Midday with J&W: Do we need to arm teachers in all schools?

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Thursday, February 22nd

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On Thursday a yesterday it was an interesting day in Washington DC and also down in Florida. It was so if you and I were kind of surprised by this Jamie least I know that I can say I was very surprised that he listening session that was gonna go on the white house with president trump. And the victims and families. And survivors of those in Florida was was televised like I went home and watch the entire thing and I was blown away of will with the coverage. Jack so we knew on the inside baseball your little that we knew from ABC news that they were probably going to carry some of it which said there was some of it was going to be public. I'm I'm surprised it was public I thought now it would've been much easier for him to have just held a closed door session. And sad for the privacy of the families were and I you know and and to make the kids comparable to not be on national television were to scuttled this behind closed doors. But it was much more powerful and I was listening to it I'm Dana parks is returning home yesterday. And it was it was really powerful to listen to you so an and kudos to everybody involved. Were two go through some of the things that were said buys for the parents of the students. Smother people that were there I mean there was a dad they're very passionate father who lost his son and in the sandy hook massacre. The the mayor of the apartment was there. Com poll. Sure you know. Trying to get the message of whatever their side was their feelings of of losing family members losing friends losing best friends. And I and I applaud president trump for hosting it you know we people think that I'll just dog everything trump does or we feel like anything trump does I I have to give the guy credit. Ford for opening the doors for either if the people in every sixty people in this room. Kids parents friends of the deceased I thought it was great really did. And if you've got nothing else out of what he announced in terms of on policy efforts are policy initiatives correct me if I'm wrong and you listen to the market tighter. Two things hit me right out of the gate and frankly it was it was and that's the part that I Ellison joined in and parts live. On he's not saying we should arm all teachers he's mad that a couple of media outlets are saying that's what he said but he is suggesting that that could help cut down. On active shooter situations arming teachers and administrators and school staff members with training. That would be good way to get. Scope concealed carry. And it's it only works where you have people very adept at using firearms of which you have many. And it would be teachers and coaches at the coach had a firearm in his locker when he ran. This guy coaches very brave. Saved a lot of lives I suspect. But if he had a firearm it would matter run they would of shot and that would have been the end of that. And this would only be obviously for people that are very adept. At handling and gun. And it would be it's called concealed carry. Where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them they go for special training. And and they would. The beat there and you would no longer have a gun free zone gun free zone to a maniac. Because the world cowards. A gun free zone is let's go and analysts attack because bullets aren't coming back at us. And if you. If you do this and a lot of people are talking about it and certainly a point that we'll discuss. That was a president trump yesterday and suggesting today on Twitter that 20% or so. Would carry. Were asking you by the way it is a poll question on Twitter should we arm teachers let us know if you think we should or should not on Twitter KM BZ radio. And I think one of the most moving parts of yesterday was Andrew Pollack. Whose daughter was mad out and she was shot. And killed last week and he they gave him the microphone. And heat. Spoke for a little while here's Andrew Pollack got to Florida who lost his daughter. Or that school shootings. Turn it doesn't access fix it should have been one school shooting and we should yeah. And pitch. That's my door unlocked. Could see it. He's not yet she's not it. My daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week so just take it. Shot nine times on the third floor. We that's a country failed my children. They shouldn't have. We go to the airport. I can't get on a plane what bottled water but we leave. Some apple could walk into the school and shoot our children. It's it's just not right and he can come together as a country. And work on want to walk and that's protecting our children. In the schools. That's the only. And come together. And not think about different people need to come together as a country. Not different parties and figure out how we protect the school. It's it's simple. It's not typical we protect. Airports. We protect concerts. Stadiums. And this is. The Department of Education that I wore it today that as a security guard and that elevated. I think that makes me feel in the elevator they got security. I'm very angry that this happened but he keeps happened. 