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Monday, June 18th

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It's 11 o'clock hour big story over the weekend this has been growing for you lie all and it's as divisive as you would expect kids being ripped from their families. Or they just following laws that are been on the books were talking about the situation going on in the US Mexico border joining us. To give us the latest from Texas we say how loaded ABC's Jim Ryan Jim thanks so much for joining us. Are excel. This is one of those where if you are on one side you believe that this is just following orders and the law's the law line on the other side you think. Families are being ripped apart where is this policy where did we get two or how did we get to where we are at right now. Well I think you know that's a great question who did it began a couple wants to go ahead what jet sessions the attorney general announced that this new. Zero tolerance policy was going to toughen things up. At a whereas people being turned away at the border they were content data instead of being brought into process edited to a court system. They were simply turned around a setback in Mexico or back down to Central America or wherever they might come prompt. But by eighty ending what president club called catch and release. It's like holding people certainly agree that became visit this policy that their kids. Would be separated from the parents now it's not all people trying to come to the country. If you are coming to the countries Seeking Asylum to show that it Customs and Border Protection checkpoint with your kids. He's here I'm here to seek asylum you know what Doug separately from. Political world or others persecution religious order is in the Euro part of the world and I'm here to seek asylum but generally parrots and are not separate from their kids. Unless there's some flooding that it acute danger. You fury if you try to cut mean a week for those border checkpoints in other words trying to slip through a wall and through and sort across the river. They had that's where you start ending up with this separation. Policies so that it you know it's it's they needed a fairly new phenomenon. To us about the the cages and how that really came to light over the weekend and M what's the deal with the cages that people are being captain. Well there was so much you outcry media organizations in the public in general asking to see what these. Detention centers looked like their bill perhaps the biggest one is down himself taxes it's a converted Wal-Mart store. Inside the Wal-Mart stores you've got a game rooms in you know facilities for the kids balks. But it's all surrounded with the in the store by about a twelve foot chain link fence. So and Demi boot political optics that are not so good bit. They media is to secure its collegiate school has kept cool obviously insult Texans extremely hot described here. So that's what that's all about the chain linked. Defense that it teaches if you will with in this giant detention center's south Texans. Do children know where their parents are in vice Versa. Well are supposed to bet there's a whole office dedicated to making sure that. A parent or kept apprised of where their kids are and Ed disk in the effort as Detroit to. Reunite them you know what's so what's the parents are worried custody or in in the hands of globe. Immigration. They have court dates to make they have judges to visit if you they've got a whole process to undertake. But it student that finished. Whether they're allowed to speak your corset back to their home country they're supposed to be reunited immediately littered their child of the children. Jim there's a lot of blame going around president trump has been really active on Twitter since this morning talking about those Democrats are and the speaking about a lot over the weekend. And Republicans who don't think this is a very good idea either to be separating families where where's the blame game stand. Yeah well yeah that it's a blame blame game like he said she could think reporting or reward characterized it pitcher right there it seems to be a growing chorus of Republicans now horse suggesting. That did this at such a great idea either. Are you get to a former First Lady Laura Bush who wrote an op Ed piece in the Washington Post. Saying that the the policies separating kids from their parents this zero tolerance policies she called it his cool. That it quote breaks my heart to and there are others now John. The about a durable Ohio police secure a short time ago saying the same thing but it's there it's not a good policy that it should be rescinded one or the other. ABC's Jim Ryan joining us our 91 KN BC its mid day with Jimmy and wicket tennis current policy be changed can it be amended. Well yes and with varying degrees depending on who you ask. Eased the president might be able to a couple of pickup problems they've let's stop this policy right now. That your will will keep the zero tolerance continue bringing people into custody but don't separate them from their for their kids. He hears if you think he is and it's gonna take an active legislation that congress it's up to congress to do that. And so they yelled you're dead I think it is possible certainly I think to be greatly reduced or reversed. It's just a matter targets. So it could be an executive order and it and that could happen like that and then congress can do its usual. Wait too long debating everyone takes forever kind of think but in theory president trump could snap his fingers pick up a panned. And say stop separating families. Like that. That's my understanding that the policy would take