Midday with J&W: Do you agree with the new anthem rule?

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Thursday, May 24th

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It's 120 wait your keyword cash this hour EXK. I NG king text the word and seven to eight it. A warning. Little bit later on. We're going to play July. Jamie set the clues with out telling me who was. There are ten of them. I read all ten I had no idea who wants. I IE I'd I warn you it's going to be and as Jamie put it it's going to be pretty tough. On I to a different company the per finally I'd ask her who is it takes is one I don't you guys if you you're not in. I don't wanna and the thing put all those clues together and get on the first tried kind of game that's. The Lake Travis happy no cause I'd read it and I got frustrated commend you gonna call in and they'll all be wrong. You famously have done some of the hardest to MI's redirect that is true why harder than anything I am fine. So you don't that we do it that's difficult no not at all with the yeah that's right now we slots you can sit here and I'll stick all the calls I would you know if you take these ultra certainly found that. It is there and leave us on the side it's going to be very tough when we play coming up to forty minutes just shortly wielded at 12450 wait these tickets were gone and is your chance gussy. Another reunion Beatles tribute band to John Paul George and Ringo birthday at the folly theater in downtown can't. Difficult. Just given away a state or off the Travis is desk things a balance of let me substituting some kind of thing that we can way tickets are definite is that going to be getting in trouble Jamie we'd like to speak with the friends office. And this should be difficult and you just how easy was. How easy it was yesterday. Somebody got it. Yesterday too this is payback the I just what it is hard and that's. The third try Travis by the way you were here yesterday have you heard Tonya Harding. Yeah a guy I north died trying to move OK okay there are people who did not that we get young people saying they had never heard of Tanya heart you are 28 in need basher how do you notice act. Don't know Margot Robbie who played Tonya Harding on Harvey who is 28 years old did not know it was a true story when she read this she's Australia New Zealand. So I don't ask Travis the same when I asked miners yesterday Travis. Tell me everything you know about Greg Louganis. Who saw an eye on me. Greg Louganis was an Olympic diver for the United States. Today gay gays and are famously in Seoul. In 1988 he hit his head on the back of the board and still came back to win gold. When the greatest stories with a great little US Olympic stories ever mounted on a morning but that. Not really service for two days he comes back we'll see you got arrested but let's bow about. Abs on those names though there's no point me to really known. I don't names there's no point me having now is. You don't want it in and on hash tag millennial 'cause it's past I might do it. Leo and that's why. The first president added I don't tester they don't know him as a guy. And got beat he's mr. You got a president now I don't you know we're about George Washington if you GE's going to give me your tax criticizing education of life. It's not what's in it at some point it's that he doesn't care it sounds boring so I don't care resources. Just while I don't like how he mourns I don't care don't use it sounds boring I don't need to know. Right I don't. And give somebody might say the same thing about Tonya Harding and her story was not boring anyway no and it was. Two sport guy. He's checked out like I've died and speak I mornings I've got to get up for an ad deal with I don't swim so I don't know about this guy. I swim either I don't even really care about sports but I know who greatly enhances. Our right. Speaking of sports the president has weighed in on. The new rule coming down from the National Football League you'll hear president truck told Fox News earlier today. His thoughts on Roger Goodell the rest of the owners and the new kneeling rules when it comes to the National Anthem will do that next. All right so. We're not gonna spend eight ton of time on this if you like to jump in and voice your opinion you can't have 5767798. And president Donald Trump said this. You love to see one of these NFL owners. When somebody just respects our flag. To say get that some of the off the field right now out five. Or that the backing and if you've ever that last September and a Alice knows what when president trump was. For whatever reason resurrecting a dead issue of the other kneeling and after that it became. What we talked about became a football for the next few weeks and and even up to the point where in the offseason near the NFL as you know by now are you in your news yesterday the NFL has new policy. Travis I'd love to know what you think beautiful ball gag. You you're gonna be out for the anthem you