9/11 happened wants and they fix everything. How many schools how many children have to get shot. It stops here with this administration had me if I'm not gonna I'm not sleep until it's fixed. And as the president. We're gonna fix it. That I'm gonna I'm gonna fit. I'm not in Iraq. It's into Pollack losses dollar daughter meadow. Also I mean it and and to see that passion by the way it was it was. It was good it was sad it was depressing too to know what he went through his three sons with him right next to him. But I sat there just on my couch like wow that this is really happening. Yeah and needed to happen on and we're starting to get tax on the teachers with guns thing feels free to call we are gonna do this'll later but since we mention your your kind of chime in in any way is it 22980. Or 5767798. Did because we know yet again teachers and students are off to you because this morning so. On if you are home today because you your school was out we would love to hear from teachers again would you be willing. To carry a gun to school and parents would you feel safer and students would you feel safer. Because that was the big on. It in terms of policy that was the big bang and he also talked a bit about background checks but he didn't talk any analysts Aniston. About restricting guns they did not there are no there was no discussion about further regulation or further bans of anything dealing with guns. I didn't hear a lot about mental health it really seemed to be about arming teachers on so what do you think about 576 sevenths. In the shooting as well we'll get some of the stuff the town hall. That was there yesterday plus more from president trump the tunnel was in Florida by the way nick and and and I have to tell yeah. Watching that I have a new found respect for a Republican senator that I did not have a ton of respect for. We got to get to Marco Rubio because the way he just sat there and to book aimed beating it. And still walked away is impressive but it's all that coming up. Yesterday how and why you think it's okay and armed teachers simple question you can vote on Twitter KM BZ radio we'll get to your phone calls coming up next. We went on everything we can learn and we're gonna go. Starting about two minutes after this meeting we're going to work this is a long term. Situation that we have to solve we'll solve it together you've gone through extraordinary pain. And we don't want others to go through the kind of pain that you've been through who wouldn't be. Wouldn't be right years ago we had mental hospitals mental institutions. We're a lot of them and a lot of them have closed is a sick guy. And he should have been nabbed a number of times. President Donald Trump yesterday in a listening session inside the White House where survivors also the parents of those we lost last Wednesday in Parkland others. Were there including some from sandy hook other organizations were there are some kids. And teachers from local schools in DC were there are trying to figure out how to end this problem. 5767798. President trump laid out a couple of things yesterday were gonna focus on the suggestion of arming teachers. Asking right now do you think teachers should be armed 5767798. Again 5767798. You can vote on our Twitter poll question follow us and vote on Twitter KM BZ radio Jane we've got over 500 votes yeah. And and yes yes no and not sure we threw an owner who yes I don't know enough college. Pretty even across the board 66%. Of those their voted would not armed teachers. And I we wanna hear from everybody but really I wanna hear from teachers today you're Ross many of you accept entries now. A cousin the ice. It's a group of people we need to hear from now because that's one thing when the general public mentions the idea of arming teachers but the president yesterday suggested that that's the way that we fight school shootings is armed teachers and administrators. And other staff members and that means you that means teachers that we hapless and that means that you would be expected. To be armed in school and take down a shooter 576779. Or 2290. Rogue like elements in this point yeah on animal that the funds. Because it's so Smart and it's from a teacher and it's it's an idea I didn't think about the needs to be mentioned. 2535. Says no I am a teacher and no one has brought up the issue of liability. If an active shooter comes in my room and I am armed what I find miss and I striking innocent student or right choose not to shoot the shooter. Am I then liable for any student or teacher does that result because I didn't shoot when I could have. Or someone gets hurt by friendly fire great question wow great question thanks for bring in now on out. That's. That's not big cluster and I think there's a big. Printed tween being able to hit a target and and being a good shot at stationary you know target. At a at a piece of paper right person's image as opposed to when the lights are flickering lights are off. And you've got. 25 kids in your class are hundreds running up and down and somebody you don't know where they all are. Walking around with a gun like I don't know how would specialized training you need to be good at bat but just being able to hit a paper target is not. Mean you'd be able to take down a shooter in that situation yeah that's a really great pointer that would have an apple throws a gas grenade or whatever they are smoke grenade and all of a sudden they have a mask on and they can see you and they can see the kids but you can't seek them. Or that shooter is running. Yeah is moving and you can't you can't get a good shot or Decatur Gardner in your class whose freaking out understandably Ryans and gets in the way. Good question should be armed teachers 57677. Running a pet in clay Coble you're on KM BZ patch we are teachers. I'm not sure we should arm the teachers. Unless they are trained. For conceal and carry. But there are plenty of policeman or retired. Or ex military who could not have a middle issues that need jobs or what would mind being guards it is schools. Also. Talking about on or about what the gentleman who lost his daughter was talking to trump yesterday. He he is right its course you can't get on an airplane. Or anything without going to metal detectors but our schools are wide open. And it's arsenic goes