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Wednesday, April 25th

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Final Howard Dean and parched coming your way less than an hour from right now. We were chatting about this in the 10 o'clock hour and it was a a very revealing conversation. Yesterday morning you have seen this story I'm sure by now there was a a crew working construction crew working in a 23 year old. Subcontractor was shots. He's gone and his story is an incredible one and it's one worth retelling in talking about. And we're hearing from you because this happened at a construction sites on end and you can Telus and we what does agree that this was just an act of crazy that that we don't really hear about something like this happening about somebody who is just. Do woodwork at a construction site and a guy comes up and asks for cigarette and installed we don't have any. And is asked to leave the construction site and he retaliates by firing his gun. And kills 23 on. Timmy that's that's hard even recently that's that's hard even comprehend. But a lot of you or your significant others or your family members work in jobs where you may be are what are more vulnerable to something like this happening either construction site or you work and utilities for a living or you. Pick up garbage for a living your people's neighborhoods on those areas where your outside a little more and you. We have to worry about this year you know we're behind multiple sets of locked doors here it's it would take a lot for us to have to worry about this. But a lot of you are in the situations where I know some of you were asking yourself wow how do I protect myself so he knows how this went down. This is at ninth in Brooklyn. 23 year old Jonathan Porter. Or for infra source which was contracted by speier energy to work on a gas line replacement project going on throughout Kansas City. He has a new baby was anxious to support his new family and it just had this job. For a few days on so witnesses said Porter was working with the crew at ninth and Brooklyn. When a man with they dark complexion wearing a blue hoodie and gray sweatpants walked up to the crew and asked for cigarette. According to witnesses the Foreman said he didn't have any N asked the man to move out of the construction area. That's when witnesses said the suspect began to walk off then turned and yelled. Yeah all don't have to lie to me and fired seven or eight shots toward the crew. Porter who was 23 years old was shot in the chest and died of his injuries. One porter's co workers told fox four. That crews are supposed to have protection while working but that protection is a sheriff's deputy who monitors six or seven sites at a time. Driving between. Executive for spire would not go into specifics of the security plan but acknowledged that protections provided. However there was not a law enforcement officer at the site when Porter was can. Oh. 767798. There's so many different. Questions that we we could ask right now or that we wanna know from you if you are in need line of work. Where you're working outside and you know maybe you. Read meters maybe you do the same thing that this young man dead and you were subcontracted work at a gas line extension who knows maybe they'll houses. 5767798. Has this happened to you. If it hasn't do you worry more about it now I mean I can't tell you how many times I just walked through. You know different parts of downtown not nowhere near ninth and Brooklyn. And and asked for or a lighter and ask for smoke bid ask for change and ask for dollar. And I didn't give it to him or did give to regardless. It really makes me worry more and more about my safety my wife safety as I like to think or I walk is gonna be pretty safe. I don't work outside like you said you and I we don't work outside. Yeah it's those of you that just in order to make a living arm our justice. More likely to have to deal with us and we are my hand and why. What can be done to protect you I don't know that we can necessarily stop a crazy man from being crazy. But are there things that you can do. Can we get more security due to employers need to be thinking more about this because. You're not going to do the jobs if you're not safe and mean if you don't approve or you run a. Or you're one of these contractors that subs these guys out. Do you handles like this 5767798. Needles a texted at 22980. Let's go to Matt Kansas City. Matt you're an 81 came easy what do you do. Look at it and anything like this ever happening you. Yeah absolutely I am actually this same area around where that you know one shot. And Augusto about why why are not exact about mean acting for jumpstart some principles that and you know company trucks seeking you know. You can't they were allowed to do that or even takes money into the work trucks even felt well but like Poland you know no I can't do that. That guy went from you know not eat enough and in turn into you know hopes that a guy. Engine screens and and and it well learn you know to rub on the air for about a year after that same area. Is that you've got acknowledged people are coming up peachy within fifteen feet. You know try to be quite as awful as friendly as possible but in at least eleven note you know you know. See you then and and I wanna be nice used up or maybe they'll be networker and now. You can only hope is that I don't know Fiat at a weapon on him or you felt threatened but I mean he you catch the wrong guy in a matter how how polite you're going to be in your phone call we appreciate it. All of sucked chatting Kansas City jagr on 91 KM BZ. Yeah comedy ruling error and error. They usually could all. They want a bigger critically ill smokers quit I credit it. Always load Gilmore on. We also security guard don't always know that your should