Midday with J&W: Councilman Quinton Lucas talks to about affordable housing

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Tuesday, May 15th

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Kansas City as the head out for Al. It's still account we get the big is that we get Kansas City all five G which is very very cool. Up pleased to have Kansas City City Council quit Lucas in studio assert things come and we answer his microphone is on their Travis ports I've got this very good. Hundreds of Syria look. First off big news five G market Kansas City is there with the big dogs Atlanta Chicago Dallas all the big absolutely it's an exciting time business is good in Kansas and everybody's learning what it's all about later on. Go ahead so we start by talking about a subject that you've spent some time on and that's the on shortage of leveling com or affordable housing in Kansas City. On key issues come to light a little bit and others and talk about Cornish and what rents percent Jackie's supplement for people were unfamiliar certainly can't. And so over the last few months about a conversation about and supervised housing downtown Kansas City. As part of our redevelopment of the current light district we made some obligations. To help build luxury. Housing buildings were number of years people ask me how many and it was actually originally a 99 year. Unlimited obligation where the city would continue to spend fifteen million dollars. On parking garage is for each new place part of the question that from some of my colleagues was well is there for a 1000. The answer from Courtis from the developers was yes recent okay what type rent is that and the answer was. 14100 dollars 18100 dollars maybe 2000 dollars per month. That's not affordable housing down that is not a is it and it's funny because I had a guy call me from my Johnson County the other day who said I have this four bedroom home and all of that and I pay less than that lesson 2000 month. In my mortgage and so. The conversation I've had lately is first how we define affordability. We're not building housing projects and more we're not doing big government investment like that so really to the extent that when the city is subsidizing the building we can do percentage affordable housing that's who we have good quality housing stock and when we're talking about affordability we're not talking about necessarily somebody who's. Homeless were talking about. People that are coming back from school or people earning entering the job market who can't pay a 141516100. Dollar A month rent. Instead we get a much closer to a 91800. You're seeing something that's rare people who work in radio for example oddly. It's so. How come up with a figure then how do you know well won it you know when you're trying to lay out guidelines and we're asking define affordable how'd you come up with that definition. You know the definition I came up with was a simple one the census gives us a median household income in Kansas City, Missouri it's 47000 dollars a year. You're not supposed to spend more than at least under Hud guidelines 30% of you or a monthly. Income on housing. And so we took 30% of that measure that gets into a still somewhat high. 11180. Dollars a month and so the idea would be at least 1180 yen below. Being in the area where folks who receiving incentivized. The benefits and their buildings have to give some percentage ought to folks so what we're saying here isn't a few different things one. If a private developer wants to build a giant thing downtown they buy the land they don't want tax incentives they don't want any contribution from the taxpayers. Build whatever you want charter if you want that's fine and that's America if however the city Kansas City and I think in other jurisdictions they have the same issue if we're gonna give tens of millions of dollars in incentives and part of the exchanges that you're going to be 1015% affordable. We wanna make sure it's really affordable and that's and I think we're doing in this conversation. I'm looking at two light right now. That monstrosity that gorgeous luxury apartment that wind up down in the powered light district earth they hit their lowest they're cheapest rate for a 500 in 91 square foot one bedroom which is. About the size of the studio starts at thirteen hundred dollars. What is your response when you hear rent like that idea of a larger one bedroom 1545. Main. That you know but aren't they being rented a reminder stickers available the reason that we're getting three light is because the first two rented. Yeah I'm hearing there is huge demand in Kansas City which is a tribute to the investment that both the taxpayers of Maine also courses may and so. While that's exciting that we have I think what we're seeing very clearly is. You know your regular working folks your kid returning from college they cannot enter into that sort of market and what are our goals is always been. Not just to make downtown La La land for the folks with good money. But instead to also make sure it's something that has some moderation and income and university in income. Eat in you you bring up something to me because it's what's the goal. Of downtown Kansas City