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Tuesday, March 13th

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Happy Tuesday to you we have a lot to get you as always but first and foremost we've your keyword cash to win 1000 dollars. Is waves W a VE outweigh youth tech's that word and 78 I want. You'll have the rest of this hour to do it so you can't quite get to your phone right now or you're driving you have up until 11 o'clock to do that speaking of wave. There's been a wave of new officials in the trump administration Karen Travers. Scandal join us a very shortly from ABC news. Because. Around 7:45 this morning the tweak went out. That's a president trump had relieved Rex Tillerson. His duty as secretary of state. Om I think he found out by Twitter is a matter of fact whether it was true it asks whether or was. Trump himself his tweet or the Washington Post. We were not a 100% sure we're gonna talk to Karen Travers from ABC here in just dissect it with the latest and find out. You know the path how long's this been in the works all of those kinds of things. And who's gonna take over now that Mike Pompeo has been named the new secretary of state. I'm honest I woke up jailing again normally do checked Twitter FaceBook. Lee's gone off the work. And then I got a shower and I came out of the shower and I had a bunch of tweets that Rex Tillerson was relieved of his duties. A lot happens in an hour. Yeah out so president from street two hours ago rat exactly. Mike Pompeo director of the CIA will become undersecretary of state. He will do a fantastic job thank you Rex Tillerson for his service Gina Haskell become the new director of the CIA. And the first woman to be chosen congratulations to all upset that I. That that's how you lose your job as secretary of state. For more on this where we go from every bring it ABC's Karen Travers here on 91 KMB easy Karen thank you so much for the time we appreciated a bit of a bombshell about three hours ago. Yeah that is really taking a lot of people in this town by storm and quite a surprise including Rex Tillerson. The White House says that president can't ask Tillerson to step aside last Friday because he felt like it was so bright trying to make it move. But the apartment on the record really incredible statement saying that the secretary did not speak to the president. And it unaware of the league and now there has been. Yes secret that the president did not see I got electric tiller and he himself said this morning they get all the different mindset a different way of thinking. That's not even just the policy issues they disagree on the line North Korea climate intriguing to some of the big ones. But in the present actually talking to major shift in his cabinet. A chemistry. Really like Mike Pompeo because they're leaders seem weak link capital needs as secretary of state. There were aware of my Pompeo of course because history in Kansas but what do you know about him as far as what kind of secretary of state he'll be. I think the speculation right now is that. You would be perhaps more in lockstep with president or from the it's key issues that we get mentioned. That you need that the independent confirmation that the not a done deal cheer hassle to replace that the CIA also would have to be confirmed. The president is set to want to do you do it now that he has that he Keenan placed before. He potential upcoming very high stakes talks with North Korea. What the quick time line and they want to do that they like that meeting happened by day senate Democrats move pretty quickly now Mike Pompeo. This gonna say how does this affect the relationship with North Korea South Korea what was Rex Tillerson relationship like with the people in North Korea and the leaders as well in South Korea. Of course. If it's South Koreans at their meeting ends and the president said blocked property wanted to he'd kill it and how far on the issue that would that even in the public felt. We know a lot of rumblings of what he's said in tight it. Order and he could be very out of the loop last week when he was traveling in Africa. And on Thursday morning our time he said that the administration was a long ways to make some negotiations with the north Koreans. And that they actually beat talks. About talks on an actual sit down between. The leaders currently on note that the couple hours after that won't happen now the president has accepted an invitation to meet we at. Court Korea's Kim Jong I'm very eat development. The next day Tillerson tried to say that yeah diplomatic eat talks are negotiations. But that the president cited in the right candidate. Carrying it was what yesterday I think or just last week the Rex Tillerson called the poisoning of the ex Russian spies. An egregious act that clearly came from Russia. We know that there is still investigation going on with the relationship of president trump and Russia did that have a factor in this. That would last night did you like this. In the coming back from his trip to Africa he cut it short and Daryn what is. A statement that was very different than what we heard from the White House yesterday that we heard from their