Midday with J&W: Do you know your neighbors? Any fights with them?

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Friday, March 9th

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Happy Friday so everybody bowl first accident I'm gonna say happy long day but I. It here in the last five minutes does not indicated any way. Happy Friday. Why do you know what I did you know it's just did not I did I. I'd kind of like 2 o'clock in knocked at your fasten your bike Nat Turner is here does not mean it wrong I I don't. It just tell us maybe trolls are winning. It had a winning today on today's Friday should be a really good move out then we I think it's I have gotten to me that's. He's. And are still not horrible now just because they got doesn't I'll write their. We out and there's just so like I I checked KM BZ FaceBook page. Here's here's happens and it and so time a word by the way it if you're word of the day so. Yeah. The time he says to me in the morning to tell you about something in the park. I tell you story. Short something. It at bats I've won. It is that it's always good that the last two have been horrible that's happened for the last hour and a half yeah it's one. Reason that after another. Well. I've I've stayed imply before. A week after about forty minutes away. A week after an explosive device was found on the tourist ferry in the area. At a big deal such a big deal right that's tourist areas I believe state park for the big cleared our told State Department personnel. Something not to be there yeah. There was an emergency message posted the embassy's website. That it received information about security threaten planned apartment. And ironically our very own Dana right is currently in Mexico. As Jack flew out this morning or last night I whatever morning. I text and I had not seen that during the day and nice I Tex for 8 o'clock last night is that hey just making sure you sagas where you're headed out she said there miles away from the air they register with all the appropriate people I'm sure shall be fine. It's issue organs are. You know public it is safe. At first base it on FaceBook. Is from a guy named speed. Hope she's taken hostage by some left wing radical drug RL. It. Yes BM writes the afternoon show will now be 50% more enjoyable. It. And some of the lowest of below. Pictures. I'd like you can be attacks warrior ride at its anonymous but it's unfazed by Shia costs. I hope she's safe I hope she comes back and and and she's safe and and later on. We're gonna get to. Trust when it is up. Giving you talk to you mean he sent me did you see the comments about Barack Obama's story. Notre I didn't see the comments about the Morocco story yet we'll. Go go preview. When the KM BZ FaceBook page also by the way you can see the video the airline with a full escort for the fallen officer who died in Clinton. Can't imagine the comments here come from that he'll. Here is the cash that's all I'm in universe cares you only 51 more DM minutes to tell you worded what is the keyword cash it is table Travis TA BC's. Number I should get more stark response than I think. Is what it's going to. Is it. It's dark you fright is that was no good Buddha. A different term part I'd say. I welcome an excellent move and amateurs wells at exit the seventy to eighty lines spell the word again for TA BO EU bodies that were able okay seven to the line and missed. Lebanon are yet so. And statements that are is already sergeant activists yet this is by I don't give a rat's behind kind of pose. Adds a great tournament so there's and I mean it's right yeah it's. Right it's hard not to have some hope on. On a Friday morning. A good job of trying to squash that right now. Out balance. Or mr. you know but he's a giant everything's okay Donald and adapt it. Liberals on the beat Wear your hat happens to be so into you. Protect you from the text files yeah yeah use half and that's. I just don't pay attention to a is that some of the weakest people number it's the most horrible thing ever and treat those low grade. And I'd like to clarify or disagree with topics on this program when appropriate without being threatened in or any racial slur problem. Yeah. You probably about that. On every year or will pollen and pay for your airline tickets if you both well now I'd love to go to Mexico. Yeah do that be great I'm going to happen next week late Thursday night can't get here quick enough or go to an open next week for four days. Now for next pay. Have you ever heard of him for his whip first rolled Friday coming up right at 145. Or did you ever run 4140 pocket you're not forget. The mean this is one of the great first rural problems this is a great Johnson County problem it's very white suburban it's. I'm on Twitter I am white people problems it's it's the greatest. Measuring contests in the world have any idea at that mission and Overland Park which is the heart of old money Roland park this like. We do stories all the time of people who were struggling we talk about people who were on a a need for food their children have to have food for whatever reason in and now stories like there's no power on the east co host 'cause of a bomb cyclone that just happy we've got school shootings like real problems. And then there's this story which were gonna get to coming up next yes totaled Johnson County problems. And with that feel free throws up on FaceBook while will take your calls that your tax about the fights you've had with