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Wednesday, June 20th

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It's channel four on a Wednesday. This Wednesday right. Tech correct it is Wednesday it is Wednesday I'd happily to the weekend happy to have you. Will keep it editing going on the immigration crisis at the border I know that speaker Ryan said they're going to be voting on it tomorrow president trump said the going to be working on fixing the crisis. Any new news does pop up we'll have for you here on KM BZ. Her story comes to us out of the Sacramento bee actually but the stories out of Indiana. If you're someone bothered by slow drivers in the left lane this police officer might be your new hero. A tweet from Sargent Stephen wheels. Eight public information officer for the Indiana State Police has recently gone viral. Because of the way the hot handled an alleged slope poked in what is supposed to be the passing lane and he treated. Along the picture. I stop this vehicle today frame left lane violation on I 65. Major thoroughfare through India. The driver in about twenty cars slow down behind her because she would not move back to the right length. Again of their vehicles behind you you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass and he tweeted a picture of that person being there. Lots of people love the message not surprising given that Expedia did a survey a couple of years ago saying being a left lane Hogg is a major irritating behavior for American drivers. People love this guy that they actually pulled her over for hogging the left lane on. And it's interesting because not every state has a law about the last plane being considered a passing lane. And the story points out some seem confused by the rules regarding the last plane. A Twitter username Brian hunt asked if you can be pulled over for causing traffic in that lane even if you're driving the speed limit and here's how the officer explained it. The spirit of the law is that because many people drive well above the speed limit. It creates an accordion effect as traffic starts to back up behind the slower vehicle that's where many of the crashes occur on the interstates. It is all in the name of safety. 5767798. Discovery thinking yesterday as was read this story. Now every state. Encourages you to get over. All right every state says you should probably. Get over you're you know that the per knowing your listeners though on a while you simulate every day I drive on. 35 to and from work at every game there is a person going well below the speed limit in the left lane I don't know what it is. Here's a deal but even. Token even if you're going to speed limit it doesn't matter well Kansas. To get a liar a plan liar I am I've been looking. All over I can find the slope local law in seven states. I cannot find it in Missouri or Kansas. But if anyone knows where to find that. Feel free texted it to 22980. Because I have found. That org in Oklahoma Virginia. Florida Georgia Indiana New Jersey and Tennessee have stiffen penalties for slow poke or left lane can't. Other states all states require you to get over the don't specifically required to get out. Of the left lane. With set penalties. Costs so. Illinois and it was one of the states that does on analysts that's changed recently by an iPad that on the books for awhile in 2004. Yak and so it basically says. It doesn't matter if you are going to speed limit on if you're in the left lane that is considered to be a passing lane you don't just get to sit there. And if people come up behind you to use that link to pass like let's say Europe a four lane interstate two lanes each direction. You are supposed to be in the right lane the left lane is used for passing and so if you're sitting over there even if you're going to speed limit. It doesn't matter of people are coming up behind you you are supposed to get over to allow them to pass and it just contributes. To better traffic flow it means that we don't have to cars sitting next to each other. And then no traffic and get through if those other cars are speeding. That's not really you war. Job to enforce the speed limit you know I mean some people are gonna say I want going to speak on negative or right wine. That's up to police to catch the people that are speeding your job. Based contract clauses to get over to the right let him pass and if they're blown by in ninety miles an hour. That's your your job is not to play cop and that scenario but some people think that because they're going to speed limit they get to sit or they want. 76771980. Got me to think of two things wonder what he's like dad around here and to. What are the reasons besides the laws that are actually on the books. Should get pulled over like what is it like how is how does that. The police officers seized this it'd knowing his speech at the noise of the point of pulling you over like here's when I've got four yeah. Let's see your credit turn. Right. On shoot even Shawnee mission there right for from just a side street just decide street. And you seem becoming and there are some. Economic whatsoever behind me you know. What is with people having to turnout in front just giving exit waiting three more seconds. It happens on Metcalf every day somebody pulled off the Johnson dry eyes then I'll or is that brought more or whatever that is happens every day where you can't wait. Three seconds I bought 55 down Metcalf and you can't wait three more seconds. To ask you and you can start going your 25 miles an hour or whatever you're doing. That should be illegal I would like zipper merging