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Thursday, September 13th

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Ten else or on a Thursday midday with Jamie went and 91 K and easy way kids out today back tomorrow in his place today my dear front policy makers here how it plays we didn't eat today makes. And some look more about you hear exhibit coming up but we wanna get right to it and talk about the latest with hurricane Florence as we've been here on the news this morning. The outer bands of hurricane Florence have reached the North Carolina coast and joining us again today is Al Jones from Italy I in his radio a thanks for being here down. It will bring you. Russians. Were shell. And walk normal and. Can you exactly where you are in the middle lawless. All in all. Well we're we're well it won't actually. All. That would block before it is awful awful awful on what's important to the station that closed will be. All the tunnel wall this woman on the walls installed all of the most well won't it won't be able to open in the on the wall. Don't want. Legible as strong or Wimbledon or the ball is that it wouldn't want. Talk about that another National Hurricane Center came out with an update when exactly are we expecting landfall what he's in there. I think it was a little bit at all in the ball all morning actually. Four weeks old ball ball ball. It. Won't. Allow that they want for all the oh. I holes. Between the won't. Want. It won't let the real informed that all of the bullet on. Ball won't fall about global. Won't all forms of its low level. I heard this wearing the bridge is now have been close to get out to some of the outer banks of you people still have options to get out. There are a lot of anti wall almost all the wrong. The ball in the end the war. I think that didn't fit on there wouldn't let all the former president. Well. Alt anymore I think that the people are all while this state would last almost one cavaliers. But it won't. I was sick forceful but how encouraging have the governor and other leaders that in terms of telling people you need to get out. While that well. Well I mean it won't quote yeah. All we. All of them. Oh. What a lot. We all have. Their children to the bottom. What are we expecting in terms of rainfall. Well it. While it won't. In the world woman and well this. Actually won't call they'll all wanted to lie down for all. Well as keep all of our. Ball in the form of what the rebels. Well all walls. The fall in the mobile. Alton Brown did to Obama over his one which is left over. Have you talked people who won't leave and what reasons are people getting for not being willing to leave. All the ball all the warm and and can afford so we'll get out. All the people well we. Wouldn't give it all I'll do that and performance at all. But won't. Before. We all want. Although this is what you want a good flight and what you want. I was sick this morning things like air being indeed you know changing their roles and offering up top places to say we famously know about the Waffle House and acts about Waffle House that stays open and and helps people. On what are people doing to give people options that say. Well multiple walls all around. There won't be on yeah. Well well well well it won't show and also the law as well we're wouldn't. Small ball. Off the bottom Walton and we. Don't want you called me. Welcome him out there didn't you mentioned the debt should be. Have most people left by now how is the traffic getting out and most people already left by this point. Lobbed the ball bat or ball. In the or even tortured or. Walked forward and laughable as we did on. I'm forty. Followed it won't matter what people along. With our. Our development. Although a lot and we'll be out it was on the folk. Won't at all. It is our audience should what. And all the foreign players who didn't want one all. That will be well I'm Robert half an hour we went. In it was. Looking out a little bit how long are the Carolinas and other areas of the coast going to be dealing with those. Although we're talking about it seemed awfully well a couple days maybe as much as we did all of warmth and movement. Won't won't won't go out on the vote in on the laden. Role. In a lot of the old woman getting. The ball off affidavit although I needed to activate. It is you can imagine how much water all of which we also form on the blog at Wimbledon there is a lot of flooded. A lot of what little bit long on the. You talked about the the slowing down the storm I think a lot of people look at the storm ratings may see it's dropped to a category two. And they wonder if if people are breathing a little easily get them more easily. Can you talk about what did what what the thought processes there on scene as they see that the change in a storm especially given what you said about. It's slowing down. Oracle on both. He's. A wonderful. And while. All the warm up well. Parking lot of reform and lovable old. While the golf world that we shall walk on the I'll show you won't won't. Won't won't won't. The war on the long. It won't. Stop it. While you know what to do away with the ball well. Al really liked his we were talking off the air a little bit about Melissa is covered tropical storms in the past. What do you plans in place for when this gets closer do you. Blog about it and what it did on Capitol. Hill. Bought double fault. Long. Or portable wallet which is a lot of power. Forward. Yeah ball a long ball well wolf while the couple days. All right Al Jones Italy China's radio out of North Carolina covering hurricane Florence we appreciate your time. Little thanks a bunch. It's 1012 or on came easy again Al Jones easily Diana's radio this is a category two storm still expected to make landfall I had tonight through tomorrow morning. Forty inches of rain it was the last thing I'd seen thirteen feet storm for that storm surge that's enough to go over the first story house for shark. The latest is on flights canceled was 14100. That number no doubt to god that was why I asked about how long we're talking about those because every day that you tack on an apt. The more flights that currency canceled so. We'll keep and I and that probably taken without John's tomorrow which of the latest as we see it it's 1013 here on came easy Jamie I'm selling policy maker OK we'll we'll do the interaction that we had that we just business here but we'll get to that coming up next. 1013 ninety embassy. 