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Tuesday, June 12th

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Well five different parks can capital less than an hour yesterday president trump met with Kim Jung and booed in Singapore. And at the world is reacting to it. We had a chance to I would ABC's Tom rivers earlier today to get the international view and his point of view especially after we got a handshake we don't know went on in the meeting. We started asking that some rivers from ABC and what concrete came out of this meeting between president trump and Kim Jong-un. Well you know it looks like you know it it is the big. First step. And apparently there is personal relationship now Kim Jung on and the president. On your knowledge it's not and a done deal it's not in concrete but there are you know teams are going to be working. And supposedly Kim Jung on Google now it immediately. Try to get get rolling on trying to get the steps are going to remain inside. So we we watched this thing but again it's something that no other president has been able to accomplish to get this far down the road at least initially. So you know there are a lot of critics doubt they're saying that world you know there's a lot that a lot of stage where this string can fall that is true. But this president got part of any other one at this stage so I think if that's suitable a lot of people should just support the process he adults. And according verify as well along the way. And see what shakes out but during at least momentum. It's one thing going in the right direction. Sunday talk up his document that they signed and what we know was in that as as. Ours what they agreed to. Yet oddly communal that and there are at least in broad vague terms. Talking about the ultimate goal is denuclearization. In the peninsula now that in the whole area in the theater that means not only. North Korean nuclear weapons but it but. This sucked exit as well as that the US. Should keep the nuclear weapons out of that part of the world. Also we've we've had the president they talking about and security guarantees. For North Korea. Jong-Il and his worry that you know couple weeks ago. You want to our end up where mr. Qaddafi ended up. So and so that was important for him and also the president talking about military exercises. As well. In the self. Intercourse. Secretary of state had to go now and talked to the South Koreans and say what that all meat and got called nervous there. Some people feel well between three years security issue for progress felt so there are a lot of different threads to the slaying. It will be solved overnight but it felt and we don't you and I dare bush keep tabs on in the coming months. ABC's Tom rivers joining us our 91 KM BZ Tom called me speculative call me media guy call me whatever you want but. Three months ago he was a horrible treacherous dictator who starved his people. Who was able it was massacring people who is people live in fear of him. And then yesterday president trump called him a good guy a guy he can trust. How am I supposed to believe years of North Korea that the recent memory of Kim Jung and all of a sudden. That's flipped and now he's a guy that we can totally trust. Here's the deal here but you know you could you can you can get onto that mindset. And say dig your heels then in let's have. US joint military exercise is for the next hundred years. If your father is or your grandfather fought in Korea. Let's just say it's a good idea that there was requirements first and we should continue want would you continue on with the the way things are. If you think outside of the box and say let's look at it differently and let's try to actually solved some problems. You come to a very different conclusion. So lets you just we are played out and quite frankly if it'd it'd crippled that it doesn't go anywhere. You haven't lost a whole lot. Elop computer models. In the courts are all other options out there. Nobody wants to go down that road but they they're still going to be there next week at next year's so I think the possibility the airport. Solving the problem mr. diplomatically certainly. Out there tantalizingly. Maybe not closed to within reach you will see to what you expect out. But by the president desert probably gonna be another summit somewhere down the road. Will there be a oh final signing ceremonies somewhere down the road school adults but it's something that that we all watch with the interest. Tom what do you think of when president trot mentioned the possibility of him coming to the White House. The North Korean president. Yeah. Or or maybe drug going to Pyongyang. You know what parallel universe script writer were to come up what Brad a couple of years ago. Public you and I might feel whatever area and I may be you know you're too. You know you mention what script writer. Tom ten years ago by what is said to you a ten years down the road. Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump will play old largest roles in the denuclearization. Of what is the scariest nations in the world. What would your reaction have banned. Your daughter you'd go to an agent Hollywood and try to bridge and they didn't elaborate joke. This country tickets they know that that's still far out there that even more further out there than Chardonnay and they'd say got negative next. Nick script they want to win. But again that we are where we are. What role do you believe if any. I mean I watched Dennis Rodman cry and TV like everybody did I want to live what what what role do you think Rodman actually played with seat. Was he a key factor in this. I don't think he walked a mile Burkle got the G1 is. He I think he's I believe a player that was on the side and that everybody saw and recognized but. I don't I don't believe he was he was instrumental in Macon it's all happened but I you to somebody that was would Blair. And you know somehow struck company friendship or relationship with Kim Jong loan which I guess. In retrospect wasn't a bad thing and maybe a bit it helps in some way shape or form. Got the ball rolling but I I don't think it was it was key has put a ballot. Tommy that your finger on the pulse of the rest of the world. What does Russia think when they see this what does China think when they see this. The G 678 whatever it is now these days. What what is the reaction from the rest of the world early on a year after president trump and Kim Jung who meet yesterday. He had generally in Europe ever despite. What shook out in the in Quebec. Hillary in Europe the general. Tone and voted yes it's good it's a positive step. Let's speed this thing let's not let this thing dropped ballots that that keeps the pressure on let's make sure that we get modest. That's kind of the the general view here. Same incident in Russia. China has got to come at it from a totally different angle that you helped 90% of the goods exported from North Korea go to China. And after a long long period last year China finally says OK we'll play ball and we will. Implored the sanctions as well and that's really girding for North Korea. The basic day that they'd like these Security Council to kick the idea around that you. There's some damned good initial progress. Or at least it should be discussed in the Security Council the possibility of lifting some. Some sanctions. And I think you know I think you're here agree that we're we're now Florida down that road yet. But at least that's been got thrown out by Beijing at this stage as early on. After the summit so I guess you know it you're in good progress months down the road. That that told that signal from up from Beijing is going to be even louder. I appreciate the time as always thanks so much. That is ABC's Tom rivers join us earlier in the show two day two go over what was. Said and done and what to expect next. Between the meeting president trump and Kim Jong-un and you are right over there now provable lie. While I can feel that tolerance oozing from the radio how dare try and bring Kim Jung and the White House try to find something own terms progress you media puppets. That country and it would cut bets that I know tomorrow. It was a it was a good thing. Yesterday snowflakes are just triggered left and right I know it's was little cooler today than yesterday I didn't realize it was gonna be raining snow flakes. On the yeah on the tax and who I mean. What my real honest opinion of of the meeting nothing came of it. But nobody would believe it even if it is. You're gonna pay well I I think it was symbolically it was cool it was neat to see in a mid American president. Sitting with. The leader of North Korea. I think that's very cool I think. They got Kim Jong Hoon to do the same thing that North Korea has done since Reagan was president. Vowed to. Out three months ago we were coming with fire and fury and little rocket man. And president trump said it Kim Jung and these are his words not mine starts his own people. We know he's a dictator we know we guys. Killed members of his own family. We know that. He as evil intentions. For the last three months we've been talking about that can we trust him can we trust him. And after one meeting a 35 minutes it'll launch of octopus and ice cream. Now he's a great dude down we've pissed off are prone Merkel century ago. Pau or boys with. With with with Kim Jong Hoon because of one meeting. And if you're American soldier or your father your grandfather fought in Korea I don't know how you look at the arrangement. Of our flag which stands for freedom. And then a Korean flag and North Korean flag and then Austin and over and over and think. We finally did it like in a matter of ninety days. We put we turned up our our back RR we've turned it all around everything. That is like it's its amazing how much wool has been pulled over. On this thing it's a bad thing for the president to meet with Kim Jong. I just how we can slip everything in a matter of three months when nothing came out of this. The missile test site which was on a mountain collapsed. They can't launch any missiles right now nothing of the nuclear capability we sell. I mean I get it looks great pageantry was nice it was good to see a president sitting with the with with with Tim Johnson. But I didn't really did nothing came out of that. And OK I don't think it's over and done nothing ice will. We got exactly out that we expected the first in what is hopefully many steps I didn't go in thinking. Now we're about to end the threat of nuclear war isles didn't go in thinking Trump's gonna puke all over himself and all of a sudden North Korea's gonna be a superpower now. I