fingers that she said you know. We're waiting and seeing how that played out there's an investigation under way and a helper key allies the United Kingdom let's not take any push for action just yet. I sent saying is that Russia something not on the war of course asking. With that Tillerson lap stand because it's something he knew that my becoming nor was it a chopper president. What are you know as far as Gina has bowl perhaps becoming our news CIA director in a she was deputy before our current areas. There are actions that current deputy director she has extensive overseas experience she had served as a Asian chief foreign several times and abroad to declare intelligence specialist didn't he can keep in 1985. She of course will be the first woman to lead the CIA if she is confirmed. Karen thank you so much we appreciate the time enjoyed today's roller coaster. Karen Travers on the news line from ABC news here on 91 KMB easy and it really is a day to day. Beat a story to story yesterday the GOP house Intel ended their investigation on trump Russia Tillerson says the two boys and spies were clearly Russia. And today he had seven and at around 745. Kansas City time Tillerson gone. Trump tends to get rid of people who he who are not loyal to him and he just doesn't like. And yeah given her answer to those that it was about chemistry Karen Travers and a chemistry. On yeah you know any any ounce of of disloyalty. And your common and that comes even if the person is doing the job well. If it just looks like the president just doesn't like what they're doing then they're out but it. It's weird he say disloyalty and I think it's a great word to put it if you break at all. From the president and he can get rid of view yeah seemingly he does he was outside I believe Marine One today. I neatly yet to this morning I should say talking about Tillerson Pompeo and and how we got to this and is gonna add exactly to what you're just saying. Feel like sure you're okay. Weightlifting. Relationship has been very good dad dad that's what I need as secretary of state. I wish red velvet well. Gina by the way who I know very well wife worked very closely we'll be the first woman director of the CIA. He's been outstanding I think you'll also have. What did go very well so I've gotten a lot of people very well over the last year. Had. I'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having. That happen it had other things that I want. But I think Mike Pompeo will be a truly great. Secretary of state I have total opposite. Had as far as wrecked Ellison. I'd very much appreciate his commitment that is service and I wish him well. At a point where I'm getting close to. Inning capped year to bro. If you. I. Rush job and an equally amid a point where I'm getting close to getting the people. We talked about. You know it's funny Rex Tillerson. Was on to a sixty minutes recently saying. How great things were going and how wonderful everything lines the company line you're gonna hear those company lines and out. We Italy tickets to Billy jewel couple weeks we did in the morning show did and Billy Joseph committee Kansas City. We put together a special culture. About the drug administration for you involving Billy pretty hear that coming up. I'll little musical theater it's a ten minutes stories twelve minutes after ten don't forget we have a keyword to cash he would win 1000 dollars wave. W gave the heat wave text the word in the seven to anyone. Got an hour I'm sorry 45 minutes or so left in the hour to do so but you'll hear Rex Tillerson just a month ago talk about how well things are going next. It's 1018 on a Tuesday big story we are talking about right now Rex Tillerson out as secretary of state under president trump. Former congressman here in Kansas Mike Pompeo has been named. And a new CIA director will replace Pompeo as he moves on to become your new secretary of state. This relationship has not been good for a while seemingly. Watching it in the media watching it from afar listening to comments between president trump and former secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Yeah and Pompeo if you don't know a lot about him. On the surface it just seems to be more of a Vanilla tech. You know somebody that truck doesn't have a lot of history with that may be trump can control. A little more which at his favorite kind of appointees. At the somebody that's not going to defy him and somebody deep debt he can count on the loyalty for on but if you recall. He was a congressman here from Kansas from January 2011 until he got the job with the CIA. He had been confirmed at a pretty and pre 66 to 32 vote he went to west first class at West Point I mean he's had. Served with distinction US army former cavalry officer served in the army for 96 until 1991. Got a law degree from Harvard and he's he started businesses he's got a heck of a career. On but just not in my opinion as much of a known quantity to drop as Tillerson ones you know. It's it's an interesting time too because old North Korea meeting. That could happen involving South Korea and what was still person's involvement with that you've you've got everything going on