Midday with J&W: How do you deal with estranged family members?

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Friday, March 16th

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Eleven house floor that day with Jamie and like on Friday it hearted if you couldn't tell that's. Jason Avant afternoons on the rock down the hall got to stand up he hasn't been a little while he's got some pent up energy that we're gonna yeah. And about good keywords cast this hour is hair or tear. TE a is where you want a text that word and TE a and which I think is changing where you're coming from a little bit and I Cano. I think it changes who I was because I've always been sort of you know for the little guy have always been for the underdog have always been sort of like look this is not is that you like. Your your you sit your ivory towers which think. But I've just I have the the floodgates are opened. The ads are gone and that the gloves are off and I just wanna say this for all the views that were bitching and moaning last hour about not getting that data and text word about extra cash right but the case where. This guys over here doctor but odds over here trying to talk about how he's wanting to fix the struggles inner city. And you're about a 1000 dollars and am I state Raleigh multi state multi radio stations and your freaking out about that. It's sad. We sent. The nervous and scored why it doesn't stop. But you're. Right if you're gonna be an editor. I know I and I know my lane and stand and they're both they're totally behind it is great happier and snow is definitely. While I'm congrats on the new baby gap five weeks old tomorrow pickles pickles yeah that's his nickname he knocked it away when he gets old. Probably gonna hit it a real real item creek high creed. He might be listen in right now until my wife to turn on 98 point one while I was appeared to see if he responded announces that its yeah so about it. So reason that Evans talked a lot easier is odd because we have doctor mark Patel who is the school's superintendent Kansas Missouri schools in studio. And we got into a lot of different things that the schools are facing. Around for answers a little bit I think having spent 45 minutes with him and us getting quite a bit out of that I think it's worth hoping that you 576779. Or 2290. New dad is well you know to weigh in as well yeah. But on where get awards black culture on attacks on quite a bit the word white culture have has commend it for answers on. So however you define the problem and he got in school safety quite a bit but the reason I wanted to talk tennis because I do feel like. Kansas City, Missouri schools get a bad rap I think people are quick to judge that distraction and are quick to say. Well you know yeah superintendent every couple years and and it's just kids don't care it's just parents that are on welfare parents don't care and it and an I think. Some people just give up on it and I think that's unfair and it's unfair to the kids that we'd be giving hope to win and be encouraged and and encouraging to. Sort of problem that and so the tax line was attacks that I wanna put out there and we'll read some your masters while here sixty to ninety eight's of this. The problem is we as white people don't wanna hear that it's as bad as it is we live in a bubble we don't realize that to get out of those situations it takes all of us to help. Take the things have happened to Travis our producer Travis and Kansas City as he's told the stories. I bet there are plenty of people who think he made it ala these things happen we have to come together is a nation of the cycle will continue at the very least. We should be helping these kids they didn't choose to be brought in the violence or or performing school. Compassion is what is needed and apparently we in the white culture have lost that that's an. Are you just gotta make it about erase all the time don't you go. That's basically the next response you're gonna get Arlen tags. Even though that's it's it's factual this isn't what we're looking at this is this is part of the the on going continuing problem that has happened in America since let's just go since its inception I mean if it's at its inception. My my my my my stepdaughter went out to the mortal house. For a field trip yesterday and shoes tell me about it she's like and did you know they had slaves like you know what that is she's like well I mean they work there was like that's not what what. Really was kid liked. It was the only people they treat them like property. And she goes yeah I mean they had they had three slaves and what's crazy that he had seven children but only two lived at that it now. It's interesting maybe that's life is Felix sorry. That's you know that's way back when of course adds years ago but we still have won a road yet have a place to go to two we have we have and if we have this we have. We have we have. Oh hole that's been rooted for quite some time. Let's. As a family structure is coming in equality of gambling environment growing up again that's on you summit you're right I mean look at the war. War on its books that's that's that's that's what breaks up a lot of these new popular families in the inner city. Because. It it turns into a cycle. Look but did you. You have you have something that essentially that that and I didn't read the full thing and it's this is real I I don't know why everybody's losing their mind. But there's talk about. Why don't we just execute drug