Midday with J&W: Enough with the ice mother nature, kids need to EAT!

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Thursday, February 22nd

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It is a little for your driving. Better than I expected. But I was ready for got a Baxter early and IE so statements yesterday that I given my. Scraper. To the neighbor girl now on Friday is now boyfriend came up this morning got his great route we took the bottles of wine the anti bought wine bottles that we had filled them with out water to many empty bottles of what it didn't. Use them to melt the ice and I need to Joanna which was really nice wasn't as bad as I expected to. I expected from the freeways to be much worse shout out to mode and Qaeda operative and taking care of gas down on. And so surprised I don't know wireless on that so many schools. Canceled for the day I was having I was at my taxes on yesterday. I was having a conversation my CPA about it and we were talking about the position that parents are and when schools have canceled so much because of cold and snow and ice in the last couple weeks. 205767798. We wanna get into you on mark Dell who was the superintendent of Casey most schools. About he went on to outfox for the swearing in and he gave some pretty lengthy comments about why they decided not to cancel to. 'cause our kids and you're out of school since last Thursday. I several 100%. Are free and reduced school system as far as much as a concern. The world conditions warrant it that we should have school and I definitely. Appreciate accounts who. Of our experts who won't do this so we decided that it was important that we have school today. It's them it's one of those things that you are nine and a lot of parents that. Don't depend on lunch being served. May not think about why canceling school wire canceling school wire the kids in school. And the reason there was given that so many kids depend on meals from the schools. That if they don't have schooling it can't eat. Yeah. I don't know what the percentages. In Casey now the percentage that have. Police or school district of 100 free readers want students I don't know what the percentages I also don't millers and he's okay. But we have school districts here than having a very high percentage of students who get their meals from school in fact it's not a usual. For student anymore to get all three meals from school and get a backpack full of of food for the weekend on. And I don't now I I think kids were in session yesterday at least in some areas kids were in yesterday and they were offer presents and Monday they were off Tuesday because of the ice. Which made cents Tuesday morning was back that was that was really bad price. And then they had class yesterday that that now on but we're asking you why how difficult has this band. In the last week or so when you've had kids out of school in school at a school in school and your having to make. Some of these last minute arrangements on for your kids to stay home. And it's such a position for a superintendent like mark adult to be and on because the ice is dangerous for bosses. I get a buses have to got to cover a lot of ground and the cold is dangerous in terms of buses starting but you don't wind. You know what I have school. On a day where maybe you shouldn't happen and have a bus via an accident with kids I mean that's what you're trying to avoid. But what tough spot to be and to try to think about the number of days that your kids have been without school and of their four Ben without needles in out have to balance. Safety against their well being and he's getting some mixed reaction. Again he went on in and talked quite a bit about it and said basically on. One of the reasons why he decided to going to have school today it was because it the the roads that pat did the ice wasn't that bad and easy now. On and some of the more outlying areas it was a little tougher but some parents have questioned it and others have said thank you for having school. 767798. And and a lot of us are fortunate to the point where we don't you know he you you don't have to worry about your kids needing food. When they get to school or counting on food and Indian school. Does it make you feel that this is a factor when deciding to keep schools open during the winter. And I assume if it'd been bad enough today he would cancel school won't be out at first sure I mean it's without question that if we'd really had the ice problem we had a couple of days ago he would cancel school. But today it was policy. And and if you're all our parent. Of a children in Casey most schools that depend on. On school lunches give us a call by 767798. Please and let us know you know are you working idea did you have to skip work. To stay home with your kids for the last I mean he said they've been out of school since last. Thursday and somebody just accident re all my kids about since last Thursday because a parent teacher conference. So they are hasn't scheduled days off and then the ice made for other day that extra week that parents have to take off work I mean. If your kids fourteen. You