gotta stand you can choose to stay in the locker room or to designated area. And if you do kneeled in the team we'll probably find the TB FL probably find a team. The players can then be fine by the team if they'd like to by the way the jets owner has come out and said he's going to pay any fines. Levied for kneeling he's doesn't care he's fine with the players. You know connecting their first amendment rights Travis what did you tell your take on the on the road came down yesterday. That the NFL is basically scared of try. That's when I got out I don't think it has anything to do what fans complaining or other so called ratings being down even knows football that is high as in past years. Hum. I am not testing does this kind of stupid to tell someone how to protest. People always say we gotta do it all cameras wolf for football players athletes for bass players for baseball players bear. You know stage is in front of crowds. Not at practice when no one's there besides the coaches and maybe one or two guys from the media. You know it not at Holm when their sleeping or watching film not inside. Film room with their coaches if there are sitting on the floor and now it's here. Their platform is on the field. Before the game during the game after the game. So when he nailed during the anthem this has nothing to do. There's already a video of players sterling brown from the Milwaukee Bucks who is arrested. Tase. And a CVS parking lot it's like six cops to basically Toews got over a parking violation. This is on the reasons why they Neil it has nothing to do with the minutes are like this is my opinion I'm not. Saying the space and everyone's thinking you got eight we watcher but a lot of this started when contact nick said. And after he talks to army vet who said I read do you not sit down but if you're going to do it Neil outrage that you Neal and why are you doing this while I'm doing this because of police brutality overseen. And in this world well we see and again be in Indy. That's why they kneel and I think they're basically taking that right from these players. President trump was told of the rule by a Fox News. They were chatting about a few things and Brian Kilmeade from fox inference. Oh was speaking with president trump for president trump had to say about the new rule from the National Football League. I think it's good you have to stand. Proudly for the national when you shouldn't be playing you should be there may be should be. In the country. Maybe you shouldn't be in that country. So what he's inferring. Is that if you are kneeling while the National Anthem is being played at the flag is being presented maybe you shouldn't be in the country. I don't think he understands what the feelings about it. Right I agree with that I'll think he understands what they're protesting that it's not only a lot of patriotism. And the president gets that I that's pretty bold step. Made a lot of people don't understand it but for going to if they're going to have this rule. That means for now on when this twenty. Eighteen Seton stars and I don't talk to you cheese fans when it's when he eighteen seasons starts. Do not buy beer concession stands when they say home of the brave don't say home of the cheese because you're just disrespecting get the same way that you think they're nailing it. The First Amendment allows you to peacefully protest in my correct on that that's one I don't remember what what exactly is that the First Amendment to NC a mad man it's for a vote. Asked. You wouldn't. I just had to remove it the First Amendment in December and it. So again there on knots. Keeping them from protest and to be clear about what's happening they're just saying if you're gonna protest you'd need to go out of the spotlight of the cameras that. You get because we gave you which. And kind it out to protest it out that the First Amendment doesn't say we have to allow you to protest on a football field it's a sense after the department protest he's. 5767798. President trump statement now played again for when he was asked about the new rules today by box for. I think it's gonna get to stand. Proudly for the National Anthem we shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there may be should be. In the country. This country was founded on the freedom. To protest the flag that is that is one of the things that makes the United States of America special. So what right I can't understand. Is why someone who claims to love America. And you know that the America first in all of that. Lie in the world is someone chooses to Neil he would say he probably shouldn't be in the country. I don't like Lee said about not being in the country to I think. They're still being allowed to neat and others still being allowed to protest so it's not like there that Wright is being taken away from them entirely. But should they be kicked out of the country. No. I obviously not right is there anybody thinking that Ken advocates for that and or what he said