Midday with J&W: How are these questions relevant to playing in the NFL?

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Friday, March 9th

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Were these questions out of line where they off base and say what Darius Geist was asked he's a running back and getting drafted out of LSU. At the combo and he was asked some funky stuff but first we secured cash. Name MO OD. Text or 72881. On we took award multiple times hours at a message that I just keep listening well will again. Again don't call now unity Travis will you will not give them the word. We're not you're no longer text the word person asks does so many people do because we only have fifteen minutes and how do you follow them. Read multiple times and the ideas and so I'd be brick and yet he's he's we want people listen longer and that's another news stations. I think that we use it to them here at the top. Hopefully have a Good Friday. Yeah I mean I can track scissors and a PD and I will Golan the TV guide record in the TV guide. Up. Go watch TV guide icon that out out TV. It was girls can't. Act as art. That's doing so much comedy my techno beat the T you subscribe to TV guide you stood at the magazine TV guide dot com slash listings you remember there was TV guide. Gravest Europe and Asia deal than that and we'll get to the guys thing consecutive sparks came in the Sunday paper out of that was that way here. In the Sunday paper you would get the TV book for the week. But that was the so if you if it. You can tell they're like they're too God's people there are the kinds of people that to take the free one of the Sunday paper for the week and their people that go high yeah the TV guide this bag is had a story Zora and I'll see yeah of the shows and stuff and it yeah. I don't the only way I forgot what I can watch my grandma's house. Aside soap operas. And an idol being soap opera. About a lot that TV guide. Yeah. Did you you say you didn't have you actually have seen them the of the no guys in the magazines like the big book and the little yeah exactly. Or or the TV guide like channel and it's girls up and shows you what goals like. So slow I used used to watch that all the time you wanna know is coming on TV before everything had a guy on it. And I remember. If I want a channel fourteen L and L. I would turtle and the eighteen and up would I would miss it every time I do when it's out of fourteen and they are on channel fifty anyway right. And it only shows three time. Right or whatever reason the whole screen wasn't taken by the guy. They only showed three that time there was an advertisement. On on the top USC showing law and order. You care. Jersey Shore on com. In TV gone. Basketball on guys it's a T. March Madness is going on tonight's gonna be crazy. In downtown Kansas and you want divorce court case UK state play as going to be Dotson the friend marathon and working in. The get go on to power and light. Casey like blocked during the big twelve tournament yeah. I've worked it must have been there but I have yet to be in size for a while the game it is that was there yesterday again and the new TV they have is amazing. And all pictures that it's huge it's clear it's so much better than when they used to have a bigger than this and had report via and it's huge it's great it was great to watched some of the games on at the end of the U. Oklahoma State game yesterday was on it. So. Average love I love going down and every time you always see that the empty investors. Is that the way to put it. It is a bunch of drunk older people. Tyler Tyler I got up. It's Friday night at Casey block is always you know 21 year old deep bags. And and scantily clad women. Nothing that I was one of those deep bags and I probably was attracted to the scantily clad women often. But it's so funny to see on the Thursday of the big twelve tournament all these people who are fifty and up. Get hammered G is bombed an alternate yesterday was looking in the statement is they played your early game so people were drinking at like 8 AM I'm sure. Through the game and it afterwards to celebrate their victory I love it I absolutely love it it's worth up people graduate from K state in the eighties. Are all coming back to party. Every single year or Iowa's Steve or Baylor or whatever. We need to get back to mysterious guys. And now I'm. The same. As her TV shows. I don't TV I never watched the hour here but if you got basketball on and I feel like there's light TD on 35 you could put the other game wait there's one life PD like my brother in law lost that ship where is like actual like live. Police stuff going on in every state. Yeah these days is they think of props that's normally recorded a month ahead and edited com live is about. A day yeah. Mardy about unedited cops yes. The bears. Coming up we'll get there is guys and what was asked in the NFL combine and if they were out of line they'll