dealers. Okay well are we gonna lead to the high. Higher ups of of the big pharma industries that are flooding the market with a rope it's so we're talk and ambled out there if you like and doesn't like I. And what a diet itself and I sex because in all a dime sex I ever bought in my life never came from the inner city. Bill came from the posh suburbs in Johnson County. So the thing on Evans referring to is that on Monday president trump. Is set to roll out his plan to deal with the OP like crisis and that includes. Tougher punishments. And the president has said it may be time to start thinking about the death penalty for drug traffickers think about the death penalty for the traffickers that provide the appeal Lloyds. You have people who are dying from. But you know what criminals are gonna get guns right. So on junk he's gonna get drugs. And nobody seems to be complaining they're talking about tougher gun laws. About dubbed the drug pushers that are good that are manufactured or drugs or are guns to complain about the manufacturing of drugs it's the same people that argue. You know these immigrants they just keep taking our jobs but don't complain about the guy that I don't. Yeah we don't and on that people that are getting jobs not doing so light just term it. For one. I'm for an aggregate of your own through all this overhaul like the EPA you know like things that are important like the environment. And you know we're on to overhaul the banking industries that would be banks can maybe screw us again they feel like it. We need to have a complete overhaul of our judicial system between his blocking. You start asking where's I think you find a guy that's that deal in drugs and lock him up you back tax them. You pay taxes on. You got a guy that's that's in the disease that she's put me easement might go spend a little time in jail for having an ounce to. Trying to deal anything. That's around smoke right there so. And it we're talking about real hard core narcotics and talk about Canada's which is just an easy one depend on people to put amended and ended into the system we're talking about like hard core. Drug addict people have a Dixon's they can't kick. You incarceration is not gonna work for them. Well that's not. And nor is that what they need. Help that's you that's that's not on because those people. I say that's a little loosely but those people aren't a danger to society like someone who was in murder it is and so. They're drug habits affects them more than it does anybody else unless they were gonna commit other crimes because. Don't you think we decriminalize drugs right. And let's say years sit non year you're sitting on the front steps haven't joined and that patrol walks by may be too old. And they just stops and I just like you're sitting on your front porch haven't a bare chicken and how to go on housing neighborhood things are great. Then all of a sudden you're going down the street you're here you can see you see a breaking and entering happening. What your focus should be on the BA dot I just hang out and just hanging out and how how would how is that person minding their own business. Doing their own thing any different than having people over for barbecue. In the birds which. OK so text we just got in and this kind of thing frustrates me 2952. I disagree with the text you read in one way along and Aaron a few minutes ago I don't believe it takes all of us to solve the problem because quite frankly not everyone. Has something to be helpful to offer. It takes to keep people in key positions to solve the problem in incremental steps and many people in many voices. To be involved on. You're right it it requires leadership. For sure and that leadership comes from. Elected leaders kind of and it can come from the superintendent an income from church leaders but it also. Can come from everybody in little bits I mean they need to set the direction they need to do the cult action like doctor Nadal dead and said. We need mentors we need people to commend our schools we we need it it is partially funding but it is partially getting good examples and those schools and and so. Now it's it is it is. A little bit about so. IQ cast this hour is to share it CE a RZE. Eight our text the word in the 7881. If weak and alike and it just a little. I hope not you dad life I've sure you in awhile I've NC news and had a new baby I note that on so a lot of my friends are having a baby lately yes I'm kind of curious to now. And imitate things are on a haven't a newborn. Is. Just absolutely horrible pulled that thigh are right. Yes and we get to that next it is painful to hear and came easy but it is a variety Jason Evans have not rocked on the hall afternoons done it done your on here at like three year does that yeah you have fun doing double duty with the new baby how double duty in the and I bought tickets from my wife and one of her girlfriend goes to show denied the crafted late night theater which is and sentiment seabees. A setup for those guys announced. But I wanted them to go have a fund its opening weekend for them for this performance I want to go have some fun as an and I knew I am I. Ali I know she's listening so scene and she knows it too I did she knows tomorrow saint patty's day she doesn't like that but for me is an accident. So I'm Michael on that Blake got a broadcast from Westport from one day at four. I got to watch my booze intake because like I think I've only had like. So on Sunday I built a third garden for us so