Midday with J&W: Is a grilled cheese a grilled cheese if you add something to it?

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Thursday, April 12th

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All right. Let's have an out. And we need your input at 5767798. Also texted at 22980. We've talked brightens we've talked guns we've talked homelessness we've talked mayoral candidates. Let's talk grilled cheese the hard hitting topic right exactly a balanced. It's called levity people. It's all levity is called the most important topic of the day it's national grilled cheese decked a great day. So mark we're gonna what your input on this or pay attention to this hard hitting question are right then we're stealing it from Travis is Twitter account at he walks six. If you add extras like bake in tomato. And to a grilled cheese sandwich. Is it still a grilled cheese sandwich Woody's what do you what do you think John. Why I don't like I'm not I'm trying to I could be unbiased doubt you'll like I have every day on the radio right down the middle April she. Grilled cheeses the girl sees if you put ham monitor at some money Christa at some the now slip. No imminent now a money Christo is my crystal ham sandwich that has she's in it and it's deep fried ankle with powdered sugar we suffer come on up to let's say to give you real gross they put ship around money tree that covers how they're never ordered. So let me get back to the question it's an integral season has geez if it has hand and it's him and she would have a good bacon on it. In some vacancies. Right yeah what is Kara get in a newsroom you know my favors grilled cheese it's it's that. It's a grilled cheese sandwich that only a Swiss cheese of right Bratton corned beef and sauerkraut that's my favorite grilled cheese sandwich Rubin. Uh oh really just a grilled cheese. Other stuff on sandwich talks on a hard concept and 677. And nine K glad we asked him if he. Or sex definitely uniting after yeah right if you. Add extras to a grilled cheese sandwich. Like later on I'm gonna go make the most epic grilled cheese sandwich a play about a second. If you add extras to a grilled cheese sandwich. Is it still. A grilled cheese I think Travis at the one we need to Travis ask if you think that a grilled cheese as he sandwich when you add stuff. You are eighty. Lately just put it out there lest I give you real hard idiot there there's no such thing as a grilled cheese sandwich without just having bread and cheese you can take that that she's Mac would be a different group she's now. But you can't just add to meet you can't add bacon you can add tomatoes to grow tease out orders making up Anemia or something. That's not approaches to what she sounds has the name it right there isn't half Groce and bacon yeah girls they you know and. Extra is the issue here. Like what's the focus of the same matched the grilled cheese well but got it on your for second it. If it is three. It can grilled cheese bacon and tomato is that that's the point of contention churn out is are you sure made outline but it is still. And gobbled up until they grow its start as a grilled cheese. That we added bacon and tomato to bite the foundation about scandal a grilled clean sand where it's just grilled cheese sandwich with other things. If it was all bake and that we were just putting a little bit on and a little bit it's made that call a bacon sandwich that has other stuff I write this foundation as it is Cheney's yes like girly and mate like he grilled cheese you know monitored dollar while we can debate panel that but maybe like you would make grilled cheese and a shot and other stuff in there. Source to dressed up a little bit at five. 767798. You can also text into 2980. Wii just reach weeded Travis is questioned its national grilled cheese day. Before we get back into great guns and guns and well that carries no rob. Delray you are your eyes we promise we'll be back and gone probably answer on cognitive. You've got to please call him all right we'll get to your phone calls coming up candidate their leadoff hitter. 5767798. Sure the text line is rolling through right now yeah this is our hard hitting topic here on your lunch hour and we wanna hear from you next national grilled cheese today. That is the hot topic right now and everybody in the text line that is saying a great now and grilled cheese you're not alone I would also like grilled cheese sandwich. For asking if you add extras like peeking into war tomato. Is it still a grilled cheese sandwich Travis wrongly contends that it is not yes if you add anything to a group he is not a groups he's count anymore. Then goes and asking about whatever I enjoyed the debate I think it's hilarious. But what if you have you taking normal grilled cheese and are reduced to make and you add a slice of bacon and a slice of tomato. What do you call it a ruined Groce. It's not a bacon sandwich because bacon is in the star and it's not a tomatoes and now because there's only one slice it tomatoes are gonna. Call yeah well personally has put 1 Pacific on anything I I'd. You're just weird dog diamond didn't Hamlet to finish but it is not a gold sheet anymore if you're what do you call you don't have a sandwich with this stuff on here. It needs a title. Let me ask you this before we go to the phones