to be a lost. I would like person that hangs out gets over I would like it to be alive that you have to Zuckerberg. In other words on use the lanes of traffic that are open for her. 57677985767798. Answer with Deb and 81 KM BZ and gab. I don't wanna play when opening and defensive left link people I travel thirty by the experience by quite a lot and that's a left lane exit to get on 635. You don't get over. Fairly soon you that you can't wait to the last minute and I hope you can get over that exit I'm willing to go about ten miles of the speed limit but that's the lecture that I will like people crying need question like and carrying on that. You know 100. Doug yesterday I was going on I their I I taught I 35 northbound acts Shawnee mission park. And I need to get on 635. And you know there's not a lot of there's not a lot of time there to catch and that's a left turn that's a left lane also on. I'm not afraid no one to. You lose eight lane of traffic for as long as it is open and I you'll I'm afraid to kind go for awhile and then find an opening in that far left lane right and how to get in there and get over. So I'm not sitting in the partly to traffic sit back for two miles. Well I appreciate that but there are times when it's you can't. Over in that lane and. Okay I'll sit there might like on somebody's millennia we need to be a little more courteous to by the way if somebody like damn wants to get over. Your. That important so I'll let you and eventually because eventually gonna back up traffic behind you and people are gonna notice that somebody will buy 767798. Thanks dad Kurz here on KM BZ what's up but. Annan. Specter of a little bit confused and you mentioned Jerry doesn't have that you're you're you know termed the generic. Slow poke. Actually any time you line in the states military that State's well being equal most fuel or to the right. It may say that. EU imports all right air war news. But think they struck but they did not do that Curtis. Bullets and nor. You get a nuclear summit state trooper and Hitler slowed traffic and you about it mob on and observes. It's his situation as a matter there now let senator. Writes her their bodies found a westbound. And obstructing but it stopped. Wrote rate and leads. Current issues people make important judgments regarding other banks take place so it's up to the officer or the troopers discretion. A look at each campus it. But it depends on the jurisdiction here around here a lot more lighter. That Johnson county and the one that chilly side. They usually use judgment on all it takes some birdies and not able to drive a vehicle. Apple posted speed or a little which is a mall like also endorse your ideas beat. Limit which is right. Belts political. Now I'll tell you I have never ever seen us I I I'm not calling Curtis a line. But I've never seen and I've seen in my three years almost of living around here. People in that left lane going well. Under the speed limit I don't get it and several people are telling us on the tax line that the Missouri Highway Patrol will take you for driving in Atlanta who want good. It appears to be lines are good you Shia. South Kansas doesn't seem to do a damn thing about it it's like it's almost encouraged come to Kansas drive 45. For whatever reason I don't understand it. You shouldn't be able to go that that's low in the in the leveling Curtis thinks you're folk comment 5767798. What else should be a law. That debt that is currently not. Strictly enforce on the roads you also texted at 22980. Became easy text line to get to everybody that's on old Bryan Rick. Well it to you can and a Dexter on KMB easy there's eight I hero cop. In Indiana who him. Treated that he pulled somebody over for the slow poke law we've all been behind that person is going ten miles an hour at the speed limit is twenty of you wait just to get by that one person. Lovely Jamie when you do pass that one pursue what he normally do. Nothing nothing. Just yet I was gonna say you would do anything. Assam. I will usually my sunroof is open stick my hand out the window and then have my finger pointing. And get over to that person so so they really know olive oil actors are not gonna change. There are always going to be act act what do you think 7677. I need to be more like that what else would you wanna see changed in the law. On the roads item when people pull out in front of these sort of waiting three more seconds. To make that right turn is I'm coming down the road at 45 or fifty miles an hour 5767798. Let's go to truck driver peak on gay NBC that morning peak. I added and in. I drive a truck for letting I don't really go on the letter an epidemic that. But when he went you're just aren't about people never change. There ability to Spain that might have thought early on that it. I think there are a lot of people who say I'm going to speed limit their four I can drive wherever I want. You know that I am I you know I'm I'm going 65 miles an hour I can be whatever lane I want the lane is there I get to use it. If that's you. Call us and to tell me why you think oh in just a couple of miles under the speed limit or at the speed limit is okay. In the left only when you have seven cars behind their plan traffic cop and they think you shouldn't be speeding. I'm going to speed element that plane I can be wherever I want you don't need to speed. You're a bad person think that. Rhetoric that came BZ what's up Rick thanks to Colin. Yeah just on the I was leaving on I 35 northbound. Toward Iowa. But I just gotten out of Kansas City about 20/20 five miles. And it's a two lane on each way. I was