Midday with J&W: Has there been a celebrity death that was emotional for you?

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Thursday, August 16th

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Elaine. Okay. I mean yeah. You know I'm. And that's helped save. Morning although not shocking we begin the sad news the passing of Aretha Franklin we do have some good news before we discuss that we have your keyword to attack. Hash this hour. It is water WA TER water tax upward and 72881. By the way we had another winner earlier this week in the 11 o'clock hours and either. Dina and parks or EJ and Allen and claim that was ours. What happened is we don't forget to do it and don't bring that up again we were terrible. Eight were owning. But you all hour to do so two win 1000 dollars could block in this national contest yeah. As you just heard there but an hour ago or so we found out the sad news. The passing of Aretha Franklin's. The acquiesce all the 76. And we had mentioned this earlier in the week and everybody was talking about that she was gravely ill and they were downplaying the idea of pancreatic cancer being in an advanced stage well she lost her battle unfortunately. With an advanced case of pancreatic cancer she died in Detroit's real quick wanna read your statement. This released by her people. For my. The afraid of family of Aretha Franklin. It's with deep and profound sadness that we announce the passing of a rethought Louise Franklin the queen of soul. This is from her publicist Gwendolyn. Quinn Franklin 76 passed away Thursday morning August 16 at 950 her home in Detroit Michigan surrounded by family and loved ones. Franklin's official cause of death was due to advanced pancreatic cancer of the neural and Ukraine type who got that rate which was confirmed by Franklin's oncologists doctor Phillip Phillips of Colorado's cancer institute in Detroit. It's the darkest moments of our lives are night not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart of Los the matriarch in rock of our family. The love she had for children. Grandchildren nieces nephews and cousins knew no bounds we've been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we received from close friends. Supporters and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers we have felt love for rethought and brings us comfort to know. That her legacy will live on as we grieve we ask you respect our privacy during this difficult time. And quote in funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming it's. So we talked about this this morning off the air and I wanna bring Travis and because he want to Missouri a context and it mornings as they hasn't gone and now whatever whatever roster pass here since last and we site yesterday. And you can ask a question and it got us talking about and and feel free if you wanna start texting zen ITT nannies are viewed as call. But what celebrity's death in the pat musician actor whatever really. Affected GO you know or or at least. It was more than just on. It didn't really noticed you know really really kind of hit you. And there hasn't been one yet who would it be that really what affect you because traps came in this morning and asked us. Couple things I I'd just personally don't understand. Emotional attachment to celebrity's. Because yes they lead to make movies are made music. They really don't do anything for you personally. Emotionally may be personally they don't so you know it's really sad when you see is slippery died. But to me it's like why go back it's a wash your movies arm and then I'm not really going to. Miss them in a few years lower. I don't know why is just. I know I really haven't had someone maybe that's impacting me for me to be emotionally tied to try to grow emotionally is what it is. But like Michael Jackson died my mom. Brought yells to his knees when he passed away I still remember where it was did not pride of the oh crap. He died and walk listen to his music Aretha Franken just passed away all right I mean. That's sucks but I'll listen to her music I mean I'm not trying to be mean about bill that's fine but just one of those things I don't have emotional tie to anything. Celebrity wise battle cry when I go to a concert and they walk confront me and they display my favorite song. Or holy crap Garth Brooks Taylor Swift or Kanye West whoever. I'm not going to get emotionally tired than just because amid the contour or because they passed away. I think that'll change as you get older 'cause I mean I don't wanna Celek an old buddy buddy and try to attack down to you because you're ten years younger than I am but. I was that way like I didn't get would people like I understand. Now why people have that connection like this one today even though. We knew it was coming Aretha has been in. Terrible health for awhile we got to gravely ill announcement. Earlier this week so this comes as no surprise no one should be shocked by this. But Aretha Franklin and her connection to Detroit where I'm originally from. Makes me think of my childhood. And that's why when we talked about Aretha passing today. That's why I get emotional because. She was one of the favorites of my mother and my father. And it reminds me of growing up and it reminds me of being a kid and I'm getting emotional talking about it right now. You know they're they're certain to be said