well yeah I mean seriously kicked out of the country like really. I think it's good you have to stand. Proudly for the National Anthem leisurely playing you should be there may be should be. In the country. It you don't have to stand is not a rule you don't not a law you don't captive and and the NFL can say. If you're not going to do the same thing is everybody else. You you can go somewhere else. I've 767798. Let's go to DD in Kansas City TE thanks for calling do you agree with president trump. I can't write you an agreement. And they're right people that attacked only. At currently we are at hand and right is that lack of art and I think that. Need to be. And it ain't black people have got up and now why else they're recognizing. Our. Our country. A quiet and battle. It went electronic made earlier it out well and it went out and country and why can't you and Al. Brutality or lack. And Alex and I. Got a lot more on actually. DD thank you your phone call. 5767798. Eric you're next up a 91 KM BZ. Pay to go don't know. Ago. You know revered. Bird you're. On the bed and every once in Columbia American there right. Irked some. Bay can protest at the back of people note condition that they live. Unacceptable. Net this iron in need people wing Wal-Mart like well I'll sit back and be in oil. Owners follow your lead. This great. They buried protests that people be uncomfortable. To prop itself up league. All old people that that we aren't really nice guy. While we Inco being in court. Craig. And in a league this year we will probably our justice system and that the woman out to protest. Let people know that. We should be treated according countries a query and a great. Eric Andrea phone call and thank you for your service. We'll take a few more of these we're gonna play who might have been up a little bit Jamie is made it especially hard today. Finally Travis like I finally got it. So you're the one for tomorrow. And not somebody that Travis and I think he said he doesn't need to now. That's called a game not just don't usually doesn't mean you shouldn't what's our keyword cash is king and can fix ordinance seven to anyone. What do you think a president trumps words. Yesterday. The NFL made their new rules he spoke to FOX & Friends. You shouldn't be playing in shouldn't be there may be should be. In the country. 767798. Taking your phone calls on the reaction from president trump and whether or not you agree with Sammy told this to FOX & Friends. After yesterday the National Football League established their new rules for protesting during the National Anthem. I think it's gonna get to stand. Proudly for the national. We shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there may be should be. In the country's. Maybe you shouldn't be in the country for exercising your first amendment rights 767798. You agree with that. Am stuck to Dennis in Kansas City Dennis you're on NBC. Yeah. It. And possibly comment that you know I'm an agreement with trump statement that kind of inflammatory things. And the green with a concept. I don't I don't watch a football game to find out what lament that on the scene out of state politically. I extend their rights to protest but the employs. Well I can't say everything I wanna say just gonna wanna say it I have to do what my boss wants so I think the decision that good decision and the room. We have here hiding net that you want it on television you know I sort of like that have that it meant that every ride the coat definitely want to. I don't think it is just about the president I think with a lot of people in this nation why flag honored we won that slam of honor. That doesn't mean we're anti the people that are pro at my statement. Dennis thinks the Obama and we appreciate it. Brian in Kansas City on KM BZ what do you think of president Trump's reaction to the new NFL rules. Just like to reduce color you guys an instance here were people. Sort of misinterpreted. What's happening the First Amendment that protection against government and has the previous caller mentioned your private employer and you can do. Whatever you wanna do in terms make little about it there. At least somewhat justifiable the second part is to approach this network in history shows that's what he talked about gun here okay whomever. If you approach has to work you have to suffer being injustices to duke which means if he would have felt as you can't techniques and there's going to be consequences to treat duke. That you take that mean you saw those consequences. You let the world know that that's happening and you know used popular. But as long as you continue to fight against the consequences and say well you know that's not right in Germany you know this either sort of a matter of litigation or some other. 