add. If we did that senator Parker are. Out where we blew. We drove area over by year apparently you medica. You know. That that way you know you Tom displays situation. As you head that this created. At least you had. Shumpert to take care of yourself because otherwise I mean. I've had prostitutes walk up or launch it in the truck at all our group thank (%expletive) And you know you just don't know what happened. You've got to be clear. First off. Bell don't wait until that situation. Have. Oh does he did know you're going into the air. And somebody earlier to to to piggyback a what you said chance somebody earlier said. I don't even smoke but I carry a pack of cigarettes when I work load of our callers earlier say is that I get away was make sure to tell our guys carry some smokes. Carry change. Carry a lie your or whatever. In case something like that happens. I can't imagine having to do that in so why don't worry about getting shot. Weren't able professed. Somebody text about it bulletproof vest. As a way to you know protect yourself and somebody were search shooting. Especially if you're outside like that in a bad neighborhood bulletproof vest under your and your work shirt earlier orchard. I don't know what that would and in this case. I don't know nothing about extending gas lines but I have no idea what that would do you if you're construction worker how that. Would weigh on you if you're trying to can be you know emulate that seems like a lot to put on top of what you're already wearing whether it's in the Cold War is in the hot. But could save your life. Say it's an option to protect yourself I mean maybe it's bulky but it's a way to keep yourself from being entered Gaza not construction workers as we're learning somebody mentioned. You now gotten to a lot of people are mentioning driving buses. Because you're out in the community you're out all over town a lot. And utility force or for a let people that work for the electric company we've got people that deliver for Amazon that are texting and both. Some deals and I lock up abandoned houses out repo men at you ask disconnect utilities. 5767798. Get a couple of guys named bill plus Henry wanna hear from you come and if you work outside. Like 23 year old. Jonathan Porter who. Just got a new gig and a new baby with his girlfriend he was at work working for in for source contracted by aspire to we're gonna gas line replacement at ninth in Brooklyn. When somebody locked up what it about a cigarette. Foreman said don't have any asked the gentleman to get off of the construction property. He turned it want to way turn back around said yelled don't need lied to meet opened fire fired seven rate shots one album shot and killed. 23 year old Jonathan Porter is this something that you may be as we take a call from somebody earliest that I delivered daily now downtown and in that area and I never thought I had to worry about this. Well he now but crazy can happen anywhere yet it is just because it happened to be. That part of town it it could have happened anywhere crazy and crazy is crazy crazy me any certain. The conversations happening and attacks on now but the bullet proof that's about whether that is. Something that people is at least it's I don't know that there are about tournaments I've no idea. But at least it's something you are doing to protect yourself that is preventing you from being injured not just re acting. You know that's coming if you had that there may be that would stop a bullet instead of you know they get you then you can't get the guy. So. 5767798. Let's go right to the phones our first building Kansas City up on Camby Siegel had Billy do for a living. Oh the dump truck outlook he got early obvious that you not only mine but. I'm. More as well company. And my loan work on the ground. With the and job. I. Got. On the are all. Happier there they're. I mean it's about upping it. In all where we go. And work and what got on the air and we know. And pop rock works of art art nor. 00. People are paying. I am a night the pop. Up ad that no. Mo I'm happy. Not plan. We had I not make an. Oh yeah and I'll make the how. How on. It. It. Didn't work. With bill thank you for your phone comment we appreciate it let's go to another bill this timing Kansas City and KM BZ what's up bill. I also work perhaps ball company and I can that police say a couple of the guys if not operators always out there. And then depends which area. Sitting here and do we do a lot or working. Or not. Huge pressing issue but I wouldn't put it past anybody. You read and I wouldn't wanna work you know call her best at 300 at all. Just not. Usable. It would it would seem that I mean security you're giving yourself a greater chance to survive any publisher something like this but it would also. How much is that hindering your ability to lay asphalt in. August. Exactly coming into. It out there I. Mean you almost passed out of justice shortly certain that the damage square. Canada you know I'm coming at people people always come out we're doing the work they've actually in the equipment be and what it does. And usually really night. You know they don't wanna get too close to it could talk a lot on it don't wanna be here. So that kind of a little bit but we're not a lap traffic we're not yet well audio art. People whistle went out and do any of that. And that's mostly Arctic not to draw attention to ourselves out. Well absolutely they built thinks the phone comment appreciate it. Let's talk to Henry in Kansas City and KM BZ what do you do for living Henry. Well one thing about bill and I don't asphalt banking. That's a bit but what you do Henrik. Utilities that are major utility companies. So I could be in the backyard or 1000 I don't even know why you know they're replacing a bowler. Anything you know McGill kind of