Midday with J&W: Girls joining the Boy Scouts. Should they be able too?

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Monday, February 12th

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Happy Monday probably yourself a good weekend. Jamie is off today is filling in and now in these second half of his shift today you're viewed four hours down on the buzz. From the morning show on 96 I was eluded. IE. And all hours of work. And by work you mean sitting behind a microphone and talking that's yeah if it like there are people out there that are working in this. Twenty degree weather. You know building bridges and roads and you know being outside mail man going from. House staff housing you are like it's mentally exhausting sometimes have to turn the lights down is Debra. Way to come resistance and type to a man under a pretty good actually I got a good sleep in last night desert go to bed and you don't get an eight hour day had only drank like two large Mason jars full of diet Mountain Dew and Jim beam him up well well I itself and now that vial that's low as it is it's it's good it's a good genes being vehicle delivery well I'm glad that on the seventh day you only had two Mason jars my my my advice from Oklahoma and I believe she came up with the cocktail. And some of the you know that's are Oklahoma coming out and I got to tell you they do right now Oklahoma. All I'm ledger to make it in today. Our poll question follow us on Twitter please do I KM BZ radio you can now vote right now. And gain I don't know what you are even though your answer is but I have a gas based on the fact that I said Everett talk some Olympics news said. Yeah out. How much the deal makes did you watch over the weekend you can vote on Twitter came BC radio tons. Some but not much or zero don't care did any zero you don't care about the Olympic Games. You know it's what you saw all of the divisive in this the minutes to get injected into the opening ceremonies in what should have been a pretty. Nice Sammy unification moment. And it became once again people tearing into each other on two sides to social media and that's one factor of it in the other is I'm I'd such an obnoxious jerk. I think about all the money that goes to the Olympics and hungry people in how they've done that Daniels is like behind your plane that card and I love the individual stories like I'd these athletes work so hard and they definitely deserve the moments I'm not gonna personally crap on except for in the last fifteen seconds. Think that you law are like it's something that you know people are into all more power via IE IE I'd just however can't get past that economic aspect which is so lame that I'm so sorry. It is it's a great. Ten days or eighteen days or harbor along the idiom the competition goes. And in the winter games were watching stuff you normally don't see like in in the summer games I can see running anywhere you know I watch basketball a lot. I see some softball. I never watched Lou marsh. I never watch snowboarding and the X games come every year and I can watch it there but. I never see snowboarding or ski jumping or death like Timmy just watching these rape because there are guys that are. Athletes in. Way that are speed skaters. And they are as big as LeBron James is here in America they can't walk down the street like some dude in Norway you know has millions of followers on Twitter and only does is. He races around a track on skates and in that country that is the basketball of that country realize dice yeah. Right exactly. So it really get into the Olympic Games and wanted to run three and there are tons of stories over the weekend. And it wanted to run through some of the at the bigger stories. And get to parents out and I'll get to the device of this out because that is always hanging over the Olympics and I don't know why people work and you know beginning to be. Offended by a great player that if it happens every year like a buddy of mine. On Twitter. He's said I've watched any because NBC keeps politicizing this and think it myself. You mean reporting on everything that's going on because from. Jacqui Owens or Jesse Owens achievement from Jesse Owens. Stick it it is to Hitler. To Tommy Smith putting his hand up. To the last time the games were in Korea in 88 in Seoul to the Olympic bombing which was motivated by political moves in 1996 Atlanta. Like politics are part of that the Olympics you don't want it your NFL fine I'll I'll college you have a respect that. But you have nations from all over the world with different beliefs different customs different religions different people different skin colors different political wants. And it all happens every two years winter summer winter summer and be like so political this year it's always pull it. You know that's really interesting numbers are wasting them look to look at it because I never thought as you'll my eyes are slated to macro is the micro. Now I did that backwards anyway it doesn't matter who's this I went on and fix anyway. That's what I'm or have to work at six so well you're right it is inherently American way to look at the Olympics to say don't politicize it. As if we have control over the entire rights that's of really Smart point. Kim Jong Hoon sister stole the spotlight some peoples