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Wednesday, August 8th

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All what day. Well both bull what a day before we get any thing that happened last night and or this morning we have your key word cash. Tex soared to 72881. The word this hour is view V I EW view detects the word and 72881. Before it even deeper into the end the voting situation from last night what a thing about it tomorrow we believe broadcasting live EG in L it'll be there. Out at Oak Park mall for the annual caring for kids radio Thon for the Salvation Army children's shelter will be out there in the Dana and parks and and Jonathan we are will be out there. We're trying to raise much monies we can't for kids who were taken out of horrible situations. And hopefully get them set up for a better life and it starts with your donations and a great way to get it started is with a little promotion we're doing right now. Now so thanks to UNB bank. That has generously donated their suites at tomorrow's chief's game. 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And again it's a it's a 500 dollar donation 8168030935. Which have you had a bad last night. You know I didn't it's like up up up up. Funny story. I hadn't getting mostly. The last several days and after several days of being frustrated about that and knowing that we do the show out on a day like tomorrow I need to not be sleep deprived. At about 9 o'clock I said I think I'm taken. Because at 9 o'clock nothing was released in how we got ousted LA Pena and site to the ambient and I'll tell that story. Later okay there's no it is okay did you look at it and I didn't I I can't I spent some time. I didn't back it'll creative I I remember it thank goodness so I. Nine and picked up at 4:15 in the morning to work and site looked at 415. And sad. It. Nothing yet not saying but it not that big linemen and Dave Helling had warned us yesterday in Kansas City Star that it would be close. But we still do not have an answer yet and who the Republican nominee for Kansas governor. We know the Democrats gonna be Laura Kelly. She's going to be the of the demo on one side but we. Real quick to go over the other stuff for quick before we start hammering on now on what happened in Johnson County yesterday between collier robot. No surprise every castill and Josh holly will be the the Democrat and the Republican. Fighting for senator McCaskill scored seat able won handily prop eight got. Shock to how hard to mean for all those people who wanted to move acting up to August 'cause you thought it might lessen the turnout that didn't work out. No on prop eight wins 21 and in the district currently held by Kevin Yoder. IU what again Italy centuries David's. One she had overcome an early deficit for rent welder to win the nomination democratic side that I'm at a congressional seat. So it'll be sure he's David's. See Kevin Yoder come this November. Okay now getting to Johnson County. OK so. That got new voting machines a grand and telling this was the first time. How commission voted nay. To approve the purchase of 2100. Voting machines that cost ten and a half million dollars. And with this mask or what answers first name. Ron Ron Ron Paul rightly put in karate having hurdles are word at a rowdy masters so is everybody on so he really. Bragged about this new system when a county commission voted Sunday to get these new machines he had set the times the star. The new machines will provide the latest technology was significantly improved features most important of which is the voter verifiable paper audit trail. He's set a time that Johnson county's culture was to have electronic voting machines and these machines. Fit the bill okay. And here's. We're having some problems with these machines now and this was the first election and in which these machines are being used well good new machines. This morning in a star I am embarrassed for our counties our county is not accustomed to having this kind of event it's embarrassing profits it's embarrassing for me for our team. And for defender. I'm here's the things that you there's a problem there's USB stick on all of these that contains the voting information. And instead of taking a couple of seconds for that information to be transmitted to where it needs to go how about an hour per stick a her voting machine yeah yeah so. The secretary of State's office has put the vote difference between Crisco doc and Jeff collier at a 191. But there are kind of provisional ballots out there that have not been counted absentee as well right and so we still I'm a 191 votes factories that Beckett easily gone the other way you should of voted Travis. What could then get out there better not exactly like ninety right now so we still have no idea. And part of the problem is just the length of time it took to get results at a Johnson. It was unbelievable. Last night it was not only local embarrassment or statewide embarrassment. Ronnie and ask her if we hear from him he will probably be the first one to tell you this