an executive order but it wouldn't exchange law would just take her change in policy change. A policy that's fairly recent it was just. In April that the jet sessions announcement this was going to be. The way things were dot president trump during the campaign was complaining about what he called catch and release system. People because of the board and turnaround has sent back to their home countries that indicate people. No cameras are allowed inside when the media got some two hours over the weekend. Wire cameras allowed why can't CNN fox MSNBC. Jim Ryan with a cellphone what why can't anybody go in and actually. Take pictures and video and let us in the public see what is really going on. Yeah I'd say that's a great question I suspect it'd be it may be because we're dealing with children. And there aren't there are privacy issues when you when you start talking about it whether they're from this country are from another country so what happened you know that the tourists were conducted people were allowed to go ahead and but dead department of public security above read all the operators at the shelter. They provided still photographs and some video. But with city the face that the kids. Blanked out you know picks later the way. Or blurred so that you couldn't really see who was not slide. But you're right but it was an acoustic thing that this too will be conducted but no cell phones no video. Bill will be allowed out of there. Is the White House all in agreement I mean is this just trump leading the way with with sessions at his side is is is secretary. Odds are is John Kelly on the same page like is everybody unified in DC about this at least from the White House standpoint. Well you know babies and ideologically yes split in terms of the verbiage you know he you've got tipped. You know dispute the senior advisor Stephen Miller he told the New York Times that. The the zero tolerance policy adjust that and zero tolerance period. Workers to Nielsen just spoke a few minutes ago New Orleans. It is said that it's not a policy separating families at borders soaked in terms of the hard facts there seemed to be some disagreement over. Whether it's feeding into policy you know much less whether it's right or wrong. Jim we appreciate it I'm sure this story will develop and will bug you later in this week all right thank LNG and ABC's Jim Ryan joining us here on 91 KM BZ. Okay so we'll come back he we will recap some of the comments that have been made by the DHS secretary that he referred to. Laura Bush Karl or reversed Laura wonderment Laura yes and and president trump you hear him on Friday yeah and president trump again as has been really active on Twitter you've got Republicans that have come out also saying that this is not on that. That just from a human. Stamp points just from a human decency standpoint. It's it's just not good and frankly it doesn't look at either. So how does for you and that we will take your calls. Whichever way you go Imus. And whoever you wanna blame I get that everybody's saying it's the a bomb Arab policy. Summer sang but if you your right summer saying but if you heard Jim Ryan. It is a new on. A new development in the last couple of months this zero tolerance policy about it that the four there'd been a lot more leeway keeping families together. While they went through the process on now it's you show up your legal we don't care. You've been watching this all weekend when you were chosen news source. And where do you stand on this. We wanna hear from you is well 5767798. How do you feel about these separation of the families and the policy going on in the southwestern part of this country. 5767798. You can texted at 22980. Situation at Mexico thousands of families being ripped two parts. Separated. Are you fine with that your take on all of this gets the phone calls here and a bit 5767798. But it was the story all weekend I mean if you were you know not gonna focus on anything like this was the heaviest stuff all weekend and it didn't matter what news network you're watching and local national people were talking about the immigrants trying to come across. Many of them Seeking Asylum and their of their that the adults being put into different places than their children and and thousands of families being ripped apart. Yeah an it was. We get it. Some of you would say this is president Obama's fault this is the default the past presidents because the policies that affect for a while the recent making news. Is because of the recent crackdown by the drug administration on in the past they had given a lot more latitude for some of these families to to keep them together. While they were going through the process of figuring it out and what president trump decided was off. Now were we we don't really care of the context of it now we're just going to add as he sat the US will not be migrant camp he he doesn't care about separating. I've sort of six sevens have candidates. Well go play some sound bites here that you may have missed CBS's Gayle King talked to a border agents and the question came up I mean we've seen pictures of cages. You've seen them all weekend. A virtual people have reached out to us they are very uncomfortable in their words with his characterization of the words cages. They said it's not inaccurate. But they're very uncomfortable with the using the word cages they said they may be cages but they're not being treated like animals. All right so small metal detention facilities nine pages you can't use that term anymore all right. This is Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal. When asked on Friday why they were being separated president trump said because it's the