probably don't Euro came with a few of the kindergarten her and in. In outlet neck to stay home for a week now and you've got to make those plans and I thought Travis was time Meehan and notes and I know and and different collar Texas and because school calendars vary a little bit from district to district. It's only how many how many snowed raise your kids calendar had built and and how late they're going to be going now. Like how many because some edged on to make. And something you do he bombed our kick going past memorial and now are we at the point you know where they're gonna have to take that three daybreak as I was here and cuts and on came easy yesterday. About on and it was this boring also about how schools make up not days but minutes and so it's possible that instead of having to make up days. They'll just like maybe take a date it was early dismissal and make him go awful without it our they'll take a couple of those on teacher in service days and and make those. Kick ins kid today's for their schools that we've been on extend the school year but what. What's this doing to you and for parents right now by 767798. To go to James in Kansas City James or 91 came BZ. Hello there. I would Colin about leave it up north little try to go to. Go to school yesterday which may trend and we argued that that's storm are determined early this morning which could be at. And I think. Seen it which includes Terry we lived north change in district that I think that there were all school yesterday and I don't think why would anyone tree to. Deputy. Lee and everybody knows is that whether exposed to come in today. And so in actual warning which are school ball. Our history and it seemed they were going to school and I like being patient and wait to deputy yesterday. When they needed badly and comedian today at. The letter yesterday to spot and happy understand why they used to update initiating used it today when the school yesterday. I mean it it. Because you have the days built in you can't I I don't know how the scheduling works and and James it's a brilliant call. It's a brilliant call but I don't know if you can automatically make that switch in and say hey we think there's going to be friends of the weather was fine I mean. How often with all due respect to our friends nick Bender in. You know Busby all of us our bodies how often are they wrong yeah remember the ice storm that was supposed to hit last winter and it went south. And we like I had friends we they came in town we bought food for the weekend we went out so I do is there was no ice storm. You have somebody just accident we had seven days scheduled but now we're three over that tacked on at the end of the year. I'm because there are he had debt worth forgetting that we party and cold this year where kids were out because of the cold sounding. Out the extreme cold. Remember that and Tim stop with these tax please does that does not. This is so what are we eight why in the hell do these people have kids if they can't afford to feed them to be reliant school districts to feed them haven't ever heard of birth control I'm sure they can get free birth control and the government. You know not dealing with that actually. At that reading that makes sense there was some other parents like the people loosening their taxes and it was their parents made these birth control like he's getting me I hope you're never a position in your life to need help from someone said it's called puck they're just trolling you Jamie Richards trying to get a New Year's end it's we get those comments all the time. Where he Todd we'll get to Jeff we'll get to rob it's everybody. The superintendent the case in those schools part of the reason why they kept schools opened today. Those kids depend on meals I have kids that need to eat. Says the superintendent mark Fidel. Wanna hear from you what does that make you feel when you hear that and what does this last week been like for you 576779. Nader text 22980. Kids and you're out of school since last Thursday. I several 100%. Are free and reduced school system as far as launches a concern. The world conditions warrant it that we should have school and I definitely. Appreciate the council. Of our experts who won't do this so we decided that it was important that we at school today. That's Kansas City public schools superintendent doctor mark Bedell. Asking you what this last week has been like for you at 5767798. And also. What stadium that the Casey most schools have enough students that depend on at least one meal that that's such a big factor. When determining whether or not to in these icy conditions keep the school open this. Us on days where it's not a clear. Decision you now on days like today where it could've gone either way on on my drive and you know when I elected a little before eight it was fine by then I mean shoulders were slack. And roundabout and and those kinds of areas were definitely slick but the roads themselves at great job treating a minute and it worked out for a while. On he's he can't win you know he he's getting criticism either way you get criticism if you don't call off school and you should and you get a the other right there 576. 