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Wednesday, April 25th

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It's a nasty Wednesday out there Travis is venting all and seeing. Be ready I'm I'm I'm in this morning in the first tweet I notice yeah like on my way in is something from you saying. It's about people be in a bad mood on race winner and I want it like it is going on all right. Already people are upset. It was like 8 AM my turn ninety's he submitted some people just complaining about stupid stuff about about about us and disliked. I think what happens I think it's the letter I think it's what it is you know. Last night I was at the ball game is that the other royals game watch the brewers it was beautiful and in the third inning. It got cold it got windy weather happen now it's gross outside. I think the weather returning is turning people's votes. Well it's going to turn for today rice or Freddie just. Sit tight right. Don't let it ruin your whole week supposed to be gorgeous this weekend which is amazing. Or corporate story comes to us this happened yesterday morning in downtown Kansas City and it got us thinking about a number of different things that you you haven't heard the story by now. There was a 23 year old construction worker who was shot and killed. In downtown Kansas City yesterday is name was Jonathan Porter. Yeah and we'll just fox four's got this at the delivery job just including what we were wondering on the murder of a construction worker on the job in Kansas City. Now as others scared to go to work. He was a subcontractor is name is Jonathan Porter 23 years old. Ice usually been working for in frost source for a few days. And he was working on a project for speier energy. He was shot and killed Tuesday by a man who witnesses say had asked first cigarette. On he apparently. Had a new baby what does girlfriend or one on the way new job to support his young family. And somebody. Asks and first cigarette witnesses said Porter was working with the crew at ninth in Brooklyn and when a man with a dark complexion wearing a blue hoodie in gray sweatpants. Walked up to the crew and asked for a cigarette. According to witnesses. The Foreman said he didn't have any and asked the man to move out of the construction area. That's when witnesses say the suspects started to walk off then turned and yelled you all don't have to lie to me and fired seven or eight shots toward the crew. That's one Porter was shot in the chest by the way police are still looking for the sky and their pictures out you can look at. Our website or face the page you can see the pictures. But apparently again Jonathan Porter had you now knew failing to take care of him just got this job a few days ago. He worked for in for source which was contract advice fire to work on a gas line replacement project that's going on throughout the city. It. As you read through this and you're wondering you know what duke crews that worked downtown have for protection. And and this is just awful. They're supposed to have protection while working but it's at its sheriff's deputy. But it's one sheriff's deputy who according to fox four and one of the co workers who is quoted in the story. That sheriff's deputy monitors six or seven sites at a time. Driving between them. There is no way this one sheriff's deputy could have prevented this and less the timing was perfect. Unless he drove up at at the time. And this guy who pulled the trigger sought walked away third there's just no way to have prevented something like this so. Got us talking about it quite a bit on it is startling. To think initially that. On. Most us cannot get inside that head of the person that would ask Maurice assuming the witness the story's true. They you know guy walking by asks for cigarettes says they don't have any. Says we need to move off the site which makes sense that they need him to got the construction site. And turns around and fires seven or eight shots. And that kills 823 year old guy who was just they're doing a job. That we Alaska as we talk about. On stories where we get stories from people who. Delivery drivers or those of you that disconnect utilities for letting. And have to deal with people not on their best days. On it just us talking a lot about now that were in the construction season. And you have a lot of people working outside mom and an areas where people can just walked by and not I'm thinking. And doesn't have to be an intentional shooting you can just have robberies you could have car's broken into you could have. Somebody just caught in the cross fire up people into cars that are shooting each other because we have. Construction all over the place not just in the good neighborhoods so it things can happen anywhere. I'm just wondering does a view that either working construction or or. In May be more vulnerable environments may be is the right word on where you could be more. More of a target in a situation like those are more vulnerable to a situation like this what's going through your head and 12 we do enough to protect people who work. In environments like that's. I'd like to know to Jamie I mean to have as anybody else had something violent like this happened and obviously eat you hope that it has entered into gunfire. But you're working nine. Or whatever you know construction crews are there terror and up the ground they're replacing potholes the fixing sidewalks. If you're construction workers at or your someone who has worked on a crew like us. Has this ever happened do you feel safe out there 5767798. Is if you don't feel safe out there my next question is. What do you wanna do we'd like to know what can you do because this crew had one deputy sheriff for six to seven sites. Which tells us. Whoever is in charge of making that decision is well aware enough. To a certain agreed that that protection needs to beat her that security needs to be there. So for those that own companies like baton instruction