law because it's the law. There is no law. That required. This administration to rip children away from there apparently it's. That is about Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal this is Department of Homeland Security secretary Christian Nelson. Who had this to say earlier today. It is important to note that these miners are very well taking care don't believe the press. They are very well taken care you know this as many you have detention facilities at your own. We operate according to some of the highest standards in the country we provide food medical education. And all needs that the child for class. Massachusetts congressman Joseph Kennedy speaking about bipartisan dislike for what is being seen at the border there aren't many conservative voices speaking up speaking up saying this is just pure and humanity. On behalf of it don't open an inspiration to try to take up their frustration with. I'm sure everybody's favorite liberal punching bag Nancy Pelosi reminding everyone that the Republicans hold all the cards. Just to remind me case anyone has forgotten. That controlled the White House. The senate and the House of Representatives. So how they placed blame on others is that typical other unprofessional. Attitude they never one to take responsibility. President trump on Friday surprised everybody by walking out of the White House and basically doing a one on one with FOX & Friends and then he spoke to the media and there is some. Very interesting back and forth between the media screaming their heads off at trump to get their questions excuse me answered about everything that you. Are watching on TV and the it the reports of families being ripped in the reports of just being normal policy multiply by two minutes of trump in the media on. Friday the Democrats have to change the yellow that is that Soledad you. While you keep my mind about us sir that's that Democrats blown we can change it tonight we can change your right right yeah. He's brought sir section is they give us you need to have all of you don't. Well. You can see a lot of now Danica excuse me by one vote we don't hear you need sixty votes in the one vote. Here's what we need to wonder though we have a 126. So we need ten votes we can't get a from the what about executive back. Yeah. How they are and what they're doing what he's not a quick one question. Did she announced that kill you can be taken care. Beautifully and immediately. The Democrats force that law upon our nation I hated I hate to see separation of parents and children. Did Democrats can come to us as they actually are in all fairness we are talking to a and they can change the whole border security we need a wall we need border security we gotta get rid of catch and release you catch criminals. You take is the new release and he never shows up again he goes into our society. And then we end up. Getting him in a different way and oftentimes if we skills somebody. We've got to change our laws. The Democrats have control because we don't have the votes for Republicans need we need more Republicans frankly and that's why I think we're gonna do so well. In the mid terms that everybody should quit my dad and because. We have the strongest economy in the history of our nation we have the best jobs numbers in the last. 44 years top of dredge the best job numbers in 44. Zero tolerance policy at the border on May seventh because all of a lineup that's not following close. He's following the law that if you direct order to can I answer your question please cage is asking me the same question over and over. He's following the laws very simply that would given to us and forced upon us by the didn't. These are not very bright it is supported democratic and gave us laws. Now I want to laws can be beautiful. That was president trump on Friday. Blaming Democrats. Some of said this is not what America is it's Texas senatorial candidate he's trying to do and seed. I Texas senator Ted Cruz who are ran for president a year and a half ago said look this is what America is in 2018. We try to put ourselves. This. America. I didn't at this moment but it. And I agree with him it's exactly what we are doing these days a couple more playing for you're gonna get to the news and a promise we'll get to your calls because that the rest of this hour's gonna be for you. This is US Border Patrol chief Manuel Padilla junior on the new policy or the enforcement of the new policy to came down. From attorney general Jeff Sessions underneath the trump administration. There's no policy to separate from me that is a very good question and needs to be very clear. We need you expand a group of people from the law IE adults entering illegally. That creates a draw that creates. These friends right here these increases. The zero audobin zero tolerance policy it's intended to deter. People from breaking the law other thoughts. Adults. If they are accompanied by a child. That child is temporarily separated from them as they go through a judicial process. And that is no different from a United States citizen parent. That is going through a judicial process. Prosecutor for violating the law and separated from his or her children as well. Coming up you're gonna hear from Ohio governor Republican John case kick his words. Op president trumpets focus and as we get those chopped up you can hear from president trump and his words. After this weekend and most importantly what are you have to say 5767798. Everybody was on all the stick right there we're gonna get to you you can also texted at 22980. That day with Jamie wicket. Finally appears as a there'll be some efforts to end this policy of family separation on our borders let's get it right where America we have a big part. We love people. And the end of the day is we don't wanna create an image that we don't care cause we really do. So Ohio governor John case like I called BS son Nat. A call 100% BS on knack as it will pull out of phones here Jon k's sake I have a ton of FaceBook comments of people that don't care where. I called the sun now you can say this is America we have a big heart we don't. There's huge percentage of people that don't want Mexicans in this country. And if that's what you feel that's the way you feel. I feel like we kinda represented all parts of the spectrum with that last segment we did so now we wanna hear from you where do you stand and what you're watching. 