1018 a day would Jamie like an ID one K and BZ I don't forget tomorrow will be out for city spotlight out in Lee's summit what I'll be their potential to. And then day imparts the giants into until 6 o'clock city spotlight on Lee's summit will be at smoke brewing company. That's at 209 south east main street right in that downtown some tree come out and say hi grab a deer either hang out and have a good time out there Lee's summit. So today he'll be back tomorrow coming up a little bit later Jason Evans will be your new and 99 rock but. And it was fun to kind of bring my friends and and the way that you would be good felon is if you can sit and do happy hour with me that becomes dinner. That's how we as well as we just started during happy hour in the next thing you know you've been six hours like. Like all week we can together decent things some acre is here and I want people to get to know you a little bit since we've never had you and of course a thanks for being here thanks. Excited about this little adjustments. So far it'll be the fastest two hours you've never worked at. And it is here. And so duel little well we'll do a little comparing you wicket here and a second on by. What does give ya a chance to up the floor here about what people should now before I give the class a little warning about the substitute teach. It's the heat. So I agree appearing in the city bar born in Lawrence. The jayhawks and your party start now I'm the mountain aren't as people are gonna write and I'm gonna get all the heat down text and I you haven't even greater grace. So. It's so I have most recently that. I worked for a furlong time as investigate reporter on television news with that he has each B a few years ago. Left television news and I went back and got a masters and then Imus recently spent a year abroad in Germany as part of the fellowship program. And so I've only been back in the ass for like two months now. Housing adjustment and it's little it's a little strange especially you know you definitely see the cultural differences between and say midwesterners and Dan. And berliners. We are definitely warmer and more top Pataki do a crack at the first week is back I wind on one of the running paths and you know from park and I was shocked how many people like you did not I am a huge amount. And then night now I'm back in a group. It talking to everybody so he's saying you know and so that's a really good thing you know you you go I hope everybody has a chance you know. Think everybody should have the chance to do that you eat is he your your hometown and in different I mean she wanted a lot more. So speaking about travel so we'll get into a little bit later you and Boyce Richardson co host a podcast called Khost was Casey. He looks sad that you're hearing that I Franklin and so hopefully. Let's talk some travel stuck so we're gonna command I he'll be here 1130 we'll spend a couple segments doing some. Some travel stuff to you know help people plan out their fall traveler for next year and some road trip ideas and stuff like that coming up. On that you part of your professional history is that you have covered in the past truck. Couple storms working in Florida. Yeah I spent four years in Florida at wink news and Fort Myers loved floor in beautiful beautiful part of floored and a golf analyst Matt. And I was really lucky I only got one tropical tropical storm but certainly went through all the Pratt Q. I'm covers starve and there's a lot I don't think people realize goes and behind the scenes of the white. What am managers do to make sure that cruiser in safe in the field that they have a plan that they. That they can continue to get coverage and act as your watching the people out there you know it's easy to say on that person's standing in storming joining winds you know but. You know this is the one point I think as a journalist here like. This is why I got into being a journalist to warn people about danger that's coming and and help them you know. Navigate making sure that their families are safe and it's what you. The reason why you become journalists and opinion so compared covering a troubles former are hurt came to covering a tornado which is what we are familiar with around here which I've done a time and a person comes to mind as. Tornadoes are an out. Quickly but what's the preparation difference so I think. From a newsroom aspect do you plan and you are prepared like most journal most journalists here in Kansas City area we'll have a tornado. Pack and their ass that you know bits and things ready to go. And snacks is right that others things flashlights. I am extra we don't know books batteries for there and chargers for their laptops things like you to think all of those things could you're gonna be just like the people who who are out there a year you're not and have power you're not you act via navigate that as well. The difference I would say having covered bout is that. And you get a lot more lead