Cummings were in some Texan from different. You know from different companies. How do you know what what what do you do it and what's because it's gonna costume you know you can hire private security. I I'm just it's my head's going two ways it's the but it's also the one out too we need to do more to protect people who work outside from crazy. That that's or is or is it so seldom that can't do anything. As I mean are we are we jumping the gun is oftentimes people in the media have Dennis where you have one story and we have to talk about it and it becomes the biggest deal in the world. We don't hear too much about a crew. Losing to 23 year old member 'cause that did what a bomb on the smoke could you didn't happening. Or is it a bigger deal by 767798. If you own crew. If you run a crew what do you do to keep you safe if you work on a crew. Do you feel safe and what other industries do we have to have this this this discussion about because next time he driving you see guys you know. Down I seventy on a construction site or even downtown working on the you know the next apartment complex to go a lot. Garbage man yeah spend their day outside on if you work for utility company a cable company if your job is to reconnect power. Or just to work on power lines on anybody that spends more of their time outside. I 767798. You can also text in a 22980. The stories up on FaceBook and on Twitter you can tweet at us too at that KM BZ radio. We'll get to Samir stories your thoughts we won't hear from you coming up it's eighteen minutes after ten on a Wednesday we are talking right now about the 23 year old construction worker was murdered yesterday on the job site by a stranger. Asking for cigarette according to witnesses he came up two other crew downtown asked for cigarette. Foreman told them doesn't happen nobody here has one asked me get off the site. Take a few steps turn city to yelled don't need to lied to me opened fire. And took the life of a 23 year old kid who just got the job is girlfriend just had a baby this is tragic. And you we have the gun debate if you want were ready to have that debate but let me just point out. The guy just turned around and fired shots so I don't think anybody on that construction site if they'd had a gun and could've stopped the guy from shooting. In somebody's mind. And and I don't. Necessarily disagree with concealed carry in this instance. This is that this is where the good samaritan comes in kids' life isn't safe. But in some people's mind and we're gonna get to this it would have been justified to someone else could've ended. The shooters life or shopping shooter and we would know who that person is to this right now on this day. Possibly I did a guy just take off running. After it according to this according to reports so you got you got to shoot him a Morey runs. 5767798. Russell asking about other places other industries where you think we need to look at. Safety for people who work majority outside mean. Construction crews along the freeway construction crews downtown but we get only a lot of text messages from other people where people feel prepare for their safety these days. This as I wouldn't even thought and thanks to everybody we were trying to think about more on somebody who does collections for local you'd tell Olney man anybody that works on doing any kind of utility any kind of power or cable some you mentioned. If you drive a public plots a transit bus. Then you're always out about and and driving down the streets on anybody that works in construction we've got passed control. Your name just what are you doing to feel safe if you work out. Where your are more vulnerable to something like us also he own a crew or you you are the head of the contracting company. What is your your your take on this people building houses out in the Burr and soon. 5767798. Right to the phones we go to Kathy Casey Cathy go ahead your 91 KM BZ. Why do you mean what can I just wanted to comment on her I'm just incidents that happened yesterday. And I have been in May not work or. Local utility companies my husband does that happen all the time. They were predominantly. While they're in hand that that predominantly white back on the job and counting. But am yeah it's a serious problem that. Why has nobody you've got to kind of just. Be aware and you know hundreds of there and it has and watch it people can get very unpredictable. Deceit did you fear this could scare. I mean. In. July that girls are allowed to be scared it's quite islets irons may and sometimes but he he's allowed to get afraid. Yeah this really should get map because it has also worked for a year empathy and how does that happen all the time. Especially when the weather as I have a brother and a lot of the work or constriction in the about the same area. How would they have all the right so what is happening. You know they're gonna think or whether what they need to do it approach to check them out more. Sure and thanks so much for the phone call Cathy let's talk to building Kansas City on KM BZ. Eight according to sort it all and guys are a bit you know I think if you do that a lot of people it. Eat a lot of great point it out but it avert yeah or hurt. It does that matter I think in. It alienate. People have a right beat back their life and let the battle eagle bank a bit human but it Ali. It to the world we live. Well completely well. You go in there they're calling it web. You know it's Ike is. And it like. That men don't wanna earn it and got it right yeah terrier well. First they're you know. It is what it I have the right act very it would mean. I cry and he wrote about me and it not for. The of people beer eat at the perfect by itself and even at that. I agree that paper and it does Rupert out there. No I let them go and you can't keep politics but I mean are or be everywhere. It would you have a right or belt that they lit bit. You don't wanna take got away from normal. All by any better what a lack the that were illegal. I want it for him to actually went for a second. Just for this just for the sake of you now let's let's put all the ideas on the table. Let's say that someone else the Foreman sex of the crew that initially told the guy no we don't have any cigarettes here please not the construction site lets say the Foreman pentagon time. And so Mr. Mister or shorter mr. shooter. Gets mad makes a comment shoots. 