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Friday, January 19th

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Okay. I guess. Starbucks cup and he came back cool guy coming up each day to. It's sad that this is. Lean on me. I can't get back. Have you sat. And he's a man as I clean up I'm. Me. But he's. Friday. On hand when you need me. The first world concert billed as best of his Fridays with like real problems later on during day in and parks. Put that stuff that we can. Last bat first world's problems like micro cast wouldn't sync up so I could watch Netflix on the TV I had to watch on my cell phone from those kinds of things. The issues right now. Gas attacks amended to uniting zero. This extra. Let's fix that okay. Federally think I have a lot of personal problems and I keep forgetting to re buy new shoes from zappos that I got for Christmas and I sent back. Psyche after wearing parachutes that they're gonna replace. That apple pulled the bottoms of my feet get left. That's what my ninth pair of shoes to carry more satellites and it just yet you know I don't mean that accident rats are not somehow and ask. Thanks several screen offers I don't have a whole lot of a whole lot right now I don't think. I I. Don't not. Now horrible week like the toughest thing I've gone right now is I think I'm gonna go. And go to death valley national park. Okay there are not a lot of hotels there and I was not completely on the ball in planning for this particular rarely fuel cells. Swing it pretty good. If I hit it era now where I own up to the plan is a six month at a time I don't I don't understand you. I just figured out. We can't go out to make his least getting her plea six surgery in an hour and so we can't ought to think she will be able to see you can't do roster now. Now he can't I'll begin roster and so became too late she said. Just watch a movie is that when I revealed why can't see mentally but at. I do have firing him really go to me millions get a read you the Donald Trump book it'll be great. All right takes him into 2980. Personal problems. Live in a world where a child is named Chicago's west yes if you missed that my god. Him. Heard ASEAN and Condit last. And announce the name of their third child. And her name her name was Carol Chicago. Chicago last. That is terrible. Aren't as bad there are other kids are named saints which I think is an acute and north which is a more common name for boys these days north yeah north is that. I don't mind those two months and I'm a big fan of Chicago that means to Chicago last Don stupid. I don't like it would celebrities go out that way and really those two have really done it every time it's sees people would like damn somebody the other kid apple. That was glance house wasn't that gap. 22 knives or we can not get into our top three choices for restaurant weeks we have to settle for fourth toys. Yes I get it it's why I'm going to Courtney now earlier than usual I would we are gonna go to. Hamburger Mary's release birthday yesterday to view him bingo drag queen bingo Superfund for Casey pet project. That thing was so they have people reserving spots and it was so falsely went to the piano room and Waldo for Kerviel last night is that that's my first problem. My customer resource programs down I don't know what that is so not taking notes using a pencil all you have to do some excellent game. It feels weird to right which ones aren't there any in his belt my nephew had a mechanical one eyewitness helmet cam I mean he's the mechanical pencil in for ever exit number two. Somebody's at my cigar shops air mover isn't working so it's two smoking. In the cigar shop. Now on your cigar smokers track threats and a bomb out of there were trying to do agree a radio show up up up top. Michael this is focused on us you don't think it's a cigar shop it's not a big room. Right like we're that you reserve to keep the cigars so there's smoke in there that's a problem do you Travis go to cigar shops and and Evelyn. Yeah I do that you meet on and the ones I've been through they act you have fans suck out the smoke and mysteries that and was broken so that smoke was. And a cigar shop. I expected to be smoky and block it's done don't expect this somebody said my Harley has been in the shop since Thanksgiving. But it's too cold to ride hasn't it to people people right we can organize that's true 50s50s. Let's see. Bruised my son gets mad because our Internet isn't fast enough and his game has. A lag. I want my a. I want my heart to clean I don't wanna wait a long lines to mimic an office it's supposed to rain Sunday anyway yeah I get my car wash and haven't got my car wash in a long time I my oil changed the super subprime loans have announcements last Saturday. And Mike are even though it's a dinosaurs still has the thing at that tells you when he an oil change and as that percentage clicks out until it's news it is okay she bought courage bells and whistles at that has that they're getting a little of our balance more and I now. I'm anyway they said when I did that that oil changed all science of that little. We'll sector that it was sticker the outlook on your electronic tools