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Tuesday, May 15th

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Going to be a busy show today coming up an hour from now Kansas City councilman quit Lucas will be joining us in studio we talking about a lot of things including where's all the affordable housing. That's coming up at 11 o'clock but first before we get started we have the keyword cash balance. BLU and CD bounce is the word text support and a 72881. And you're in the running for thousand dollars. The big news that happened yesterday it was funny. So watch out we have you know how he's part that reasons are part of the way we prep for the show is side Jamie myself and Travis Rodney FaceBook and FaceBook chat where we got to throw different ideas things that we might wanna talk about the next day. And it about 055. O'clock 530 certainly that word came down. And that the case against governor brightens this particular one against governor Greg's involving the woman in the photograph. Had been tossed out and the immediate reaction you tax me we'd all into messenger Travis put it on passenger refers that I thought. Everybody was all about. This case now to find out what that means and moving forward he is our go to guy when it comes to covering it. The governor of Missouri Eric crichton's from the Kansas City Star. Welcome in Brian Lowry Brian we appreciate the time explain what happened yesterday around 5530. It was difficult the bar scene which is probably a five that it happened but. It. So around 430 years so. I'm in the corporate America are other orders and it was jury likes to go a long day you're struggling in. In getting grill on each side about whether or not it could be impartial. And all the and so. Activity. A member of the prosecutors to exert to reach something great team sent the objects that you'll virtue but it is. The cure it is quarter as they have that slight bark enable customers to the he could sense that happening ticket can't cut. The tent up and but that's only what happened what does roster that dropped the case now. They are calling for special prosecutor be we it there in them. Disagreement about whether. Now he struck the circuitry can just. Want herself or whether it be crew but it. Court her but they're calling that you'd still be in that a prosecutor. Steve says it can be up to scratch and all that special prosecutor. Wouldn't church and again so as to upgrade at all actually is that that stockbroker and no longer patent. The invasion of privacy charge in the trial of people that expected. But it months and months of investigation and you'll pretrial. Court wrangling. Where you need to jury selection and Marcus Ortiz what legislature. Beacon which bustle let's. Let the group he's great he helped people so what. You were getting the ball and get what its people. Well. Can I explain why the decision was made. To drop the charge. He hit a couple recent poll of most important one. What does that picture I had a cool he's cute well great each key to who. This circuit returns you know we'll be clear. That what the team and Atlantic navy and secretary about the conceded. To letting her because all the stand. There's the issue of whether an investigator. Who worked on the cage commuted. Perjury that atmosphere is let that. So each other. Haven't read to allow the deposition war. Sort of the attorney to appear in court should do sworn. Testimony regarding this little. It was gonna put the secretary in the typical position urge you now practically any weakness in the states. Choose the action and essentially you are so turning it over so well in crop that. But in the end these circuit during the opposite cited that flop charge. And you pursue that avenue of the prosecutor now are you singing. Has argued that. That motion that caused that struck at caves and early and Monday morning. Well it was clear that prosecutors still that not just the alleged photographed at center. Well this case a circular. The governors awful club to not fuel any in any evidence of that so. Great team argues that you what shots it's that you vote for the thruster didn't vote also. The weakness of the tree and keep them now but. Like basically the story that was all happened yesterday. You under the radar where the attorneys on both sides at the judges chambers. To go back important that you look at and finally with the court of appeal. And weigh in the Gartner seen as secretary can partner you got the heat and from the court appeal. Nodding their fuel that decision. Around 430. And they gave it this very well. Actions. Dismissed it. That would Brian Lowry to Kansas City Star here at 91 KM BZ how well or how poorly has Saint Louis circuit attorney. Kim Gartner handled this. All I could see he needs to be a lot. Crew of the poor handling of that's. You know it's one computer grateful that words are hiring the Mexican based private investigator. Need Willie and be cute conduct the investigation. The man who treat these allegations. Of perjury either it crippling blow. Partly that it should come under. The lot of scrutiny. On the out at the governor you know the weasel that the political. Nature of this. Are very important piece so workers out there would be skeptical of in Beijing equal. Or perhaps. That the soccer injury indictment and you know should proceed with her seat and there are very competent. It's special prosecutor. Little. Optical that's seen them in it'll chart governor Dan. Look