neighbors yes and we've talked about as before it's fascinating not like this on. This as heady and as. It. It's it's this is as Johnson County is a problem cats and it was Dana wasn't in Mexico we call her get her take on this was. It. She's in Johnson County is in Johnson county and a JD's. As the poster child for Johnson County. Yes I mean honest yeah there's a bit unabashed female liberal. Yeah out money just like if this is the work problem you have. You're yeah you know it's like about a coming up next here it's why goal is powered light table TA ELE table. Is the keyword cash texted and 781. For your chance to 1000 dollars. If even the beginning of the show on. I don't I don't exactly know what happened. Doesn't really matter because on the team I. Today just crabby and Friday man how did it. It doesn't happen very off in fact I am rarely and I don't know what's going on but. I mean. I would big twelve last night I saw the second half of the today. I had some Beers and there was some friends it was an sweep last night at a time. Woke up this morning a little slow. But she eyes the trolls that you win today trolls. Trolls that got to me and I'm not even opening of the text what I I wouldn't I'm gonna drama and comedy my best not to open it's actually until virtual Friday 140. I pass on. Happening a a a good. Or not people are going overboard to be more. He. Hurt. All of you trap. You and its excellent tips. America idea wickets you know my day to validate what he's feeling because you own account where do you work. He won why he's feeling this way thank you just. Is to get via yeah it's a different. Region that. Of need to. I would love pizza I am sure somebody offered to fly me to Mexico I'd love to do that we have had teams that are on your behalf I guess water down but maybe we could maybe somebody on. Every this story right here makes me laugh. This makes me feel on. A little bit that I'm. This from channel 41 it's on her FaceBook page and if you have squabble with your neighbors give us a call and tell us how stupid ones. 5767798. Or maybe it was serious. 5767798. Some neighbors near 95 and mission in the heart of Johnson County. That's the heart of old money old money Johns county area that this is not true this is not leave it. They're waging a war with yards signs this is so first world problems just. First person first sign goes up and the sign is. Colorful. And it you could tell the person probably spent a lot of time doing it. Then there's the top sign is as a black lives matter and then below that women's rights. Are human rights. And then below that it says no human is illegal. And below that it says science is real. And then below that it says love is love. And below that it's his kindness is everything. Our obviously. You're a Democrat. Larry yeah the first clip of just you know. So they put this sign up in their yard easier sends all the time you know whatever supporting candidates cause whatever it is. Significant sign I mean it's it's multiple different signs stacked on top of each other different colors it's it checks every boxer visible black lives matter women's rights are human rights no human is illegal science is real love is love and kindness is everything. Said David Ball line by the way that guy's name. Is jewel and the entry. Send it on when it is neighbors. Decided to give a rebuttal. And put up another side this is literally of people in Johnson County are arguing over and sign says. This house supports our president made up police and military. Second Amendment. All lives matter and the removal of illegal aliens. That's different. And this is I mean you would wondering if it was a this is what people are fighting about in Johnson County road signs. Roads really. Here is ham injury. I support the police I support the fire department I I you know I support city to support government. Now that doesn't mean it everything that the government does the president does is what I believe then. But you know I'm I feel like they've all I was matters that's what we put a percent. And he is conservative counterparts on the other side had this to say. Children like likewise matter which isn't into it police. Almost terrorist group. Being illegal aliens. When people look at that station you can hear. I have to give my side of the. Are. My side and it couldn't just hire can just go to the beginning of this just just the very. Just the very beginning children like likewise matter which is an interim police. Almost terrorist group Hamas terrorist or. So we just almost hear expert elderly affairs black lied to go over what black lives matter the movement actually is quite frankly I think if you dig go over that with him Hewitt not believe you wouldn't believe me you're right about that. It's not. Anybody out there are supporting black lives matter when he heard a call NTELOS that this is wrong children like likewise matter which is an infant police know they're not. It matters not anti police. My lower. Right. Just like one guy with the design and then another guy that's at the side with us and this is this this is Johnson County problems and now one problem. You could put the signs I don't care what you stand for if you stand for black lives matter if your anti black lives matter whatever. I don't care what you what your beliefs are. One guy one of the to his side got stolen. Which the original sign was stolen so soak it puts. Democrats aren't bass lines basically Brad puts on gay