some uninteresting. Elvis Presley. Massive connection for people all around this country. Died today 41 years ago so the king a rock and roll. And the queen of soul are jamming together right now probably pretty awesome concert to go to. But Aretha Franklin has meant so much to so many people since the 1960s. And you know which she was the recipient of the medal of freedom from from president George W. Bush. In 2005 she sang at Barack Obama's inauguration in 2009. I just I have a connection because it reminds me of a happier time in my life. And that's why I think when people. Get emotional for people they've never Mac as I know the text messages are coming in I've never met any these people I don't care about them. That's fine a lot of this movie stars TV shows or happy times for us and. And I think Travis part of what it is maybe and I don't mean to sound like he'll fighting that either buy it on. I suspect that in ten or twenty years when their head band musicians that have been making hits and that had been a part of your entire life. When that person goes. You may notice that a little more because you will have memories. Attached to those songs I think we treat musicians a little differently than we do. People in other areas of entertainment. Because we do we have parts of our lives that happened during those songs that we attach to those songs that we heard and maybe goes. Just haven't happened for you and if you're just I was tasked to celebrity's some people and that's totally okay. And I think it might be a family thing too so I sit at a mass takes out to my sister or mom. And my other sister I asked them the same exact question that we're that we're talking right now. And they also know they don't have a celebrity. My mom is sixty. My sister is. 32 another one is 33. They all say if they haven't had. You know some type of attachment to a celebrity whether it's music core. Acting whatever. And my mom said you not meant to Mark Jackson she goes it was really sad day. But that is and I can go back to his music. Listen to it learning a lot about the walker family you guys have no emotional connection to anything it's via as it is not just an honor that's okay. Mark level like humanism. This one I think connects to you the passing of Aretha Franklin but was there ever one of these guys stumbled yes 88. Next I believe man totally done I mean. Here's here's with me I'm kinda liked Travis. But you know to have never gotten like you know weepy about a celebrity passing away. But I remember vividly when Elvis died turned out we were on the highway summertime courses 41 years ago today. The one person who I do remember where I was when I heard he died. Was John Belushi. Now I'm 52 years old I was in high school he was one of my heroes right out of a class clown myself. And you know its debt that's the one that I remember I don't remember being like Sabbah I remember being kind of angry like what the hell man I funniest guy out Thursday. I think I felt that way wouldn't Chris Farley died yup same similar comedians out there weird different had a party lifestyle I think I was about that same age when Chris Farley passed. Mean. So Texan and we'll get your calls coming up who was the celebrity death that release satin you you know one that you really notice and there and one yet who will it be. Or stars coming up political text line and and play some of these signs while. 5767798. Every two Franklin passing away at the age of 76 advanced pancreatic cancer. I'll will find out for me on who is really making you take a step back after they have passed away which celebrity is it or. Feel for it texted may be like Travis and it's been nobody. A lot of times somebody has texted in the same person sent to attacks with both of mind. Over LA I'm Mike related crop why do we have the same the same to you and we'll get to those coming up next here and anyone KM BZ. Panorama. Man. TE now. Winning and I. So I can. Tell me. And hanging out and we you know mom. You know again. Miners and brings me. Aaland the great Aretha Franklin passing away earlier this morning at the age of 76. She lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. We're talking about the queen of soul and others op that have had an emotional connection to you that when we lost the does the celebrity. Did you get emotional that date did you take a step back did you need a minute. 5767798. You can also texted at 22980. Op Ed and maybe you're like Travis maybe you haven't had that person yet meet maybe you'll never theaters. Because you never met him he can still go listen to their music on line and it will watch old movies or whatever. 