good were we we have we have one garden and I did the end of last season I built the second one and got the third went on. I'd you know dug up the the soil and in that of the dirt really got to go and built and Sarandon and my hands and I was just I was like I want chicken and waffles I was like craven it's only to McCoy is a must Wear had a couple Beers. Came home got a couple more. And I am at at like four Beers over the span of like two hours I was like hey I'll have a added and I grabbed the I grabbed pickles and that we fell asleep at like 730 and woke up at like ten impediment of the well. Gone through those kids get a yeah. So what you know now that you didn't now it's five weeks ago. We're doing my own house like different now what I mentioned before the break like having a newborn is horrible okay like. They're it's. Yes. Absolutely. Like eight UP everywhere and they puke everywhere in the crap everywhere and like. There's moments of like 3 in the morning. Yeah. Because he's the dollar. Takes enterprise since it. And it neglect but and and like it's working in the like I'm always petrified that I come at a minute. He's gonna destroy and somehow I. Reagan yeah. So I'm. But obviously but my friends have babies now and so I'm experiencing some of those for the first time and they laugh at me how gingerly I would handle them right like he's not break I am sure. But he's adorable and I love it and they wouldn't change anything hall and give us. Because because that's a picture being sent easy it had been practicing pictures in Holland says this is why I love this guy. As I mentioned is names credence is Newman is wolf. My my my wife's. From the descendant of family walls so like you know and the blessings will. And I love how wolf. So this little guy. You won't yes. Thought I was intimates are thought as. The well grounds below ground to them. Q is it Indies is adorable in he's he's finally he's got his eyes opened up easily he's really into like looking at the lights are kitchens pretty bright who likes being down there and looking and everything. And I got this as being an alum will fight I ordered up this 1970 black and white wolf in concert and he's he's pretty old by then it's almost like the end of his life. And he was getting fussy and I put it on and it just that he's into it you like school though. We it's great and in terms like what I you know. We might Alex my wife and I we've got we've got a pretty good system down where. Yummy she's she's breastfeeding and we also in the bottle to users is kind of what they called pump pump and dump because you know she's not gonna feed the entire time because sometimes due to a B don't. But like you know I'll get to sleep sit around ten to wake up about midnight thirty off feed him. Bertram into better ones we've got a 3330. So eventually we'll get to a point where hopefully it's like it before hours and five hours to get a body mind that had a kid my buddy Bradley did two weeks before us. And he's is a good start happily it's a little more sleep in and time so. That's that's the point and it and I am a night out an end and I'm having a hard time that not because of being up late promises that I can't get my rhythm like a fall asleep and and it's like. You know. So you kind of get a little. And see that. And that that appointments when that happens usually about like 45 or 6 in the morning and that's when Alex was like OK given to me it get. Get a nap and then I'll sleep for like an hour and a half two hours ago so better but. That was sleeping then yes that's obvious but as time goes on I know we'll get to a point where Reynolds we more. You know in the in the overnight by another buddy of mine Quinn. They had a baby few months before us. I him and his girl and and he says you know like now. His daughter sleeps through the night that you examined for it's like ready to go you know is I got flipped on the news and it's not quite there yet I'm like yeah I announced though. So yeah I mean it's just. Perspective different on you came and you kind of don't care to began when you just kind of are here on yeah but but now I'm minds like mutton and its priorities like Mike Mike EMI it might give up my given f.s are like gone completely I'd just like IE. I know I and I and I know what it means to be a good person I understand that I'm pretty privileged in this life understand and I've gotten you know as I had in certain areas because of of the beam. Pretty lucky. And but I also like you know I you know respect everybody but take a gruff you know and and yeah I just I hate. I I don't know like my perspective on the world has changed. There's moments when I'm hold them them like what is behind my eyes just a couple of assists and she's like I might cry on the panel and I have. So but just in clarity had to step daughter going into this you know and and and the bug is down nine and a half an interim issues through and have them. And so like I've I've gotten a little bit apparent under my belt if you will. But never done it with having a baby to three and half so that all kind of renewed you know the new thing in. And I end. And I and I do you have idea I'd say I told a friend of mine and and his wife was pregnant the two years ago. It's he's like paddy paddy of anything we can be good parents and we're such a holes and I'm like I think I think I think the secret is averages and it was a little more. Yeah hole in Napa and Allen and SEC but I think I think the secret is and and so far so good