Midday with J&W: Do you let other people discipline your kids?

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Friday, March 9th

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You got 56 minutes of text in the keyword cash texted to 72881. Coach CA CH coats texted in the seventy. There is a report out there are quick impose about some breaking news and the supreme court's. According to Nevada senator Dean Heller who is speaking at a recent event in Las Vegas. You Republican senator says that justice Anthony Kennedy. Is going to retire next summer. He said quote Kennedy's going to retire around sometime early summer now Kennedy has not commented on this no one has either. He was appointed. By President Reagan back in the 1980s. He's not. Eight staunch conservative though reports if you know anything about this particular Supreme Court justice he's often in the middle. His judicial philosophy is placed him in the middle on the court and many important issues gives it giving him. An incredibly powerful position in the political life of the country he is 81 years old. And I think one of the reasons that this particular senator would make that claim. Is let's say you were motivated. To vote but the only reason you were voting in one person said it was Supreme Court justices. And obviously if you know. If he does retire and it's a blue congress. Not gonna be really easy for president trump to get a conservative judge on the bench. So this would motivate the base there in Nevada in his state or honestly this guy's really vulnerable. And Hillary Clinton won Nevada. Senate confirms. Supreme Court nominees of threats that confirms so yeah eyewitness yes you know in advance of midterm elections. On man watch the last. Diller so much about. This thirty app well everything is our happened on the west where did it click here there is that idea that. If you. Suspect that you might have a Supreme Court justice whom might be. Not in the best physical condition or maybe it is yeah now he's 81 NN maybe at that point where they would be stepping down at some point. Never lets your benefit to have that person resign under a the party that you want as president union Allen and sell. On so you want Anders I'm like you're in office but also having majority in the senate so you can easily confirm whichever nominee and some out with midterm elections coming up and frankly. With so many Republican lawmakers announcing bear retiring this year. Odd that could shift the balance of power a little bit. Conversations are not an unseen. Short on this might not even beach right they could just be away to try to get people to go to the polls and vote Republican. Just by saying it right and right price it's entirely possible on I just remember when we talked about before president was elected we asked everybody. You know what's that what's the deal breaker shirt with you number and saying yeah people largely sad Supreme Court I don't I port just I may not like trump but I do want a conservative judge to be nominated right and it was Neil gore such right and so. And so that's start is by having a party won the White House and then. Hassles. So it'll be interesting only Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Who is 82 is older than a Justice Kennedy and she doesn't sign. And we'll see it's light. You'll take it out of my cold dead hands it. It will not. I die on the dance yeah you'll never get hot this balanced. Or at least she wants to wait as I think she's basically sell Ali would trump is gone it's or something along those lines all our. She's in now on on the left Tibetans albeit. That's a nice way of putting it and and they think that many of those and Ginsburg makes me look conservative. And it is still smoking you know she she spoke at a women's issues and and all kinds of things that she's she's not the Supreme Court justices that we are. We hear from her yeah respect. Odds of a FaceBook page you can read about it again nothing confirmed but a Republican senator says what do these Supreme Court justices. I Justice Kennedy will be retiring this summer so. Things like now where. And frankly that the space while ago but where a lot of my friends and it's. And on them and the friends of mine have kids and I'm pretty close to those friends. But even despite act I think I would feel strange. About disciplining. They're shall. Unless. I was two babies at an even I was babysitting which I'm Don and and and happily do. I think one a lot of direction about what is important. And maybe it's the teacher but I want to know how do you discipline. What are you take seriously what you blow lot you know what you what's your what your all's. And saying but on this piece of Amazon.com. And I like it and we love to hear what you think about those 57677921890s. Era because the type of this is. Why I have the right to new York and we love saying just because we are not parents just say that a so posted by Angela and I asked. Pops her pop sugar originally and it isn't so here's she mom. And she gets into starts in my kids and I were a plea date at someone else's house. The mom's kitchen with war mugs of coffee between her hands while kids were running around the room. We see and can most definitely hear them playing together as we sector copies giggles squeals and kept getting louder and louder. And my daughter was the August