said even note this year but some people really upset by that because she was getting all the attention. And it's Kim Jung and sister. Like when the when the sibling of what most despicable man on the planet in the history of the planet is there she's gonna get attention. You know what I mean she's going to and she smiles and she's kind of charismatic. She's gonna get all that attention. The 2018 is not the first year politics has been injected in the Olympics I think the first games in Athens however many hundreds of years ago. Politics there too I'm sure you know it's some Caesars somewhere under and did something to somebody so it's like. And we really all of a sudden saying oh man. When he team. Politics. It's hard to look at you can't there's that that that that situation in particular I think people. Always lose sight of the long term and the short term so you can't forget that she was there when he assassinated to do with an aircraft carrier yeah right where they aircraft got you can never lose sight of that when your forming an opinion and it's easy to go hmm well the north Koreans outplayed the United States in terms of diplomatic relations showing face of the world. That he would kind of you know in the short term shark but why did they do it. You got a look at it it's coming from a guy who murdered somebody with a eighty aircraft gone so you've got you can't I make it's no blacker light here. I mean that was. A terrorist group gave me you thirty years ago forty years ago they took all. Edged this isn't the first time so everybody is like. Now watch and it NBC mainstream media political politicizing everything this is part of the games interest is when you get. How many countries where there are there this year that are participating me a hundred. So there's a hundred countries share write a hundred countries under different ideas and a hundred different ways of life. They're all melting at it's like I'd like to say let's put politics aside. And and watch the games and that's what I. I'd love the Olympics I watched a lot of watch you opening ceremonies. I mean this the that you see there was a guy that 92920. Yeah I was at. Yes WTO over. There was a guy that crap like a spectator walked through the opening ceremonies on Friday night lately. You can do that lake and I. I can't get to the front row at a concert without getting told to move back this guy just moved his way through the opening ceremonies that drones. That many Israelis agree that like that's so cool to me I think that's terrifying to undo those rounds rained fire on all of us. Incriminating and hey you know what though not the worst part again if you were in North Korea if your job though like hey here's your job. You know would not be about when to do the one again would be to people who got to do the clap and easier squad did you see back art yes. Discredit yet. Again. Like you draw that clapping our robards and that's what you gotta do you got a huge. Do you have to do you're assigned to do. Some highlights like get two you can hear some your athletes that won medals. And we there were some history made there is some real history made in terms of athletes winning Olympic medals. Over the weekend in Pyongyang I was love and it text into 2980. Did you watch it how much re watching what did you watch what was your favorite. And is anybody watching 'cause I cut the cord. Two big step for me. I'm great I'm I'm watching on the NBC app OK I'm not even watching on and regular NBC and I was worried. I was pleasantly surprised all right we'll get to all of that. It's midday with Jamie wicket Danny boy is in four Jamie today from 965 the buzz. We've got your reaction coming up next. It is out today Danny boy from the buzz filling in I told moss we do our best not to lose the license today. Yeah I know I always acted just. You don't get a little bit counts of like not you know we are who we are over there is needed down shipped because I I I like the course a little bit I know that. Ellison years normally and today I know we say a lot of you do yeah that you're talking other. Fake HO ways and do listen you guys on the way in did you know you compiled leaned against like anybody out. In Missouri. Because they lack the manpower the but it checked everything that goes by the clerk like notre eyes damp stamps that's not so anyway I got new business. If anybody needs a lead they leaned vaguely in seat in Illinois Olympics over the weekend. I think I saw some of the ratings. I tick down owner. The opening ceremonies ceremonies were down from the Sochi Winter Olympics four years ago but they were up for we. While they were up from Rio. Real op mask right. So it was a hot mess remember that it toilets the toilets mean that there at Aybar hit it in Russia they were painting the grass green. The days before the opening ceremonies like. Blows my mind win Olympic cities. Are ready. We know the Olympics are going to be in 20/20 eight in Los Angeles Bryce utterly right exactly all the backdoor money comes in early. How you're not ready how Rio wasn't ready how so she wasn't ready and I haven't seen anything like that from Yung Chang. But I have no idea how you're not ready when you know. Eight years in advance if not more like this we note that LA's the games in 20/20 eight. Salt Lake City wants to bring them back in 2030 may Adam and not too long ago you shouldn't be ready with doors and toilets and Greengrass. I couldn't it did two things content that is Hillary's. I never go to another country again because I can't handle port toilets I can't imagine it. So I can also see you in having those toilets like that that's just makes a mean damaged my BS just hurt the did you watch any of the Olympics are not not a thing okay it's not like a badge of pride is just something I'm just not into not into that guy man I wanna connect like regular people but I'm a pod. Utter poll question right now almost a hundred votes in the last couple of minutes here 22% and watch tons of coverage over the weekend I fall into that category. 