our children our most precious commodity. Yet we that can get on school buses every day without seat belts yet you and higher driving down the road it will be ticketed for not having mercy. Outline Childers a lot and let me. To guy and I was gonna land why congress where logic but it's cost we talked before about the got a little more important. That our children why. What you're saying cost more yes yes. Or art. Yes yeah that's what they're saying yeah that's why is where buses don't have as a. They knew that when they want to split the argument dummy. That I'm a law abiding citizen yet I had to get a certain type of a gun because I might make wonders school because their cost and take up my child some else's child. They don't want to talk about that issue. Of cost. Or I'd we don't audit to get on a school bus and goes to work without seatbelts because the cost. And teachers are ganging up on. Pat you're not. Let me just respond to our right it's hard tried it yes. I'm teachers are telling me on the tax line and and you're not the first ones to mention that. Additional training for teachers is going to have it costs also in and who was paying for a fact and so I. You know my least favorite words and education are unfunded mandate. And that's that summing up we're talking about where does that money come from. Pat thinks the focal again a lot of it comes down to the almighty dollar. I told you my plan. I've told you hire a 150000. Trained guards across the country one for every student as our one for every 250 students we have. Take 1%. Of Trump's military budget that seven and a half billion dollars. Pay those guards fifty grand a year get them trained get him on campus. It's seven point five billion you still have 686. Billion dollars to spend. Tracy tattered and 8979. Billion to spend on the military boom. That's my answer take out of the military budget 1% is not going to all of a sudden make us a Third World military. Let's go to John in is Casey and 81 TMB easy John Yoo and armed teachers. No I don't secure their lives they came here organ one of the local school districts there and and someone keep your trap me I wouldn't trust with corporate well I wouldn't throughout the guy. There are definitely stable but dark. In the is that. Fighting. Pretty good news acknowledge it and that we welcome back it's there are clear we're clear line of sight you pulled that trigger. You get somebody into that. There you go law student not charges brought against you are a prosecutor or. We know. And murder in at all in fact. Right all right I think it's a good point man thank you for your phone call we appreciate it let's go to Robin Kansas City and 91 KMO Paulo by the wrong button their. Now around here on 91 KM BZ go ahead but. On the American treatment you're there to. This. Day where are OK so. I got a lot to say about this that all people are really sure where it. I don't know it's the right answer. Bart. Mean you're doing a good but at the same time it's like we're not doing anything that period except talk and an argument back and forth. At least this and I deal whether right or wrong but it's not a quick critics either it takes aren't too. Give someone in the proper training and so there are going to be like abilities so you wanna make sure you can show that every one it's not going to be. Walk in the door and mr. hawk and you covered entity in mr. Jones you haven't gone to bury these people if they do what they need to be trying to reach aren't. And they're there or our ability you know. The liability of a child hurt by future but it seemed aren't. That happened with police department to in the military where it it just something that happened. You know it's hard to say but it's better than not and but that's not and we can get people properly trained Purdue next. Where you sit there right out of party crowd read out of the gate use that is doing something to do something is this shall we do something just to do something or shall we figure out what the right thing to do is. A little bit we we need to do so often but we need to. Not to do so that we need to do something solid argument back and work on what needs to be done. Who cares we have to aren't in school. We don't we wait to have you. There are federal Marshal on airplanes Larry just sitting there in secret by. Debuted at an airport have you ever heard of anyone breaking into recruitment retention and recruitment it cliche here that's probably it. It's harder to get in prison there's been but it street did to a school should be. I mean it makes them. Let's so we need to do something whether that provide the wrong answer. It's an idea. But it's not a fast idea that's gonna take target people properly trained people volunteering to do it if they don't have enough volunteers per school what are we gonna do. There's only two people were on the carrier on and the school at the future world war we're gonna do what they need seven volunteers. Well and let's not forget either rob that there was a guard on campus now one guard for 2300 kids. Not enough there was one armed guard on the campus and park and but not eating I mean he had no chance many kids sneaks in. Whatever blends in gets in walks and you're on the north into the building he gets on the south into the building the kid knew the school he probably may have seen where the security guard was. And again I wanna hear from teachers and if you're texting and ending your teacher or former teacher let me know that 22980 because I think that's the voice that mean. Of course we wanna hear opinions but that's the voice we need to hear. Common sense please mr. trump these are things we have to do in his Israel if 327 years old I haven't gone you're only allowed one they tax the guns. You have to go through