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Barnett can cells are and after Chara for running a long hard campaign very well. They're all worthy opponents they're all great leaders in the air great Kansas and it has been an honor to be in this race with. Now though we turn to the next race it is essential that we run this race as a team in relay team if you will. And whenever Republicans in the past have lost statewide races or have lost a congressional races. It's almost always because of disunity within our party. That is our Achilles heel that tends to always upset are running as a Republican Party in Kansas so I want to say unequivocally. That we will be unified party as we move forward in if I do you hand the baton to death. I will and that ties him with as much momentum as we possibly can and I will cheer him up. As he runs the rest of the race but we have to begin running right now because our opponents are he started running. Now the time we must come together as Republicans for our shared values these are guys that are not just shared by Republicans that are actually shared by all kansans. And it's my honor to carry that baton for now as you run this race into the general. I think kansans are ready for tax cut. It's your money it does not belong to the politicians and speak. Republicans stand on the principle of cutting taxes. And I will be pushing hard for Republicans to cut taxes immediately. Once we would move into office in January. Secondly secondly I think kansans are ready to cut the size of government. Quote the founder of the Democrat party Thomas Jefferson. That government is best which governs the least government needs to get out of the way government doesn't create jobs. Government impedes growth in most situations we need to shrink the size of government. I think Kansas are ready to make her stay in business friendly stating. Kansas proposal was one of only three states and 27 team that had negative economic growth. Things have to change cast Kansas businesses need to feel that they aren't business friendly environment. And Republicans will make Kansas and much friendlier business environment. I think kansans are ready to stop illegal immigration. No more welfare benefits for illegal aliens no more instate tuition. And don't are taking jobs from US citizens and from those aliens who follow our laws and coming the United States. I think Kansas wanna protect unborn life. If the Supreme Court Kansas decides to create a brand new unwritten right to have an abortion that is invisible in the Kansas constitution. Then it is our duty to pass a constitutional amendment correcting such a judicial error. The Republicans will lead that fight to protect life and proposed and puts such an amendment. I think Kansas wanna protect our right to keep and bear arms. I know that. Most states have had a constitutional referendum. On their state Second Amendment right if you overstate version of the segment. And you maybe interest to you know. That kansans past our Second Amendment right our state constitutional right to bear arms with a higher majority than any other state in the union. So there's empirical evidence for the claim that kansans are the most gun friendly citizens. Of the United States. I think our laws should reflect that. And in many respects they do not the Republican Party will make sure that our laws reflect our attitude about the right to keep and bear arms. I think Kansas ought to protect American workers. Against competition from a legal labor. But it also against conditions in the workplace. That may be injurious. And also to protect them with a workers' comp system that is constitutional. And that is fair and gives the worker fair compensation. For the injuries that may hobble him for the rest of his life. I know kansans want to protect America. I think Kansas wanna protect Kansas agriculture as well. Our farms. Proportion of the Kansas economy we need to do everything possible to ensure that Kansas and culture thrives. I think Kansas ought to protect our schools. But not by letting the Kansas Supreme Court set the budgets the representatives of the people. When you vote for have the ability and the constitutional responsibility to set budgets for schools. We need a constitutional amendment to make it clear and we also need to get more money into the classroom. There's a lot of money going towards schools but not enough that is going to class only about half of the dollar spent. We have proposed a 75 cents of every dollar requirement that that money be spent in the classroom. And that means on the teachers out on books and teaching materials and all the things that contribute directly to the child's education. So what's what's in store for the weeks ahead. During the next three months we will make our case to the people of Kansas. And our two opponents on the left will be hard pressed to commence kansans that we are wrong on the issues I've just laid out. One of our opponents is a liberal state senator who is in many respects much like Kathleen Sebelius all over again. Pro abortion. Pro tax hike a big government Democrat. Or other opponents is a liberal businessman. Who is so liberal. That the US senate pressure. These senate democratic candidate to drop out of the race and when he fourteen you may remember so that he could run as the active Democrat. He was supported by senator Joseph Biden. By senator Claire McCaskill. And by a bet a large number of senate Democrats the United States and it was also supported by Michael Bloomberg. We know. And the people of Kansas that it return to a left wing and will not be good for our state to not be good for businesses it would not reflect the