such penalties things that goes off. They did tell us still tell me oil change needed so you have to. Are you of that stupid light now it's not like it's it it in words in front of me all the time telling me royalties need I need to make it well that don't they put the sticker up in the window just before eventually we'll put that is why you have it put a piece of black tape over the words and just let us sicker fix the this needs to be restarted yet it is just something going there are a little reset can you do that Travis. Should probably do an area I've no idea easier now. Chris you do it it's electronics that's a different thing now that's a let of Smart guy he's of ours by. Let's to who has everything YouTube does have everything Japanese appealing to low load up like a dire Cody or whatever for a moment fires. Speaking to a cheers when my Smart TV isn't connecting to Netflix I have to use my roku. Similar problem I Bluetooth on my car once we got correctly in my iPhone and I've down now numbers well that is here Ruble. The wireless car remote I have sucks big time I wanna go to think one ballot lists like don't and. And I am not. Opening an annual my car acts to find out how to do something they were supposed to do with oil strange place that's why they're experts which I'm not. Geez dating to even doing. I don't believe that I always know how to do that. I think that's true continued do anything with a card to be teaching journal I was taught how to look I've never did you but I can be got a flat tire could you change that. I don't know that and that's why I've had tripling every year's night to succeed. Somebody said the stories out of tide pods because of the medium kids. All right that's still plenty of me I don't I at seeing people getting sick. And it laughing and it took. Disconnect my battery in my car just connecting. I. Attitude. Expertise about cars to assume I have given that I do this but. If it I just enough to be dangerous with the car. So now I'm not doing that. My McDonald's food it's too hot to eat that's not real really. Sometimes those Fries can be scolding Al agreement. Let's see l.s been there my my. Radio is one lucky and so wicked is yelling happy when I started. But this email just different but the I. And see so many people you know my apartment this product as well everything that's coming in Dallas is now don't stop texting us about Jamie's car dash. It's a first problem remember these are the ones that. Our work is making fun like I'm gonna go back to please forgot my oil changes and I meet my Saturday people it's gonna fix it and fix it put the key in the on position impressed the gas pedal through five times. A people since it. Don't start to the opposition and then. Have to go 123. To the purse isn't it sounds like you don't know enough to be dangerous I'm OK with that it's a 2000. I don't have to be and there's an expert and you know really have to you know this isn't pumping gas title five times. Try the three and if that doesn't work you lie that only guys. But it's in my skinny jeans or just barely to die to tax it's not mine my order the court. These are just slim fit today than. Let's see here. My husband's birthday is tomorrow and he picked steak for dinner again I'm sick of steak. That's a bag or that really is a personal problem. Like literally people are starving around the world be like stake again. I thought I would say. At. Dan about someone's old antenna my car now the only station I listen to reliably as you guys well isn't that nice for you say yeah. Yes we we actually years ago bill that in every car wherever we only come across if your antenna fails yeah a pop up up. Right thinks that but you've got in we'll do it again next week they'll have festive as Friday's later on during the and in parks. Are coming up so Kobe and the box is. Up for discussion right now. We had Kansas City councilman Jermaine read on earlier to help explain it if your unfamiliar with what bay and the box is will tell ya and support this idea. Jump on in 5767798. He texted at 22980. Will explain and we wanna hear from you coming up next. Yeah. God. Not to. Reliance. You know the fans mom. Landing zone. No. Okay. 767798. As the phone number jump on and then really jolt the announcement today if you missed it he's come at a concert. September 21 at Kauffman Stadium tickets go on sale next week most expensive ticket was 449 box. That's on the ground at us on the field now not as bad at all. All right earlier today we talked to Jermaine read Kansas City councilman and out we were discussing band the box and if you're unfamiliar with what band the box is its. It's a proposal from councilman read. To get rid of the have you been convicted of a felony box that is an application. For a job in this city or apartment in the city. Would they've gotten that he said he got rid of it back in 2013. It applied to. City employee employment so you you don't have to check that if you're playing for a city job. But now there's going to expand if it passes to all employees and landlords. In the city of Kansas City. You can still do back project that's one thing we have to make sure you can still do a