7798. Right to the phones let's go to rob adopt Oscar on KM BZ. Probably solely on the weekend for you. Rob. I'm sorry I run my apologies I regret the name incorrectly I'm sorry Rondo had the floor is yours. Are talking my position is. That. Well my my star. He's actually not our time is Amazon or some retired. He used to emails is special needs child so extreme that it's cool. Can I called the school in France and that it could be closed. What you were quote last week so they had to do and it's no make that they Monday. And then when I talk that person in the end it is kept the opt Finnish. Student at the schools get funding. Virtual child does that are. So. They were required. Actually do that cute that was school yesterday at 1 o'clock. There in order then to get funding and there are required to keep decay at their school at least until after or. So apart the attention being in the cute or. So. And it. Send it. Freelance is. You know three reference. Or that it started dated don't know of course not. Cannibal eight thinks the phone call around appreciated. Let's go to grain valley and talked and Jeff on KM BZ. Jeff what was last time your kids are in school. Closed Monday. We've missed three days this week. Work with people who work you know for a scenario one day sales of the papers. All. And you're right era he's been in the situation where it just calls so. That is an artery. Said it was great summer wherever. I destroyed it does have a greater China engine on the edge and epic choice between. Education system and welfare system more Beckett certainly cute yet. If somebody charter flight injury and are under. Something and then you know. You're jeopardizing. Oh you say the sake OE. And just go they'll situation. It. Is an education or well here's. I used to be my thought it was Indy is. Mean. And it's a good question I mean I don't know. Or am I don't know where you draw the line I think that it's it's kids though if you assume that if it's. I assume what mark but Al does is on the days where it's obvious you cancel school now on the days that we have a couple of days ago or was clearly IC in the morning was clearly not say for buses to run you cancel school. And on the days where it's a little iffy maybe we'll allow to make the decision right see how brokers do. You know the advantage of being in the city is that you don't have some of those outlying areas cigarettes are little par or better traveled you'll more traffic on knows on in theory meet your buses are the leaders early exit arts travel as far. Does it lie closer to right students' right there says there's a lot of schools downtown a lot of how homes in areas downtown maybe have more walkers you know and so on but that's that's tough call and I assume you're right I assume that there are a lot of parents that. That can take care of the food for their kids on the days at their home but after going a week. Without school that gets tougher. Yeah it does I mean I remember when I was growing up we would not know if there was a bad storm that was included Michigan and high school and you know we we got a lot of snow up there. You would know. Violate 4:30 in the morning because we had such a big school way to contact to put out or this before social media. There's still email but you would he you have to get word out to so many employees cafeteria workers janitors teachers principals assistant principals bus drivers. Usually it was by about 430. That you would now. I've said this before on so the school district I went to was 350 square miles federal fifteen hours to my high school. My elementary schools right on the street it was one of those high schools that had five or six elementary schools from the country feed in and it read it in answer to that probably the same problem you would have had to cancel school so early you might not know conditions at. It was not at all unusual for us to get to school they would just collecting at the start buses they didn't know they had to start run and 'cause it took so want those bus routes. We would get to school and then it release S oh gosh you've spent an hour on this hour on the bus yeah you'd spend twenty minutes there in the center on. Yet those are I think intelligence before superintendent is from buffalo. So yeah I mean six inches in Michigan was like what you had to be like thirty in buffalo it's good to cancel school bulls some. Just accidents schools have the option of having leaders start if the weather's concerned I wonder why they're not doing that instead of closing the school down altogether you're right that would be a money thing where they they would get credit for for summit today. I wonder if it's just it's harder for parents. It's it's what parents can accommodate issue on and starting you could start later you're guaranteed it's gonna be cleared out. By later in the but it's a point thanks for the phone call Jeff we appreciate or yours last for this goes to tie and they'll Jon and Kate MB easy what's the week been like for you Todd. And give me misfortune when now my kids were growing