Midday with J&W: How old is to young to bring to a movie?

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Friday, February 16th

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It's 1207. So last night. I went to go see black panther. But wait for it. And big comic book guy loved all the movies. If your comic book movies and you. This was the next big one and then next will be infinity war and that's what this is all been billing. Quick review of the movie visually it's incredible. Especially in 3-D. Legends AMC at the legends that buddy about out there we had it's dinner and then we went to go see the movie is my act comic book movie date for and les OK with that there's though I'm not no no no I would never invite you to go see black had her. And he or higher yet any movie Sydney for starlets. Yeah now that yeah definitely. That's my buddy John and I went to go see it. 3-D. It's it's an incredible visual of the movie to see we sought an IMAX is gigantic and I'm not gonna give anything away on giving he's boilers. The plot was kind of predictable. I had a Lion King feel to it and not just saying that because it takes place in Africa. As did the Lion King right it just when you watch the movie the plot. Sort of resembles. A lot in case Poehler the buy Pampers blah. Black panther is black guy yeah I got those from bad guys black tube. It's may be the movie is black keys up like four guys there's like four white people in the whole movie and an end. It's funny because that's the narrative that a lot of people are looking and this the first time. Eat it I wouldn't bite at a Travis has more intrigued to see this movie as bad as before because it's an all black pastor wrecked by a black person. For the for and it's a major. Hollywood blockbuster like Travis does that matter to you. Four a movie. Guy like me yeah no. By I can understand for some people who don't wants to meet him movies right order bud because I know a lot of people who will see a movie to speak. This because it's all like past chair I'm trying to think of no certainly that have been out but because of that that's why Google see it right I was reading on Twitter is not from like your fate you know Twitter profiles with some people or (%expletive) As it relies. Why is Stanley making a presence in the black movies like Stanley is the writer of all marvel and marvel fifty to sixty years ago so I mean some people don't relief you know. Kind of put together right the comic book and not. The reason why it's our bike. Watched it in and I and I thought cool to greatly committee that I didn't think of it. As aid but I am optimal like I'm thirty sexual like I don't watch movies that whenever you have your own opinion you can do that if he'd like to. I'd put it if you're one rank it somewhere in the top ten to twelve of them of the marvel movies I'd ending it was this landmark. Best comic book will be able time and don't forget there are two scenes in the credits a staple that he goes it what I wanna talk about with you Jamie. They know you're not gonna go see black panther ever. I think that's precinct precincts. So I sit down. In my seat. For the 25 minute and a 25 minutes previews so as normal idol panel for pre still like fifteen is is because it's like. Or doesn't say how many degrees they did four in standard Def. And then they said now put on your 3-D glasses CP three to glasses on I think the movie's gonna start dated three or four more previews in 3-D I saw eight movie previews yesterday. It was 7 is 7 o'clock movie 725. It started. I was like this low. Telling them two hours at gap became two and a half with credit and everything so. Binding is a family. Mom dad. Couple of it's 1213 fourteen year old kids grandma. And a three year old. Any three year old and a 3-D. PG thirteen pretty violent swearing in it pretty violent movie. And threw out the entire. Movie the three year old is talking. Is making like three year old sounds like. That I I. Once in awhile I would hear cash. From behind me from the mom the dad or the sister or the brother or whoever but a little kid. Wouldn't shot. Op and I'm and I know we've had this conversation. At times before. You bring in a three year old in the black panther roof before. You bring in a three year old to a comic book movies for. Premiered yesterday it right and yet a much yeah anybody see it yet. And for those who were considering seeing it Cincinnati zero or 5767. So planning. It's PG thirteen which means if without parents have to be at least thirteen years old but what's the youngest Ager bring connected to this movie may think of. Any of the comic book movies hall avengers for. Iron Man any element you're in a three year old into a theater. Where people. I'm. I must concentrate on the movie guy that's never meet. But I'd like you to have some respect for the people around you not to bring you to bring your three year old to the movie noon on a Saturday are right. At 7 PM on premiere night when it's packed. Yeah I did issue a little bit with the fact that a three year old going to a movie at 7 o'clock. Anecdotes Lama Stan. You know and theory that three are going to be embedded eight or nine and some behind people are probably wondering like I do know the kid was three because they said he was three hourly. So did you say anything at