Republicans lines. They're and he ate at the bit ended the conservative gentleman mister Vaughn. He put siding has stolen. So this is the new sign as a second this at that news is that's all and put it he used concrete to secure it in the ground now are right. At first one is similar yards side. But when it was stolen he gave much bigger side and use concrete to security in place. And the homeowners association everybody's wondering you know can he signed Pia of course they can't it is your First Amendment right whatever is the thing is. The conservative gentleman. May have violated city code but I use concrete to put it in the grown up. Used. To play. There are certain that onside may violate Overland Park code enforcement because of its size and how it security in place with concrete. Which you used. Someone called Overland Park code and so I wish there was the liberal guy and said. You need to look at the science he could have known it was against city code to play it however it secured and grab somebody had asked yeah. And and say yeah and Overland Park enforcement community should go take a ride in ninety that the notion is it's a vigil I wish I had this kind of problem is totally. Like we you know. Lee and I are struggling to get pregnant are her father is ill we lost her dog last Friday. These are like people insurer struggling to put food on the table. Jamie you have whatever's going on you on health these guys are arguing over signs. This is ridiculous. Arguing no it just like it literally is do you measure and it really is like. What was solid but bigger signs and interest from an amendment with concrete. My question is this 41 pick up this new story somebody and mines in the signs that actually it's a couple small. And poors is up from 41 knows somebody from 41 lives in the areas signs. Anybody have an issues like this does it get into like this is the essence of the division in this country that if you wanna blame trump you wanna blame Obama whoever. This is the division of our country personified. The fact getting news station a local news station. Is covering the deep measuring contest of two sides posting signs. This is right here. It's awesome is. It likes at its best story it is our favorite what I try errands. It like the sun flowers and it's that it's now. Check it's like Christmas lights. Like an. I like to go NC let's go I can't wait for November in this household like I wanna know what's gonna happen we get to the fall will be closed on election season sort of signs still yes all other ball. What's the next move is going to be. Whose whose court is as well right now. He's so code enforcement and call that the conservative gentleman went to the neighborhood association asked that. Beacon that the liberal gentleman signed it take down. The HMA said that the sign is legal because the First Amendment I don't know where you go from here. Is anybody out these kinds of pride of. The original guy needs to put up bigger and eat pork or stack more on top of his son. Right cap doesn't there I think he needs to go higher put aside your lawn or down your window unit apartment now to news Seattle and so now. Com but I think this is going to be cut and now mr. Arguing a property lines and oh my god I don't Arctic. I don't know third next to each other author across the street I don't know where they're located act. Because I think signs he likes it like three billboards outside having Missouri's style and sigh it's giant think there needs more of these signs like a big picture of trump and a big picture of whoever. 5767798. With Latino in Kansas City and KM BZ was a keynote. Yes yeah my. And people and that is. Blinding. Commentary and talk and and double that you will come back out. I don't think it'll do is return the radio all the way down please. Thank you. And they're good as anybody in the country to country and in particular toward immigrants. To implement the agreement them again. Limping toward. And one group from which would include in the sport. Let them put what was about to keep American children that. Concepts and enjoy it going to be an Olympian that the people we've got to have somebody whose government says and so. It doesn't matter Brazilian president. And they're doing some. Good work compete for the important to America. Simple to put on them issue. Right eighteen I appreciate the focal we got to get to news but I. He's like this doesn't do anything to help but then again. We have people who fight for the amendments overseas every day we in America we have the right to free speech. Marquis of these issues in here subdivision just time and again I'm so I'm busy here working on some other stuff you news people stuck on stuff going. Argues be focused on this program from now until 2 o'clock. The band highs there abroad in bagels and smear time. I'd also like the one of the best bagels I'd ever seen I haven't Tyson yet looks fantastic this year to our guys are pasteurized eggs them accurately and yes and I walked in on the middle of your conversation please. It doesn't. Look at. I. Democrat side and oh yeah I can't get this put her Republicans sign our. Problem where you. Not at all well. We're we're normal Americans I don't know in my neighbor's. Ability your neighbors either did you. Actually we've got the greatest neighbors never good to be honest we get wonderful neighbors but now I I don't know anybody's politics which is perfectly. Rates all right yeah. I over the sex line. I