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Thursday, January 11th

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I'm Eric brightens. I'm a navy seal. A businessman Miami native Missouri but most importantly I am very proud husband and father. An adulterer. It admitted adulterer at. We're talking about the big bombshell story from last night governor brightens admits to an extramarital affair this happen before he became governor right and signals so there isn't a but alleged reports. That he tried to blackmail the woman to keep being counter quiet by 767798. Right to the phones when I know from you you know it's very telling. Not a lot of people calling in today saying he should keep his job tax lines always there that the phone lines have been pretty quite what people think that that. Eric Wright should stay governor of the state of loser. X lines making the one and that he had the affair with the talent Tex lines when he won that she not have the arrogant he would have had the affair and that we wouldn't be talking about 5767798. Let's go right to phones talked to bill in Kansas City bill do you think Eric brightens. Should step down. Now are down I think he's the wolf in sheep's clothing. If you look back at what he did in his opponent during the campaign. That was completely uncalled for in. That situation. And that he'd get a little deeper and is maybe he will ask you find out there's a wonderful statement. And even before the. Became governor in our secured the domain name for president. So well knew going in that the justice stepping stone. He had the White House that being followed as money results are expected to Sorrell. And you can obviously see that he's progressive socialist in the global agenda. He's not a conservative Republican. Stretch the imagination whatsoever so yes I'd be in full favor and step out. We we need true conservative in governor's mansion in jets city and true conservative values leadership it back here. Bill thank you for your phone call soccer Eugene in Kansas City on KM BZ. Yeah that our common saying a big business aspect what they do. Big job that they did a common worker that they don't they depend on matters. It demands and his wife. On the same bit of marriage because of their kids I commend him man for. Do you commend the man for what. Understand. Where it is marriage. Made a mistake. Tank. I don't know of any one's debating whether he should stay married that's certainly between he and she brightens what were asking is that he resigned as governor. I don't think he should resign from governor. Look at that a conveyed their man and big businesses that does all the time table does turn a factor. But let me ask you this huge game if they do it all the time. Does that make it right. Then then why do we use someone else's late let's take out all the big business and remove whoever. When you look at the situation you're OK with him staying in office. God I'd I don't pay that he's done an ankle harmful if they come out and say okay. I didn't and his wife is working working to save the marriage. Okay you make a big stake. There it mistake. You do things won't comment appreciated by 76779. Later texted too to 900 seem marriage and does something that what we're talking about the Smart and before the show I'd just shift that's I had a little bent on. I questions for those views that are Mary or have been married in the past on because a lot of us are looking at him dialing while you're an idiot for doing this I mean. She she. Yeah she started the affair but he said yes it takes to it takes both of you. And men and women. Both Mary have affairs. And so I talked to people I've just some simple questions like. For those that that it had an affair I want to know why did I want to know what is the difference between as we talked about his character. And we look at the reasons why this good looking guy with a military background who seemed to have it all of him politically I mean. Headed for the White House potentially. Made a mistake like best on because men and women do and so what's the difference between. The person that is on. Kind of proposition for affairs the person that is invited to an affair and says now. The person that that has the opportunity and says no and the person has the opportunity. And crosses that line and says yes I am curious to know. I've never been Terry you running inside the mind of of an adulterer Ike and why. Because getting married is different and so when you make a commitment like that and you take vows. What makes you cross that line. And because they are wondering how how can you done it's given what he had had a then and and what he stood to lose. Song and now doesn't use that an opportunity what made you say now and those few that had the opportunity what agency asked feel free to call we want username. It's a different name if you want we don't care about that I just one and now I wanna get into the act a little bit have you cheated in Y yeah and the person that was cheated on. And how to find out and admit she. Because I cheated on the girlfriend before. I'm never and will never cheat on my wife. I've I've I've kind of well. I'm not ask I know I'm Panamanians know like I understand that plane the woman. This is a big bucks large topic here let's say. On every couple has a rough it's you know let's say it's a ears and as a rough to whatever reason is that experts and she. And you meet a woman out an event or at a bar and she's maybe it was an error the show and she's being there. What the circumstances are seen cutting well. That in that because so many people have a few hours so why it's like 7% of people in marriages have cheated I don't know I believe that I know it's a lot. So a lot of people who claim they were never gonna have an affair did. So. Watch. I'd I don't know I I don't know the answer