there's gonna be too light and like Jamie said three light and we can all count for lights coming know I know there there's a new one in my part of town of 531 grand. That is going up it starts at thirteen hundred bucks for a one bedroom. You know I think that's absolutely the case I mean you've all spent time in other cities where it has become exorbitant. To be able to live in anywhere on the island of Manhattan. Or certainly hear about the coastal cities and even beyond that there are lots of errors were received this huge increase in expenses. And so I think our goal is still to make sure that Kansas City has an opportunity for folks a moderate income of low income. Because we don't want is a city that just has this very high income earner. Everybody who works in Kansas City haven't lived far out weigh in and us not being able to continue to have the middle class and assuming the city stronger over the years. And I think that conversation is important downtown. And and let me be very into Cornish by the way. Because I think 531 grand cortisol these developers are basically doing what is legal and allowed right now. The problem when the three wide conversation was when we asked what is affordable but we looked at some folks at the city and others and they sit you know it's up to 2000 dollars a month. So Cortes says heck we're following the rules as you have them Kansas City, Missouri. So I think what we're really trying to do right now is what my goal is is to say hey let's establish a real measure of affordability so we know what we're trying to match were trying to reach and we're not just necessarily going after the fact insane I'll that's not affordable to us or anything of the sort but instead being predicted the consistency policy. So the mayors said there are 6000 affordably housing units downtown again as. When he says affordable what do we know for rents and these 6000 affordable housing units that we've got. You know I think in the statement right after that the mayor noted that affordable of different measures and so that would include everything from your highs threshold measure. To something that is is much lower. And so I think if we were used my measure and I'm not run the day yet of the how many units are 1187 and below. You'll have a you'll have a smaller number and I think what we need to make sure is when we're getting these new deals. And when we're incentivized in the and the thing that gets me is the public investment. Of the public's investing in it and I do wanna make sure there were getting this positive resource thereafter. And I don't match in the that is the full 6000 measure. And another problem is that we saw on the conversation before was. That we were using a different definition of affordability in just depending on the type of the part of the city you lemons which as any of us who have jobs now. Right if you're getting paid the same no matter where you live you still get paid saying. And so affordable is consistently affordable wherever wherever it is the free and reduced large measure for example for school kids is the same whether a year and blue valley Kansas Missouri school district on an ox it's that are. And so I think that should be the same measure that reusing 1000. We got Kansas City City Council many quit Lucas in studio coming up. That statement he read from from mayor James 6000 affordable units downtown. Or talk about where downtown it's because his power and light which is not your district council and Lucas. Is that downtown or about your district that is on the other side of troops to lead to that question coming up next 1113 and 91 KM BZ. It is 1119 don't forget your keyword cash this hour for a thousand bucks a loss at LOS asked lost text the word and seven to 81 for your chance 1000 announce we are talking with Kansas City councilman quit Lucas in studio were also on FaceBook like if you like to say hello and I dropped comments don't forget you can text questions for counseling Luke institute 2980. The reason we had a councilman Lucas and thus was because. He has been. Vocal on social media about affordable housing. And one of the cut out quotes that Jamie -- before the break was about 6000 affordable downtown units per mayors like James. The question I have for you is where does. Downtown and that 6000 line because. 2000 dollars add to light on that side of trust is not exactly affordable compared to what's on the other side of tree so where does that downtown number. Begin and end. There's a debate on that to not politicking you I mean there's a broad view of downtown which is the Missouri River to thirty for streets dateline to woodland east of trustees of the sale. I don't know if anybody quite sees it that way. You know I people that. It that way and others the smaller view of downtown which really would include probably the river markets we will have the river. You probably only go as far as what I woods is the interstate there and so you're semi when highway I 2935. Split and then going south probably stopping in at. Crown center being as far south as you would go really. Palms on the streetcar line up single guys just streetcar. You know I think there's something to be said for the fact that were