is a national embarrassment because it takes on an extra leg here. When the president of the United States. And Chris cope but what of the nominees are so closely connected. It out and the endorsement comes from the president's. And it's just my goodness last night about 11 o'clock and 1130. In a fog on the hit and I'm in bed now I've quit the TV Lisa Astor in the dvi outs and I'll just on the phone. Refresh of follow on Twitter I see all the TV people who were all over the different parts of the watch parties. The Johnson County zoning commission as tacit will be peen PP between two and three more how all our eggs. That's Ben well it's been twelve. So I was there are. Back crap that's a story for it and it's now and Oscar apparently talked to that many said one factor was higher than expected turnout of nearly 30% of registered voters in the which is more than a normal August primary out there is a lot of interest in the selection in the Republican primary for governor. He said that was not expected in May when the office was planning to staffing in hindsight they should've had more machines and more workers. He said the voting machines themselves worked well in terms of recording the voters' choices and providing it back up paper audit trail he said the delay hurt. In the process of uploading data from the tabulated results for each of the 192. Polling locations. So results are gathered from the polling locations onto thumb drive. The process broke down in uploading the results from the masters stick to the reported software. 192 polling locations are bank should have taken a first a few seconds. And that it took minutes and that it took half hours and so take that. Times a 192 machines. And were not there yet. Uttered in two locations right and then all the machines in the locate yeah so the star talked to a spokesperson for the vendor which is out of Omaha they said the results were physically transported. To the Johnson County election office in a timely manner Tuesday night they said the delay in reporting results is attributed to slow a load times of the election the thumb drives basically. While the report is now complete and the result secure at all times the timeliness was slower than normal. Will be working with the county to determine the cause of the delay so it can be corrected before the next election. Metzger acknowledged that Johnson County was using bring your software certified July 2 first time in the county that the voting machines with this particular kind of configuration were being used. Kenny has complete confidence that the equipment is safe sir cure and appropriate for Johnson County. Reading out of the pitch from Matsui was the date on this story here from the pitch August 4 so four days ago there was a quote as they were getting ready because the question was. Is Johnson counting. Is the Johnson County election office ready for the mid terms that was the headlined by with follows on Twitter too great story to read. This is a quote from Ronnie Metzger I certainly don't claim to have magic wand just tell you what's going to happen but I do know this we better be ready. I think mr. Mets would be the first to tell you they were not ready. Yeah and this comes after we had major delays an election results in November of 2006. At the time was in charge that and at the time he blamed a software malfunction he noted that the machines were fourteen years old and some of the oldest and use in the country. So having new machines didn't fix it on by the way we should point out that running Napster was appointed by secretary of stickers on. If he wants them so. Just picture you know to say just throwing it from ages all the information on the table he was appointed to this position with the Johnson County election office by. Chris call box so nobody is conceded yet nobody and and I 101. Votes I wouldn't be conceding either there's there's no rush for that for sure there'll be a recount. And I closely that's coming doubts this is a statement from governor collier. Released earlier this morning given historically close margin of the current tabulation the presence of thousands of as yet uncounted provisional ballots in the extraordinary problems with the count. Particularly in Johnson County this election remains too close to call the 20146333. Provisional ballots were cast. The current margin. This point 06%. Equivalent of a two vote margin any 5000 vote race the hundreds of votes left to count we are committed to ensuring every legal vote is counted. Accurately throughout the canvassing process that from governor collier crystal boxed to speak later on the sport it could easily go the other 391 could easily flat so you were. You went to bed that I was watching and I should have gone to better earlier and I know that was not going to be you know anything happening. The watch parties what about Crisco box watch party or talk with Caroline's Sweeney from KC TV five coming up next. Highs she was in Topeka at Crisco box watch party what was it like that night leading up to the point where