you love harder than angst. That is culinary greats. You military right there you're not you're not gonna get along a 100% rest just like just like in a relationship you you know you view and we knew we all do you know now I hear you're never gonna get along a 100%. You're gonna have moments when you're right. But you can't gloat and you're gonna have moments when you're wrong. Got it. And I think that's just did so like like with my my stepdaughter like there's times when I'm I'm wrong I was wrong and I'm like hey bug I'm sorry I was wrong. You know it's my bad I'm being grumpy today and it's okay you go out in the you know and in my with a baby pandas like. Did you hear anything at me a car. And on the next is like yelling and you put a pacifiers mountain. I am now so can a person onboard your personal life about FaceBook. A man I would love to talk about because I I want people's input on what they would do in the so Julianne. Because I think it's getting it's is really frustrating and really relatable. Baby plus face button lines. Relatives that he has Aron and suddenly his estranged family members that think it's cool to hijack when he the email. That crazy woman and let her know her talk about it right now get on eighth or ride today happy Saint Patrick's Day weekend. I talk a little bit more about what's going on this weekend and also what Kansas city police lead to a little bit different Jason I got my eye drop kick. Murphy shared on Travis so yeah maybe in the bumper music I can send you a couple from the I'm going golf in the morning than Mel and I talked about maybe going to Westport I will be broadcasting live from one to four in front of snowing coat you should come by and say hi we're in wares at the right Westport okay brown must work out stone companies don't go and just look for us and a couple. It a mistake not mystic. Country music fan no secret there Lambert is playing on center turn whole bowl booking yeah hole again. And I have never saw her and she's like she's telling big names in country that I've never seen in concert and a great concert and she well a lot of it hits it in. Is is your tour really traveling like hippies. Because that's what this guy you've heard the signs. On the on the roadside roadside sign you know what is called the advertising on the highway from Baghdad on. Billboard distancing not. Said it's it it's up like traveling like hippies and I'm like there is. No way in the world this young girl. It is a champion all. I don't doubt she's dabbling Pachulia. It doesn't look around barefoot so John is opening for her and he's a big name also I was like house dinner Saturday night. You know we have connections and yeah I got tickets to that. Then I realized it was a Packers. All man yeah because I'm right at that point where I think Saint Patrick's Day. Could beef. Sure how much I wanna deal with the drug crazies that are going to be out in power and light Tamar. Don't go so but I've got the tickets I really wanna see here and it'll be an amazing show except that it's that sprints on Saturday night that is also saint Patrick. I went and I'm Alexander just adapt. The same age. Kind of like don't have I don't know what my tolerance levels. The people to get super drug before noon they're usually gone by one right have little down time and then you have a kick back up begins a late afternoon happens by the time the sun goes down. I mean so a few years ago I did it were the second Jackson down all of the decision it's his birthday called suck and Jackson. And he had a he had a float in the parade so I met up with them like 830. I did the whole deal I stayed out until closing time in the bars overnight hours out from like 830 till like 3 in the morning right and Dallas I was trooper right. Pounding the entire time I also -- among some professionally and I got a massive breakfast this guy's stamina getting on a Bender a marathon house a compound that with that copious amounts of water in costume why not. But I will say by the time midnight rolled around. By the time when he and you'd you know you do start seeing human reptiles and you start seeing the lizard people come out and you're like yeah now this is where. This is where I icu so yeah got to kind of watch out for them especially you're talking a cut I mean I don't know I don't know what the country folks are like the saint patty's day right. You know Heidi. I cannot think of a time where I have gone out on saint pastor Tuesday night where people are celebrating saint Patrick's. Yeah yeah because they're like parades tomorrow there is age yet there are yet I guess there's another solid. The big one down Broadway and in midtown right starts over on I think 31 thing goes Westport road that goes all the way down Broadway. Is there other for a note I'm looking on the case I know they Saturday parade was last week I north and was the Brooks said parade and it. Last weekend as well Saturday also have a number excite while I'll laugh so let's so I think the only main parade is the one in midtown they don't do it in downtown anymore I think there was for awhile but that that's been that they sees that for awhile. But the big one is is obviously as jobs on Broadway. And it does eleven limit him yes it does so it it didn't do and it is it is quite amount of people and it there's a lot of naked out there can avoid entering today and to save my increase transfer if you if you survive the royals parade. I did this this is a fraction of that it really isn't