in the left lane and the two lane and there are as a cop state troopers stood in the media center divider. And right as I passed him who pulled over turned around and pulled me over. Instead. The left lane is for passing only. You ordering it just allowed to drive in the left lane. Not allowed that you and there was nobody around for miles. And he did the last plane that's for passing only. It is and it's because and I get a it's because if someone were to come up behind you you should just argued if you're the only driver you should just be in the right light because they're both open so why not be right. Yeah well you know I'm from California I don't know the rules here. Yeah. You do an fine but at a but Marco thank thank you Rick we appreciate it let's talk to Bryan on KM BZ Bryant. And then it's up. They vote for. Public. Unlike the pot and let let playing so. I hated. You'd. Think he. Signaled. Are you Utley and what it looked bootleg. So how far back should you be getting over and leaving now lane of traffic open. You know. I'm just asking because your lane of traffic that's open and the reason. Is because I'm looking at mode got site mode Ott has an entire website dedicated. Eliza for merge is the right way to handle that. The idea as you leave you you say lane of traffic. Until it is no longer open and the reason they called a zipper emerge and you know this being a truck driver is that once cargoes and the other ten guys and them they they alternate. And each slain do you want to waste five planes of open. Opened traffic miles to get over and not. Let's wait till well after that can do it but let me. You can play. That's why it's called super Marge you each lat one cargoes from the left claim when partisan from the plane and one from the left the one from the right that's it's designed to work that. The problems that people don't do it. The problem is that people like if it's like me that people don't do and it's if everybody did it it would work great that your people thinking it's rude. To wait until the last. If everybody did it it would work the thing is. I'm not Smart enough to know this stuff but traffic engineers have figured out that the most efficient way. Even though I don't always follow it the most efficient way is to do the zipper or should complicated. But it's complicated you just haven't openly in traffic and you don't waste an openly in a track. But it really is the thought process of at and let's say that I'm in the right lane right in the left lane isn't. And I see you year white cobalt new zip up past. What do we all think at that moment. That person's hurt that person is a jerk you know in fact what you're doing is what Smart guy engineers have figured out is the fastest way for us all to get through. The stupid constructions. With a link because otherwise you have that lane that was so you have two lanes of traffic that are open right and let's say you know one of those is about and let's say the far left lane is about and so what you have in people getting over too early is that you have that lane of traffic that's about it beat the only link. Backed up for miles when you have an open lane of traffic it's not being used that's don't. But if I'm fortieth in line. And this is just my priest at night I'd. I've I've been the guy that is done the zipper merge I've been again it has been super merged upon I've also been the guy. Dad for half a mile rides on the middle of the lane and takes up both. It blocks people down here and I can anybody tear Jerker I have been that guy a whole lot. As a matter because. You the front that you don't want anybody else to get past you rightly what does it matter on. I mean why can't you just go to the front of that lane it's open and then the ideal would be if everybody. You fill the open lanes of traffic while they're open and then the point at which emerges down to one lane. You reached take this and then two lanes not easily merge into one lane of traffic. We don't want to do with the we don't wanna let you get past me because were I building is more important than when your going. I have to make you wait eight extra seconds by not letting you win. It's road rage then you'd be the guide that also goes to the front instead of Elena that guy for being a jerk you angle of the. And then everybody let's one person and and it works out let's go to Noah on KM BZ eight hour. Eight are you all doing. Are not that much. You know really I get my thought is that. Especially in a semi truck. They're merging onto the highway arm and is in that last plane so they convert their right lane I know that where they like. And I have a lot of respect for there just there doing their job trying to. And operating and 8000 pound vehicle demand are backed. Well one other thing I want this they really widgets that. I'll try to get truck driver it will Edberg and I'll get that we'll explain and beat out. To accommodate them getting back over into the right lane because like at that that's where they usually try to what they're actually but I. You know I don't think I think a lot of people so early how much consideration for other drivers on the road I think that. One of the main issues. Yeah I guess that's really ought had to say you know. Good note thanks the focal Amanda appreciated final word goes to Steve on KM BZ what's up Steve. Are doing okay about. A question. All. Without a oddly in the left at the we had three. Semi trucks and low blow in room to merge Akron right and it outweighs that he is here in Vietnam and 65 rounder instead of the and our next thing you know you have ala cart. And all manner