to that if he'd like to dial this up would love to hear from you if you wanna use a different name you don't want your name on here that's fine. But have you ever initiated the cheating have you ever. Been part of the cheating relationship 5767798. Sorry there at any if you said no what may I do not go that direction because a lot of you I assume a lot of people have been attempted and didn't cross the line and what stopped and did you. He survived it. When did you get cheated on by your wife for your husband. And survive it or did it end everything. If you have a story to tell would love to hear it 5767798. Video Jamie wicket agreed to your phone calls coming up next. Now he's found a terror against him and he's not standing inches power. Why. 5767798. Eating he's a fake name and call us up. Like to know this on the heels of governor brightens. Who is who has admitted to cheating in in a marriage I've never admitted that I've cheated on the girlfriend in my twenties but. N I never would cheat on week. To my knowledge I've never been cheated on and I've never cheated and to my knowledge no one's ever done it means that that I was government aware of. I don't think I've been cheated on but then again isn't that the point we don't we're not supposed to know. I don't think I have and yeah I mean sometimes relationships and that way yes that's true cause. Because you find out why it. Would you cheat if you ever been asked to cheat and you said no you say yes what came of it what about being cheated on. Give us your story 57677985767798. Or text into united Europe. Casey and Casey you're on KN BC what's going on Casey. I. Calling it is able at that very that he knew. By her as a belt entry. And mine fortunately am one the class was in. Say that and the they're right the light. At absolutely you know her. I and that didn't. Certainly. Didn't quite work really hard and you. She is. That they were under app. Can you be more. About what position you're in your husband cheated on you. Mind and keep it on. And I got out I know we can. And then. I'd yeah a big part about it while being out or is it. And that my friends aren't right at Leno as I can handle at one yet no. How long. It was the relationship in question where you relate I don't know I can do this. I think about. The mayor and her. I believe that how long ago was a casing. LA little over here. And fitness what it takes to overcome it. What does it take to rebuild trust like that well. Aren't I mean. Under. There aren't being completely. I think there would be and then me. That we went out rallying. Cry. Kinda. About healing about saying 001. Record were sent. You all. In a matter of both are a boat people. Involvement. Whether it and well you know with the other one. They should anger all goalie for the stories as we look for reasons. And attacks on 4106 I've been married for eight years I think people cheat out of boredom in the bedroom I think that has a lot to do with that the excitement of being with a different person and knowing you're not supposed to as much as I don't wanna admit it and ashamed of my actions. I have cheated on my wife. But it Tony Overland Park on KM BZ I Tony. Now bag ever cheated. I have not. My wife get on me. Oh only been married a couple of Beers and actually there's actually three years and we are yet to hit by that time. And my wife action it was one factored in she came to me and told me that she cheated on me as you just feel so guilty about it. And that was real it is very difficult. I'm like you know I never pictured myself being in that situation. Kind of like the last course that we were dirty. Very cautious not to just start killed all family members and friends. Everything that she then because you know she would like the locker that we went through a lot of counseling. I don't think about it every day and that's the one thing you know people say they think about all the time but I I learned forgive my wife. Hey Tony what her reason. That's a look at for what what drives you there. And she she won her what she says it's just like what connecting with church and I and it is my life can. I'm better spot there that has been. She I don't doubt that your the most amazing father but you kind of suck to be and has been. And and I and I stroke would be an emotional struggle with connecting emotionally alive at times. It has got guys were all about dealing women earn that there are well touch and feel and see. And and our wives are like that and I was giving her the emotional he cheated. And in sushi went out someplace else Earl Holland that. What I want the best thing to counselor told us is that they'll look bolt about individual said do you want to stay in the relationship. Well and I should definitely yes. And then he said our earth did you want to stay in this relationship in case it yet I think that's the other thing if if both parties don't want standard relationship were one of them it's gonna be real hard that we've both committed to you know. Georgia and you don't ever -- percent per but I don't like the week we shall argue we argue all the time but you don't bring up in the argument. You know a huge hit just what they just don't do it like you know if you're gonna forgive someone didn't do forgiveness and then. You know move on from there and built built relish and of course we've been married twelve years now. For so that's that's it to be to come all the way back and get to twelve years people are taken notes right now Tonys are saying a lot of things that really make a lot of sense appreciate the call to go to Nancy in Butler and 91 KMB easy I'm Nancy ever cheated. Want that can ever been cheated on. Yes I think I'm going to come up more compelling content beautiful women that work. I'm. You know the Bible said that he and your mind. Is it kind of you know that add to that. Yeah. And I'm