walking around reprise actually did the locate it and to do that work on the gas line so allow. It's the only thing I can do you know it I you know I personally carry my own firearm and I'm sure there is company policies against that you know good ideas. The time comes down to I've got it you know and it. Hopefully what helped save my life. So you you do carry Henry. Yeah I do even though it did your company says that's supposed to. Wragge yeah it's in the policy and stuff but and there's people that come up this all the time the other day. I walked up to mean you look in my car and he says something about acute pressure on the backseat I think you're just kind of craziness. You know that's impression in my vaccine and then. He said he was lost and now in either side that electric in my prime you know company car and proceeded. At that means that the walk off and I just kind of you know brushed it off but it. I was ready from the start you know just in case you're about to do some of Anna and myself but you know he's you know a lot of construction group bunch of other guys so. Get and that's a thing to think for the phone call entering. You know somebody earlier. And we are discussing what if somebody was carrying that was on this site would have the Foreman had gone. If if if that lets say this guy turns fires still pulls off seven or eight Foreman pulls out his gun wherever it is on a sip on his leg whatever. Is a gun battle at ninth and Brooklyn a good idea between. Maybe guy who's who's who's a concealed carry permit holder went to the training between he and the guy that pulled the trigger initially is that the best answer. On one side of that question you could argue you could of stopped him from shooting nine or ten in our yeah. Are you could have in how he got out to generate may be the only would have gotten out tee shots before before you took him down and so that is the argument in favor of of being. Arms like that and I think it's fair that a look at the other side and say well. May be. Or maybe if it was the Foreman with a gun and the guy was as was run in and the Foreman took a shot maybe he would have hit somebody else. Instead or one of his own crew who might have gotten in the way as the guy is running. I think a lot stands to Iran and that's their loss of grip. Back to the phones Andrew in Kansas City Euro 91 KM BZ. Failure ought adds up. I roads are like a sale of the China and apparently I'll think yeah. Also I am I electrical contractor and we have. Spirited like will be working on campus that it blocked it contractor. I mean some side Bernie protected at all and agents or other things like Villa color that company policy were not allowed it to area we knew we can be fired. The other guy those said he carries because he still feels unsafe and doesn't tell is employers that ever cross your mind Andrew. If it crossed my mind a couple times. You know some people that you. But it's also one that all of the site if I have to give up my company truck for the day and somebody going in and out or get through it. And that I mean it's great practice to keep your firearm with you of course I say somebody at stake. What it's somewhere and if you're used to have your truck that day. And you don't admit that that game you actually hired to protect yourself. Chara and Andrew thanks a phone comment appreciate it I would how many people break the rules. Like tonight's Henry Terry an era and care because they don't feel safe I mean much to dump trucks go by the window right now what are those guys feel unsafe as some of the other guys that. Called and said they would feel safe house go to law fighting Kansas City and KM BZ what's up Lloyd. Well. Economic and I know we're old. Whatever. You're you're on the air flowing the blood. It could hear people who or talking about it that. You can. Oh but is it. That. OK. I don't. And it. Oh. I'll let what people are. A couple of art that the couple. Can. Body generally likable. Enjoy the right. And so. You're. Wearing armor. That you get your. I don't doubt that Tom I I also think that most of these things of people worry about. The guy with the gun is it walking around with a AR fifteen. On this site like this was. Particularly this was a handgun until we know the exact gun but presumably is a handgun if I see you walking down the street with a rifle. And your aiming it at my crew. It doesn't matter when I'm right I'll I would definitely agree with that but most of these are done with you know guns at pull out of the pocket and we didn't talk about mass shootings and other things if you like to that. Right now we're just talking about these banks the focal Lloyd we'll get to Patrick who says he wears armor everywhere he goes. We'll get that side of it. That are up ever a conversation here is we are talking about the 23 year old man that we shot and killed yesterday while. Working in a site. In downtown Kansas City he and his name was Jonathan Porter were in for source contract it by spire to work at a gas line replacement. I just had a new baby with his girlfriend and somebody came up asked that somebody on the at a job site for a cigarette Foreman said no. Asked the guy believe he began to walk away turn around and said he all of have to lie opened fire. And one of his bullet shot and killed Jonathan poor were trying to find out if anybody else has this problem is worry. When their working whether your reading meters for the your site surveying whether you're building stuff when your fixing stuff outdoors 5767798. Patrick in Kansas City. You're gonna get the final word here on any one KM BZ. Look garlic and not a whole lot it's well it brought down I I'd drive level. That my. And I drive right by adulthood her I brought that and I go downtown to right there where it happened. Oh I do a group crash Saturday my