that prey was massive but this is this is a fraction. I was here on your during riles parade where it's quite. Honestly yeah on that please guys went on. Well also everybody else on staff was down their and you needed somebody to still be on the air shares here yeah I'll be honest and and call me names if you want but I wasn't horribly disappointed to not go we 'cause we and we got to see everything and I'll be here I didn't get to go I didn't have to go be caught in the craziness that was crowds of people and no bathrooms and no way to get out of there after that all ended yeah. It was kinda cool to have a bigger view of everything from here. I did a broadcast from down there. In front of temptations. Exiles along the parade route disparity temptations. And then I got done and it was from my house where we were it was a it's an intentional walk yeah and when we want down the hill we're really in the west side. There wasn't many cars and we came back I mean it looked like as everyone knows that by Walking Dead cars or just abandoned in people's job everything. But think I got back to my car in the west side and normally takes roughly fifteen minutes of it think the leisure way to exit twenty minutes here right. Sometimes tentative depends and advocates to get out of downtown to get here I'd barely made it by 3 o'clock because and I took all my secret little back roads accessing it clearly Casey gave us all. This late night. I know that this invisible train track area over here and cut through and in it was just I mean my god it was so. It's not quite that Nancy when. Parking cars on I 35 now and that's not happening. Up early go back second about the baby and FaceBook sure it's not here and admittedly I'm not the biggest basketball fan in the universe. Travis didn't do a bracket which is why that would have been helpful today but Travis you have the assignment. Of as needed keeping me updated on whatever is happening with Terrence. Yes right now. Explain them for Providence is playing at Providence is up eighteen to fifteen and Kelsey Fullerton and who'd. You have to. This happens when you don't do that you're not invested so you don't remember who's how big of bulletin vs Purdue they will tip off in about tournament. Okay so well right now or my bracket is what it's got it and on I I know because he tweeted it app yesterday with a dead. I had Miami win and the whole thing. And they lost yesterday yes they did so again I am now it makes me feel get as that I think wicket is Donald's somewhere it's funny because I I political post. NBA basketball LeBron James dunking and then Mike says why would losses but it's that I am in it is and by bracket that. And buffalo vs Arizona was playing and Arizona is supposed to be a final four team. What he lost the buffalo and I says well I sent a message saying I really hope buffalo makes you bring out your lighter burner Brackett asked. And from the looks of it I think Mike. May have burned his bracket I think he needs that last night has already. Our. Instant I was going to and I this guy cactus for an outline done in. I think I did it as we were talking on a year that's how little attention paid. Wanted to do it just because I was like hey this will be fun like you know that got new babies on not really going out about as much in the and you and and oh great I was at a remote yesterday and and the bracket that sterling the runs and here is like thirty minutes to get it and I was like yes I can happen well there's always next year. Did you chance to make a lunch. I mean that's how fast you're about out of that we didn't get the chance of and a well public insurers right now because he posted on the of these days but then you actually had buffalo beating Arizona. Is that bad no that's odd they want yesterday. The theaters are. I. People Arizona mr. I know about house while I'm gonna put so much time and in my bracket I'm gonna beat and me who did it while talking at the same time. That's that's going to be the difference between art politics update whenever I need to know about past. So that I. That I once you start competing in the other elements and that's one thing I do yes it's good for the active. Our rights it's their chance at Newark to Q were cast coming up at noon but I'm. So is just kind of fun to catch up on the wide problems of the to review and coming up a little later we'll talk about. What people have with what does is going to be doing this year. That's a more serious. Talk about U of IOK so what happened with FaceBook and sent free to give us any yelling at us and say here's my here's Greg. Back servile attitude of form down the right mourn them when I was given of what so when I was born. My biological father of four days before and it turned seventeen my mother about as a mother a month later turned its. Praise Johnson Calais Brady's life you know blah blah blah blah found my biological roots announced when he seven I'm now forty. On the initial meeting of my father. Dean. He was reluctant to be like you're right kid it was like an eager barking up the wrong tree come to find out what I on that I was taking care of quote unquote you know. And so we. Had established a bit of a relationship for a minute and then it kind of fell by the wayside I was warned by my. Biological half Brothers that this would probably happen because he's kind of worthless right and then I house have half sister that. He's younger than all of us obviously so he so the got married this woman named Chris