into marriage counselor. My counselor Clinton ethnic group. And that was right. When every one of the what I am involved with someone who actually you know. I still have my back. And we were very young when we got married and I'm. You need your admin nailing ask about that you. He had their lovingly. So I'm. That's what I do I think one problem he don't. Glide it. I'm concerned. I'm nearly one victory tomorrow ugly. It's hit it at a pledged. At it. I'm. Quite I see who's about to get go down the directed just at a slam brightens I was right there. I. Our surprise ugly. I love you Nancy. And thank you for your phone call your story nick in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ nick ever cheated. Yeah. And it all he won't cause she's it is that cheating. Are there were warm. Merry. No. What you can and what do you think caused it to cheat on you. Well or better or you or. Well. We. I don't know what. There and (%expletive) that that people. That are that it will. All our. Oh man pat did you that was your first wife. Yeah but what about that we repairing the map point ought. Oh what. The problem. I don't. Know where all the way that that should media that now. I wanted it now don't condone it any fashion but while Laura are there are double. Kamal. That out of there. Now that the law actually broken well. In the public got upbeat about it. We don't know that yet we know that law enforcement has been asked to look into it or or has gotten involved and it somehow. And we don't know exactly. My guess is that there are things about as we don't know also but we don't know yet. They spoke on nick appreciate that why did you lie and cheat well for lack of a better term she's a war we were on our. First 5767798. Go to nick in grand view 191 KM BZ was up next. Not too bad your average seat. No sir I am not I grew up watching Mike and cheat on each other equipment where. I'm a mother of fourteen would that mean it seemed like she how might that that they're. And my body two years older they're very young I liked them cheese and valued it at tools that hurt each other in the back each other. But I will say that. I think it's awful that ET on somebody like it completely betrayed their trust. It looked if somebody is being that they're not getting an emotional connection on. As justification for cheating. Didn't quite make that much that means that if you add that which are lacking a home. And you wouldn't it have that somebody. That kind of. That's kind of and we may have lost it there and the banks of the vocal. It took you more your stories if you wanna jump in love to hear for vehicles right now it's 5767798. A Texan at 22980. Each other traffic update coming up in just a little bit right now there are asking about cheating we're talking obviously about governor brightness a lot this morning and into the afternoon. We're gonna give to your stories of why he would cheat because governor Wright has raised campaign on the I'm a good father a great one husband. Ideally rant on the dot card. And we thought that he committed adultery is resting you why would you cheap if you wanna share your story of why you gain or what you got cheated on and what came after that 5767798. Or texted at 22980. Look at a list a list of stats in front of me about you know when people are more likely to cheat the percentage that admit to having an affair with a coworker and all that but I'm for the reason on and maybe I'm over thinking I mean maybe it really is bored on. And a lack of attention but a lot of people aboard and a lack of attention and their marriages and don't cheat so why do you Dan what's what's at issue on. And we're at it because governor crichton's had everything in the world going forum at the time that he had this affair and it wasn't a one night stand at this one on four months. And from what we're hearing he have political aspirations and extended beyond the state of Missouri he was looking at the White House at some point and so why would he it. Make a decision to get into this relationship the way it broke at the other marriage to it I mean the one that he had a fairway is also ended up getting divorced he stayed in his marriage. But it's gonna ruin his political career now so it was a decision that hurt both parties involved. So why do it why can't you do when you know what you're doing is wrong pattern well it's a great question. Com. I like this and I've I've never may have been married Elise since last may and I have zero plans of cheating on late. I cheated on the girlfriend. When I was in high school are not as well when I was in my twenties excuse me so I don't have a whole frame of reference to this and I don't know than why did I do. Probably I was born I was away from her for a while. Alcohol may or may not have played a factor into it. I didn't think I would get caught I never did and are you know listen right now never did. And marriage you make house you know you take vows of marriage and you use say I'm in council dusters are in now. So what's stopping you so I've got some not some stats Fareed from trust a five which had a big study on us and they found that in over 13 of marriages one or both partners admit to cheating. 22% of men say they've cheated on their significant other it's 14% of women. 