5767798. What's going on down at the US Mexican border. We'll get some comments from president trump up in a little bit but let's go right to the phones at everybody we appreciate your patience we start with Tom on KM BZ. An outbreak due every macaw Damien wicket. Got to Palin. Common a couple of the controversy about what I propose. But after watching this over the weekend there isn't any anything whether it be radio TV. On the Internet in the newspaper. It has been about there's controversy and I see it after watching the news begins at 10 o'clock request by the kind of on the that you might be going on. It completely. It's something that's been used in the past really successfully times. Yeah actually it's not as noticeable. Yet pitched trying to under. Under under the under the radar. And that's what I consider percent compute subterfuge. Basically that children are being used. By individual. To get something done that they have proposed. An eroded while the bad. So what you're saying is Mexican children are being used as political pawns by one side or another. Correctly it and it they're being used so that yes we didn't need to. Immigration laws that who work in this country agreed. And two there's two proposals out there Ron has pretty well been objected that the one that seems to be extracted the most. As I areas into quite prepared to help dreamers. Or lower this situation with the with the children. But also remember too there's one thing that there are now all I have to agree that a number of Americans want to see happen is a horrible. Well I and that's where I believe president trump is using Mexican children as apolitical as political once again as well built and Democrats won't have that. Tom thank you for your phone call by 767798. 91 came BZ where you come down Zhang. Well it is smear you want to break the law and you are. We go to jail. That's exactly what kept me. They're not. It's faster worried Seau worse preacher of the payment that's not or not we're resting well breakers. And putting him in jail I broke the all the past bleaker. And I was caught. And I went to jail there was no on protest in saint failures separate NJ from his children now that I'm alt break in jail. Which it just turn them say oh. Promise me to show court because we are fortunate. JJ what about I mean I don't know what you committed was it a felony or was it a misdemeanor what was the the crime. There's a felony. It's not a felony to try to get in this country illegally is a misdemeanor. And if I commit if I if I commit a misdemeanor I'm not going to be separated from my children go to jail overnight. Yeah but I'm not sound barrier really my kids are going into one cage I'm not going into another came to mean there's a difference it would ever you didn't end on I'm glad that you bounced back for a bit but there's obviously that trying to enter this country. For asylum. Yeah you're gonna go to jail for what you're gonna get out on your and give the court they you have to shore up the court they re going back to jail. These people are desperate to get America and pro immigration saying that just let go like that. Mean to break that a little bit about I don't what next in America are what people checked Spain. People in America pro immigration. If you commit that mr. Mir and the jail and be given a court date show up and probably commercial dispute so that dead. A route this whole amply and dedicated so much time and resources to do it it's been to a better place. Sure this court they decide whether you'd be in Europe and next sort of current mayor that he's not gonna show up and the numbers support that they don't show what we're date. So keep your kids away from them as incentives to show a lot. You don't get our kids back off. You're not know and keeping their children away from him for taking them away Joker because you broke but while it broke the all they took me away from my children. The American citizens for all. In cages or my little metal content. So you'd want to call chain links freedom cubes. Cheney pretty cute if I'd break the law like to change make him cute and I don't think that in moral ground it's been broken by doing so. That are eight. KM BZ. Jerry go ahead of floor is yours. Yeah I mean children are the world to be protective and I'd I'd do believe the American government is protecting children. I can't agree with. Children means that there's a spot I about it were tracking immigration. Both sides blaming and stopping any time together find it peaceful world. Resolution for all of the children and all the people of the world but it. I'm not a Marine Corps the proper children overseas. On foreign life or land and domestic we've got to come together urban core ardent find a solution Alter of political use or not. By the proper ministry and they get their border wall in the dark so we can stop and go off a thirty years. And Gerri thank you very much meant and thank you for your service. Let's go to David