who is his is his his fourth wife. I don't know how many she's had she's got a bunch of kids from the bunch different baby daddies and she's she's the death she's evil mention the black widow of producer. She's she's c.'s super holy roller ended jehovah's witness. But you know she has she what does hypocritical Christians like you know like. Bad mouth people get super big fake boobs desert impair like all fake and all that but then liken as like we don't celebrate Christmas because we're jehovah's witness and on it. So like a few years back she kept popping up on my Linkedin is like eight contact I kept trying to like. Linkup with the right this decently this scathing email about how's she we don't like you you're just you're just assigned to my husband and blob blob is the dirt is the biological son my husband was like wow. You really are an evil person you know that's a horrible and and so it's a heated up dean ended up getting like a motorcycle wreck can got a little bit of brain damage so she just has him wrapped up but he's basically like to isolate himself completely from all of his human human. Because I guess that he's kind of worthless and she's incredibly pathetic. But I knew this is gonna happen I knew the minute that my kid was gonna show up there are gonna hijack a picture and put it up on their FaceBook page as like. We have a new grandson he's so beautiful. Okay so let's so you had her son had just on five weeks ago Al. You're an and it was on base but that was how it was on. So did you know fine. Him did you tell all is that mostly give window he had no right to put this picture about both but when the baby was born to ice. Like why that might have a relationship. And there's like. I'm I'm I have no thought right that my bio my biological father is worthless and in my adoptive dad died nine years go by that point zero RD strange meat and so. I'm in this world to me and my wife gives us that the every overtaken on the world. So I said there's no reason to reach out to hand to talk to practice though team you put the picture and my wife with the banner yet you know like give a profile pictures and you have like that banner picture whatever. She put the picture up of creed on her thing. So they got they sniffed her page. Took a picture. What they're found it quick yeah prompted him posted up on FaceBook celebrating like. Look at new grandson he's so beautiful credence well blah blah blah blah and hours ago. You don't have any rights at this picture it has been reported but like you to please take down. They block mean to remove my comment. So the night one of her didn't take the picture I know when her many sends a message and because we were still quote unquote friends on FaceBook. She obviously took control of his messages and replied. And then now they've been and had him like me so it's still there I report the FaceBook because it. I. Just think it's a little creepy when some people that you don't know and don't care about and don't have relationship with take a random baby picture and put it up on their own page. I go a step further and say. Being somebody that's not. The most public on FaceBook my animals public meaning I don't I use it only for work and and from passenger. I don't like anybody. Taking a picture of a child that they should not have and sharing and the idea call until about the vast. I don't care if their relatives are not to me that's you're you're taking a picture of somebody else's child and shared with people that wanna share. But we've but we live in a society where people think it's okay will you put it up some to put it right you mean like their four emails what. Do you and your mental your options I've gone back and forth with FaceBook about this and basically like they just haven't done and I don't think they're going to I don't I don't think FaceBook cares honestly it's its in its face that as a really matter. But to me it's kind of prince boards like look you're taking credit right for me and my wife and my child when you have nothing to do and on. Nothing. What can be done about that either communicating with the family with face like anybody I'm not the problem of a picture being ripped off I'd love to hear and I'm sure as much as people act on social media. We've had other cases of peoples is stealing that's basically what happened with stealing a picture of somebody else's page. A 22057677. If anybody else's bad in the same boat. Jason Evans and for Mike wicket in his 1146 and came easy. 1151. Day with Jamie what Friday and others you were cast for you coming up just a couple of minutes Jason. Is on the rock is here. We re tell if you like yours are quickly about what is happening and if you similar story or if you have answers and as a native organ mountains or isn't beyond. 