work uniform. Just in case it's like to just bite that. So you are wearing a vest how many days a week. Are up to five days a week all day the man it does what does that. What does it feel like the you have to go to work wearing a vest and you're not in police or law enforcement you're you're not a soldier. What what is it how did you feel. This eroded I mean the date that we live in a world we had to do that these days you know. And but I mean I do that you'd be an they alive. BM to go home everyday my family I might have three kids engaged. And I don't want not who does happen to meet or I won't be able to do that. Oh I am. I know I don't I don't bide my expected. Per king got up like that. Are and all wanted to get it where people poker circuit decree or a carpet gear com article medal and dirt and dorm. But doubt has weighed on the best way too much editor dispute genetic corporate. And it meets up to get around a Patrick thinks the phone com and we appreciated the stories up on her FaceBook page. I can check out there it's also up on Twitter and came BC radio. Ari is one we're talking about violence. In turn that's said that's for dads were let go there's a story that has come out. Today that updates and information in the heartland shooting and will put it up if you wanna see although we don't have were were looking for it but what we're talking about is. Family members of those who were killed and Marjorie Stallman Douglass high school yesterday got their first look. At exactly how the shooter moved through the school. And so they went before the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Douglas high school public safety commissioner is a meeting of that group. And they receive video animation that was put together that people at that meeting were shown. And it shows the shooters passed through the school. On and so far we've only seen clips of what people were shown Republican to see if the full video is out there anywhere but I gotta tie it. Just seeing the 25 seconds or so that's been put into various news stories about it is pretty I'm pretty difficult to watch. So way to do it is it shows a floor plan of building twelve which is where the shooting happened. It uses dots to represented different people so the shooter is the long black dot. Green dots represent students blue dots represent teachers. Those dots turn yellow. When someone was hurt. And turn to purple when someone was killed. So you can watch this happen and you can watch. The black dots. Move through the building and and doorways are represented in closets are represented and there's just a little bit about. Just a little bit of a dash coming out of the dot that shows where he would've been aiming the gun. And it shows him moving to classrooms and where he aimed and that he aimed at the closet and you can look at the closet and see that. There were two teachers and a student and then all three those dots automatically turn purple when he walks by. On so people in that audience were shown the whole thing on we have just seen a bets so according to the animation. Eleven people were killed on the first floor and six on the third floor during a Rampage which goes less than seven minutes. And then we learn some more details about. And I kind of the different kind of equipment but he had. And we don't get into that but what we know is that. On he had abide pod on his rifle in his military styles and automatic rifle tried to fire through a third floor window at fleeing students. Police said there was no doubt that he was there and trying to act as a sniper. The bullets didn't make it through the double panel blasts he tried to open the windows but couldn't any gave up after three minutes. That he leaves the rifle and a stairwell. And walks out with the people trying to get away from the gunfire. It it's just. There are some question about whether her this should have been shown there was some question about. You know who who should see it. But it's really on it and I've I've got the suns sent over to the Orlando some subtle version now and it's. You're not watching. People you know you're you're just watching the dots. But it's and I have it up in front of me now and it shows how fast the shooter might have been moving and there's a clock at the bottom so it shows time ticking away. And it at one point it backs out. So it shows the entire building twelve so you can see when the shooting starts. They even know exactly where people were positions in these classrooms and you can see there's the one classroom and bombs and we're the ones student is by him or herself and then you've got clusters of students and teachers and other classrooms. And I don't have some sort of met in front of room 1215 there are three bodies in a closet and yeah he shoots all three. I see you're right you're not watch and it just put it up on FaceBook if you wanna go see it. It's on our FaceBook page and CNN's version only has like he says 2530 seconds of it in and get into some interviews of some of the parents who watched it. Including though the one guy with the stick New York accent who spoke when president trump do you have that the the the town hall ask a little thing. I think I have is our energy but I think on. I think this is the full video billion if you dollar Orlando sent over and I'll read post I just happen to see a guy the total video on to scuttle sun sentinel mine and I just Gould animation Kirkland. It the video itself is thirteen minutes and 44 seconds longer allow I think this is the full thing. I think misses the start to finish gimme a post that he just says send it my way gab but it's used you see people. It's just on its eerie. Yes because you've seen. And as I'm watching it right now see you see him come up through the stairwell and there's a student there there's there's a green