5767798. Everything got to knock on Jamie Aretha was when the dot. And I don't mean to sound. In different. I heard it was one of those where I recognized for role. In and you don't realize many hits she wrote and I know did our part about this yesterday and you don't get. Don't realize that NC here on how many songs on new generations. Maybe because. Of her age and because of the way she passed on this one because she's not coming a little but this one isn't. Now I'm not sign not your full over it but I recognized her role and in our culture for share was yours. On nine lives Patrick Swayze. When Patrick Swayze died and I I clearly remember call for a family member Sunday night. And I think you know I'm I'm of the generation that dirty dancing was a big deal that movie came out when I was in now century years old and Watson bonds as a kid and then just followed his career for one time. But for me for him it was because it was pancreatic cancer just like it was Aretha Franklin on and it was because you had this this image of him during his career. As he's a dancer up for his after he was a dancer. And as strong muscular body. That was whittled down. To a waif like formed because of pancreatic cancer you watch that happen over the course of twenty months. Isn't she your pick her cancer it's it's death it's it's it's a death sentence immediately when you hear and so for that have happened ugly views 58. When that happened. And I two announced on growing up in Chicago I had to announce Walter Payton stuff on here. Wow lots on you talk about John Belushi in Chicago Walter Payton in Chicago that was in 1999 and I was working I injury as these implements and nine and I remember that was. Growing up as bears fans and and him being such you know such a pillar of the sports world Chicago. When I had to announce that that one that was hard. Billy jewel will be that firming went when he goes and Taylor will be picked from an active part for people is. On kind of you know if you have memories attached to that I'm not that that he biggest James Taylor fan but my dad really was my aunt has gone. I I just remember on. I'll cry now I remember my dad not being on like seeing a band that was playing it and we are indications I'm where I am bar. And it is a guy that asked in I was earning and he wants to hear my dad sad Giannone James Taylor Ann Arbor he played every day and the singer and and I loved James Taylor percents. And M when James Taylor goes that will be a big deal about you 57677. 98 air and your 91 KM BZ thanks Colin Aron. And in the I was probably Robin Williams hit a you know up on a related patents but he did that hit me emotionally they were there are people that you know like that you also already that we're all they've done. It can go out there realize that when we're going. I've grown up watching an advocate more Mindy. All and that we as members. And although the laughter that he brought acknowledges sit down. A something probably do it in from. I hear your phone is Israel nasty they're Aaron if you haven't seen. The Robin Williams. Documentary that is out. I recommend it called common side my mind. It is outstanding. About the life of Robin Williams and everything from stand up comedy days. To the more and indeed gays to becoming a superstar. And film. It it's amazing watch the documentary come inside my mind I watched it and I cried. At the end of it I idly and I were emotional. Watching. One of the funniest man ever guy you would never ever think it would take is all like this he was so funny making joke after joke after joke. And he hung himself. Here's Robin Williams. Like in the year. Ago. Sump pump in the Middle East to send John daddy goes Saddam hundred domain. Did you get out of Kuwait I give you you'll be okay. They get him yeah it does get you degree Hamlet just like nine Europe are poorly intervene. How much thought. They played things. I'm glad than me in my car. Yeah. You do an eclectic celebration of the bench you do Fuzzy Fuzzy thoughts that you do not so Graham Martha Graham Martha Graham or Twyla Twyla. Playing on Michael can't Michael Kidd Michael Kidd Michael Pitt I'm not gonna commit enough. But you can go inside that. Erin thinks your phone comment. I'm I'm look at the tax line so there's a local one that will talk about afternoons okay what will spend a few minutes an hour and as I know there is one means a lot T locally organ and you. Saying Princess Diana. I'm on. I'm surprised attack on but given the tragic way that she died and and and think about the number of people that watch that wedding and and the way we follow the royal family them. I would say we can do even more now. On but the way that she died and in a car Claudius imports of stacked up Hammond KM BZ at camp thinks. Morning morning in both of you. Truly bad news. But I was like Jamie I. I don't think it's the fact that these people died I think it's how they've done. I mean I can remember vividly. Didn't did David Chung went and got shot I hit government took Christmas party. And I can home to the news that he had been murdered in in front of the apartment in December right before Christmas. Well. You know it. It's not exempt some patent fight with his dad got shot. You know these people would die in plane plane crashes and car wrecks and before their time the fact that I read today was out of the gate she was and that's these the legacy that she did in her music. I'm I'm grateful to have depth than you'd think she'd left I'm sorry if a year ago. At the same time. Particular declined. I think a lot of people that feel that way as well and thank you for your phone call coming up we'll get to that local name. Take more your phone calls. Lot and in for a lot of the Bruins committed of the tax lot of them coming on the text line. Actually sterling is going to be up after the news sterling has won another got to you recently as a matter fact and a. So yeah. Nancy. Her last performance was. With Elton John in November of 2017 at a private AIDS Foundation event in New York her last public show was in August of last year. Ali lost Aretha