mystery car currently goes and looks a lot like what I think most people say downtown. So I think that's probably more response. An and that being said there are 6000 units along the street correlates I think that number is little inflated by the mayor put it to look at on the streetcar in that district. When you're talking about minimum payment to light is thirteen hundred in and who knows what three like will be in for light will be easy to catch 22 along that line because. Good to admit it as a millennial you don't see where we want working and living downtown I work out your mission. But if you're gonna price outlook colonials can't afford if you're going for. Empty Nester is if you're going for people moving back downtown or have careers or who are wealthy. Aren't you pricing your to your core demographic for the next twenty years out of downtown. Yeah. I mean there's a huge concern for that which is that you want those folks to come downtown to be part of it to be part of enjoying downtown to spending money there which is something that when he was a very good and spending their discretionary not only are on the joyful things in life and so yeah that is something that we have to be concerned with long term because you can't just have a professional. Kind of the elite class that's going to be your your downtown customer base you really do want more and I think in our development policy Kansas City needs to continue to think about. How do we attract more folks with. So outside of the one light to light and the the bigger developments in the nicer developments to all the developers that are wanting to build more housing in other parts. I'm gonna say downtown not just the parts that we talk about not just the streetcar line. But in other areas where we genuinely Morgan housing. I'm kinda. I mean I think you'll hear from developers who oversee how we'd love to build but we have a gap. The further east of truce we get the more of the gap is in the more removed from government to be a backstop aren't. And so there is some question as to you know what can we do. This was a conversation we have with economic development policies than that I was a big part of two years ago. Because if we were continuing to give the maximum tax abatements and tax breaks to projects on the plaza. And downtown. Why is it that anyone would ever actually moved to an area that has a little bit more strain to it or two bit more we struggle to build. Now we're slowly but surely I think getting in my own little past that an understanding that how. Maybe we shouldn't tell the person is building luxury condominiums. Somewhere Nazi downtown that you did everything. And until the guy who's built and untruths that you get everything because you always beat downs on first the return on investment. But I think jab yet city policy needs to think more about houses that were encouraging new development. Really where needs to be we're needs to be is in neighborhoods that are a bit more challenging Kansas City with the joyful thing about the east side for those who haven't been there lately. We've got good public transit you've got still good neighborhood density you've got a good you know set of networks and other issues that allows somebody who moves in there to be fairly convenient. To be convenient to work coastal work etc. so I hope the city can push that as time goes on. Somebody is going to be screaming and I'm sure the text line looks like this and says why is that your job. As the Kansas City City Council or mayors like James or anyone why is it their job. To regulate the cost of rent. It is absolutely not bribe to what we're not proposing is New York city's style rent control we have no kind of structured controlled economy type of thing. What we're talking about right now is people who aren't people businesses that are getting tax breaks right there is an exchange in essence unlike urges like. Perhaps what we saw decades before government subsidies now run in the direction of tax breaks. And because when you look at two line when you look at when when we're looking at lots of other buildings. Those are government subsidized structures partly as I see it and so will proceed as if you're going to do business with government in this way and you have to provide some additional public benefit more than you just doing us a favor building in Kansas City, Missouri. A class on the tax line about the jazz districts not to museum although I'm an dodged the question a look at ask you to talk about the museum. I think it's important that somebody said they want an update on the jazz district. Rebuilding our buildings using the Altman movie and general progress update for the district the jazz museum has been in the news quite a bit about the director and about the leadership and whether. That is still something that the city should be putting so much money and and the debt where does that stand in terms of that progress. You know there's a board meeting today Iran after I leave you all. And we're gonna talk about that passport I think everybody had the chance to see there were recommendations. Some of which said we need a board that's a bit more to fund raising. We need to row on the institution with