significant training we got to do something about death. We cannot have our children died this is just heartbreaking. That's carry Gruber who lost his son. In the shooting last week he was speaking to president trump president trumped by the way. Sort of alluding to we're we're talking about arming teachers we go right back to the phones banning Bob stocks stricter background checks and also. Alluding to raising the age to 21 to buy a gun but right now we're focusing on the arming teachers and whether or not your favorite 5767798. It's gonna market Merriam who's been hanging on the longest thanks much for your patience marked the floor is yours. Yes then yeah mandate kinda. Trying to solve my Hoover Dam you put on good teachers there and that might do a little bit. Didn't get rid of these semi automatic military weapons. The only met with a battlefield that other network guilin people they're not met Ronnie. I mean I mean think about their yeah that you had to argue it. I mean you regarding. The ability to actors we've been so busy again and it didn't record. And with the best we hadn't been. Media at. All the equipment detectors. And limit and be with these men to Wear and so automatic big advantage. You know not revolutionary days and we. Are going to Houston shot that. And mark let me out of play devil's advocate for because I'm sure the text line Jamie tell me if I'm wrong about this when someone says get rid of these semi automatic weapons these they are fifteen. What if someone says it's my right to buy it and I should be able to because of the Second Amendment. Can. I say they're definitely. In the regular apparently. You know what have you done and it is not quite what that meant to kill. All. Right to do on the military. Men. And number two quick. He could do that. And keep on equipment. That that he. I mean I've been to new York and a lot of people like that that I am I ever do that ultimately. And Florida gas gas just had this. Upstart that he did then and some kind of mental health treatment in the past so yes there. If you're asked do you have a history of mental health problems I think he would probably say no but evidence suggests yes. Thanks a phone call mark appreciate it a score back and talked to Andrew Smith on 91 KMB easy and usually are teachers. Not. An adverse. Yeah but now technically need money into two current rules. There's there's a lot of ground where. They are on the ballot to upgrade the schools. It and it all gets shot harassment though we're document they do. Where governors will be able and we're gonna get hurt kids out of these trailers that are out there. So whenever they go to school. What are your cute is that in the trailer. Nurse sitting down. So pull it all drama school. And so. Somebody good. At the school and no. What requires changes in what Dorgan kid got him. You know like you're the agent goes to the next. And without people put their money and their money towards these schools to upgrade them insecure. You know and get everybody on building way they do have to do a full walk around. You know it would be a lot paper. Thanks for the phone call injure appreciate it. Can average if you tag as the hours and former usually. Again. We wanna hear from everybody but teachers need to be heard and former teachers need to be heard on those because you're the ones in the classroom who know better than retail. And attacks on 2389 I am a former teacher I don't know guns. I would not be comfortable being arm but I do believe that eight schools should have heavily armed security teams. And attacks on I may former teacher of ten years I'm very professional with a guy on guns do not need to be in the classroom period what a student overpowered the intent my gun. If I keep my gun locked up to I asked intruder to waits while I am lock. Also on the sex line teachers and guns would be the first target of a shooter didn't know any teacher a teacher would be shot first. Good good point teachers are armed. It's code to Dan in Kansas City on KM BZ Dan do you think teachers should carry. Like. Jerry but that's about it. That thing. So that's too who. Who registered. To. The classroom. And so. On medication where registered. And start right there and who is register with terrible situation what's that and postal. And it featured as Richards should know about this and in that start. The old. Ship that's the haven't gone aren't. Can you clarify something for me or collect because I'm I'm not as familiar with gun laws admittedly is as some people. What I have been told is that anyone under a certain age is not allowed to own a gun. So would that even you can you can buy guns for someone else but from what I am when I'm told I didn't think it was okay for someone under the age of eighteen. To have guns of their own now. I would say well I found it at bay or CR OL. Every teacher in class should note that this is registry where. And you'd get in trouble he has. Trouble. And it is Medicare or not. No and there is a rule. I'm management. Is Margaret clap. City. Eighty as. There's management there's there are glad that hurt you know at an herbal. Leona. You know eat eat eat you know take a little callers because we know. Anything that he spoke. And audit everybody and bad teachers should be heard. That it. Is now like so. It's well that all out. Like writes the Kerry you can still wet. Squall. Should have a all the. Carry that signal you wanna armed students. Well I that's where I don't want. What could. It become a LI OR you don't. Spent Democrats start out and meet juicy and. How about each other like okay. I have to cut jobs when you get two more before the break number gonna move on. Arming stewed op I'm not a fan of arming teachers. I am even less of a fan of arming an. Eighteen year old boys and girls. I