Franklin today it queen of sold the age of 76 Gloucester battle with pancreatic cancer in 2005. I she received the medal of freedom from then president George W. Bush she sang at president Barack Obama's inauguration she was the first woman inducted. Into the rock and roll hall of fame if we have time to play this a little bit later I've defined it in 1998. At the grammys. What a great tenors pop Roddy I believe flu shot a pop Roddy lost his voice. Couldn't saying she stepped in and crushed it it with thirty minutes or something like that too wide to go. And it got to to a bigger discussion because Travis came in and said I don't get the emotional connection people have to celebrities when they passed. This one I have an emotional connection to because where her career was out of I grew up on Motown a group and Detroit suburbs. Right on the doorstep of Detroit and this reminds me of being a kid. Jamie had one earlier that was. One of her favorite actors pit Patrick Swayze when his death happened. Averages. Because of the role but that Plame and I was a tent on. Richard calls and then a lot of you on the text line are mentioning Don Harmon opt out of fox forecast where several years ago suicide will play for you on. Don't feel like kind of a bomber but enough that you SATA and an ever mention that will talk about it we'll replay for you. I somewhat fox four had to put on your that's next. Sterling is up next 5767798. Who was it for you sterling. Hey good morning well first of all that policy. What reek of Franklin Mint Meehan and she was wonderful. And I encourage anybody. To. Find her album sol 69 it's do it and it's incredible. Some. Celebrity's actually past two years to. Have passed it have affected me deeply. The most recent one was at the board gain. And Anthony board gains to me was a real shock I don't think tiger or anybody else realized the pain that you within evidently he to go the way he did but what I loved about it he ordained. Was he used his shows food that shows to immerse himself in other people's cultures. And celebrate those the differences. You know when these cultures and you know to celebrate art humanity. And I I thought that was just incredible net debt deeply hurt. And in a couple of years ago Mohammed oh lead when he was the hero to me. He would demand that stood up its depiction. And I I felt so deeply. About Mohammed Ali I I planted a tree the next day in his name. A sudden burst unable. And I mean that three Ali. Because that three is strong and beautiful in and I just in the post you were the words. I still choke up. To. Sterling thanks man appreciate that. Over the day out Lee passed it in and that was another one you knew it was common ending a lot of people's final image that they really remember of Mohammed Ali. Was at the Olympics when he lit the torch. And he survived for awhile after that. And and kind of like with everything Franklin and the connection it's like you knew it was coming but it's still it's still got here. Thanks and we appreciated steadier on came BZ what's up Steve. Morgan. I don't know. I'm gonna keep you here on equity real. Well account. Recently. I was urged Iraq. Did you ever get a chance to see Tom Petty Steve. He never did it and you know itself that aren't you know. What what are what are other on. Our. Pretty. Remember. And remember to alert our. Yeah it was not long ago. Like it at pop and getting our world our member walked in the threat but more. On the he had to art the art art art are. And I jets couldn't leave the all right. I wasn't even a NASCAR fans but I was watching the Daytona 500 when that happened and it was the most unassuming Iraq. It was just a regular. You've seen that wrecked a thousand time cargoes down the bottom heads up to the to the wall. Head on collision. Eat eat you didn't even. Think it was anything bad. And here's how big dealer and art is still to this day and that was in 1999. I wanna say or 2000. Went Travis can look that up when Dale Earnhardt passed. He's still one of the top selling. NASCAR names. When it comes to merchandise. On the circuit and how has gone for almost twenty years now every eighteenth 2000 wanted us one thank you he is still see Daytona International Speedway and it's going to be yet that I remember that day and people today still loved dale. Still love the intimidator. Jacob your on KM BZ with the Jacob. OK so yeah I don't personally just. I didn't really seemed fairly quick and like Michael Jackson died at that does like it just been put back there are no. Michael next on much that when Chris Cornell today. A year ago and outlet in my genes you know listening to his music and it just blew me away outs are suppressed a bet that. What's key here like three days before he passed. He was an hours I had thought I'd are really wanted to see and end at. Or next I'm in the and I'm not a kid anymore. Now you're right about that amen appreciate it Chris Cornell lead singer sound garden. Most known for being the lead singer of sound garden. Am I remember that and then didn't Chester. Bennington of into this zero Lincoln partly depart pinky and shortly thereafter he died last year and a half shortly thereafter. Hit it to go back to the the previous guy they called in about it Tom Petty I did get a chance to see him play with his original band mud crutch they did a reunion tour and it's not a music