a little more independent so it's not just kind of political way station for different folks to control I think you're gonna see the city. Except all those recommendations and Brinkley were Gorham program. The jazz museum was open I guess I'm millennial like brother wicket and the jazz are you open when I was in high school we had our prom or not is not enough has changed since then I mean a lot's changed with me if it I don't have as much care now but nevertheless. I'm not a is not presidential museums or won't recede and we're going to do work there in terms of the eighteenth and vine somewhat broader question. I think the next big step that we have an eighteenth and vine is how to we get the follow on private investment to help us rebuild the district government has been in this game for awhile now on will continue to be partners. And allies as we can we really need is private business. And businesses and foundations etc. to be the future of eighteenth and vine and the jazz museum not just city kansans are. We we we were discussing not too long ago there was a gentleman and is it from the Kansas City transit authority name escapes you right now bills I can't remember I'm sure you know I'm speaking of who. Penned a letter to you need and the letter to mayor James and the rest of those who are elected officials saying that he is sick and tired out the crime in and as we bring to wave from the affordable housing discovery. What is your reaction to that because he was. Very adamant that he was going to. Stop continuing to fund raise or fund raise for you guys what is your reaction to that and how seriously do you take that sort of I wanna say a threat but that's sort of the threat. Bill George was absolutely right I mean he was absolutely right here here's the problem violent we talked about this before. And we continue to clamor about needing a solution and I think that's key because cures what happened last time we had big homicide upsurge. Right we appointed this commission rather some blue ribbon panel took about a year year and a half to come up with some responses. One of which was let's hire new person at City Hall. I've met her she's a wonderful person. I wanna know more about what Purdue. Right this isn't a function of everybody sitting around and saying they're just a bunch of you know causes of crime let's not really try to get beyond that instead I think it's time for us to be aggressive with what types of solutions that we can have and it's key and one other thing. Wrecked it fundamentally impacts quality of life because you're talking about perhaps you when your wife looking to relocate out of the city market. I wanna keep in Kansas City, Missouri new affordable part of Kansas City, Missouri is the east side is the third district and I I live in and represented. And I would love for you to have a good option there but to your point if it's the district with a much talk most homicides in the city which unfortunately it is. That might deter you can frankly as we see violent crime spreading throughout the city. There were several shootings in the north planned this weekend wonderment and we've lost life I mean we can't have this sort of thing be something that expands and I saw someone else mentioned this and we'll talk too long but. You don't win the city of New York has about 240 homicides and eight million people and we have about a 150. And 470000. You know I'm seeing a problem and I think that's a problem that can hamstring the city despite the great progress we have. Coming up next we will I get councilman Lucas his expertise on the governor crichton's situation also how to honor an icon. In Kansas City I think you again for a taken time and know today's a busy day even at a meeting right after this. One of the things we definitely want to have you in and to discuss especially with your law background was. There's a trial going on out there was drawn out knowing how. Yesterday. About governor Eric brightens what's your overall take on the way to the Saint Louis stop prosecutor handled this whole thing against the governor. You know I I have put on to order this morning I mean I respect the fact that she was being innovative and aggressive on charges that's what you want for victims of of any types of crimes like this. That being said there are some clear and obvious mistakes that you don't need a lot of greed recognized. I think it was a a mistake perhaps this Harvard Law School professor expert that they brought and who was a laugh in during the court here which is kind of the jury questioning. Time and got chastised by the judge that's embarrassment and it's good to know that's not good you don't you don't wanna judge Ellen manager at the beginning of the case I think there are a lot of other questions about the use of consultants and other experts in all types of issues I mean here's the thing. Right I'm the Saint Louis prosecutor's office does a lot of work they do a lot of crimes they have a lot of prosecutors have been investigators. Have them do this type of investigation. This is just leading your average Missouri and even one who may not be the biggest ally of governor grinds as they wait what the heck is going all. What are you