in the Middle East you've got all that kind of stuff going and of course Russia. The two OSHA was on sixty minutes would about a month ago something along those lines and he was asked. When he first met president trump what that was like so. One leader he hadn't met before December 2016. Was Donald Trump. Tell me what that first encounter was like. We met in his office at trump tower and he just begin by asking me don't you just kind of talk about how are you see the world. Shall we just we walked around the world for about an hour and then after that but it kind of went into a little bit of a sales. Pitch with me and said I want you to be much secretary of state and I was stunned. You didn't know was a job are you know I didn't. Just walked in attracted to talk to the president he offered you a job. Later he was asked what it was like working with the president. Tell me what it's like to work in an administration where the US has walked away or threatened to walk away from a number of commitments. That have to be hard for someone who believes in the code of the west. While some of those I think it's important to keep in mind what the level of commitment was so we have agreements that but congress never had the opportunity to weigh on long. And so president trump was elected by the American people and many of these were issues that he ran on. And one of the new questions is the Iran deal. You know there is a potential the president trump wants completely to get out of that. Tell me what it's like to work in an administration where the US has walked. And I apologize I played the other wrong cut their my apologies. Later on when there was the hold did did Tillerson. Call him call president trump a moron there was that question. And here's what the answer. Why didn't you deny calling the president a more on. You know that's a really old question do you understand that by not answering the question some people thought you were confirming the story. Other coverage of the question. You think you answered the question. How branch of the question. Did you called the present a moron I'm not gonna dignify the question. We get so many bigger issues that we could be talking about. I'm not from this town I understand this tell much to talk about a lot of things are really not import. Them. Interesting answer I mean if he if he says yes. Dated adds fuel to the fire if he says no then there are dozens of other people who heard him say it allegedly. That we'll call him a liar it's not doesn't and while forming or no there was there was no other way out of this was coming off the heels in December when. President trump had tweeted outs. To do to do do do do. He says. Media has been speculating that I fired Rex Tillerson that he would be leaving soon fake news he's not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects I called a final shots we will work well together and America is highly respected again. The seems to be one of those for every thing about it trump and everything that he does or does not new. Here's what to Tillerson had to say about his potential resignation last month. Using ten enemies in this town I don't know where do you think those reports came from that you're resigning or being fired. I have no idea where they come from. I really don't know I don't give much thought I mean you walk and send. Ministry meetings or reporters are shouting sir when are you resigned and I and there are those questions. You know the only person that knows whether I'm resigning or not is me. And later on we found that as of this morning he was gonna be gone one final cut here from a Rex Tillerson. Speaking about president trumps communication style. So one of the other challenges that you have here is sometimes the president's message doesn't jive with your out. I think you'd acknowledge that. Well there's a so the president communicates. In his own style his own way his own words and from time to time how we'll ask him. Are you change in the policy. Because if we are obviously I need to know whenever one is to know by US Saudi talked about changing the policy before it tournament and to finish the thought. That is never happened a retirement talkers who no policy hasn't changed consumer I'm good. That's all under the notes. That was a former secretary of state are Rex Tillerson when he still had the job last month on CBS. Is such a weird thing now that Sheen in Allen and and any member of the administration. Kind of has to keep an eye on Twitter. For things that you might normally in a memo board meeting but that Tillerson has to see things on Twitter. Then go to the president and ask is this true is this what we're doing and then have the president confirm or or say Yasser now and what he said was. Every time I see something on Twitter or anywhere when I'm gone the president he has said no we're not staying where were to stay in court. Well we tell it to James Kobe who found out he was fired watching TV and in ranks previous get a phone call when he was you know on his way back to the White House are leaving the White House while he was getting into caller I mean that's just the way that the president trump. Does