Midday with J&W: How do you deal with the DMV?

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Wednesday, July 18th

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Amador spent a lot seek change or anything under under our belt I think. I mean that's what other sport so you come and you have money. You're buying your mail and he was kinda eat only good night for a partner. What part he was trying to get away with anything you know I would change. I like to think that he went one on me and doing a good thing and I think C the server as well. And with a phone call Sheila. Let stock Greg on KM BZ Greg. And on our. I'd I'd totally naked guy is way. I've been in a restaurant that my whole life. That many quarters is like almost two out. Don't think about it a bit much. And you get all week quarter and start count them all your cable start up for and I mean it has why not take the quarter. Or. I want to change jar and it wants it bought a ticket to the bank and gadget. But I mean it's I honestly. The root it it just not right. Do you put thirty dollar per quarter in your pocket and walk around. You know she'd never waited tables are accurate probably an important as. For next mile well I just don't get it. Greg thanks a phone call 5767798. Text into 2980 Brad you're on can't be easy was anything wrong here Brad. Our public of any wrong coming out hustle the strong most alive in. I got notices the big you know today most lenders are scrambling for turning their contractors are injuries and why they got an odd couple quarters occurred just. You know the manager like you ask your server that big deal. Brett thanks man appreciate the call let's go to payout on KM BZ am to be wrong with paying for. 35 dollars a played 45 dollar billing quarter. Heck now I can remember work in the restaurant I eat. It began the day I was had to send somebody up for change that is somebody handed me a candidate that have been grateful. And to that gentleman before me. Who didn't think it's a renewed. I that I wouldn't like it that I was in the restaurant business presented to me that somebody was shot back. Would need to me like that FaceBook and a turnaround went back again next bill pennies. Am thanks. So people been saying that today go back next time and rarely get a buy pay in pennies. Would you they probably pennies Jamie and. What I have a problem as a violent restaurant and it's so six count out big deal. How law doesn't happen that somebody puts a lot of change and encounter can not count change quickly. And really if if that's your complaint that it takes us a while to count it. That and I can. Go to Jim on KM BZ agent. Oh. Let's go let's stop what he's a sports talk about but all of that box stores. And it Latin walk it and you start out minor 1000 dollar ball. The paper so much merit further bit of salt you know what they're vs them mind thousand dollars catcher sorted out. Cash is king. Jim thanks man let's go to Kevin and KM BZA Kevin. It's that they get. Aren't shame that Ali's coat like crap outlook on there yet because. There are still getting paid they're still game the currencies that argues. Don't go to the war part of bank or whatever and able quarters I mean they got this thing on YouTube. It looked at it by. These people go in Cuba. I guess the court house and they got to pay particular stock that they just they would not the change. People get met again it's still their jobs that in his day because that person to wouldn't trade. They're kept. It good that they response to it of course and the court. The count that money. Whether they change hundred dollar bills and I mean it's just a cart chain that people are to be no like well cash. We got argue about. Ever served Kevin at a restaurant. Yeah actually. My. Young life guessed it I'm kind of all out. And that. That's when I grew up with my personal waiter jobless Pete you know and and I had not been by dollar one dollar bills and change. And I went to. More plate club machine or I went to the bank and and and it when I had Indian army. But I never cried about what I got from. A customer because I did my part. Disturb them like. A gracious that was and they did that participate in whatever they thought that my service. Or army. I do thank Kevin thanks man Kathy you're on KM BZ. About the number. I'm pretty wrecked it totally. World war party here it's 80. The court. Well I beat. And kept. Kathy appreciate the vocal Mike you're on KM BZK Mike. Today I think everybody get their pennies and auto Lernout and here I'd ask the kid how much you gave me figure eat at the time air that they get money drop in the current thank you first does. And move on that everybody's heard about time dress the kids each edit this money either but geez get. Might think over the phone call 5767798. Fran you're on KM BZ what do you think friend. Well it's no big deal now under way out and it's a good thing is there a quarter is in dollars. Not already. I'll buy it but that is her first term that flight. Anybody was worried about the weight and I miss the people were never called the I didn't think it is terribly worried about the way they they were scattered on a table like out of it drew a jar it was the mass in the effort of Kelly yet. That upset these people distressed. You know if you don't believe any part of this kid's story is that what you're saying it was a joke nobody carries around 35 dollars in quarters went down. Even if he has a server in a restaurant there's no way he had an island quarters he was trying to mess with the restaurant and he got what was coming to. He it was ala joke and and he was just pulled a fast one. Still OK for the restaurant to make fun of them on FaceBook I agree with that still not a good business plan for that to mock them on FaceBook look here. Servers as well 5767798. Anybody ever has certainly does happen I understand your fears were circulated Jimmy John's or subway and six boxer would ever quarters but what 35. 