that at times people who wanna get in. Later on today I'm gonna go home and I make I'm gonna make a sandwich this way. Take a piece of bread and butter one side would have put it in the grill or in the the pain but it put a piece of cheese on it that would put six pepper properties around. That another piece of geez another slice of bread another piece of cheese three pieces of bacon. Another piece of cheese. And then bread buttered and I'm gonna flip it and growing your eat all I it's it's the best sandwich I don't now what that's called a heart attack or right holds on Venus and cruelty it's a triple Decker grilled cheese and bacon and pat. It's let's go to a potent Arctic him on KM BZ camp if you add extras to a grilled cheese is it still grilled cheese sandwich. Iger Trabant at not a goat cheese anymore. I would call themselves. A melt but it needs a melt an answer to that. What kind of mounts. What are your putting on it so now it could be epic and are currently out could be. Pat bake and Ito now. What has a bunch of equally competing. Little ingredients what is wicked. Just pulls everything out of his refrigerator right and plus differently but if I could put some tomato and it could tickled and onions and put it slice in there. Well all kinds agreeable tapper is a much. Just about though until I am pilot. There. Thank you for your phone call we appreciate it a money Christa doesn't have anything to do with what's in net if including the powdered sugar I didn't know about it in a modest selling male witness. Now now gone a selling that that would have albeit modest selling melt. And really good question that I will think about if you design a sandwich what would be on it. I've already told you mine uber weasel and a deep fried grilled cheese sandwich too by the way if I knew how to reflect the right tools. Well they're marking Kansas City market yet extras to a grilled cheese sandwich is it's still called grilled cheese. Now you've been here in the name. Is that it then grilled if in order pizza and importantly the ability of quality cheap beat them. It's been a pepperoni pizza for its. The lever eat there or something like so it is rich in which there has been grilled. And if you could other stuff on it than it is that and which that has been grow. All right mark thank you for your man appreciate it. As it's gonna disagree I disagree but get down. I disagree often. Jonathan and you're on KM BZ Jonathan if you add extras to a grilled cheese sandwich is it's still a grilled cheese. Up. Lost him how about Dave in Kansas City Dave same question. They've been let in order. And correct. You are you. An error at the mean. Because. If you sure gradient at just look better in Delhi and you make it my turn now I mean you. Byron yeah. Grill chain remains a grilled cheese. On them now. And all. Aaron Gray Dave thinks the phone call but if I get I put honey on it still having a peanut butter sandwich. With honey you paint that now needs a title. Again think about what I during a break we're Google laying restaurants that specializing grilled cheese yeah there are many of them locked so if you create a grilled cheese sandwich restaurant. And you were going to have various versions of grilled cheese you couldn't just have they not it would need to come a title to indicate the primary ingredients. Hence the problem. At 76. It's a grilled blt if you add tomatoes and all those goodies but grilled cheeses a grilled cheese much love from grand view thanks Elijah. Mike right similar to a burger no matter what you add. It's still a burger that's a good point it's still Berger as long as you act to but it mattered but yeah. Right burger you may call it abate and whatever ever. But it's still burgers are so tight it's still burger it's a great point that's a really good. You know that Travis. Times I'd. I was seven sick people are calling it might contribute I accidents and speculate Travis is like that it is only letting through the people that are saying it changes. It changed the sandwiched a village Travis is it is skewing the calls. Like Vicky screening like FaceBook censoring right here right now the politicians. Act. Like like Mark Zuckerberg screening diamond and silk I feel like you're letting out all these these Smart people not get through it for calling in your challenging me I'm probably hanging. Dustin in Kansas City gusted to be changed ingredients is it's still a grilled cheese. No. He has stated. There that they hit. You gotta pat what it is is the sandwich. Like it it's I am sandwiched. You don't call the sandwich with ham and enhance sandwich. As part of a group. I've grilled cheese what name is I repute but and it's grilled it and chi. That's kind of the same argument that the mark was make inspect the focal Dustin appreciate it. Anyone through degrees debate let's put Craig in Kansas City your I'd KM BZ. Yeah I rockers universe you ought to let that into law as a web site. Mania. My a average. They would act failed to do what I want to plant that builds local law that don't care. If you wanted to exit plan. But I remember you maybe don't are among. I imagine certainly discuss grilled cheese sandwich is. When you're when you're Dallas this argument. What not settled in the sense. Nice race drags. Killing the show topic nice to talk I can't you're not. To