up that I had a parent some both sides that can watch Turkey and but today my ball stated my co worker income and and so he had an assignment. So. Take your child. Yet if. Yeah so but I was fortunate I had my my current or retired so they can watch it here so I was fortunate map about coworker not so fortunate tonight. I think for the full comment appreciate it led to what to know things were up four deals a text in a Tutu ninety's your public comments on FaceBook to get to real quick. One person said where are the parents of the addicted to drugs and alcohol. Why is that the first place would come holed it's yeah. Why that's the first place we go first response. The parents may not be able to take care of the nine year old son or daughter because they're working. So that they can feed their bright. I just that's that that to me it's from Eldon on her face each. Let's see here Christie says this is something that never crossed my mind I'll be honest. Keeping getting kids into school to eat and never crossed my mind till you said hey look at this and play this sound bite from superintendent Bedell. Yeah and again one or two days isn't as big of a deal but an so used to speed that we have free reduce lots that there were kids and eight that it lunch for free. And that it was schools are offering breakfast we're like all my gosh that's you know and now other schools that offer dinner or are really afterschool snack it's not only common dinner and then you've got the backpacks that go home with kids for them you know for the weekend and and then our summer lunch programs and summer feeding programs and I kind of things so. So it's a real concern and and something that it's a horrible thing for them to have to weigh. What is how does that we know along doctor Bedell has been the superintendent and within the last couple years Melinda writes this doctor Bedell could whip our school district initiate good for him. And those who help them make the decisions to have to make the call in times like this stay true to your principles. In your students will fare better in the end you can tele truly cares for students all the way around and not just how they perform academically. And not judge it. Correct and realizing. Bombed the the lives of the students not just the academic lives but but what they deal with at home also is as important job somebody in a district like bat so. Not an easy position. It's about a FaceBook page continue to conversation there's speaking of a conversation now we have talked about. Brock turner a lot on this program and all throughout the country you don't remember. Brock turner was the Stanford swimmer who raped a girl behind a dumpster when she was passed out drunk. Such a good guy right great people well he was given six months probation. Six months of jail there are sorry six months of idea of a jail sentence he served three. And they went back to Ohio. You'll never believe. The threats coming to a Stanford law professor who once too recalled the judge. This will horrified you your members get old Brack turner right. A dollar. Equity. Refresher Brad turner is the way Stanford swimmer. Who anybody year and a half ago two years ago and Everett was. Stumbling home noticed that there was a gap there was a young lady that was passed out drunk behind a a dumpster. And he did what all of us would do he raped her. It was a little sarcasm. This guy probably should have been behind bars for years. Instead the judge in the case who. The way it was a former Stanford swimmer and Izzy. What am I trying to say he donates money a booster a poster thank you. And he intimate six month sentence for reaping a passed out woman behind a dumpster. And those six months good ol' rock turner served three. And it got out and Angela Stanford and I believe is living in Ohio right now yeah he had to register as a sex offender for sure but. Sit. Because if you are a swimmer at Stanford. You're an athlete at a major university. For a little bit of money rich like act were rich white privilege like I. EU can rape a woman behind a dumpster. Only three months of a term. So as result of that the judge in the case air in her scheme if you don't remember that I believe it if I were called was moved out of that kind of case. Because there was such backlash. About the sentence for men from women from everybody that that sentence was was too light for a conviction rate percent against the with the exact. For greatness curl. That he eventually moved into a different area of the courts on but now there is a Stanford law professor named Michelle Dahmer. Who is leading the fights. To have him removed entirely to have him recall on from the California superior court. And as result of her leading that effort she is getting ironically. Threats of rape. Cool and she is the AP did a big story kind of detailing. Exactly what is happening to her so again she's Stamford law professor and chairwoman chairwoman of the recalled judge air in her ski campaign. She got a threatening note earlier this month in an envelope from ship your enemies glitter dot com. I've actually had a litter box I've had one of those