a bit streaky with the model leader. On the weaknesses in the case not just circuit term. I remember the turning of the explode in the first. A lot all of these allegations like that attorney ended up becoming a witness in the case because. The circumstances regarding you as 100000 dollar. He did he receive for the outrage in. The day yesterday so that they should. COLT beat. Bernie that the production. Allowed to be turning up the woman's. Governor what strict the cubicle instead of the circuit attorney. That it's a big thing. Mean people are local. Albert. Trouble for. I can never seen anything like that where. All of these warriors all in the seat because of various things to keep becoming witnesses in the case that's been put there are. Brent what effect does this how does this at the dropping of the charge what effect does that have on the impeachment proceedings are out of their word for it but the fact that lawmakers are gonna gather starting Friday night. To start considering impeachment what effect does one have on the other. Well if you let them lawmakers say it's less likely they have a stack. I think it probably. Does so governor quite a bit speak gives him some room. To hit back against does credit them Q. Eight reassert who's innocent obviously it is eight jury has gone down with eight guilty verdicts. In this case that would have been also wrote however lawmakers are just. Investigating the governor. Beat on these allegations involving the photographs. There's also this investigation into the charity program Bristol pending. Criminal charge on the street Louis. Stop at an attorney general investigation. And little gentle and so among lawmakers. That that's actually the stronger he has so much slut. So Lisa's case but eat what's more will we needed to you is that he does governor because you can poll. Think he'll let it to become elected. And then it also balls filing false information on race or are you teaching. Governor so. The fact that may well lawmakers might do is they need you we try to hit it too accepting cease. As the consider impeachment. It certainly complicates all six Republicans. Lawmakers. Now that this. The twenties and dropped it beat prosecutor takes an up. That may change things but for right now and that's one. Oh victory over for the governor. But it doesn't necessarily. Get him out with. Last one rank is and you gotta go but how much of a smoking gun is that photo is the linchpin going forward and is there a chance the special prosecutor. Changes the charge from invasion of privacy to even something along the lines of sexual assault. Well yeah that are accurate correctly but props to do you don't need a special prosecutor. Eat yet that no one's been appointed yet so we'll wait. I think it's probably the coal through the ugliest crimes charged with Al. The order for her remember you outlook or crap you still need to prove. That particular market sent that would speak and speak in. In that it's a quick way that it alleged. But so it can't predict distancing the very typical. To pollute the invasion of privacy church. Right as I was we appreciate it we'll keep you on retainer for the next story the next linchpin the next piece in this in this entire case as we continue to move forward with governor brightens. Without while everybody polity and in street Louis and beat these social. Now. Brian Lowry from the Kansas City Star joining us here on KM BZ. As this mean that is was huge and who knows what a special prosecutor would do. It it does make sense though that the other the mission continues the donor list that story. That is the case I think that it would wind the governor in deeper political problems at an in bigger trouble. Or trouble it doesn't need to be bigger trouble it just needs to be trouble and my guesses that computer tampering is easier to prove. My guess is that when you can follow IP addresses and and there were just another story out it will take a look at a little bit later about. Saint Louis post dispatch has posted air crichton's might if you shell companies to hide donor I'd Kennedy's illness. So others there's plenty of error accusations out there on the trial is not yet been set for the computer tampering case. Which means lawmakers are gonna meet on Friday. To begin that process may be without knowing the full criminal out content to know if he's actually going to be found guilty but he doesn't have to be found guilty to be impeached. It's we keep that. Fade for a reason you know there's no definition of an impeachable offense it's whatever lawmakers think it is and so even if they think he's corrupt. Even if they think he's an effective. Because of all this being a distraction for so long. They don't really need to ask anybody else what the reason is they just need to agree that there is one. So Woolsey and and that processed by the way lawmakers could take weeks soul but so could it for a trial date to be sent computer tampering case. It's about a FaceBook page will come back in this little bit later on and is always win more stories when it comes to the prosecution of the governor of Missouri break we will get to those. As need be here on KM BZ coming up next the Lawrence school board. Has signaled potentially the and for something. Every single one of us did. While we were in school play what it is next few wanna win 1000 dollars we have a key word cash for you that word is balance the OEU and see he bounced explored in the 72881. You have