they said. Tiger goes well everybody we'll find out coming up next a 91 KG MB easy. Well it's kind of sort still Election Day. It's kind Election Day oral cat is still waiting. The ones we do know we can actually call Sri stated speak avenue ordering Kansas on either side of the state behind prop eight. As a no vote by a margin of 21 McCaskill and holly will face off this November but we're still not a 100% sure what's gonna happen when it comes to the governor. Of Kansas. Governor collier Crisco bot basically locked in a tied less than 200 votes separate them. As the Johnson County elections board. Went whale into the morning. With their final tell vote tally of course for still waiting on provisional and absentees. Like it some of the watch parties we've got our frank airline Sweeney from a KC TV five joining us. Caroline thank you so much for I I'm going to bat waking up early and joining us on what was a late night actress co box watch party. Corn for having me. We got back to Q and it's. Weird because. Grew up around the wind is seen at a lot cheaper and in Baltic orders. They are you gonna go home and rent. You know what I get in there at that point current lack he. That. Read than projected in Iran and counting the port at that point. Why I mean it was it was close and in the court yeah he kind of let go home we'll pick it up 200. It's out how the mood shifted through tonight you know did he start off the evening pretty confident and and if so was he surprised when it became as close as it was. He knew the core I I. They can be governor Calero and and secretary. Yeah who aren't at that it was going to be a close race. He came out and talked it cracked out there he. Yeah. That. Worked party. He didn't. Around every corner. A little looser and not at all close at practice or is that circuit and it's a big topic over election. Had been. He. Will be early in the until parent. Wanna car this morning when he came to me that. He. Do it very calm at. The order. In the picture in her. Where record in Qatar and then he went back to work. Required to dwindle it ninety. All cheered go nap in the move in that boat or even you know all back and forth. And I went a little in early and little anxious waiting for the continent's. I would Caroline's sweetie KC TV five she was Zantac Crisco box watch party yesterday as the governor's race continues on even into the morning. What was the party like what is he a Chris cope block watch party like. The writing me a lot of people so he can and I'll accept clock it was the right. Well on the line. Mitnick. In the neck like music on our hockey around. Talking politics market he would bring the end and they were there. It's. For secretary cook he can't shoot it here. That the beacon and I don't count. The election. Diddy have anything to say given his position as secretary of State's about that the problems that we were having in Johnson County that was delaying us finding out results and his own race. So last night. And morning I'm dean was merely diplomatic about. In. In Johnson County. Came out that you like not on. Our collection. Count. Eight pounds and he can't go ready and boring Aaron. I don't know it went well hacked Mac. And although he had to say about. What happened in Johnson County I think at that point he has. Hit a look at he beat his supporters and rally. Young talent out and vote count on it what. You that they're district occur at their outlook really. Well. And what what are the two candidates doing now why I know that that Crisco box speaks later in collier as well. We know critical market fully to speak at noon but got what you expected to be. Herman will be your penalty if people really. Bad. We have Cheney he can't count where we are or your lack integrator. The you can bet that. Group were at the yet the governor I don't think they are gonna Yorker. Carolina enjoy your time and to back and forth between Kansas City and the capital thank you so much I know it's going to be a long day may be a long week who knows maybe along ninety days things are coming on. We're Carolyn Sweeney KC TV five she was a crystal box watch party yesterday. In to peak until she said got home about 2230 in the morning keyword cash by the way. It is view VI EW view tax it and seven to anyone. You've got down the rest of the hour to do so what is your take on the Johnson County. Voting situation from last night did you have any issues voting in Johnson County 5767798. What was it like trying to vote for governor in the state of Kansas for you 5767798. Tomorrow is the annual caring for kids radio Thon for the Salvation Army children's shelter. Willie broadcasting live at Oak Park mall. Each in Allen from seven until ten will be out there from ten instilled to Dina and parks followed by Jonathan we're. On and UN the bank as generously donated their suite to tomorrow's game which means you have an opportunity not only to. Pick up some great tickets to go see the first chiefs pre season games sit this week gold parking pass. But a great donation were asking for donations of 500 