background checks were asking do you think that you would support. Band the box and the reason that. You know some people would say god we have to get rid of this is Jamie when you commit a crime a felony whether it's larceny. Ray whatever. And you served your time. Should you still have to write down that yes I committed a felony if you're trying to get a job apartments. Yeah we're taking your calls and your taxes too too nineties here are 5767798. Odd couple questions on the table. Do you agree with and the box and I and I asked that a business owners who are now going to be affected by that. And those few that might have a criminal history that have had trouble getting jobs or or housing and that kind of thing. On on hand. And can still do a background check so you're not. Yeah and if you really have something in your history they're gonna find out if they want to now what this does is got a tip them off that there's something there to fox and on not every felony is created equal which is sort of why hate the box because it just says felony conviction but doesn't clarifying I you can. You can go into an explanation if you want but it it just as felony conviction there. There's times where it's important to know those crimes and where maybe you will molested the kid twenty years ago. And maybe for whatever job applying Ford that is still not okay. On the other hand there're there're other felonies where. You did your time. Maybe a drug charge it's been fifteen years since that maybe. May be sent back. 5767798. Let's go to the phones would you support me in the box and if you're. Of a former calorie fell and I guess you have a felony on your. And a record. And you struggled to obtain employment because of this are you in favor of getting rid of it by 767798. Let's go to Charles on KM BZ thanks Charles for college would you support. Ban the box quick Lucas sees me I Jimmy reed's proposal. Charles terms. Charles Glenn asked Charles going to ice. Gives strike back we get a better sell their Charles Hakim on K and easy Joaquin. Do it all right man would you support in the box. Yes the reason why data because I mean same situation. She went out insert our job ambled out here it was easy to get it. My background is not big tree you know. But at least you get to other people opportunities they have punishment they all poor role in the past and the job they have to have. It got to where. If you hire ex current day. Well we trade debt reduction bring it to me I can say. But if you get on the change. Babel were. Up. And got Cubans not being adequately feed them Haiti for a. In every day. They work ethnic. How will work ethic is so long because while we locked they'll be working twenty culture. And you I would guess. Mall if you cited your on parole or probation whatever you can't screw up they give you you go back in IS. Absolutely you go again would have probably. All the companies out there. So gable which it I'd get cheap data via workflow. If you allow that person. That person will work force. Like you relax my heels. And why he's now working but he you know and some you are bad. Probably it's not give this big chance. You won't have to worry about not saying. The work will be done in the top and given the putter. Add an actual focal liking appreciated I think one of the one questions the people have is or why were you upfront about your. Tax evasion your child to raise your murder your ego why weren't you up front about that. It's because they want a job. Because they want an apartment. And they know if they tell you you're going to design and none so if you really want now to the backgrounds a team thinks the phone call it's go to Doug in Kansas City and KM BZ I dog. Yeah. Well all of my pick is banned the clock to far get rid of it I myself am convicted felon. That Leo elderly people aren't that your goal I went without a driver quite for years. At the ball in the little you know maker of mockery and today I'm and alcohol anymore. In cook quite a lot are in the job. I had to get. Little menial jobs permanent track record somewhere up there. You know gore record date where there's little play while working under ten dollar an hour the fight didn't have a job. Like a previous caller. I'd I don't know how long I would have it they're illegally violating it certainly backed Clinton and under the never ending cycle. Whereas if you have that fox. At the beginning. An important and provocative act macro of the app Italy offered. At anything else. Oh well let my similar but the navy you know all gauntlet. Maybe that you know I haven't in April well. Felonies are a lot easier to get nowadays and they use it because the conviction rate is extremely. And bury our data there are. Many other. But I'm okay with that now. I'm OK with the conviction rate being high I mean you say that the felony there more felonies and number I don't know that to we make more things felonies that didn't used to being. With a conviction rate being higher than it used to be it means the people that did something or are being convicted for. I think that the there are lot of jobs out there than you know you. It wouldn't do a background check in the first