things. I ate it. Knock on wood the bosses listening I've never been fired. Have you now that's which is not. At our age in as those asked Travis have you been fired before. Now now you've never been fired. And we are some lucky very lucky people who have never been to hand. As Rex Tillerson was this morning around 745. Last night I was watching. Jimmy Fallon and they were doing he's a bit on another show is from Friday night show called ten seconds. And it was kind of funny because Hayward. One of the lead singers of the route to his house band on Fallon show and then Jimmie did the same thing tried to name all of the nineteen people under trumps administration. Who were gone. Ironically that number is now jumped to twenty getting all under ten seconds looked really really tough but instead Jamie. I thought we would put it to song a thought it would be nice to put to song you know is coming to play at Kauffman Stadium this fall is really jolt. So here is the trump administration version of we didn't start a fire. Ben and pillows and my colleagues on Jim Jim Jim Tony Robert morneau home all right zug com. Johnson Liza Rodriguez all these guys are killing us North Korea Osaka Rio oh boy here you go do. It's not antimatter game might does he's Ali eighth hole in the big scare our Lucy and gods all rise in those guys we borrow drug lord god someone's on new board third Rendell visitor told Lou is that animals just say goodbye. John's team knew somebody. It's always good and it doesn't seem to get. I didn't go on to Nevada. Yeah I didn't send any time soon this Trump's TV news all by. Was always well there's dozens team did so. My thanks to Chris from the walks down the hall for singing or whatever you wanna contact down. You get the new guys hit it absolutely. Did you like that such a got better it was the thank you. Again thanks to Chris for a model wolves for her singing I guess that's what you wanna call it. Appreciate about half an hour for the 72881. As wary needs taxpayer and to wait WA BE text in seven to anyone give in other words coming up at 11 o'clock. Changing gears here for a bit it's moving on to you talking about the Kirkland. The video out of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school on and so there were several media outlets. USA today and Miami Herald CNN and a others argued. Four video footage. Of the reaction in the aftermath of the mass shooting on Valentine's Day to be released to the public. And there's a debate about whether on whether that's good weather that's something the public needs to see and a Florida judge. Did in fact pave the away for the surveillance video to be released to the public the judge agreed. With news outlets that the video was in overwhelming public interest and should be released. But the judge stayed his order until noon to allow freight season until noon Thursday to allow for a possible appeal. So we don't know exactly what's in the video on but we do know that the Broward county sheriff's office and the county school board had resisted the video's release saying. Is that it was exempt from disclosure in part because there was evidence in an active investigation. Most importantly it seems. Authorities say it does depict actions during the shooting by former deputy Scott Peterson if you recall he was the one. Who was armed and was assigned to the school but never went inside in fact I believe the video shows him part of the reason that he ended up taking early retirement. Was because they had video that showed him stationed outside one of the exits looking and taking his post. But never going in. Uses a points out that news organizations say the video will allow people to consider lottery different course of action might lessened or averted. The tragic outcome on me outlets there are also frustrated that they how are real accurate timeline of what happened when and and that we talked about that optically when it came to the fire alarm being pulled their seem to be some confusion. About the fact that there have been a fire alarm pulled earlier in the day and then later we heard that kids. Heard the fire alarm again and that confuse them in the that's on them running into the halls. Later we heard no the fire alarm pulling came a little bit later and so others. There's an issue with timeline there that the media believes releasing the video would help to help to clear up. On Dell's wrote a petition that. Disclosing this video footage from exterior cameras. Not the interior where the shooting occurred I think that's important to note that this is surveillance video from outside the school not inside. Others say it lies at the core understanding exactly how events unfolded. And will provide critical insights into the propriety of the government's response basically the media saying. That we have a role here in determining if everybody did what they were supposed to do and us seeing the video and show in the video to the public. Would help figure that out. Do you wanna see it. Let me answer a different question I don't think I need to see kind of I ate. Don't know that. It is up to the media to decide the propriety. Any government or or any law enforcement