complain as we happily go back we will you any number of heavy things today. Felt like a little levity was necessary to go back so why even go back to this are quick notes are right guys. Eighty say no to me go to that Monday that. We will put it up like Travis and I where if you guys kill my fun I'm not entering an Eagles yeah. Okay. Think this way and some people I got some Texan to detect signs that are saying that the pizza analogy is making people saying. You still call it a pizza yeah regardless of what's on and if you add bacon or lettuce or tomatoes to a hamburger it's still a burger yet. It called a cheeseburger. You call what is. So called cheeseburger Amber's what do you call as a liaison with mushrooms onions pepperoni on as a mushroom pizza with onion in whatever. No it's a pizza the most thought out. At the front ordering a pepperoni pizza I'd ordered cheese pizza. But she's is on every pizza. You're right but you or you hear about a meat lovers he. Lori in the city Laurie your idea of the easy it. I'm out. And about went you know. Refrigerator and it sounds amazing. I. Called the. Let's see I'm down. With that political I don't doubt and start what if I order I grilled cheese and I have ever quest bacon is it's still a grilled cheese sandwich. Grouchy and much web. They and. Thank you over the phone call or the wicket sandwiched. You know Travis you're put under these people don't agree with me I think I've got to go to the brightness playbook here political witch hunt that's what does six. All this is suddenly just made me think I am. And spit out some. Political which I need trump might opt out but that's baseline whatever I don't know why. I was playing that one little bit of crichton's makes me think of that at fighting and then my hands going to not a mama I don't know why I am going to all of all done. All the ear worms might reach around here there. If you would think I'd drop folder would be like right in wanted to do faithful yeah exactly science course thinking. The vote on Twitter follow him. He blocked six. I've also been retreated by mind and by a the KM BZ page. If you add extras to a grilled cheese sandwich is it still a grilled cheese. We have sixty votes so far what he thinks winning. Is that still a girl she's sailors that's how it's it's yes or no answer now known as a 60% yes you aren't very close I'm irregardless game it's 58% yet scary that the Paul game. So. Old that might like at night are getting a bit slap happy. We've acknowledged that it's possible that on and we're just. How would you gripe is out but that's possible I think act and so the just her eyebrows just idled but a despite. What some might consider good programming decisions which may be dictate that we go back to a topic that you know was getting a lot of response I'm were not gone. Political witch hunt. Oh that that we just. I'd I'd I'd rather that we lighten it up here in the lunch hour I think you and I both agreed that. Talking about political witch hunt which is a page right out of trumps playbook let's just overtake the the whole. Point some debate is only five page should testimony from the woman about the affair in. Thought non consensual skip slapping and all that stuff is gonna take it and real quick. So we're gonna. And now we may or may not come back to a couple of other things that we found to be interesting that are not brightens a related but at the moment. Frankly our our our moods her moods can not sustain it carrying on a serious conversation America is not sorry that I get rid of that and. Space force I I don't think space I now have that close to meal times sports. Disorders I need to make a crowd happy now. Just anything to stay up the political realm to prevent your welcome and feel free complain about it you're proof that we can't make yeah I don't time that's fine. Look at it this up later may do the bags of heavier next hour but you know and if you have a problem with that contact our boss visit Alex loved RTO yes Alan dot first @entercom.com. And first you if you -- Alan dot first @entercom.com if you wanna complain that we're not talking and a great instead I. He did it or how about 5 o'clock yesterday -- eight meantime I'm all right where you just you draw the line you can vote we have an a on a Twitter poll. We should write is resigned. You can vote and that right now all updated for you yes no we're not sure any guests. All you're always good at these. Roared and again tell me again should he resign should air Brighton stepped down on to say 65% yes 57 a not bad not political witch hunt so that's the all the grabs a Purdue and for the our our. Travis and he'd have a conversation about TV rock. Can't wrap this that you. There's a series of shows that he idol watch that I can't believe been renewed for another season let me know if you need me I'll. I'm guys can't you just I die. Like somebody said Bill Clinton earlier and I walked out he. He was impeached we we said that in. It for us how nobody. Impeached Bill Clinton then you lockdown I did the so. Today is out with a poll that they do every year of the shows the TV shows that are currently on the bubble about whether they'll be renewed for the following season and sometimes. Networks will decide whether ratio should be renewed based on things like these polls and and