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Monday, June 18th

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So before the break. We had a listener named Steve. On the line that said that he heard or read. At 80%. Those of women trying to get into the United States from Mexico were raped on their way up. And we said during the break we you know we would seemingly thought the story was the bit. The statistic was bogus it seems like an extraordinarily high number I Google. During the break as he told me because as Steve was right we told he would be right and if he was wrong we want it says it's you know. According to. Huffington Post of all sites they actually cite a story from fusion dot com and this is probably where he now the story is to touch off four years old. Back in September of 2014. According to a fusion investigation and his video of this. 80%. Of women and girls crossing into the United States by way of Mexico. Are raped during their journey. That's up from previous estimate of 60% according to an Amnesty International report. In 2014 alone immigration authorities expect more than 70000 of unaccompanied minors to come to the united states of lawfully. From central made American countries El Salvador Guatemala Honduras the number of Central American girls caught. At these southwest border has rapidly outpaced the number of boys this according to a pew research study. Many of these girls are fleeing their homes because of fears of being sexually assaulted they're still meeting that same fate. On their journey to the United States rate can be perpetuated by anyone along the way including guidance. Fellow migrants bandits or government officials this according to fusion dot com. And as Steve what. Credit Steve sometimes sex is use is a form of payment. When women and girls don't have money to pay for brides. The assaults are so common that many limiting girls take contraceptives beforehand. As preventive measures. Lot I don't know that number is still 80% I have no reason to believe it would go in any direction I have I'm no it no idea there. I assume that a study like this requires women to self report. Right. Yes I am bat that gets into trouble all of that sometimes in terms of those numbers by. On yeah. I think about that Jamie I don't adding I don't want I'm. But it if if think about that as a human being regardless of what color flag you Wear. You you regardless of what color flags you hang from your house. Think about that. Thousands of women are are willing. To go through. Being sexually assaulting it to come to the United States they're willing to put that on the line. That is insane to me. That is absolutely. Insane. To me. And I don't know I'm not an open wide open borders for everybody kind of guy I know some people on one side wanna tell you that. Left only once open borders and let everybody at. And is not the case. But think about that. Thousands of women it's 80% is the study I don't it's that guy I'll I'll just go with the 'cause it's from several sources. And there's video investigation of it let's say it's half it's 40% still. Nearly half the women trying to get in the United States are willing to. These subject to rate knowing that there's a good chance that they're gonna get raked where they get here. Don't we need to show some compassion to those people isn't it amazing how great it is to be an American. We need to you. Also perhaps investigate who is doing the right thing yes taking the bribes in order for them to get across the guard who was willing to do that. Who is while drunk on power in that case knowing that you know what you want do you want she there was a case the story this morning about. Think it was a sheriff's deputy I'm in my Google broke what we're here. Sexually assaulted a four year old girl on who was here illegally was somebody he knew when he did over the course of a couple of years. He was in Texas on. And he threatened her that he was in a report her that that he would have hurt sent away and and tear her away from her mother she told anybody that he was doing at her. Because the power that he had that situation. Yeah and right here at a Texas. Texas should've deputy was being held. On. Monday that's today at a charge of super super aggravated sexual assault of a four year old girl. After authorities say her mother and undocumented immigrant was being blackmailed to stay silent about the abuse or face deportation. So the people on those positions to be able to control that you make it across the border or not are sexually assaulting four girls. I mean. It if if that tells you anything. Those two how great it is to be in America how how badly people want to be here and the risks they are willing to take. Man you gotta take all that into consideration so thank you Steve for putting it out on the error. Because aunt and we did the research during the break that number makes me wanna throw up I hopes he was wrong. But when it's when it when somebody challenges yet and I get the information out there are some props to you Steve. So we spent quite a bit of the show on Friday on the last couple of hours. Following events out of wyandotte county when we had two deputies that were. And adopt we lost two lives that day as a result of what happened with an altercation outside the band. Justice that are there. So an update on funeral service tonight. Yeah remarkable is gonna join has been covering it all weekend you'll be in studio coming up next at 1213 your 91 KM BZ deputy. Brewer did not just offer to us. A total