44% some but not much in 34% of you are like the any. And don't care. Man don't do not care 34% of you organized sports and have a hard time between football or any Olympic ratings people are caring. Some of the highlights if you missed it is what a play if you are athletes who had great runs. The what are the things that they think maybe it's our generation Danny. And the older generation may not care. Snowboarding like snowboarding was not an Olympic event like fifteen years ago but all of a sudden special because we got good at it in Canada's good at it. There's a lot of interest in snowboarding whenever the X games started to gain popularity. And history was made in this game right here who by the way seventeen. Years old his name is read Gerard. And he won the slopes titled downhill snowboarding just basically as much or ramps and stuff you do Trixie globally down you get judged. After the second jump going you know last champions like. It's not blow it now just land Iran stay clean and hope for the best thing yes it was strange it was really wild to me that's heifers. He is the first. Olympic Medal winner born after January 1 2000. He is the first. At 8 o'clock. I. Remember when those pose final having kids are still in elementary scale and a this kid's seventeen. Well five now 5000 you got married blended family gaming and even seventeen know a guy like iron and Euro going forward you know there was a girl a woman by the name of Jamie Anderson who is now one back to back golds in snowboarding. I feel so bad and so happy and it. Patrick incentives got another gold. Definitely was a struggle out there in today's for every one and I'm just happy being able to put one down. And I heard during March news in this is one thing to people complained about that the winter conditions are to injury. To call too cold to snow we too windy at him like a minute it's the winter games this isn't track and field Borough. Is complaining about is being too hot yet I think Adam ops now right like I think in this she games it was too warm for there to beast now they had to creates now that's right now it's too isn't snow you know analyst and now. But people complaining about the weather in in in snowboarding like yesterday I watched it. It was a blizzard like there are times in these girls are going down they can't see anything in front of them. But Jamie Anderson like. For snowboarders. I feel like honestly every event have been at this here there's been a lot of drama about weather and snow and flat blade and the safety of everything which definitely is an important role that. I think when we all kind of personal Moreno was annoyance bluebird perfect sunny day usually. We getting California building you. ESATA for snow boarding or snow wind and cold. Blue birds that it. Well like we getting Kalla an idea. It's it's like Tom Brady's season and it's like guys we signed up for as great everything you're awesome you're released on let's go for embryos over the canyon just not to use that like that I know you won gold the shot no I think it's she's right you sign up for snowboarding like people are complaining it's too cold. Our Alex known on from ABC with that EJ and Allen this morning. And the temperatures about five in the mountains where like the downhill skiing like the snowboarding is going on the windshields like twelve and what you imagined. Does that Packers game a Green Bay packer football game. And it says they are major. Do you celebration and party has holed I've barely can handle drinking too Mason is the idea it is a TV sitting outside. We also a history made in the lose Chris Mansur. One silver first time we've ever don't that should sport of luge it is so its high its balance the second I had. I've won medals by 3000 dissect it lost by a single album the second big goal is to meddle I really didn't care what color it was. But I mean. It's Lou Brock. Ever and outside I'd seen that color and our exact volume there. You know I want my odds of this idea lost by three the I love these guys man. My favorite sound bite came yesterday. I was watching last night I thought are you kidding me. This is fantastic. Adam report on -- familiar with that Adam upon and I saw people tweet about the replied yeah he is the first openly gay male or female athlete. And he and Mike and have a thing going on and in that guy Mike Pence has bought about that girl yeah I know it is is you have met Mike Pence wanted to meet with them and and upon said Knoll and intense people said the arrangement was never even put out by -- is