and the next thing you know you get a phone call from your office. Stating that the people America you're in the pass play went seventy what they wanted them on the baby oh don't let my mate for speed Internet okay. The left that made for speeding it's made for passing. Guys guys that made for speeding. Although a lot of this dude speed in the left lane but you're not. The traffic cop. And so it's not your job to be judging Ryan driving too late if you're doing seventy to 65 instantly comes up on your behind. Get over let him go by your life will be a lot easier so there shouldn't you know but I'd let you wanna spur in the because I've been the guy that'll just drive a slow down so I'm just doing the same speed as the person next to be said the GA. Behind me won't will be able to get past. At the start reserve FaceBook page yesterday noting in parks and chatted about this she knew and Netflix policy. That is out there. Netflix. And this is ridiculous out of business insurance dot com. Staring at someone for more than five seconds. Can be considered sexual harassment. Sing it again staring at someone so looking at someone for more than five seconds can be considered sexual harassment at least that's. The case courted Netflix sexual harassment policy for film crews that's a report first published a media British newspaper the sun. Other elements of the policy include not asking for colleague's phone numbers. Urging staff who feel passed up pastor to say stop don't do that again. Avoiding lingering hugs. And not asking people out more than once and steering clear they say now. You can't stare at someone for more than five seconds why. Would you steer someone for five seconds doesn't act it reared. Why would you. Short of you and I sitting here and I think we know that's our job all of us when I'm talking to outlook and a different direction anyways I keep my focus. Why did you say you're at someone for five seconds analysts are being weird. You just looking but there's isn't looking and stare and why would you look at someone for five long time why would you look at someone for five seconds like just look at a pleasure talking to them. But why someone like that that gets weird. If I would tell the newsroom. And over the somebody staying there whoever doesn't and someone's just looking. I think well maybe listen to the show but a fun on the year and you're just looking. I don't know that it's it doesn't automatically make it sexual harassment but it is creepy. It is we this is Adobe we are policy this is the don't be creepy and weird. Policy. Our right. I'm gonna go the other way I think this it's. A lot of you are I think this is a complete overreaction by Netflix because of the meat to movement I think. I think every guy that I got. I can stare at some of the 52 and not be weird about it applies both directions by the way Andy when it does doesn't. What Amanda's applies to win either way that's not creepy to me you know when it. It might feel creepy T. Like it doesn't just just because on. Because I heard a conversation answer. Just because men feel like they're being you now unfairly targeted enemy to movement sometimes doesn't mean policies like this don't have value. Don't be creepy and weird it doesn't always mean that you know it's sexual harassment but don't be my somebody stared at me for a second I think can help you. Well I don't. Arab frogs and they can help your do you need some that are doing no you or is he knows everything okay. It's not asked me and I since it nobody Netflix is but is there a way of preventing you from getting in trouble if it doesn't automatically mean it is. But if you're not doing it you don't have anything to worry about 57677. NA. And host of the policy work where you come down is it. Sexual harassment. If you stared somebody for more than five seconds and killing our policy is that there's more out there more to NASA was to ask colleagues for phone numbers mean. If that was the case it wouldn't be merry delay probably wouldn't be here as a matter of fact. Urging staff who feel pastor to say stop don't do that again I agree with that if you're being pestered by somebody. Yeah he's a stop don't do it and that should end it avoiding lingering hugs. Let me tell you act as an out and little freaked out there at some. This is valid like let's not automatically dismiss everything that's been here as somebody who and has worked in an environment with a person. Who. Is weirdly touchy. Yeah that's that's a weird moment and it can work both ways but I have worked around a guy. Who. Would hug me at times where it didn't make sense I don't know when in this environment here it would never makes sense canyon and a radio station where it would ever make sense to do that. Way to hug at weird times. Hold on too long when they did it and did it when it just wasn't. It was just weird and creepy it would be weird. Any work environment to be. For a longer than hot longer hug that hey hope you're doing okay spoke hunt and that's it that's rare like I've argue like three times. Friends Iraqi commitment that's a bad light I am sorry your father in law passed in ninety. Stuff like that in a normal working environment I don't know why you would hug somebody anyway Gillick and I I really don't think I'm hugging carrot too much yeah I mean unless I mean Karen I hug yesterday and that's yeah. That is you know that's about the extent of it but some people are weird torturers. They are simpler hunter. 