40. Intended. The idea that you are going to be mistreated and public guy doesn't really exist and it less effective. And and so I think those things and the third thing in a separate dissent. In the courtroom as a long time ago as far as it being the flag and respectful. They argued that Texas Jon and Kate let you know and they've said let's. And it took venerated symbol of what Texas Georgia and the court the judges even spoke up and said yeah that's why it works. Have to make people have to be venerated symbol you have to get their attention if they're not very little there's not too. The point approach testing is to get a reaction out of people is to get people to feel emotional in some people's eyes. But 767798. You agree with president trump let's go to Chris in Kansas City dried KM BZ was up Chris. Well. At a guy. Like op. Are out. Oh. Oh. Eight a lot of Italy no one ever disrespect. To anyone that they're not the entire. There was argument and that better match that it suspect in the military and our country and it is actually in back Ole. Yeah act. Europe it is figuring navy veteran so when you see guys take the State's Marcus Peters he's to be on the chiefs. Does that upset you. If I don't I I get more ideas are. Good idea what they are. And Ed thank you very much for your service we appreciate the phone call as well Chris I've 767798. Again earlier today. Church ever busy gay by the way he was asked about the new rules from the National Football League by FOX & Friends. Think it's good you have to stand. Proudly for the National Anthem we shouldn't be playing you shouldn't be there may be shouldn't be. In the country. Wayne in Kansas City you're next up on KM BZ thanks for call Dwayne. Eight bank currently on a I feel like I have to agree wit. What he's trying to do you eat trying to get their country back could be and Kyle. Of being American. On the on the other side of it like this true fact about him saying that. If he'd go over there at the end but you shouldn't be in this country. I mean the whole reason why people are upset with the NFL players and it might make millions of dollars you're on the world stage you're on TV every every deck on the weekend and the best you can do. Is Neal during the nationally at them about pure gold to a police department is dealt with police officers. And find out why. It's quite different happening. We got to break it up there Wayne. A lot of them do. Lot of guys donate money to charities Alec abdic famously donated a million bucks. Chris Long the Eagles. Donate a lot of his salary last year to it to cherries to it to figure out you know to to find ways to stop this. The proper term statement is two things number one he fundamentally. Indicates that he doesn't understand. What this country's about. And that in living in the United States we are fortunate that you get to protest the flag if you want or Uga to protest anything if you want. So saying they shouldn't be in the country shows you don't understand what American values are and what country was founded on. All does understand the protests were about because that's not even what they were about in the first place. We're arguing about something that it has been completely twist you he's me about something it's not about. And to your point Mike about money being raised ninety million dollars has been sent to social justice packed ID. Because that's what they are based scheme nailing four was social injustice going on this road so they raised ninety million dollars of throughout these protests. Stock in Kansas City thanks for call a little later on came BC. I area deal. All right Mike. It I I don't care trump you know but Lauren back. Miami you know being that way at bank get and I mean you know everybody has the right protect. Be able you know it. They are employed at L players there employee. It made it's much heavier they may I would do what they don't. Mean my diet can do that kind of work. Matt. Only a few people so let me. I did a one man this equity your percent Lynette because they're rich they shouldn't protest. I didn't all I know it's. Like let's. Take a look at that I want. Can broke their belt right why not do it for a while you know it that much money would need to combat projector like that. Well I think it's enough to me that it's an interesting question that you bring up somebody else brought that up yesterday to me and they said you know. Either so oppressed. They're making millions of dollars to play a game and I said they're not the ones that their that this is about. We win when you look at. You know what they're doing who they're standing up for the sitting up for the guy that doesn't have. Millions of people look at out of every single day they're standing up for the people who don't have the platform. But the only reason they get to is because someone else hired them to do a job. And they're taking advantage of that spotlight. On you know there are other ways to protest besides taking a bans the camera that you happen to have on you. Because you play for the NFL. So I don't I don't blame. The bosses for saying you can protest all you want but you're not gonna do it our time. Linda thank you for your phone call