went in thinking pretty much what you got out of it is what we were gonna get out of. Yes to everyone says what Obama do what of Paris what Obama and he's praising Hillary if she was president but did nothing to us now. Like nothing. Concrete came out of this at the same agreement President Reagan got. A scenery that president George H. W. Bush got. Yet the same agreement agreement President Clinton got it at the same agreement president George W. Bush got to get the same agreement. That president Barack Obama got. Nothing is done all of a sudden an evil heinous dictator can tell yes I'm good I'll I'll be good. You're just blind belief following and nothing came out of this down. In my pick maybe maybe some more 576778. Maybe you saw a ton of modest maybe this was great your mind it looked like. He's been there's no substance that came out of this other than we're gonna stop playing war games AKA military. Drills. With north with South Korea. That that's it idol that's really good with a concession made by president truck we got not fanatic out of Kim Jung and yesterday and other only yeah. Did you have any idea how much the city hates you. Constantly attempt to defend ourselves day in and day out should be a clue. Please go to the much this city. Eight student. I don't think the city access I think that's no public access that's fine I mean again. President trump could shoot James told me in the middle of Shawnee mission parkway or shuttle mission avenue. And people like sweet. Some of his some of the scholars of Buick suite could move. I 767798. Reactions and lots of you thought it was great school I'd like to know what. Concrete saw come out of this other than it's a step in the right direction is agreed to step in the right direction nothing's changed they'll text into 290s or. Given up anything other than your right I agreed to meet. And I think the meeting was every bit as good for the United States is it was from our North Korea. President trump yesterday B with Kim Jong. Mortgage your reaction to the Singapore summit 57677. At nine eights let's go to David for stopping David would that the president tropic Kim Jung and yesterday. Well let me say that I say it in short it. Was under. The argument you that your. You're. It doesn't make me. All we can hear what she termed out and none of us now. But I would say that I shot him for a original order. So desperate. To. I'm willing months ago said he was all stuck in the middle purity and what can or will it matter what to. Look. An intentional. And it's. Too. Which is. Basically I think. All politically part self serving and supports. Did you guys that you've always been. David thanks for the fogleman appreciate it. Tom your 91 KM BZ Exxon. Condit you. A couple points that you're wildly pro split there's 1 thing I am gonna bring back the Juba. Well prepared to reopen a statement there about. What Obama had done. Obama that it would make a proposal. To have talks with a lamb. North Korea will. And Cuba will. And the shot down and they're people or scream at them at him that there. How can he does such a thing talk with people like that there's bid at government such as it related. Basically try to work things developed cupid nets still in the bank. But it still seems to work you know. Next point that but like the makers that. They're people of North Korea have been conditioned personally you know well over fifty years that currently we are the ones that. No one. Well the country got killed people in this group that the other two. And now have a certain he is. But at this and the people now who have believed in his. His grandfather his father and himself that we. And the ultimate evil in the world. How thick it that that my friend in the world monopoly power of the year. Bateman who struggled. Out. And simply believing him in jail if you look best in history has done in the past circle. And it should be really curious. Kids. Two ago that the extra quickly one point. It could it change your views now. Question I mean they tell people what to think over that are. The state run media day even know Kim Jung who was meeting with president trump until like 24 hours. Until he left to go to Singapore. They control what's on the radio they control what's on the TV they control it's on the Internet over there. Mean we've known about this for a lot. I hate it it's a great question how they flip everybody's opinions of Americans. Over there after just one meeting after a lifetime it's a great point Tom. Not a year on KM BZ before we get to the news what's up Tommy. Just real quick. Yeah Kansas City in Huey Levy act thanks Tommy. On. Go back to you earlier. You know I get here you are on their wake and I think human about the concrete have been established maybe not a seven loaded. Walk out of there. Immediately. Illegal in the next weeks or months combat I think I think that it's a big step in the right directly talk about it. Who yeah well grade. When actually a straight out not so much greater and she keep you an army could cause. To our country any country west. So. Being backed that that was going on ninety days ago and now. We actually had a chance to sit down with demand. Sit down without a leader I don't need people milk and sugar market leader not let. You represent our country. So I think that that's a step in