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Monday, March 12th

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Credit eleven all four we have your key word to cash text this word to seven to 81. It is screen SE RD EN as in TV screen as CR EE and text that word in the 7081. At 1000. Must have got pulled over. Move on it's now one time I was admittedly on that industry. What his streak to battle. I clusters identity as clusters I got them on. Like yeah I got him in clusters are remembered getting. Stopped once for speeding on my way back from Hutchinson Kansas and this is couple years don't. And then literally. On found out immediately after that and it was speaking to that I deserved. At least I don't know any settlement that was I deserved here I mean he was trying to to track me any dead but I was beaten. And then a few days later and I was my headline was out and then I got stopped. Sort of for that that was arms to monster please anyway it's been at it long enough that I. I'm not if I'm not in that year window being fearful of getting an. Travis was lust and you got pulled over. Had to been getting close to end at 317 when I got pulled over for. Not using my bowling occur when I was at a stop light and I turned it on as soon as I was turnout at. Ole boy it. Did you either of you. The last time he got pulled over go to social media to vent frustration with the police in Illinois on air you you did it on the air that's right yeah. It's possible I made fun of myself a guy on Twitter I will do that sometimes the last and I got pulled over was by an officer in. When Max I think it was an ax and he was funny with me about it as we I'd cry over admitted to something that I had done wrong that he did not know. If you aren't supposed to tell me that you like what you know I told you over I answered honestly said no that's not why they hit a soul I wanna talk about them. I have. Did this happen to meet couple months ago I didn't paid and and extend my tax I'm Mira just I guess the great effort to get the plate three years. It was not as difficult as I anticipated pepper is what Missouri is a lot harder to get your car registered. As compared to Kansas for whatever reason the making jump through bunch of hoops but that it. This comes to us out of a fairway Kansas and from the C your blue lives matter. There website. A local businessman took to social media to lob insults at law enforcement after an officer ticket and ticketed him. Rose to re owner coffee shop rosary. Owner Dini O'Neal posted that he was stopped in his Tesla. Model S luxury car which had tags that expired back in December. He says that he received a ticket for the violation and he posted the picture online I have done the same item receded ticket pretty exact same thing. I posted a picture on line. What I can do is what this guy. He votes on social media. Citizens of fairway this is verbatim citizens of fairway you know that you are safe even safer today after this violation officer Barney Fife. Dutifully chases through traffic it was a pretty sunny day we saw him weaving in and out of traffic lights blazing. Wondering what criminals they were after well surprise oval surprises. Barney was chasing us lights in guns ablaze and we had an expired tag who knew. But while it was it was he prepared 133 dollars. At several dinner parties over the years the fairway police have come up similar circumstances cabinetry. Expired plates license plate light out in of course total laughter at the overreaction of the Barney's. We have a lot of friends and fairway just want to let each of you know you're safer as a result forcing this Brooks I did beat to get an updated tag. I was crazy I should have been locked up and had a key thrown away not cherry could've told the Tesla but could change I'd bet he would have figured it. Outs. Is that the right thing to do after you get pulled over by the police for an air that. I'm guessing just gonna throw this out there if you owed Tesla. You can probably afford to get the tags that read nude on your automobile in a timely matter and AB within the first three months after they expire. I'm not you know whatever you did wrong. This is a pretty cut and dried case of you did something wrong thing now you need own it. Yes. And and it's something a lot of us have done lot of people have gotten pulled over for not getting taxed on on time have a headlight out or. Not hearing your insurance card with you I've done that on before. You gentlemen on a lot of people do and this sounds more like somebody that was may be embarrassed about it. An angry about it. You know embarrassed that may be that car is known may be people though we is and and Indy chased by Barney fives maybe got drew a little more attention that was looking for and maybe he was trying to defuse some of his embarrassment. He's probably pretty well known because he does own the shop. The what are the things that in voted to his reaction after blue lives matter. Contacted mr. O'Neal. You go to some reviews of the rosary. He is not exactly portrayed on some of the reviews by employees as a great guy. Tell me get reviews where let's if you go to church where my hand here glass door dot com and it's like a job site ray's apparent act. Cons let's see here just read some of these you never should take a job with the company because of Dini O Neil deeper trees insult is a wonderful person to the outside world. Let me warn you he is far from the Percy tries to act like on social media you will be micro managed and you will be yelled back and it goes on that's from one person. Ten days before that went up this one went off. I'm my first day of working at the