office acted whatever and pence a fake news person there something about fake news so the for the second time or third time we have teams figure skating where they have. A male of female. Player and ice dancers and we I think we won bronze last night having to finish third. At a upon is fantastic on the ice I'm not a figure skating aficionado but he's pretty dang good. And he was to it doing an interview after his performance. With Mike to Rico from NBC. And he was asked about you know how how nervous were you going into this what your feelings before you got on the ice I. I want to throw up. I'm not letting everything. Xanax. I'll be fine. One element. It's time and I think you know what I can do. Any did any was fantastic but I just again if you missed it. I want. Xanax. How many people can relate to that. Danny's hand is up at 6 AM I'm writing this so. We go let's show prep over 96 by the bugs some people think that that is the most real and some people are on the other side that. What is this generation thinking how can you promote the use of xanax and alcohol on the international space Eads a likeness and so be it will be like. The speed rail as nervous as bleak. How boring is Sports Radio right those clips you get an oil right well he does Sports Radio Sports Radio. Size together they on the field I've got I think what we did pretty good you know we could do a little bit better defense how many hundreds at present in the room I'm really what you thought they got it back. He went back to like he went to the sports cliche at the end. One element. It's time and I think you know what I can do. See there's your cliche with a part of it is like that is what is an accident drink it more real. I can relate to that. Apropos Roberts but what what it through the day brown whatever get through the days that that would be and so he was. I thought completely honest about that was just a hilarious. And I sound bite to play. The other stuff that happened there was a wardrobe malfunction with the cut I think the South Korean team actually American and how that works where her. The back of her shirt became one class and get a hold everything together through the routine. Also what do the women for the US team Mirai Nagasu and I hope I got that right in the first triple Axel. I just I loved. I love the Olympics I was so into it and I just from. For whatever reason there's events before the opening ceremonies and then like I watched the opening ceremonies and all week and it was key. The united I loved what the a junkie I need to update what I said because I guess I've been paying more attention and I thought because I knew about how long guy. And then I heard about the triple Axel and I watched the clip. Gave a while to clip and locator. And I'm like when I played football when I watch football I have a frame of reference for how difficult something as my watch skating I know that's amazing because nobody else had done it to that point bright. But I I don't know how difficult month because god help me I can get on their skates I have ice skated one time in my life. In the eighth grade living in California. That's it and the only time I skated in California right exactly before I moved to the midwest. It's 1029. Will put up some of the stories on our FaceBook page for you to check out this now how much of the Olympics did you watch over the weekend a lot a little or none at. Vote on Twitter KM BZ radio I know people are mad at the Girl Scouts I don't people are mad at the Boy Scouts in Kansas City. I know because your comments on FaceBook and I'll tell you why the able in Virginia minus LE happy Monday. Still to come on the show all we'll get into potential racial profiling by local police. Get to that committed 11 o'clock the story over the weekend I know all this got people. Passionate. Emotional. Area go on the came easy FaceBook page I posted this at look I'll post stuff you know throughout the weekend to see. You know people are reading what people are doing what people are. Into what year what you wanna talk about and but we got easy to see how interest that you are here on the air a little while people are in the curtain there. But this one and Hillary only got everybody. On one side or the other ago and it's never my intention and never react to me guy that's never my thing. For metro girls have become some of the first in the country to join the boy scouts of America this from fox war. In independence the organization celebrated its 108 anniversary on Thursday and this year the celebration included it historic change. Girls are now able to join the cub scouts died leader. Jobs are den leader Jody van way and Don leader Don and Dan Dan leader Julie van way since the first time in the organization's history. They girls could ever join the organization. And I know. Based on your FaceBook posts that there are not a view that are not. Not happy whatsoever. I'd like to know where you stand on this because we knew what was coming. But about a lot of people didn't know the popularity. And that was one of the questions Danny was how many girls are actually going to want to join to join. The Boy Scouts and you'll pretty jumpy and was this a good. 5767798. The Boy Scouts. I mean however I feel about the Boy Scouts one way or the other then. These girls