than I was home. And found it if if you cannot be honest with your outlook greater. Side of integrity is there in the committee you make to your spouse and your children if he can't be honest with them. And indeed true he can't be trusted in the negotiation of the presentation. Out of state. I'm Republicans a white knuckle pour in the signs that there was this guy from the very beginning and they only get works and I clear where the vote Democrat. But I was voted against this guy. It he absolutely can be trusted. They were the focal Ted appreciate it by 767798. It's 5767798. Line is open for you is true that he can't be trusted. Is that true that. That he had a affair he had a lapse in judgment now this wasn't a one night stand no. This was a relationship. That went on for months that ended. And and started again and went on for months so I don't know if you forget it more if it's a one time thing and you forget that last when you find out how long it goes on. But does that lapse in judgment about his personal life. Apply to all areas of his of his professional life does that mean that he's gonna lie about everything and and now I able again remind you that there was the confide app that deleted text messages and he's been very sneaking in and vary. Not forthcoming about where his campaign funds comes from. But does that mean can't be trusted and as governor. Yeah it kinda Dodd's tell me why. I mean if I can't trust you to not have an app it's gonna delete everything that comes in your phone be attacked and I can't trust you. To have political money coming in I can't track that AKA the dark money if I can't trust you act just in the simple things. Didn't what didn't. What are you doing in office. Be put etiquette. It would bring up as a great point. Putting 2018. Isn't this the way we feel about every politician from your local City Council up to the president of the United States. Do you trust politicians to be open and honest about fool myself here. I think most people don't think we're in an era where we don't trust politicians in general I would agree. And an anyone who local government we heard that during Casey Ivo I don't trust them not to use taxpayer money and a willingness. So maybe trust maybe you don't hear about the trust and and bad position and because that you've got it I get that were. We're deciding between multiple candidates we really don't lie were just deciding between the lesser of the evils. But the question now becomes about his political future keep in mind governor brightens had aspirations for the White House yes he he was looking way beyond us. On and and from our perspective I don't know if he should it not about this sooner I don't now yeah now we can debate that but. For sure his political future is done I mean this is this is too ugly misses. Now he thinks he steps down I think you resign and I want that audio is on pretty awful and the description of that blackmail is pretty awful and Enders that alone but then the other stuff you know and and you all that up you that happened in the dark money and all those things and I think it's. I think he'll be standing alone I think Republicans are not going to be able to defend. He has not had a ton of support from lawmakers in the state obviously Democrats. Probably not support him but there's been a ton of Republican support and is David Kennedy's rights. He is the lead political writers seem to play politics writer US news. From William Missouri GOP lawmaker quote. Eric Wright and spent a year calling every Republican in this state corrupt I'll be shocked if any of them stand up for him. As an alleged blackmailing psychopath. That's from a Missouri Republican lawmaker. He bashed every one. And you know what when your closet gates and dean. You know what happens people are not gonna have your back and talk about your moral character there's no reason for Republicans to support him because he can't run for reelection.