the right direction it will only think about. What you have to play the waiting. That it. Ha a well. A man who. Three months ago wanted to kill and destroy this country. And now we're sitting down leader. Hockey at a poker. All grown much over what was wrong cocktails. Yeah it was octopus and ice arena. And I did a great company and by the way I'm. I think it's off. That you know I'd Tommy I'm not gonna disagree with I think it's a good step I just. I don't know how we can all decides like. You know you have that girlfriend cheated on you over and over and over and over again and then you're like oh is gonna get back there I promise you won't cheat again. Diminished each Denny's seven times or she has a history of that. You know like it I just it amaze me how quickly we take Trump's word because he says he can trust Kim Jung. It's just amazing. Met Barack Obama had said I want to meet with hiring and leaders we did Fox News rushed him for wanting to meet with our. Enemies leaders. They crushed him for that Sean Hannity was all over him for that but it would truck wanted to do it it was a good thing. It's just the hypocrisy the bothers me I don't it's a good thing is like a good step in the right direction to look cool. In court came down with a decision. In Ohio recently this was late yesterday afternoon we saw this would come down some like that. Remember exactly. In a 54 ruling the Supreme Court. Gave Ohio. A victory Monday in a fight over the State's method for removing people from the voter rolls practice that civil rights groups say discourages minority turnout. At least a dozen a dozen other politically conservative state suit adopt similar practice of Ohio prevailed. As a way of keeping their voter registration lists accurate and up to date. Allstate's have procedures for removing. From the registration lists the names of people who have moved. And cannot vote. Dead people people moved out of the state. But this says to do with people who choose not to vote or just don't vote and that's for the big question cops. Yeah Ohio election officials sent out notices to anyone who fails to cast a ballot during a two year period people who do not respond. And don't vote over the next four years including in two more federal elections presidential elections. Are dropped from the list of registered voters and so that if you wanna vote you've got to re register her. Even though even if you didn't move you just didn't he just didn't vote in the last couple elections you still have to re register. On the. Question for you at 5767798. Issue of this each of the states. And this is going to be a thing in Ohio and I've wouldn't be surprised at all of Kansas or Missouri adopt this. Should that be the State's role if you say skip let's say you didn't wanna vote in President Obama verses. The Mitt Mitt Romney. And you didn't like the Hillary the Donald Trump race. As of right now you're not allowed to vote Ohio. They have taken you off the list you have to re register you're allowed to re register right. But is that the states placed it to determine whether or not if you choose not to vote that you should be allowed to vote again 5767798. What do you think of use it or lose it voter rates. I think voting is a rights and it. I don't think it should be up to the federal government to determine how often you should get to voter have to vote in order to keep that an easy process. I don't think just because I choose to bail out a couple elections are just because I'm I'm choosing not to take part in the process. That doesn't mean you should make it harder for me to do that I didn't do anything wrong there's not a lot that says here's how I think you have to vote so I don't like that there are saying. They're making it more difficult for people to vote I mean by that they're taking people who didn't vote and a couple elections. And are saying how badly do you want and if you want it badly enough then you're gonna re register as this and. Urge more to vote because that's we want we always complain we have 10% turnout at mid terms and if we get 40% turnout nationwide during. The presidential years. Were like oh cool 60% of the country didn't vote but still. Does this encourage more vote. By us by saying hey if you don't do it or take off unless a let's get you to the polls at least to vote now I don't think this encourages anybody devout I think. You're gonna vote if if you want to vote I don't think the threat of having to re register is gonna make someone else go to the polls were frequently. 5767798. Feel free to jump in is this the right move by the Supreme Court you support this rule. Should your voting rates come down to use it or lose it felt uninteresting. Story out of the air version of this out of the Washington Post. And there's a political data and consulting firm L to maintain a database of voters nationally and this is interesting because. The reach the people that are against this before liberal judges that voted against this in the Supreme Court. Are saying that it targets minorities and pork. The altitude data puts out. Just 40% of active voters nationally are Democrats. 33%. Of active voters across the board are Republicans. Among those who missed the pass federal elections 36%. Are Democrats. 