doing and then you have this interesting thing yesterday where they basically in my opinion. The prosecutor's office. Bashes the judge before whom they have to appear. After they lose what is a very important motion not just in the Saint Louis Circuit Court but also in the Missouri Court of Appeals and so here's the thing. Get it straight. Be objective trying to actually run a trial in the normal way and I've taken to calling the governor's team the saint Lou his dream team it's Tony years later but it is this kind of group of good lawyers who know media who know polished. Don't fight in the press with them you will not win you don't have the money to win if you're the prosecutor's office when a trial and I think that's the best way to do things and I hope a special prosecutor deputy in the prosper in the circuit attorney's office. Does that a little bit more effectively next camera. One of the things that came out last couple weeks was the advisory group that is looking at the best place for us to honor and I'll tank across the city and I'm surprised. When the top two recommendations of that group came out with word the sale which I don't think surprised anybody. And the new terminal at TCI. Was the low the leading recommendation to name the new terminal for an OK you think about that suggestion. You know it's it's an interest in suggestion. I think yeah it's unlikely to happen I don't think there's anyone really pushing that aggressively. And soul what we've TO was a conversation really about the sale. I'd and I was not part of the board's deliberations I don't know how they came to that I understand that there are a lot of the say like Doctor King so much. Like not be on one of these more prominent things in Kansas City the new airport terminal. But I I tend to think that it's still is a street conversation. I'm one who is sympathetic to the fact that this Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the ministers who wants to kick off this conversation. As I understand if they're asking for public vote. Let us have a vote on him and let us I kind of think about I think the one has been presented. Because what we've seen is some level of distraction from what was the initial thing in our disabled want to name at this one name that. And instead and maybe we can see of the sales the street we wanna use of wanna go east west instead. And I like to see it narrowed more tuned. So you have preferred the street as opposed to Casey knew Casey is that your vote if you had to declare one here on the radio among all of Kansas City you know where I. I will give a clear and honest answer is prayer for politicians sometimes yes my preference would be the street would be about the sale is has been presented to us. Ever persuasive arguments as to that I've heard no arguments really at all as to case CI and wrong this kind of think okay maybe interest in there and no one's laid out the case for why that relates to something Doctor King was thinking about. Do you have any idea if it will be named anything the new case CI as opposed to just knew Casey eye is able to do we named airports anymore you. You know and I think the short answer is no really. The latest airport there was a name that was there have been some others but the bill and Hillary Clinton national airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. Is one you can think of it even their efforts and folks that say well. You know when you're thinking of airports right the idea that he really want is to have the city so Saint Louis were examples has Lambert field is there report that they change the name to Lambert Saint Louis international airport. The idea that you want people identify with the city as opposed to you some figures the folks want won't. Now in forty years from now people remember and she write a you know and Seau if for example I flew through the Bob Hope Airport which they millennial I was born with him. Have no idea where that's all about they've not. I like yeah yeah. I down kids these days or good. Was Travis with the exception of now. Three elements talking about Jackson county detention center in which I know is Jackson County but it's in the city in the city sends their inmates there and their grandson. Concerns coming outs we've had a guard there that's been charged with having inappropriate sexual contact with a female inmates some other accusations about conditions there. Out what are your concerns about the detentions are. You don't have lots I mean first by way of background that I still volunteer with the department of corrections and chances soak it up to Lance can sometimes I think. Prisons are important because most of the people in prisons are coming right back into society thereafter. So we wanna make sure that they're not terrible and vibrant environment and frankly costly ones through lawsuits etc. A few things Bryant that there are a lot of interest in conversations between the county prosecutor's account executive the city Kansas City, Missouri. Everybody needs to get their act together. And we need to sit down and figure out what is the passport does need to be a new JO is an investment in the jail is it sending Kansas City Missouri's prisoners elsewhere. Because