Midday with J&W: Does MLK's message still stick with you?

The Jayme & Wickett Podcast
Monday, May 21st

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And they show was flown by were already in the 1 o'clock hour we have your keyword to cash this hour. Some RS UN and our summer. Paper Abington you have an on base a lot of favored Freddy is our stories were on. Every story was long today summer SUN and ER summer text the word and a 7281. Arts will be ample question out there as there was a story over the weekend about. I guess the decision to honor Dr. Martin Luther King in some way in Kansas City were that. Biggest city in the country that doesn't have a street named after Doctor King was and to mowing over the weekend and I we drove down Martin Luther King drive in downtown DeMulling I even know they had wheel and mowing but we don't have what in Kansas City. We talked about that did the debate. Whether he should renamed say oh story over the weekend that. The front runner is the front runner won the front runners I guess is too many lucky CI terminal. The single terminal that's going up to name that after Dr. Martin Luther King also a panel of experts said that 63 was the direction that they should go. We even those three options on our Twitter poll and also to give you none of the above. Well over 200 people voted already Cheney when things get most of the vote on the about 45%. Of those that have voted. On Twitter via have voted none of the above 63 for a sorry 20% for 63 in the the sale. And then the new case CI. I have a question for you. And this is it completely different direction as opposed to taking calls and what do you think we should name after Dr. Martin Luther King. And I don't want this to come off the wrong way but it might. Does dot hill resonate with younger people today the way it did for the older generation your generation and mine does doctor king's name. And maybe this is why people want to remember. Do you think that young people 35 and under let's say 35 and under. Do you think that his legacy and what he stood for. Fifty years ago still matters just to Tutu people. You'll asking that because if you think if it doesn't resonate then maybe he has less impact and are for we don't name anything after and I'm kind of wondering that and edit a night again. I understand what it means even be in a suburban white guy for most of my life. But I don't know and this is some then I'd love to find out 5767798. From from parents of of young people. And if you're white black don't care. Does doctor king's message from fifty years ago resonate in 2018 with younger people. I'm going to be honest I think it might depend on the population of people that you're okay. Right I think perhaps that message resonates more with those who can relate to it as Britain and refinery in the Mike in the stock. Excellence. At. The cricket I'm on feel free but does it read resonate more with the African American population because that is a group that celebrates and I'll pay a little more. And I answered your question in my own question I don't know his his place in history still it still is what it is certain even if it's not resonating as well with young people if it's not that's our fault for not teaching it and not teaching the impact as much. He's the police are history it's it's a question now whether we want to honor that place in history by naming something after considerate of. You know we always wonder do we does this generation and I'm sure the one before asked the same thing in my parents are my grandparents. Does this generation have an appreciation of history mean. We we still talk about the great forefathers in this country but. I I wonder. 5767798. Because is that it what's the reason we we have got this group of religious leaders together in the last month or whatever. That of Cummins that we need to we need to honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Is it because we don't. This younger generation mould will not know or the next generation will not Melamine by the time that their kids are at high school. Heck about this kids that are elementary school get out of school doctor king's. March will be 62 years old. Mean. That's a I don't kids have any appreciation for that but so what does that mean we doll continued on or somebody with. Major place in history I am more an issue where. The single terminal being named for him because I think if you're going to. I put a name on that it needs to be some significant Kansas City but I think if kids don't have an appreciation for him we can change that. You can ask should they have an appreciation for and you can ask is that message still relevant. And I think it is that that message of equality is still relevant if kids are getting it that we need to change back on. However I don't know if putting his name on the sale is gonna make it a better appreciation for our and that's my question like we can do. If there's a reason if if we don't tough. We don't forecast kids having an appreciation for the recognizing what it meant is that why we're doing. 