rose three I was warned do whatever Danny ask me to do tours and not to take him off. And effectively describes the nature of this company this is easily the worst company I have ever worked for. Here's a say about online reviews particularly by employees and whom many of whom I assume might be now former employees yes except for what it's worth. You now on. If they didn't have a good working experience there and they're given a forum online to bash their old boss anonymously. You and I know how this goes every day we witness on social media all timed it pretty bold. Online so I'm not saying they're all lying by you know you and I read enough reviews of frantic effort. There are a whole bunch of them. That are that are in the past six months so it's not just like old and were all gonna go pylon after blue lives matter did this after he posted a social media. And and was contacted these go way back these these descriptions of of mr. O'Neal. I have never met in my life probably never will meet him in my life. Doesn't some like a great guy to work for bottom line you should read you get your tags extended. You know what I mean. And if you don't then take a ticket and pay your fine and do whatever and say thank you to the city's finalist for keeping our streets safe. He wrote an apology after blue lives matter. Kind of put the story about their website and also put up on their social media. And a wanna read that to you what his response was. But was this just a simple mistake in your mind was it just his reaction frustration. Simple mistake no harm no foul you know what. What what do you think of his reaction to him getting pulled over for a violation he could have totally taken care of three months ago. I think he did something a lot of people do which is have a bad experience. Anywhere with anything invent about it on the so that reaction is understandable. It seems like an overreaction to me but it's not uncommon. 5767798. What did you make of mr. O'Neal social media post. Was it a state a mistake made in a moment of frustration. Or is this the real attitude he has torrid may be authority be towards police by 767798. Text into 2980. Also will read you his response after blue lives matter contacted mr. O'Neal do all that creek and up next. Take your phone calls are now 576779. Aids. Gentleman by the name of Danny O'Neil was pulled over. In fairway Kansas for not having as tags. Current he received a ticket for it but then he went on to. But last police is going to be weird is is kind of a wrong terminology but to. Make light of what. The police did by eight following him and pulling him over and giving it ticket like what I don't blustery. Day at exactly sent. Or some of what the national. Because that and people can citizens of fairly know that you're safe even safer today after this violation. Officer Barney Fife dutifully chased us through traffic it was a pretty sunny day we some weaving in and out of traffic. Lights blazing anger wondering what criminals they rafter while surprise of all surprises Barney was chasing us. Lights and guns a blazing we had an expired tags who'd you look. But while as it was he prepared 133. Dollars. And several dinner parties over the years the fairway police have come up similar circumstances. Cat intrigue. Expired plates license plate light out and of course total laughter at the overreaction. Of the parties in that part of their might have been pre. We have lots of friends and fairway just wanna let each of you know you see her as a result of forcing this Brooks I deadbeat. In to get an updated tag I was crazy I should have been locked up in the key thrown away not sure he could of told the Tesla. But inching but he was I'd I'd bet he would have figured it out. So he is making fun of fairway police were doing their job yeah when he was the one that had the expired tags which when he say when he said who nailed. You should have down because you get that notice pretty far and Tom you were embarrassed. It probably terse and attention. I I don't know his name but his association with a one on coffee shop in town makes him a name in town much rings a little more and bear saying. The answer to that is not to go on and line and bash police lower. He was contacted by blue lives matter any set any Rick is inviolate. Pulled the post down and no surprise for the post down a social media and in a written statement to blue lives matter. I want to express my sincere apology for the post the fairway police officer was doing his job my tags are expired and I deserved a violation post is not reflect my support and respect for police officers. And the invaluable jobs they do in Kansas City. And across the country to keep our communities safe many of my friends are members of the Kansas city police department and other area police departments. My business offers discounts to area police officers the Kansas city police department will collaborate but my business on a motorcycle safety rodeo. Later this year last summer I made a solo 8000 mile motorcycle ride. To the Arctic Circle to raise more than 25000. Dollars for Casey charity in purchase adaptive bikes. For kids my dream safe thanks in large part to police officer of friends I consulted with prior to the trip. And officers a medal on the way. So that's why I just would just not the first time. Heat of passion emotional response. Sir I don't know sure. 5767798. Would you make the original social media post and the statement he wrote the blue lives matter. Afterwards let's go right to the phones do was go to like Joseph in Kansas City thinks Colin just appear on 91 came BZ. Guys like this show thanks. Our I bet are all there's no