officials I think that is up to the state department of law enforcement that's doing that investigation. Who will have access to all of the information I think on I don't think it's necessary for the to be released I don't I don't think. Whatever the media is after or whatever information the media lax in this case I don't necessarily with bank would come from this video now. I say that not really knowing what's in it but I assumed. I think I heard this is like ten minutes of video it's it's it's ten minutes total of surveillance. On my guesses that with the Ganassi is a lot of chaos. What you're gonna see is Scott Peterson's standing there we are but we already knew that we are immune because we were told by the Broward County sheriff. Scott Peterson is standing outside that door and he's not on he's not doing anything. On. One. I just don't. Is it in the public interest. Maybe. And and if if that's the argument you're gonna take that yes maybe the public deserves to see at the very least. Maybe doesn't Florida deserve to see it on because they deserve an explanation for war. Anything that went wrong that could have save seventeen lives. On but I think. I think the video is not enough to make a determination. About if law enforcement did anything wrong and I fear that by releasing it. You are allowing everyone to be judge and jury without the information. 5767798. Do you think they should release the video from the park when shooting. And would you want to see it and why or why not if you say no it shouldn't be released. It should remain private or yes because you want to see the deputies actions mean I'm on FaceBook the first response was it will show he powered police standing outside while kids are being gunned down. Do you need to see that. Well but I think you might see that. But you don't know what direction and knows law enforcement officers were given by their commanders and and by the people that they work for so I think. Because now I I have no idea what direction came down from whom and that situation and so I think. In this particular case. Unless you're going to release a ton of information legal and video which I don't think it's going to happen. I think on yeah you're gonna see you're amnesty law enforcement standing around not going and but maybe they were not to go and it's also OK though if you admit that the reason you wanna see it. Is because you are morbidly curious about wrote that down Madden and N if I wanna see. It's more. As a member of the public because I'm oddly curious about it that as a member of the media that wants to judge based on. I'm torn thumb. Yeah aid. Because what's in it and feel free jumping in 5767798. We'd love to know from you do you wanna see it. Where do you think it should remain private there's a stay until Thursday it new Miami time. Both things to be true about you can wanna see it and also think you shouldn't that's true yes it that is that is true that's kind of where I am I'm curious about it on. I think all it's gonna do was make me angry and mean you're gonna see Scott Peterson standing there and your blood pressure's gonna go up the longer that you see him standing there. But if if the if if the media's problem is that we don't have an a timeline. Then law enforcement needs to come up with and released because I think the public is entitled to the timeline of what happened that is basic information. I think there are ways to do that besides that they. 5767798. With a bullet opened for you right now. Should the park and video be seen by the public do you want to see it and why or why not. By 767798. It also text in 22980. It's on FaceBook and Twitter to. I don't wanna watch a video of kids running for their lives bleeding and falling out of the dual war. And and die and I I don't think I need to see that as much as I believe that everything should be public view for the most part. And I agree with the Miami Herald and USA today and CNN. Because of overwhelming public interest I understand that. I'm kind of on the note I'd is not an ad not in the know but on the side of no I don't think it should there be released for us to see. Unless there is. Something on there that will bring. Because I don't think it's gonna do anything to keep in mind I don't think it helps you. Already seen. CNN video when you RTC who live video Monday young if you were watching at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Valentine's they're turning your TV on you already socked. The chaos lot I did what you're gonna see now our videos from these surveillance cameras stationed just outside the schools. Seventy cameras is that what I read sit in his India there are seventy cameras and still matter how many are outside I don't know how many here inside in this is on the Thabeet outside footage none of this isn't here this is not a whole ways were the kids are being. Picked off into put it this way your not in his seat. Mass car while I don't know this. This goes back to what we talked about the few days after were we were asking if we showed more carnage wit. This kind of falls right in line 5767798. Richard your first up an 81 KM BZ would you see Richard. Other important