time to planned for a hurricane for sure. And you know you kind of have you have days you see it out and in panic and and the manager start crapping in the like if it does this this is the plan if if it at this this is the plan. You know they start scheduling shift. With a tornado you get. Not a lot of notice in the meteorologists know maybe a couple days and then advanced things may look. Dicey for today that you had to be able are running now and year constantly checking in meteorologist picture everything's eighths up. Yeah we see the images on TV and this is why I was asking Al Jones from Italy China us at what point do you have to evacuate because somebody asks us yesterday and the text line and quite ams I didn't know the answer to us. At what point do you reporters also have to get out. Right and I think it depends on the area and that's why I think. It it's really important with these storms to look at what the local news is coverage they know their area and they know how to say Stacey financed those areas has it covered this for years. For instance will that we knew that there was an a place on the beach weird or two hotels that we can station are light truck in the middle that would be protected. I'm the engineers had investigated that and and and planned that out for us so we knew accrue could be sit safe and that area. But our station was on the river and if there was a huge storm surge and knowing Charlie. Act at one point they had to go to the staff and say you know we have a flood doors open but it's we can't ensure your safety at this point if you want to leave you can't. And I think this says a lot about the journalists nobody laughs you know Ali they thought it was important to stay and continue to report on the storm and make sure that other people knew. I'm because it's it's for the you know. Not just for the people who you know you hear about the people to stay but the people who beat you are trying to get information about is my house okay is it safe to come back. You know what what's going on Aaron and especially in the day now that we can do coverage. Over on mine that gap to watch. We have a lot of people who would watch patent from Ohio or whatever checking on there their loved ones checking on their parents homes. And you know it it it really is. Quite a thing to be part of and it it really makes you feel bad to be a journalist at that point you mention in the off the year about on the preparations for a storm and people needing. Not just the information like hey get out the here's how bright and it's I think that's eat you know you warned people you start if you look at hurricane area. We started raining and specials on how to prepare for the storm what you should do fear that your hurricane shutters things like that we would start running nap before hurricane season starts. And people have relatively planned even Evernote like. A family member gets sick. The week before and your you're wondering what to do -- move them question ago and he just don't know people sit circumstances. I wish there was more attention to how can we help each other out I I'm really inspired by like air Indies saying. Kmart and how people find places to go and you know if your frankness region. Saw University of Tennessee was offering people who are leaving for our tickets for the weekend okay come to Tennessee watch a football game. Get out you know. It's easy to sit there and be like oh this person's an idiot for not leaving by its you know you just don't know other circumstances and there are people yet you know that's as he's he just said there are people who are like pop right out. And just watch the storm I doubt and we see that you're tornadoes unable to lots scene you know stand in there and we tell them on the air to getting your basement no really going your basement and it it always comes down the driveway and saw it literally at my house right. Right I mean it's the same mentality if you're if if you're the person who ran outside to see the tornado hit this right same. It is the same thought process rank. We'll call it's just always interesting to get a little a little inside backer and I can't ask Al who's out in the middle of covering the storm hit what's it like from the storm but it has really interest again at the background right and it's exhausting and mean you're twelve hours on twelve hours off usually sleeping on on a sleeping bag in the station. I am eating you know what ever ready to crash on a raft here yeah. And so you know and you're not just doing it for that day you're doing for the days leading. You know the days leading up and then two days after NASA's this is something this is coverage for weeks on and I think that's the difference between a tornado TU. He may be up one or two in in the cleanup. But this is nightmare. Of coverage interest and. Right well it's great to have you here. Or talk about coming up next the affordable housing plan that's been suggested and city Kansas City and I know that a lot of landlords were outs not being very opinionated. The star had an editorial saying a lot of landlords are complaining about things that maybe they're blowing out of proportion we love to hear from you. 576779. Or 22980. Hobbling through the seventy page draft plan that City Council members are considering now. A five year housing plan that includes more affordable housing in the city 34 midday with Jamie wickets on a beautiful Thursday again I forgot will be out Lee's summit tomorrow for city spotlight from smoke brewing company come say hi what I'll be there to gather and data Purcell joins coming out at 2 o'clock. My different policy diggers and for Mike wicket and Don apartment searches around Kansas City the