I can't. For the life of me. Fathom support. Out of a large percentage of people. To arm. High school students. Okay what you have an idea on the table and and let people react to bat because defense is making sure topics here because here's what here's why. Because in my head of my first thought is oh my god what are you suggesting and then the writing goes you just said eighteen year olds. They are adults. And if you are of the mind sad that on that more guns in a school. Would prevent someone from shooting bear because that's or hearing in that. Shooters go after schools because their countries not answer as a trump said yesterday so if your idea is more guns to school would make that school less of the targets. Do you completely opposed the idea of arming some well trained eighteen year old student. Yeah I do I don't care they grew up punters I don't care if their dad has forty guns and they go shooting all the time no I'm not arming NET a group of eighteen year old kids to see it in class again in all fairness they're adults you can train them as well as you could teachers and we have teachers and schools that are 22 years called. 229 you're 576779. Day personally. I think I don't think more guns is the answer. But I think. I don't know if he realized that he was suggesting but what if it is an eighteen year old student. That's have a gun for ten years and has been shooting for a long time and has the training. I think it's I I think it's off the wall I think it needs to be a person and position of authority there I think there are legal issues there. But more honest would prevent more shootings. I I I I've I can't oppose this more. I can't oppose it more but I bet there are people that think two good idea that train kids they're gonna know the school they're gonna be able to react to teachers going to be focused on teaching kids can. More guys now you know the more eyes are on the school watch him for that behavior it's a terrible idea it's a light. It's not terrible because it's teachers can be given a certain sat. On guidelines and that kind of thing that the kids wouldn't get. We squeeze mentality and in Kansas City and came easy mentality do you think we should armed teachers Keating we should armed students. I don't think you'd actually I'm honestly. I think our future it's completely terrible idea. Computer that's a moment. The military. We trained our soldiers. To be able looked at him and I'm something most likely have ever seen before in their lives. And pull the trigger. What sort of training. Would prepare each teacher. You look at one of their students because that's how important is that these student. That compliment to grand. How much training would be given to teachers to be able to stand there. A student and there's someone in her report. And pull the trigger. That is a great question I don't know if you watched the coverage yesterday morality this is one of the kids at the White House and wanna thank you for your phone call when I get a few more coming up next but. Before we go to break this kid's name is Sam Asif. And he said the same thing yesterday. It doesn't even feel like a week. Time has stood still. I lost the best friend. It's practically a brother. And I'm here to use my voice. Because I know he can't. And I know he's with me. Cheer me on. To be strong but it's hard possibility. Going to school every day and not knowing if they're gonna have to kill one of their students or not. And knowing that they have the option to I was in shock. A I really couldn't believe. He would even think of the idea of putting that responsibility on teachers I don't understand how these politicians. We get paid to lead our country cannot see this as. Sam Z fees lost his best friend in the shooting last week speaking to CNN yesterday asking you right now do you want armed teachers. And travesty how that call that spur another discussion on a play this as well this was Dan I believe called in just a few minutes ago. Teachers should be hurt him he had it. In you know like so. That's below their all out. It like it highlights the Jerry you can still wet and small I think it should happen at all. Carry that signal you and armed students. Well. You agree that. 5767798. We go to Stephen only he's been hanging on the lawn is Steve thanks for calling. So. Well. A couple of years ago eight. Court courtroom out. Oh Steve I gotta tell you know you're an old reliable whatever happened with your phone there's allowed squelch that is when a driver listeners bad if you wanna call back jump you right to the top and I can't put on the air. I don't know where to which he was going to go will be preaching trying tries XT that's squelch is just too hard to listen to. Dennis Kansas City dentists things are colony can we should armed teachers or students. I forget what caught. A real good at Wharton what are your my wire there's pressure local university. And here's what outward. Lynn I'll certainly make sure didn't someone is doing something wrong sometimes and there are some on the floor goes through it's a one out. At that point because are duly sworn off circle law. That is all felony murder. Are you should be huge charged with that Warner on wood lot wife actually shoot some numbers student. Are the people are countless security we hope she can be charged with murder Sheikh there or went through a body. This is something nobody seems to want to talk about Osama Al east shouldn't. This furious after app. So that's what. Great point Dennis preach at the phone call I think it's something people not. Considered in suggesting teachers be armed on me if you're if you mandate that an end to us you're gonna have to if if that's going to be your plans to prevent school shootings you gotta make sure you have a certain number of