doctor there's a student there. Who runs away and you're watching the body that you're seeing the dot group the dot takes off away from hand. And you see the little hype for there so you know that the guns you can imagine the student that saw him coming with the gun and he didn't shoot that kid that kid gets a way. And any runs through the school and you see the dots move. I know it's difficult this is the fall will be fast hurdle that. Yet if you even go forward. Eight minutes in the thus it's more it it's all. I if you wanna see the whole thing it's all there it it I've only seen the 252 version from CNN. And I don't know I wanna watch the whole thing I I may. Just out of morbid curiosity. You're not watching. I'd and disturbed nineteen year old kid or what our ruled that Cruz was. You know watching India which what you watching his his actions are watching these dots turn colors and you're watching what are. Simulated people dying. At the hands of this it's it it's tough video to watch even though all it is is dots and your watching the movements. You know I think that's why it's. That to me that's what's really. For lack of better term compelling about it is that. You know you can picture those in your hat to you you can picture the fear you can picture the chaos and you you can imagine that there's what sex classrooms a row in his policy you can imagine that the kids at the far in the hallway. Hear hear the gunshots hear him coming. Do you stay where you are. Or do you move and if you look at the number of people that are huddled in closets because they feel like that's a safe place to be. But those closets and those doorways are are up against the home. So. They're sitting docs in those closets and I like is that there are times where he is able to factory. There there's one point in the video where he. You know we starts on the left side your skirt the right setting your screen goes past two doors. Enters and you watch in the video. He goes back. December I classrooms. That he didn't finish the job or whatever. You're you're watching a whole thing. Develop in front of view. And you just can't imagine. Being in that situation. The gas so it's on the father. Policies of commission members were told. That they would be allowed to watch these school surveillance video of the shooting in a later private session. And there's apparent. Who asked the commission not to release the video of the shooting publically on there they're talking while another time at school surveillance video so there is school surveillance video I guess that there. Discussing whether to release. Publicly this commission's got a lot of power by the way their final report due to the governor January 1 sometimes. I got I'll I'll post this up on FaceBook I'll read to a real quick here during the break and and you can see the whole thing does he he wants and it's not. You don't see people by not dots represent people. For about basement open it up on Twitter. That your reaction to it if you wanna take a look we're clicking give us quick text to 22980. Also. Looks like west Luke Skywalker Lincecum to Kansas also but in and parks coming your way in fifteen minutes or on KM BZ. T discussing so there's things were picking out about this video. Good news for former president George H. W. Bush. He's been moved from intensive care to a regular patient room there's a statement. President Bush to move. From the intensive care unit at Houston Methodist Hospital to a regular patient room and is expected to continue his recovery there per. Several more days he is alert and talking with a hospital staff family and friends. His doctors are very pleased with his progress President Bush naturally thinks everyone for their prayers and good wishes he also wants to assure everyone that as good as he feels now. He is more focused on Houston Rockets closing out the playoff series against the Minnesota Timberwolves than anything that landed him in the hospital that from. The office of former president George H. W. Bush when we wish him nothing but a speedy recovery. As you you just kind of wonder after losing his wife of 73 years. What's next and you know what's next for him we are looking at the video during the break and and there's one particular point in the video. There's a simulated. What happened at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas as there are dots in this simulation where the black dot is Nicholas cruised shooter. The blue dots of the teachers the yellow dots are this students. And a black dot is the shooter this was given to the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school public safety commission which is looking into what happened and we'll get reports the governor they're coming up by the beginning of the next year. We it's if for those you have asked where to find it. There are FaceBook page it's also out on Twitter came easy rated him the version that we are putting out to you is the fifteen minutes. Present the son sons and one of Orlando it's about fourteen and a half minutes long. You're gonna hear the description of whites. Out of what you're seeing. It's on it's hard to look away from once you've. Start looking at it because it shows movements it shows where people hit it's it shows workday. After they heard things were they moved to. It's strange brought this up there and there's one side where there's the stairwell and he encounters because you can see that that. That tip of the gun able like rectangles sticking out which way the gun is pointed. And you can see the guy he encounters that comes up next to him. That's there for a moment. And that kid runs it's crazy and you wonder what was said what was the exchange like between the shooter in that kid in that stare. Well Jack it's it's at the very beginning of the video. And as you as you watch