festival. But I never got to see Tom Petty in the heart breakers. Perform their their band you mention a local named a lot of people texting and about. If I can't we a couple of either were on hold it wanted to talk about those that dropped off the line of him wants to call and talk about those feel free but many of you have mentioned the death of Don Harmon on whom. His wife found him he committed suicide back. I'm in November of 2011 of course popular figure on fox for. And that was interest it was an interesting time to be here on it in parts. To be member of the media and to see how fox four had to handle that with lord Halifax and mark Alford that morning. On they could not reach. Don Harmon his dad. And they didn't want to announce it on the air and tell you it reached his dad and until dad knew exactly what happened and so. Tonight for their rumors out there and there was a lot of social media the media that it happened but fox 4 that morning. Couldn't say what everybody knew because they had reached dad and so if you remember. They read and and posted on FaceBook just a very brief statement saying on you know where family here just just give us a bit of time we know we have questions. And that at noon that day Kathy Quinn made the announcement. Don Harmon a beloved meteorologist to personality on the fox 4 morning show passed away Tuesday evening to all of us dom was like family. And the news comes as a great shock to all the people he worked with your fox four. Don bright and her mornings for more than ten years any made his mark on Kansas City television he will be deeply missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and we ask that in this time of sorrow he respected family and their need for privacy in their moment of grief. And then that evening and they went on to house a longer package. With video of henin backhand and I know that that was really around here that was a big deal. Guys that's that's been a real popular one coming in especially next slide because. Perhaps people closer to him were aware that maybe he was having some trouble but the audience certainly dead and in fact quite the opposite because. He was such a gregarious guy on the air that that you never would've suspected that he was happen. Emotional. Know a lot of people texting in this one right here this is a pretty popular and on this one effective Scott parks a lot. The whole city of Minneapolis turned purple when prince past. Yeah and I world. We'll get together Writely and that was less than two years ago. So I think you and I were together I know I was on the era a number of that was yours act I think it was me crack a minute there have been several since I'm here I'm. A lot of people's sad to see I Heath Ledger ago the actor who played the Joker in one of the Batman movies. Lou. He was fantastic in that he won an Academy Award for that one after passing away a lot of people jump and it with that with Heath Ledger. And of course Chris Farley from Saturday Night Live. I don't remember when you thought you were in the live deals and you do that. Album Abbey Road and at least talk to you Paul McCartney by the way the very. End of the song. Every song goes and in the end the love you take is equal to the laws you make. Who is there that. Yes. And it is. Is that true. As Chris sitting in my experience it is I find the more you give them way to get. Gone too early. It would give answers on FaceBook welcome back to this a little bit erratic in a wreath at Franklin. The news she passed away. On this morning after a long battle with pancreatic cancer the queen of soul was 76. Coming up. I I don't know who were gonna go on the other side because they know what it's kind of a downer moment kind of an upper to remember some of these people. We have more coming up next year and anyone came easy get ten minutes until your next keyword cash we'll tell you what that is by the will be a winner again in this program at the 11 o'clock a couple of days ago so you could be the next that's I think our fifth one this run pretty good for the station. Eleven of the key to cast a bit up in just minutes. The video of this is up online yet stories are unfazed by I urge you to check our FaceBook page real quick where there's a video of what happens and a mole who falls regional park in Washington State. And the reason we're talking about it what you're gonna see on the video is an eighteen year old girl. Pushing a sixteen year old girl off a bridge. She falls sixty feet down into water. Why this or is my tensions are much bite it video startling so the video and it's not your not using obscene it's it's now it's not glory or anything it it is very sudden. On and so you kids that are hanging out this park that is known for kids to go in dive off this bridge into the water. So an eight year old girl who's now been identified as Taylor Smith. Pushes her sixteen year old friend off the bridge. She falls more than fifty feet into the east fork of the Lewis river an eight laid out position. She belly flops in the water despite attempting to land toes first. She has. All kinds of injuries as as related to dance six Brooke and reds to punctured lungs and multiple internal injuries and cuts. Just as in massed behind windpipe she will recover but it it's gonna take a little while before she recovers. And so initially the video came out and I believe