teachers and schools are armed and he's got a. He's right that what happens a famous. Go to Kevin in Kansas City here on KM BZ Shui armed teachers should be armed students Kevin. No I need to one acres. A better way to do it right I really don't. Paperwork to be solved this problem it would have to deal with it until we come to solution. I'm glad you were barred emotions on each sock the ball went maturities. Middle helped under the issues. I think it is the first problem and we've got to take it down to school we have elected school or. Of course we have harder administrators and put in place that they're there to do something on coaching he always come up with. Are you gonna budged. They're correct figure out urged take away extracurricular activity. Because what life is worth more than an extracurricular activity. Or ambivalent property taxes or you know have the state fund money from some girls or have the federal government why the money I got shoe I got Kevin time would you think this. And brother. Get two guards on every school I am 50000 dollars a year two guards for every 500 students or one guard for every 250 students pay him 50000 dollars a year where is the money come from. Give me 1%. Of the military budget and seven and a half billion dollars. That is enough to put one car on campus for every student pre K through college. Well want to why can't we I mean we are measuring national park in a hole when a ball. Why can't compete or to school. I it's I don't know the answer that I don't know how quickly it's a governor brightens. Or governor collier in Kansas would be able to mobilize and we have the numbers. To put it put guards on every school in the two states. Apart at the mighty I would take one part arbitrate. Because you don't like their children like I recurrence or younger who wants there. There is no price you would you report. Agree 100% agree and again everybody has it always comes down to where you gonna get the money. I've got my plane for seven and a half billion out of a 686. Billion dollar plan from presidential. I said I said it on Twitter BC me on Twitter retorted as and it depends a senate does trump the senate or speaker Ryan I spend too. I Chuck Schumer said Claire McCaskill said the Roy Blunt somebody get it to DC. Seven and a half billion dollars it pays for a 150000. Former cops former security guards veterans. People who are experienced with weapons not Joe Schmo the history teacher who took a concealed carry class. Hitting the target in dealing with an active shooter situation are different things. Go to Ron in midtown Ron you're a 91 KM BZ. Outdoor. Well I'm that also going to can be discussed. Cute things that almost went to about. Remotely. The Asian market one of Chinese Americans. That could be changed on it and gone as well as well. And unfortunately you know. Chipotle they use these so automatic weapons or harming. If you can't shoot deer are shot you know or you don't deserve. It existing calling it. Clearly our as possible about what built the war and not about politics aren't of this missiles or you know reports in our day. There's they pretensions. Who they wanted to use as a whole structure. To decide where things need to be searched and what what army. There's. The national benchmark apartment solutions solve problems do. Well because they did you don't want to do it. Such as the and lost voters. You know it was meant to determine if he has any notion is almost as often he decided to do to disarm to do. And so without exploding number ago when actually what polls probably in common they all had meant to mention national. The common denominator as a tribal work permit the use and how much Robert barker that the terms even without the bombs start commoner. That you can do it unfortunately. And as many rounds as it is you desire at all and I stress position couple that your. And I think that's one of the things are rookies did no way whatsoever shall do our teachers are already on the plea. Other responsibilities. Or actually even in educating accused Kuwait coupon Mathers. They're very psychologist just as well. It is funny you bring that up we're gonna try to squeeze in one more generic talking about this classroom prep teaching in the class and greeting school work administration work personal attention to students. Extra curriculars or coaching and parent her interaction that's your deep freeze teacher and I gonna make them. Comp and that's only what you can predict that's not the kids that need tutoring the parents that he calls the discipline issues that you have to deal with the extra planning that has to come on the test rap I mean it's. The jobs of teachers are pretty difficult and and then you're adding another layer of something. By the way we're gonna play Marco Rubio is question are answered the question about magazine size rod it's a great when he was asked at the town hall yesterday we'll get to that last call this hour goes to Stephen in LA that go ahead even the floor is yours. It's so sorry about that awhile I remember when I when a courtroom shop a couple of years ago. Public a warrant officer who was disarmed by. Someone who was. Intent on on killing people inside of the courtroom. Introducing guns or any type weapons into a school was just responsible. And you know after the people who say that it might write my god given right whatever right to have. They are fifteen but who got eighty. Tiger take you need to question what type of intentions they both are the people. Good question man we appreciate it and think Colin back blood gets up here Stephen. Outlook comeback and this a little bit later also were still gonna get to. Marco Rubio senator rubio is answers he was grilled the last night in Florida athletes competing but he took it like a man.