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Tuesday, June 12th

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Dissident has certainly. And we've done some things that we're very proud of it's a very strong document his father made agreements with the United States. And then. Citizenship and who are concerned actually. Didn't keep the commandments and he talks about that he said that you know there are reasons he didn't because he was let down by the United States but that's irrelevant. What he's doing and and you very much said that he said you know over the years. For what they've never gone this far you know that never the level like this and his father never dealt with the president and a lot of other things. But he said he pitched very much in his mind he said. We were going to get this done in the past we've tried but it never worked out and it never did work out and it was embarrassing actually. To the United States and to our leadership. This is different I believe you'll find in. The years to come Georgia I think unified district Howie you know he's keeping his word he's committed to. So we're going to be following things we're going to be monitoring things would dealing with him very gonna constant basis. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo did a very very gauge great energy and they have a great relationship his counterpart to have a really good relationship. They're moving along they're getting it down I mean I've been up 24 hours now straight between phone calls and you know working that this is a very good this is. 72 years we're talking about and we put it into. One very intensive day and some meetings before and have a lot of people who picked him German and say there's no way he's ever giving up its nuclear weapons. That's why he survives that's why news in this room today. Well I think we have to disagree otherwise I wouldn't be here or what are respectfully. You know I would have. Shaken his hand I would have said listen nazism but I would have had any interest this is very important it's in the first paragraph finishes complete. Total defense authorization. Without that I wouldn't have an interest and. I believe that he wants to get it done you trust him. I do trust him yeah now. Will I come back Q what a year and you'll be interviewing I'll say she had made a mistake that's always possible to get a regularly at a very high level. Lot of things can change a lot of things are possible. He trusts me I believe I really do and he said openly and he said it to a couple of reporters that well with him. That he knows that no other president ever could've done this I mean no other press he knows the president's team knows we had in front of me. He should know the president could have done this I think he'd trust me and I trust him Ronald Reagan said trust but verify yet how do you verified this from. But we're going to be verifying and was going to be working with them and it's going to be much more open than it is right now. Now right now it's obviously very close it's a closed society we know very little about you know. If you ask intelligence and we'll tell you probably they know less about this area of the world and they do anyplace anywhere in the world. We're going to be working very closely with them we've developed great relationships at different levels. Mike Pompeo is that really very good strong relationships and others have also. Today we introduce him to John involved in which was a very interesting thing and he says Heidi independent lines looks removing him by the end of that conversation it was good I think they have good trust. This is that it dizzying few days of diplomacy to refer you usually reaching out here to can him long time. And United States coming up for that summit in Canada was this tough words. For the Canadian prime minister. How do you explain that to people who might be confused over reaching out to our enemies antagonizing well. Hi I have great friendships if you speak to prime minister. What I'm helping a lot because you know Japan. Throughput times they have missiles gone right over the middle of Japan have a very good relationship with prime minister Abby. I have great relationship with the Newman run like a lot as you know. From Italy he just won and you know we had very good and frankly. Really good with Merkel really good pretty much without them I was very surprised because we actually were getting ready to sign a document. I've made them make various changes and you know that's so cool semi famous picture of seeing the picture got. She was looking at me you know we're doing we were talking what we were waiting for the final copy of the document that was. That was such an innocent picture here we put up a picture that was put out by. Might people. That was really a picture of basically this and I am waiting for the documents that we can finally get. What happened is we had a final document I wasn't a 100% but I wanted to leave nicely so. We had a document. I get into Air Force One that televisions on and I see a news conference being given night. The prime minister Kenneth. And Justin Aniston. It's nice just as good and they talked about how they won't be believed to have him. This is what's the so that he didn't do that to my face what's so bad but here's what the story. We have been taken advantage of as a country for decades by. Friends and enemies. We have been portrayed is a disaster outrageous we lose it. 117. Billion dollars was the last camp only yearly basis to get the judge in other words when you rich kinda. And all of the other places Germany the European Union is a disaster for us we lost a 151 billion