he has been taken off on some social media at least on this video comes out. And police had not identified the person who pushed to the question is should the six year old girl be in trouble legally should she be facing charges for us. So initially she had not been identified so they put the video out there in theirs because you can you conceit. The girl Taylor Smith a little you can't fully make her out but she. She's standing above our and she just comes up behind her and pushes Iraq and it apparently came after her. On the sixty year old girl named Jordan hesitated about jumping off the bridge on her out that's people do think the Bridget eight about the bridge into the water. And a sixteen year old girl was was feeling nervous and hesitated about it so the eight year old girl comes up behind her. Takes her shoulders and pushers are off and water it's it's like it takes five seconds to watch the video it's on her face very age old my lord and a soul. They eventually. This is in our county Washington. Today find out who this girl is and they have completed their investigation into the incidents and they are affording it on to the prosecutor's office to find out. If this eight year old girl will or should be charged on. And it's it's interesting because they've been making the rounds on The Today Show. The girl does procedural Taylor Smith. Apparently would not go on camera but told NBC news and attacks that she's apologized repeatedly to Jordan a six year old and feels really bad about what happened. She's been getting some pretty serious threats because this video has been making the rounds Oliver social media so now she is staying away from home and and is kind of hiding. While people threaten her overdose. On and it's no doubt you know people sad it's it's lucky that the sixty Euro survives it it is it's a sixty foot fall down. On I don't know like that the kids are allowed to go to this bridge and jump off but they do they do enter that place that you're not supposed to go that all the kids got to I'm guessing there's places like that around here that your kids go to. And do sort of stuff like this. But when you watch it like she's standing there she's looking to were left she's looking you're right. And you scatter back to the to the bridge and then and the girl comes from the other side of the railings and just she loves her. And and she obviously had no idea it was coming. This is off spots but is it criminal. Take a look at the video I think it is give us a call what do you think is it criminal what she did because. This did you write it I mean if you're here with water like I you know you're messed around for Saturday the bridge jump author Janelle it's it's supposed to be a fun thing and you've got a girl that is scared. And so somebody pushes or off the brits. Not a question I was asking a case like that says what if the girl had died gaffes she had died and it's completely different story this was not an accident. This was not now maybe it wasn't done maliciously. May be the eighteen year old didn't realize how badly this girl can be hurts. Maybe the eight year old didn't think about it. But this was not an accident I mean she didn't accidentally just bumper she wet she grabs her shoulders and she pushes her off the orange. Prosecutors are trying to figure out now if this is something they should be pressing charges for keeping mind. The girls got broken ribs he's got a mask behind her when pipe she she is lucky to be punctured both lungs. 576. 77985767798. It pebble is is this. I mean is it kids being kids. But the girls eighteen or is it all means she returns is minor to a team so is it kids being kids or is this a criminal act this is criminal. This is com. Remained Knoll. And it sucks for the eighteen year old because she is a team and a bit silly to ours is still be tried as an adult did because she is one. This is criminal Chris is this is I see it as. I don't I don't now is it assaults and kids push each other. Timing I don't know the legal charge again not lawyers I don't know when this falls under I think the question is is it something you. She's going to be medical bills to pay gap you know is so is this more pop a lawsuit that's filed by it or is it just. Kids being kids. Because keep in mind it's it's not if it was clear already they would arrest of her yap sheriff's department did a roster Friday and wait ordered it to prosecute this was almost two weeks ago right August 7 August 7 okay. So. It's not clear cut it some of you are automatically saying it's definitely criminal have you seen it they didn't roster so it's not clear cut to that if it wasn't. See that's were all right my question lines. If it's criminal now why wasn't criminal on August 8 it means the sheriff's departments not sure. It means they're leaving it to prosecutors to see if they're gonna press charges before they just automatically roster. 5767798. Two girls all the budget kids are hanging out sixteen to eighteen years old hanging out at a bridge. In Washington State. One girl comes up from behind is the sixteen year old girl is a little hesitate may not wanna jump off the bridge as kids have been known to do into the water below. The eighteen year old girl from the other side of the railing comes up and shove her from behind girl falls fifty feet punctures both lungs breaks five ribs. Is this criminal.