final word on this goes to Aaron in Kansas City on KM BZ what's up Aron. Well I called yesterday and call back today. I have to agree with you wicket on on one thing and that is that you that this was. More like a dead issue and trial brought life back to our I don't believe it was a complete debt issue but what they protest that was. Being hurt for the reason of the protests and trump didn't bring life back Hewitt played in the weight magician so when I don't pay that. Testing I'm gonna have all white page. Wipe up against them because I want them to think it's about that and you know everybody sang the First Amendment right protection from the government the double protection from you know consequences. But in my mind at this very close to the government stepped in and impeding upon the First Amendment right. Because they're the ones that calm the uproar about the protest in the first. So they may not be back leash saying you can't protest that. But trump has pretty much gone on record double on. These owners need to do something about the protest. And that's what they do it. Eric thanks man appreciate it and he continues to talk about. Am in now if he had not spoken out about the first time the story would have died more quickly how many people then how many players we have that following the a 111 we would've had that many. And I don't know why you just why it's an issue he feels need to weigh in on. On the day were were you know not doing in North Korea summit I mean those two things are making headlines today I can't. Really blame trump for bringing it up it was fox. That brought it up Kilmeade was standing there. And asked him about it giving him his first wrecks when there was this morning it was yesterday afternoon so it was fox that brought it up. Not him. And there are like other times or he has not answered questions right you can just say you know what I'm not gonna wait in that debate about it a little baloney I'll get back to you just it's well it that's for the NFL to figure out that's not that's below my pay grade you. You can check out the story out of FaceBook page it is there let us know you think FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. Right I didn't make this added Jamie made today's who mind. But it's giving you license with these clues if you would like to modify couples because if we just read them verbatim from Scott. Travis had all tend to look at in a computer you're. It is and how you're you got to figure out who I am today. It is tougher than normal TV dated speaking yesterday is that nothing's off the board legit like we Travis makes it it's never about politics. Everything's on the board when Jamie makes it. Your plane prepared to it's the ultimate tribute band The Beatles. Reunion Beatles fan is attributed the rock and roll reunion of all time field stories laughter and of course those incredible timeless Beatles classics. And great soloists that I loved by so many. To great tribute to John Paul George and Ringo at the folly theater in downtown Kansas City you wanna win tickets. Got to figure out who I am today these are good tickets to 5767798. He got the answer on the air. Clue number one you meet your stuff on my. The number one and I didn't make this. I am a Democrat. I am a Democrat Travis to present his hands like that missed with the likes and it's. Clinton brought up the Democrat who have mine it's not me about like 57677980. I. Per ticket to go see you Beatles tribute coming up next year I came easy to play of the game who line which we are playing right now feel free to jump in if you want to at 5767798. We've got tickets on line. For you to go check out Beatles tribute the ever union Beatles. Spanish attribute to structural reunion of all time great stories John Paul George and Ringo is the folly theater downtown Kansas City. Usually Jamie has the tax line opened for the entire shelf and we seek guest after guest after guest after guest amid clue number 1 is I am a Democrat we three. People not know Democrat. Love that that are are we learn some about the audience that you can't name any of Timothy are responsive that's excellent when he said that. Since the so today's persons of brainwashed idiot pursue it. I. That. Leslie that is a serious act I 76779. A literal as I am a Democrats. CB could figure out who I am today and answer on the air got to answer on the air let's start with Alex on KM BZ Alex who went nine. MI Paul McCartney. Nobody makes it seem Democrat yes I didn't know that he was he marched at the march for our lives. As a matter of fact doesn't have to be Democrats marched in March for a lives he was he was there. Believe is that the one in New York. About Ross on KM BZ Ross who died. Say that again please. You might Nancy Pelosi. Who not Nancy Pelosi accent she's in the news. She referred to the letter the president trump said that Kim Jong-un. As a Valentine's Day giggle fest they consider it. About Neil and ABC deal and I. Know you'll gonna about ten