reasonable at least there's just not. And my only Greek leaders say that is because a series start mark in the lead whatever lead you are not even. They have earned on the court immediately come at you but I'm whenever I've been all over. I'm respectful and cordial and I knew what the officer there's not a problem and at the time they say oh. That what you need iMac and give you a ticket but yet you have fifty days get the picnic there. Now there's only one time. What might have been a bit of dirt when a couple you know work site literally just. Got my tax re done. And it felt then and I did not immediately put them on my light and I got pulled over I'm going to all sixty minutes away from the BMC. And out kind of a jerk. But I immediately all I'd bet it. Out of it would aren't. Yet ticket. Not at all. Eight or write or maybe get out of our act on it and I realize yeah. I'm being enter our. You know Ali each of you bring up a good point. Most of the time. When you get pulled over it's in your best interest to be polite but also most of the time when you get pulled over. You're probably wrong. You know what I mean like yeah I sometimes maybe you get. I've never been wrongly pulled over lake did you do some thing wrong no you're right they'll actually right usually I've done something wrong to get pulled over. Yes yeah especially at something likes eating that something dealing with you were driving right on a red and not supposed to make a raid on usually police are rights. On that agree with that now you're tags Iran and you. You know it oh yeah you knew that you're tired or expired and you were supposed to got to renew it and yeah. The Prairie Village cop was very polite he was very straightforward he wasn't a jerk when he told the over a couple of months ago after he got to do it if you do with in this time you can. Save thirty bucks on your ticket here when I didn't do that. Sucked Johnny Kansas City John what your take on the way this local businessman Handel getting pulled over. I mean it right yet reichert say he wants. You know like in the moment like you've got the same time you can criticize the police you have the right to do so let me be oral or at least a two time in the past two years. And they actually do so I mean I understand. Trump on. Thank you revoke a man I don't it you have the right to criticize there is I wouldn't advise it. You know and every. Rights and and I think it says something that the post was taken down and that he then issued a lengthy and in debt citing depart bright about the moments. And I and for whatever reason either because he realized. That wasn't Smart to criticize the police that he claims to have a really good relationship with or he realized. Maybe this isn't good for business because of who I am and what I do yeah the reason why is our this story got a ton attention. You can check it out on FaceBook it was all over social media this weekend means what the only stories was like that the coffee shop and Oakland which we'll get to. And basketball that this really help anybody cared about until Betsy Abbas opened about Esther. Put in that. Odds on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 91 KMB. Easy. Did you happen to see this other story about a kid. And it doc. Stars at unfazed that if you missed it. Guy. You can read a lot of people have been commenting about the kids explanation. And what he did an Anne's program but he and the question is do you believe in this kid's explanation it comes to us out of Ontario California. On a sixteen year old boy a suspected of fatally battering a duck. With a golf club in an incident. Shared on social media was taken into custody. Late last week there's an animal cruelty investigation that is going on right now after authorities were tipped off. About a duck being abused by a young man at the whispering lakes golf course in Ontario California. Did the video is not up I don't believe that it I think it's been taken down and I don't think you can see it machine using dig deep for it but there is a screen shot. Video showing the duck. Being hit. With a golf club was posted on social media. The ducks remains. Were later found. He has sixteen year old boy is the suspect and was taken into custody without incident. Was issued a citation for felony animal abuse and released to his parents. He's sixteen so we don't know his name. So the Chafee joint union high school district emailed statement to KT LA and confirmed that he was a student at colony high school in Ontario. And as a member of the school's golf team in Paris where this is gonna earning the superintendent Matthew holt and said the team was playing a practice round at their home course when the incident occurred a hole wrote. What do students inadvertently hit a duck with his tee shot. When the students came across the injured duck one of them is said to have one of the put to put the duck down to prevent further suffering. He then took a club and hit the dot two times for other students reportedly witnessed this. And approximately 45 seconds of video of the accident has appeared on social media. So get that he said one thing on this team inadvertently hit a duck with the tee shot. The dot was injured when the students came across it one of them was sad we wanna put the ducked down and is suffering. That's when he took the club and hit the dot tee times so it wasn't that he was. Abusing the animal it's that one other accidentally hatton and so they wanted to put him out as misery. Statement continues to it was arrested on charges for animal cruelty is not at school today we are fully cooperating answer to our. I I. I don't know five by it I think it's a