we do have a high population and frankly there's a question as to. Whether the jail right now is equipped to handle so I think that is much as anything instead of if he can't I don't like commissions. And these blue ribbon panels that are appointed to spend six months to sometimes not come up with answers. I think right now many of us are elected an office to come up with those answers and so one of the things I think is that we need to want proposal I have absolutely nobody likes that. But is to suggest that we need to incarcerate fewer people for municipal offenses. I think there's this idea that you have to question why are you incarcerate someone for some time. Port municipal offense without other charges. Just to find people are visible are absolutely so this city of Kansas City, Missouri. I arrests a number of people for certain ordinance violations. Right there is some like public urination is one example that amounted to sent to the state court barrels. Instead you have to go to city jail I think a lot of those things can be processed through ticket. And so I would like to see us use those more often and perhaps avoid incarceration for folks like that. Another problem is that we're using our county jail frankly as a mental health institution. And that's a big part of it you have homeless folks and others who are repeat. Offenders and folks that in dampened county jail overnight because they don't have enough mental health beds and so I think that's a place where we can look at these supply side. But I also think on the quality side you've got a clean house in some ways and we can't have some of the things occurring there that are existing now. Can I ask a row clicked because we have Terrell Forte and Allen has been a point Indian terms sheriff what confidence do you have in him on an interim basis may be to clean some of the south. You know I have great respect for your Forte I think he's seen challenges in the Kansas City, Missouri police department is meant the community for three decades. I actually he's from here so even longer. And so we you know I have confidence that he'll be a good leader both for the sheriff's office but certainly for the jail as long investigating issues that occur there week. Patch things getting get to the upcoming election season your future of the baseball stadium people attacks lines of Katie asked about bring in the royals downtown. Next time yet absent apps include I think I think he's much for coming and we appreciate it thank you. Kansas City city councilman quit Lucas in studio if you want to check any of this out to be a became BC dot com you can also watch it. On FaceBook it is 1142. Love of the keyword cash for you just before. 12 o'clock straight ahead. Ed though do we need a better rating system when it comes to movies there's a study out that says we need to add another level we'll tell you what it is thanks again to Kansas city's city councilman quit the Lucas Ford joining us in studio we were debating how old councilmen lucas' I don't think I realized how young councilman Lucas walked it is hopefully not detect an account and I mean I I've seen him out of station hanging out before and and converse with him and I thought this guy is definitely older than me. No no he is not he is I younger than I admit that I'm 37 so I don't buy your life right now he teaches law. And on track likely to become mayor of the city at some point how you doing. A bit I've it's about the president Hank do you edit its generals and Travis and all rapper hunkered down we appreciate. Young councilman Lucas she's changing the city change our lives and would idea. Teaching line I whined about on residents react if you don't really contribute much. Eight with a poll question going on by the way what's the better breakfast drink cocktail. Bloody Mary or the most text the word bloody. Or text the word the most which is I am a serie. And it does have. I am well as a MIA MO SA tech's most or text bloody. Did 22980. Where you regret right now ice and us is gonna witness like 3545. It's 5545 the other as a matter acts over on the Twitter it is 5545. The most so here are connecting with your younger millennial young's. Sure the younger listeners light champagne and older listeners like the primaries. We about a drink called a Greyhound and the what was that this is the grapefruit juice plus gen over and over I. Girl two things I'd just like more and put them together off yeah this is why we're friends. Lot of our mutual disdain are really cannot stand a liquor that tastes like a tree. And great for. Eustace has an extra little that is aftertaste somebody landed on great free juice and gene yes that's that's what a Greyhound has called what I can take grapefruit juice while an orb in Orange juice together or something but. You saw grapefruit juice is really guide if you lose some weight it's really gonna share our director body of water a guy so if I. Half team peel a grapefruit thing and just choke it down I well. But it's not pleasant and Jin just do it let us now allow which when you prefer the bloody Mary or the the most text bloody. Or memos MI am OS AA two like 22980 and it's twenty to 980 we'll update this as we go. We urge our attention