36% of men and women admitting to having an affair with a coworker who 17% of men and women admit to having an affair with they sister in law or brother in law wait wait six light say that again 17%. Of men and women admit to having an affair with a sister in law or brother in law. Wow which is huge that's a monster. Number for an in law. Allow a fares are most likely to occur two years and to a marriage. People of she did for our 350%. More likely to cheat again and so for those of you that it had one instance of affairs. And save your marriage. Kudos to you because it sounds like. Your fear England they're gonna do it again and go right to the phone's all like to remain anonymous and cool with that anonymous thank you for calling on KM BZ. Q are yo what's up man. I don't know now whole game. How this earlier applies to. OK what what happened with my ex and I. We were separated. And of course I was not looking old I had an apartment through it all but a mile or two we're now. And I got a phone call from one day at church ordered talks. So I came over and the kids were school. Q so the work. She needed a Russian regions we were still matter. Or a portion. She's. The head of her work or there. And that she work we're. And and I gave it to work well. And that nothing has ever been says as for their relatives or cajoled. Let her know that you know that is it should happen yeah. Now I thought you were far as the governor concern that stepped up through. Outlook the lawmakers are gonna start what's gonna happen tomorrow we as individuals are not going to be able to make that decision for the. Do you still think about when you cheated. You know to this day. Why are written are never want. Jeter and all of our time forgiving the cheating excuse. It. It did me no good. It could do any line I mean I can understand what happened. Because as far as as why we separated IPO partially blamed for that because I was not emotionally ready relate to being mayor. So that didn't help. Mean. And they revoke appreciated me it's tough to get in on this I understand you can hear that the pain. In his voice somebody else like to remain anonymous and we will communicate MB easy hello. Doing okay he ever cheated. I hit a good younger you know people that. Regular English that look at. I doubt it frequently was up here whenever it. We have attempt. To the opportunity ever LaMont. I think what I want it to be pretty seriously. I mean clearly very it is. Italy where he got it. I'd. I'd do I think. At all and also a little. In the army the odd though is that. There the and that's the thing that I was either. Got to it would about a mile decide where you ever. Cheated on. Our. Very. It'd happy I like the I have it right. I. Respect. It ought to do well. At. Each other. Well. So I'm very bored. Those those. All back. See I pull all of that it. Has. It that it ultimately if I did pretty. Obviously though. It almost as in. A lot yeah they support it and you. What and we're just the order of till the world is sort of the tree and it is every case. I would also where I never lets see one very easily. Been any word or just out of matches I can't. Move it to hit it with about a year period or if at all in all these. I don't look at. I got you I think over the phone call at 767798. Nick in belt you're next up on KM BZ. Dylan okay Nicky ever cheated or been cheated on. I have never cheated I have been cheated on by girl I was dating college her a couple of months. I I actually had. Told myself you know expect some kind quickly with other women here and worked out I was gonna wait and man you know shoot. Beyond what you don't buy. My story com. I had gotten into an apartment with a guy that I met through a Craigslist ad in point Idaho. One year old let my now why. We've been together at about two years. I'm gonna are now called out by. I'm when I'm looking at them. He informed I'd taken over a room or a woman he would living with Ford and on every effort drug addiction well. About three months into the les. He was never there all his girlfriend I think it played really bad. That it didn't make the Internet and on that play anymore you're gonna move in with that girl friend and the girl rehab got kicked out you're going to be moving back here. And I didn't have a choice in the matter. Well I wasn't actually on the Lee and slowly. She would very odd issues you know patriot center. Have nothing to clean. Bout a weaker Q and that she started drinking. And that was probably the most disgusting alcoholic I've ever met she drink in the morning before you go to work and slowly it just started. To take over so she got fired. And and she was coming home and doing Matt winter creepy boyfriend and a one night. Obviously at that might be aren't they were living in Missouri I would tonight oh. So very far and I'm living with another woman that guy that got kicked battery that and you're dead and the cause a lot of problems. A lot of eight videos a lot of tech they called as being Constant Contact and reassuring I my now wife that nothing fishy was going on. On who one night she was extremely drought and I'd. What saying inappropriate things about your body in about why. Do I bet you stop you know why. Beyond saying. And I lover at the not gonna happen EG. Actually physically grabbed mean and try to hold me down to move. I don't know what it. Convince me it's something maybe. Thought I was on the fan as you basically grabbed her and removed her off the top of me where she was straddling me on the couch and I told her that I was not on the lease. And that I would the next time she did anything like that any inappropriate advance I was going to leave and leave her with all the bill. And the lead and I was just gonna go like that they don't want to do that. Which are putting me in a really bad spot. And I'm not in a deal with that anymore so you know you gotta do what's right here and she ended up. Leave and I and I about a week later. Said that she had hit rock bottom and ended outside moving back Washington and we shoot about twenty years old and I would I'd just turn one. Am I think the vote call appreciate it. I 767798. Thanks nick we'll get to Randy. Randy story is one I worry about. You're married for a very long time this was my parents story and something happens. Back at the at the very back into the marriage and how do you get to that point. Rain he's gonna explain it. What happened to him next. Right red numbers showed today and talking with you right now about cheating governor brightens admitted having an extramarital affair but we're asking you lie would you cheats. If you want to tell your story was load times we see in your 576779. Nader text in 22980. Randy Hank that was hanging on hold now Randi we appreciate you get in have you been cheated on. How long were you married. 