what's she's. That kids are playing tag it didn't take long here please likes. To. The united our team as good about things she said I'm okay with other adults saying something if it decently kind manner and are actually trying to teach my kids. Set us moms could not so are copied shared and conversation without being interrupted every few minutes. We tried to stop kids from playing to rough it worked for awhile that tactic. Then moms did not. Knelt down to my daughter and gently said Sarah you really need to stop being so rough with Jack he's much smaller that you. If you can't have to stop playing the game. My heart sank well not only was I'm paying close enough attention to my daughter's behavior. On someone else stepped in right in front of me. But I was were my doctor would react to someone else disciplining. She immediately looked at me and I nodded in agreement with the other mother and I smile now that everything was OK and yes. She needs to listen to other adults and not just her parents and she says it my different screen that election my daughter. First it's normal for your protective mama bear and execute again. But it might as behaving badly or doing something wrong and someone else does something. It is my daughter's behavior that is still the issue not who said something to her about own. John I'm okay with other adults saying something. If they do Sony kind manner are actually trying to teach my kids something. Just I feel I have the right to discipline other people's children in certain situations. For example the other mother was trying to step on my toes parenting department she was simply trying to play date back on track and she. She that goes on for quite awhile and she's a note at does play other people's kids is not some shrapnel all the time. Certain situations duke all four. On so think about that in your situation disciplining. Someone else's it's on. And I think we're kind of talking about two different things if it's within your friend you know if it's. Especially if there are no adults around that that's probably more acceptable if you know your kids' friends are over and you know of course I think pat and pixel more okay. But a parent is there. Or what if you don't have kids but you're still thinking again situations that I women in now I have babies at my friends and in an adult day. Trust and probably see is or what up to two Euro or five cents accents and. Do you have the right. The discipline somebody else's kid and vice Versa to others have the right. The discipline your kids 5767798. Aaron you're going to be fairly profitable it's everybody coming up next in two discipline somebody else's kids 576779. Nader text and a two to 900. Yeah we got this out of and a sand is a woman who wrote a piece called why I have the right to discipline your kid on what she really means is. You have the right to discipline my kids as long as you are doing it in a kind way as long as you were doing it to teach my child something and she cites an example where. I heard it was kind of one causing the trouble and she didn't get to it quickly enough or has quickly is another bomb. And another mom handled it and and was kind about it and she liked how that was handled in this kind of upset but then sad. You don't let you know my children know to respect authority and is one major being. You know sort of like I would handle that I think it's up. The right to the phones 5767798. Airing in Kansas City on KM BZ what you think Aaron. There are going. To break her grade children and root. In today's society. In Margaret cook for him if you're Pulitzer. Either you're human. You know someone kidnapped here. Your locker room yet and they were intentional when they react and better catch up I mean either grab. Talked to or on the wrong you're gonna get national editor. Lou yeah we see him and looked out for it. Now even more now I've got a year old little I don't know are in their kids act in you know not playing or right being mean to each other. If somebody don't think I'm going. And even if at all he would you know get bully. You know opposite worst are you know in that just my feeling on it is. It takes a village. Q is it a little yeah a lot kid you don't have a. Thanks for the vocal man we appreciate it I kind of like that if the kid doesn't have would save dad's not around her mom's not around for whatever reason. You know. It it seems like it would be very tough to raise a child as a single parent and to have the assistance of of our friends and neighbors and your group. Would would be key by 767798. Mike and independents are next up on a 91 KMB easy glad might. And yet it and I don't mean exactly like that I'd been in the eye and I can tell you that you had been out and you may have been a banquet they let me argue that. The match you're up ten men. No direct it that you met a unit which you that when you're. When you're. Picture the epic that glee to. Take out their labor I'll bet we're pretty. I mean come on a bit. And I really yummy and and these and screaming and that the court and beat one of the ballot yeah you know you and I argued that figure out. DRU is getting a confrontation with that parent that two different dealing with a stranger's child especially the parents are right there I don't. A lot of parents would tell you it's my job to parent not yours. I and that's just landed