farm what you found reds to be like in Kansas City. Yeah now. Coming back home and trying to I was like hug him back to Kansas be everything he'll be inexpensive. Really jumped in the last three years at the difference between what I was paying when I lived here in 2012. And now I mean I I was shocked I was shocked how how much they've gone to the point that. Were you like no I'm not gonna live downtown because that's beyond what I'm willing to hang on me possibly but definitely concerning. Should I buy a home because the mortgage would be Langston the grant town should I invest in property. You know what. What's ideal I really thought he'd be able to get something for under a thousand dollars it intensity and I mean the rents are are not that much less than not what I was paying in Washington DC when I was in grad school how. And so with that. I Kansas City officials this week introduced a first ever housing policy I intended to increase the supply of homes and apartments. At all income levels I would be here about it today on Nike and easy but at Kansas star. Howard Adams became a Kansas City landlord while he was still delivery driver rehabbing houses himself and renting them out to provide a retirement income. Most go for 50700 dollars a month he said squarely in the range of what city policy makers would call affordable housing. Big part of this new five year housing plan city officials put out yesterday. He about a dozen property owners who went to City Hall to say that portions of the plan if adopted it would hinder their ability to do business. If we have landlords in the audience I would love to hear from you as we lay out this plan a little bit about what you think about affordable housing in the city. And if your if your landlord in the suburbs also I mean tell us about some of the challenges. That your running in 2576779. Or two to 980. I atoms sad I feel like I have helped improve the lives of many of my tenancy said he had the flexibility to take chances on tenants with sketchy credit. Or work histories because he looked as each applicant has an individual. There's a draft seventy page document now that city officials have introduced with this five year housing plan it includes a variety of things. This had a tough time lately or feeling the need to. Lay out exactly what affordable aids for the city and and Lucas has been pretty pretty vocal on this as wild at that. Affordable. That what they're looking for portables not really affordable right and we need to find out a little better. So some of this draft would include. Banning landlords from turning away prospective tenants if they've been infected more than five years ago or were involved in an eviction lawsuit they want. The draft policy would also bar landlords from discriminating on the basis of an applicant source of income that would include. Housing vouchers or social security and again landlords are saying that if you put this in the place. Rent and security deposits will go out to allow for the extent it cost of removal of a tenant. If they make a bad judgment call based on some of these new guidelines. Advocates for tenants say I got to put those protections in place that's good for any kind of new housing policy. Testimony came after the city staff and briefed the city on the plan which combines long and short term goals. They need to grow the number of rental and owner occupied housing units at all income levels but particularly there seems to be this effort to get more affordable housing and Kansas. I'd be really curious what people think it's affordable housing in Kansas City because one of the numbers anchored thrown around last I was eleven dollars and that's still seems. Rather eat me especially if you like. You know some other as well like. If you're working class and perhaps have a student loan arm and how payment but still seems to me I used to now and you can feel free to Texas if you don't call two to 1980. What in for rent. And where and if you like throwing your income Justin just to get to gauge on. Because I think if you get out of downtown you can find cheaper when I have to northumberland park I'm not suffer from the station. I was in a two bedroom apartment building you know the building was probably put up in the seventies but two bedroom apartment that I was paying 800 a month for. And it was great and it was an and I go downtown a lot but just chose to eleven suburbs because it was cheaper but living in the north plan. Just north the river 12100 for one batter for building its brand new so it varies quite a bit. Rents downtown. 151617100. We'll talk about as the development is ledger apartments on the twentieth and main. Where does more in those could go to 3500 a month. Just. Pay for rent. I mean I guess if you have a business if you're here as a business. A year a year business has relocated due to the area and maybe they're paying eight and spent. When you're at 3500 range that's pretty nice house. That's. What are you making to afford 3500 a month comfortably. For rats and and who would hate that it just it just baffles me. Other and we love you for meant that those of you that our landlords or have property to talk about what some of the challenges are Angela is on the line Angela. So you're your husband owns and rental properties. We do we are now in part bill and a few plaque. There's also in parts of school. A prank so how would you decided what to charge for rent and what you consider to be affordable. We need really that. Sided if you charge for rent based and what's going in the area and the update to the home and the lack. So the home is an older home to better and one app with it and letting. That at 500 dollars a month. Then. And they've