until just before 11 o'clock leaving you were before then again the word is bouts text that into 72881. This next Torii comes to us out of Lawrence. Yeah we are from you up quite frankly because we're unfamiliar way as to what the similar policies are locally and how schools handle it. When it comes to fund raising. And the law school board on Monday night. The subtle Lawrence journal world signaled support trade draft policy that would end door to door fund raising for district activities. They will go for final approval may 29 the policy would forbid district's schools classes. Teams or clubs from soliciting money door to door. That was a stricter recommendation that a previous draft the policy. That would have banned at the door to door fund raising for elementary and middle school students but what allowed high school students to continue to do yourself. With adult supervision. The here is safety the school board president Shannon Campbell and port number Kelly Jones were on the board's policy committee said. Safety concerns led to the door to door solicitation ban Jones has had a career and social services. She is made hundreds of at home dozens in Lawrence during that time she is mostly greeted graciously. But as had a knife held term from an individual an a mental health crisis. And she's at a like schoolchildren she was trained in how to handle those kinds of situations she said I know a little something about knocking on doors it is my professional recommendation. That we not that our students in that situation. On. Parent teacher organizations and booster clubs would not be subject to that ban or other rules and policy because as a separate from the school. But they did hope that those groups were conformed to the best practices and work closely on Mike. 767798. Love to know from you would you support a ban on door to door fundraising by schools and students why or why not end. Is safety that much of a concern because we all did this mean I would sell wrapping paper Wii's sold neck as maggert birdied I mean I absolutely. Now and two girls still go door to door selling Girl Scout Cookies as that we when I was a kid again you album. You went to the end of the block grant you knocked on the doors and is that. Is that something that given where we are as society now that you don't like your kids going up and and knocking on stranger's doors offering them things that you have to sell. Because the other part of this is going to be on schools are in trouble financially. And this was away for her you know the various little clubs and schools and and various efforts to make money because it's like they were getting money from the school thing so if you're eliminating this possibility they've got to not that I ways to raise money which which they can and but it just takes one of those ways out of the next but some. 67798. Love to know because I just don't know. And maybe times have changed and this woman in the story as you read sites that she had a knife pulled on her from somebody who was nuts. I. I mean herb I. I'm not a parent so we need to know from parents. When your kids go door to or do you worry about safety or let him go door into war did to sell stuff because we sold candy bars we sold candy we shall different kinds of candy. You mention magazines. We did gift wrap wrapping paper cards rib and all that garbage. We sold all of it when I was you know somebody senate tax line the door door stop ten to fifteen years ago. Is that what they're re talking about the vault door to door particular school district warrant is out and sell it and so does until right now so. Schools handle it on in Allen and when there's fund raising. Dear every year you're mom and act on the door with you or did they just let you go by yourself when I was young they would walk evidenced. And behind me you know I would go up to the door I'm. But when I got older late middle school I would go on my own you because it was like look if you wanna you know you wanna go on that trip for you wanna earn whatever level of prize you gotta go sell on Euro yeah so it is the older I got more independent became. Yeah handle it on somebody said my daughter's in fourth grade I'm not about to let her gourd go door to door with that with. We go with her. That's a question you know and and do you wander you know when you let your kick go up there what they're gonna face. Do kit and so kids don't knock on the door like we did. As a kid just go and up to a friend's house we don't do that anymore is that the same line of thinking 5767798. It's your phone calls couple comments on FaceBook to get to as well. Also texted at 229805767798. The phone number the Lawrence Cold War. Yesterday signaled support overdraft policy that would end door to door fund raising for district activities permitting district schools classes teams or clubs. From soliciting money door to door 5767798. It's because one of their board members works in social services and a lot at home visits during that time and she said at one point somebody pulled a knife on her when she's at one of those at home visits. And she's Emma clip for that I am trained to handle those people little children are knots and there are genuine safety concerns associated with that. And over those that have kids or even if you don't feel about your kids going door to door fund raising on do you go with them at what point do you consider to be okay. And I mentioned this to a cannot hear I was gonna go