him at diplomat we what you're doing. And may have realized that I am. IQ it looked grew at that. And don't let the guys. And you very much appreciate it 5767798. That it was a blind for you I too. I can't even say some things that some people are saying about this on in terms of the terms that are being used a lot of people are saying you don't discipline my kid. Really you do not discipline my cat Shane on writes on her FaceBook page if you say something to my child because they were misbehaving that's understandable. You touch my child and you don't get to walk again. Agree that I totally agree with perhaps we should be clear about what we mean by discipline who. I think this one in the wrote this piece when she said discipline I think she meant. Not physical discipline as an my kids be a brat. I didn't get too fast enough you feel free to handle it. But yeah I mean you touch my kid I get that I would totally get. Don writes on her FaceBook page sometimes my kid listens better to other people than she does to me if you trust the person handling the situation or handing out the discipline Aysu going to be. React to decide if if you grocery store let's. And I got two kids with you know and and that I can that is as. That situation that we all we've all witnessed that in all my own personal hell you've kind of described we I feel bad for that here. You know I see that NIC kids are acting up but I know that on either. Which would you go to east to the children of a stranger kids you don't know if there acting up and somehow. Does act and an awkward and discipline but somehow try to diffuse that situation. And somebody else to that universe restore 576779. Or back to oppose data in Kansas City you're on a MB easy. Ideally think about disciplining somebody else's children. My dad. They care provider and or years and I have aid group now at all. That grew up with my children. And they're all very tight knit and link any day I say that it takes at the early. I agreement that because when you come to this group that gene. Young adults now have and now we trapped on a nap there. Other economy Grammy and it's weird one that is a lie on our parent to see it does YE. About saint something but they don't do it in that you literally way that child or. Parents. And certainly the clay ground. My kids on the ill let you don't pick brought up a charter flights. But there's some kids that. Just that throughout the majority of her kids. And it like kicking in and the carrot that whole thing. I lit. Mary. Away it just it has to be done at a very respectful way and and it went all right great hunger and. Thank you for your focal Dana we appreciate it let's talk to Heather in Kansas City on KM BZ. Your had your kids disciplined Heather. I have I've been a Wal-Mart I harmony Errol turning that thought is making it just acting out and being total. Well flattened. I was attendance to meet you start talking to him like that apple acting. It was like I say that person company about what time this Carol also. And I couldn't do it helps sort and read Kayla my heart and it's just today that works. There were running my explorer and appears in thing eating an answer by. I got on the public not not that the business and apparently you like they were at a person that's like no. UK Italy you know not going to be there might startle or not and explore. Good for you that there epic for the phone call we appreciate it let's talk Alex in Kansas City Alex are on 91 KM BZ. You wanna call and lobby at the show. Calling on the teacher like it was all our home. Somebody lines aren't if I want. I. While it. The caller that just called and while I'm an historic he has single parent with kids that are. Acting out. Yeah I was one who encouraged. That Perry and almost as much as. Try to Alter the big kid behavior and so what I would like to outline. I indicated look how much torture parents dealing. And they're working really hard for you you know I judge what did you think about that sometimes need a little kid. If they think it changes their perspective the war in Iraq situation and they realize that. Other people around the sides that parent that was pigeon problem actually noticed them as well as an acting talent in the world power merchant that it. I like that and your you're making me think about a couple stories that we've hold about what has happened on airplanes when babies are crying or weighing kids are acting home and some of the best stories abandon and I can picture the photo in my head of the mom that was really struggling with the baby was really you know be in squirming in and been upset. And the older one and that was seated next who're just took the baby for a lot to offer you know in a really helpful to the parent way he can extract him for a little bit. Sometimes that end you're making me think that that like something else in the situation that may be would distract Tenet. Hakim a 91 KM BZ was up my team. Yelled can you tell me. Well. This story out cute I. Thought it. And pull it might actually play and it's located at certainty. That you know why you let it distract in any database where the English all. The search and content. No beach peaches bit. Yeah it will be too little but oh okay all the help out how awful it. Or people in the back of great article say equal like. The net. That don't change. My audio K. Let them