18%. Are Republicans. So what that has to say to be is that more more Democrats did not vote. So therefore would this target those that don't vote AKA is targeting. Democrats and I don't know I I feel like that there's good and bad tennis I don't wanna be on. I don't know I'm not on one side or the other on this and kind of icy both sides. 5767798. Let's go says Steve 991 KN BC's Steve what I think is supreme court's ruling in Ohio. Well you know I I have this cycle. Having to re register or well number one registering to vote that cost or. Believe you can do it online now or even but your local election office or at the local library however argued. It's really no different than just updating information if you move her knowledge of what should be done online or want so you know mail in whatever. So I don't think it is public is just different branch out any particular group from voting not bode and an impetus Wichita and about. Kind of a status. You know ADU. You know or are you wired. You know this could also be you know targeted for people that move our country things like that you know that that there will be problems you know photo roll what have you and I. Not that I'm I don't affiliate with the Republicans or Democrats are on a true conservative I don't have forty. And so you know I've. I think it people cry and wandered about just being too late these historic register or that your probation or a little Ole Ole country. They had but I think the liberals they feel you China is they're trying to they're called and they need to making and a you know that third victory of open in the. Question for you and again I'm kind of split on this side I had I appreciate the conversation. Why why are making it tougher for Pete for people to vote I know is said doesn't cost money to register it wouldn't cost you money to re register. But what if I took the last two elections off and I'm like Abbott I and I didn't know about this whole re registering thing and I go to vote on Election Day and or not they are like why are making it harder. Our liked I don't believe that it that is our number one like what you just said it you know figured laws never. So if you don't eat up your act. Active voter even if you that the couple actions to respond to the citizens to know what ball beta when updated in Utah State concurrent or whatever the thought I don't know what makes an order really you know it's just a matter of you know if it's not vote you know then you know it's not. I wonder what should direct the sport should registration to vote remain valid you're not in the chick or whether. One election to election and elections whatever. You know you want to be active vote you want all of these and to be updated regularly. So which you don't miss that opportunity thought that it's out of our vehicles that it's a matter partial responsibility one that they all thought that. On in front. Statement over the phone call man we'll get doubled it to John what do you think of the supreme court's ruling 54 they favor in the does this favor of Ohio. Where did you know you don't vote often. They can take off the list yet to re register. Some people think it targets minorities it targets the board targets Democrats others say cleans up voting what about you 5767798. At the Supreme Court ruled 54 in favor of Ohio in a fight over the State's method for removing people from voter rolls. Civil rights groups saying is a says that it discourages minority turnout so here's how works if you don't votes. Over a two year period election officials and you notice. You don't respond to that notice and don't vote over the next four years including into more federal elections you're dropped from the list of registered voters you can re registered. By you have to know it like the previous caller before the break it said look it's up to you to know that you aren't on the list anymore. So what do you think about this I've 76779. Aids it's big and Ohio to which as we know is a huge swing state. When it comes to the the presidential election back of the phones dug your first up on KM BZ this segment Doug what do you think of these Supreme Court ruling. All of this early doesn't sound like it's huge of a deal from the people wanna call me a liberal and registered Democrat but. What they're Democrat or Republican. Registering the vote really isn't that typical of that. And you don't use you don't using diluted that sound fine but I can see that it could open up the gates for other thing. I don't buy it gonna go into your Michael was not right on a done. What else is it gonna open up to that market. The ethnic insert man this is the government telling you what this seems like government overreach. For a party that doesn't like government controlled anything. No timing just seems strange that Doug thinks your comment Eric during KM BZ we think Eric. I mean crazy out Omaha continue. There are so busy trying to urge people vote in its history it you've yeah it was sort of like when it. Under that country can get stumble like general which I don't ball and make a week to week four from the spotlight. Did you out a lot poor people so discouraged from the system on the guy allowed citizens. Stretcher minorities in India young people they don't well when I got one group. Oh. All all the time to completely. Pretty much can you definitely want options as like a monopoly. Do you voter. Now good