any point now and we know and this is that's two to ninety 767798. You're in that situation do you say something to the family. At that point at any point during a movie mind that you're gonna cause a little bit more seen. By saying something. Do you say something to and movie management movie theater management. Because you can't you don't want notice now as investments like best. I don't feel bad about complaining to management or something because you're speaking for theater full of people. Who have noticed that this is a problem and are annoyed by it also. What do you say I don't say anything I'd just take it in clay I kind of radio I. Exactly I can't I make notes on my hand to blame to to bitch about it on the radio with you that's what ideal for everybody has that. 5767798. Is three years old to young to take it to the black panther movie or any comic book movie. Especially at 7 PM on premiere night in 3-D. Like that Tammy was a recipe for disaster in the Kidd talked. Throughout the entire movie by 767798. Text in a 22980. Leahy from even coming up next. Were asking you right now at 5767798. Planning and seeing the black panther movie with their kids woody is too young because last night I went to go see the movie and there was a three year old. That would not shot up that was sitting right behind me. Chu in allowed. Hockey news saying I want a goal. Like I just I don't know lawyer and I'm not I'm not gonna tell you how to parent but I'm gonna tell you right now. Your three year old did not belong in that theater on at 7 PM on premiere night. At a three EDI Mac shelling of black panther. And I've that's odd that you're just you're wrong if you think you belong. So if you are wicked in that situation what are you dale. Are you are you saying something to the parents are your show should really loudly argue saying something to management are you doing nothing and I DAs are very little screaming yourself and your head the all time I did when these. And those you have young children what's age at which you take your kid to a movie and and you to Disney move because several people on attacks on and set up not taken a three year old adding. Six assists for two hours of course can't are you kidding I take a three year old woman leader. Nor are they going to appreciate it you know give yourself the money wait till it comes out on Netflix or comes out somewhere else. This is some in the tax on was asking they paid to get in for the three year old I don't know I didn't look back. At the AMC at the legends it's reserved seating only. So you'd like but I bought my tickets they had to pick which two seats are wanted for me my body's so lick it yes Exxon yeah. That did not have had Down's syndrome and couldn't help you obviously don't bring your kid with Down syndrome it was 7 PM premiere screening of a 3-D IMAX presentation of black panther. I get up and move your lazy day I pay I paid for the seat that I image. I see it yet to preserve its its reserves adding it was a full theater there's nowhere to move to on premier seats I mean. If it is two months from now seen the dollar show you know whatever. At least six people and that the art of the matinee at 3 o'clock right. Eats and three bucks for right exactly. It can Lee's summit Kim thanks for calling on KM BZ. Hey I'm Colin. I ever I am in the day entry passes to go and see movies are very preview them and that. And I know you guys being human need to eat away at act Melissa. McCarthy where it yet. On control and I was getting to people. Had little sigh and Gerald. At 7 o'clock shelling on school mind you. And I mean I can manipulate. Its shell because I'm sitting there thinking. The public to our society is if people are so desperate. Our night out or they can't afford to pay currently there are bringing their kids. Shelling and the movie and it. Absolutely. Inappropriate for that and I think about one and the caller called in yesterday. About. He talked about video games being so. And I haven't heard yet having an effect on the Lyndon. I I got back out. Bringing Arnie and about until they're twenty and they're being exposed to be staying at the rains keep. Process and can't really understand and tell them that might Q and. Appreciate it thank again what are you to take care I would to go see the movie knocked up with Katherine idol and Seth Rogen. Somebody walked into the movie about an unknown pregnancy or a yet accidental pregnancy. The people that walked in. With the baby in the car seat. They locked it in or whatever that thing is called and they locked in and they sat down next to their two seats and watched the movie until the baby started crying now they took the baby out of the theater. You have been knocked up with a big. What I so I friends with young. And cents or had young infants in the last year or so and when their re young they are easy to take out because they sleep for three hours at a time that the well so now. I'm not bring a baby to a movie bush here's my thing about kids' movies and I think her for pants that I think I'll probably do that do this once I'm prepared to. Do some research under movie how long it takes a kind of movie it is what are you going to seed because when I want to go see Logan which is the first rated. The first word is F word F yeah the first where the movie