are joining in people are having opinions one way or the other. Here's piloted this. Won't really care like what what impact does it have on your life like savior when the people who is posting I think somebody posted a very. I thought we did move past this term. On your FaceBook page now and I'm likely what does it matter what is nick what do you care how is that going to erode how you feel I mean why we even keep with pro and downs anyway these days. There is no difference between gender and I know I just threw a grenade in the room but I thought there there's no difference between gender all we have these roles that we come preprogrammed into was slammed into our heads are allies. Let people live the way they want to live if it's not encroaching upon you. What level it is a matter of girls wanna be Boy Scouts what does it matter that or Boy Scouts or girls that don't we want all of these kids to grow up with the lessons that these organizations. Teach that children don't we want to raise in the get him nation and even a nation of eagle scouts regardless of what ever gender they may be why does. It matter why is that threatening to people Jim says what part of the word and boy scouts of these idiots not understood. Saunders says if Girl Scouts offer more adventurous and hands on activities for real life. Girl Scouts will be more fun we are leaving Girl Scouts after this year because we are over the arts and crafts. Lee and says this is stupid. Why not keep that for Boyce mice studies and Boy Scouts and I have a daughter but it won't let her join the Boy Scouts. Okay that's I guess that's your choice is apparent if she wants to know why would you wanna keep her from it I guess that's ride my question. Are we in a world we want our kids is just do what they want to they can feel fulfilled so they don't have to end up miserable bitter. Divorced and drink and to Mason jars full diet Mountain Dew and Jim beam. And anyone who might deplete you don't want a minute if you want your kid you keep cared about them prone out just what you get the gold Danny boy right here. And this is the predictable answer. And again feel pretty jumping and we now had four girls from independents joined the cub scouts 5767798. Or text in a Tutu ninety's Gerald. Brian writes I obese trolling. Or he really feels this way but this is as predictable as it comes PC liberalism progressive as a destroying everything it's not hard to understand boy scout is for boys Girls Scouts is for girls it's in the name I was a boy scout. And so were several of my friends this disgust me dear social social justice warriors liberals and progressives. Leave well enough. Alone he's directing that at SJ w.'s level liberals and progressives. Phil writes on her FaceBook page they should never happened ME group to be I will never talk about the Boy Scouts again or are because it is obviously something people are passionate about on both sides. Whether you think that the girls and at the same opportunities as the boys. Where do you think the girls should stay on their side of the room the boy should stay on their side that was what Phillips said he's seen again read between the lines he believes that people should stay with their own groups. Ryan right so on top of our little queer boys and Boys Scouts we held the other genders in two seems right next will be confusing. Transgender. Sounds like a free for now. What does it matter to you and off also wired using. A derogatory language towards people there. This is Vicki I don't get it Wii a Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts so what is the need for the girls. That they have to join the boys doesn't make much sense to me what if the girls wanna join the boys what does it have to make sense to. What is the harm. As any can anybody show me the harm. 5767798. Stephen in Kansas City and KM BZ Hayes Stephen what do you make DeLia girl what what do you make of the girls join in the boys. Now thanks very you know I just wanna yeah it was sure it was an I would diet could comment you know. The Olympics but one thing that really bought me a great job commentary and compensating in everything really opened the dark and where about it here. John and Lee and I have been Errol Johnny. Johnny. And he is it. To make an all inclusive world here in the United States. There there are actual recent words the girls want to. Either but I part girls they want that carbonated. Carbonated. Whatever it's called at the end where you'd get the eagle scout. And I think that in all but boy out. And Girl Scouts are trying to be all and quote and I I. Import from Purdue when but but you know it's going to be eleven Lauren I think we're gonna do this and then when you make changes toward shallow. You think I don't think this'll last. There Steve makes the vocal Mandell mentioned that we are gonna see you later on heralding Casey Harrell Girl Scouts I'm sorry girls join in the cub scouts your thoughts. A local civil. Desire and demand before what in the poll what part of wiped out to people do not understand that flabby and the girls got girls. Poured out from grossed out but girl's. What do you think the differences between men and women and why should they be separated. Genders or different. Why do you think that women can't handle everything boys