I mean. What what it was somebody let's say somebody who is in favor of this is listing and I'll play devil's advocate Eric I see both sides that would if they're saying. What's so hard for those those those people pour your talking about what's so hard for those people to go ahead and register and devotes every two or four years. The reason why what they're probably regret yeah yeah yeah once worse ago 01 back. You have like forever and I are what. Oh in most countries. Who won't vote. Give you a decade ago people were candidates in their country they give you one day. Are you if you can get them Melanie if you don't trust him the boot but people. It just to meet this country discouraged well. It feels to me. Eric thanks for the call it does it kinda makes it feel like it's were work. We talk about or voting rules. To discourage voter fraud and but it seems like we're trying to make it harder to vote when I feel like we should make it easier to vote we're just making is done through more hoops and ordered about. Because were so terrified of of people voting twice and dead people voting. So that the vote will go the way we want. L that's true now. But it's it's because if it's that hard to. Then your only gonna go vote if you really really want to if you're passionate about voting and I think that applies some times to one side more than the other. Oust air in 91 KM BZ what's up there. Pay electrical your article awhile eyes Wendell that mean and a I'm not for the do you agree with the in corpsman. Look again and it said about. Earlier to take a waiter at a gun again you know I got. Although because that is protected. You'll work. You do not have the right. Now with a cabbie ot let. Me you have the right cannot be carbonated. You have certain. Right. You have actor for the poll that you have certain but they're a great privilege to go to the united. I don't agree with that at all but I they are not taking the what are you. Thinking order. And I don't agree. You don't think this is a good idea from the US Supreme Court. Nowadays they need to. Arnold get your game here as opposed. To an amendment to true. Worrying. In. They're wrong but it Eric proposed amendment. In order to give the right who vote not just have the privilege to but actually make it right that. You know in so you know right. Hand this is definitely overall. Aaron thanks for the volt comment we always appreciate that I can read about it on her FaceBook page the conversation is there you can also text in it 22980. You know we're watching the other at the trump. Kim Jong moon. Summit yesterday. Jim generous show much attention your pain to Dennis Rodman Japanese see Dennis Rodman. I was aware that he was there and I saw the shirts. That's about it pot calling yeah woods is his script no currency that he was pushing which. Went up ending that's a thousand dollar investment before Robin on TV land just read would have netted you about 230 boxing it into the value of pot going to. But it was interesting to see the fact that Dennis Rodman who. Something's got a lot to do with it something had very little to do with that but he was he was very emotional on CNN. What it'll I talk to those guys five years which end. We talked to a lot to a doctor Kim on him and and administration over there five years ago. And he asked me five years ago we sat down for much. And he sat down and ask me hey Dennis. I'll read that you three things to people but to tell the president of the United States these three things and I'll will be willing to talk to him. That is a true story that got my people here that was cut it to hurt the conversation. He said. Things like. If they can move they should expect. And South Korea. I would. Do what I have to do to listen if you do certain things and doing certain things I would listen. My use of the open and that's what to do that to Obama. And Obama didn't even give me that time update I asked him a step I have something to say from North Korea. He just broke the law. But that it hurt me. I still can't get one back to a point that I kept going back actual warlord too much was worth it to this country. And I sex everywhere answer the door will open. One more from Dennis Rodman was emotional yesterday on CNN. I remember you saying at least I remember you Cingular masters because this is somebody's English as though it looks amazing. It's that was amazing it's at least in when I said those things. Let's say the stamping youth. When Albert back home are just a great risks. I just sold to us what was it that protect and everything. Not believe the career. And portable could go home he couldn't go home and I got out put the case. Could you blow a hole. I feel like a lot of public. New things and Richard HI knew what I all the the only what I've never accurately and and wanted to see me. But at the bullets took all but what to think what can be abstinent stay at the but today it clicked it but everybody single port. It shall ever it's great to it is a ground game that is the historic young people. That was Chris Cuomo and Dennis Rodman on CNN and it just. It's a strange time we Dennis Rodman is on CNN crying what a great deal was in the communication gap between. The president's and Kim Jung is just had to hear and to see Dennis Rodman and tears coming down his face. Just absolutely amazing.