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Friday, December 15th

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Once Kansas City about this this this is what's trending producers what's true and funded day with Jamie and wicket on 981 KM BZ. Any boy from the buzz is in for Jamie money selling today DNA we run through the top trending topics in Kansas City based and Twitter are you ready I'm ready the number one trending topic in Kansas City is Stanford. I know why why because Stanford. Lost in a volleyball. Championship semifinals yesterday and here prince that are. Angel channels very very very Fay was very talented very wonderful. Volleyball player whose name escapes me because I'm terrible with names Walsh. Wallace misty Dahlia may Walsh she was in studio yeah like mark wasn't she in Syria what you guys. Absolutely carry materials Walsh Jennings who can greatest. The women's volleyball player of all time and I'm not just saying that she literally is now she's somebody who makes the Olympics exciting for me because she makes it about. Individual stuff. Like I love to see individuals I love the stories that they haven't she's really talented and I'm. Blown away by how nice she actually was Mike's the only person on staff was as tall as she wrecked by the way this hysteria caught up. Did she commit for your birthday mark that's the only reason examiner has you don't you really terrible term I thought. Fla is trending also an idea now. There's a lot of reasons why Florida is straight is that more volley like to have more plausible it is the errors are in town out here and they'd be scampered to good negated. Is that obviously Florida beat Stanford. I just. I did not know this was a volley has the championship is on Saturday to beat Nebraska vs Florida that would explain why Nebraska is trending in that negated a that he was Scott frost. But divorce and Nebraska beat Penn State. Analysts and state and Stanford beat Florida yeah so the team at the national championship or volleyball sprayed senator dampened the it'll be two brand new championships. Or champions because normally it's either Penn State or. Another team. So Penn State's fine out of it to him Penn state of the art or is normally consider Stanford who who wins at all and now they're gonna have to hold new team and the floor so Florida beat Stanford. Right so Florida beats him right in Nebraska beat Penn State gadget so it's Florida and Nebraska. For all the marbles. All right. The pick all the volatile. From what I watched last night at the Nebraska my when they're on the go with the Nebraska sent out to my producer of bananas by the buzz. It's his birthday. Alia is forget happy birthday to that mark our mark. It's a mark kind of birthday a lot of birthdays today hey mark do they send you to buy your own cake and that's what we do with our producer now actually Allen made that lemon cake it is out here for more. In very good news. Also trending it's hash tag ugly sweater day. But none of us got that I and are subjective I think if you like what you're wearing it doesn't matter you'd have to call it. Ugly sweater day you can just rocket I'd never owned. Best of sweater. Alien I would I would have won either Italy Christmas anyway but he. Or target and like it's in ugly in brought them to obtain an hour once the apartment now. For many disturbing reasons and seven. Seven months yes yeah you like you have any character runs republic defeated you had genuinely. Right around downtown and again. We'll be right around downtown. And it's Spiderman. Of the Christmas story. Rabbit a generic when Samie added to his last year at goes for kids call that it was. Nice. Also trending Kansas legislation. The number one reason for that. It is because cans and air Andrea Ramsey she was. Going to run. Four Kevin Yoder seat in the House of Representatives. She's dropped out of the race using accused by AA. A guy. Of sexual harassment. In 2005. So she's going to drop out of the race she's done so today we talked about this in the 11 o'clock hour we reached out to injury Ramsey to join us at her side of the story. She said her story is the statement she released to the Kansas City Star and nothing more. So I'm going to read that you can over to face. I don't advise me like whatever comes firms from somebody running or somebody who is an official Libya for school or police department whatever. When it comes to like something made they may have done there's never any open comment usually but when it comes as something somebody else is done is always open seas let's go after this level or answer when price you will. You're like oh we released a statement and it's going to be yet so we get we have reached out to Andrea Ramsey and she's declined our invitation. Here on the mid day show that is what is trending coming up at the end of this hour. You could ask Danny boy anything hell even on the bus by the way. Since 2002. December 2000 and classy veteran hero why yeah I mean I took a hiatus I went to wander the desert for about five years tagged and I came back with three kids. Just picked him up player. I'm glad that I I'm now I'm an air particulate five. So we will let you ask Danny boy anything coming up. At 1245. To save your questions text line and we'll