convenient explanation. I don't know if I buy it. The problem is what the video shows or doesn't show and how you prove it and by the way if he. You post things on social media you're proud of him are you proud if you kill a duck to put it out of its misery here I am beating the crap out of Donald. Because he was suffering you know or Daffy whatever you want. Like you that that doesn't seem to me like something you post on social media. Yeah you are more likely to post something on social media that you want to show off a. An important picture to be seen of of hunters holding up a deer head. You know and I mean I killed his dear look how great it is. I'm OK with that this to be sounds like he made up explanation. By sort of 67798. What do you think. Leaving anything should happen to this kid or do you think it was simply putting a duck out of his misery to believe a sixteen year old story out of California. He is suspected of fatally battering a duck with a golf club on a golf course. That we shared on social media the video was. There's animal cruelty investigation that has begun. After a tip of a duck being abused by a young man. At whispering lakes golf course in Ontario California. The video shows the dot being hit with the club and it was posted to social. Media right so the school district has a different explanation. Again a sixty Euro was cited for felony animal abuse but the superintendent of the school Horry goes Chafee joint union high school district emailed KT LA. And said mr. was actually on the golf team colony high school and the team was playing a practice round at their home course when the incident occurred. The statement from the superintendent Matthew holt says won the students inadvertently hit it docked with his tee shot. When the students came across the underdog one of them is sad to wanted to put the ducked down to prevent further suffering. He and took a club and hit the dot two times. Four other students reportedly witnessed this and about 45 seconds of video of the incident has appeared on social media. So my question is what are the 452 show because of video has been taken from the screen shot the video. Isn't as easy to prove one way or the other is the video shows the whole thing. Unless the video doesn't this is going to be the problem the video's not gonna show the tee shot where he whoever was accidentally. Hit that dot rank the videos only gonna show. Putting him out of his misery exactly I don't know why we do we we don't have intent in the video. I. Close to hit that Agusta read ducked before. It's I don't know what I would do tonight. The explanation smells fishy to me it smells very convenient. And stupid. To take the video putting the duck out of his misery and posting it to the social media. I don't that that that isn't jiving to me. Yak. I don't know somebody's asking why wouldn't you believe him why would you why wouldn't you believe that story on the reason I give it a little bit of credibility is because it came from the superintendent. That's that's a more credible source of information to me it's not the kid at that saying that it's the superintendent that probably asking questions about it first. So at least that's that's where it's coming from yeah I. The question I have is about the video put on social media again usually go on social media to brag about things yes and unfortunately. A high in in this teenage. Kids are going to be more proud of killing a docs and English well and getting likes men doing it and to put out its misery. Yeah I don't know for sixteen year old is gonna brag about look how kind I was to write this duck out of his victory as opposed to. Look what I can do with a golf club screw you duck and and of course everyone on FaceBook is posting about. Just you know would. There's a mental if this is as violent as I believe that is. Then there's a mental health issue already in in the climate of school shootings you like okay is this guy gonna be next. Is this guy going to be going on trying to to do something that we need to keep an eye on. 576779. A right to the phones Becky in Kansas City on KM BZ what did you think the sixty year old kid Becky. I I. Am. I write it yet. Not. You know I. Agree I. Am. You'll. Think. That. It can't get. Out. And I. Am re air and I. Quite. What it quietly. Eye. On it. But I didn't think about it. Am. It may. It adds. That little. That can't dock at the paint high. Nellie guy I have to wonder what was going through it thinks the focal Becky appreciated. I don't know what I would do if I hated dot com. I don't think I weighed I could cheese. I'm not the same as her I don't think I could. Take a golf club and hit it twice but its output out of its misery I don't know when I review but I'd I'd. At the very least I would. Probably go get someone to ask find a ranger yeah just find somebody at you know this is this is happened before I mean it's happened once it's happened a terror find someone to golf course and say oh my gosh I just at this doc what do I do because if nothing else. That also what do corroborated the story. Yeah you know that was really true that you get an adult and you say what do we do about tennis let's go to Andrew in Kansas City and KM BZ Andrew the floor is yours go ahead. Ordered I believe if any. Animal. Situation. I believe that and there. Because they should like if you would you are. Anything on the road near him any decade. I'll be like well actually. We are and made certain. Argo beer on Argo darker and all the marchers into it. And keep him. What it temperature a bit more vote radio. I agree that first quarter should go oh well at all because. In the entity with kid. Duck or. What