57677. Any lead to more of phone calls more your text it's as well next here at 91 KM BZ I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised how many people are saying just take the quarters and move on and not saying that it was rude and complaining about it. Some attacks on her sang in Ireland and complaining about it Banca. And a few you just don't like that he'd tip was the manager and knew that he was doing. But to bad you know he's still paid his bill he tips. To one you know over 20%. Be happy about tax but what do you think about paying for something all in signal and points 35 bucks and points. So red that the phones and hear from you also Timbaland KM BZ Tim go ahead. The afternoon. And yeah do you agree that it doesn't take on. To counter out that money in the I was this year bird I think you're really it would give it kept. And it to me it just wouldn't matter has its peoples in you know in my opinion I should run yeah applied I didn't like about my changing put it in the bag. It can go into it changed our. It's gonna take money for charging you yet sold. You know what you're doing you can pay for it in hand and have been counted out and I think it's a great dignity. And what they did did. The putter on line but none that. Social media like the restaurant. I Tim thanks man appreciate it. Debit or 981 KM BZ what's up DeVon. I. Know Ed aren't eating apple back at 88 or gas station and I will never forget that app one woman comment by money order and Kate are 200 to eat a lot dollar money order. And I'm not the change in the open court it was just several denominations have changed on me about. That's picky about being eight hours Celtic in the middle of having to count a look at it not been. Out here. I was the only there. Are greater. That sounds awful. But I'm not gonna Lahaina. They're willing accurate picture. I actually find they are all of the change because. Hardly any unit that broke out at about one thing you. Can that it shut and the base but that the girl is gone back. And it Arctic it's all a quarter you. Get better and you treaty in there. Now you know. I it. A corner in a position I. And I got a tip like I probably went right much about it but I'll say a week it means actually many. Regardless whether or not they. That nickname which stated obviously. Darren and what she. No I totally agree and that over the phone call data we appreciate it. Yet tipped to say we didn't plan on shaming it yet again the baltics and why he didn't name McCain is. Because it noble lives but you publicly shamed customer. And and now we on the he has lead go to over Johnny on Camby see what's up Johnny. Hey man how are you guys aren't they great year. To year that you. Yes so on personal congratulations on your battery life thank you on the way and everything cool I'm so yeah. And on the monitor driver and that anybody and it hit me with Brian Nichols and happy not that are particularly on the back that money. That's gonna have a great day there. Thanks so much. I wants it one more here with gonna wanna comment on what Johnny had to say but what I get Andra was Penang and I appreciate you hanging hander go ahead you're on KM BZ. Ought drawn comment dealt very. You know money money no matter the paper of record. You know you're out front arms that might pay a little bit more and Canada out. But delete the guy made Iggy and the tip. Really surely spend all afternoon talk about it. There's other stuff going our. Big guy a guy at it or to play. That started it over. It thanks man appreciate it. Go back to it Johnny had to say thank you know he's driver he gets tipped you know feet and every Nickels dimes or quarters or whatever. As much as I wanna say this is cash and its currency and it doesn't really matter. I hate getting change. Coins I hate it because I'm one of those people that. I should just immediately take it and throw it in between my seat in the car or whatever. I've never going to be I it falls out of my pocket it falls underneath that that deceit and never gonna see it again. I hate getting change. Put it into a jar on it but but but collected and when the jars fault ticket to your bank. Where are evolving students but a lot of banks have Rachel change count repair. And it's very satisfying to dump your team into the change counter in and you tickers happen and they didn't give you cash that like like bells. It's not that's not. Did you jar I had like sewage are we actually have very satisfying to fill that are. We actually have ace ace sparkle Lee. Historically it we have a piggy bank and if the coins can get from the army's drive through window to my hand to my pocket and somehow not fall underneath my seat of my car. Then I will take them in usually an empty out when I come home empty my pockets out or whatever. I just changes so knowing and it's so difficult it is it's just so hard to tap that extra changing it's not good avenue let's address. With the pagan a car. Now the op. Ideas and one in every this to say you Prague may let's say you go to a pass replacement who want to twice a week every Sunday. Go to your car the pig being with you get that answer and that's happened up. I don't I up up up when it's dead and we don't use cash like we used to them when I was a kid we used to take in my not and never take all their change all year. Put it in a milk jugs and then we the most fun counting to see what was in their and we took entire vacations on Nat. We that was how it paid for vacations and I was a kid did you account all that out to be hundreds of dollars in their whole year. We do that anymore you back and change but on now I don't need it for laundry that was always I was in my quarters was for laundry and other have a washer dryer in the house I don't I don't. Don't use as much cash. Right and I'm the person that I even tell you what my tennis from ATM card really now wow I have a couple of gases but I if it would take a couple of gases. Probably. Now. Cash on me for the first time in awhile I am 1234. Six bucks on me. I ate up at a garage sale in demand a and made sizzled temperature and stuff and probably. 