23 world and take deposits for second and the Foreman has a gun and goes to shoot the shooter. But the shooter it's way too fast and that bullet shoot somebody else is just watching on the street. I Iraq oil law or say that happened though I am a lot for the benefit by it in or whatever I mean. Here you go big he's not have a right back up. You're absolutely do I'm just saying that's why are we don't want it at that there are very. Don't know. That there are all elected. Well bill there's no way to say that if it if this 23 year old kid or the Foreman or anybody had a gun. That this 23 OK it is still alive you still talk to all. Or what shooter I mean you apps have the right to protect yourself and I'm not but let's not act like. If the Foreman had a gun the shooter would be caught or the guy wouldn't be I don't know if a gun is the right answer I believe you have the right to protect yourself I don't know under construction worker what a gun in my hip Oregon in my ankle does to my ability helped erect a building. You know what I mean and and you're not wrong. But I don't know big gun battle going on in in downtown Kansas City on a construction site is the right answer. I I don't I don't if it makes you feels again we talk about the July non sup for some people. It just makes them feel safe absolutely it to me that's. I feel like that's an illusion of safety I'm not always gonna guarantee your safety but it makes you feel safer go for I I've. I feel like the guy should be kept get I'm not a construction worker my hands are soft they've never had a day of hard labor in my life. How much is having a gun on your hip hinder your ability to run a crane. Or dig a ditch or use Jack hammer war re cables or read a metres I don't have a clue about that. But I know a gun battle going on in downtown Kansas City between a Foreman who might be good at the range. And this guy is not ball who shouldn't had a gun who's pissed off because nobody had a cigarette. I don't think that's already answering either. That's common sense to me. Let's go to avoid. I've been threatened so many times I was not cannot third a pot highway at sixteenth street and the guy. Slowed up is hard to Oregon program to jump into law trapped in broke his windshield I'm like okay. This starts cussing me like you're not gonna get away from an omelet I'm not trying to get away get out traffic report something bad happens you get to the top of the offer have. And the pool is nine kilometers. Under the shoot you I'm Michael you're gonna chill he'll windshield. Pretty serious. That's what we're dealing let out here the guy before me called the lady who has been worked out here on the street. No matter what's happening out here Tibet place. I have a Kerry like he accurate to create with me all the time I'm not saying god and gotten to the answer. But. You gotta protect yourself that you're the only crazy things happen all over this city and you guys know that by the way I look shelter. I look at these guys that you get all of it on matters on there. I'm bad I mean I've been threatened so many times over some that it got threatened to kill me one day over a parking spot that. I was trying to get unload it not blocking him and I that I would he's gonna get done and should be able. I mean it is just. It in your mind Boyd and and I don't doubt that you deal with some insane people and I that the number one answer we are gonna have is a little more patience a little more understanding. Is the right answer more guns. I don't write it just more I don't even know pitched. He hit on that note that the police I am wondering over on the highway network and bra and I sent it actually says he'll. The girl runs into the cited the return in the lot not scared. They're carded piece. She Utah. I polish yet the deal we got off a highway and next thing you know she's got her boy and the four other guys this entire day chill out and there. They're gonna kill me over the girls are. The police show up. He's like he stay in your vehicle yeah. He comes back up to me he's like look. Sure that the paper tag you can't beat three year she has no insurance on our cars not even registered. Egos are. Yet been working on here in this area. Thirty year that these people or animals. He couldn't believe I call you later and you talk she put it out and bat. And and that so we all are. I I I I I believe that man a boy thinks the phone call we appreciate it at eight I can't imagine what truck drivers go through you know. I I can't. It it it's amazing to me this doesn't happen more often so we are talking about the 23 year old kid that was shot yesterday I say kid because it's good lord this is a young man who. At a new baby new did you in new job working on as a contractor. He had a new is a new baby with a girlfriend. He was supporting his family he was working for interest source contract it by spire to work on a gas line replacement at ninth in Brooklyn in downtown Kansas City. I locks up asks to bum a cigarette Foreman says no and please get off the property. I turns around shoots eight bullets 89 bullets at like that into the crowd. Kills this 23 year old kid 5767798. Let's go to chatting Kansas City Chad thanks so much for holding the floor is yours. What does that person former you know my heart goes dot. The dart family. You know we're in the industry. And this is this is a common issue. Was with the area downtown and some of the midtown area we've had you know. Throughout the years several situations where you know we've had to address problems. You