know that. Rick Perry doesn't beat you. I know pretty that it is off when somebody else. Is slightly opened up in Iraq ultimately. Feel like out. Actually didn't arms RD. Army did BJ. Absolutely acting thinks the problem and a good weekend too don't forget about a keyword cash text in got about twenty minutes we've had new word Q what a thousand bucks text it to seven to 81. The dark and what is the world notes at ACH. Coach we'll get your word for took. Their new rankings out for the drunk is states in America. Excessive drinking can lead to a variety of health problems we want of course preface this. Are they have a claims 90000 lives a year according to the CDC excessive alcohol consumption. Includes binge drinking. And heavy drinking binge drinking is to find his four or more drinks in a single occasion for women. Five or more for men and heavy drinking is defined it as at least eight drinks per week for women and fifteen for men but wait for an hour per week. Well what about right forgery and a single okay April or or eight for you per week. Does this occasion I mean some slow drinker boom and so does that I can have four drinks over the course of a night but that's. One an hour that on occasion I guess I guess. Yeah. Whatever you and I guess I mean I'm and it is so such a big difference for men and women. The I mean eight for you had sixteen for me gas and I and act like I'll have fifteen drinks in a week and I you know I can handle my liquor sometime. Some not an eye on us now. This offense or drinking and nationwide. 18%. Of American adults drink in excess amount of alcohol I would have that it was a ton higher at the restaurant line. Us up. About how it later like how many drinks given week. On you know merger until the last lately because of land were cut back a little bit just to try to feel healthier but we. How many in a week. On I mean we. I guess we probably drink four days a week Saturday Sunday and a cut and Friday and probably wondered catering to 92 to three per night when we get. We try not to drink on Sunday that's just on the seventh day he rested. It we owe it Esther is under GAAP Friday Saturday Miller to Leonard is Travis. I'm majoring in all we care what. Kara Kara tried radio show there and I know it's. You're king of the news queen of the newsroom and everything we're trying to talk to Travis here we need a black guy's perspective. Millennial on drinks but yeah is it somebody drinks the other week. Mum. More than 150. Wait maybe no yeah yeah yeah yeah now I can try and trying to. Maybe if you double. Drinks as like a whiskey drink. So let's say if I have like three Beers doing double my whiskey drink. The alcohol content now. In Boca de. The number after August what you over. It puts the older over fifty category yes. Images tonight I'll probably have 45 Beers. Whatever identity had no idea but 18%. Of American adults drink in excess amount of alcohol. Think that's low item to I think now they can differentiate between those that. Are drunk five nights a week hammered is one thing and the one and the people like us them that pace a little bit. You know and and maybe get tipsy but aren't you know dysfunctional. Well via the study is out they have out of adults drinking excessively alcohol related deaths adults in fair or help me drunk is metro area in each state. Would you like to guests at the drunken state in the union. It is not actually. It's been Wisconsin which may be very proud for a long time but it is now North Dakota. North Dakota where 24%. 24 point 7% of adults drink excessively. They have 46%. The highest alcohol related death percentage. And 13% of people in a North Dakota are and a poor health. And a surprise Fargo is the drunk just metro area number two is Wisconsin number three is Alaska or Montana five you'll know why eight. All the old states by the way all cold weather states and getting hammered Eddie guess what the most sober state it is. This answer will rise it is not Utah as a matter. It would have been my guests. That was number one game in house our broad I was on a taxer. It was the answer. Rhode Island now. Odyssey. Tennessee. Very close to. Country who'd done. Only 11% of people reported in Tennessee eleven point two drink excessively. Binge or heavy drinking is less of a problem there than any other state it's not a rarity is 1%. Drink excessively. I excessive drinking can lead to a myriad of problems obviously Tennessee at the highest premature death rates eased but. Kansas and Missouri any guests write them all you have pretty much an 1000. It's not super exciting and I usually expert on staff. The fun stuff Kansas 32. And misery hired 26. Record like smack in the middle yeah Missouri. Seventeen point 7% of missourians drink to excess just below the national average. 31% alcohol related deaths. 