all utilities and we've had but then and you reached the eight feet there and we also tore out all the old. Cap iron every development of plumbing. So when you about some of these and and I know that you or units or are part of when you've got some of these tenant protections that the city is looking at laying out and when you look at. Then saying hey we need to be more affordable housing what effect. I think that they do need more affordable housing there are a lot of people that are priced out even and part now. People have a hard time paying the higher rent and that there needs to be and he should be. Different. Rental. Option per month for you have to go lower on the middle and then the higher. So you as a property owner are you willing to you know it is that attractive for a landlord you. All those properties where you make endless rants. I'm confident because. That's the part of our long term retirement plan. Sounds though. But it depends it depends on if it as a landlord that needs that money isn't an average which we doll where we're looking at it. And more a long term. I don't want aren't they. I'm curious because I've never I've never owned property rented it out like what is it like taking on the risk of like deciding who you're pretty grand too and making sure that they take care of the property that you don't get at rancher. And I'm wondering when you look at these you know are there any red flags or concerns you have as a landlord making sure that that you're protecting yourself from bad printers while. Well we haven't had the bad sports and having a batter and her the rent that we had our moment our bill. Is a friend of mine and she's extremely reliable. The other enters the errant argue lack. We bought the lot and that authorities there and there's never a problem. We have an imminent deal at that yet although I do I and that I know people who. Are telling my husband and I well if you ever get an opening Latino. While a crack. Opening slot for the perspective Angela and it's really interesting Andrew is on the line and are you own property in Belton. I have six mobile homes belt that he now and then we also have two property and not downtown in the city and that. That we ran out also. And prematurely is now the trend starting go up or actually having a harder time finding reliable and it. Because because you know just because you have low income doesn't mean your unreliable. And so it's hard bound you know I'll keep keep. I meet people I think everyone does scared. They automatically had been you know because everyone now is Bret you know is that 11100 books that are didn't do so people would he want come look at our you know we advertise 80900 dollar mark. Like I could see that that you're looking through it in your like is this scam is this really it but the prices Saturday and it. And of course you know this being a small business you know of course is always emirates so have at bat and it is expected and partly. My family we've been running for eighteen years than yeah we have a life or by people like completely destroyed our prop beat me I think you know go back and fix some. By you know it's giving people an opportunity and we ran out on the board it's like. They pay on time there export and their clean later you know made a mistake 120 year goal. And you know why should spending thirty or forty BB now. Limited to where they can live. So perplexed since you mentioned that and I know do your part resigned Casey now by a couple of things that they're putting and if this were passed. The city would ban on the city would not let landlords band prospective tenants if they've been infected more than five years ago. And landlords wouldn't be allowed to discriminate on the basis of the source of income with that problem problematic for you. It would but it would. They all really just depends what location read BN. Because like that we have people that we ran out to that. Only show enough income per like fifteen 2000 dollars a month and our rent alone you know is much more than that. By the one note that you people that have lower income you know. And on time so really what it comes down is like who is the person how to act and and you know. Income really at this point doesn't matter just the relationship but what the person and seeing who they are because. I mean I'll say you know because he's given of people chanted their super thankful we've created such a great relationship with people. And it's interesting you standard things lock the call because from the tax line we got ITC 980. As a landlord I don't wanna rent at a price point below 12100 dollars because of the tendency for problems with tenants. Which to me says the opposite of the experience that he's right spell you know if you are. You know they always tell you when your looking through Craig's Aniston and things like that you see the rent that is dramatically lower than it's probably yes I am. You know so I think that. In in the minds of enters they certainly got through that on the flip side you do have time it's our landlords who think I've got a cent at this point site featuring a certain. Income level on my ability. It's time for five we'll continue our conversation about affordable housing coming up LaMont handling of the first got out of the gate at 1045 earned came easy to Munich and 91 K and easy policy yours and from my quicken returns tomorrow. Affordable housing and if you can read her or if you own property your landlord we would love to hear from you as Kansas City City Council members for the first time. Have proposed a sweeping five year housing plan and part of this is. We shortage of affordable housing in Kansas City and we have rents that I I ask who