we have that person or nay vote. You because it would well yeah. I wanna say they get ballclub what more mature about it he may have let me take this metric the first recorded show that secure. Fair and up until volt comment we appreciate it let's go to Joseph in Kansas City on KM BZ do you believe the kid Joseph. I do I do might do you play golf enough to know that it figure out on the golf course the last thing you can do is catch a duck. And so. I mean you just can't do it I mean like I I've seen ducks get hit with errant shots. It's certainly seem spooked but I'd never seen anybody be able to track down a duck. For the purpose of beating them I just I just I I I honestly think it's more feasible. Who to have what they have and that's. You know an errant shot I like the what the caller said before that you know you're kind of have a responsibility to put to an out of its misery. And and the guy who posted it is the one that's really immature in this situation so I kinda go with what the principles that I think that's what I think that's right call. Thanks for the welcome and appreciated. Somebody just sent us the video. And I don't know like it watching it but at the beginning of the video. Oh would this have on Twitter I'll oppose him on pace but do. And thank you to Judith presenting it to us the the kid comes here Jamie you can watch the beginning of it now Meeks what but the kid walks up and there's a duopoly in there on the ground. And it it looks wounded. And the guy the kid is like pointing at it with a golf club takes a couple of steps back if I hit play Jamie you can see it ducks right it struck with a golf club. You want to see that so the problem is that we don't know what happened before us right we know that. I can't tell from looking at the duck is injured at the dock is on it laying there on the ground we don't know. What happened before this video and any skeptic here but we don't know it's understandable if before the video started wanted to kid's head. We we don't know. What we don't have right how did that the question how did shocked at how did that get in its statement. Was it on a fly. Where the golf ball it had just won in a trillion shot but it happens. War. Did something else happened that it even involve the kid I can't ask why did they record. Why today why did they videotape. So we don't mean. Maybe we have not you know and maybe this is guy but maybe we haven't taught kids that they need to see why. You know in a situation like us and dipped to meet the proper thing to done I'm not a golfer never but to meet the proper thing to to do here would be to go get someone. Not to do it yourself. Maybe they have been told in their golf lessons that if you you know I don't know what they've been taught about us. But to me it is weird that this is what they were court. Yet that's not an ad that mean this is strange it's been viewed 5500 times that type of views would still 5000 views on FaceBook and I I wonder. To ask our class yet and that. Because you you brought up some and Elena react to even if it's even if that's true even if the kid did put the animal out of it's misery could still be animal cruelty. I don't look at that that even of the animal cruelty charge because police or somebody could say that was not the right move. You let a veterinarian do it that's not the most humane way. Still could be animal cruelty. And listen to this I don't like it what I don't know Travis can you sample this big thing this. It can you do it as the adult here and write some of. Have to listen to I don't know if I can watch it but I'll listen to a during the break in if we can play on the air. And so and it's appropriate we will if not we will not obviously playing out here. We'll take a few more your phone calls by 767798. And you US could you go get someone. Oftentimes there is no ill but he around you for for hundreds of yards nobody working at the golf course that you could go ask the courts know he's got a phone. The call phone thing is you could you could you call somebody call the clubhouse act. And say hey I'm over here on the fourteenth on the fairway. There is a dock. Who is who we hit what do we apple why posted on social media that said we will sample the audio for you I'll put it up on Twitter. It is a violent video and if you wanna see you can follows a KM BZ radio at Medina Jamie wicket it's more of phone calls do you believe. The explanation was it the right thing to do. 5767798. Of the sixteen year old killing deduct just joining us there's been a teenager in California. Suspected of fatally battering a duck with a golf club. And I was taken into custody animal cruelty investigation the explanation he is giving in the superintendent of the high school. Says that this kid who by the way it was on the golf team ID hit a duck got to the duck and duck was suffering so the kid put it out of its misery. And it beat it the dot twice with his golf club. We just watched the video sort of as the kid takes the club up to go down towards the dock. The video freezes. And that's it what you hear is something to the effect of you know for the lord and spirit blessing the duck. Kinda sounds like he's mocking it to me. And there's there's two beliefs and it easier for my blocking out kids' names for the ball miners could be because swearing we don't know. I'm I'm still not gonna buy it I'm still not mine it. Again it's it's the fact that they record it and put it online and bands like to me sounds weird and some disaster on the text line on. In the middle of a bunch of expletives that I can't read before that who argued to judge that ducks condition. Who are you to decide that now is the