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Thursday, September 13th

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110 form a day with Jamie and wicket on a beautiful Thursday morning. Policy makers and for my which it will be back tomorrow ever tomorrow will be out and Lee's summit for some spotlight on lease on canceled touchy about that coming up a little bit. But one of the big events of the year starts this weekend's they're actually getting ready to kick things off at their today. The American roil World Series of barbecue is getting underway and with us is Charlie teacher who is chairman of the board hi Charlie I'm area thanks for being here we appreciate it you've. Some less and outs Ari now that's this is where this begins on heat line is gonna begin at your front. Has never gone out. To this event. You've got to I don't let your shame begin and we into the American and you know and you do you think it at fourth grade when you go and see the valley added this is been in my bucket list for quite awhile to get outs of Keogh. You have to coming up a taxicab a great place to start new and really knows that the American girl today youth charity we're all about youth education agriculture and cash we have like 6000 kids Kemper museum every year. And them got scholarships for you know adopted college age kids with a great sponsors now he has Barbeque which is our big cannon. Marquee event it's really all matter chaired. So for those who might be like Melissa who have never been out of the back to tell people what to expect because I think. It's just they think it's is going to be a barbecue tasting all the time I'm production has so really it's kind of a three day festival so. I told the Kansas Speedway in those guys just incredible partners and on the infielder speedway it is just majestic at night to be out there. Com Friday night's. Is really probably the biggest night as far as people believe forty to 50000 people. We have 500 teams competing this year. All of those are private parties which is fun so one team might be. Two guys and a smoker and when team might be 25 guys with a keg tracking it and and that's where you get these massive numbers out there. From the public activation side. They're just we've got to sound stage at seven bands over the weekend. I'm starting Saturday morning and 200 car car show and barbecue tastings. Mike Saturday's big salute to the military detain all these things though. Give you some of the stories and we think it's interesting we've been out there in Wilmington shows throughout their does everybody's got a good story every team has the story of how long you now. What time they started and how many different times they've changed their recipe or where they came in from it that's when most interesting things about this feature is yeah. Of those stories so. Yes on the team's of these 500 teams that compete visually kind of two competitions going on. 170. These teams are part of the invitational which means you got invited to be here which means you won some thing. Somewhere else you one rigs in Nashville brisket in Houston or whatever was you are the most elite. Barbecue chef in the country mile 170. Does come. The balance of the 500 is just all you know the rest of his elders haven't all parties. There's nine countries represented him. So we had guys you know all and do interviews petition from Australia from just all over the place. At love forty states mean just people really travel. And every one of them have a story it's just unbelievable you know lot of these guys. Have really made a business which is saying something you look at Oklahoma Joe's which manages Kansas City mean. They had a big star in their room bar Q it you know it as a plow boys a lot of people of or contest or that lost their careers. A little bit about the barbecue competition seen. I don't think I realize how many different events there are George you know and more and works rely on on for ours but just that different competitions though there are just for. Q it's it'd it's a true. Cult following and it's truly a big nationwide thing and we are the biggest in the country here in Kansas City outsource apprentice that starts festival weekend here. Yet there's all the different categories from ribs and pulled pork brisket chicken you name it. And everyone around the country do different things that bring their different barbecue Flemmi the national guys could different than against city guests and that's the cool part of it. So it's interesting you mention that I am curious how you become and you others like Pacific certification become judged. But how do you make a decision when you're tasting now much arch there omelet and it's good. Okay at it and maybe this is Jessica pitch volunteers because there are I don't know idled the latest count volunteers as it's five or 600 people ought to be part of this behind the scenes. If you went back in the judging. It's kind of like watching Wall Street works like how does any network in there that. Their specific times return men in their six people at a table so every forces turned then and then. Had a groups of six this this styrofoam container and raided a judge to all these different trickier for whatever the turning him. But how do you. Judged taste because our peoples tastes. Different there's all that that's why there's multiple people at the table yak so you know people's preferences are different. It be like wine tasting you know people like different things you have to love that it's. It just kind of worked with the talent that's that's where I had so many judges doing all sampling you know certain entry many judges are around the table. Others