tried not to Jamail the tax line. Actually this is funny we're talking about as an Overland Park story and some neighbors in 95 and mission. Are waging a war of words in the yard signs one guy who's an obvious Democrat but a sign that read black like matter women's rights are human rights. No human is illegal sciences real love is love and kindness is everything. And then an obvious Republican. Put up his own sign. Think I'd stolen something of a bigger one. In some mandated in the ground. And it says this house supports our president police and military Second Amendment all lives matter and removal of illegal aliens. So now there's a war of words going on over signs. I do like the attacks that said you know would move that would cement pun intended. The wind for the liberal homeowner in this big. The liberal homeowner moved out and rent the house to a black gay couple. It. Well that's me and ask it ads fantastic. Back and probably even go further this isn't getting it getting a city where is that. And and get I am I'd like this to unify behind us and help writing that than helping. So here's the and they both had to say here's the liberal gentleman. In his point of view. I support the police I support to fire department I I you know I support city to support government. Now that doesn't mean it everything that the government does the president does is what I believe then. But you know I'm I feel like they've all I was matters that's what we put a percentage. And here's the conservatives' point of view children like likewise matter which isn't into it police. Almost terrorist group. Mean illegal aliens. When people look at that station you can hear. I have to give my side of the. It's so ridiculous yes let's go to Johnson Johnny talked Galen can be easy galas this kind of stuff happening everywhere in joke though. Kurt. Well it out. At the world. Outdoor. Opt out. Is that. It. It. There. I mean it it it it kind of makes you wonder about priorities doesn't it got code issues when it comes due to water. And there were about two guys. And their political affiliations and it's. It is not a FaceBook page zones and like I've never really had a beef with the neighbor. I had a beat with a neighbor once because. She had loud sex that was about all I've never. Walked in it was in terms of did you harper. Didn't. It was just like and he just didn't like as you get right and it's gonna listened. Simple is like I don't have one of I've ever too loud my neighbors palatable ball. It's about Ali and I'd ever get into beef with it at that again living in an apartment is different than living in. But a subdivision like this one well you never had a neighbor to the take a black aspect where he came from know. That that didn't happen what city was going on Johnson and does account yeah I'm on in Shawnee mission whatever it. I did not happen to me. Gave you life was like I'd encourage YouTube Google. But speed neighbors and the first comma is YouTube video I was on. That bus speed neighbors. On an and the person comes up YouTube video. Upstairs neighbor I don't know if it's clean but it's everyone's upstairs neighbors. And it's area OK I was about two and a half minutes and it it's. If you upstairs neighbor that is out and wonder what the hell there doing their cause noise. Two people play this out all the things it could be nice funny and it's and this is this is my life that was you on this right. Oh my gosh we have upstairs neighbor that. A couple times a day we will look at the ceiling and now. It's up I've had that neighbor like today. Do they have a pack of bull's. Eye. And it takes place or. An. A small in the artist at the small and cute scene outside. Just months. Like play. Played basketball and she must Wear boots Tony farms it heavy boots. And heavy plot that we've all had that neighbor but. Every upstairs neighbor's yeah. YouTube will give you ideas that it could be happening in the apartment with that compared the neighbor as this report. Before I didn't know any of my name in line. That apparently lived next door that I didn't next or when it appeared he was trying to break oh that's right. Yeah. My apartment that we were not an app called police and ultimately mean he was threatening problems that when. I've died humans drunk and Ebert went and that's at that time neighbor. And. Guys between the Travis you have some neighbor issues and health point of no and neighbors. And ago when you go through those kind of thing is anybody like not. Intentionally not know their neighbors like you go to New Delhi other than race I told you take a black ass back reeking from. Do you know any of your there I know I don't I don't know if any of my neighbor's names. I'd read. And to be honest with you I really don't care to know your name in this it has this I've felt like that everywhere I've lived really in camp. Every house that or I've lived into houses into apartment I have yet to know any of my neighbors and Jamie enemy to new neighbors who can party with them they Celek in a good time. It should they wait for today so yes I am that. It's like we've talked before about. So it's funny and other times it really is like admit an eye on admittedly I'm thirty picture and I'm not talking to myself because I'm report and so it's possibly you would hear the person talking to herself I'm 30 in the morning when Al's going. But I do at some point one. Somehow happily. Get a handle on what's happening up there. I just I don't. It looked