300 bucks worth out of that I'm still that's what I saw half of all the cash that'll last me months. I don't even know why I have this six it's these six singles Travis haven't cashed in on your you got me beat by dollar you've iPods idea. How much cash as it out like on your person right now I've probably got 200 are priced at but it's from that 300 in May that I still just in keeping with. But I don't spend. Trying to think why in the world I have six bucks on me like I didn't sell anything else from ever go to the AT over the bank lottery tickets. I've doodle that's what I have cat out like this the only reason I legitimately have cash on me at all times. Or ever at all times as it's ever. Is to buy and a lot of tech is most of the places will take carts seek in basically you have cash million lottery ticket to go make a lot of change. All right. Alan August 20 that aren't exactly how volatile. As I'm pretty sure and you in the lobby that the capital right to turn it and didn't the FDI hope they we give you like half that in chains because it was that is like a wheelbarrow full of Nickels is yet here's your 240 million dollars mostly in Nichols had a great half hour. Two text in the keyword cash to seven to anyone the word this hour it's half CAB cap. Texted it to seven to anyone for your chance at a thousand bucks. And now we open up the Florida used to be able to complain about our good friends at the DMZ. Let's hear it who's got the worst story of what you have been through. On the Kansas side at the DMV lately. We had stories and came easy this morning big story in our media was covering it builds lines between a late and mission. They're just seems to be on it to be a newer problem in the last few weeks although some people said that it was gone back to a couple of months. And the DMV is well aware of it. And they're working on it what we have learned is that from them is that part of the backup is due to real ID. So if you haven't gotten your new real ID ID yet it requires additional documentation to get those enhanced security features. It takes longer to process so it's it's consuming more time with the clerks at the DB's office. It's also summer and and so it's when people are on vacation and have a little more time and so they're just have more people in their getting their driver's licenses. Handled. And give kids are getting a driver's licenses for the first time that's happened a lot during the summer so that's how they explain it. They're working on it I'm looking at extending some hours and and doing and it are done some of that on. And they've part of the problem is that they used to have a system online where you could be get text alerts about your place in line. That changed and went away and so now that system is different and that's part of the problem to him. 57677. Edit the phone numbers always jumping and canosa text to two nannies hero. The DMV has always been a problem and and I don't understand why it's always been a problem. It's never. Staffed well enough there's never enough people and it. There's never enough windows open there's always lines now a lot of that is on people getting there are not having the right paperwork that all I had it is. Because the DMZ is something it is one of the few things at life that is universal you know most people are seen most adults are and so. Regardless of your standing in life. Everybody has to deal with it. And it it's different kinds of paperwork and different kinds of requirements for this thing or that thing and that everybody brings the right thing with Batman and fees and that kind of thing so some of that is just customer. Customer problems honest I've lived here long enough that I've been on a mission several times and I don't ever remember having a problem in ocean. On May be at now it's been a few years and it deal with the lately but I think licenses next year. But I do you know you can decide he attacks were incredibly accurate about how long wait lie wasn't so you can leave and come back. But hearing of people waiting in line for three or four hours or showed on their lunch break and being told they're not taking anybody else for the rest of the day because that's how backed up there are. People that are being told to show up it's you know 6:37 o'clock in the morning in order to reserve their place in my humble people can't a lot of people have to be at work. And can't spend half of a day waiting for the DMV. For the life of me I don't understand. Is I do money I don't understand why given the glut right now. And and the demand right now and back ups and the people have gone back three and four times and had to wait if you had to wait that's great. You a lot of people are jealous. That's Sunday hours for a month or extend your hours until 9 o'clock at night you know one night a week until. Until you get this figured out till close on Monday snapped don't close on Monday as. Don't close on Mondays and sale until five for six win most normal people. Are off work and can get a chance to go I don't get it into the story if it's up on came BZ dot com. The DMV is usually closed Mondays then why. My sin is. They're not busy and not generally to need to be open on Mondays until lately. And two would any other business would do and adjust to meet demand. And I guess your people have no choice you know you can't if you're on the Kansas I can't just go handle on the Missouri side. So your stuck with it and so if you can back three or four times you know I'm going to complain about we are always. And have always been at the mercy of the DMV I just I it is incredibly frustrating. And the key lying thing if you don't know you can. Get on lining go to the website and then you can put yourself in line. So you don't have to stand for four hours like you're there at the problem is a lot of these Kansas once you never get a text message to say. You are fifteen minutes away