decide where the popularity lies so we'll go through. There are a lot of them that are considered to be on the bubble and we'll askew and feel free to Texan teaching Chinese hero or 57677981. Call. As we get through this list what do you think should be done to money and should come back. Travis. Explained to me. Fellow Chicago fire PD men and justice fan yeah. Since it was me and I. Like. That though shows exist but I don't watch them anymore because I think the writing is not yet. But they continue to be renewed and they've all been renewed that would that would insulin that I think their three or four style. City med. Firing PD all of renewed or is it justice and justice was canceled just it's a big underwent season front in the show still getting earnings. Watching people like you or I need the biggest is the director which is the equal who is. Legendary right and I think his name alone is what brings it. But they're very good teases Soto trailer tease it like I got washed. Eight it Briggs mean every single time. But that sometimes like. Wait. In that be what I think is the but they got that idea is to bring you in every single you know does that really well too with Derek the last three seconds of the episode got them. Got them does that sell well at the very last all public side the next episode now. And for someone you know if you if you don't watch this ago the Chicago shows if you were to start now it is want to trailer for the Loomis you like while. This guy is going to be action packed this is battery. You know suspenseful I have to go watch it's. Actually think they keep getting renewed it because how good they suck people in my trailers and and just certain character that people. If you want uncle bill relationship with how I look at this scene of our show poll and it's got. Thirty opus thirty different shows on TV you can vote. Keep dropper don't care and in end the show tied Lewis. Which I watched the first episode I and I thought it was kinda neat like these people travel back in time to stop crimes and kind of a cheesy show. I thought it was terrible. Federer was gone and it's still around but it but it found that that bubble can we designated driver. I'm moment because it's on the bubble also a show I watch for most of the first season and then. It just it was like OK I'm I'm out. So this is Kiefer Sutherland. On and the key is pretty good in this it includes cal and whose face you might know he has kind of gone back and forth between politics and acting he was in the Harold and Kumar movies yeah and he has had various jobs the White House and as he's gone back and portal that on but it stars Kiefer Sutherland as the guy who was Hud secretary. It in the pilot he was Hud secretary he was designated survivor you know they always take one guy. Who doesn't go to the state of the union it minister place in case the capitals tacked the whole story also was based on the idea the capital was attacked in the sky becomes president. And I hate this is I this is the only show I watch every I mean it post episodes Tony for hours later and and I watch it I keep up that every week how is it. Is it on the bubble it is it's in the sabres shows and a keel to the writers. Actually to show runners at doesn't that has designated driver and that are writers. That's an idea for channel. And their great. At the idea of story lines button. The writing crap it's it is on the bubble it's just cliche it's just they brought back if you watched 24. I don't know what role can braver hat on that show but she was the female co leader whenever you for Sutherland report. They brought her an out a designated survivor and these two are clearly gonna have a little thing. His wife died First Lady died in car crash I didn't know that Jack and sell a thriller next. He died I gave up she had a leave of of these episodes Tim Raeburn I was on the show when you can tell they're kind of that they're going to be a couple of someplace everything and just the writing they don't write it. Shows did they break down my network in the USA today down ABC. We'll give the ones that are on the bubble or dead. On the bubble I've submitted or heard of deception designated survivor for the people fresh off the boat shield. Quantico speechless and station nineteen they're on the bubble lot. Sounds like proceed girls I have no idea what those are for the launch does red yeah there's one that's being renewed that I think this could be on the bowl on the bubble or cancel what's and that's how to get away with murder. Does it get it to show at his lags. So that's if you watched watched the first. Percy the second season midway third season you're like okay this is getting out of is that sun are on show. I think it is and I think it is I think they try to connect it was scandal it's coming on coming back sold by scandal and how regulated. And get away with murder actually did a crossover. The scandals dead they can easily not canceling scam and I need to dial while yeah. Kevin probably saves the world marvels in humans the mayor. What was the met the mayor was about the the kid that got that ran for mayor whatever that lasted an hour. The middle once upon a time is gone scandal and ten days in the valley gone. That's already be sacked CBS. Bubble code black criminal minds elementary Kevin can wait on how many were shows is that again. Life in pieces living biblically man with a plan scorpion and superior donuts I don't watch any of those tonight about our I has never have happened let's. NC IS has been renewed so isn't he asked Los Angeles and see as New Orleans is and as we on now. We when he sees it got to be any continue to be one of the highest rated shows on television. Which in idea. Just the regular the original NC I asked if companies in covent Mac the first episode dated. 