Dunn came easy what do you think David. Well I'm pretty much are the same story as the last. Couple caller today and you and look at Tom before that I believe they're being used as a political all of I think extinct. It's it's not hear that you yourself said we've been lax on our all and they haven't slowed down. So that it could be Turk certainly not yet been able to them better enter the world and the thought that you might be separated from your children. I would never. Looked about frost on the border. If our commuter the chancellor is in my children. And I'll say they're probably living better in the condition they're in in network cross that desert. And did on people they had to deal with than their conditions that get here. Thank you very FO called avid please keep in mind that. Not everyone we're talking about is trying to cross the border illegally from Mexico that some of these people are Seeking Asylum in the United States from places like Honduras Honduras has had a flood of those trying to get out of Honduras. Because of how dangerous it is for them to be theirs of this is done Seeking Asylum and seeking safety in the United States. Not just trying out of bad situation. David thanks for your column go to Stephen and came easy hi Stephen. Felt first and foremost I am pro immigration Conn illegal immigration. And I think it's beat. These stories that that you guys are. In all repeatedly saying that they are being ripped away from their PM when you guys for failing to mention that these are alleged scam. I think that they all are. Do you think you get there and you think of the thousands of stories are all alleged stories. No I don't think. Think that they are all alleged story I am saying that they are a wedge it leads parents unique understand that there are people who would human traffic. People and children. To beat go to the you need to realize that there are people who are. Steve and I tonight I Hillary stand relics that I ever met you know just let the let let me ask you quick question. I'm gonna ask you questions and no worries Danzig as your loyal caller we appreciate that. What percentage do you think our actual families. That are being. I would say ripped apart I'll say that are being supper separated by rule of law what percentage do you think that is of the 2000 that has been reported. Reportedly separated. OK you know let me put it to you this place I don't know but if we each take one child. Out of that it and it's one child in that now and 2000 that are being human traffic is that not work. So separate. Because you might have yeah absolutely I think that it's a project and we need to go through the judicial. Sat on it it is just something that needs to happen because not in it happened prior to that. What was happening prior to this was that those families were allowed to stay together while they were going through the judicial process has been separate yes and and people say what about this happened under Obama will President Obama back in 2014 after this problem was was popping up again. I sent two billion dollars and FEMA to go help with us. That's what the stark differences on and and maybe you'd like this way more than you like the other way. But to say that Obama did nothing Obama put a pledge to billion dollars for housing to be built for these people. Nine cent FEMA to go help. President trump is basically saying no. Wall. Maybe like. Maybe like the other way where do you stand now and Stephen thanks for the full comment I just don't know if we can throw we can turn our backs because one. Group one small percentage of the 2000 families are human traffickers I'm not saying you're wrong there are pot there are definitely. A lot of there are probably a lot of parents carrying or adults carrying kids that do not belong to them I will not disagree with that. But is this the right thing to do. What you're seeing on TV the cages or that chain link freedom cubes whatever you want to call them. They're all I did somebody think let's see what what was one of my saw. There is one that was really really funny. It that I saw on Twitter want to make sure. Steve as it Doocy from a Fox News said. The authorities simply built walls out of chain link fences they're not cages. As somebody called them chain link freedom cubes which are really like that one. But where you stand on its mean. By the way I shout out to everybody who starts a recall if I'm pro immigration by line. Travis it's like every time some until you read a story look I'm not racist but I've won black front lie. People everyone has that one. Look anti Mexican. But we need to put up a wall. 1144 we'll get to Denise wanted to Allen where do you stand on this 576779. A ticket to more phone calls that what you're seeing on the Mexican US Porter 576779. Aids. As according to many reports. Lotta people are saying. 2000 families have been ripped apart by department Homeland Security ice and whatnot down there were asking you how you feel about 576. 