dollars list you billion not million. It was a 151 billion. They don't take our product. They wanted their agriculture that would we lost a 151. Now that we're estimating the European Union I can't beat Rhode Island about. And essentials and getting change and if you don't change it. We're not gonna get traded fund I guess who understood that could usually supposed to be friendly picture that was put out by us. And we were waiting for the document to come back so we could read it. I left everybody was happy everybody chipped initiatives prime minister of everybody is happy that he gave out. I'm a little bit of an obnoxious thing I actually like Justin and I I think he's good I'd like him. But he shouldn't have done that that was a mistake that's gonna cost him a lot of money final question when it can coming to the White House. Well I wanna get along I want the process to start I wanna see some real. Work going on which I believe I will and I would love to have but the way this one overtakes and I would love them to let us. And I think people have to be there at a certain point when it's all complete I'd love to be there. Mr. President thank you very much thank you. The ramblings of president Trout would turn her stuff and that's a good. Ellis and every bit of that and and it's hard to follow sometimes when he starts going in. And talking about the picture oh my lord. Yeah. Yeah. Some times and I I had. We are you know I like Ed and the picture we put picks and that I like Justin put it's gonna cost in the couple that was. He just doesn't script. No more filter or Phil or a filtering anyway. But that was president Donald Trump. The second half of his interview with George Stephanopoulos shortly after he met with Kim junk food in Singapore. Yesterday. Take from whatever it may put every line out of that interview is man. Did it go a million ways are oftentimes in the 12 o'clock hour we talk about food right it's our type of our you've put this up if if you're near to the show. We have her to say this before we have a thread going on Jamie Travis and I will have a threat going on where we throw different ideas into and get into. Moments. After I went to Sonic Youth through this story up on us under our FaceBook chat and I like while I was as close to ordering it. I don't know if anybody else would wanna try it will tell you a new item on the sonic menu that might get your taste buds a water and we'll do that coming up next year and 81 KM BZ. 1222. Good to have you. Are we got to start into this story but it comes to us from sonic. Which it now he is sonics and he'll like masonic. So I moved year. I determined to things very quickly about kids. Expect it there is a Home Depot. Every other block. Panasonic every other block. And I write this part because where I was from an Illinois we didn't have sonic site sonic a lot and her one up for radio station. Sites like right after I moved here and you burn out that well after wiles as and when I was. Live and in Milwaukee. Made it perhaps on and then they debuted at sonic out in the suburbs. And it was like. It was like we discovered Fieger good news because it would be near a place I would god in the herbs and I would Siegel lie of people are how on the locked in cars like like. What is the big deal. About eating in your car yeah or the slush is oral whatever. Its hood don't get me wrong. But I didn't understand just the the the explosion of interest. And intrigue for some. Yes and then we have this. That they're doing now. Eight new pickle juice slush. I guess it debuted already on Monday at participating nations are restaurants nationwide. The bright green limited time drink will be joined by three other new summertime flavors of god. So that a company BP says sonics guests are deemed to try to venture isn't fun flavors so we've made our missions delivered the best of both worlds. What it comes to innovation and variety. I get your taste buds ready for pickle juice it was just so as far as how taste. A taste or from food and wine magazine described it as sweet and eat. Adding that the only gripe is that the slush is a bit too sweet as if over correcting for the acidity. But maybe this is why we've started to get used to a pickle flavored soft. IE. It's so funny because it was acts on it yesterday. Out right off seventh street and throw that are remembered. I was at sonic yesterday and as I was getting ugly home we're look at it at houses and we stopped to get it. As I shake. An ism and pull it around to the drive through I see on the board of lake. Nicole flavored slushy. And I have no idea how it tastes yeah. I eat meat I like pickles and my favorite chip is probably laced pickle chips. I don't know if I'm bill like. The pickle flavored slush yak. I don't think so Travis would you try to beat Travis tries less than I do would you try pickled flavored slush yeah. All right it's odd to me I don't think you can really ruin pickle juice. Syria army I'm sure it's no different than taking you know our regular equities and take a shot or was he that's probably true. You know I don't might not be bad. The other flavors you said the or multiple other flavors. And I'm putting you on the spot where guys yes these are somewhere because I tried as. I would I would give this a shot. But what are the other flavors like it's its weird that also means. Tiger's blood. Is it different Charlie Sheen and currently Hawaiian. Eye bahama mama. Okay Obama model I've ordered that cocktail at a resort before so I'm assuming it's not that via what is tiger blood that's like and no snow come flavor. Is it. It is watermelon and strawberry within a coconut. That's the tiger blood that. All right what was the other one blue line blue Hawaiian air. And this is. Yeah I don't I'm not I mean I've been shot and is anybody tried this yet and it debuted yesterday. Since it's not means not mainstream like the mic rig yet. But a pickle juice slosh the exotic if you tried it. Or any of these other new flavors. Texted at 22980. That loved it of its any good before right I had you also can use pickles Sarah as an addition to whatever your drinking. So like. 