dollar tickets two tickets. Into the suite with food and beverage. A gold parking pass game time tomorrow is 73500. Bucks get to Baltic. That's right so we are we've got ten pairs so we're looking to raise some money by getting rid of the ten pairs so we want at least a 500 Allen a 500 dollar donation for a pair. If you are interested remember this is tomorrow night. You should call Chris at the Salvation Army the number there is 8168030935. Again and number to reach Chris at the Salvation Army. Is 8168030935. To take Italy sold my first come first served basis. Get it done. Let's get it done I hope Israel gone by the time we get to Dana and parks and an if we can't get it all done by the time again today and in parks then I'd done by the time we get to John at that Weir's program and tomorrow we hope to raise a ton of money so hopefully you'll be able to help us out with that. Not a good night for the Johnson County election office they just released this statement a few minutes ago longer talk and Caroline's Sweeney about the now that the delay let's just collar. Overnight we experience issue that caused a delay in our reporting of election results unofficial final results the August primary election were posted on her website shortly before 8 AM today we remain confident in the integrity of votes cast in the accuracy of the vote tabulation process in Johnson County. We understand that the delay was frustrating to our community and agree that such delays are unacceptable our first priority was reporting unofficial final results to our voters. We are working with the vendor to identify the cause of the delay resolve the issue and insure the problem does not happen again. We anticipate a statement from the vendor later today that again from the Johnson County election office. And just remember we have the same problem a similar problem with the delay in getting votes tabulated and added to the system back in November of 2016 at the time trying mats Kerr who's in charge here in Johnson County sat. The problem is that our our machines are really outdated. Great we spent millions of dollars to get new machines and now we're just have a new set of problems that. How do we get to this point and I guess I'm but eight. Hopefully they get this thing figured out we have reached out to Ronnie Metzger by if he has a chance to join us we will. Definitely chat with him and get his and further explanation on this cluster bleak of a situation from last night 5767798. What was voting like dean Johnson County for use yesterday. Let's go to the phones doctor Brenda on KM BZ hi Brenda. Do an all right did you vote in Johnson County in Kansas yesterday. I ended at that Amy seen where OK but. My caddie. That I got that got re. Collier went on. But it looked at it it green and all. And legalize the act that. You want to. It'll. And that. I hear. That sound a little bit. Doesn't it sound just tick shady. Yeah and the elect and I. It. But I heard about that while watching the local news that. The when they went to go test of the of the ballot system. That got a collier's name was not on the front screen like you're getting like are here my vote you don't think to hit the more button when you're looking to vote for the incumbent. You know I wanna vote for your Green Party or whatever. You may think that person that he further down on the ballot there were probably some people. In Kansas that dot com. Why can't have all right. But for for co bock. I guess they said they were trying to fix that I will bet that's an issue that the software companies gonna have to figure out. Brenda thank you so much 5767798. Steadier and came BZ. Are you. Those are. I. You're EEE you do realize Steve that trump supposed to win primary days when you get the backing of the president you're supposed to win. That party's primary he didn't do a whole lot and go. On. Top if you're not really. And ran for governor and built in well not. All that out all. They're out what is. It. That ballot. Yeah you're. Either you EST you you'd do you have the EU shockingly make a good point you what you have all this seventeen year olds and all the other outskirts. Their names came before collier's for whatever reason putting his name well below it off the main scrubbed when you're voted. I came out there. A law and Annika equipped. You sir if you. Will that democratic process. I integrate the jury's. Got. Third district that's going to be a great race that's going to be harder that it has stuck human or. The act torpedoed by. Jeremy at we got Austin. History well they're back. I tell you what sure that it are there are some of the best ads I've ever seen. Interest in the White House. I mean she. Colin. Yoder Hispanic Republicans. Believe that both for odor it better and better. Because they debate by advisories. Deals in Kansas. Do you limit on out are. OK so did you eat yesterday that's or to her and her. Saying it every tribal. You have you know he hit off the bat. I'm asked you when you went to vote yesterday did you have any trouble. Well that tribal what is it