there's six cities table. About got that right the city is stable this photo as long governed by an organization that told KCBS which is the Kansas City Barbeque society. In case CBS covers the country it's not just are so pure and in Houston that there are shown on KCBS is part of the rules regulation works so they've got they've got to data science after all these years it's a 39 appeared in the. So I wanna. Be able to taste barbecue and should I feed there await what event should ideally yeah that's a customer and a Tex lines are you because people know about the private parties and you can't just got a lot of pressure parties Baffert the gotcha GQ public that's gonna go out a case this is the draw the coolest. Are we start additionally a couple of years ago analogy it's really kind of in full force that there's a there's a tasting. Area when you come into the speedway a you'll park. They're kind on the steps you walk across the lawn you walk across the finish line just a cool thing ever. But then you've got the public activation. So that is going to be a marketplace there's Budweiser beer garden. Knob creek has got a risky and eggs thing in the eighties the green and it's not exactly. All of that has happened here but also is the public tasting area. So we're selling these passports. There's a half and we had eighty Kansas city's finest barbecue restaurants are participating. And a half passport is for the restaurants is fifteen backs. Believe it feeds him. I'm full passport is all eight restaurants and it's 25 backs then. He hit people as though. But that's played instantly get right in a barbecue is right by the sound stage in the beer garden meals at. Kansas Speedway as a location on this has moved around at that love it love it love it. We have had did event's gotten so big where in the west bottoms forever and that's the style that can ever really loved that that when he had 50000 people show up you're really down to if you place you can have it down. We are at arrowhead. And loved it there the best partners ever everything up in the great things about them. In the speedway has just been kind of terrific player workforce last couple years. Part of it is the shifting around as the dates that. And we have to there were dodging major sporting events for forbid outdoor festival. Is a little later this year feels like hurts a little later than it was last year last year action on Labor Day yeah it's a tough weekend to do read it again that was kind of scheduling thing we're dodging races there now so this year we're thrilled about in know September in the eighty degree weather and sunny and really amazing. Anything else people should tiger website as American royal dot com for those who missed any of that want more information about prices and stop it is the last little tidbit up rounds on Saturday. It's our kind of family a military day we always did his big slid to the military with our parade. So we had that operation marquis rescue rescue out of them leavenworth beating a thousand military servicemen. That discounted tickets in American girl dot com we have military flyover should go step on the sound stage and for the kids and families cerner sponsors this whole kids area means all inflatable balls mechanical bulls face painting and hands. So Friday night is Canada's big party night all day Saturday is the festivals all about families military all the greats Africa. Right well we appreciate being here Charlie to dirt chairman of the board for dinner growing association association. 39 annual American royal World Series barbecue getting underway tomorrow as everybody kind of low as you'll see the activity out there today as a start up and everything in place up there and so have a great weekend you've got perfect weather for. If indeed thanks guys and I didn't get down. They just I year. If he sell you on with that that we're gonna to bring our media. I got a website American royal dot com if you like more information at 1113 and nineteen a day with Jamie where could 91 K and easy policy makers and for Mike wickets who is out today back tomorrow. I get in time for us to go -- city spotlight on Lee's summit we will be out of smoke brewing company at 219 SE main street in Lee's summit so make sure you come out and say hi. So let's I wanna run through on as people get to know you're a little bit better. Mike what is known for certain things. Around here and I asked Travis this morning what's what's now before. That list and we're gonna see where you fit some of these things. We generally call it that's exactly you know I'll wager I like it it's this'll funding will do here in a little bit but I talked for a minute about the Waffle House index as we talk about. Hurricane Florence which is currently a category two storm on that is headed for the most of the Carolinas. It is slowing down it is getting weaker it's also getting. Bigger I'm and so with that it means you know the bigger it is the more rain potentially could drop and so. The category only ask you with wind speeds at that doesn't mean they're gonna get less rain so it is now with the boss said it is the size of four Ohio's. War is bigger than the size of North Carolina and South Carolina combine and so that is expected to make landfall on tonight or tomorrow morning. It's currently a 195 miles east of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina can be some perspective there. But it is 3 this morning and I didn't know that this I never heard this term before and now we've got more information about it so there's such a thing. As the Waffle House and acts. And it's so the White House is known in other up and Tony for hours and they are