there but somebody just did on the tax line at some point we're gonna have a discussion about Halloween. And about whether that is a safe thing to be going door to door Halloween. Well we same idea to do you don't get Lee come to the can. Losing that most kids don't go trick or treating on Halloween it's this Saturday before there's a set amount of hours or one ever. It's just different thing we knew there were grownup but whatever is an. If that's the difference is like its safety concerns or safety concerns 5767798. Right to the pros and Jennifer on 91 KM BZ hi Jennifer. Are you doing all right it's give kids. I'd first grader and a sixth grade do they go door to door selling stuff to raise money. Yeah I mean you are common sense approach that or neighbors and capable of ground at I don't drop mop in the out. I think it. Talking to them a lot of it guilt how to talk to people not a look at their right at getting out in outside. Empty kindergarten apparently I heat from the parent but he that they are somebody opt in order form out how I get. I think I'd expect that. My mom would take the formed a working for one day I have that was back in the eighties. Early ninety's my momma my dad would take that formed to work I remember that. But we still had to get out there and and worker but soft seldom. Crap whatever hope this would appear so playing. Is it just a serious for kids to go door to door to raise money down. In a day of social media in a day of all the other ways that kids can be entrepreneurial now. We just like a very outdated way to raise money and may not the most efficient way in the world to raise money either I mean look at the way did. You know companies grow their businesses and the focal Jennifer I mean I I know it's a little different we're talking about selling wrapping paper or candy bars. What if you're looking to sell and reach the most and be the most efficient. Why not put it up on your social media paid and there are lessons to be learned about also. You know there are definitely skills to be gained in terms of how businesses are run by doing some of those other things that. Skip some of the safety issues that martz apparently has market's going door to door I mean I. You know when you bring up social media I mean you'll see some from time to time that will put up. You know products that that we want that you know we were spokespeople for opened up on my FaceBook page and you'll see it. And all I gotta do is leave it there and it'll be seen by a couple hundred hopefully a couple of thousand people. That's easier than me going door to door to say hey Jamie would you like to buy Omaha steaks hey Travis would you like to buy a loss stakes. Mean aren't the Girl Scouts even selling cookies online now yapping so. So I mean it that's it it's raised a very outdated way of doing it now it's it's you just got knocked or a door and and maybe it was designed to teach the kids some lessons. Do your kids doing fund raising I like the idea of hey you know we have this club and we wanna do this thing or raising money for this trip. I like the idea of kids I like the financial lessons that are involved in nine. As the best way to do it. I mean Jordan Dorsey Els was the way of the sixties and seventies. Did you vacuums were being sold door to door back dictionaries in sight at the is. Mean we do double digit lead now maybe there's Alyssa and keeping them from going door to door senate table. Outside the grocery store or you know I mean to things to do now yeah. But where you've got a bigger group of people come in by year. The outcome by your table I know sales manager and I and Leo originally started talking about this. I hated it but now I kind of understand as we talk through it that love that about the show. The customers come to you I mean I've been duped by a couple of cute little Girl Scouts that are like dynamite cookies at a white shirt and you don't like money and go to the grocery store and we went and we rented bikes and road but there's a day a few weeks on a Saturday and rent bikes are on the city. It was the first time a long time I'd seen a lemonade stand down. On a sidewalk but they weren't really highly visible corner might get here you know eight and for the one dollar lemonade I think given five bucks just for the make an effort. 500% market is based on you know let's go to Steve in a late on KM BZ what's up Steve. Omelet or about anyone on the bike or more people that say that they're on the Google are AT&T call up and eat lap you're in need their help we send people out for your report more alert at. It. Eight kids come out they wanna do to Indy art art that topic all lot. Am I and I get to wander are brought into our app and then talk are all all I'll I'll each one of their right. About her uncle came out. A art art call the police and paper record repeat Arctic. Org and patient. Yet. It does call a page debit. Or being charitable orchestration. Up there. I'd ever looked at ballot I think that's an interesting way to look at that. Think Steve how do you know when you yeah now so knock knock on your door it's you know 5 o'clock you're getting ready for dinner. How do you know that the knock on your door who looks to be a fifth grader and his body. That there's not an adult Haydn around the corner and wait. It out I do you do you how do you protect against that anymore. Or if you're saying I am raising Ford you know saint Thomas quite a school down the street. EO you have a