16%. Of people are in fair or poor health. You know the drunk just metro area in all of Missouri. It is not as it is not canes cooler it is Columbia. It is the college. The call ends. Kansas by the way warrants. Is that drop as it is college exactly so there you go up this up on Twitter view follows a KM BZ radio so you can take a look and be proud or ashamed of where Missouri or Kansas or Revver your home state maybe. Right in the. Saturday to this weekend speaking of being drunk I will be there. I snakes Aric you explain to me this is like this is the Kansas City thing I had never heard of this thing I cannot explain it here IE I'd I don't. Because when I could think of snakes Saturday I think of. People bringing snakes no it's not all it's tied to saint Patrick Stan that's why is the Saturday before saint Patrick's now okay it's like the proposed the Saint Patrick's Day light. Like the preview of I may or may not have marched in the snake Saturday parade in the north land in my green. File more suits are like a snake around. Now all. We find that their history on this I'm trying to like computers being really really slow us Travis looked this up but he knows the history of snake Saturday 5767798. We are horrible because our radio station has done stories on less than these are all real thing Cunningham is quite the irishman and and stories have been done Jim does love him I mean we have Cunningham and Grady who loves. Then some snakes Saturday delicate. So in flashbacks because I remember. Watched that happening I'm. Going to that snakes Saturday for a reason or is because. Well I did that Friday night but I. Often couched. How. Do. You must add a couple of drinks then it may. And is not like. And probably now but it does seem like a better idea it just went back out we just state drinking all. There's at least it drinking 'til 3:4 o'clock in the morning at seven. On its appetite sleep in the next morning the reason that everybody kind of got Ellen was because you guys had ago it was raining it was multiple theories that it was cold do you is the. Is also one in. Although parade who did it does at all but that's aimed at you when gas went ignored as wanna make sure. I'd be busy day tomorrow at six. Could Warren okay it. I want this this makes it and he's able. Yeah. Everybody. To hear he don't Jake knows what snake Saturday is to people would just come from. Or historic and Patrick that he drove it out of our. The order event. And I. Great. Well you you totally cut out so ready to start over. Our authorities. Or commemorate their dodger driving snakes out of Ireland. Let me. Four doubtful. About. OK so this is to celebrate that with and have its own special day as opposed to waiting for Saint Patrick's Day. I. A lot of people people are saying that people are going into his great detail as you did a lot of people are saying drive these snakes or some people's heads tax. Out of their PC if you think it drove the snakes out sort of get that done let's go to Joseph in Kansas City Jodie you know what snake Saturday stands for working from. If I. Do like. Surely Michael and Michael Wednesday. Actually cure Greg secure. The old with that marriage is sure it also about. Yeah I agree you're out there back in from that cute they're getting that that should sort of the art sure they. Well. If you if you aren't all the Bible level so that they Wear it since at least seven. Or there is the sort of day. I just choose not to drink on Sundays gel it's only it's the to not be over run is exactly BP thing over the phone call me a good weekend. Here's what I got out of a brighter day should get a better sense nothing. I got I I I got the history. What are we don't months on this weekend. Parades so Ray Kelly snakes averages to re entering the port Saint Patrick's Day which is another business and you've got green beer so be so come over my apartment we're doing a snake Saturday breakfast at 9 AM. And then heading up to the north plant in a new. And then we're going to hang out on the streets in consume to you know it just occurred in one that is different this year than last year for six. Yeah you do either fine hours for. So I'm sure. There are. From channel 41 legend has it does seem Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland many centuries ago the last third of a century or so the saint Patrick. Seed Patrick has been helping drive the ball and read through North Kansas City. I don't have a clue what it means the carnival starts mere eighteen that Powell filed last time 11 AM. If I'm anywhere get out of dodge got out of there by. Get ahead age gap and don't expect to make it back home until later in the after him yeah I mean. It's fun I'd had it that if you like drinking outside and you are big Finnessey Patrick's day sweltering. In the morning I believe it is chants. Could be sense of wicket is a snake seeing. A day like that. Start Scott I. Is a snake. L talking about our personal right up my personal problems the tax lined. Out and today all right texting your personal problems 22980. It's twenty to 980 can also call it. 57677. 980 yeah. Tylenol. What's up he came back. You know each day to. It's sad that this is. Leaning they. My day. Did you get back. You can. I am a man as I clean up my. V news. It's my duty. I'm saying you need me. And after a day. So we just sat on the sex line that this snake Saturday is drying. Your life for our problem thank Anders Hansen snipers. Kansas while the tax line is my first world problem that I'd look patrols and social media trolls got to meet today that's my first. I should let them but they just. Text him into two nannies are what are your first world problems. My personal problem is. I don't know if I'm going to be able to go to big twelve tonight to go watch KUNK state I haven't been invited by anyone who has free tickets for me it it kept up. Actions go this week the last two nights to restrict I