5767798. What do you think this new policy from for a from Netflix where. Five seconds of staring is considered harassment. And also some of the other stuff wouldn't be able lingering hugs I'd get and not asking people up more than once. I get that too especially if it's like a go to jeopardy now. The guy did your probably done right there are probably done let's go to the phones let's talk to David on came easy eight David what do they get Netflix new policy. Well I don't understand that searching our that. This should be common. That's our look at some warmth for certain you know the human nature that make you a quick or maybe questionable. And attracting. I mean look at that you for a few seconds that mean I'm coming over revenue. Or anything it if we're going to be normal. It different though than in a bar. You know in in a normal plays like a bar where you might be there to pick someone up that's different at work where you're not really there. Oh here. It it's different. I think a lot a couple of minutes or I think there. Couple of network. But staring at someone is not the same thing as. As asking some David thinks the phone call 5767798. Can your on KM BZ cat waiting to Netflix and policy. Arnold folks that. All I know my wife stares at me more intrigued minutes or three seconds I'm in trouble. Yes I'll always brother I hear ya now. Yeah okay then like sometimes we talked my brother will be doctor patient in what features we talking about worse or some that are important. It will only keep gender didn't move we will probably look away for five or ten seconds to note that. I don't think that creepy and I never steer anybody though it work side. I just try and keep. Ultimate limit limit what what you said is pretty interesting there can be your talking about sit on the boat with you brother Ed and your friends or whatever talking about lures. But this is at war and you just said that you don't stare at anybody at work and yeah I can't. Much high intensity atmosphere. If they're seniors get that somebody like that it worked they probably would think you're weird you know. So so your OK to policy aren't Kent thanks meant is there's a difference when year at a bar like the previous caller. Where you're at war is that a senior at a restaurant courier out public concert whatever. Your work. There is and we compete we can do dead air for the length of time of five seconds I want you think to just sit and stare at someone for five seconds I'm not saying not I'm not saying dozens. Necessary or that is sexual harassment but before you befriend egregious calls it a load whatever. About you know staring at some I mean. Look at the person that your next to work right now and just stared there's. There's there's having a conversation was someone and looking at that when you're talking to them and there's just staring at all right that's weird. Right now if I decree if your cubicle let's all do this together. It security cubicle right now. When Utecht will all count down and we'll go silent for five seconds but how. Have to stare at the person next to you if you're stuck in traffic you look over the person next to you the car. Steer the person for five seconds are you ready. Go. May Day with Jamie in which it. Talking about Netflix news sexual harassment policy for its film crews. Other elements of the policy include Colin not asking for colleague's phone numbers hurting staff who feel pastor to say stop don't do that again. Avoiding lingering hugs and not asking people out or did one steering clear they say no but. Were chatting about staring at people for more than five seconds is that considered sexual harassment according to Netflix. Eight candidate. 5767798. Or to the votes Roger on KM BZ thanks for anybody. It. That question energy that you work so important to direct argued he creepy. After you touched her under the first time what did she didn't stop I. People did. Not try to that it turned back. Aren't I mean you're you're saying why don't dot I didn't. Perhaps cannot stop. Elian. Have you ever been in the situation. And that's what you did in the middle of your workplace. But I. I can order a partial match. The notebook on. I don't but very appropriate. This thing that it doctor diluted election substantial work belt and a lot. You may want I don't know what he does I that are run statement. I pulled away I mean it's not your kind of victim blaming a little that we use when you tell the woman are you tell the person who was being. On being touched by the other person your blaming in on them for not ending that person's behavior instead of telling the other person don't do it. I did pull away I did tell the person not to do it. I in fact that they that works best for me is too embarrassed that person is to kind of laugh and column out and and make fun of them a little bit and and embarrass some that'll work faster than on it if you do that. Would you say. I ask you just you call now for a little bit especially if it's around other people because they think it's okay to do that. And they think that's around other people you're back in a column out. And the best thing to do is to kind of laugh about a little bit and they some say something or is not art let's go to Dennis on KM BZ what's up Dennis. Well I think it's a new policies it spirited ugly. Slowly brought him to help early watch a lot of people like people was Down syndrome. They tarnished your war I've got ordered my camera yeah. You have to be careful there or what about the Vietnam man of sixty pictures don't always try to down to every Agent Orange. Are you are greatly and he often say charred birdie east it was dirtier and second your part in the this year. Your retirement you're done. We're secretive. I don't