gift of themselves yesterday. They did it each and every day that they stepped out into our community. As Kansas City, Kansas mayor David LT. Speaking over the weekend. Friday show took and turned and we were talking about a lot of stuff and and when we found out that two deputies had been shot outside the KCK courthouse. Obviously that became our number one concern for the second half of yesterday's show. We lost. Deputy Teresa king she was 44 with three children deputy Patrick Warren 35 had to we bring in our own mark Lavoy with the latest and market was. One of those were we just watched and waited for for more details to come out on Friday after the shooting. Yes terrible I mean one of those things 01 of the scariest jobs at risk is transporting inmates and he'd take you take your eye off of one of these people for 12 view. You relax for a second and you know perhaps that's what happened here at the some of the investigators believe that. The man who meant the media outlets are identifying as Antawn fielder got his hands on one of the deputies guns and then used on him. What we know about that suspect. What we know is he's got a rap sheet as long as all of our arms put together wow indeed. Was accused of first degree murder and a young woman's death. I'm 22 year old Kelsey you want us to. Hung juries. And finally just drop the charges in Jackson County Missouri it was a homicide that took place in Kansas City, Kansas young woman's body found in a parked car. That he was also facing a first degree murder charge for a December 2017 homicide. That was what he was in jail for this time. When apparently he and the deputies got into a scuffle and some people got shot including him. He was listed in stable condition at last check in a hospital here and in town. Do we know the transfer process was he like with which way for that I don't know how this works and and again they were there allegedly transporting a man by the name of Antoine Felder do we know is it. Going to a car was it going to it does Stew we know that the goal here the end game of the that the transfer. I do not know the exact. The procedure here he had he supposedly had a hearing at 10 o'clock in the morning so we you know we would with think you the hearing and probably come to an end in and he was. Going back. Don't know if if there's. And what means that we get him back to the jail it is by a fan or something like that that happens a lot. For instance in Johnson County that a lot of folks are held in jail or certain miles away from the courthouse so. Don't know the full detail on that just have never studied it but it just basically the whole idea is keep your eyes on on the guy. Well this will be of course very thoroughly investigated. This guy wanted on first degree murder had been accused of first degree murders before had bragged according to court documents that he killed at least four people. And had not been held to account for it so as dangerous as a suspect can get here. You would hope that you would be shackled. And handcuffed. You know and everything I we just don't know. Yet because of course they're they're going to investigate this thoroughly before they give us all the details. It's given sons of how old. Another right when asked this but how they're handling this with and the wind actually sheriff's department I mean just to lose two of there. To lose two of their own in such a tragic way. Just how. It Allen and Kasey Kahne has had they've had some other law enforcement does not that long ago zone members of the Kansas City, Kansas police department killed in separate incidents just a couple of years ago knowing I know that there was a lot of messages over the weekend and on Twitter and and a lot of support with the law enforcement community and elsewhere in the metro area reaching out but just. I can't even. I can't I had or what they must be going through an Asher department. You know it's it's one of those things I course have never been a law enforcement officer myself I've cover the news for twenty some years and I've had close relationships with. Sheriff's deputies our patrol troopers police officers and when this happens. There is that moment of oh my gosh what's what's happened here. But. There's there's a calmness settles in and and they just look forward and and they look at the goal. I have to do my job today what are the goals that I need to accomplish today and that's the focus on. And then after they clock out then things change about it but during the war the time that they're on the clock. Covered a homicide one time where you could hear the voices. And this is what you talked what almost twenty years ago we hear the voices that the the emotion and and the electricity in the voices of the people talking. Communicating as are rushing a sheriff's deputy to the hospital. A sheriff's deputy who was dying. And then I heard. A call sign that I didn't always here to Sid 500 as Tenet that means. I'm on duty and 500 in that particular case was the Sedgwick county sheriff. The boss and when his voice came over here over the over the two way radio. Everything suddenly turned business. Sometimes leadership like that plays a huge role. I just have no concept of what it is like to go to work every day knowing that that by virtue of the job I choose to do I could lose my life that day. You know I mean we we talk about school shootings we talk about and I guess that's a risk for all of us and that's a risk everywhere but the job doesn't inherently come without risk. Though at least not a heightened