7798. Some people hate it some people love it we're used 5767798. Denny's here on 91 KM BZ. I hope to particulate call got. I'm well here's my opinion it never got one Rangel. Wrote quote you either but it. I I have personal connection. With. The Latino community. And I think US senate. So I know both sides you know the line and my opinion is don't want to know what I see I'll let you know that the environment. Anybody that has a family. Or they would say you get a crop that order to eat say. And I know that. A lot of people are and what you're legally that is you could say there. The legality is not. What it means by it's not that easy when you wanna try to come and I say harper. My on the separation. I think it's a couple if you look at it from a standpoint. History repeating itself in a way. We think the Nazis and do that over the you know and and lock them up and that's what you're here. Asian Latino honor in. What irks you sorry I'm human being. And from their world. I think it's painful. And for American that they. Say that RI EOK. And eager are you feeling. And we separated and it children separated from their. And that dole is when I hear people say that the law. You know only people follow the law and you worked me everywhere and a follow along. And collect water and separated. And and then it died. Nobody nobody I know has blocked the perfect in any way and I don't feel like. We need you know lock people they're there are like there are. Anthony's they someone as I wanna get a few more appear before the news but thank you for your phone call we appreciate it its code to Allen on KM BZ hi Alan. Along vote in. Congress. Chief here the right word. I'll but. I'm I am just. Gusting limited was. These people whose. All I'm I'm all about immigration but being used to say exactly what you're but there's but. These people. And I'm talking about the people who are actually. It hanging. Human beings against their will that have done absolutely nothing wrong but not because I won't prompt today. Probably elation light. From wherever they can't drop. And apparently. Seen in all day and and apparently even do when it legally you still get it taken away so it doesn't really whether or not these people and on again talking about. The people who are all pro. Locked in immigrants out. They're all categorize. Who does like Republicans and everything else. Those people have. No idea. How the the the immigrants and anybody on inning the not. Harsh world. Living. Know what these people growth per cent per unit take their children and and and and separate them it's ridiculous and I cannot believe that. Normal people I am an apparently well. And that's the normal society which says it's great to me but date they're standing. And it's it's just I I have a poignant it is like hey why don't you if you hated so much. And and believe me I totally against the boardwalk I would. I think they're all separate and I mean look at the Belgian wallet that much a waste the money and and and it's not necessary well what are. You just. That. I don't need to remain warm in the war office doctor do who's who's taken up where there. If you just as you'd like lighten the pin and use and it were. Not stupid stuff but why don't you just say everybody in America right now. If you're here you're an American citizen. As long as we get walk the walk I would be OK with that if you just like the word everybody does that does that. And we got this problem. I didn't put that one hour and I want totally get that but that's what it has to be done. It's so maybe it's just and and linking me I'd take a bulldozer accurate. It is. It's just totally ridiculous but thank you let me Beck and and and and and I appreciate did. You learn placement. Ralph you're next up on KM BZ what's up Ralph. Well what it that way not that note your property and Bobby you normally do too political but. If so that it beat these people are happy that I'm an airline right. There and air conditioning they're getting as they don't get that or they campground. Think people that are these are having the title of their life. In June 8 June. They know their freedom what yet freedoms they're chain link links freedom Q sorry. Trot their ball. On their leg that they're well I thought there in fenced in areas inside a warehouse what would you call him. They're gay during square today medical attention air conditioning they're open but it works. When it crossed the. Border are having the time of their life inside can't. This in a converted Wal-Mart. Liberals are sold on AG in which all crap. You have a you'll come and stay with. You've word but the kids hear how you're not important to other parents get back on B portion from. The lone all his control how. Does the law the right. Creates a you know he's not listening and hanging up on your route you're just you're you're not listening act did and so Republicans and control the entire universe right now they've pretty and rights and controlled everything does a lot left. I don't know but I actually Ralf my wife and I are struggling to get pregnant and we're talking about. Adopting so that might you know it it's something we were thinking of now. I don't think it makes me a good person to fire ripped the kid away and say we're adopting you. I mean I'd I think it's swear some people. Our wrap this up with Steve Steve you get the final word go I've floors or before the news. Our first woman thanks to these structural trivializing mole hole on. Full for a little Jewish community there and second Greta article. On the other day where we Eddie percent of the girls that come cross border. Our severance are ready to see a particular crossing where Sachs. What I'll look like over my record what web site injury that on. I don't remember that I. 80% of the women that come across use sex to get across the border. Or race or their rates get if we're if you could tell me I I would look this up because I'd like to look this couple where did you find you don't remember. I don't remember a pressure on well we get to the news but Steve we appreciate that Kerry is here in the news or which obviously is never goes on and it's costing me instead tossing and I'll computer she's. That's an Italian did you know that 80% of women to come across the border are raised. I really hope that's not the case IE I'd like to find the source and I will read I'll Google during the news does that.