forget your keyword cat. This hour is mood MO OD text it to seven to. 81576779. Seats is the phone number you can also text in a 22980. Darius Geist is a former LSU running back and whip scouting come mind and do the interviews with all the players who are getting drafted next month. He was ask some interesting stuff he told a serious exams NFL show hits early hits excuse me. It was pretty crazy some people are really trying to get in your head and test your reaction to go in one room and it team alas we do I like men. Just to see my reaction and go in another room. They'll try to bring a book my family members or say something like. Hey I heard your mom sells herself how do you feel about that. That seems to be very odd to me things personal and here is some rights. When I first heard about this. My first reaction was. Why is it anyone's business. If Darius guys or any player is get who is whose business is that if a football players gay. And in 2018 we all wanna say it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it doesn't matter I think the NFL is different. I think I think the NFL is different I still believe there's some homophobia. That's prevalent in. In sports Travis would you agree with that or do you just because you played football in college so you would be to speak on I would agree with you on this because it's. Think about how to players right now on an info on in our rosters who has come as game. But the big story wasn't there cracked my details it's Friday. Chiefs player who thought it was a big deal oh technology not gang he's not. Point he used his ex players name is Ryan Callahan and he played for the patriots in the cheese and he said if he was if you ask these questions. At at his combined that was the crap out of them along with the players that he knows better game. He hopes that they weren't asked this question Michael Salem. Openly gay openly openly gay out of Missouri. Conference defensive player of the year. Not in the NF selling more now because he was. Persecuted for being gay eerie thing is when that good no he was a good player in college bright as about it and I was Thomas to Mike this morning and I think this question should be passed. For the bully the reasons that goals on the NFL if you remember there's a player named Jonathan Martin who played for the dolphins and this time. There's a guy named rich in cod needle please for the bills. There's a big newspaper about a month because Richard in card meal with bowling Jonathan Martin John Martin. This who recently made a school for a about shooting up the school in an mr. Graham pollinated grip shotgun or something because he was tired of beam bull. But think about any game player who has not want to come now. And was asked this question they would be bullied in the locker room they could go to drastic stance is just like on the mark. I think again I don't know all and maybe this is what the question was was trying to re twisting trying to get. I don't think they were trying to find out if Darius guys actually was gay. Because I think you realize you can't ask that but they were trying to gauge his re actually what if somebody said something to use that caught you off guard. Either as a member of the media. War in a locker room or on the feet. I think that's important point out is not it I'm looking for the real world application like when differences in the right if you lose it's cool response back question rightly or looking for control first artists if if I'm playing against a Darius guys. And I called the N word or make fun of his mom or call them the homosexual. A slower. What's his reaction going to be on the field I can gauge that right now so on this surface the questions to me like. In the you can't ask that but if you do it right I understand why they did it I understand why they did it. Israel Gutierrez. Is a columnist and a personality over on ESPN and ease off and on. When there shows called highly questionable. He came out. Three years ago as gay and you don't see a lot of gay men. Doing sports media you just you don't you know. Or as I am afraid they're caught off guard by some kind of personal question that. I just I don't think that there are too many gay members of the media that are mad. I don't know maybe. If your gage you have an interest in sports I don't know as in probably not as passionate but if they aren't any I don't know if they are they haven't come out yet. Very true because he came out maybe I think it's at five years ago he fifteen what do you social three years ago. I think it's still a new. For people wanted to come out. Or how the review because of the homophobia I think that still exists inside an NFL or Major League Baseball clubhouse sort of a locker room or NBA locker room lake old man. Why is he gay guy standing in front of me if I'm in a towel right you know what I mean is it just it's it's like with women in sports you're like oh got a