shirt. Guy like Steve buys a whole bunch eagle from Dora Dora the seeming a hundred bucks. In saint Thomas appoint this isn't a selling candy bars you know I mean. How did you know lol you're not out to these and and the text line I grew up in Lawrence I'm raising a two year old Lawrence now and I'm very happy about this I think hosting events like bake sales are selling at the grocery store is a much safer way. To do pretty much the same thing. Digital's the way to do you take a picture your Girl Scout Cookies or year wrapping paper you'll find video. And you put it out there army night I think I've done that with the nephew of miners have been a crock you know like a nice extra put up on her FaceBook page and I'll throw twenty bucks or wait a card and you know get whatever crap he's selling. And I I don't I don't have to. You were about track and back and forth. Of kids having to raise money for something they want. But maybe there are. I don't know if times are not as safe as they used to be whatever although based on some of what you're telling me on the tax line and it's you know it they're definitely better ways to do it in that you do Horry. But some law enforcement does that gaffe I take my kids out I've my damn thing. Absolutely I believe is Evernote which are gonna run and. Believe that. Gone are the days of going door to door. To sell your candy bars to sell I mean do gross. Do we determine a Girl Scouts go door to door Travis you have evidence on dividend and is in a street with houses due to the Girl Scouts come to your door anymore. No they are too. Only on the corner like. There's a gas station they'll be by the gas station or Adobe by pizza shop or something and they don't vote I haven't had. The two years of live there have never had grossed out. They're not done. It's a lot more efficient and you catch a lot more people if you set up a more visible area Beth then I could and that what's every cell five minutes. If you know every I don't door. If somebody says no it's clicked but if they say yes then you're and what they bind you know four boxes and what those boxes for about the box of like that every fifty. Or for those set up their work on. I don't remember my neighborhood are so like are Smart because there's a gas station is a liquor store there's a pizza place perfect. Getting something out of one of those things got one time you just go find yourself a dispensary in just sit in front of the dispensary and NB waiting now fallen they would let those girls go hang out you know at the time the bars close right exactly I don't know. And downs and Scott can read about her FaceBook page and comments are there straight ahead we are days away. From morning cocktails. Will play more about a candidate next here on KM BZ. Coming up we will have another key word to cash for you just before 11 o'clock and and net after the 11 o'clock news will be joined in studio by Kansas City city councilmen. Quit locusts because if you follow Clinton on. Social media whether it be FaceBook or Twitter. He is a pretty adamant about the questions of where's the affordable housing. In downtown Kansas City I mean if you drive through Kansas City you'll see. Apartments going up Condo buildings going up stuff getting renovated. And the question is where's the affordable housing 'cause and. Some of these places that one bedrooms start like 12100 bucks and those are for little I mean it's a basic. My question is define affordable. You know landlady that what does it mean to have affordable housing. How do you define that. And to what extent is it's the government's responsibility. Or anybody's responsibility to make sure that we have affordable housing for everybody and acting some of you were going to say. Not the government's job to make sure you've achieved at least a lead so he is an introducing an ordinance little dress that they'll talk about coming up we'll do that after eleven. When you go up for brunch or breakfast a single for breakfast Jamie Lynn do you generally have a cocktail with breakfasts are you above most accounting or some to I'm not a bloody Mary and I can't stand some energies flag. To. Differently it very optimal the announcer can happen the night before OK all right if there was a lot. That may not last thing I want is anything with champagne and it OK but it does get the night before and yeah. And you're able to do that sooner in Kansas so previously in the state of the Kansas in the state of Kansas. You could not order a drink at a bar before 9 o'clock in the morning. For those of you that our shift workers that get off at say 6 or 7 o'clock in the morning and seven damaged or happy hour that kind of appeal to gotten. Have a beer if you want at 7 AM yesterday tonight you're not as your day and and you wanna deal with a drink like everybody else. That is changing. Cans bars and restaurants can start pouring drinks at six A fan within days governor Jeff collier. Signed the new law. On Monday they've just got to get published out an official state newspaper in ninety going to affect. He said he had been here about this one from all across the states on the cut off time for drinks is still 2 o'clock in the morning so bars to not to close to and now they can open at 6 AM if they want. Some lawmakers have raised concerns about allowing bars and restaurants to serve while children are going to school but the governor said. Many other states have similar ours the new law also allows self serve beard