if I get this situation we're burst of Coke are. Was on the second ballot I would be absolutely sure I would be calling are calling for a legislate him. What would call inquiry. I mean person governor. To be shut. Out by the moron it's obvious that they get there you look out where democracy is sacred in this country. So again and again let me ask did you have any trouble voting yesterday. Weren't having. We had people say that on they were registered to vote and systems so they weren't registered they said that the candidate that they look for they couldn't find when you went did you have any trouble. A mechanic and our ports on the first ballot this. It's absolutely. Describe. The blame don't bet caller there don't let the secretary. Blame those idiot yeah. I'm getting it doesn't I'm getting the although the point here's Steve you your your your blame in seventeen year old kids for put their name on the Bal you blame now so you're blaming the kids even though the law odd doesn't have a minimum age to run for governor so you blame the kids who realize that and decided to run for governor. And went ahead and took advanced the process you don't blame the guy who was in charge of elections in the state because he's your guy. Is that accurate Steve. I've. I'd like all the legislature. Should have a race you meet you because you are New York. Steve Steve Steve who's in charge of the voting process say it with me this that are then sent. I. I. You know I can do or on you out you lie you can say the secretary. Of state overseas this let's. It's. Tied into Iran and get on a ballot if that's the problem. I don't blame code block for not having collier's name or everybody's name on the same screen idly and the software company and I blame Ronnie Metzger and company for going with this software company. That didn't allow everybody's name a fair shot but you don't blame the people who decided to run in the election 44 deciding to run in an election Steve for crowding the ballot always appreciate your call my friend 5767798. Problems in John's county yesterday Steen had a problem with. The voting process but did anybody have at any other issues like Brenda was your guy not on the on the ballot. 5767798. You can text and 2298. Gerald let's take more your phone calls as we are still waiting. To find out with the Republican nominee for governor will be and it could be a long process. What they've had a keyword cache just before 11 o'clock. Right now though our getting your thoughts on voting day yesterday especially those of you in Johnson County if you're in Johnson County yesterday. I'll what was it like for you people been calling in and saying that candidates for governor were not on their screen they had hit the more button. I'm Brenda called up and said governor collier was not on the screen. That may have thrown some people off which may have swayed the vote one way or another perhaps in favor of Crisco -- right now are under 200 votes there will be a recount. Some may be all over the states may be all over the state Udoh sort. And Crisco doc is gonna speak at noon I just collier was supposed to speak at 11 o'clock and then that's been postponed or change we don't know I. I believe he'll speak at some point I even think he essentially Africa's comebacks BT you think he'd have to at some point but we don't know exactly when will be. 5767798. Greg to the phones and Jennifer on KM BZ. Jennifer how is voting for you in Johnson County. China have any problems. I have a small area. And it usually get pretty pretty well. Heidi Collins the same day or awkward on my second green. Yeah I. Well it because I you know I can't name them and I wonder Erica bark like I figured out what the problem. But I did in there and think well I was doing my voting should. It across emperor because. People are trying to interest here that collier. On the second tree stand people that make me think maybe it was random. I mean maybe when the kids if I may I expect that could be. Either way that software problems got to get fixed you can't not have everybody in the same screen goes against be able to say I is not there and vote for somebody else yeah a couple of youths or are wondering are suggesting that the candidate order is randomly selected three to voter. Is it and that for some people who slipped the net other people first Jennifer thank you for your fellow called Chris you're on KM BZ I was voting for you Chris. Well I area a critic you yeah I am I I would just like your previous caller I expert I voted down Downey and I thought went mood. But I did notice that and even won a lady next we've made a comment about echo back wasn't on the deck was on the second page it's here. Some callers call in and trying to blame him think he might have something to do this that. I was kind of surprised at all the work on the same page but he was on MySpace page. Oh I gotcha I think the focal and we appreciate. It today due to. Stephen you're on KM BZ without Steve and. So. All counties because my my sticker said I proudly vote again. Don't count. I