minute towel this woman shouldn't be here in front of me. You know those that's sort of the same vibe. Same different I can correct me if I'm wrong I assume part of discomfort. In football in a locker room is that if I mean if a lot of blocks it and that's a different thing to me if there's a guy nude and she's. That's different to me I assume it's V. Oh gosh he's going to be attracted to me if Jesse's mean you'd thing you now in a locker room that. I guess would weird men out. You know again as as many people working it would tell you just because you're just because we're both men mom. Your naked doesn't mean I'm I'm actually attracted media right exactly just like a man has not attracted to everyone and vice Versa I think it outside it's that weirdness were naked together. IQ and a locker right or showering the matter are looking at me in your opinions on that house I wanted to play Israel Gutierrez in what he had to say on ESPN yesterday again he came out as a homosexual all three years ago or so. Any of this reaction yesterday on no highly questionable. She NFL on his team best. There is guys you've got two men so this is happening again right. Brian it is mother's a prostitute this question has been asked before. These people in this permanent workplace think that they can because they're making investments treat people. Differently than you would treat them in any other workplace because there are laws about apps finger interview people. Questions at this kind of invasive at what happened next the fell short this media company and other media company has defined the name of the team. By the name of the person who did it publicly put that person brought about. And let there be consequences of what you want is actual change instead of just sitting here talking again about contact argued about this stuff if you want change. What you must do with that. That's absolutely right this is pretty simple here when you look at it. This is the team that's trying to justify this question by asking hey we want to see how they respond to things however when you lump that in with questions like does your mother so herself that and obviously comes with a negative connotation that being gay or just being called gay is a negative. So so dispersant B five shore but more importantly like Dan said this person needs to be placed in front of the camera and asked the question. Why do you think it's a negative to be gay because it's people like this who are keeping twelve and fifteen and seventeen year old kids. Mostly boys or interest in sports in the closet for longer it's people like this who are pressing the question we're pressing the point of gay is soft and gay is not welcoming gay is not strong minded. And those are direct keeping people in the closet for longer their kids that they're happy to make this decision between choosing a career in sports. And beating their troops out imagine how difficult that decision is about to how unfair it is for everybody. It kept me in the closet until I was 31 while I was pursuing my career in sports. It kept people like Ryan Callahan former NFL lineman in the closet and thinking about suicide. Before he thought about coming up. So think about those things when you ask these questions and you're just trying to make your football team better because you're making life worse for whole heck of a lot of people. And it's a whole heck of a lot of people who do not have anybody in your league to relate to because they're too afraid to come out. Partially because of people like. That was Israel Gutierrez and Dan limits hard on a highly questionable yesterday and ESPN I don't think I can say it any better than those two did right there. You can read about it about a FaceBook page it's their FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. Still to come. Bought when you're inebriated. What are you purchase you've per use that as a possible. Friday IE I have made a drug purchase. Perhaps. I have some sweet clothes I have no idea but it's sweet gear. This week do you mean. I'll explain what you purchased under the influence. It's 1232 you got about 28 minutes left text in the word mood to 72881. The cure to cash this hour is moon seven to 81 MO OD we will get bored at 1 o'clock 2 o'clock 3 o'clock 4 o'clock. We. Now sorry. Online shopper and pouring it. Smart Travis Travis yes Seattle act out. According to ABC seven. It's a real problem and it's on the rise finder dot com found that Americans spend an average. Of 448. Dollars per person in drug purchases and 2017. 