can afford that but somebody. Is there wouldn't be charging upwards of 3500 dollars a month for apartments which boggles my mind. So we're taking your calls about some of the tenants rights that would be protected but what you think about her lack of affordable housing. In Kansas City LaMont hung on the line through the break month. Hey so and used on a three run so. How I charge like eight bit being. In an interview set to restore with the basement and everything in you know it's actually it's gone pretty good. So why had you on the rental property before. Note or or. OK so I've done once. I had a house that I rented out for awhile and I'm glad I've had the experience but I don't know that I would do it again. What risky take nominee do something like that. I'll have to really even elect Barack can call anything that goes wrong a slumping the issue I didn't know and that's why I got out of it it was. It would. Go to or not and little extra ink a money you know at the end and let you know I have the habit are to either alt. And any issues not what we've got to know. It's not just that a lot audit mate they know it's in any issues you take. I think a lot of people forget about that that part series here at the back in college somewhere else is relying on you to make sure that their property functions correctly from what you think of of of these the new rules that led. And these that put some restrictions on who you decide to rent to fair or not there. Oh include deeply and it is slow that's another thing that party got Betty these you know future and it's you know. Ever would have the good story had a happy and they fill out that a question there that you're on the credit everything you know people left crushed them all credit that you. Yeah yeah I think all of that they built a Kate you know it's hard that whole bidding process. Yeah thanks a lot for the column increase. Thank you I didn't mean to laugh to Scotland Yard thank you got your swing. Have a good day. So. Being that you're here. And to detect it earlier so I don't play nice today. There and be your new if you like Ted you know spew your whatever but at its pleasure as and I and I can break. Everybody's been nice today and his picture here. I'm so a couple of attacks on the tax line about. Affordable housing and about whether we should have it on and just went treatment is a little bit. I just for the break for housing is a nice idea but not well thought out. Landlords will still have to pay the same amount in property taxes insurance and basic upkeep. Take their profit away and you'll see fewer people willing to rent out their properties plus there's less available house. Yes some made that point earlier that that wouldn't the market just kind of wouldn't market demand just kind of play out that if you've got rents that are too high. That no one is renting would that be an indicator team that there's not people can pay. And that was struck me about it. Maybe it's also as if in Kansas city's growth in Kansas City what's happening in the city fueled by that this is a different city as ten years ago and there certainly are more people coming here and there is that demand maybe it is these are the growing pains so. Is this the discussion we need one harper Kansas City now and how much responsibility should be on the city. To give the incentives for the affordable housing. Because I think policy can't afford to live downtown can't afford to live downtown and landlords if they can get 2000 dollars a month for their property. Why shouldn't they be able to go ahead and you know I mean that. That sings if you wanna live and that was really nice places which can afford to but I think if you've got to please feel like is just like house. You don't even get 400 grand for your house and the market will take that great and if your house were sulfur that that you'll sell for a fork. It would be great to see it diversity of its test it. You have to be the house it be nice for just for the diversity of people I just to get the mix of people and to be able to offer what we have downtown to a variety of people would be really nice. I'm an estimate your tax again it's renowned as the the proper we have some big accidents on I mean property manager and Dalton. And I have fifty duplex Andrew the other about owner with six mobile homes is correct. It's not usually a matter. It prospects history it's got to imagine it's not just enough about what you see on paper but you gotta check the story. You gotta find qualified applicants that it's not as easy as it sounds just pick out the qualified people on and it's interesting too we talked before about. Those that have done time in now and Allen's having a difficult time because you check that box on the application and whether they can whether they would be good renters or not. It's not easy to find people that are gonna treat your property while sound on so again. City officials this was yesterday that the introduced this five year housing plan at seventy pages long and includes. Enhancing tenants rights so that you can not landlords cannot am prospective tenants if they were evicted more than five years ago. And landlords would be banned from discriminating on the basis of your source of income amongst. Other things to watch and see where this goes. I totally switching gears here and the American royal kicks off the World Series of barbecue is getting underway. Charlie teacher who is chairman of the board. Of the American royals this issue will be coming in studio here after 11 o'clock to talk a little bit more about that. And a little later you have to think about this. You're hosting your podcast puzzles Casey was Richardson's going to be your after eleven.