known for not staying open 24 hours but in the event of a major storm like as. Forcing open defeat first responders are people that chose to stay around and the Waffle House index. Is actually away for emergency officials can gauge where who have who stayed and and how bad is it. And so eager dot com just posted at least one Waffle House has closed in anticipation of hurricane Florence. Which is a big deal bought a house doesn't close and the fact that one is closed has made is is really making news. So the one that is closed is in Myrtle Beach. W and India says the restaurant on Myrtle Beach as front edge wrote. Is now eerily empty head of the expected arrival and waffle houses close so infrequently. That FEMA. Uses that as a barometer for disaster recovery use it I using informal Waffle House index to measure the severity of storms. So we found the actual Waffle House and acts. And what it actually. Tells us about so they've got three levels. I don't know where they go to finance but on green is Waffle House is serving a full menu and electricity is. So at the Waffle House agreement you know things are yellow is Waffle House is serving a limited menu may be low on food supplies is likely using an electrical generator. Red is Waffle House is closed and that's probably good indication of just under evacuated you heard about this before. When I was in Florida couple stories. Is. They are very good at getting supplies in in a tank and and and if you go to there Twitter page today have a picture they're controller and strategizing. And you can see. And and I'm assuming that little dot that EC on the map behind Janice is some of their supply chain and how they're getting things and so. And that's certainly was something. We looked at I mean last work of art it was 2001 and 2007. Which we talked about it. Yet step in real thing so they send jump teams of restaurant managers from other regions to keep restaurants running is that important to them to keep those restaurants opened. And what's interesting to me about that is that they're not get a ton of dozens in the time at their meat or open an hour hurricane you're not getting time business. But to serve the people that choose to stay or the reporters that are there or the emergency responders that needs some work now. Just to keep a rougher it adds. I think that's the important thing is eight. He long shaft I can only imagine as a first responder you've seen Ali. Really difficult things and had a really long day going warm be all. That's when you prepare for you is it's probably feels pretty after shift yak and so GAAP to go to the Twitter accounts to sent me on the last opposed it was a couple of days ago saying while the storm center is activated and monitoring Florence or. It's a fascinating look at a round I mean if you didn't know it was Waffle House you would think it was FEMA. It is is it looks like any emergency response. All the way they're just sitting around and and studying maps and looking very official on looking very serious out. Just a quick so we'll keep an eye on hurricane Florence and and let you know what happens. Some as we talk about food a lot. On the show we usually do it and you now are but Nivins got a bunch of things on his mind so we're gonna want to some that coming up a little bit later but after years together wicket and I had. Certain differences we've realized and certain things that we. We have certain moments where we go. And this is why we are partners because of these things that we have in common and Travis if there's any of these that you want to chime in on or any others that you're aware of that she needs to an hour or. We see how she sets apart through these. I think the one that comes up a lot is on two and a chocolate coach out. What it does not. Right but stranger things it does in the main Eden and a since trust. That. That's he likes Kennedy in fact you can he subscription at one point but doesn't eat chocolate and listen I'm not a big sweets person. I'm happy I like chocolate and Marcus acres and time that we expect better under to crack. That long flights uglier give my vote yes okay. Coconuts are no Coke and a cook. Who. Negative or you can see a but all around three for no no matter how fabulous is ocean water invited back yeah I'll be loath coconut around here it comes up quite a bit for some reason that's what that we really can't stand coconut. But it is what's important to you because what can I agree on this one. Gin or no Jen. Power that we deem yourself and I hope that's our. It tastes like trees. And he said to everybody. Out offers me no was to free. And hard it's hard past. So boys is an instigator of humans is back to Ireland and an amazing to talk about it by Ireland Dublin Ireland may be whiskey drinker really act that's all attack is going to Ireland and not liking Dennis -- he did at the partnered to where I sit trinity library went all the places where at the authors drink year that's right. I did it again it didn't. Ski factory and now people again. Right yeah it's funny people texting and if dirt and attacks and you want me to run buyer. Feel free and and will bolted back. This is just came up over the weekend on my quick it is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Is OK so where the band of AT shirts. To a concert for that they like what are the OK to Wear a Taylor Swift swift teacher too eight Taylor Swift concert net. Tax burden right where she's she's and not. I think in the club I'd be injury if that wasn't okay but he was gonna do it anyway we had talked about it. Now hard hard now and he's going to play this back for him why now. OK I think it it's kinda like you're being. Too