time were that duck can't be saved or her you to make that decision given that you're not about your not. Yeah now who who are you to decide. Well some people believe the Thursday and animal suffering the humane thing to do we stood. Beat it with the club or. Somebody on FaceBook said what happens with. You know police officer it's an animal on the side of the road and that animal is. It pain and suffering due to HD student I would assume you do I I've night ancestor. I don't I don't know that by 767798. Lance in Kansas City was right for what this kid did you buy the story. I am open by the story arcs that keep I have seen the video yet but. It's the animals supper and it's bright just good at that it's mr. de escalate. We call it dispatch. He's so he dispatched the animal as quickly deterred. And you know people worried about. Are you reading. He would get judged. Every state has a lot lot department kits don't even know about that but like in the city. What Lott what British do you sinner like downer so park you know it's the cell phone just what you did ya look at that call. And Intel. And as far as someone thinking they just change it on the golf team now they're golfing. I can tell you. Explores how the duct. Was injured. Forward. I would believe. Because assist you're gonna be a sneak up at or maybe it was it was. You know. You never know. But I think you get dispatched and because it was. In your good call for the kids. That video are definitely very very bad call or whomever. You know that's just the latest shoot it. There's you know you can't go running around waiting trying to buy the vehicle soccer. So they think that if if they if this story is true you think they did the right thing the posting up on line was stupid. Litmus for the Pope comment appreciate it was he's a few more and here I. If I bought the story then it was the right thing to do I could not do with. Like I. I could not take club and hit. And injured animal until it was dead I couldn't do that now and probably why not much of an outdoors. It's why I weighed it the theory at least. I don't know maybe they just maybe they've had to do this before I don't know and if they have Dan I would buy it a little more but at the very least wouldn't you want somebody to make certain. You know what you wanna ask somebody else. Scott do Robert Kansas City you're a 91 KMB CD by the story Robert. Guys don't I don't. I agree because I remember being indignant lawyer or give our stories straight. Pretty bright go I don't superintendent all day and gut etiquette or credential that I think are much that he got taken out more or. Field do you work or quake though I don't think that's much better course. Well I feel like. Did you or or so same story that's so true that the Greek. I'm a golfer I've read it won't buy it and people. Oh the golf ball so it's not being elected. Odd numbered figure happened that it dug up. I think better of course there are you know what they should do it. I'd disagree a bit of getting closer and also where they. Were learning the books videos. You know world are gonna discuss about it we've got a note include deep. Help them oil or call him not to do anything they write you know it in the wrong time. Out there but videos out there or they're big. And they. I think the conversation is is one that we need to have things for the phone call because it seems like when we talk about these stories. Whatever the the the subject matter is a lot of people don't have a problem with the incident is the posting evident on FaceBook or eased to Graham or what have. It's the suspicion that posting it online raises. That's that's the problem is that it's. Because otherwise I think it would it would be a little more gray in town police wouldn't be able to prove please have nothing to go on video wise they wouldn't have as much evidence. Further animal cruelty charge. We wouldn't be asking questions like why is only part of it applies and the rest of an opera is the one taking the video why you know who who should be in trouble here and there were just be less to it. You can read about about a FaceBook page Robert thank you for your phone call this from Andrew on FaceBook. I found a video on YouTube he's cussing at the burden and starts beating it he is guilty. I don't know what's under the bully Cincinnati follow us on Twitter. It's warning it's a you know there's there's nothing there's the club coming down is not shown. If you wanna watch it you can and give us your thoughts on Twitter because he. He mentions the lord in the spirit. As to bless it I don't know if it was serious or mocking an end to beliefs and of names occur sports and it's really really hard to figure out. Yap yap. He'll these things if this charges dropped in on and again I ask. His reason might be true that the reason they hit it was to put it out of its misery that might still be animal cruelty I mean they might still saying. You shouldn't have done. There was more humane way to go about it right. Right for you should have we should of had an expert do it that was it. Your place to do a bartender FaceBook page the story seems plausible they would want it would be possible to hit a duck with a tee shot I know I've come close to the geese on my local course. But maybe should have notified the clubhouse or animal control to take care of the duck. And he shouldn't of recorded put on social media that's the bottom line it's that don't post everything you do especially if it would be described it anyways nefarious. But that's what some people though is to Brian why we have people that FaceBook live crimes my kids it's forty attention. You know it happens all the time.