know what it what would we do it situation like that we've come up with a few solutions. Well. You know one. Thing that most or is on a cigarette. You know another one and a YE a lighter for the cigarette and to change. And you know will often tell people that carry it'll carry them. You know that that the party's solution for me to just carry that thing and and hopefully everybody goes on but the bit that says that's a problem. And you know and apparently called law enforcement. You know at lest their shots fired. We've waited hours for them show up over situations you know that we had throughout the years and I am not sure. Maybe the law enforcement issue in a second look at you know how we can. Get them more involved and apple presence down there 11 work as a president. I don't know the answers thanks so much of the phone call and and the anecdote Chad because like. I mean we we've talked about how you help homeless people when you're driving when they ask you for change you carry food or whatever in your car I would never in my mind and and I'm glad Chad put it in my mind. Tell my crew and carry a pack of camels. Can carry carry a lighter but some extra change or an extra dollar in your pocket and so you don't get shot. Like to think about that so you don't get shot and a guide. I just I can't imagine. 5767798. Was put Ashley in grand view actually on KM BZ. Yesterday on Port Authority by the Bannister I was there there about ten minutes or all that shooting happened on port thirty odd. On Monday. It's very area here and you got to have constant vigilance there are certain plays that I won't even stop for fuel. Because I've had people across the end well I need money you're working you give me money by the dollar reward those people I wouldn't make any money. That day we have to get stay constantly on archer wrote about the staff. And watching and got blood that port family and the little girl. That he's gonna be great without soccer now seeking not crazy. And that's just the way. I I get I don't know what the writing histories and I don't know if this guy was a homeless person who who acquired at nine. And has a mental issue when we talk about mental health all the time. I don't know this is a guy you as a job who just wanted to smoke it was angry. I don't give a grudge with the kid with the with the 23 year old with a crew org or demand or whatever. You know we got to find him first out keep in mind he's still on the loose and first thing we need is whoever it there were witnesses obviously because there were witnesses that told police what happened well now we gonna have those witnesses keep their right now for an. And we got to find it yeah you know that's that's our first. Go to John in Kansas City on KM BZ thanks for calling John. On the ground more guys. Mortgage backed out toward a back years do. Delivery guys doctoral. Probably I'm them or look at certain. Element that I do a better look at the airport cigarette. For a live from mining. And it gets inside my notebook then I don't have it. Now more people concerned about say it. American ally John. It had never I've been asked for cigarette before locking you can downtown Walken and crossroads walking a power and light walking down main street walking between those different districts. And I've been asked for cigarette or I've been asked for change a lot. And it is never crossed my mind like you it is never crossed my mind that if I say no by getting it shot. Yeah. Hold Meyer said that more will turn right now and looking it is I mean. Yeah it got a little bit and I'm so well target. Kids as well program in the beta yet. Make us sit them down another driver there all sending. Yeah I I have I have no idea you're right and and you don't ever Tony five years that's your job your career your livelihood. That a filling Kansas City and KM BZ thanks called Phil. Or. Law. I would give mark sent beaten down or Sam way uniforms straight forward here to go to chain. Chances are this. Rabbit dot. Dot you know whether as a met general Eric. Berry so hopefully it or soul war below our estimate a matter of time. While automakers. When you're in the inner city or any part Chalmers the theater. You know all of our. Some bad you're real outlawed. Or had to be out on your game meal or ground on. I doubt they want things. Our public they're in her honor code running hot all the time in the year of their opinions are. I know however however near city now look what you and tiger were goals on our hurt their duty yesterday morning lament. So locker Eric you've really got to be dark hair because there are some mean Murray won't or we were like number six and violent crime. Yeah and that was entirely that was 2016. When they compile all the statistics. In seeing how it was a record setting year for murders in Kansas City. Can grass Casey you're going to be in the top five your next year when those stats come out you're going to be top five. You have like a bird there are some mean greed or will he got to be aware were your here we are here and known parts now that are not you really got to be our number one on what all ball for all say. Absolutely and I think you know it it's not just to downtown thing it's everywhere but specifically downtown like we're talking about this story mean this is in. Downtown KC. Ninth in Brooklyn. I think it could be anywhere I think it is what we're talking about is is because if there's anything that's coming in it's that. You can't do anything about it enough that everybody keeps saying is that you know we don't know what cancer is organ that tells me it can happen anywhere if what we're talking about is just. A moment of crazy movie crazy happened in. You know it in a rich part of town and literally thought happened downtown. So I don't I don't think it's a downtown thing. Let's talk to Alonso in Kansas City and KM BZ Alonso. That more cooperation has thank you. I'm not so important I've been there on. Instructions