448. Bucks and drug shopping double. What it was the year before. And that amount. Turned into thirty point 43 billion dollars last year. That's a lot of drunk shop. So what are nearly half of Americans admit to regularly shopping mall drunk men responsible. Of our men responsible for more drug shopping than women. We spend apparently 564. Dollars a year on drug shopping you only spend 2821. What's the big difference I'll don't because mental love to shop. Generally anyway so why when they're run today suddenly. Travis saying hey Travis don't buy that TV and healing lover and I you know you want that TV it's on sale earlier I dollars cheaper. Series would happen yeah. Alia we remember two. 5767798. Or tech and into united zero I would just ask. Please let these stories each room please don't like you don't have a good story for the bank. Because I'm some stories are coming out like I I'm not of the different line but it's better turf. I remember after the Super Bowl one year. So you know this and this is what I was probably 21. We had a big Super Bowl party. And my buddies and I played a lot of ball back and and for some U member of the swing doctor. At the ill it is illegal gold glove yeah this is not allowed. As the face you can change. You can spin it like the pros is the faces were so grooved and there and like diamond cut or whatever. I still have. These spin doctor all right wedge in my golf bag to this day I drunk newly purchased golf clubs. Recently. I'd probably bought seventy bucks worth the close. From China. If you don't your FaceBook and you see those clothing ads and you're like wow how is that jacket nine dollars. I did that. I have a cool jacket that I where I above my Christmas sweater. Is the my Christmas hoodie that I bought drunk and also. I have to debuted this I bought a fourth of July a tank top. It's. Clubs like rock I don't I don't know it's got a picture of little drummer boy like in America. It will be debuted this summer Travis and make sure that you gonna cut a picture of that. I just it is just. Is this and like men really do you want a shot but that's being stifled because you feel like it's not okay and so you'd you'll let it all out when you're drawn in the difference is that women we think it's fine to shop anyway so we got him guilty to spend more one I don't know. I don't understand what's gone 5767798. Drew in Kansas City drew would have you bought drunk. Yeah I like commercial chain dot com. It's as. If about 700 dollars. 700. Dollar chainsaw. While Brooke how often have you used it. Actually into quite a bit not that much and I should be like commercial check out. They had a point pigments and I'd bought one and are at point five inch and a plot that pointed out do him out of context. Okay no heartland happens. It's not that seems you really want it it's I have to outdo somebody. Had an. Yup. They exit the Vogel drew we appreciated by 767798. Let's see I one time bought my dad's Father's Day present drunk. And it I would my buddy pick yup exactly go to Meyer which is a stroller while greatly admire him in it went in. It was under the influence and about my dad shorts. Might get as worn shorts and he was seven years. He does he's not a short guy that. They did cargo shorts I buy. So. At one point had a lot of Texas frontier than jail left and I was only one here I kind of went like a depressed mode about a month. And thought trip with some friends that I met here took over home. A Texas protects is hey let's go to this festival. It was electric force. But then also had which is in Michigan and also had the same frenzy wool Mabel go to hang out fast yeah colleges and tingle all sorts. I bought both. The same night up all what did you spend which is about so probably 700 dollars maybe more plus a flight to Michigan. That same night. And I and I and this was I think six months from the actual festival and I woke up the next morning and I would bank account. They hate government go to Michigan you know or this one block I'll so I was able to sell. Those that's what's that what about the flight. I got reimbursement again it's can I use the beginning of the ice ice. I do this is a sign I recommend not drinking charity auctions. My husband tends to drink. And we. With several thousand dollars worth of items. That just went to one recently and you get caught up in that bidding lead does that. Day is usually the liquors freak you out you know your charity event you've paid for the ticket or you're gonna play with what you're gonna spend on the auction. And suddenly lights and five grand on that he'd. Does she always wants to get the ball roll in and all of the silent auction items. And sometimes those get no bids in your pocket and were like oh cool three gift baskets now we're taking this home. That something you can re gift yeah right now that you're stuck with are you now maybe is an honor bucks but it sounds like some people can really if you. I. Went up your understanding. Yeah Richard even that's a good call on attacks like that. On Twitter and this is from Sheila she said she bought kayak on Amazon. You I. Like some that I would want to test out early easy you know go to. Go to addicts or whatever. This year. Standard and if you get up. I asked I want that is some Texans at the same person oh my gosh yes I can't tell you how many