'cause I've seen the I've gotten hit the shot of like cherry syrup in my Coke before and Abby pickle sir. You can do as an addition mark Loy shaking your head. I'd like just to sip of pickle juice is great like especially Claussen dill pickles I don't throw away the juice Mike has used up all the pickles I love life drinks that out of that the U she gets mad if I want to throw it out but a sip is great but like ten ounces of a now way we would wanna pickle juice slushy now thinks up. External let's try it but I you know you I want like a four outs yeah you know what I mean it'll look the big helpful. Now one thing they used to have noticed I've met sonic is nickel lows it's like deep fried pickle chips those are fantastic. We can get in the tape pickle chips and spears debated. Think it's afternoon lunch hour to you know when you're young Jamie did you ever have a lemonade stand when you were there and rural. Illinois now because we didn't have. A lot of vehicle traffic but traffic law signed out of the country sound now to a if you get three people locked in by a total Elena they're out and nobody there nobody there have gotten. We did we live in the suburbs krona and shocking. And I knew we would do this we would have lemonade. We would probably make high C year and powdered coup later whatever and then take some cookies that were probably Oreo is that we sell 25 cents a cup or whatever I travesty in this later in Texas. No they weren't allowed in apartments or near pardons. Eleven Niger apartment complex. Lord America whatever. The that that's amazing to me there's a lot of people of these lemonade stands. I realize that. Some people were cut were cracking down some. At some. Law abiding citizens are being cracked down upon because they were selling lemonade. To Denver Brothers were selling lemonade for charity. They in. In Colorado they're stand got shut down because they didn't have a permit. In Texas two sisters. Sent a eliminate stand to raise money for a Father's Day present. But they were shots Dow and for not having a permit all our. Health Department approval. In Maryland five needs for permit the stands every to have the 500. Dollars. You're kidding me right. So. Country time lemonade is actually getting involved and it's it's a great PR lobbed this they're creating eighteen to help pay the fines and permits for kids nationwide. Who want to run their lemonade stands other calling their initiative legal aid which is really cute. 'cause of the group cover fees up to 300 dollars for stanza or fines in 2017 or 2018. And for permits bought this year. They sad life doesn't always give you lemons when it does you should be able to make and share some neighbor to neighbor. Or applications. So take a stand for lemonade stands across the country. It is ridiculous. And I mean I. This is one of those stupid rules that I I have to look deeper in to say because if you're selling it. What ever without a permit like what's to stop me from stop and appeared to quarter Shawnee mission in Metcalf and drop and a cooler on the tendon on the ground in San like hey. Silly of the server for two bucks you know what's the where does the line they have to cut it off at the source it's terrible but I love country time for doing. So they're covering up to 60000 dollars total which would cover a lot of people's hands and permits and stuff out a lot to supply for reimbursement. Yeah upload a picture of your child's permit or fine to legally its website and then it will cut. What's next what else are kids going to be able to deal like that was it was a staple we did that and a lot of people parents out there probably of their kids. Do exactly this I passed on Saturday may take a bike through. We're excited as gas and they ran my Gregory Iraq pretty busy street and a lot stamps now. At the rules different in Kansas and Missouri against then in Colorado or Texas or. Maryland I would assume that city ordinance probably so yeah it's probably different than what it lasts and you've actually stopped illuminates. I did during that I needed to the one I just mentioned that you like. July sales are both bad. And that's right I'm way over paid kids for fifty cents for her dollar for two glasses eliminate I paid five box. Was a good as. It was a country timing is it ever expert is limited ever gonna knock your socks on. It's. I don't is fine I don't. No I've ever had equal rates. Levin and I like the one that the sugary when you get a fair you know the comes in the that the big cup the big. Widely yellow and green cop that you get when you go to affair whatever yeah that's the best lemonade. That's just straight levity we that's by the dean health fines and up in the sugar in there. It's nothing to do with the sugar content trapped a poker game kids if it has to do it selling without a license on city streets. Well good for country town glad to see him do that. You know that. You shouldn't be stopping kids from having lemonade stands. It's just about the rules and that is ridiculous. And ridiculous. I have delivery spider killer might she that you just delete it I have never heard of this before. But this is the thing I assume. That Caremark terrorist. It turns out restaurant