dispensers at bars and restaurants. So that you could pour yourself as much or as little Beers you have light on an anti government to ruins pod is an Bruins that he has all the taps. That's the first place you now I don't rule yes I pictures of that I think it was when it open and I think you and I were the opening of that are. Yes I just remember sitting in a proper clearly any. Under that is a pub where you and we have a they used to be a place in river market that would do this for wine it's it's it was more popular for wind for awhile. But where you'd just you get a card and your your card into the beer dispenser and you pour yourself. And that it charges your card per counts and so it's it's a really cool way for you to go to places that. Have these cells are taps you can try a bunch of different Beers as much as you why. Kansas did not have allow along allowing for that and subtle and so now you can do that in the state of Kansas. But don't go to drink on six and now if you want. It used to be nine right that is the run block and this is great for third shift yours because usually if you're gonna go out to breakfast on or about Cuba. Nine about his early as somebody ought to breakfast let's say on a Saturday yeah that's about I mean. I'm generally not open movement and ready for breakfast with a couple of people or even my wife at 7 AM on a Saturday. I saw more of a morning person that you yes. It's usual for me to be up and Alan up and go to seven if if I actually I was just a complete lazy person on Friday I it. Got hurt at. It's about some times during the summer that's really nice out I'll get up if I'm not anyway get that six or 7 in the morning and go to river market. And a lot Robert market and so yeah I concede. Granted an early breakfast at 8 o'clock and do it amounts or something like that without sure. The the the one thing that I I think most people on trying to I'm actually making a tax pools we speak now and to vote once OK actually this campaign. I think this is great for search workers act you know what I mean this is this is for a third shift there's I think because you get those people that drive all night or people who were working in factories all night. And their shift starts at 98 or 9 PM. Yeah and instead. 5:30 in the morning and be like us get a drink after when I first start working here are my shift was from 1 AM until 9 am a guy and so if it if it were and at 8 o'clock in the morning and you just want. Time does not gotten just. Are there other people from work in out that are gonna got together he worked at a manufacturing plant work third shift or here now and in any kind of nighttime job. Police Weber you know he's got your buddies that are applicable after what's the better Brecht. This drink in your mind isn't the most out or is it a bloody Mary. And we're gonna make this taxable are there others you could have just text it to two there I've seen orange juice and beer before weepy terror are pretty good so be just like screech campaign I of people just drink whiskey. I. And what were asking you what's the better breakfast drink which your favorite of the two. Catcher Brian sure your breakfast bloody Mary or memos. Text bloody. Or memos so witches MI MOS days and now you know their team anyways to his outward. Bloody or memos and I text it to 22980. You can also vote on Twitter rant I've spelled it for you. At KM BZ radio knob creek and Pepsi. I'm kind less whiskey. It's a Bellini. Is that it's PSS. People reacting so isn't that pizza and some that's too much for me that's lunch. Too much but see your tail sparkling wine impeach your eyes sensitive or registered impeach her kinda liked texture. I got a directory. Or rank not. Well. Yes like iris Bailey's book pales in your copy big fan that. No fan big fan of the dailies and a non a fan Tallulah with the thought. Well you gonna go light brush and a good deal vodka and you can just make all kinds of things are at that point what's the better breakfast cocktail let us know bloody. Warm the most up to 22980. Screwdriver. Castle a lot and nothing wrong with that hats. I dug mass. It's a little heavy but that again it's got as much vodka in it as a bloody Mary wood right just feels different. It out okay dozen. This feels stronger if you wanna check sentinels go ahead 2980. But we're giving you the two most popular thinker at the the bloody Mary the most because. He's a lot of places you go that a bottomless the most as a bottomless buddies or whatever I've never done Jamison and poppy. Apparently that's something that a. Try sounds terrible. About sounds awful hooked up to a coffee and cinnamon should tops. Yeah apple with a cream. Made I'd have to spot. Lattes and pump yeah man. What's. Would that be a lot more sentiment. We've things went in the text poll earlier kind of look at it bodes a look at Amber's bloody Mary or the most obvious it's pretty close. And based announcements and Moses leading 55 or flippant bloody is winning 5545. Rice will up to each on that as we continue but are now getting Kansas. In a couple of days and his sister give the date they just it just needs to be published in the newspaper that the public knows about it and see how businesses react. And see if their businesses particularly those buyers your manufacturing plants they're gonna open earlier hour. You'll be able drink before. Restarting at 6 AM we should say so that's coming up it's up on her FaceBook page if you do wanna read about it.