more of the shall see its first floor and they show what happens later on and you can tell which way the shooter is turning but he comes up the stairwell. Goes out the hallway. And and you're sweating to yell at your screen because the kid. That that the student that's in the hallway doesn't know he's gonna encounter the shooters it goes that way he's just run it right just ignored now. Encounters the shooter shooter comes out goes back in encounters the shooter in the stairwell and they literally are like just a test and either right next to each other room. And the shooter doesn't shoot. And you wonder off you wonder who that was what we said Jack did he push him away and sprinted out to dry or you don't know because. Two seconds after according to the simulation. That's when the first two people are killed act that's when the first two. In front of room 1215 there were three green dots now there's one into purples it's like. What happened it's fascinating. It's tough to describe on the radio so it go to our Twitter page at KM BZ radio follow us or check it out on FaceBook. And I know some enduring greed or even bringing in sorry and I I get that it's hard to hear about. Don't go look at the big I mean it's but it's on it's incredibly. It gives us a ton of information that we didn't have you know lately on Clinton's run now and just kind of watch and it. And there's a kit there's a student that comes up the opposite hallway. Almost like he's face to face with the shooter by the length of the school part when the building apart. And the shooter chutes and from the other and hall. As it becomes. An and so he took rifle classes that shooting classes it's just I. I notice that some people think that shouldn't be out there and this is an information that we should have by its. Wow I mean. It's once you started it's difficult not to keep watching. If you do want to see it go to our FaceBook page and check it out and it's also up on Twitter. At KM BZ. In a park's coming up next. Real but it does switch gears completely. Of your Star Wars Tran and jamiat. Eggs the word your you start you've seen move I appreciate its role in this go I go Obama go with network L. But I get why are people. This from the Wichita eagle this is kind of cool filming for Star Wars movies has taken actors all over the world portions of the desert planet seen. Over on tattoo wean were filled in Tunisia. The ice planet half. That was formed yet filled in Norway. Other places have you know been in Bolivia. Were skywalker fought Kyle ran in the salt flat at the latest movie that was filled film in Bolivia. But where is Scott Walker's actor wanna visit mark Hammel was asked on Twitter. Where he has never been but wants to go. His answer was Kansas. Let's add a shirt lock it. Is the answer was was Kansas. All right well we'll go with that might guesses that people are jumping on. Oh yeah. Yeah me now. The original poster replied with the gift of Dorsey. From The Wizard of Oz putting together her ruby red slippers and other Wizard of Oz joke one fan Photoshop cowardly lion tin man scarecrow and Dora the all in. The millennium falcon hanging out which is actually pretty good. Kansas governor Jeff collier has suggested that Hammel visit on a may the fourth which some people calls start or is say some of has called your understands my wedding. Anniversary would be needed set it if governor collier brought. Luke Skywalker to the radio station. On my birthday there are on my anniversary excuse on the anniversary. Our good friend trooper bend on Twitter who is hilarious. We did he would let Campbell driving his patrol car adding that. He only lets jet I warriors drive it he also is concerned with. On the move on at on the mood of indoor. Be cool like uttered a lie he picked Kansas and a funny so is on the tax line his wife is from is from here is she. I. Find it well it's on the tax line past a tree if she was from what you've been here by now you would think. So you'd think she may have had family from here they would have visited at some point out there in 1978 I would think at some point. And he would have made it here so perhaps that was it just really want it to be true we really love that lenient Som apparently according to the eagle. If Campbell were to visit Kansas he would not be the first star worst actor to do so. I'm Harrison Ford who played on solo regularly goes to Wichita. That is airplanes just major pilots and that's a big talent is out now. Well we'll see how well that. See how well networks out any made the fourth would be a great time for it seems will soon get that together by. Mark Campbell doing great now. He's not going to be the Star Wars spoiler alert that's the key is next one. I have no no clue. I'm cannot protect Hereford and sent. -- I did not hear the news yesterday care and I I mean I didn't I didn't keep denying your booze consumption on Saturday at the bowling match against such an attempt some people up I just wanna sinking gradually used to don't know if they weren't listening at 51 yesterday and badgered injury. Get you pregnant did you not want to tell anybody. I was going to just hadn't decided yesterday it was going to be okay. There was going to be other gender revealed that people will probably do that about it two more months God's will congratulations and fantastic. Cred to Dana for trying I heard in the practice happen to be in the car. Credit to Dana for desperately trying to change the sun deck against dot org and leave you alone. I stuck on a secret get him to stop thinking about it and so it's a credit there and. Let me ask what all's reaction. When you told him and he he. Oh okay. I. I. So so we are fortunate to get up to get pregnant my answer is not going to be OK. He was more excited. It does is it a bit more surprise. Surprise congratulates.