fire away at any coming up at 1245 straight ahead. Meal ideas that medical candidates has abuse potential. You might do about that hour we will tell you about it because the world ports world's fourth World Health Organization. As come out with some new statements statistics and facts huffing news organization the WHO. Will rebuke that coming up next here on KM BZ a two year 5767798. Texted at 22980. Danny boy from the buzz filling in we preaching is they don't know me and you're tired you gotta be you don't take a nap during the day pitcher on nearly six examine our politics too but unfortunately there's enough pharmaceuticals and America to keep me awake. Pop a couple of so define. Speaking of that Travis walker I did know something I'd noticed something and FaceBook connect and rolled over open up FaceBook it was gonna bring this up with the U Travis recently got engaged. Week and a half ago you Asia. I did notice that. One year from today. You're going to be a married man and yes your your via your lovely fiancee abused Saturday she put upon FaceBook that day you're going to be even getting married on twelve. 152008. To gradually that the candidate thank you screwed over earlier guests by picking a holiday vacation right around Christmas. Her response means fewer people come at Uga was out and I got to that is more body for me will that he let me here in Kansas City -- going to be here okay. If that's him reminding you pick him do you mind. It Danny boy just got married at City Hall two weeks acquired we're gonna do it is our thirteenth of this year colonized and then you know our committee about another company is another open enrollment period all Smart and I think you know. As his leg you know. They have to. And ecstatic or fifty bucks took all the kids at the courthouse. I spent more than that lake in three drinks in Las Vegas I thought. We spent that saved money on margaritas and I understand plus nearing gallon. This story comes was that a buzz feed. And the World Health Organization WHL. Has announced its findings after a months long study in to CBD. Declaring the medical candidates component to be well tolerated and an effective treatment. For some forms of epilepsy the WHO recommended CBD. Not be a scheduled drug schedule drug refers to a product that is regulated by the United States government according to the report. Then on cycle active component of Canada's does not exhibit any effects indicative of abuse or dependence. Adverse side effects were put down to drug drug interactions between CBB. And a patient. In general clinical studies have reported that you and high doses. Of morals CBD does not have those effects that are character characteristic for TH C and for candidates reach. In its CH EC BD has been found to have relatively low techs are toxicity. Although not all potential effects have been export sever those are wondering when it comes to medical pot. Now this is not a recreational discussion although I think that should be completely legalize it and tax the hell out of but. It's like you talk about economic out of me up a tree I'll cast him yelling there's I knew this is like showing the bull ran residents ISO and black suit is I saw. The degree let it is like a bank legal pot in Kansas or Missouri the Danny boy who's gonna jump all over this I knew that it is it is I mean we can I don't it's a different discussion I just I cannot believe. That alcohol and cigarettes are legal and that we don't even allow ourselves the country to study marijuana not only that looking at being aggressive in our policies towards a despite. All of the wonderful economic. And social backs because you're seeing less in their twenties and teens as is not cool like teams don't whine and I think there I am. Let's and that Joni Mitchell it's shocking a bottle of red on a Friday. Oh joy you know what that's not cool anymore. Yeah. It's art. OK but CBD is actually a very valid even not just for this I'm glad they're moving towards this at least the WHO is announcing is in pushing hard back. Because there are children who suffer there are adults who suffer this is a non cycle acted this should be a no brainer. It should be a no brainer and not only you know and I look at. The legalization of recreational pot from the financial aspect. You could look at medical candidates as well and say look you can still make millions I mean adding the state of Michigan made about thirty million dollars last year. Just based on medical marijuana now not every one that gets that car to walks into the store. Is suffering from epilepsy or some kind of joint pain or whatever. A lot of them are regular Joes that just know they're doctor well got a card and get to eat animals whenever they want. We take calls do we every time we talked to people about this week it calls for mothers and fathers who have said. They have driven to Denver or or just across the Colorado border were ever. The closest pot shop is. They have driven there just to get what they can't get here. Because they're kids suffer from epilepsy or because their mother or father or or maybe themselves they suffer from horrendous. Joint pain. That is simple medical marijuana prescription. Would be able to help. And when you talk about and in the medical terms especially