don't know about other agents who it'll be. What you can bet that point for governor. There would have been lashing. Button down at the bottom at that more and you're not all work out. Or. So you not move on a bit of the next in question. Without entered back question in all when what looked at apple agent beat war. Moving forward soul. So I could die if I look at that first paged and and just to patella committed yet if elegant first page and I saw. Governor tiger's name on there and I wanted to vote I could hit votes and then I would hit. What after that. If you tried the press that it would not like you. And you had to press the more button first. And seen the second page before you could spend their spot. When the what went when you hit. Or was there then just the one name on the second grange. Or my polling place you a lot. And I don't know about all these seventeen year old that that the ball about art he with talk about. Being in the country where. But youngsters are. Intricate and politics to that point. And in all. Even have. Left it bring out the op only about what that in all the young. A little bit kind. And help all eighty. They took all the questions I'd. Cat or where you don't tried to get out as much information that they collect it all day. The are more bought before I could move on for the next question. Its patent I would tell him some. Why a state thanks so much is always for the full comment we appreciate it next up some who wants to remain anonymous is on Camby Siegel had anonymous. I'm in the one that channel I'm ready yesterday. Ali in a paper ballot. Calling your name has not found on the paper ballot shall. Jeff collier's name was not on the ballot. Did you immediately tell someone polling station. No I didn't are. Why didn't you tell you one anonymous. Well I wondered. And they were busy. And I thought okay he is admired this is the primary. Maybe something in exchange in the elections sediment where. So was it your intention to vote for him. And what did you did you just not vote or did you vote for someone else aren't noted. I think you you made a mistake yesterday anonymous I think if you were that. You should've gotten out immediately and said to a polling expert polling whoever's running your your location. Look governor collier is not on my ballot. There's something wrong. Well I guess I thought I was ordered it and I really am not OK he's the governor now. So that since the primary navy simply didn't changed again and I'm totally aware that either would give it. You are not stupid known right you are not. Did you if you don't mind me asking anonymous did you vote for Crisco bock. I can't even remember that renamed its network on there and I probably did because. And king stood out I mean you know. Well that Betsy to vote swing right there and if that is the case if your wind allocation of all of the ballots anybody else voted in the dot. In solving governor collier's name was not on the ballot. Let us know because if that's the case. That's of those voting irregularity that needs to be taken into account during this recall this recount. I'm gonna ask the question all due respect and I don't meanness. To make it sound like you don't know your doing by it was a Republican ballot right. Not a democratic ballot. A crack OK because that would explain the names are looking for weren't there if you got the wrong ballot. So that in feet if that if that's the case and I'm not saying it is or it is not because it's one person's account and maybe she was just mistaken whatever. But if the person I wanna vote for is not on my ballot for governor. Or for anything. And I know they're up for election. I'm get nothing yet net fixed or bring it to someone's attention. Anybody else at that same problem in line dot call us 5767798. Jeff you're 91 came BZ. Yeah that while it built paper because I don't trust those electronic think about it into the and then our guests today. And parks with battle that. All the things are on the revolving. There's so every kind of late it was standard that there named revolves. And the people aren't on the back east and next I'm going to be. Are paying. At least that's that the voting machines were rotating. Our partner in and that's a problem. Look because it doesn't matter it's called locker collier or the seventeen year old kid or JB money Sally you've been names should all be in front of you you shouldn't have to go back and forth I think that's an unfair advantage for whoever you support or don't support it. That's not at least they're rotating yeah you know at least that way nobody gets on an unfair banners that it's always one person's name on the second page. So like I appreciate the rotating through on that wave just it's random and depending on whose name gets kicked to the knack. I'll welcome back to this a little bit later on we'll have an update for you of preschool block speaks he's expected to renewed. We will have that for you I've governor collier's speaks in the else comes out from. The Johnson County election office happened for you.