or ten minutes away the Missouri side. Is actually do that which I think is really great irons this used to. They don't you more than I got the new system in February of last year and that went away and that took a lot of people. It is the worst no one. Ever beats the DMV. Well we all have to go to the 5767798. Assert what Mike on KM BZ in my. They one actually done debate much in. January. I'll bet you hey I guess what they Mark Stuart heard on the news you guys. Probably what I was irate because Social Security or edit so very cart but what it. So I'd like a curiosity sat there for hours at a news source there are. Everything that they required. All checked off. It would need to persecute him out there they said we can disperse it because it's a little it has to be from the eight. Okay. And you know it always happens Mike if that I'm always the guy that's right behind you. And I and I hate that you have the wrong or not laminated. Piece of I'd out the worst. Yeah if it was that there are always built. Killed 41 he may even get real. Good luck to you Mike thanks for the full comment appreciate it. Let's go to any on KM BZ Miami. And I am let me show things would it connect to baby you. Has not this is not a recent problem I was at the Indy around that time last year. And I wouldn't be in the port nearly five hours. You try to. Portly what else could you be doing or five hours. Am I duplicate trying to renew my driver license. I think we had gone in the previous day and checked my paperwork it make an okay so okay but the worst part was right and our work. The computers and went down. Of course. My number oh wood on the board of that is the words. Yeah it is absolutely the worst in from democratically and a leader it. The reason why they're having trouble is it because it is very populated county. And although I'm kind of the heat index and not from the county that's why he. This week rhetoric he had the night that texting. But the DMV is ran by eight. Yunel I don't I'm going to be voting in Kansas for the first time this come this November and I would like whether it's. Collier called black or whoever. Make the DMV a priority. Pray you'll get my vote if you promised to fix the DMV. Four people. Like any and everybody else who is at the mercy of waiting in line and in the computers go down as your foot is. Stepping up that is awful thanks Annie we appreciate the call Rhonda Euro 981 KM BZ. I don't I learned a lot nobody. I went and why. I had and then get out. Our lips. Yeah yeah. I'd had previously got and the hard. I was. At apple our god that guy. And that we can't they're back but I was born at that they. At. That Mike broke this copy yet you're a kid again. And the bottom and that I am currently. At and at Alec yeah you'd. And you went back and Annie get your lies without that federal. You know federal true. And says and then when I cam bat to get that he's gonna charge against their yet. Ten dollars or your picture yeah. And. If you get to wait in line again. And that I don't no ads and fortunately. That brought him and there are. And I had been out here. Atlanta over and added I'm sure you. Get that topic at Hillary get abducted my my cursor typical. Goodness all in all it took fourteen weeks to get effect and Rhonda thank you so much for the phone call we'll be two more calls coming up 5767798. Can text into too many zero Tommy you've heard this before. I would has to be talking about anti got married I went to the DMV to update my license two and a half hours. There weren't enough chairs for everyone people are sitting on the floor either way it was so long hole where I could happen. Now that. It didn't realize you could get your license treated Casey I its article. Is it just a Kansas thing is in Texas you came in renew your license online and I are you are yet to do is keep the same pitcher. In in Missouri. You can read New York taxed to your car on why believe in Kansas you also can renew your tax on line this is the licensed isn't a license thing because of the far moved to Kansas for the longest I have the same idea pitcher since I was eighteen. It I like possibly even after you know might when he you you know 3334. And I know people saying. You're right it's a state office so you don't have to go to any particular rock you have to go to a late now or mission you can go to Lawrence or speaker went out. Time for that. Yes and it just Hitler its tie to drive the 45 minutes to Lawrence and back as somebody said earlier several people said Weiner to just go to Manhattan. Just all Manhattan just not me today easy on Saturday. Quick. Note before we take time out we'll get to Gary coming up Sondra Jim as well American University this little bit of breaking news been going on for a little while now American university in Washington. DC is on lockdown after several reports of an armed intruder near a college authorities received a call. But an hour ago but a person was armed with a gun escorting two washed in DC police. Metro police and American diversity you're conducting a building by building search American University is weeded out. Lockdown continues investigation ongoing continue to shelter in place. So okay so here's what happens now when when the when things like this happens is what we do you search hash tag American university and gas forty minutes ago somebody tweeted out. I'm on lockdown because we are next to American university and there's an armed intruder yeah I'm scared I think about how children may feel when I'm locked down in schools. Adjusts to weed out from the university seventeen seconds ago lockdown continues investigation of building search is ongoing by a UPD MPD in Secret Service. If outside leave campus if inside shelter in place that's going on in DC right now. Keeping god give you more updates when we have on the level for coming up I'm sure at 2 o'clock during the news. We'll get back to our conversation with those of you on hold about your DMV horror stories keep coming in 5767798.