delivery drivers will do more than just bring you food. A woman by the name of Demi Sweeney's she's a college student she's so terrified of spiders. She ordered food from a local delivery service in hopes that driver. Would come in and kill this button. When Sweeney spotted a one inch. Iraq one inch like X is big doubts. Under Walsh called a friend hoping to enlist someone to help the friend suggested shorter some food for delivery in seat driver. Would be willing to help. She message it's the restaurant delivery customer service to see of her spider killing needs could be met. She said hello sounds silly but this is serious question I have a huge phobia of spiders there's one in core door of our house near the door if I order food through deliberate. Is it possible at all the driver could get it. Deliver responded by saying you could most certainly request this and but it's possible the driver may be more Oscar he'd have sent fighters and she is the guy she decided to give it shot. I ended up ordering Kentucky fried chicken. Our KFC. You know. She tried to order checks that we ordered to meals instead of one when the delivery driver gel showed up a little while later. She pleaded for him to help her out even though he admitted. He didn't like spiders either. I begged him telling him please you have to help me only ordered food for your help she told the Washington Post. Lucky for Sweeney Joseph agreed to help pulled up to people look at shared a stand not despite her off the wall ended up chasing its until he was able to catch it flush down the toilet. Spider are we dealing. A law and what inspired the just the chase around like he's. It it take issue and it's done it on to issue here is it's you get a bottler raid has. Just shake it is Ed and music you can get closer and so. I I don't like I don't I don't get aimed at rush to. I've my arms are too short target of the brew needing to just itching ears calories that's got the long history possible. And round. Sure who is a rosy. Just shy guy as you walk through this mountain. Now I don't it was I mean Greta I Roche are more likely just gonna grab a napkin walked up and crush it now Travis Roche. Either get a napkin and you go our top of that you squish you win decks don't get worried get raid rape and urged the paint on your welfare I grant I don't care it's. Striker take the raid ends round because he got Arnold does or does Iran and. To vacuumed up can you promise me the next time. There is a. There is a spider in your apartment I'm not calling you know I don't know I'm not I face a gliding in nodal I want you to work or use snapping up on the spider. Like I've I have imagined fairies all right you're just real sneaky. As the spider is sitting there laughing and buried here why you don't vacuum though because if that spider has eggs you do is back in that those fighters. Back to be near vacuum and then they hatch and if you have more fighters to deal with the rate that you don't have an American you and only fighter that is deemed she's gonna dump a vacuum immediately get rid of and get it back so it's the so it's raid vacuum emptied to vacuum into the garbage garbage into the dumpster and you and you watch the garbage can take it away by the garbage truck and it's time to go buy new vacuum and Hillary did I. Like some kind of fire and in the process as I like the vacuum has anybody ever had the delivery driver do something extra other than just deliver food and don't go get all or L one down I. I had on higher end it right this is not up or no conversation. But has it like do people do this like in the delivery driver comes in DC will you help me catch a spider as anybody ever done that. 5767798. Travis. I wrote down. Like on your additional notes to grab a six pack of beer and I'll pay you more. But he didn't bring it no no he didn't because these that is close but. So I guess he stopped at least I've had the guy stop and pick up six pack of beer and he did it. I'd venture that was Willard Ohio I ordered I'm not sure if that's legal or not 5767798. As anybody ever asked the delivery driver that you anything other than. Drop off your pizza drop off your your your Jimmy Johns went out with something. Maybe and it went like with some paid you know get an extra two minutes and try to get this. Mattress up the stairs or something or get a ride a buddy of mine avoid nasty lie because the pizza guy was college somewhere near after like that. He was drunk yeah pizza guy he showed up BC can I jump in with you give jumper cables and get a ride to do that may be out here Barry's done X 5767798. What have you asked the delivery driver to do this person this woman she is an England had a delivery driver come in and kill a spider. Wish this wasn't Kara Italy through the strokes actually. Cave woman across the pond we'll get to your stories coming up. 5767798. Aren't so we're talking about a woman in England. She is afraid of spiders so. She called the delivery service for food she got KFC delivered and asked if the driver would come in and kill a spider he did he actually knocked it off the ball change state. And then. Was able to flush it down the toilet I mean to me that seems like going to a lot of work regardless. Or asking you at 5767798. What have you had the delivery drivers do for you either bring you something. Maybe you caught a ride with them after. If they need to kill a spider 5767798. Timmy Euro 91 KM BZ. I'd like that I had a try baby let bloody Mike got it was spoiled to get excited. And it had a rocking back and back I had to do that well here comes the delivery guy if it got here. I simply print command at rock my baby steps like these ticket that