risk generally speaking most of us know that. It would be an exception it would be extraordinary events for something like that to happen in a place like those. But I can't imagine being a firefighter or police officer horse or somebody in that position where you are. Your daily job is to transport people that happy rap sheet the length of all of our arms who are highly motivated. To get out of the situation that you are restraining them and yeah. It's. You know I I don't know how they do it either. Except to say that you know young people never think they're gonna die. And so there's some of that courage there where they know there is the possibility and are not fools they don't go in this. Have foolishly. They know that there is a chance but they go and saying I have the courage to do this job I can serve my community I can do this. And then overtime you develop experience and you learn to protect yourself under certain circumstances. Certain ways to reduce the risk as you're going along dealing with a very dangerous people. The most dangerous things a police officer does on a daily basis as domestic violence call. And a traffic stop me stuff they do every single day and a lot of these people. Prisoner transfers is probably right up there as well and it's it's it's an awful awful thing. When it happens and it strikes everybody reminder of just how dangerous the job that is what was going on last night and there was a vigil in front of City Hall. Don't know the exact numbers you're out there you know a lot of local leaders course the the mayor as you heard the beginning of this segment. Other other high ranking officials with the sheriff's office in the Kansas City, Kansas police. You're talking about good and evil and talking about the the sacrifices. That these young people I say young people they're younger than me. One in their their thirties the other in her forties. You know. Some some young some prayers were sent out some some touching tunes as son as well and you know as one as difficult community events. What do you know about. Events for this week and memorial services and well and we're going to on our. That yes there is memorial or I should say visitation for deputy king the the young woman who has killed. That is Wednesday. From 6 o'clock in the evening until 10 o'clock at the Jack Reardon civic center that's a large hotel area. At fifth and Minnesota. Deputy Rorer will not have a visitation. The funeral services for both deputies the victim but combined event on Thursday the 21. At 9 o'clock at children's mercy part. I believe that's is that since we were to 9 march Carla has insolvent or people as well so. I thought they would go past and. Every just put up on Twitter. I'll get back to the natural border policy conversation in the 1 o'clock hour but just what know where people stand on it on Twitter go ahead and vote president trumps border policy is. To stretch just fine or not strict enough go ahead and vote follow us on Twitter KM BZ radio invoked. It's wanna get back to the conversation that we did indeed earlier in the show about the World Health Organization. Your date to the international classification. Of diseases. Or maybe it's every few years the eleventh edition has come out and there's a new addition. Add to this booklet out that the national classification of diseases is a big block of diseases and the different things that would qualify and and make it a disease so what needs to happen in order for that suit to be disease. The recent at the reason that's important is because it's. It's not necessarily why it's insurance companies have to use to decide what to cover. But it is how they now whether something is in real disease or not and whether it's something they should be kicking money and born. And so the organization has announced gaining just order as a new mental health condition included. In this new international classification of diseases. And and there are some debate about whether it should be included here somebody's characteristics that they say. Make gaming disorder and other three major ways they would diagnose it. And I try to leave out the house speaker the medical's OK good because I'm not Smart enough to understand but why is that. Your gaming is more important than anything else. Or the very least it's more important than other things that should be important like taking care of your kids or going to war a war going on or or just. Normal day to day stuff and responsibilities that you should be taken care of gaming is more important. The second feature they call in parent control of those behaviors so that even land. You choose to game all day instead of going to work that even though you're losing money that way is still game and they're negative consequences to choosing to game and you just suffer those consequences. And just heard is that. By choosing to game over going to work or doing other things and I choosing to suffer financial consequences maybe because of that. There's problem and your problems and relationships the problems at work there's problems with your health disturbs sleep patterns diet problems are not getting enough exercise. So there's ripple effects in other areas of your life by taking part in gaming. And one the other things they say is that. There has to be a pattern of those behaviors for year. Before can be considered a disease. So for those are hoping like you use that as a reason you know to get out of work or whatever I have this disease in order for it to be diagnose the ball. You have to display those symptoms three year. So it from you we know others either were not able to get in the last time we talked about this about the effect that gaming has had. Either for you or I your spouse or your kids we've done this before and people call us and Alice this is ruined my marriage you know. It out. People have lost jobs. Because that shows wider as the need for this to be considered a disease. 