needy. You know I'm saying thank you want to look like your cool like. This concert it's cool like you don't want to look like your the super. OK I like that answer I'm good with that. That said one of my things they did in Germany was I went to three David Hasselhoff concerts are about half a second actually I forgot about that so that actually. So I met you and and boys through the councils Casey podcast that you did recently and in preparation to meet you I did my homework and looked lightsquared to so that I knew you know who I was talking to and one of the first things I learned about you. Why is on. We're following real quick your following of David Hasselhoff and Germany I did it to try and figure out why Germans love him so much because they do they cannot you know enough of David Cassel and I found that it really has to do with how. He's saying went off and so it's scary it's kind of the Havoc and it Chuck Norris attachment to them we talk to Chuck Norris jokes they it has a hot freedom jokes. And I. But if you go to those concerts. Everywhere where's the concert T shirt to the concert or dresses like him in Baywatch or as you now that night right there all of the things sent out so if you go to David Hasselhoff concert I would keep you past where that. Concert teacher to the concert but Taylor Swift I have to call and that's the only conversation we have to have about that on and so we can tell him from the in the future. Notice of concert T shirts app concert. Art it's up 1128 are texting your ideas now of a couple of different things out what are the tourist traps o.s with and you know a few hours drive from here. That we need that. Are either really that are really bad yeah I think to her museum in independence is a really good example of that tablets becoming a cloudy Thursday morning Jason Evans will be in here at noon to forgetting it will be on Lee's summit tomorrow opt for city spotlight more details on that coming up. Policy makers and from my wicket who'll return tomorrow and studio now because it's always a party you know we. Boys Richards and I'll you introduce yourself a little bit but I'm not knowing YouTube in for two entirely line but the thing we have in common is travel. Which is what we're gonna eat out I'm here for a little bit but we'll make it really useful for people so UT doing podcast called postal is Casey. Due to meet. We where we plan. We're on the committee her. Summer like cardinals yeah I was it's here ideas and here. Randomly selecting people to to be on the committee and saw Casey to be yeah that's you know that idea a good idea to have somebody from the media are planning committee. And it worked out well it was my sparkling person. She is. Yeah I had no idea who she was without complaining and how you message her 4000 times a day in any random format. Which makes a crazy I was in on and very impressed that you somehow managed to get away with that today I did not escape unscathed yesterday by any stretch of the imagination that's. Tape it that seriously hit one social media apt to me because I get confused and it's too much it. The panel that's a request so pleased to stick to one thing I'll do that from him hands more can't multitask to tell the podcast a little bank and I. Why used not to do it and we hope to accomplish that. I it's that you know it is different place and it's been. Ten years ago we grow up and keep vary there a lot of people who are traveling but there's this and think stigma that. You know the coast travel they go places and people in Kansas City and we have a great. Quality of life here and expendable income and we wanted to connect the people to how that has a passion. Definitely I think there are challenges associated with international travel here that you may or may not face on the coast in terms of time. And we talk a little bit and I'll lay overs but when you're adding 345. Hours in between flights he gets a little bit frustrating and people already have. Three. Packed schedules as it stands. So we really especially with the new terminal vote. With our first nonstop trans Atlantic service through Iceland air we kind of thought that now is a really good time to focus on what it means to travel both domestically and internationally as amid lush owner. And I think there's also a misconception that. You hear in the middle of the country and it is very very expensive to travel from here and it. There is not well there are not a lot of people who are making people aware of the deals that are out there to fly and how you can make travel affordable from the west and we wanted to be kind of a conduit for that as well we'll talk a government ban on because you are now hope now I went about my travel deals for you thank you Melissa and asked if you just keep texting has to be that's great and editing applicant reforms but where do you given that we are in the midwest and we're not Chicago so you're doing you know. One stop from here to somewhere else in the US before you can do an international trip. Tell me about find in the travel deals I think that's one question people have is that I would travel internationally more but it's too expensive doesn't have to be you just have to know where. So I got to deal yesterday that was 420 dollars round trip from Casey writes you answered him on British hair. I mean these are out there you just have to watch and you have to be flexible on I kind of have a list of places I would go around the time. You always have to balance you're either going to compromise your time you're gonna have to compromise your budget or you kind of have to compromise your destination. And so I ask people running as to where I'd go. Usually