5767798. Let's start with Rick in Kansas City Rick thanks for calling you on KM BZ. There are for the proper are divorced and clarity before they comment in English and about. Doctor king's message. I equality relevant today. July. I don't understand that the constitution says that everybody's so equal sort. I don't understand what you look at I don't wanna be presumptuous. It will work out of that sort of ask him. Would you lean body is message of equality. Are you saying that wasn't the message that he I don't I've. I don't know how to say any simpler than that are you saying that was not as NASA. Well if that was a message and did you go all just point out hypocrisy. There constitutions that there was equal. They're about McCain hit it in the bank you all ask a question excellently well is going to be. Good luck and element missing hikers concentration. When young people off. From the one that I encounter group must they don't have any. Concern about debt to work out seeking. Because they knew that it was a waste of time energy and lives. Her pursuit something that is constantly. Net Stewart from them like we carried him of course all earlier drew looked out the window look at the news and keep people. Ian beat up the shot down just like they were prior to doc came marching. And I think that this solution. Is not in their pursuit of equality. In this country bowl the people who think like may mean Americans in Peru. That they think these are people want law as they want to be left alone. They wanna pursue happiness and all of a court as though a lot of them. I don't I don't mean their race and by. Well a lot of will fight they're hurt people because they want their children. Even though they're young children. They don't want their children have to base in me. Of this you regard or younger 300. You know better recruitment where peace it you know you'd rather then go to where he watched on new virtual. Black people who were strictly churn or be left alone that's all they ever pursued a leader hospital and we will do we wanna lose. I think we're ahead on debris and. Doctor King came in and erupted that answered no. We should be a part of this and that yet to go outside and. I was gonna ask a follow up question Harry because you made a couple points that I would like your response if you don't mind I don't put words in your mouth either so on. A couple things that you said that caught my year. Do you feel like I use the word waste. On you feel like it was a waste Martin Luther King's message and you feel like we haven't got anywhere since. The first answering Alaska first I don't think we got. Anyway review remember America goes look at it and implement people. Unless they are living in the place where they Wear rose colored glasses. Anybody that was alive in the sixties and seventies. Knows that things just is that if wars there and they weren't there. So arming you when you call effort where personal gives it life and nothing changes could focus sacrifice that called away. I don't I don't have any other word to describe it maybe you do you know. Hey Rick thanks a phone comment I'd like to hear from other people particularly those African American community do you feel like we have made zero progress since an okay speech was the civil rights movement. A waste. According to reckless and other words have we not got anywhere you know when you when you do something and nothing comes of it that's a waste T feel like nothing has come. 5767798. Is what thirteen we'll get to Michelle and April and Linda talking about Doug Doctor King the renaming is his message still. Have any traction today kids know about it indirect first up in the middle of the room. Basically calling doctor king's message in the civil rights movement a waste do you agree 5767798. Or texted at 22980. 677 that it is the phone number and don't forget this hour your keywords to cash. We were discussing the naming of something after Dr. Martin Luther King the reserve story over the weekend that. The Big Three in the conversation are. On the new KCI single terminal out of the say oh or 63 street vote on Twitter list and your favor break and pick none of the above the KM BZ radio and we're discussing. The the meaning behind Doctor King. Doesn't have a lot of speed no immediate connection to Kansas City business message still carry weight. With young people today and by the time elementary kids in school right now get out to be sixty some years since Doctor King. And the I have a dream speech. Raskin also saw Rick called dense and Rick called and and said that Doctor King in his message in the civil rights movement or a quote waste. Am gotten any better. Meaning that we've made no progress since that and so we're asking you do you agree with that because the idea being that if and you can Carolina dots to connect your but if you think the mark whether king junior's message still resonates the people are still being taught at pedestals on the that we need to remember that and it is significant that were the only match for her in a country of any size that does not heavy street named after him and so that goes in that direction blot on the today. In the text line to make a statement that nothing has changed since the sixties is either stupid or done intentionally for shot purpose you can argue maybe we haven't gone far enough but to claim no change. I'm not sure people realize that President Obama a black man was elected president and a country which African Americans are a minority. Also under the tax line I don't agree I have a biracial daughter and I find that interracial marriages are completely accepted now. I many people mentioning the election of president I didn't see a whites only drinking fountain when I was outside. Whites only restaurants. You know I I I would disagree with I think now we've come. Just I was gonna say that's not anything to cheer about blacks about you know I thought it is it to at exposed I feel like. Big things to be cheer about but if we're looking