5767798. As gaming ever ruin something in your life. Mike I am told the story before and I'll tell again to be a pretty jumped in with doors at 5767798. Maybe you were the gamer or. Somebody in your life was a gamer and they decided ever to play more call of duty or Madden or whatever or in my buddies case. He of a scholarship to the University of Michigan that is an expensive school to go to even in state. And we would go hang out and their dorm room and we would play Tony Hawk on the PlayStation. And that was the game that was the jam back in the year 2000 it was great. He play we would leave like 10:11 o'clock go home whatever. He would play. Till 2 AM till 3 AM till 4 AM till 5 AM he would play through out the night that he wouldn't. Go to class eventually he did so poorly in school. The University of Michigan kicked him out because he was not doing well enough to keep grades after a year and I mean this was early and is correct because mess around you know there even his scholarship. And you're abusing it by playing video games and keep it up your greats. He got booted out of the University of Michigan and get a degree from a school like that like KU. You know here if you get. A scholarship decay you you're being gifted the chance at a reduced or free education. That is going to make you quite successful in your life and in. To blow that out of video game about skateboarding. I couldn't believe it. It just you know. Gambling is considered an addiction you know we have other behaviors that are considered addictions and they're not calling it on an addiction they're calling it a mental health disorder. To me it's kind of the same thing and a health condition you know because the way they're talking about it. They say the main characteristics are very similar to the diagnostic features of substance abuse or gambling disorders on. And so they say gambling disorder is another category of political conditions which are not tied to substance abuse but are considered addictions. On so. There's no drug that can treat those they say most treatments for gaming disorder would be. Behavioral therapy just teaching you to do different things teaching you why it's ruining your life and and that kind of thing. On social support and family support are also. Importance of that and I if it's the same as people or alcoholics were you just can't have a drink again. That might be I can't play games and he cannot control. Yeah I mean a buddy in my another friend of mine meld roommate was playing in equal borders for. For so long. When they decided I'm not gonna go to work today I wanna keep playing this this video game awesome job and how do you choose your games over a job. What I love tech most Super Bowl for the original Nintendo. I got bored with it eventually. I was never addicted to video games I don't get how you can be but I believed that it happens like gambling and drugs and alcohol and that. It's again it's that is it. Don't mean yes gadgets in your brain that's released it's it's a high that would be similar to gambling or sex or any of the other reductions that you have it's. It's that same high that comes from that and you don't editors of life especially if there's a game. And you're competing against other people and you're winning or maybe there's money involved because sometimes there is you know you just can't. I mean people do now that you know next thing you know it's 4 o'clock mark it's 57677988. On KM easy which they. But. What you'll. Market according to date like real life. Is alcohol the same thing. Kissimmee and I think the same thing goes with with gambling let's say that you. You know your escape from your reality. Isn't playing call of duty. But you're escape is playing blackjack. And eventually that escaped turns into something greater and then all of a sudden you're sacrificing your rent payment your food payment your. Gassing your car your car payment the college education for your kids or whatever is your escaped turns into something more I can see how it happens is you games. I've never done it but I've I've watched who my friends do it but Nathan thanks to the phone call 5767798. Or you can text in 22980. Ralf for its and a FaceBook page I don't fields and that mental health issue it's a lack of taking responsibility of the person I play games all the time. Spent hundreds of dollars of new systems and games. I've never lost a job or even allowed to interfere with my life well that's good to help. Put there are a lot of people they can say look I watch football every Saturday I might wicket I watch football every Saturday. I used to gamble on football I got ran into a little bit of problem I had some trouble with betting on football I can't do it anymore. Like I can't deal betting on sports you'll ever see me do is the NCAA turned. You know what in fantasy football that's it I did not play. A site log poker. I really love poker and there's a reason I didn't gamble at all invaders at your wedding and of course the forties and I was there you didn't gambled one I. He'll determine all the way from La I didn't I today when I get so caught up in it that I couldn't. I