values of the people of Kansas. And are lagging business environment would get even worse. We now and the people of Kansas. That the platform of the Republican party's rights and reflects the values of the people of Kansas. So I'm asking Republicans to stand with me now as we begin this race and run forward. To victory in November we have to stand together we owe it to each other and we owe it to the people Kansas to start making our case that they can make their decisions in the next three months. And says it together I hope we'll run to victory. May god bless you all and may god bless the great state of Kansas. That is Crisco box speaking. After her last night. And this morning's debacles. Here in Johnson county and around the state. There is a what 191. Difference between he and governor collier for the Republican nomination interesting. He's going to run as if he wine without this recount it's gonna happen any said he will hand the baton to Jeff governor collier if need. Blame and this could take a while the recount could take some time on in fact the provisional ballots aren't even all in yet I don't think they have to be in until Friday. And there could be 101000 on Stan still coming and so it. He doesn't have time to waste he may as well campaign as if he'd one the primary because it's rather just sit here and wait he Mays or keep trying to court voters in the meantime. As we may not know here for a little that I don't know how long to recount would take it depends on what they're gonna recount exactly but sport and that campaign speech. I'm Alice it was a what you would expect. He hit a lot of the talking points by the way I do want to mention this to. Two to Crisco bock. The Democrats that are you running against are not pro abortion. Being pro choice does not mean pro abortion. Only issue I had this speech and we turning on his campaign and checked all the boxes for the conservative side of this being pro choice does not mean pro portion. He is just a campaign speech. He's just trying to stir up I'm sure. But just so he knows. I know he knows that he explained that. He's not stupid he just knows who has voters are. And his voters like to again. If you're a crystal black voter and realize that too it just means women of the choice do with their bodies as they choose not but the government tells him to do. Hey don't forget coming up tomorrow will we be will be broadcasting live at Oak Park mall for the caring for kids radio thought the Salvation Army children's shelter. And you let me bank as generously donated their suite for tomorrow night's chief's game and if you would like to. Make a huge donation we would love it. 500 bucks get to a pair tickets inside the suite to. So we've got a bunch of pairs of suite tickets so again 500 bucks per pair that pair includes the sweet orders and refreshments. And gold parking pass so father by donation or more if you liked kick and more that's cool. If you're interest debt I you need to call Chris at the Salvation Army the number to reach him. 81680309358168030935. Tickets we sold when he first come first or basis. Get it done let's raise some money it's midday with Jamie and wicket. Coming up at 1235 Steve's block routes gonna join us at Kansas City Star. Interesting night in politics on both sides of the state line will recap that have been up at 1235 you're an idea what came BZ. Don't forget you have a chance when 1000 dollars your keyword cash eons. BG RU and U wide grumpy text the word in the 72881. C block grant from the star is gonna join us in about ten minutes will go over everything that happened yesterday in the I'd Johnson County voting situation. Any expected wins by a Claire McCaskill when Josh hall he's setting up the showdown with. Coming up in November. Oftentimes Jamie we get accused of only focusing on winning gun is used in a bad situation. But one of the two as we have been known to do with you and I don't get credit for it. An armed bystander. This was a good guy with the gun takes down bad guy with the gun story. Out of Florida from this from ABC news. An arm bystanders shot a man who opened fire on a crowd at a Florida park in identified gunman returned to the park after a fight. With another person on Saturday and proceeded to opened fire on the cry out. The shooting was around 520 in the afternoon. At Isaak Campbell park in the Central Florida city of Titusville. Which is across the river from the Kennedy space center at the time. Back to school events called peace in the city. Was being held. Goodness in honor of Tony Butler who was found dead neighboring car last month said the DJ at the event in his closet with. It was too white Harvey RB said he was played music for the event when he was startled by the gunfire which he didn't recognize it first. He wanted to it was firecrackers. So when I turned around and looked as though the other guy returned fire. There's a video of this open it up on FaceBook. As another AA gunman. Turned and the beat it by standard who shot the suspect. Opening fire on a guy who is this re seeing into this Krakow to. You've been fully kerrobert of the armed with the ongoing investigation. And again you and I often people say you only talk about win you know bad things happen with guns but this was a case where this was a you know an innocent bystander being they're. And and taking down of about. So they're good story saying not anti gun. Good guy with a gut takes downed guy with the gun by the wind nobody ever said. And in in the conversations about when guns are misused no one ever sat there never used for guys. But for some reason he'll hear you talk about the other stories. And they think you don't know that big