41 well actually it happened in our nineteen year marriage how. So it was. Now what did you find out about it. Well you know it like it was Danny's story is very long and complicated but. You know later on in our Mary you've got vocal segment of sclerosis which is the kidney failure and go on dialysis and in an article for years. And twice September 12 at 2012. He's got a transplant. There are married you know it then really good we have our moments like everybody else and yeah our sex well it was buried there. But I did you know it's got there in that kind of went away for about four years in the and seek other current plan and it does. He just. When you say when you say it transplant what do you mean. A kidney transplant thing I missed Adam's parents a hot seat changed. Well it's got depressed than I would try to conquer and pastor you know what the problem Biden. Is. He locks on them to never get back and I'm like well. They can do you know that your your very glad to. To get that didn't transplants and so I they were very our tech comes to technology. No computer no cellphone. Thought I would go either way laptop you know and that I work canal that day that the arrogantly but. Home when I'm not work home with me and my only child in my life. Anyway you know I'm gone and or content from god Lebanon today and he's on the computer. And I guarantee it struck up put one over old school way. And let's argue that her cousin was on hard times and come deliver dust for about three months. And he was in a way and her bullet in my life lose a in the back and then couldn't understand that because you know. I am a very loving caring guy and I move the whole thing went kind of hard but when you let somebody he can do that. So you lose it in my life was cut your cousin about what was going on in the country would get mad. Why do. It and so. At her cousin actually who the guys he was there and let. So you know we're good guys and told them. You know. It's so what's going on I don't know he's telling you like. Oh and that the purposes is that they're getting married. And it is a amazingly. They invited him over on Saturday. I don't know what he did come over. And then we has the modern during Qatar we had a good night. And then about three days later he called. That man I'm so sorry you know I knew what the situation was I never would've gotten. And then he told me going on. And I really respected that. Can I ask what he told you. And what it all in now how it got to work got. Well that they match. There's space. And then started taught and he has told him a sob story of whether you're card now. And now she wants. Go a different direction. And it has all the while while older you know we're married we're living together and I think there's something kind of wrongly this is the proud. I never imagined. That. So ticket you know there's there's there's a girl. I announcement that was ever. Did you do this immediately lead to. The divorce. There's no. No return. Whenever he told me that is not go on to do with it. It was sorry and it would. Stop. Yeah it was warm or you are to mobile mile hole and and you know that's. Number formerly. It will equipment of that position of Robert from home and see. Oh. Yeah we tried I tried. It's. Worked so different and it's written. I could be or. Now they Randy thinks the phone call man appreciated. It's hard to get through that. Thanks to everybody that yeah for stories. A lot of them a comment on the Tex signed to its just in. When they are multiple text messages like that yeah story and they don't commit any order you sent them sound thinks people that share those while heavy. He's stuff going on out there 'cause what are Paul Allen we've put up a poll earlier today asking whether governor air brightens should resign off from his job as the governor of Missouri given the admission his own admission about the affair in the allegations of blackmail. You can still vote on Twitter you follow us at KM BZ radio 62%. Believe that he should resign. As governor of the state of Missouri. I I don't know if I I heck I didn't vote. I don't know we should or. Yankee will. See that's different story it's that require it's a very different question because. I a believes he will stepped out. I don't know if I believe he should step down but he'll face a lot of pressure a lot of distrust. And that's what's going to to to keep. I think in order for him to stay in that job. Every Republican in the states can have to come out behind them and they're not and and say to their constituents this is why. We should keep him as our governor. On an album that's gonna happen he burned too many bridges in the campaign he ticked off too many Republicans along the way. And this is tough to defend us especially you know in the in the age that we're in right now it's hard for you Republicans as saying. For one Democrat or Republican to say and it's okay that he had an affair because not one agrees with some people think that even though. It's something many people have done they still don't think it's right. And they don't think that he should have run on family values that he was going to have done so. Exactly and and I know that's what Dane and parks probably going to be chatting about when they come in here and it's it's up to. Look everybody is. In other than does the the fan base I'm sure is split they're struggling with this great camp I'm sure is struggling with this I've I don't know what the right answer is.