place. And I mean look at your apply for daycare position or the head of a bank or even a bank teller they're probably get a look at your record but if you're gonna become you're gonna total. And auto parts store or you're gonna go work as a mechanic or an oil change guy or a dishwasher. They're probably just not look in the year background. I don't know if this ends up with more people getting jobs or fewer because someone and I think. The businesses that might have eliminated you because you check the box maybe to your background so maybe you're more likely to get a job. On the other hand. Maybe now we're gonna have more people. Not getting jobs because there's not opportunity to real quickly explain what a felony as. Before that youthful background check and find our d.s support band the box 5767798. Right to the phones Stephen in Overland Park Euro 91 came BZ. Hey. You have any government that. It booklets of stepped up. Did you give me a card Stephen. Democratic argument that. Hey you know I. Spot with a lot you know and I. You know Leon jarring in. Late in the Raila Limbaugh. My experience barely emblematic. Hired. One of these guys like it just. Expect anybody. Watching closely watch a lot on my serve though steal the register and get jet. It was. They let you know he went. I don't mean it was immediately and you know marijuana in the life and yet he. You. Let it what the wrong crowd EJ and everyone's a lot about that today. Yeah you hear and went with that sort of people you know you know maybe yeah you are here and there. One day. Gain weight management. At the end appliances and they're caught. It won't wait long you know minor Gartner Obama apartment like murder like that that we in the country. We're dot Dell dot county in absolute. Worst. Of equipment. Charging. Off Georgia offense usually get a deal and now we've got a mystery tour and where they should be able all over the state built a great council. Like him would make it easier for the state to be a record that you apartment jobs. Chart Iran. Little longer I wouldn't hire anyone would regret little. With a criminal background. In like it was checked it and put together so that's just my experience and other people may. I got I got my job and have been shut out. That terrible eight. Think Tuesday. Of that. That a case in Kansas City and KM BZ IK. And do it all right thanks for your patience we appreciated. Yeah my story is that on news into the presence at that the young kid like nineteen. And you are quite some time but since he's gotten out I am for me at. You know I'd seen him from dot job the short term even trying to find a job well. Thank god here he's been steady on the job somebody Chia and he's been there for every year got that now that he's got a child too and it's gotten out. But I think is now trying to place flip and so you know these guys do they aren't apathetic people out on ballistic elf from ailing member number. Until all the thing can be listed. Typical for the on the lip we don't want them back electron actually on the altar to other ways to. Taught our place to live or to work that by god does have a job is we're not quite slip that. Tiring sometimes when you don't hopping from place to place time and place flip. And that's about it earlier in the thirties now I am not a lot op and that that wasn't the best bank formed by. I think it totally turned around and people do need second chances are. Thank you for your phone call I appreciate it let's go to Indiana and Kansas City, Kansas on KM BZ was up Deanna. I think protect Michael. I'm unit it definitely get it back and kick it got it back. Yeah again I opted out there. I I think on one of the things to units and at and you're right about that if they need to I wonder if let's say I was at McDonald's are right an entry level position at McDonald's. And you check that box you don't even get. I'm not I automatically Mike. Guy who's gonna make Fries but don't throw this thing out whereas you can if the box isn't the error. You can still come in and maybe maybe to be at the best hire ever go to any. I get that he would break Alan out something I work for national auto parts store and Beijing backed project. I wasn't trying to demean what you do like I hope that what didn't come across that way. Is not a tactic about our balance a guide network it is all well. Interest and did not know that think Indiana we talk about the comment on that is a popular response to that's the topic that. If you're worried about it don't think crock. Pretty simple as yeah it you know if you're don't complain about not being able to get an apartment or being able to Italy's or getting questions by getting a job or just don't commit the felony in the first place. On the right but if you're you know that speeding. Government and government mistake. Did you ever you know over estimate how much he gave in charitable donations to your breaking a lot you know what these people did to get felonies was obviously more serious. Makes the stakes yeah and the difference is that it's it's a question we keep coming back to. Should that mistake should that felony followed you for ever even after the period of time where