guns are used as they're supposed to be used like isn't used to supposed to be used. That's the point. This is good you know you get a guy who's who's properly trained. Who carries he's only legally allowed to carry that that firearm with them and a nasty situation happens. And this guy. Takes down the bad guy. It's good city. Is pretty damn. It is. I'm annoyed at the moment. Why why because you've mentioned abortion yet now I got a portion debate happening on the tax line that's fine. Layoff people he was during your pot and you fell for it. Chill out just what people and no I'm serious I got I out what texts after another now arguing about abortions. On Wednesday blink Chris coach doc. Don't blame me eat blame Chris cope hockey is that. Guy that said it is democratic opponents. The two liberals. That he's going up against the materials really only lark. He said the two liberals are pro abortion. They are not pro abortion and air pro choice. Which is the straight which is always strange to me when conservatives. Our cell. For old telling a person what to do are so that government. Are so pro government when it comes to telling a woman what she can and can't do with their body is only a few times and that would win. You know come would pure hypocrisy is staring you right in the face. And it's it's this right here when that wind when one person says no I'm sorry man you can't decide what to do with your own body. Act is to meet your hypocrisy and that's again pro choice is not pro abortion play with the the blame wicket. It is and I and I and elaborate. I go did. Not me. It's your secretary of state and right now. The guy who is going to you know potentially get the Republican nomination for governor. The abortion text can stop he's not looking at the text line and I'm engaging you in the debate I leave it at. We've never had the abortion debate on the show no not something I'm anxious to have new. And I'm not doing on the tax line I mean though at just go Chela. Analog government in my life except it comes to old. Telling a woman what she can't he can't do for her with their body. It's amazing. Now I want. I don't I don't want the government tell me what I can do. Oh by the way you cannot do what you want to do with your body Mexican any of it eight speak that odd odd today is a big daddy today is. I think that fifth and just to make a smooth transition. Today's a big day. Or Jamie and me it is our two year anniversary we began this program August 6. 26 was our August 0882016. Easy for me to say August 8 26 team. And in honor of the attack amid all the tax payable sponsor this and I. Honor of the day bright dots and then you that this president and deal with people going nuts about abortion now it's pro choice it's not pro abortion. It there's a difference. Banks that. You know proper share any time. We are going to up play a game with you a little Jamie with your family feud a little bit later on so. There's no prize we just want to say thank you ever gonna play with you guys. I'm coming up in it. They tomorrow. We are broadcasting live out at Oak Park mall it is the caring for kids radio Thon for the Salvation Army children's shelter and we want you to hell about donating tomorrow as much money as you can for the kids. Who are in some awful and I mean awful situations their rescued and are put into. On the children's shelter and hopefully they'll find a better path than what they are taken from time and we need money. I mean I begged there's no sugar coating we need money we give your money to them. They get your money hand. The best way to help out tomorrow to have that phone number over and over is to donate it even kick off the donations today. Thanks to UND bank that is donated their suite for tomorrow's chief's game during a radio on so we've got tickets out pairs of tickets available for the game. 500 bucks gets you a pair of tickets for the suite that includes the UMB sweet orders and refreshments and a gold parking pass. If you're interested call Chris at the Salvation Army to number their 81680309358168030935. Chris at the Salvation Army. And the tickets are we going on you first come first serve. 500 bucks each paired tickets get in get it done if immediate formation it's not a FaceBook or it is on our FaceBook page were. It is on Twitter joining us right now from the Kansas City starter I don't even healthy went to bed last night Steve bock right as with us on the news line Steve. Did you immediately backed it up what time did you give up last night. I I did not give up I look through the night. Oh my gosh. Wow that's that's dedication right there so make a lot of sense right now we're talking we're not gonna blame that on and I'm so Steve can give us. A few words to describe the last let's say. 36 hours since voting began. Well it's been a remarkable period or her. Policy. In the net. Abe remarkable period for politics in the midwest good way to put it a. Yeah I didn't Wear it you really think about it we're in the senator about. Three arguably four. You know national news stories. Coming out of the primary you don't see that every day over every primary fortunately. Let's begin with the big when your state and that is the Republican nomination for governor of Kansas Jeff collier Chris called buckle lock up a 191 right now. There will be a recount obviously there's a lot of that the provisional the absentee ballots all that kind of stuff. Legitimately ethically can Crisco overseas for a guy who's all about voting integrity. And Chris cope by overseas. V recount or the recall yet the recount of this election. Well he they're all that that's where there's certainly no law that says it's. But we know. They're