like you know it's just one person or more than one person I think it's more than one person that maybe arsenic and Allen has its car in die it's a herd. Just a pack I don't. Again the video out and just. Just you wait until night throwing. In part you know she does she booby traps opera house stuff on timers of the that. Does that dot. Hope every couple hours a night thunder out like a lot to big dog go running thinking or somebody coming and I have no clue but I more. You know I said trolls get enemy oh. Travis rob is news to our attention earlier. So wine and now right. So there's a new series potentially coming to Netflix if there's a new series coming to. Series per I mean there's some ideas. Put out by a former president. He was the most recent one before the guy we have an office now black. Here's a black guy black white and man at Ole man did use FaceBook users get after last. Particular. That calories and then we'll read some of the responses are standing like I said maybe just a hateful Friday. I don't edit it to news is like. Oh okay this. Cool I wonder what's right other people were lie no no I know we'll just. You're gonna love some of these. And then I hope not hate old Friday continues. Also the tariffs already affecting my beer drinking one. This is where line may be affecting your whiskey drinking way it'll say about that next broken man today. Can feel like I mean broken man. I. Haven't liked what the boss and yeah. There. Knowledge is the culmination of amid has been a rough week and I'm very very very tough week I expected Monday and he Sunday and Monday yeah Monday. I'm but I I just blame Hamas that's equitable and then Allen scheme motto is going on the lot on on yeah he was gone. Like I think we are we talked a Boston the program director walked into the office that is the most we've talked to our boss in a week when he was ot fragment rights and yeah it sure he has every not. I mean everybody there's been oh I'm so. I am we just we just walking. So. I was actually might have been Travis is fault actually might blame Travis for me being broken race this might be your fault Travis. You're welcome thank you Friday you know they are never guns Travis down. Travis is like hey now hey. Did you read that. Comments on the Barack Obama's story of Travis like read the comments on the Barack Obama's story I'd just like the code you haters it it'll lord. Now there is you know president Barack Obama. He former president of the United States is in some talks with Netflix to produce a series. A high profile shows that provide him a global platform after not being in the last. So he still wants attention. I oh how crazy well he's got some free time yeah he's bored. You know kids are going to college. Michelle's probably nagging him walls she just got done right she's coming out of the bottom and she's busy and he needs something to do it still wants attention I mean she wants if you're a Democrat you might actually still be able to argue and I would listen. He's still the face of the party even though he's long gone yeah you know I mean. Still. Yours that Iraq. About 4850. He's close the mid fifties she's 5556. Now he's. Got to make that money might Wear and Netflix has got to get under the terms of. Posed the which has not yet final Netflix would pay. Mr. Obama and his wife Michelle for exclusive content will be available only on their streaming service. Which by the way about a 118 million people subscribe to Netflix and we all share the same password there's only really three people and actually subscribe to Netflix we ought to share the same account. Some of us actually. Do you and Chris have separate accounts really because. Yes and separate. They don't have means the specifics about this New York Times now he's not going to use the show to respond president trump or conservative critics according to people familiar with the discussions. If there is any president. That was gonna put out. I show like Netflix. She'll be interest in the slick it missile if President Bush or is bother. The dollars for the you know. Of President Clinton lord knows that would have to be like Netflix after dark. But if if any of these now he's put out. A Netflix series. You wanna watch like would trump out of the White House whether it's into a half years. Org to any longer. I would launch whatever his show was going to be about being president and where he stands I think it's fascinating. And we don't know exactly why it. Is going to be done on the New York Times is on that former President Obama is in advance negotiations and to produce a series of high profile shadows. That will provide global platform which could mean any anything on the number so the form ads for the shows have not been decided. They figured out anything except that Netflix probably thought. We can do and I'm rimes who is one of the biggest names in television. They just signed her to a big production deal and look at who else they can get to broaden their empire and they thought. Does not do easily or. He just on the you've never seen Dick Letterman doing this my next guest needs no introduction that fascinating interview Austin. And President Obama was his first guest whom he's on TV he's likable unless you're hard core Republicans hate black people Smart and has probably got some good stories and take an idea beyond earth or not. Interested in it because you didn't like the man in his in his eight years you don't think he did the right