look at kayak hash aren't kayak explore. Which is amazing you putting your airport it looks value the prices to go anywhere from their part and I'm obsessed with Jack it's really good for people that might not. Not concerned here about we're gonna go but if you don't haven't decided yet you just wanna know where can I go for this amount of money. Either on these specific dates or not specific dates economic kayak it's for a slash explorer or Google flights a day that Ceglia. And just you can just look at a map and zeroing in and and get some ideas that. And that's definitely what I deal and has been a lot of time on Google flights each and every day and I think the the reality is at least as we look at air right now is that things are just getting progressively better and better for here these deals that we're talking about a British Airways they're also to Paris for under 500 dollars round trip. We're not talking about a situation where you have multiple lay overs and your being forced to wait. 567 hours somewhere we're talking about one stop travel. For on Casey Chicago our key seeded Dallas and then nonstop to Europe which you're really only waiting. That lay over for a an hour to. And that's great I mean from an itineraries and when it makes things far far easier. I think some people don't. Travel internationally as much or not an internationally but I think on and this isn't a knock buy things that I as leader are aware kind of of what's out there. Shorts too intimidating or it's part of our culture here that we just stick a little closer to home urge you guys and most recent podcast people are habitual travelers here and just admire for his eyes about the fort. People tend to do the same dust destinations over and over and over and people to do other stuff. Well I think the intimidation factor really does play and we took my mom on her first international flight last year to Paris and the language barrier with something that very much concerned her where we're headed over there. It was funny because it's one of those situations where a part of it is my mother but she was always the one that was in the front seat with a number driver. And you could just see it play through her mind and it took about five to ten minutes before. She was talking to divert driver just like she would in the states is just a matter of comfort what do you. You meet that object and you kind of figure out how to get around it. It becomes easy but until you do you got it can be very difficult for people think. Don't think people realize that postwar ruler teel a lot of Europeans learned English in school. And Amy be a lot of Europeans I mat where like I'm railing Arista speaking English but they like practicing aunt and the if they are hopeful B and now identity. Very much if they see an American who's struggling you know well help and I think there's a conception that you're gonna get over there be stranded and no one's in Tokyo and that's just not the experience I've had traveling through Europe. So they just accent a lot of us don't travel because we're broke and we be fired if we took too much time yeah we certainly had a discussion about that cost pot. And I think it's entirely fair I wanted to graduate from law school I had something. North of a 180000 dollars in debt and your working very stressful job where the pressures of your supervisors are. Magnified by a lot especially in this day and age where I mean obviously a job and income is extremely important. And those are those out to be considerations until the site only we kind of figure out a way where we do what Europe has done and put an emphasis on the importance of getting people now and you know getting them relaxed. On having structures to be able to carry your ETU I mean the Europeans travel more because they have paid leave they have a social safety net that. That helps a steeple on there they get a month of vacation so. And that was one of the interesting things attest and talked about is now trying to draw Europeans to come to Kansas City you know this Casey and and they're part of an Albert talking to them the Europeans are very interesting coming to the middle part of the country and I certainly heard that a lot living out there they wanted to know what real Americans like you not just at not just new York and and DC if you travel questions and you're Texan and an anyway go for two to ninety if you've got travel questions well thrown around your somebody's tested and I would like to travel internationally and I'm terrified of being trapped on a plane for that long college claustrophobia and he recommendations for me. Excellence and it is my question. And it's something it's pretty hard to address you know the wind we travel internationally it's almost always in the economy cap isn't always crowded I end up with an aisle seat in order to be able to get a little bit of wiggle rooms are you and doesn't matter where you can actually move around but other than. It's hard you just kind of have to get up every once in awhile and roam around and bring things that can distract you it's really nice I was just on the Icelander flight. So Ireland and they had a really nice infotainment systems that can distract you bit even at that. You know you're talking about 91011 hour flight there are going to be times especially if you're like Neiman can't sleep where it gets really really long. Yeah I can't sleep and neither I will say on international flights it's a little different than a domestic flights people actually stand app and you can locker her locker ramble among more they know that the flight attendants know you're. Captain there for awhile they they kind of like you lock