2000 and appraisal and here's your fifteen years. I'm shocked that grace anatomy has been renewed on ABC it's going for fifteen and sixteen she's. So it's just isn't me as a of these has continually on your. Canceled me myself and 99. JKL what's. And then wisdom of the crowd I watched an episode wisdom of the crowd it's got. Complete Ari in entourage. Pivot Jeremy Piven yet there it was a social media a social network of crime fighting was kind of cool concept I think one of the reasons why it may be getting cancer on the ball is because of the sexual allegations in op as a right yet and accents that makes sense. Is okay I'm not a Big Bang theory guy who. It's not going away don't worry. Young Sheldon. Is getting renewed is any good it is that that's been off it's like they kick the guy in the move in the show that Sheldon but as a child as. Like I think that it I don't even of its any good and a Big Bang theory guy play what else has canceled. From the rest of the networks. Yeah and he's been renewed again on and there shows like the counselor. It continues. Into. To what some in season now. What the star on season 27 coming back. That it. Coming back. We'll look at the rest of the networks Fareed tell you what fox is saying bye bye to. I as the show was still on the they're killing reboot we'll tell you about it next titans free the rest of the show. Here around 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket creditors of the shows that are on the way out or renewed. Your favorite TV shows they're making their decisions now by the way if you wanna vote you go to our FaceBook page and I also put it up on my Twitter count. There is a poll save our shows and gives you. Twenty shows 25 shows that are on the bubble right now and you can vote keep dropper don't care if it's listed alphabetically. And then to get instant streaming shows. And this is uninteresting question the following shows are safe but if you could cancel one what would it be. For streaming shows Fuller house stranger things and maid's tale transparent. Or iron fist which one would you cancel pretty interesting. And you would want to cancel four house. It shot past it's it's. You ask you discount the south Fox's canceling the exorcist ghost did new girl which I didn't realize was still on and also. The X-Files where people should act in the X-Files came back was a big big deal. I guess yeah that wasn't my thing by the abrupt asterisk Italy India or so it was good it brought back the for the first time it came back I think it was six episodes in this when they came back was like 45. The first time we came back with good this time it is Ari should wants on the bubble last man on earth Lucifer and Brooklyn 99. With in December and NBC on the bubble. AP bio anybody in that. All I saw during the Olympics have watched all the Olympics on the NBC app. All ice on the Olympics was how great AP bio whites and now is on of the of the bubble the blacklist is there. Blind spot the brave champions great news taken timeless. I can do it with all those great news is terrible I watched like I tried to make it through six episodes when I can't give up on this. Tina Fey wrote it no it's terrible. Also canceled is a law and order true crime you watch that one. Tiny. Respect the procedural team. And I watch law and order when it premier what are your terms or request what easier to deal regional on our premiere I mean I was in grade school. It's it's that was your really with Jerry or bock and Chris now 1990 he won yeah I 1990 I was eleven years all. Wow Amir when I was in grade school. I liked that and I are watching that when I was in high school move and then it just with all I like SPU because of numerous Hargitay is really talented and and that's. It's been interesting to watch that show evolve after Chris Maloney left by. Otherwise gotten then coming back all the Chicago players you mentioned. This is us is getting I knew I had decrying show. Yeah that's I know all about it is that people cry all the time. I'm also the bringing back willing grace which we already knew but will and grace is now coming back for a third re booted. Season party early on season one associate and to you is this fall happening and in nineteen so they're so confident yeah. In the success of season one in the people are gonna stick with it as seasoned team and and gotten angry lied to seasons are well. They did that with Roseanne after yeah very first episode and renewed a second season by the way I watched both episodes ports to a I think there's a third went out now I watched the first two. As politically left. As the reboot of will and grace wise. They don't even been hesitate. To push rose and stole. Far to the right now. I don't I thought it was funny like it was almost again just like will and grace too much politics. But it Jacqui. Comes in