things for this country fair enough. Enough but they keep Travis. If you FaceBook or equipment. The I don't think we can. Amanda writes are they going to show him going back to Africa where he was born to find his birth certificates are we still pushing. That's stupid they're at where it that's against the Nell. No bill writes. Will personally called an African American. Because. His mother likes. African American bill writes depends Lee finally reveal his Kenyan birth certificate and college transcript. My favorite though comes to will tecumseh was from a woman named Mary attic and if you're not interested school you know that's totally fine. Mary writes. We had to listen to this POS. For eight long years why he listened. If Netflix does this I will cancel my membership. Legitimately. Can't sold something that brings you now go lying down at while actually. Because. They might have a series that Barack Obama is on you'll Litsch wow you hole it's like the apprentice. Is on Netflix I think or Hulu cancel my. I think the guys to. Do is not. Option. Netflix. I mean would there be anything that would get you to cancel Netflix other than you like a wanna save ten bucks a month. Doubt about it that if they were not and that if they were to raise the subscription. To fifty a month. Then maybe I'm reconsidering right up what eleven dollars house went on I think tool or twelve whatever for as much as I watched Alex I mean it's the thing that. While the extent that much TV but. They would have to dramatically increased the price to make me go on. Line writes if you'd like to get to 25 box. That to me is probably were mine mine net flexing and. Isaac I think I would need my combined TV services to hit about fifteen and some that would have to go get some. So there response to that comment on FaceBook and FaceBook. Fights right out of FaceBook fights but lately it just that so much gets done it was more yeah dot com and well. Rainy posts. Who would've everybody dope smoking bastard born in Kenya an educated by radical Muslims in Indonesia could become president of the United States. We sent that word anymore was yesterday I was. Commander. Here's my parent Netflix is changing so much. And anyone who's a support to Obama dot dot dot. Good bye. To interpret it and I and an opportunity on a Friday who knows but here's my thing. It's once again why I don't like FaceBook if I didn't have these are for work with the lead. Real article. Don't read. The headline just the headlines because every article it says he is producing shows that doesn't mean he will be in the show got solved producing the show does that mean will be in the should not repeat that again. It doesn't matter even repeated as many times you why people just hear him have a visceral reaction and don't care as an ominous. Sound. TI or you like to know I mean something. We'll said yes and we'll just said no and it's finally does it you don't wanna watch that's OK I just I'd. And maybe just of the nature of FaceBook and I have to and I don't know why as a person who uses FaceBook all the time. And Twitter all the time and we have the tax line all the time I don't know why it was triggered by this. I may need to save space in the snowflake might melt but I I was just triggered by. I'm gonna cancel my Netflix subscription. Act if they do it. So the purse just sad Netflix was putting on the show for trump both your heads would be exploding know that again he would be covering all buys buys buys now what do. I'm watching. I would care. Like so Netflix is gonna put out a show with president the way he had a TV show up. So this is not a novel idea I. So if they. Show with we we would mention it just like we mentioned Obama we've also mention the negative comments it because those that exist oh god yeah on I wouldn't be like oh my gosh I'm gonna and my subscription to Netflix because or something on it I don't lightning. I don't care about scifi there's a lot as I iced up on Netflix. To. If it's easy to just change the channel on your injured changed the video you're gonna watch on Netflix Hulu or whatever it is. Yeah I I would watch if if trump was going to do something about his time in the White House and he was going to give us. Unfiltered access or whatever I would totally watch that I'm fascinated by politics. It doesn't matter who's in office I watched one on President Bush but he was the worst president and this guy. And you would still watch what's hot and no I wouldn't cancel my Netflix subscription because I'm an adult. If I didn't wanna watch it like I don't watch fifty shades of gray it's on Netflix I've never turned on little sex and it's it I don't care. I hope I can find elsewhere I don't E. Coli and it'll Netflix 'cause Twilight Zone there. And seal the twilight movies I have the terror not but it happened so I just an amazing it's awkward you. Watch a movie that's terrible but in watching everything all at like four of them at a dogs in the mall behind Lee maybe watch the first twilight. And then we watched the second twilight. And then she came home and he homework just what are you watch it. I was watching the third. I was just like why am I doing that tells you agree is be watched both of them. I've seen Armageddon 35 times to the I am not proud of it. I'd. Imagined. Voted all alone has me on and it is between us all the way to face and I. I like cry every time it always. Easier holding the screen. I'll die a horrible and while well up right now.