to look at to look into that mine correct and and my biggest issue it is that she says a minute ago well busters and around it that somebody told them not to go. Well if you if you arrive there and there are people being shot inside that building. You go. I don't care who taught me not to go in. But you're there with a tool if you need to stop that this year and you gonna stand outside because somebody who doesn't know go on between coaching not to go. I agree with you I mean. Let's be clear I agree with you I think Scott Peterson regardless of what he was being told. Had an opportunity there to save lives you know he was he was experienced he was trained he had an opportunity there to change the outcome of this that he didn't take advantage of and we don't we we just don't know we don't. Now. Let that be the concept stand outside wait for the slot can get there that went away after column mine. Every everyone is train now you get there and ego. Thanks for the phone call Richard appreciate it I have. But I'm not I'm not a police officer and I and I understand it's like if you're a doctor in someone's dying you don't you have think that it they'd have the duty to take care of that person. Or he was to hold your job is to stand by that door in case the she comes out and you take down the shooter there instead of us. I'm I'm hypothetical I've no idea what they were told. But consider the possibility. That fifty police officers and fifty different positions outside. Were told if everybody stays in place instead every run around and creating more chaos you're more likely to get the shooter because the shooters moving them state putts. I just don't know what protocol. For that. By 767798. Caroline to barely got that are coming up next do you want to see. The video from the park when shooting there's a judge to things that you should be able to there's been request by media outlets like CNN in the Miami Herald. What do you think 576779822. Or phone calls coming up next do you think the video over the park when shooting the surveillance video should be released 5767798. There is a a couple of requests that have been made. Miami Herald CNN USA today a and a judge down in Florida has decided to give to stay until one noon on Thursday is Eric. To get a chance to file appeals. But the judge agreed that it is in the public interest to see the video now to be clear. This is the video from surveillance cameras that were outside the building so you're not gonna see. The shooter running through the building you're not gonna see. Heaven only knows why it from the act in the aftermath of the shooting inside the building largely what you were probably going to seat is the response from law enforcement outside the belt on. I don't know if you'll understand what you are seeing exactly for sure you're not going to have to be able to hear anything earth that's as the video. That the media outlets that had argued a couple of different things and that. That it would help them determine on if there's any impropriety on the part of law enforcement of any but he did anything wrong. They for certainty Scott Peterson we knew that already he was the deputy that took early retirement after a heated and go and even though he was he was trained. On end and also was arguing that they have gotten on a timeline based mostly on leaked to record. And sporadic releases of other information and that there haven't had a hard time putting a timeline together of exactly what happened. And they think the video we give them the right. The phone's fine I would you think 5767798. Caroling Kansas City does the video need to be released. Caroline yet good morning hi. Good morning Matt I came calling in response. Every month. True we. The video music video. I do not think the video should be really believe that the media against age. I'd. I know you guys a back injury or different areas and different. And opening. Different things that come out. But not in the entered a badly because we've heard. A wouldn't want to keep focus on the fact that. Keep focused on the back. Carol focus on the fact of what did you focus on this call please. Sure. It. I keep focus on the shooter a Grammy. I don't know if this helps or hurts that argument actually think the focal careless on the little distracted they're able to get back to ten to whatever it is you're dealing with eyes. For any. I entirely disagree with her I think this puts the public not the media keep in mind when the media to hold that it's gonna be released to the public at freeway that's the reason might think it. Is incomplete information. I think the public is gonna see a lot with out having all of the information now I do think. After the state park a law enforcement completes their investigation into law enforcement response. And after they kind of play judge injury which is their job here then release it. It's incomplete information but is it help to complete the puzzle along the way and I just served him well you know I mean there there might be a public interest and public right frankly I'm surprised. You know judges tend to err on the side of not releasing like those I'm a little surprised the judge