don't want to lose money at a delegates are confident that I can determine subtly different and I don't really hot and addictive personality necessarily but I you know. I knew that I could I didn't want to be that person that you know mr. weddings like regular poker table that. Would've been an awesome story to tell an error that I disagree I'm very texting you're going to look at my hand 'cause like you know you're standing up there you're getting ready to say I do you look over and ideally taken survey of what everybody is it's in Vegas you can see who's had sleep. Yet if I would have found you in the crowd and your like. The Bellagio. In tech slide I've gotten the point of feeling addicted with certain games basically all I think about for a few weeks so I force myself to take a break for awhile that I can back. And a high goes away but I still love playing. Who's coming up next a professional call of duty players on the line that's a thing or a former for a reasonable find out Nick's stick right there you can jump in 576779. Nader text in 22980. Don't forget about our Twitter poll question we've got going on here today with Jamie with it president trumps border policy is a two straight to be just right or seat. Not strict enough. Real early turnout over fifty votes so far follow us on vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio Jamie Lee thinks winning. I tell me is rising again too strict just right not strict enough right I'm in guests like 75%. Too strict 57%. So that's interesting again people that tend to be on Twitter or younger younger and maybe a little less conservative sometimes. Generally and people that will Texan or go to FaceBook. Older I I will say that. I've seen some very staunch Republicans on on on Twitter so I don't want anybody to think there are now there's I mean it's it's it's younger. Younger Twitter users are younger FaceBook users. Tend to skew a little bit older X. But 57% so far on Twitter think that president transporter policies to strict. 22% believe it is just right 21%. Believe it is not strict enough we'll update this for you plus Jim Ryan from ABC news coming up after. 1 o'clock sort your stories this hour about how gaming has hurt your life or the life of someone you love because they couldn't get away from it on the World Health Organization. Comes out with this book every several years of diseases and it's called the international classification of diseases and they've decided to add gaming just order. As a new mental health condition and so we're asking you about the stories that you and the problems that you had with gaining. We got just one of the test on over the phones. My ex husband lost every job he had while married to me because of gaming while he played computer games and was too tired to go to work he also lost his wife and kids because he wouldn't help take care of the kids. That is what we are. Just like alcohol just like. Just like drugs if you had not so that was because of gaming you would have thought it was because of substance is rightfully say EPP gamble all nine. And engine couldn't go to work they lost to spam because of blackjack poker or drank all mine Montgomery. Let's go to nick and 81 KM BZ nick thanks for paying into how how how invested in video games have you dead. Well it started out life younger. But. Around sixteen I found myself and that the it's so much and who played throughout the years I've become pretty good and the buddies of mine found me and they have a team together they you don't play each tournament outline. It is going to be YouTube and dollars a return to meet clay I would think that being that you know looking commodity that support it like it. Under way to make money played video game boat going to him and offered it. Therefore me and I would add that you know bringing in around 2500 dollars a week and verse sixteen year old that really are about and it was really that he passed the fact that I was. Playing eight at ten hours of video game picket that day and being in high school I started to give up almost sport but I don't play and I decided. You know I don't wanna continue my athletic career so I dropped all of that throughout high school like include the pursue gaming as a career and I mean a lot of money at it and then I graduated and I'm currently and I started to relate how addicting and beat and it was really bad about it. Did you say your rake in around 2500 bucks a week that's 101000 dollars a month that is a 120000. Dollars a year secret out as a high school kid did you think that. Screw go to college. Forget about it because that's a good chunk of change when you're young held that's a good chunk of change we year old. Exactly yeah I mean my whole goal was after. You know it's sort of sixteen and it looked like to about seventeen between 78 scene. You know I had racked up quite a bit of money in I was kind of confused on what to do an elected the lies that I continue to live at seventy you don't really think about what. Forty you know so bringing about a lot of money yet totally was. Don't forget about college but I looked they luckily the community that I was introduced to did help me. And you know cameo on the right track got to college I did make that the system which Barry for. I was gonna say what did you wind up becoming what do you do nothing now. Our graphic design and elected to the majors yes. Can you know on. Do you game anymore or that kind of thing where you sat I can't do this because it's gonna ruin my life. Well I'd so I didn't games still but