don't know and I DC's. Front line. And he gave me two tickets for yesterday down low and any enemies six more he said cell with you can the problem was KUNK stated already played in the second session yesterday. So the night games. Those tickets or three bucks on stub out when nobody was trying to buy Texas Tech and Texas in the Baylor West Virginia take it again been called. Travis you don't come downtown man I would came for that US spoke out knowing to never been to a big target. You rational thought of you but I don't have that on aerial but it now all I my personal problem as you. Well. I can every time I tried to invite you get anything you give me the I'll be there and don't show. Except NASCAR. Except the Kansas Speedway. Yemeni to major budget and I. I'm. Everything's fine. Like this like it takes to mid. It took us out a I am and state and Johnnie Walker ran. Let's see drink drink at a record. The better care. About people's choices on the Johnnie Walker red cost. Not much probably. How much is it Costner. And you like I'll look for this my personal problem that I got four weeks vacation this year I don't know what to do with the fourth week if you suggestions let me know. It when he boxed. Often a road trip to the Grand Canyon today don't have enough room in the cooler for all my beer and on launch of travel plank. I'd go directly to an airline's website to buy a cheap ticket because the three travel sites I tried to force that they were sold out the that was Smart that you knew to go to the earliest. Double Jack yeah. My this year in my truck is either full blast or nothing. Nice if if if not buying concert tickets and cell phone and data. Who owns a date deal the deal that I do at six. Gags a while on his mind. Is here that's as it ends slowdown. Or stop like I sell well we'll it will do is to start charging me. An astronomical amount of money over the sick scared and the only time I've ever gone over that was when. Somehow I turn the wipe out my phone and was watching Netflix on my phone for hours. And then realized it later. And brand almost out of date at that point. Some of my wife with and we of an unlimited plan right now. But somehow my wife. Went through. A ten gig plan. Before we switched over to spring I like. I was like what you do simply doing she does. 90% of your time is spent at the building. At the apartment or near the building what are you doing with all of your data. Personal problem is whoever sings your theme song sounds just as bad as Fergie singing the National Anthem. That's my wife's. That is my life job but he. He may be listening right now that are gonna win Iowa I wouldn't yeah probably nine and text him into 2980. Spring break starts today and I've no link to travel. The girls on spring I'm kids' spring break our. College feels currently found in our next week. All April 1 is Easter this year. So easily coincides kids actually coincides with the Easter. But Dana right. Who flew to Mexico today riddled picture from me from Casey I am very convenient airport with lines out the wide zoom as spring breakers. And if you assume you're just going to be an earth no problem you know last time. Some said I have unlimited talk and text and data I don't know how to use at all. You can use it don't ever use it you don't use it ball. If you have unlimited yeah that's how this works. Possibly. Oh. Yeah personal problem it's too nice to be working outside and four is it too nice to be working it looks it looks great as a as a matter of fact exceed. My personal problems the people who live upstairs apartment complex their dead as two decree is that number. It that a half ago that coincides with what you were saying earlier about the neighbors ups and I also sexy neighbors downstairs. Those are loud neighbors those are good to be downstairs from you about the yeah I mean pretty is that you can't field. Walls. It's in. Men. During the course of the bends out of Mercedes I don't believe you whenever I'm not believing that and yeah that's a fake you know have a Porsche or bends. That the attendance. It can't decide between Mexico or fake patty's day for vacation pay. These days in Manhattan right I don't even now the vets like their man and is that what they passed de Mexico. With your choices are Manhattan Kansas exit or Mexico. I don't get the users in the U. I never met a man that you go there's a beach Mexico as speeches at the end of forbid the Manhattan but a little bit I'd prefer Mexico. In Manhattan has the department lieutenant and it's very true. The person. Congratulations here. Angry. Angry people. All it is but. This year and there it works at least guys Hillary. And I'm out. It. They are going to be constantly. Idea. So they likely didn't like AOL is likely somebody citizen Mexico Missouri that a thing. Mexico Missouri. There's a Mexico loser city that's the thing. It. Where is Mexico over my Columbia. Believe resources Manhattan or Mexico I'd say stay in Kansas that he hit a related. All right everybody's safe you're gonna go Tuesday to Saturday they're gonna drink don't drive in over. And I'll say hello to you if you walked by me it's a play in the green monster roster and no again now. You need varies by the I wore that more suit through the parade a couple years ago and I think they're scared a lot of children that would run up to them on either side. Yeah. Up a.