for markers of progress those are markers idea I wouldn't say we've come to full equality gosh now but. I I would say we've made it. Slight amount of progress wrecked the phone's been shelling Kansas City via kids Michelle. I did I am actually. I like her mom. Hiring program normally on London's. I disagree with what he said because. There's no way I. I'm Mike from Aurora. Be able to live in society that we did today at we have not made from. And I agree that there are a lot more day. There are still a lot of problems and the world. With racial tension and a girl. Michael 127 and nineteen. And doctor king and very relevant to them. Not just because they're a little. But because that was the last I was raised to believe Powell I was raised I. It's that on and made sure my children understand it as well. I don't rely on the rule there aren't any school that I'm a teacher at it and because. So much of black cap and that long ago when I was at school. Thirty years ago at 830 years ago or longer than that I think it'll audit each. I. I can't say they're relevant because well he's stood for. Something I teach I held it you don't and are being. You're going to offer saying it takes one person and start making that change. And I feel that that Doctor King did it. And then we move forward and Mary at Ellis app we want. There are always turn out the way we want it to the product has inmate. Michelle thank you for your phone call we appreciate it let's go to Linda in Kansas City on KMB easy eagle had Linda. And then part of it or do molecular and constantly back. I think mainly history. After kicking. Well if it failed. It's going to be carpeted prayer and matter what date change at Q the 63 street people are gonna collect 63 street. I'm might get tenured. Planet of the mountain and that stature Arctic. Where he can be. Memorial right hand. I think and you know accurately counted by hand and melting mountain and it actually. I had it hasn't been put on the table but I'm I'm sure it's in other people's heads Linda thinks the vocal. 5767798. April in Kansas City right KM BZ. I I didn't want to let you know that. I wouldn't count have been excelsior springs and got a school and I cryptic it in the morning and what and a quick question would be could that I have a during. And there are I don't know why they all know who at La. And my eleven year old I'm glad to doctor Martin Luther king and the message that he created. And I know what you're we did speeches every February for Black History Month. And it dancing distract Corbett these kids. You know their right did we really treat people that aspect and any tactics binders and happened and how we had to all of and get it even trying to get it and now that you don't judge people on the skin color but the content of their character. In Atlanta and I don't think we'll ever go way. I. I hope she's right I really do I hope she's right and and I like the fact that she quiz people are the kids and they get on the bus April thinks your phone call. I've 767798. Donnie in Kansas City you're next up on KM BZ. I I like to bring the so keep it original discussion that started out about. The name change sources that the city. And doc department king I think we all. Fully understand significant. It to this country. But I guess Packers and thoughts are from mount from guys that. There I think one of these that you were not paper. Of the airport in America. And our markets are one or explored that look good people with. Store. I set it pretty clearly to start off the set and act I don't. Timmy it's a question of does the single terminal and we're not talking about the whole airport were just talking about the terminal itself doesn't need to be named after anyone or Tenet just remain. The terminal at Kansas city international airport. I don't see why it needs to be named after anyone. Mark as the king junior although significant nationally does not have made on. There are other people that have more of an impact on Kansas City that Martin Luther King Jr. I think naming the terminal after him is huge. And I think there are other ways to honor him then then the airport L decides that. On airports are getting away from naming themselves after people and they're going more toward naming themselves for the region in which there are located. Well I sort of its spirit is there Wichita agreed to pay eight brought you got to knock. Wichita remember what I think white paper aren't. And I want it most airports again a way and it I would encourage I'll just as we keep him pretty close touch with our friends at the airport at that's one. Well my my son implies we're one of the major prayers and and you're so I'm a very bad period our aviation it is like keep up with very low so. But I think been dreaming up Marten Mexican airport in Kansas City which set their city. On a worldwide. Level of importance. I mean Immelt Kaye is all signed. But that city in terms in the aviation called signed wolf. Control towers using that and just bring support. This do for Kansas City in terms of putting it on the map it would put it on the map with other airports like JFK. Reagan national. I mean is disintegrated or something like bats and from opinions like yourself I don't think we are. Well it. Matter of not being ready for it I think is that the best way to honor him by the way if you're gonna change the call sign of the three letter calls on for the airport. That is a decision that would have on an impact world why did you talk about it being complicated and that would be complicated.