are like everything and you know we're seeing all throughout downtown. Remote area. And I think anybody who work parts and it's a prominent current but it would he know. What to expect. But. You really do anything about it. I don't blame the police you know the pleasures of told that they can't. I don't think they're well as our. They should that matter know we await our shall. Or hours after an. Opera pop under would have been police force its age. You've got it will probably can't anyway. I brought out of work construction job at a map outlines all. The fact that you didn't develop for other city. That's great the amazing part how they decide that what police force. It is helpful I think we need to police force here you do please spread just let me know hey we're not delegate count so. An Arab working on it you're right I I hate to just ring that bell but yeah I think generally speaking having more police out there and be visible. You're I think you're less likely to commit a crime if you see police and officers standing on the corner. Just like I'm more likely to slow down if I notice the flashing lights up ahead on the interstate. You know I think police presence makes a difference and another working on and we talked before about how they're working to get. To cash of people around a little bit to get more officers out on on the streets. I mean they're there's a lot more and I in anger at Alonso. There's a lot more to Kansas City that suggest we're huge you know crossroads. Power and light streetcar line UN Casey plaza. Her whole. Others section of downtown Kansas City that some people like to talk about or release for an app and yes it does say we talk about actual. Miles of streets were really spread out here let's get two more in before the break us or the mandate in Kansas City things called Amanda. That morning about you and I currently work. Extremely corporate and under rated. And operator. And I never ever get near it but that are more. Easily and bridge near the bridge yeah I will be able are. And there. You know I never. Thought you'd like. To. Live. And the guy who made it. Out and make. Sure. Yeah. It definitely does to the people called and said EO. What do you I'm just walking down the Jersey gas station right near where I live then. And there are people that are homeless oral or appear homeless. That won't go in by a bottle of vodka by an orange juice at 7 AM and sit there. I walk by that gas station often come in from the river market it's right there at what is that six than in wyandotte. And I walk by that gas station off my wife walks by that gas station off my friends walk by that gas station often. And you I know have to worry about walking by were those people are sitting and enjoying their vodka orange juice. And add to any afternoon or 6 PM. And think if they ask me for change I better have it or I'm and get shocked. Like that's frightening to down. Randy you're damn right they can for the phone call final where this before we got to switch gears is billing Kansas City bill thanks for Colin. About a regular caller you got right about now but what did the area you've got the referred to stop the downtown area at north. It's north count yet. Well we talk about the way I thought he. The most notorious politics in the history of Kansas City or. Bet on it while the bumper of chilling down here in the area that because the police at that particular job at Foley. Let's let I mean I'm not happen every bit like it. Everybody. About town get that close to them out but it didn't like locks and he what are Kapalua sit and watch the seat to block away at the crack Alley. I mean that's the way ideas but they prepared for certain. Boundary where they don't cross that they don't call up the sale at all that want to know one way. But lack of say it is the most notorious. Housing project in the history you can see. I'll leave it didn't they aren't yielding twenty years later I was part of what they brought it down with the it malicious about it. I was throughout the dump truck I truck driver I'd get a call that all the time. I'll grew up in cahoots op feel comfortable that way docket this until this until the the radio program this morning. Everybody has really really afraid it was like a state. This area has been really up. It can't be electric you don't believe yet that app outlook down there now. Let. As I like it I like this and now my eyes agreed to apparently it is a tragedy absolute tragedy. That this is brought on 2008. Bill are you saying and and out Ahmet take your word for is you like you said you're from that part of town. I probably never been that intersection in my life are you tell me that it's it's fine if Jamie and I walked down that street at 5:30 PM today. Okay I'll take your or by trying to get you know more about it and I do. I'm a little more apprehensive to do it after a shooting that happened on a construction site yesterday morning. But if you say it's getting cleaned up. And you're your take is is noted that. Quite honestly. You're no more I mean other than the fact that we haven't caught the guy it just it can happen could it happen any day but it didn't it just happened happened that we have. Triple shooting at our double shooting in river market that was three blocks from my house or my apartment the other day. You know we we did this summit had a murder suicide Andy Dick can get anywhere this. You can we got a six KM BZ radio got this one from Kansas City councilman quite a Lucas who's up in listening to. Good morning counselor Lucas he writes and tragic several days in Kansas City condolences to this gentleman's family this from Charles it's gotten completely out of control that day goes by. Without a shooting or homicide this one especially census. And one more from Kim who says this story's so disturbing to me makes me sick my husband has worked downtown construction for years as an approach many times for six money. Directions this is a game changer.