is out there was five kids and from me with their parents. Two kids behind it with their parents they all got up and left so those families is spent that money. And that time there I didn't realize that these camps are rated arc from the movie and there's F bombs. Everywhere. I think dead pool is out for low and yet in debt pool is like. For me watch it anywhere so and there's an out a light up. Awkward sex scene in that movie. Will an effort that pull people complain you complain but there's the disclaimer and every single Pro Bowl commercials says do not bring your kids to this move is our yes it is an. Comedies and researcher underling. Are your kids aren't movies. And watch the movie right. Three year old kid didn't care about king's shot. Got a shot in Kansas City eight somethings are collier on Camby zeman. Not a bad. Yeah I have or year old loves it dangers movies. I'll take them actually not on a good night and desolate country ED I know it wouldn't keep it there. It. Your four year old can appreciate yet you did the marvel movies. Thought yet it wasn't about it got all the character's Alter everything and he. Parents just need in other kids don't taken to a 7 o'clock movie they're going to be loud hired runner I don't take until 2 o'clock on Saturday yourself that. Preached shock to my favorite dad in Kansas City right now and. Yeah I didn't get enough kids I mean we're parents you know BJ wanna open as parents you. To make the right decisions and proper etiquette I mean not playground movie. Eaters are taken like kids its seat Disney movies in the end because we can't have that freedom earlier. That one day at Midland and sort thirty I'd like Ian beer or some like that. Well it's they have like the play area in the theater. Yes and they can play that Jim and for one movie they stopped it intermission and they played fifteen minutes in the middle. And that kind of play it by ear and can't bouncy pitches keynote that they were to start the movie you're trying to get back to their seats in the label or iPad at play and the movie I mean. Urge genius parents. Yeah that that's a lot better than bringing your three year old to a premiere of black panther that's in 3-D and IMAX paycheck thinks of the phone call may appreciate it. Yeah so. People are texting and about the various theaters that have AMC and we tackled this before her office today bet that there are theaters that he special kids showing her that you special showings for those special needs or you know orders certain times a day here there and certain theaters. So parents options if they are insistent on taking your three or four year old out to a movie acts seven. 7 PM on the premiere night Eric on FaceBook rights. Mike kids when it five or six to see the marvel movies but it they had nature kept talking we left only and do that one time. I would say if it's his favorite character maybe six but normally I go early early in the weekend for the movies like ten or 11 AM. And I get that. Most of us are most kids and that are most kids that are that young in bad what times is set our three year old bedtime eight. If that right ninth. For sure no later than nine Dan. It lined up in the newsroom what that when your kid was three what was bad time oh it was probably year rounds have a machine out and ads before and start. The preview it it it depends on napping schedule. In ten years what's the latest it's going to be epic. Nine. Nine should ask him shouldn't finish and get cranky for awhile before they falsely sometimes they do and now I get voted for but still. Uncertainty and vehemently Matty gets me about died. I get cranky sometimes over I honestly. Exactly yeah now analysts on. FaceBook it's there you can also tweet it to a sect KM BZ radio via a Department of Justice is charged thirteen Russian nationals with interfering in the 2016 election were to join up with ABC now this is deputy attorney general rob rose and staying here on K. No change in the United States and 2014. To collect intelligence for their American influence operations. In order to hide the Russian origins of their activities. The defendants allegedly purchased space on computer servers located here in the United States in order to set up in virtual private network. The defendants allegedly used that infrastructure. To establish hundreds of accounts on social media networks. Such as FaceBook needs to Graham and Twitter. Making it appear that those accounts controlled. By persons located in the United States. The use stolen or fictitious American identities. Fraudulent bank accounts and false identification documents. The defendants posed as politically and socially active Americans. Advocating for and against particular candidates. They established social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting Americans. They also purchase political advertisements. On social media networks. Russians also recruited and paid real Americans. To engage in political activities. Promote political campaigns. And state political rallies. The defendants and their co conspirators pretended. To be grassroots activists. According the indictment the Americans did not now they're communicating with the Russians. After the election. The defendants allegedly staged rallies to support the president elect. While simultaneously. Staging