the courts as. You have now repay your debt to society because you serve X number of years or you even completed her probation and now you're nagger good. But because it's still on your record yet it still comes up in a background check and some people don't look at how long they'll what does some people don't care. And for some jobs and some particular felonies I think that's appropriate if you wanna be a teacher and you've been accused of mullah you know convicted of molesting kids in the past. You're never gonna teach and maybe that's unfair. Maybe you've gone through rehab and maybe you're in now maybe you fixture of life but. Schools can't take that chance via your work with kids you can't take that chance that's one felony might never live down but they're not all that. This story we kind of grew a couple of days ago you'd ever gonna get to a yesterday we didn't who wanted to talk to councilman Jermaine reading you can read listen to that interview by the way. It started out a little rough is Jeannie and I were very confused by with the new rule would be down these I would yesterday and he clarify. But it sort of because there was a conversation Dana and parks revenue the other day and it took a phone call this is exactly to what you're talking about. How long does he mistake. A mistake you made have to believe this is from a listener named Adam called today and in parks earlier this week. I run a partner a company. And we heard a 500 dollar eighteenth at Minnesota university campus quite Bob Darrow. And we paid forty dollar for background checks we did that we were there we were very solid friendly. But yeah just to treasury in the are cheap place game but around about Krajicek and Al be on the you can't lie about it and they will look cockroach in my mind if people think and slow. Percent. While he felt and so they do them and they are still out to do a background check that because they take away our. Earlier order find out those things about people. The beautiful thing about there in the pock is you're not judged for your worst mistake in your life. I myself look good to go of second degree murder. Yeah it would appear that creeped out. Governor eloquent but what would you like an excellent person you are ever in my like car I Portugal. Create a totality over the victim. I'm not the victim in the crop. But what I go to apply for a job I've been out of prison in 2014. It has never been that it would never in jail for. But we're likely to apply for jobs are just recently quit their jobs through it's agency. And ask about why they said you can sit with our current chart at didn't ask though. What happened so close. They offered the job than twelve through the interagency garlic is such a good job. Are wedded. Or sixty day waiting for a better Gretchen that they shouldn't know me but I could still have been fired even though I would go to that my job to be offered the job. So just because they don't out up front. There and it won't find out. It does is an opportunity to get to know you'd write differently in society that says you've done your crime and to. Society. That I now bots were X amount a year. What you did. We think it's become a whole person because I'd pay taxes. So therefore. I should get a fair shot every day I don't that's or shut everything that aren't continuously judged by half. It's all white cane can't do by the government. Even though I've been told by the government. You have. Take your time into your do you need at their shop. Can I get a couple of find employment if I have to say. This is the worst in a government like that's the worst thing you know what have you ever done electron and you're required. After a year. Are doing everything correctly to self disclose. Adam how many times couple questions how long did you go away. I went away for seven years. Seven years in your twenties I'm guessing. Our 28. Okay 37. Now almost okay and in how many times since you've been out since Tony fourteen have you had to explain. That crime to potential employer. I can't even begin to guests how many while I do a lot of public service that are actually. No I know about the that is why do a lot of observers and ordered while talking over came to a corporate housing at winged wheel camper looking for jobs especially when I'm looking for jobs recently. In July. When I left my what dot go to another argument going on interview. You have to interview we like him except for your cell in your perfect example I have warm person. Basically say look at application getting ajar but I do need to tell you something as soon as we said that. We're going in another direction. It's that instantaneous. So to be given a fair shot. To explain herself before they can pre judge you and its site that we do we judge everybody for everything. I think is beautiful on the side. That is Adam caller who doubt inundated parts earlier this week wanted to share that phone call with you I'd hire that guy. It's 143 give us your thoughts on her FaceBook page can also check in at 22980. If you don't like your options for non alcoholic beer in electronic. And not supposed to drink but I enjoy just having one of those and maybe