can handle. It or are you go finance and you're talking to go ahead men ardent somebody and it now what would you. Do you think there is something that the girls can't handle it the Boy Scouts can do. No I don't. I don't prepare and they handled boy but just because they're blizzard and there are girls they should be set. You know their necks and you know every sexual involved in it you know it just like. You know. Boys and girls can be together without having sex that is a possibility. If. They came back up and always dumped up and it involves sex when you're especially when they're younger girl and male male and a female male and female because. OK but what about the sexual abuse it's that. Has that occurred within the boy scouts of America because that was male on male. I think that what he had to say isn't an interest that. It's always going to lead to something sexual. Is this not an opportunity Carol thanks for your comment appreciate it like that there's there's no writing incidents but is there not something that we can teach. At a young age or nothing network hasn't asked to become a sexual relationship that. Men and women or young boys and young girls. Can actually. Coal exists. I I would like Adam herald is. That's the way it has been and that's the way it always has been and that's the way it should be boys on one side of the room and girls on another senator that's that's kinda what I get. Because there's too much worry. About twelve year old boy an eleven year old boy an eleven year old girl or twelve year old girl getting together. And pro creating at the age of fourteen. A problem with I'd I'd do it. When and if there are camping trips do you really believe that the boys and girls are gonna be allowed to sleep in the same cabins or T and sort sleeping bags. I would like like he set I think that's a great thing you said words like just because it has been does it always have to because how would that be nice to live in a world we don't have to worry about your kid going away. And it becoming sexual and teenagers are going to be. Sexual you can't get away from maybe this is an opportunity to because I never had the talk. From my tech my momma my dad edit and fifth grade sixth grade new somewhere in that era school yeah in school and school and off. There's certain things that you that that resonate when you're in school like teaching of the civil war. If we have the best lesson about penises and vagina is come from an instructor. Or sex comes from a instructor. It James Katie and Tim plus you next 5767798. Or metro girls became some of the first in the country to join the cub scouts. The four girls join the cub scouts last Thursday during the organization's 108 anniversary. Girls will be able to join the Boy Scouts officially next year. And just based on the FaceBook page I can see that this is kind of a divisive topic and like to know why by 767798. Right to the phones is Danny boys in Virginia month selling today James in North Kansas City your on KM BZ good news or bad news that this happened. It's that little bit about and be a very quiet and a couple of good points at the B we are the the guys here like that he meant it had a spirited art. Come out on that it is. When you are quite well. Inlet and present and I am being at Maria is really holding well held Baghdad you can about 10%. Columbia respectful. I like they were back like that. It would. The bigger the local board that it didn't grow that the ban that went architect and your opponent no apparent. This election what and then when cantor and when that eclectic well in the united military. On an amendment but now. But there are thirty combat that and that the web and do. No life. You. Because when they cannot let it go. Back to. And it counterpart. Dominique he kept my honor or an important topic of debate. AJ are James let me I want I just want it at interjected ask you a question on. First of all I'll bet there are plenty of women could drag 225 pound man out of a combat zone. If if necessary but. We're talking about 78910. Year old girls and boys we're not talking about. 181921. Year old brave soldiers fighting for our life so what is it. That a ten year old girl can't do that at ten year old Blake and bill. Epic quite hear your. Answer. So that the UK that they can't departments of the China art that. Girl. What are. Your tactic Earl are yet it's stronger and our. Strong is not as strong is not what ice that Ice-T you James. I I I I will agree with you James that there's probably a better chance that a man is going to be able to Draghi 225 pound man. And it puts you on hold I'm gonna run but because you wouldn't let me answer your question James to conversation brother. I I don't believe there's anything that 810 year old blight. Can you were asked to view to be a boy scout that he ten year old or eleven year old girl can. I mean again. Are their women who can't drag 225 pound man in full combat gear out of a zone. After he's been shot yeah. I'll bet there are. But there are a couple of guys in the military can do the same thing but to bring it back to the question is there anything wrong with what happened independents went for metro girl's. Joined the Boy Scouts that's that like what is is there rigorous push up trading. In the cub scouts. Then I don't know