rallies to protest. His election. For example. That offense organize one rally to support the president elect and another rally to impose it to oppose him both in New York on the same day. On September 13 two point seven thing. Soon after the news media reported that the special counsel's office was investigating evidence that Russian operatives had used social media. Interfere with a torn sixteenth election. One defendant allegedly wrote quote. We had a slight crisis here work. The FBI busted our activity. So I got preoccupied with covering tracks. Together with my colleagues. And quote. Indictment includes eight criminal counts. Count one alleges that criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States but all of the defendants. The defendants allegedly conspired to defraud. America by impairing. A lawful functions. The Federal Election Commission. The United States department of justice. And the department states. Those. Organizations of the US government. A responsible for administering federal requirements. For disclosure. Of foreign involvement. In certain domestic activists. Count two charges. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank. By Internet research agency and to the individual defendants. Counts three through eight charge aggravated identity theft by Internet research agency and for individuals. And there is no allegation. In this indictment. That any Americans and knowing participant. In this illegal activity. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome. Of the 2016 election. When a caution you there weren't charged with a crime. Is presumed innocent unless and until. Proven guilty in court. At trial prosecutors must introduce credible evidence that is sufficient to prove each defendant guilty. Beyond any reasonable doubt to be unanimous. Injury. Special counsel's investigation is ongoing. There will be no comments from the special counsel at this time. This indictment serves as a reminder. The people are not always who they appear to be here. Indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators. Went to promote discord in the United States. Undermine public confidence. In democracy. We must not allow them to succeed. The Department of Justice will continue to work cooperatively. With other law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And with the congress. To defend our nation against similar current and future efforts. I want to thank the federal agents and prosecutors. We're working on this case. For their exceptional service. And we have to take a few questions. Through this. The allegations in the indictment there's no allegation that. Many effect on the outcome of the election. Just. They that this thing. Those are rapper. Not quite. In this indictment. That any American had any knowledge. And the nature of the scheme was that the defendants took extraordinary steps to make it appeared that they were ordinary American political activists even gone so far as to. These are activities are in a virtual private network here in the united states of anybody Trace it back to that first jump. They appear to be Americans kept. And no communication with the Russians about this before all the ordinary. Process. Seeking cooperation. And extradition. Five from the Justice Department that is deputy attorney general rod Rosen Stein announcing the indictment of thirteen Russian nationals for what they called information warfare against the United States. All in an attempt to spread distrust toward American political candidates. And the US political system. The Russians posters politically active Americans that are accused of trying to manipulate social media even staging rallies for and against the candidacy of Donald Trump. Indictment cites no conspiracy or collusion with the trump campaign. Rather it's said the Russian defendants sought to communicate with unwitting associates of the current campaign. Rosen Stein went out of his way to say there is no allegation in this indictment that any American was in knowing participant in the Russian scheme. Rosen Stein also said there is no allegation the Russian scheme altered the outcome of the election I'm Aaron took her seat you're listening to live coverage from ABC news. Let's get straight back to Washington. Let's get by straight back here to Kansas City is at 1239. And as you just heard right there are special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted thirteen Russian nationals. And three Russian entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Creating fake names stealing identities greeting in networked pretending to be Americans using social media. Four against. One or two or whatever particular political candidates. Yeah reading here the any indictment Mahler charged that some of the Russians posing as Americans quote communicated with unwitting individuals associated with president trounced 2016 campaign. To seek to coordinate political activities. The charges include violations. A campaign finance laws conspiracy and identity theft and failing to register as agents of a foreign government but again. At the two Big Easy tells of the last things that aaron's seven you heard there toward the end of the news conference that there's no allegation. That it had any impact on the campaign and there's no Americans