think anything saying you lose your job because of and I don't think anybody is I think these are rules that Netflix has laying out that if you just avoid these things you. Are at have a better chance of keeping yourself out of trouble. In theory comments as somebody has some kind of you know physical. Camera these employees thereby stay in eight and a Vietnamese man or young and I'll let her get all your naturalized. I think we're gonna note that that person's a little different. It was and physical actions are going to be a little different a Dennis thanks man David your on KM BZ. Oh yeah personal guard left the shop. I feel like the policy at its self defeating and I'd like the policy I liked the idea that people should be able to express makes them comfortable. They get the definition of sexual harassment. It's cracked and somebody making somebody who left then with your sexuality. Couldn't understand why people would say staying at that a person's sexual harassment. But it's ultimately self defeating because we have. A cultural revolution with women right now going on and they need to be taken seriously. And I think if you're gonna tell me anyway they can look it's trying to dispute and keep it particularly in the state in the movement. Aren't kidding look I wanna look. But it's not just being told that let's be clear this policy applies to every one. You're under right so it's not just men are being on even knowing that you feel that way this applies to everybody. No I don't know why I feel that everyone has gone. Honest. In its sexual harassment knows no gender restraint. I think that's what that we don't talk enough about. Is affected oftentimes it does go the other way but predominantly. Goes one way. Yes it does pregnant predominately it is men that sexually harass one and from one David to the next 91 KM BZ was up David. Yes. I just wanted to and I'd I don't think it's right to make got called rule. In this because. I've been hard of hearing my whole life. And I look at people I look at their military lips. And I mean just don't look at me you wouldn't know that I was part airing. And I you know I've been jumped onto a lot of times but looking at people because I was trying to understand what they're saying what are your part of the conversation that not all of that. Let's psychic reader lips and I can get a conversation. And so to make a law I think is being. It's just brought out down. Well let me ask you this David if I mean you are. In the minority people at the hearing disability are in the minority and assure you recognize that. I don't think they're targeting U I believe that they are going to four. The majority of freewheeling guy creek is a regular guy and that is just staring at the woman. Right not talking George staring. I guess watching and you begin how they're gonna now. What lecture intentions are. I I think most people know the difference between creepy weird enough creepy cleared by. That's as thanks for your phone call David it's our FaceBook page could check FaceBook dot com slash 981. KM BZ. I got a you know Barbara Simmons said we don't talk enough about. The good guy with the gun stories remember those. Someone called us out so look you guys only talk about when that kid gets his dad's gun and shoots his Brothers some like that. Here's another one and I can't remember the guy's name said he would call every time we did this. This is for you this is another good guy with the gun in the right place at Olympia Washington. An armed civilian intervened and fatally shot a suspect who police said. Had shot two people and was attempting an armed carjacking miss any Wal-Mart parking lot of the Pacific northwest. The civilian was praised as a hero by customers including Bryan Adams a witness who saw the confrontation he says he's a hero. Relate more people could easily have been shot with but this guy was doing. He was just there with several shots on the incident began on Father's Day around 5 o'clock in the afternoon when the suspect. An unidentified male first shot and wounded a sixteen year old girl while stealing her vehicle she received nonlife threatening in June injuries was treated at local hospital. Opera stolen vehicle was discovered in a parking lot shortly thereafter. Thirsting counting the the police up there received multiple calls. Of shots fired in or around an area Wal-Mart store the same suspect from the earlier shooting in carjacking incident entered the Wal-Mart. Fired shots the display case and then left the store war. In the war the suspect shot adult male tried to carjacked as a vehicle. The gunshot victim was airlifted the suspect attempted to carjacked another person when he was approached by not one but true. Armed civilians. One of the two shot the suspect. Killing him no other suspects are no the customers or employees inside the ball mark injured in the shooting according to authorities. Police say they know the suspects in the carjacking incidents are reported shootings they've not released any of the identities of any of this but. Being said. Jamie we always want to give credit Whitney good guy with the gun takes Downey bad guy with a got a guest duly noted that ask guns have a role in society gaps where they can be used in a good. This was you know one. It's one of those right don't ever want to be around something like this but if but if I have to I'd like to see him you know I wanna see some like this. When you see a good guy with the gun take out of Baghdad again so props to this guy up and Olympia Washington. For doing like so many people believe is the right of every American today.