said yes let's go to Casey in Kansas City Casey should the video be made public. Absolutely not. I find it completely disrespectful. For the survivors and they have the children we have blocks. I think it could be put their ranch. And let's just read and try and do the best we can in the future state and then let's protect our children. CN and I tend to agree with Casey. But what is on this thing is it just a bunch of sheriffs and deputies. Surrounding the building. Visible because if that's what it is. Now if I say that we'll keep gone and return as if they if it's if it's a bunch of deputies surrounding a building. The visual of that is nothing the visual that is just getting on the right but your learning that the deputies stayed out of the building so it's more symbolic. And makes you wonder what in the world was going on if it's a ten minute video and what the entire shooting take about twelve minutes of like that we didn't we under the told I don't think we're in trouble with timeline questions and as we don't know completely do we need to know the the timeline and all of us I I. I that's that's the argument I do. I do think the timeline is important I don't know if surveillance video from outside the building gives you moved you know I think timeline is important absolutely I wanna know more about the fire alarms I'd like to know how long he was in the building do we see him get out of the. Wilbur. And and walk from that over wherever it is or you know as soon as he gets on campus is there a camera that finds the shooter. And and follows him into the building is he holding the rifle as he's walking into the building. They're there I mean these are things that might getting answered by this video. Right and it's and Damian has the right to basic facts that they don't have yet you know there are some answers that that they don't half of if the Broward county sheriff's department doesn't want the video released answer the questions. Is the end of the video of the kids streaming out of the school. With police showing up is the it didn't end does the bend it does the end video. Find the shooter. Man you know going in with the rest of the crowd in the maroon shirts I mean there there are a lot of beginning and end questions that people may have. I don't know how I also don't know what latitude the Broward county sheriff's department whoever owns the video I don't know why. What they are going to get to add it in now is the judge could say. In the interest of protecting the investigation. You're gonna have to edit out X. But the public would say if you're gonna show it don't edit anything or or piece it together where the interesting things happen you can edit out the garbage at CID skeptical that I'd say don't have any idea you know yeah you're gonna release release it. Or to release the whole thing because there are ways to edit everything and I I edited a guy singing a Billy John parent a Billy jewel Perry earlier I mean on having the you can edit anything. And that's the thing people don't all wrecked already don't trust the media. And some people don't trust police. But if you don't trust police or the media do you believe you're going to see is going to be the authentic. Surveillance. Tape. That's the question are you going to believe what you're seeing is is everything. Or just what they want UC. But to. Diane in Kansas City Dianne your 91 KM BZ do you think the video should be shown. A it. A guy in your cell phones break it up tries back Diane let's go to Alex all we give Diane back up a little bit later Alex you would see the video shown. I don't see what. Down. In error in all. Your call. For an. Active pitcher from surveillance. You know what they've viewed it then in the cafeteria. You know that. Feel like everybody. Age surveillance footage. Al AIG plaque because I wasn't sure. And the first thing that comes up is something on YouTube and that I don't even wanna hit play on oh god because it's shooting up and it's four and a half minutes long. Our. Well Alex Alex if you say there. No difference. Let me ask him because you know what's on that video. Do you think we should release this video. I think you're wearing a little bit more. Where. What happened or shooting it and quickly did it occurs the you know as we all like that back thank you now I'll have. I'm giving in and stop the shooter at the app but we're fashion and being able see the footage actually happening. And do a little bit of respect to it. Alex let me ask you this you wake up. Roll over you you know and we UC KM BZ on FaceBook or the KM BZ Twitter page or whatever social media you're on and we have the link to the video. Are you that play. You're an egg I. I'm proud probably would too even though I don't think I want to. I probably would do would you replay Jamie. Feel like it would be my job here unfortunately the seed and have this game now. I don't think that's. I might have morbid curiosity about it and by. Not that much spare enough for the same reason that I didn't wanna see the video of the kids in the dock with the committee other eggs now it's it's. You think you wanna see it but after you see it I think you'll regret it.