who were participants. In any of what went on. In this indictment in this indict this error in the series and that's possible and maybe there'll be more you can be if you want to read the entire thing. And it's a long document and I'm sure put you asleep. But it is about a FaceBook page to check it out the entire text is there you go ahead. And read and get exactly Jamie said no allegation out of this about. You know the Russians did it seem to electron or did it so he wouldn't get elected or whatever. In this particular set no allegation outcome. Of the election was affected. Yeah on spreading distrust about the campaign and was were the words that he used. We have not heard if the investigation is over on and so we don't know if there could be more indictments. So we. We don't know what else is out there but it's it's I give him credit it was pretty concise and and pretty clear as far as what. What they did wrong and who wasn't and perhaps more importantly who was. Yeah I it it just adds to this 'cause I know that there are those that. A lot of people on both sides just want this thing to be over this this whole Mahler investigation. For whatever reason if you if you believe you don't believe in the Russian collusion whatever you call. But that this is going to be one of those things could take another year. In this whole thing that could take it it was like Watergate was done in a win you know they mean. You know what some you decide you can choose to believe it or not believe it believe it's it's Robert Mueller he was the special prosecutor assigned to come up with the facts if you don't believe hand. Regardless of what side of the political aisle you're on item you're gonna believe I only ten. And and regardless of where you stand politically or are high you want it to turn out I believe the guy whose job was to figure out. I I'm a big fan of of Robert Mueller and by the way he is a Republican. So old if anybody thinks I was just this Democrat leading it. He's a Republican James called it is a Republican by the way when trump fired him. I would probably tend to agree with the I believe and Robert Mueller when he was assigned to do this so many people. Include ever Newt Gingrich coming out any sane. This is the guy this is it the media finally gets the right guy to investigate trump and this is going on right now again. It if you're just joining us there have been thirteen. Russians Russian nationals and three Russian entities have been indicted by a special counsel Robert Mueller will see. What the plan is in terms of prosecuting them for meddling in the 2060 election had no this indictment has no. Proof of any sort of outcome on the election of 2060. Every got that. And Kerala. Got that nice and tidy little segment yet we don't need to take calls and for weeks but I don't know why different than what we ask people I I don't. This was really good information to have less. At at this point you either gonna believe it or you don't and I'm looking at the text line and I'm gonna ignore for a little while it's probably assessed. 'cause it's ugly and a that's not an aspect that is fun. If feel free texted at 229 innings earlier thoughts Gil protected. And to tuna is there are right now it's time. Before we give back to take in Samir phone calls on a couple of topics. Travis you anybody. Doing now Acapulco and now. Mr. eat I'm really curious. You know how much true Travis loves playing JB wicket both or neither when he'd rather us take phone calls on the Moeller investigation must sound better. At tax time you'd rather do you. It takes on I'll ride what have we done to him let's see dumpster fires or it's knowledge we did to him it's what you did and what it what do we do eat what are we defending and he wants to talk pol to just he just doesn't wanna do your game not easy his. Here's the thing if we get. If we get a winner Travis doesn't have to work as hard the problem is. People don't get the questions right about you meet both or neither and then Travis has to keep on working. I dork I just Koreans because I want to yell at them answers. And Erica and our dollars after a wrong answer has name did all of this I only have five. I have five total questions all right what happens if it does get a wood trying to get a winner here. It's a few don't ask questions asked if this data and doing this for Travis and do this for you out of the game also won thirty. I think it's all night. I run my head and it and I think it's fine 576. It's 798. You wanna win four tickets city Kansas City they'll show going on now through Sunday at the Overland Park in meant to send it got to pick up your tickets before five today. Is that we're not open tomorrow 5767798. Game is Jamie wicket both or neither and the answer to every one of these is either Jamie. Wicket both. Or neither. And we've talked about all of these on the air at your run time I. To our street are these your ideas are up in these are accurate picture. Over and over to the brink but Betty breed around you got to get three in a row to win. And make sure you're listening because we repeat up there are ripe age of some gets what on. Cross audience or populist. Jump the line right now 5767798. GB wicked both or neither Travis is favored game. A bit of extra 91 came easy at 5767798. Time to play Jamie Lincoln