years. This one might do the trick looks like about it next. You got us. According to our. It's wonderful this is your favorite of all of the Billy Joel's songs public the most popular bird. Adding it's. If people had two named Billy deals on things first you name to get one reader remembers probably yeah it. And I love when you get a bunch of drunk people at a bar that one comes on in the ads. You're living in inland via. They got forty some percent of the votes it's a year of refresher a quick 40% of the vote. Olympian a man only the good die young coming in at sects. Scenes from the time Stan it's tied for last. But there's it's there's only four choice it's so now and now. And our line at your favorite. It's it's most creative touring. So I think it's cool it's the most visual. Which I like about it he can still vote by the way if you want Jamie's legal pump but the ballot box right now at. He could vote though when your favorites of all of the Billy Joel's songs onto. Or came easy radio so. Ireland. Europe Africa beat years ago in August and that was where isn't reduced again as. It was also where is introduced to whiskey for the first time okay might just light. Of Guinness is why I drink whiskey because I really against the forgot to Ireland in recent. Ireland in the amazing it's gonna change anything about Dennis you're gonna want it I got there and I diet now. Now look this is not better. Not better you gotta. You just have to have that fresh from I don't know now and I'm not I am a dark beer drinkers unlikely they'll like it better there. Is deceiving to me because it looks like it's going to be does dark sharply rich. You know fall winter could it be here it's totally I don't like this at all it's a blond guys as a staff I want. But that's got drinking whiskey because I had ten more days and Ireland after it made that discovery had to turn something for the next ten days so that I got and it hasn't but on. So it right again as get this is Ryan's on the new on and yes Irish times the Irish times isn't accent thing I follow on Twitter now and that was the story came out. Yeah he backed. Did is introduced its first non alcoholic craft logger in Ireland. And it'll be available nationwide starting in March. You're brew has been developed an open gate that's the experimental brewery at saint James gate in Dublin so it's made by dance. It is a full flavored lock early rolled out to 255 clubs in Dublin this month and will be available across Ireland in March my gases that if it's popular it'll come here after that. On pure group which are having a hard time saying your group developed using a special yeast strain so it is a fully fermented year. The result is a hopped blogger with thirty Roma's and a hint of citrus flavor. So they're using a different technique that one. And then how normal Beers or main items. Not normal not our partners and see I kissed me eagle eye like an old tools. Which I've never. And they got probably like that was. Something you said died when you like your dad gave your beard didn't really give you beer and what was it when sharks is that the other one that's the non alcoholic popular wanna kinda now. But I would never that's just what would you go if you don't like the taste of beer or you do which ones have been different like you see this taken off it has been really popular. Somebody doesn't yeah and you and and I'm a few friends that don't drink and they have no problem going out with drinkers and not drinking but if you're feeling weird about it that's something you can order and still kind of fit in with chronic care I've always wondered how what it's like to be a non drinker added at a party or. I'm going out not in on it means union me when I quit drinking for lunch. Crew member that was that was the hardest part. I really like she was great to be your driver it was just. And full credits them for life for losing weight and and yes if you quit drinking you'll lose weight. Like it's the hardest thing but it really won't work but that is something that's really social. And somebody gets really into wine and food and yeah beer and I'd still high that was really difficult all almost all my friends are drinkers. So that was that was a pain yeah I can see that but they say get says there is increasing demand for non alcoholic Beers and if this goes well they'll try more. That that it's it's a part of the market that they feel like they can start to have a bigger piece sure is because really it's just the two it is those two that we now. We were in Mexico and I I had ordered a beer like the guy didn't speak English obviously spoke Spanish. And I didn't speak Spanish only saw was the one beer that I was like I'll take that one as you just wanted to be here were at the resort. And it and it sort of opened it and it tasted really funny to me Mike what you know it's again nonalcoholic. Be here and I'm like what is this mr. Mike that's non alcoholic is like on and it must be able to taste the alcohol. But it it did he could definitely tell which one was the alcoholic beer which was the non alcoholic. Do you think is really a rise in music grow that number growing demand for nonalcoholic beer.