they get these guys. So maybe adding it ain't nobody not yet it's like you're holding a perfect example rock rock and it. You had a driver rots your baby. They don't work. Stay quiet and thought he can name he's quiet and I got home I got word that act as that I can't look bad. That rock and a. Jimmy let's quit or how long did this guy ain't rock your baby. I. Can't say that Bob green and did you chip. You know I get out but it. Rock your baby why you got your chores and worked and even tech. They need and the baby back on an Internet public money but I get. He can't I learned that he was quiet I got out there. The Timmy it's a great story. You shouldn't tip the guy five bucks ten bucks whatever he allowed to get work done peacefully. Estimates thanks for the phone call we appreciate it. Let's go to Jim on KM BZA jam. I I have to look like to tell once spider stronger so get ready gaming. I asked my daughter got me at one night that is despite our ceiling and output navigate to a point you could fire chilly. Well or better you she got a lot better plan feeling in the wall expire rather than ever bet. Scioscia he's an idol expire there are directory entry that cost. And why he's so what about it quote kill so I got great. Great reader of body was so. Is because it had hundreds of babies. Oh hole. Just. And I stated it like exploded. Onto her bed. Well that that was the that was not good what I got back he sucked up all beta it. Accept the mother it would still be your pomp and out there. Close all eyes. Are. And I told my daughter that I've got these big. Topic they are older. I think that I've got I've got her eat you know what you have archival back bench yelled you Lebanese. She did not get pregnant by herself. Up now. She lineup slept at her. I keep Cherokee three days. Oh. Jim that is a fantastic story. If I saw spider awards by only difference just a big spider with a bunch of that looks abnormally huge gap. Look I'm not one of those guys who runs away from spiders but that would free Wi Dallas. Area for sure that you like you'll get this is a target practice of bigger rate lake you're talking about. No thank you news thank you Jeremiah era and 81 KM BZ would you have your driver do you Jeremiah. Hey I love your show. That you're the years he negative on the outside wind chill out to anybody remember that we were in Lawrence at the the hotel there on the river. They and that we need to get equipped which we're about to block away by high yield debt but I like you know that other. Pizza delivery driver coming out of the order. At that would you like to make one or two blocks she said yeah it only so. Did she take your toy boxes. Yeah. I am a chipper and I'd wait a real. They are first trip and I don't know about that and also. According. Okay spiders and let's say our brown recluse Joba soccer at all or butter or go to and much approaches around like they're real. Thanks I appreciate it. I think you were to send that message along to Kara. And they didn't care I just relocate spiders that she won't come anywhere near. Let's go to Taylor and 81 KM BZ what's up Taylor. How are you guys do. You do lose. Harry so I don't Chinese delivered to my now and we object operator being Rottweiler dog. And when I went to open a door that not all about. And where immediately dropped it and for about 3045 minute grandma never trying to get my dog. And I'd get hit them again at thirty dollars a 100%. Ten. I was so grateful and thankful and at and when we got that dot actually peed all over it. I. Did he did you did the driver catch the dog or drive like yeah. I got it off. Haven't yes I had I didn't have a car that time and the by all of the continent fire rain after the dot. Ottoman and it cost and then when he got him the circle my dog collar and the dot collectors like impede on that as well. Thanks for the effort here's here's some pee on your leg wow. Thanks Taylor. Good Thomas on KM BZ what's up Thomas. They've gone on got a little. The deck on the tell my story not or call one day screen that they're you spite. In the other guys out preached diameter. And act that I could be their own about 45 minutes so you re Joker got that paper which he probably I've been. 132 other. Beat that LB over that intrigue it up big shoot and he said now I somewhere. And is that now something big became poker site scream like the girl she said. And it ran back in got a shovel and chased her out. By chilled. Out and put on the eight taxpayers that about half the size bed. Lou Reed got the body in a green screen what the girl. I'm I'm really creeped out by this discussion of giant spiders being chased with a shovel and then the may be found dead with. It's a gap. Up up up they keep Thomas. When I was really young and I barely remember this. But we were limited San Diego and I think it was my mother that walked in the bathroom and she there was a tarantula. Rush heat. And she thought it was one of mine character in the turns because value knock it ought to hear this who got news coming up in the second. As he thought it was one of mine and she's it took a step into the bathroom and she sought moving. And so that she immediately shut the door went to the neighbor who that'll be my dad was there it's time. And the neighbor can overlook those like long extension claw things and picked the torrential up and dropped it in the toilet and watched it. That's how we got rid. It's no Kara. More and here's a woman in England that. Called and restaurant delivery service to come over and kill a spider. Stan would you do that probably knots. I however would not be adverse to going to my neighbor's house is going to come over here please help me.