vacations we have bought here auctions that we never. You news. No we're at this apparently a thing charity auctions get drunk meaning and a lot of money on stuff that you're not gonna use yes you do that and that the vacations are attractive at an auction because oh yeah you know like they tell you why did they tell you what you're gonna get you know forty's in Key West and a big mansion whatever. You're. Looking at you know your website not looking at believing whatever they tell you and you still got it got there are priced. There pay for food all that I have no idea what it's really worth but it sounds like well for public. And somebody on Twitter lets see this is from Gary. Says. Everything made by Iran co at the kitchen company in the kitchen appliance dealers. They make like mixers and knives and all the I stuff. Death out of rotisserie chicken maker I'm sure he's bought that and not. 5767798. Bill and independents what did you buy drunk. Well the late night watch TV and number eighty our guys that monster ballot to come back and you're backed. Or at mass market ballots all of our guys and a. All our monster ballads CD yeah Ali. Man. So I ordered it and now more as were my doing mom. And order rust deliveries will. Help yeah. And I think this year and they it was about as much as the TV Obama that are well. Delivered still but oh yeah still a good. One at that Burton. I imagine you'll we'll take you down that road big. Yeah. The it really as word gets good. Warrant the voice. Dockery picked it it the Bonser ballot. Travis is gonna go on your iPod when you work out. It's gonna be here. It's okay it's what have you bought your 5767798. Goodwin's coming in on Twitter as well look at FaceBook more your tax coming up next. Last caller would monster balance in my hands soon. Okay. There is. Breast can you you bought drunk. The last guy called in said he bought months to balance the CD I remember seeing that. So when I was younger thinking why in the world what I want all of that and now. It would be agreed CD to have that. We're asking you what have you bought drugs 5767798. Inning could come and on the text line and. So all people holds a news that I want my husband get a breathalyzer for his computer because these letters late at night. It's out on that with Amazon echo and the old shuttle. Tell Alexa. Hey. Buying meat the TV or whatever that now it's a lot easier as your group and around your Alexa at night that it had only gotten a lot easier to drunk purchase don't know. Which is true but that's all on. An II. It's your options are so much who just got this one. So true about the charity auction I had few too many two too much to drink. And bought in 8500 dollar weekend in Breckenridge Colorado yes plus airfare and rental car my husband sat there and let me keep bidding but I think he was in shock. Yes they will probably invite you back to the auction most likely you're welcome they're gonna like you and they're gonna. Whatever you like the bar let's go to Joey in Kansas City and KM BZ Jolie would you bought drunk. Other California a Super Bowl and knock out buddies out like eight worked out great deal. Great on the view it VG VE. And that Spain and equally at our unity eager. Call it twenties seven hundred bucks. Dude did. I spent 73 pieces of clothing you spent 2700. Dollars. Look pretty bad aren't that day. Yeah. This as a TV. If that picture great well. A guy I got a pretty irate when I now own life. Yeah all yeah I imagine they should the phone call that I could not explain to Li. Ul hey hi and I spent 2700 dollars on a TV. Or on anything. George. I mean meet a lot of these could in theory yeah. Now you know probably could it is funny to people that are there talking about the Ambien purchases. Well there are worse. Somebody just sat at my Ambien purchases are thirty times worse than my term for purchases could you don't remember them. Ambien scary you know if you're messing with the Ambien. Your take in everything in your own hands and you don't know what you're you're flying blind basic. Ambien stories that's interesting as somebody who is taken I probably take Ambien. Once. Once a week. Media and maybe once every ten days or so yeah I'm not a good sleeper type of that forecast not. It's it's from ten years of working at 1 o'clock in the morning my body doesn't know day from nine warrants I wake up a lot during the night. And I really have had a rough few days of not sleeping to the point because you know those Israel like oh my gosh I don't get some sleep I'm not an function. I will take Ambien. And the scary things about Ambien is that I can be in the middle of texting you you know mid tax and just knock it in the middle of writing attacks like it doesn't hate you them and all the sudden it dies. Now I take. They I think they like to start with five milligrams of Ambien yeah UT and we'll go our and it does not previously part of me I wake up through it. Anyway