come anyway via but it contains. A rate threaten. It over the course a couple of weeks and she got and one in fact a sec one came on Valentine's Day. She got another threat with identical text this time accompanied by an unknown white powder. Rather than millions of tiny little bits of plastic the note read quotes. Since you're going to just rove judge aired Kirstie I'm going to treat you like Emilie de which was the term given to the victim in the ring yeah and then rock turner was convicted and let's see what kind of sentence and I get for being a rich white male at a horse reference threats in an allusion to Brock term. Rich white guy who got just the three years. On she said of getting the second note it's one of those things when times slowed down a little bits upsetting and scary. And campaigns going to go forward if if the goal is to get hurt stop campaign she's not going TO. Stamford officials later said in a statement that the white substance in the envelope was harmless but she told the Washington Post that case has been referred to the FB. I would expect. I mean. It's funny it it's not funny it's a joke if if if these people are actually trying to make it joke at her expense about rape I mean. That's terrible you and and frankly we don't even need to get an issue of whether he's being recalled I think the more upsetting thing it is. The the weapon to use against her. What some people think is the ultimate insult in the ultimate the rat and ultimate scare. It is rape which ironically is exactly the thing that some got us got us here in the first place. On she is big describing that there is a great deal of tension between those who support and those who are against. His removal as California Superior Court Judge. But this is. The campaign got enough signatures in January but the recall election on June ballots. So there are people on both sides. I don't understand why you can't just be on one side or the other of an issue like as a political issue without making threats of any kind. Let alone rate it's. I don't know if it was serious if it was meant to really scared the Dickens out of I'm a lawyer. Or it was supposed to be something else frankly I don't care is just wrong I don't care doesn't matter to me that was meant as a joke or whether it was serious. You take an it's that refer to the FBI should document as a joke. Congratulations you're now on the FBI's I don't know. What this world is coming to you. When we're making rape threats to women. It's anybody especially given the outraged that their wives when this sentence came down I know it was like all there was. And we didn't take. Because we did mean heaven knows we covered that with hours and hours of calls and and again and even if you're a person who thinks that sentence was okay. I don't think most people think that the woman who thinks the guy should be recalled should be rates. You know for for daring to suggest that this guy off the bench again. Would you agree or disagree with her effort I don't get why a rate threat is where some people. Some people find found it to be funny he. And you wanna go read this terrible comments Keyon and her FaceBook page and. I have to tell you I'm not. Entirely shocked. No I'm not based online the year action that I have gotten on us for making. Bold comments sometimes that people don't agree on. Oh for some reason it's it's just a place that people are willing to go it's it's the ultimate of that considered to be ultimate threat against a woman and the ultimate way to scare. Yeah now I've got I've I've gotten it as a result of this job why is it. And if those people. On her FaceBook page like Scott. Who says ten bucks says it's all made up. What difference does it make it insomnia why do it in items why is making it up why is joking about it make it okay to do. Todd says it was a joke dark and twisted but still a joke on how she knows that. I I don't. I'd love to know from people. Why in the world. And if you're one of those guys who think that a rape threat is funny. Why 5767798. Like why is that funny because some people. And we and we talked about rate probably in this case ran another. That believed that rape and murder are on the same level that and and you may not agree with that I don't know by agree with that. But some people believe that rape and murder are in the same level and if found guilty they should be penalized the same what joke about her. Is that I took it back and and and don't think so I'm not sure we take that pretty seriously. I mean this is this isn't one of those oh god we're offended by everything this as a threat of rain that showed up to a lawyer's office. To a bomb. One with a glitter bomb and one with a you know white substance. Because she's recalling a judge gave a rapists suggesting. Suggesting the Iraq suggesting. Did that we recall a judge who gave a rapist a six month sentence like what are what about this is funny I don't understand that. There are men who signed those petitions and I also I assume that wasn't all women who signed those petitions and and here's deal it's not. Anytime we talk about something like this people starts