5767798. Or text them to 1890s. The quick look at those this. Is that my biological father and my my eight monastic biological father and his horrible wife. Basically. As I should get a picture. Does it goes to their page. They they took a picture they took the picture the picture of my son literally took their opponents are idiots are obvious wasn't from my pages from my wife's face in the banner and basically touted like newest addition to our family. Same born on the same day as silence though and it's like man like an end you have no right to do that but they don't care. She doesn't care is because casinos horrible she's a horrible person and am I he's he will it was admired him for want to peek at your business there were moving to Florida. But mr. Gregory's that we can file bankruptcy and not have to pay child support to a starter Eric at a rest. What person is actually a horrible person and my hope is that somebody that knows symbol relays today and that I am. Talking about this on there on because I've been trying to figure out what's the best way for me to go about it I've contacted FaceBook to no avail. Sort of blasting them I I thought about putting them up on blast myself like. Why don't we go you know when you go rate their business when you go on to their page and comment on it like at they're just. To meet. Like I get it people like low you put out there it should be fun to share I didn't put out there elected and second of all. It's not like they're taking the picture liking it and sharing it they took a photo of the computer screen and then and clapped yeah. To claim it as their own to quite and it's not being proud that he did it one of the email response they got from her delusional son. Was about that I understand you you've been disrespectful to them for a long time haven't and I am now. Well that's a crazy pocket tax. You know I used to just be you should just be happy and how proud he is a view and of his newest grandson. It's not the if he'd ever call member of the committed suicide he ever call he found out that Alex is pregnant neighbor called the baby was born in ever reached anything it's all about what the picture up that tout their chests about how great they are as grandparents when they're horrible horrible people. It's news stories and by some 677981. Up is Ashley and KCK Ashley of a similar story. I do my stepdaughter is basically junkies he catchy children Ivan three. Mother who operate as well they're one that bother thankfully rate that the younger ones. And we're allowed to be in the children Y issued signed network all of McConnell like I had to block her off but I expect to. Because she would steal my pictures and say I was so glad I got to see my kids today we are seeing him and I don't know how long she called her on on in our day finally three weeks after that our tech. So you block where and FaceBook fan. I did it in her father had actually made the decision to get a court with the father and stepmother of our granddaughter. And and and her father is actually going to testify against her so that mother can adopt the baby girl because she is such a good mother. And they keep and that it lives. So that we can and still see them in a relationship and they cannot relationship between brother and sister. That we aren't allowed to tell her anything she had court order cap organization with the court supervising. Import visitation with. But I think and that that virtue in years ago machine candidate in the. We'll hopefully the kids end up in the right hands where they belong. They are and that grandson will end up and our hands whenever my mother in law is unable to take care of them and you won't see him until she straightened their butt up. Well things like for the story Ashley it's always good dime to hear more stories and good to talk to you Shari is next up in Kansas City. Jerry have some advice. Yeah. Yeah and yoga to block him an acknowledgment and other out that coming. Right and it is witnessing is the biggest is that is that now my wise it has been blocked by the and so I can't. Goes through there to be like I'll take this down. And and and my wife settings already because she she tries to keep it down in local or again this is all personal from the phase organized but. But but but they they took a dated like they got into or photos if it's the it's a bit EU when you go to that super privacy setting you stuck your profile pictures of your benefits they took a picture. Of the bear. The screen as they could down right. Well that's. So is there anything else you can do now. So I would give don't put any pictures that you want element of an economic crisis and they're determined billiards. And both the bat at the same thing happened to me. In regard it might it hurt them them an either or how it. She didn't think that might put on her page. So I'm telling you. And I couldn't do anything about it reported that book they'd book it like you know. You can locker. Player. I've been I've had multiple exchanges with somebody on as I was in the concert to no avail and intent and no avail like egg but they won't take it down I even try to go into someone said liked. Like in May be on NYNEX for but it might fall under art forgery I I even tried to do that because because the fact that my wife does photography. And the fact that he has you know for a business of a boutique and I've worked in radio this copyright law far right and then still no avail so I'm. In his face look at the publicly traded company it only cares about you know it's making money and profit it doesn't care about the little guy in Kansas City that's frustrated about the fact that some who worthless people that Florida or put a picture and I. Yeah. Jack on railroad click here for we gonna news I Jackson independents Jack what's your story reflectors to present. Or short so yeah. My partner higher brain dental work at mile two app off. As you can imagine what it reminded you're going to grew up horrible or that he would. Calling me to complain about eleven dollars and 98. So what are we got two people. Are Smart. A Pebble Beach. And I suggest you. Yeah her that they slot for the advised that we really appreciate it have a good weekend.