what happened was that about my senior high school I decided I need a much Obama's schedule. They had become my job so it could gaining in beta scheduled for my belt and now I continue to game. I tell my belt you know animal you know I need to play for two or three hours and what but pretty hours you know you gotta go to a middle and that it came from a lot of mental outlook thing in getting it open the Burkina realizing that this is the productive. Whenever you're not making money there was no need for them. Do you still play professionally what did you still playing tournaments three could win money or is that just you Chile and alone or with friends. Well it's still idea play everyone's allowed tournament yet but I don't travel anymore but determined that it is high school work. Across the United States or sometime between globally and I would have to plot either it may be inexpensive and it started that's what it became a real career for me now I don't do that so much now I'd really just spoke to them online tournaments and you put everyone awhile but it it's pretty rare. Haven't a full time job that it. Do you think and no matter how much you make as a graphic designer but. Does part of you ever wonder like me and I can go back to that life like you go back to make an underground a year mean to travel is what it is but it. Always always. Do. Well. You know if you want it would also health issue helped with sort of become an issue elect a but I dropped a lot of sport and sitting down for eight to ten hours a day there's so much only so much you can do about it about being in. Office chairs then. Investing in chiropractic in public bout by. If you really hope if you need sitting down all the time and I was getting repeat in my. Fingers were cramping I got really scared that by the time there you know building could not be abused my wrist. So that was. That's scary fact for me and that's really what kept me from saying I can do the full widget. I know it felt great I think the health benefits but you know sitting down to what not. Is cheers telling me sitting in front of the TV for eight hours eating Doritos and drink and Mountain View isn't terribly healthy. Exactly. And that's the thing is a lot of people have the perception of these gamers and that's why don't really like that it. Have you don't disorder. I didn't see the predicting that. In other one a popular site to and if if there is no way to make that amount of money yet there I think that what help he way to do it and like it and it but a lot of money on. Equipment and a basket that actually had been a bit where an hour at the time I would try to stand up and play. That the become fatigued and I'd been. You really just been going to stop doing that but I don't spent over what a couple of dollars on an office chair I'll let back but I think you can do but it apparent that the unrealistic to. Thanks a lot for sharing your story and those or indulging on our question like that's our guest nick joining us here on panic buttons AFP easy. I believe that I mean I mean Travis you keep up on a little bit more gaming stuff than than Jamie and I do that. Gaming is becoming there's can eat turret amid building in Vegas isn't there there is just a fort night tournament and the winner won a million dollars. That the team won a million dollars this but it if the fifty a million bucks they won a million bucks playing some video game called for and I was that the DJ marshmallow. Him guy name ninja so they kept. Some minor details gave some ointment and alzheimer's them. Charity that's. Something like that the equivalent of somebody who on let's say you're. Wine distributor. And you spend your days wine tasting with clients and trying to get restaurants to try line. And as a result of of that as a result of drinking so much UN becoming alcoholic. But the drinking is a party your job at the drinking is the reason you make money is it's a tough you know do you give up your career. Because it is now something that has become more than your job it's become you know it's become a license becomes and he can't get away from or do you say this is how I make money. So it's okay for me to be a little more obsessed with that because it is my career well is something. Bulls say that if your you know as a professional why I've never done this all the wine tastings. You spit it out but I USA like you're you're going from place to place and people come to your place of business you're drinking a lot of one hour of yours sheath and you're addicted to sugar. Yeah because you know what if your pastry chef and you become addicted to sugar cane away from your gift is to be pastry shop. I'll bet the women who level who have husbands and and maybe some of the guys that lives. You're dead agers your husband addicted to fantasy football. Fantasy football consumes. People we knew when we get in August he starts seeing the mock drafts in the war room stuff. Fantasy football consumes. People in and day. Like I have been guilty of looking at players online that I wanna pick up trades and I totally missed what Lee is saying to me. But that happens on a regular basis regardless of what I what I am doing on my phone but. That is one that you don't come football season. But by what women notice say goodbye to their husbands like Wednesday through Monday because they don't there's going to be obsessed with fantasy football you can't be obsessive it. You're around because only as part of the times I can't ruin your whole life that would fantasy baseball a sport it.