to the movie industry here for bets on and there's a suggestion out of the movie worldly study that's been done. That we need an additional rating an. About how do you decide what move New York currency on how you make that decision and what do you feel like is an appropriate level. Of violence or or whatever you don't like what are you think is an appropriate level for whatever age kids you have on because. There's a study out on the stories on the New York Times. Study of long shown that gun violence in PG thirteen movies has been rising. Sometimes exceeding what is shown and popular. Now there is research suggesting that some parents think thirteen is too young to see intense shooting. Even when it appears justified. There's a suggestion that we need a PG fifteen rating in addition the PG thirteen system. I Daniel Romer who is the lead author of the study that was sent to go on the journal pediatrics. He said the findings suggest that parents may want a new rating. That the film industries taking inappropriate advantage of the PG thirteen system he said these movies often get PG thirteen rating. By omitting the consequences. Like blood and suffering. And by making use of gun violence seem justified but parents of teens. Say even scenes of justified violence are more appropriate for teens were at least fifteen. And I think on that word justified is is up for debate I mean. How do you define justified gun violence vs somebody also finds that I think the conversation. Motion Picture Association of America which runs that voluntary film ratings system declined to cop. 767798. How do you determine. A movie you haven't seen you know let let's let's take the biggest movie in the world right now avengers infinity war. Got some language not a ton of little bit. Violent it's comic book bully the heroes fight and and oust the bad guys. How do you determine if your kid can see a movie your teenager you're your preteen you're twelve year old. 'cause they think that like my nephew is 11 and obviously this morning. Can I communicate and ins to Graham direct message that's how I communicate with my eleven you'll have to look. I kind of like to monitor make sure that he's not posting inappropriate stuff I tell my sister I'm that guy. And he asked me how infinity war why so nice that I loved it as sought three times. And I think it would be appropriate for him as he is 1111 and apps like that. But I don't know if if there's other ways that you goat you know as apparent how do you you look at it at a movie you you think your kids are gonna like. What is it too much for your for your kids I think that the ratings we have now are pretty good. Yours is big difference between thirteen and fifteen. I wrote that down right here I wrote that first thing about it is there are huge T thirteen girls setting a fifteen year old son does he was tense is Durbin differently it would have any PG fifteen rating. If you have a fifteen year old or where -- your kid is if you saw that it was eight PG fifteen rating. Would that get your attention and and genuine feeling not let your teen go until their over that age or do you feel like there's not a big difference between thirteen and fifteen. I don't know. Exposure to this is having taught high school aren't in yet Allen and dealing with thirteen through through eighteen year old. Generally speaking so you're talking about a kid who is beginning their freshman year and rose kid who is finishing her sophomore year or beginning their junior year. Little bit of a difference but to mean not a dramatic difference and and somebody else suggested on the tech sign what had to change the you know in instead of adding a rating why not just change one of the ones that we are half. Meaning what what we like anything that seems to have. More than an average amount of violence becomes are automatically and again what. Deserves that PG fifteen rate went right what do you not want your kids seeing on their own at a certain age because there are certain movies out there that. You know we've talked about this multiple times dead pool the new dead pool movie comes out this week what's it rated. And will there be kids there as well I need a mama bring her son aggression out on and it's it's appropriate. The the first word of the bloke the movie Logan which is the last Wolverine movie that came out the first word that movie is the F board. Are right now it's our for a reason. Dead pool is as file a movie as you're going deceit and comic book movies see your mom or dad who doesn't know lot about it I think. Comic book movie which you get there and it's swear word there's opt out pretty long sex scene. You know there there's a lot of violence is mostly the language that's in it and even Ryan Reynolds the stars that don't bring your kids to this movie it's not it's down so I mean. Two parents. Read the reviews do you go see it first do you. Have your older kid go see it first to determine like I'll usually get my sister heads up on movies. That I think is my nephew and I have the same maturity level you're out giver heads Apple's sake it had this it had this but it was probably okay or it's not okay. Yeah usually I'll I'll try to attempt to leave that out there.