the isles a little bit now he can't be anointed the other passengers and out to be tripping over people read out the farthest what I did was I went to Vietnam and I went from Dallas to Tokyo and I think that was fourteen hours now literally fourteen hours in the year at one time. That's the link you're awake in a day. For us people and we just had to. I didn't do any and I just kind of highbrow movies let me I gotta I walked around you know you just just go to Allentown and some people's and that's why it's it works for me brought me. Okay this question I wanna talk about coming up necks and just texted and sad I don't travel internationally because I feel like it's a complete waste of time that we. But why wouldn't go anywhere when the United States is the greatest country on earth I love this place there are plenty of places I can go on vacation right here in America. Coming up gonna talk about day trips out of Kansas City for those that can't go do a week internationally or weeks somewhere else the places that are drivable from here that we if you can't afford to you know the bigger flight. I just don't you ask for those that they are right that there is a ton in the U plastic OC if you don't went overseas or talk about that coming up next. Please Richardson always analyst eager in studio at 1140 Meehan wicket on a Thursday we are talking travel with policy anger and boys Richardson who caused the podcast coast was Casey. So good likes ticked down on Twitter what does anyone think not on Tuesday's. Speeches it's who's coming up. Next Majoli justice will be our next guest which I believe in September 18 she realized she is the traveler that she is actually until recently so now it's pretty incredible and beyond that cheering airport committee as well. Busy those two things alone we keep a person busy. So we got a text before the break about I'm places in the US to count that America's great and we got a funny stuff here and you're totally right and so. What are your favorite domestic destinations that if you don't aboard a plane and fly seven hours what do you like in the US. Most of my favorite destinations are in the American southwest. There's incredible hiking climbing opportunities out there in New Mexico Arizona. And I would say if you're just looking for an urban environments to go visit. Beyond all of its other trappings New Orleans is probably my favorite city in the United States to visit they also have a really great World War II museum on top of all the jazz and a potential drinking opportunities. Do you like northwest Arkansas. We were talking about Crystal Bridges the art museum but also there's a lot natured on their Lotta hiking. At. I have canoeing and done that a few times love that area. And we are saying eureka springs. Arkansas' and taps. Great place to aid to teacher Jack if you need to get out of town and and sometimes does duke but you don't have a ton of time to take off wherever I can teenager to springs and for our three and half four hours. From there you can do Rodgers in Fayetteville and forgotten that there is between the there's the three cities there and that's were Crystal Bridges as. You go through and do you know the mountains that are there we eureka springs Little Rock is an event town if you and it's gone southward but they're not my Barack GAAP. On Gus reduce Springfield and if you wanted to go over and do you I'm never gonna say anything nice about Saint Louis and you can't make me but you can keep on over that side of the state if you wanna do. On I you know I'm from Chicago and that's still my favorite city in the world and you can get if you look far enough ahead you can get a really cheap like Chicago or you can drive it for seven hours and and that's got. Everything you difference might take Amtrak if you don't wanna fly and go do that I'm a big fan national. Firms for domestic trip and even if you're not in the country music. It's one of the nicest. For people one of the nicest places I've banned. It's really emerging which airports is off nationals really investing a lot in their airport and it's a cheap city to visit. On an LA for me if you're looking for cheap flight somewhere go to spirit and you can always get cheap flights to Los Angeles. Sound. But say they're always cheap flights. Senegal Fort Myers are used to work. That's a great place affordable and and it's not the money me it's a little warm I I feel like has a little more midwest culture to it because people can people contrite you could drive it in today is it it'll be Iraq today is that you could you could drive it but you can usually that's a pretty affordable flights. And affordability standpoint I think that the best as always major American cities today MCI has multiple routes do you through multiple airline carriers and that's what places like Seattle and San Francisco have come down and instantly over the last few months because we now have. Multiple air carriers that are flying nonstop travel up there. And then again and you know places like Chicago and New York DC in LA. Where if you get a good competitive balance between the carriers you can get really great travel deals. Matt and I didn't like as you're gonna do this but I'm. I've had some before that I didn't learn about points on credit cards. For a long time I didn't realize the ways that that exist out there to save money on travel by just living your life. Did against did a good credit card that gets you points. For stuff you spend money on anyway and I've got I mean money on chase right now. 700 bucks or something just from span and put points on my card credit you need to be irresponsible. I I wouldn't say that as well yeah so I don't