they're they're saying in the law that. Are you going to give audit should certainly do it legal experts. And political expert at you know probably art are you today that yeah. They're proficient against them or a requirement. Acute and stop cursing. Recount. By no mean (%expletive) to eliminate your. On the interest groups. Yeah in legal and political and journalistic circles. Most people understand that Eric that a conflict of interest that is really about it pat as the actual conflict of interest. Is very universe in which you see him taking himself out of those them. That's really our day we course on that accurate and in a it. I campaign in the response from his. Running me weaker than he was bumping along the lines well I trust carts that you were saying. For the people and that it and you know it everybody's got a different interpretation of operating system people camp that though. That but certainly here. I know there are some people that are questioning. Everything that went on in Johnson county and Ronnie Metzger is spoke in a bit about this. Was this a software error or is this something bigger. That caused this count to go on until 8 AM today. Well it's aren't we note of charter. It was. Eighties. In the Israel and the data a here is what are what they're protesting. Which has to say that. Yet with voting machine you don't like him and beat the one Q where he can do with the possibility you know. Outsider here. And so they feel is when you use electronic voting there USE. (%expletive) that they take. And they like it in your brother seeing the road again. And that other machines or at all the population what they're saying at that point. Is that it took that longer than they thought exceptional in line. Libya would be. Make it through picket reports of salt. Hey you know that the vote totals or accurate. Com. And then disaster related matters. At a speed of delivery issue. I don't have a better information that at this point. Other and point out that John Loney. That's who put that in major election in last year's credit there. Lagging far offline and all the other county campus. In reporting that are ever spoke the language and a bank and you know attacked academies be crippled the anchored in term. You do. What would bring. You know over early bird populations. In the last few years this year. But certainly not quite as well and I think there's image. Some hard. The music and looking in the Ayers it up on election. So so forward a 191 votes between Jeff collier and Crisco doc are you surprised it was that close and and what attributed to him. Well. I couple that with respect and getting increasingly difficult to predict. Political actions in putting putting your finger on what voters want and what. What it fuel them. It is is advocating is getting more difficult I find that conventional. War border. Going out Kia during the out the window now that being. I think it is number eight days it was probably get a clue. Rates mean Jeff collier secret Coke. Now certainly not a 191. Conflict that 300000 both the cabinet. That is in an exceptionally rare outcome. You're calling her that well in the early which is. Which probably expect it. I think. Chris crowbar. Certainly gained a lot of ground in outcome county. That it up to the you more lots of it by going in view. John and I mean. You know that's of course the candidate reportedly. You know there are a lot of people are thinking that all year what it. You well enough in Johnston you remember a a lot for Coke are probably. It is well it. Can expect or maybe even better and I think that's what it gave them that. Paper in person he's carried now. That was Steve buck proud of the star going over election night here on KM BZ staying in Kansas no surprise Kevin Yoder one how surprised were you that sure Reese Davids who was behind Brent welder the socialist Democrat. Was able to overcome that lead and get the nomination. Well you got a compelling story. Got yeah compelling background. Cornell locker. I think it's remarkable that hurt that you really can about it nowhere. In you know Euro Welker Walter a lot of the deal. Them the street bigotry or ticket campaign. Like it it's yet compelling ship compelling message to the old story. She's probably not an article. For a while there I mean when you get here for over. You hear a lot of things that paper says. You know that certainly judgment in the interest of the tend to resonate further left then I think a lot of things that. Pratt street it is. David but in crime so. I'm not shocked that she did as well she did it. Yeah it's certainly remarkable story about him today. Grew profile. And a very strong or profile and a fairly short about our. And the real Clinton proposition and overwhelmingly. Proper person may have telling. I think it's howling the country something that is. Is it is buried under. Very interest in which is that union. If there are certainly not as powerful. As they were her in the seventy. But it Obama played I think there are people in the and or get. Election like that you know news is that a rural vs urban divide in the Missouri wrote it was and there are a lot of out there and rural county. That. The proposition eight question packing much you can suggest that bear. Are a lot of people who still. Values or the middle and that the working class played. In the you certainly Central America her job middle America. And yeah I think it was a pretty profound. Pretty per hour about how marriage certain union battle money. Two defeat proposition. You're. That the margins certainly remark or pick up their state. That are you looking and the right to work laws probably took notice then I would imagine