with a what's that the T shirt. Firm Hillary Clinton something adamant nasty woman attract and pussycat pat. And and she is so far left that's the main dynamic of the show is those two fighting about trump. You have seen the first two episodes yes there's a third that is out yes I read and it is up my Twitter feed but there was a review of episode three. Saying it gets back to the old Roseanne. A guy episode three it was might be worth stick it. Less well the second episode was less political and so I I would I'd I don't need might that might TV shows to go so far like will and grace was anti trust anti drug. I these terrible president wants that. Now I was a huge family grace right huge gamble and grace right and I ain't. In fact I. I watched clips of the first episode didn't even watch the whole thing and there was so much criticism of being that heavy politics. I don't even care which direction it is happening in politics and I don't wanna see that's not. Let's get old like I mean I guess you can relate to it because. Everybody. You know everybody has that person in their family that they vehemently like a very you know right wing fairly has the one Hillary supporter or Democrat vice Versa. Kabul say this about Rosie and it's still funny. And boy they hit some hot button issues along with politics they hit. In the first two episodes weapons at school wow transgender. At a surrogate mother. It's it's unable they hit. Everything. Which I. That might make me deal with some of the politics if you're dealing with things that are real that Americans are dealing with right yeah I mean they talk about. Not having a retirement plan and after 65 which a lot of people. How that issue. It. It's amazing how. They weave that into the show I would recommend new Roseanne I would like to watch that show but I cannot listen to her voice I understand that try I tried watching their their earlier season is just so like you maybe have something. You know to watch this one but her voice throws me off and I can't watch. You're saying I don't wanna piercing well I mean that I have it right here if you want to know. It's. Been. And whatnot. The bad guys and bad. Yeah I. I thought. I am done. So I guess you're my privileges are being particularly if the us where it's thirty seconds ago you sleep at the switch. What's wrong you don't have the ultimate control that was pain you remind us that all the time. Not in attendance. Is it what are bully does and delicately touched me and then. Had like but I heroes in voice call a legal item player is in singing the National Anthem. Email seasonality. Judy it's about FaceBook if you wanna go check it out a whole poll is there if you wanna see what's coming back see what's on net there's some stuff go to win the CW but I don't know anybody that actually watches the CW. Life sentence the originals and valor Earl going away so they go. Interesting story real quick switching gears this is a weatherman out of Grand Rapids is that this is frontrunners Grand Rapids, Michigan yes diesel fed up. That the weather is getting critiqued and here's how went down on TV. It's going to be fine pregnant are you going to be fine on could be worse. Has been orders. Well because he doesn't drag me down you had the club every time I get done with a seven day you guys are like. You know. Ghoulish. Kuhn. Every time it doesn't matter what time I come on. Foreign 353630. And then you expect maybe chipper for five straight hours. This is ball. I want you guys just say wow that's great news it's gonna be sixty on Friday. Well I mean when he limited new line he'll put seven. Every day next time. You can. Thank you miss some men mr. Davis appreciates and he knows when to bundle up human person winners and temperature twenties. Feels like nineteen or feels like. Seventy I don't know 47 partly cloudy southwest breeze ten to fifteen. Here's a sixty I don't know that's good enough for you guys. Get excited maybe I'll disappoint you with the seven day here a few minutes. You know I. Mean. Fantastic. Just like every weatherman probably wanted to go out and do that during their show. Us our class at least a couple of you know. And it's true like every weather guy in the city and get back it's like you know because it's a one predictable here in the fight out this weekend it's going to be forty in snow you're like way to go weather guy. They can't win no can't land. Now we are never happy thanks buzz be ruining my weekend. You can be on the air doing live coverage of the tornado that is you know ten miles from your house and severe weather that is hitting the area and somebody will be unhappy that you interrupted scandal. Well it's you can't when the tornado coming from your outlook towards your house I can I have is with the stars Jack please if you get it right people are not happy if you get it wrong people are not happy. That doesn't sound and if there's not on on is a kind of boring. Yeah if there's not whether it's a sunny and having I'd like isn't being a meteorologist in San Diego must boring job in the world what's weathered a 72 sunny. You record that if you're on vacation for we keep just record series on. LA story is the movie was Steve Martin in the 1980s he did that he recorded the weekend weather on Friday and it's always the same in LA never changes sampling.