and meanwhile it's not a man I know it's I we know it's on. It's still worth talking about oh in this case it's it's still you know valuable conversation it's it's not everybody. By man I don't know why. That for some people's considered the ultimate the ultimate place to go. And and and considered to be okay joking. It's it's scary as a woman it's scary sometimes when you're the one about the rape joke like. You don't know whether they're joking and you don't know whether it's something to take seriously or something you need to be passing on somebody else might I told you about attacks Esther. Guy that wasn't a re record but it was it it's one of those things where you go hell is going on your and you think that is OK to say someone that you don't know let's go to a Brandon in Kansas City branding your 91 KM BZ. Yet in my apartment is written out but it wouldn't do it. Everything going on cracker law seat belt or edit you're not gonna be a rare bit quiet. It can go either which way. If you're out that I mean you you. Sadly more and more people are doing more and more things that you and I and Jamie would Sydney like really into old you are doing that. Exactly. Exactly mean and it's a scary place but we live in Tibet. For everybody yeah there really everybody Brittany your phone comment appreciate. I've got it on the FaceBook page just open it up on Twitter KM BZ radio. If you wanna check it out and if you see some of the horrible comments that are there feel free spare myself you should probably spent I don't and I don't you like to probably. Go away from those. I'd won a light it up with your coming up in just a second some news out of the Olympics. Do you Lindsay bonds' dad said about her bronze medal performance. Also big night for the USA women's hockey team history. And some real un Olympic spirit. Put out by a our friends north of the border in Canada Wellesley about both of those coming up next. All right spoiler alert we should probably tell you we're gonna say a few things about the Olympics that happened while you were sleeping last night so I'd agree to want somebody on FaceBook got mad at me for posting the USA. Men's hockey team getting eliminated the other night. I mean dude come on. These things happen in every twelve hours Spain if you don't know by now. And with the time difference and every right come on they were over that are weighing what closing ceremonies Sunday. Ironic about trump I guess has been asked to leave the year US. Political delegation gaps and closing ceremonies. That was NBC by the way NBC sports in the play by play. Allies in a shoot out the US women's hockey team. Beat handed out first time in twenty years are women have won gold. In hockey and they did yesterday 32 in a shoot out. Head coach Tony Granato. One thing that we want to make sure we came in turn means that when and ended we'd be proud of how he represented their country and that's what makes it very proud of our team played how we competed. We represented our country from the start of the tournament to the end and. I'd like to open but he stayed up late last night to watch it because I tried late I was really is like okay gold medal it's us vs candid. I like hockey Jamie and you like hockey raised Catholic thinking started at 10 PM it was a lot of the 10 PM but I am like god dude I was pathetic right up Opel has not happened in my world we did not start at 10 PM we were in bed but we were sleeping yet but we yeah I was like as a watch and it and then. I stayed in the first period and then I got midway through the second period and it's like I'm tired and can't I can't do it so as I drove in this morning. I got to hear. It was Alan and mark global YE this morning I was like oh good we won I was I was happy to hear that and they wrote it for people to you. I don't think that's a ruining anything in particular pat I mean I feel like ever since the invention of the Internet and at that and that you know it's it's hard is being nice to do sports talk offered sixteen years. I went through eight different Olympics. Every year with the as winter or summer. We would give the updates on the big news when there was a bobsled run. Or was using Poulter lies we would view of fifteen years ago we give yeah. You know spoiler alert we're about to tell you the results of the gymnastics competition. We don't do that anymore because it's it's impossible to avoid Twitter ruins everything rough so let's opera and not every I got up yes. And if you watch the game did you stay up all night last night was it was it drama has watched the first period and half and I'm not gonna lie to watch a lot of women's hockey. Entertaining it was fun to watch and I sat there for the ninety minutes I watched. Are pretty lasts in us into that got tired but let's go to David in Kansas City they did you stay up late last night. I did and I'm not an occupation. Are up and go first. Why did you stay up just because it was us Bruce is you know whomever. Yeah than it was a there. Emotionally played game I mean you I'm a sports fan and over at mobile world. It was very passionate in the attic and then you know on