about their boulders being pushed up pills are their bodies being dragged out of playgrounds they I don't know hole. What a girl can't do that he boy can do it daddy. Is obviously you're giving hysterical satirical examples of what the Boy Scouts may be doing pushing able as the details but hey. If you have a couple girls that wanted to learn to do that what's the problem. I don't understand. I don't I don't know. In less your answer is the Boy Scouts are for boys and Girl Scouts are for girls and you're not coming off that rocked a picture of mean you're right that is heck of an extrapolation to go from the boys and Girls Scouts and independents the ticket to the battlefield dragon 225 pound and a full combat gear under fire idling at twelve year old boy can do that either mad him decide. Dedicating KM BZ I Cady in KC I'm KM BZ KD or UN Boy Scouts. Yep I'm one day while my brother I'll go out back in the early eighties hair and I'd like the one girl scout meeting eight. We are like it that crap. And I I hate the Atlantic LYU. Older brother Aaron. And I was not at this moment or record add some life is at bat is recognized on record as an office. I want I'm happy encrypt my mom was a cut out. I cut out leader in an op ultimately without error as well who's the leader I mean everything that brother did all the meetings camping trip. That can't Shiloh. I believe that Georgia coming up at the time to. He might get so I would never was technically got the eagle scout and my brother achieved at eagle scout project. Watery juiced up from the text line Cady and this is from fifty don't want so why can't girls do everything they do in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Because people a lot of people are saying like in the girls' coaches do what they do in the Girl Scouts and let the boys do. What can't you do it one that you can do in the other. At the time in the early eighties it was all in crafting and boring thing for me I was tomboy I I am. I am what I call rate but not the arrow I I am married to a male I am not gender I'm not and then there I mean you aren't. I'm a normal email site. Narrow and I didn't enjoy it and that girl scout structure for somebody you like. The ride horses and runner and dog and plays soccer and four and basically. Couple I think I did go it'll be I remember one meeting particular. I might add on like five total needed it because they did sit around and Kirk and they sat around and it's a little hat end. They'd crapping in and talked about not and I want it to do things and and a politically correct basically. Native American or account without. You can add. Couple of the end of comic and Il and basically. The girl out here at the man for. I think I'm Jake Eddie thank you so much in appreciate one thing real quick it's like the boy scouts of America why did they do this well they're doing it because they considered their their enrollment numbers are dropping so it seems like if you truly care about the Boy Scouts. Girl or boy if you want them to survive. You're gonna need to do this because enrollment is down. Go to Tim and Casey K and KM BZ Tim was this a good move for four metro girls to join the. More wicket mark game boy and and just a little background real quick almost sixty years old 25 years in the military. What board in the military and special forces and all that. So I've had the whole testosterone. The around in my entire life. Gillick a patriot factory. Yeah right this problem that people have with girls doing this has nothing to do with people have problems with girls after you with the year. And that's been in our culture since. We've had white male dominating the society in the western culture. Is think about it what do they do back in that simply making hundreds. Created players that people from another continent. Where they gave during Japanese to the Japanese in World War II internment camp because beer. What they do about women voting they had sort of a big fight about so they did have a choice because people smarter brain came there and that hey they're people too. I was up from here eleven and execution of support and comfort that's we get what we want. We need to work that our along with the top of the Beijing. And this is something else that's called Lynda to be up. Problem form because it's one more notch away from having to be on equal footing and whales being compete and they don't like it. That's really what this is about. Hey Tim thanks for the phone call may want to squeeze in eyes stand. Could say to the final word before the news here on KM BZ go ahead. Mom does columnists say they I believe in gender equality police you know honestly. You know gross appeal I mean four outs I mean we should call the scalp. I mean that in the today by wire Wizner qualities that Tibet saying you know these people. Move Collins Colorado the liver list you know all they are in no way it's not that means you're just scared of letting him. At saint Leo. Here again to calls right early nailed thanks Sam appreciate it man it's not a FaceBook page and to cut continue the conversation welcome back to this a little bit later on. Straight ahead it was a local restaurant racially profiling caught on tape and the police involved. You'll hear we'll tell you about it get your opinion on it that.