want people doing here encouraging dad. But I must say I was skeptical as while I think I think the midwestern mentality like oh another card. But a friendly talk me into like the chase sapphire which it because what you're talking again it's like a 400 dollar fee like. You get a 300 dollar airline credit right at me right away. And I am priority pass so I figured out basically pay for things would be paying for anyway brands and the degree to Nat southwest her half. Easily gets me pretty tough. Asked I would definitely say and any advantage the chase cards is there's also 121 transfer to southwest and united C you can use them in different ways which is really nice and you can use them for cash back as well and I think that the card that Melissa was referencing was the chase sapphire reserve that also comes with three checkered global entry where they went the fee for that thing. Even the preferred I think for most people. Is probably the best credit card that they can get what you. Offering good deal and then I think it's 95 dollars a year and it's wave the first year. But that's tee times points on dining into times points on travel and they wave defeat the first year and I think you get. If you're 60000 points 50000 at the beginning which is I think in their system over 600 dollars worth a travel so it can be very beneficial. To add to Melissa explain it I didn't have a credit card until I was well out of undergrad for years and I an arrogant had views of points thing I think. What people have to tell you and have to realize that you have to treat it like a debit card is if you get any interest that ball it kind of canceled out yeah I did IDs. The interest in Iraq. A they'll talk tourist traps. Just find it especially if their quickie within driving distance here just your favorite kind of local lynch. Destinations that are you know the dirty is the destination places. On a stand up for southeastern Kansas where I want to high school and pick big prudence cash is a huge steam shovel that is in west mineral. Southeastern Kansas and benefit chicken annie's and chicken Mary's as well check and yeah you're you're first you can go to ski and in Kansas and needed just easily you're down there as well which is an incredible time into it today. It was really interesting when I was down there and high school to kind of experience some of the local tourist traps there were down there I've. Still love them many many years later. And I'm allowed to choose a restaurant and Boris are strapped gassed my me so my favorite one would be in Springfield on. There is like that shack that is only open when Missouri State is in session. But the make amazing Frida Chile I sewed your fan I like Sutherland you know freedom Chile I like. You can only get in there when dusk when college kids are in session. Gap I Casper says it I was like just game. To meet food is always a reason to go somewhere I mean politics is decent restaurant and I'll do it or if you tell me it's totally worth it to drive two and half hours to two wherever. On to peak and there's a restaurant speaker called row house that I drag friends too and they say why are you driving me now parts to peek up for restaurant. Because they do seven course tasting menu for 45 bucks or something like that and it's its endowment he got. I don't know what you're gonna do after a there's not a lot else downer but it's it's worth the drive for really good restaurant. I'll make a plug for Hutchinson on idol every year for family reunion and I thought that was the only reason I was going in and people said we should go to the salt museum and I said that's going to be Don. You don't realize how fascinating salt it is until you go to see how they mined salt and you realize how much there is and how they ticket what these four. And he archives that are down there up for what movie sets and stop them from the past him is because salt is it preservative and so they'd put all those customs and stuff underground so. It's really close I think it shows there's a lot around here that if you just need to get away for a weekend you don't have to be rich to do it so. Just in general saving money finding airfare hotels rental cars best travel tips. Watch the fares and be flexible. If if he can't be flexible in your public and pay more about it if you can keep your mind open. They're so great possibilities. If you're willing to carry on only don't book out of KCE book out of a major. American city. On the coasts or Chicago hot and you can generally finds very chief international travel nonstop from Chicago to somewhere and for some strange reason though never understands. It is more expensive to book that package together through MCI so if you book two separate flights. It can be substantially cheaper. Just you got to be carried on only his if you check bags it's almost impossible. Use it to break up your trap down up break up that amount of time that your in the in the plane by eight. Scheduling Etsy for a trip to me that's for southwest comes in handy sometimes you can do southwest here to Chicago where you're not dissipated checked bag and then go from it you know. As early. Danger when you're taking different airlines like that is a southwest flight is delayed third act to guarantee your flight on American. But that's why I mean in nearly as packed as ever talking about that do the flight to Chicago and then get your nonstop and release and an inch apart as you wanted to theaters at San Francisco Garcia now. Our podcast is console is Casey if you wanna check it out on FaceBook also on twit sure I and instead ran. An is that hash tag Christmas Casey when you're traveling or feature your pictures.