element out of retirement machine about it whether. You know drama with. Shoot outs are hard to watch like their their heart procedure your on the edge and one half inch the wrong way can ruin your entire. Your night or their career. Exactly and I mean it was that there are popular music is still a passer you know on both sides of your heart goes out there. The one that loses it and community. None none out Dana Dana Dana Dana screw Canada we're number one hour. Let me just a quick data because the ratings are out and again we talked about this last week. Kansas City was fourth amongst major cities in the country what are you watching and why are you watching the winter games. Well critically I haven't had TV for nine weeks. When I watch it I'm actually watching Atlantic. Either planned or a bar or her you know someplace like that because like he's now yeah. It just. Better. If you always watch the Olympics. Know. That the home anymore. Well and not too much to you want you to think. And I that think you know hockey to me like soccer what was that an Olympic soccer fan. But those girl who played with such passion you know when they went down but it never gave up sense. And they pop back and they pop back garden. I mean I literally sat down and and this was elected president I was the only one I would probably. And I let that does the same thing. In the world and we're opening of sport that day. At the app I'm not. Like credit you for staying up because I did not have the ability to stay awake past about 11 o'clock last night. Think of your phone call Dana appreciate it by 767798. Dave you just have to watch all of the women's hockey game last night. And what I do and I wouldn't touch I AM and dinner party last night with a bunch sprints get all of it's 11 o'clock. I gotta tell you that was honestly element highrise buildings and I'm watching that game when we tied it. Which what six minutes ago or whatever was in the third quarter. Surge screen that the public relations and and then. I am not so I. My thought that would be. That was the most exciting thing I'm like well now on the lookout alert though we don't really overtime. That's what it's. I say what it was fantastic. And for nobody I don't know yet no idea shoot up things work. That was absolutely the most exciting tournament that I actually it years and in Argo don't them a couple times she's stoned out a couple times. I don't know her apartment. And urban. Up next in the mavericks games. Well actually I I have seen you Maris and I don't watch that and scream at it and I wait for my neighbor announced here on either side and start you ought to make. And in the way the way that they do because we were I had to retire at five defy. On shootout. And then they do it in what you can't accuse your best player. Instead of going straight at the net. They're kind of doing the serpentine pattern yeah. And our gal who scored. He got it it was cool I mean it was the coolest thing ever tissue slides and the goal slides shtick she trying to move the pocket. And then just quite that bad boy yen. And the place is on its feet and do it. And your house did god nights. Highrise building there are people sleep to that point it at 130 at a certain mortgage on. His helmet to. Well now it's up about a fortunate our brother so don't or 6 AM so I was up with and so I have had well pretty accurately. Oh man what am glad you got to see a good game here as the gold by the way that put us ahead. Over Canada before the the save that that one the United States gold. I should probably at the volume button right that would probably help now I've got mine up travesty of meat out of there alive. Of course we're so I so skilled at that. That was a lefty right. We're done what's left. The bit I mean if you wanna watch the hockey the gold medal for Mendes is still up for grabs and there's still some figure skating that that'll be done if you if you enjoy watching that. I I really don't know how to look at the rest of the schedule. Blake did this so far mean. I love the Olympics I am so I was watching slalom yesterday where they go in between the sticks down the hill and I watched that fifteen times in a row it's the same route it's this day at the same thing and I don't know why. I was still. You know enthralled by it whatsoever. But let's see what is left in the Olympic schedule this. Because you've got the women's gymnastics tonight that's that's. Policy today is the twenties second act. There's more skiing to bobsled is got got got to go on. People are in love with curling by the way people are loving Connolly I'd Iceland get it until I like because of the angles in the math. That are involved with it. You've got by at a lot of shooting in skiing got some other skiing to get to. I mean there's there's just a bunch a winter events that we don't normally watch that is on that we. You know we watch right now and again the gold medal is still to be played in in the men's hockey so. I'm progress the women's and by the weight Lindsey Vonn will get to her coming up next hour because her dad had some interesting things to say about her bronze medal performance.