of them have to cut it by about what they're gonna do. It'll be testing to see how old that vote affects the in the castle hall he's a showdown coming up in November which we all expected for the last six months or so it's not even further back. A Steve thank you so much get some sleep. Thank you. Steve doc brought to Kansas City Star joining us. Didn't sleep yet. And see if he's awake since yesterday morning of my eye so were announced that work. But. An and then if you mom with us and tried to put words together out lap and well sound I think guess hunter would all his his co worker at the star. I tweeting out a dozen donuts cup coffee literally powered. Or run it on Duncan the half of all day long it's 1246. Outlook the next keyword cash commit up to date with Jamie wicket. We'll do that next along with more stuff on the election including your troubles. The Johnson County polls get to that later on as well here in 91 KMB easy ride usually need. We need a four people the dial up there is no prize for this whatsoever but because today is. A big gay. Forward Jamie infamy today as our two year anniversary. Do and they showed again so happy anniversary Jamie it's. We wanted to help from you at 576779. Aides were little mid day for you. We've got a question for able leader for people on the line who think they know this radio programs. I can figure out the most popular topics that we do on this show. What are the most popular topics on the show we'll have a set number of answers for yet. CB can figure it out 57677985767798. What are the most popular topics that we do on this show. Lead for listeners on the line right now. It'll go down the line famous feuds down just like as if we were Steve Harvey and you're trying to win. 20000 dollars we're not giving away eighty prizes the artery up up up up up maybe at the five year that we not exactly be able have so worried that their upward the (%expletive) up. 5767798. That was up wanna know if you can figure out the most popular topics on the show. And we will begin with Alan you're on KM BZ Allan thanks so much for college you listen a lot Allen. You're better off I think you very much man if we were to tell you we surveyed the last two years. And the top eight answers are on the galore and what's the most popular a popular topic did you hear Jamie and I talking about during the day. I he. Fellow liberal and. Is it Donald Trump. It or. Does it very popular topic on this radio program. That's the number one answer on the board and dispute the term popular. Com. A music is common top. It's really not a fighter ever haven't innings about it. Thank you very much for that that that thought that was at you. Know around our dog balancing and it was Alan. Alan you stick right there are you guys are all a team working together here's Allan stick right there be listening. We're gonna take all three like they do on the family feud Doug you're up to. Top eighty answers are on the board what's the most popular topic. Comment that Jamie and I talk about Europe mid day. While. You show me music. No strike on this month that much a little bit blue eyes act as a cons murder something along those lines. I got one strike paying their double come back to you and your on KM BZ am happy to your anniversary. And are you there. Okay and pay attention please because we got about four minutes left. The most popular topics that Jamie and I talk about your run today. Are. We are you said trump can you try again to get more specific or give something else. Is it now show me the governor's race them. Today today yet this isn't the only governors election and patents we've been on the air together tomorrow we'll get over two years. That's primary and Avery. What's the most popular topic here on the day. Poor girl probable. So it can can you say that again please. Who served in Kabul. See if teachers getting in trouble is on the list. Well that. Whether teachers should be fired or non Kenya and sit down and class a that does the punishment fit the crime good answer. 5767798. Marie stay right there. We just somebody dropped off some of an open spot Alan your back we got a five answers left eating the most popular topics here on mid day. I did it. The pew and it's an important whiskey. Dole is whiskey shot skiing. Now I've sheet that you listen enough to know that both Travis and I are common sewers but in terms of topics we get into yeah probably. Comes up probably not although they'll hang out stay on long accurate as the next person he'd say the a lot of teams like your family like the feud. Right dud you're on KM BZ done. Are forward. First responders are wrong or we thought it. It's a lot in there are curl pattern. And Shelby you first responders police officers. The second straight at the third strike as a matter of fact. I mean we are I. We get into it I guess that mean it cost some police but that's. Is not a big. Children about this everybody hang on hold we'll regroup. And we'll come back. There I got five or six of the eight are still on the board right now. We're looking for the most popular topics the last two years Jamie and I have been doing this show for. So we're gonna give everybody another shot Allen and done in pat in Eric has joined on. It we will get to you coming up. Think about it what do Jamie and I always bring them because these are always topics that are in the news is it to appointed Ali and sometimes point out. You know when it went topics are trending quite a bit and feel like they're coming up all the time and think that's a little bit people and a battle that. Actually this happened yesterday at the thought out of protest we did one of these it's everybody on hold it is 1258.