on KM BZ can who have line. Can. Your group oratory and might Nancy Pelosi and help. I am not a good don't include a 5767798. I'm a Democrat literate sue. I'm a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan. Crude output number two I mean lifelong Kansas City Royals manager John you're on KM BZ whoever John. I had an answer I was gonna. Thought somebody else. And study yes you can still guess in three. Tim shore humor and like chuck Schuettler. Do not believe mr. New York is much of royals but I don't. Called the jolly. He's gone there at 5767798. You've stumped these people that are against selling that doesn't happen until later it's time now. I like this game I like it was and while let's go to Josh and KM BZ Joshua nine. Your weight. It must seem like quick and I'm like 1 can I am I am not a lifelong Kansas City Royals won these days I will do landmines and it will be used. I'd love to see the eight clues you've come up from leaders on it it'll be on that. It out that that we haven't talked about it here necessarily julliard and KM BZ Joseph whoever I. But Tim came. He's Democrat for sure at a relatives alike look royals fan. Let's see here next clue for you. I spent three and a half years. In a very visible role. Under President Obama. I spent three and a half years in a very visible role. Under President Obama. 5767798. Let's go to like well I'm like. Yeah. Yeah. And Eric stone street about Paul you're thinking of easy lovable. Well. Aren't you to stick with that. In my Garth Brooks. About Nancy and team beaten and she's on us techs like. They're telling idea of Mercury are included liberal and I'm Democrat delivered to the lifelong royals in every three. I spent three years in a very visible role under president Barack Obama. I'm feeling really good about myself for now since. Haven't really good noon hour right now variety in your mind KM BZ who Bryant. Not turn. In my Josh Earnest. Impressive followed you a little faith. Old Bryant that was pretty good man of good job buddy I mean it is secretariat to explain who Josh Earnest is how well you've got tickets WA Bryan to the ultimate tribute. It is reunion Beatles and as a tribute is the Iraq general union hall available time the stories laughter. Those incredible titles Beatles classics great trip becoming a folly theater in downtown Kansas City I would love to see this leaves a huge Beatles fan huge Beatles fan. So we'll give it the pair tickets tomorrow. Went out Bryant got for you and I had no right to an all time close eye open and Brian heard four I should of annual was I feel bad. Call I did wasn't well I card I did kind of the group some clues together all ten GAAP and didn't know for people like groups and closed I'm still I'm the idiot here. Yeah I mean there's no that's fine had it awhile ago a good job I've. These are difficult tax on net he is the former white house Press Secretary under President Obama he was the last one the President Obama had gotcha he is from Kansas City. Declaring that you didn't get yet that was getting that was he was just hired as the new communications director for United Airlines and is moving to Chicago to help sort that disaster what's gone on united easy going so well things. So I am Aegean island of interviewed him multiple times including in studio. Last year was a clue on the list leading to Sao I he has a big royals fan as somebody pointed out yeah out when when the royals at the White House Heatley got a bunch of pictures of Hosmer and local talks achieved slot and a Twitter feed and I thought it was gonna want it. Eligible for tomorrow man. That was. But. And whoever else. Detects light it was all over the prob is when the tech find gets it we can't say that on the air because then you're gonna WR Ng and you're gonna call again that's T. And cheat on our soap coming up and some of your makings of his comments about what nine and I think. There and open the tax line now let's what's being said how bad we are ever so it's. When you talk about it appalled that I am out all based on our little. Back and forth or app which don't nine. About breakfast. Sort of if you follow me on Twitter at Jamie came easy we delivered to build what are all this morning. What's the better treats. Ice cream sandwich or orange push up. It Travis is take us the better treatment what does like chocolates weird now BA Norah Danica is Travis or are up like this one's man. Or ice cream sandwich I make them right. As is the same make the right guessed wrong answer your didn't make it right so our Zain nine my it would buy him. Like a snack engine after would you rather have. Or push up or. A nice and yet ice in his hands down your hands get all gross but don't you keep in the paper. Of eating paper don't you. I haven't got some orange push ups in the freezer that do not have your name on the how meantime I have messed up on a on a push out and you push it up to Harden I think. Now. Hurt your hand look at this in the middle mechanical player.