and so that's frustrating below next time you wake up just plug on a search shopping I don't I don't have the inclination. I kind of wander around but I but so far I've done things I don't remember but nothing. Nothing nothing that I would afterward. By 767798. The on the on Twitter somebody said I bought this book on Amazon. And it's called dancing with cats. Up. Somebody said this from fishing for stories on Twitter KM BZ radio. About the underground comedy movie from an infomercial when drunk about twenty years ago. It's horrible no matter how intoxicated you are looking about Ryan DB it got two and a half stars and ten. So why not reoccupied. Let's go to teen in in Kansas City and KM BZQ and what have you bought and the influence. Oh maybe it is cellphone the perhaps a new cell phone. Are you to list on FaceBook and on orders well it came Beazer radios to go was committed to real itself on Twitter convenience. Asked have you tried Allentown and yes if you pick it doesn't our race as that trying Allentown and it does not. It that's a useless thing for me but insurance generally will not cover Ambien. Unless you can show that you have tried others things I don't know if that's the just because of the dangers of Ambien or one mine. I could not get any Ambien prescription without showing a and I rights and other things first and fact. Our insurance may be tried multiple other things first and they would not just give me a tunnel grand dame in each of the 51 on what you've noticed too if that's true yeah works. Why did it about. I I feel because you telling all the about your your your sleep issues. I didn't doubt I don't know what that's like I never know that I can just I've falsely quick I I fall asleep quickly quickly. I just will wake up. Multiple times during especially if there's a lot of my mind which doesn't take a lot it doesn't. Doesn't take electric and I'm going and I will just wake up and I would separately anyway so. They act it was weird spot marking Kansas City mark thanks for calling on KM BZ. I just got a recommendation story on the Indian the senate now able to in order to cut it. Think despite the capital which is by milligrams of the union. And it is in the five. And then take the other side note at the Buick Open Miller and I are a quarter the Indian. The problem is that town milligrams does not keep me asleep so I think let's and that it. That's the idea that got you back out just sleep with a lot military. Just like apple that chin initially at night that ought to ought you ought to sleep wake up later you're up a it's just give it. Is it. It has worked very. Thanks for the full mark thinks the advice. Did this thing does work is out. Which is not the best I mean I've got better than anything keep easily I Travis I think you might we know another substance that might help you sleep if you liked it. A minute ago where it hit a I know who knows the guy he knows god help this now yeah I mean rod comes in forty minutes of just. If you need. If you need a guy that'll MacKey right out. By the way generation acts you're jet packs right if I'm your millennial. I'm not ashamed of being an axle acknowledge NX school meals there. Here's some to know that we. We millennial. Should be proud of jet acts. You. Spent the most on drug purchases last year averaging 730. Bucks last year that's more than triple Travis then we molecular. Spent we spent 206 dollars and drunk purchases last year older and Syria were. That's probably true there people their forties are going to hit but don't they similar deals have been. Financially. Smart generation. Tweet this morning that that was talking about this once again my 43430. And haze so tweeted sub millennial have nothing save for retirement. I'm like I. Just it's about up. All money they have saved figure out what our. Are we well I need to do is split when when we're talking about financial decisions we really does look like meals and she like younger half all perhaps because he probably doing better than the younger half. The kids that are still in their early twenties probably don't think save for retirement but doesn't he won the old and of the millennial reign might have little Morse. Now. By the way the things that people buy most 61% of shoppers hit it directly spent money on food. The next most common purchases shoes clothes and and gamble. I can't. Pursue her character to provide any when you're drunk. Now you know drunk on line just now write downs and intentionally. Pull takes away your phone you have extra Margarita. Usually it hit a a the IXL. Go. You don't know you don't know. No because they show up our house like all the time because he online shops constantly so yes he's big on my chopper. So I don't know Whitney he's buying he's just always buying. It's the duty online shopping we like to college on the store that the don't Wear. But it you'll just goes right we'll just by an outline the easier that way.