both or neither. I gotta do is get three era all right got four tickets to this weekend's Kansas City they'll show at the Overland Park convention senator. You have to pick up her tickets today it's going on this weekend it's our last four pack. And I got to do. Is the answer Jamie wicket both or neither can get three right there 830. Easily edit ill. By 76779. Aids. But it Diana first up Diana do you listen to the show. All of these topics have been discussed on this radio program are you ready to go. All right Jamie wicket both or neither. Cannot whistle. I accept and six. In ten minutes man. There that they both have sent it to step it. And this game takes an hour hour eight minutes will be I heard them we will not be back out I point it. I don't you'll get eight hours a day in and parks I don't know what they're there. Back. The Molina Malia are you ready to play. Our night I mean even the same question. No we just gave the first player Jamie wicket I was JB wicked both or neither. Cannot whistle. Sorry that it again. None out. The answer is either Jamie wicket both or neither so what's of those four possibilities. Is. The answer to can't whistle cannot whistle. It. Take forever. To type on the answered every question EZ their Jamie. That's her. Wicket that's mean both or neither. The Alley I'm can't be easy Alley you ready to go. Our I Jamie wicked both or neither cannot whistle. I think this and that others opposed that war that low since gases that there was like that come after a lesson. Cross them off their lives there was one infamous showed that we had that that was dedicated to us. It's a little while they know why all of your new I understand are right Jeff for you ready to go. All right Jamie wicked both or neither cannot whistle. Extra track. She can't she can't keep you. Entire afternoon annoying. On purpose practicing because I neighbors that were particularly irritating. All right you got one down two more to go January kids both or neither. Has seen The Rolling Stones in concert. Wicket. I just Iraq. Aegs. Some of the Super Bowl in Detroit as a matter of fact they were the halftime show so the pressure is on Jeff are you ready for the big one the big payoff yet. All right Jamie wicket both or neither. Has been sliding. Louder. So office. He did well it really well tenure on KM BZ ready to go can. Aren't born. Jamie wicket vote and neither has seen The Rolling Stones in concert. A. Jamie wicked both or neither has been sliding. You know not been. So you would say widget is your answer wicketkeeper. You know. Tougher here yes. And for the travel at this footage so you ready to go joke and we will are right jail here we go Jamie wicked both or neither can not whistle. That is correct. If it picnic cook RI GO Jamie wicked both or neither has seen The Rolling Stones in concert. That is very true. I was paying attention. Or I'd go. For the vehicles show tickets JD wicked both or neither. Has been sledding. Vote. Now. We're we grew up at the answer would be both. But it is nights are right there are you ready knock this out. There are I care all Jamie we could both or neither has seen The Rolling Stones in concert. Jamie Wiki both or neither has been sliding. I'm looking at trips. Let's go to new arena binary you're thinking NBC you ready to go. Well believe guy apologize. We will flawed Travis accordingly. Are you ready to play. I all right Jamie wicked both or neither has seen The Rolling Stones in concert. You have a life I lifelike next do you believe him. We litany all but I'm Albert. And it I'll allow it we never we never said you were allowed to have a phone a friend out there I'm Alina JV wicked both or neither has been sledding. Who is which was bin sledding Jamie wicket altered either. With the open for an Ira I'm KMB easy ready to go. Every amid have to care is news so we can get this right well hi I wish what has seen The Rolling Stones. Her. Barack. Jimmy wicket that bit of both or neither cannot whistle. That is correct. Iraq is we got to get to news will be giving the same third question Jamie wicked both or neither has been sledding. Correct ladies and gentlemen we actually had another winner how are all right. I grew up in Michigan I lived in Wisconsin and I've never been slated. I really would like to change. Like today we don't get any snow sleet ice together now we the last time I did anything like that was when Karen eyewitness no hurry and it was awesome in. It was the it was the nose to doesn't thirteenth right after I got back to town. And I keep saying I wanna take it is no creeps go tubing and stuff. And all hell I want there to be real I've never been splitting you'd. Have to be a field trip. This split it snows and it's the state shuts down but it didn't. Final weeks ago we should make extinction for Karen Pollock and ultimately all could go and you'd like to bring Charlie. You're writing is Sarah. It a very cool. You bring Charlie and deejay bring Little League. Not otherwise might not just the old sorry sorry son you honestly I am I taking the new line. Us. They can bring her for oh my lord we need a bus to bring all out there but yet I have never been sliding. JB cannot whistle and I saw The Rolling Stones in concert in 2000 in some sort of story. Whenever was the Steelers and the Seahawks miserable self.