with pain and we we have people locally who art in a lot of trouble going to jail for a long time because of a medical aspect of pain relief. We're sitting here screaming about the Opie were a crisis and everything that we need to take care of with that and here is actually albeit a cycle active but not addictive substance. That perhaps could make people's lives better less addictive descended in the toilet released tensions in prisons I mean it's a weird I don't. I understand it either text message pocked streets losers look radio. Her. It doesn't make any sense to me I mean if if you know. Just one attacks like what a difference on these what these listeners and I don't get along politically but still wanna be for your pride in my FaceBook gets cold fight me at my quicken. He even says I'm against it attacks the hell of it that's correct regional perspective. From losing on the money losing and keeping people. Pain free without an addictive substance like it'll be like a viking like. And toxic or or whatever. If you look fentanyl got the sentinels here in this country is incredible. It's being put it everything. You're buying taking whatever. Is this a pay the needle that now. And and if you look at the war in Washington and California Colorado echoed down the list of states that legalize medical marijuana just medical. Which I believe it's trying to get both sides on the Missouri ballot in November. But if you look at the numbers of people. That are suffering all we open overdoses it's down 25%. Across the board in states that have legalized medical. 25%. Still. It's too high still way too high. But it makes an impact because you're not always. The need for that bike in or getting your bike in taking two and 34 and five and and who knows what happened and then it gets in the wrong hands. It's tough Odeon. It's it and it's it's. I'm no expert that's why we brought Danny and I tried to. I can certainly it is impossible. OK it is it is impossible right workaholics was my biography. I I think you hit OT and you can't get addicted to marijuana. All right people wanna look look at alcohol people. For whatever reason we like to get messed up it's part of the human condition not everybody some of us a little more prone to enjoy being altered and others genetically also where we are raised our life story what happened to Wright wouldn't be much better to give people. Who wanna get messed up access to something that isn't gonna do any long term damage regardless of the makes you a loser on the radio I'm still looks on. It gets paid very well and I talk a 100000 watts day. So I found my place in May be found because this ma look more grown up now up by people to take care of kids you know my wife whatever its golden but still he wanted to keep throwing people's lives away. Over something that people are gonna search out and find anyway and wouldn't she want to be. Wouldn't you want to make money off of it that ultimate conservative argument to be smaller government and here but let. My state choose what I want to do that I can take that money and reinvested back into things like roads schools infrastructure whatever Sam Brownback and had his tax cuts. Any also could've made this utopian paradise he could've done and he could have funded it would green cash. And I cannot believe that they walked away from that option. Every state waits as waited too long every state escalated after Colorado. A week a year a month. Every state. Has lost out on millions and we're talking about a four billion dollar industry in this country right now. In every state that waits. Till the next state escorted out of market if Arkansas allows medical marijuana right now. Arkansas recreational. How often people are driving south. To get down to Arkansas on a weekly daily basis from here or behind Arizona guys I don't know Arizona is the Florida of the southwest. We're lagging behind them everybody is getting Smart and getting on this train and funding projects that need to be funded desperately I seventy. Right. Yeah hacked you called snoop dog Kansas City to an international single terminal it would paper we could fund the problems for the Buck O'Neil bridge. In a month a week. June 90% of breast with Pete in DNA believe it's it. At. At the and no matter. It just goes in circles are going to surf circles and doesn't like that he errant puck well and it quiz note it. At the business Lou from the tax line I've done my own study of smoked for over forty years and I'm not clocked by the laced up saying tax the hell out of it. That's one of the problems they keep the black market alive marijuana will be legal Missouri's soon next year so much safer than out call but see I'm not an economist again let me put my credentials out there I am eight twice drop out. From college and I'm a village idiot but let me just say this. I forgot what I was gonna do. Coming up in. Thirteen minutes now I was down the halls talking about like gable in from the bus I was talking about life and known the girl that's on right after you over on the buzz journey. Good friend of ours and I told them we're going to do ask the any any thing and they both are linked. Yeah they're both afraid of where you won't go or where you will go right I mean so far I've. Talk about I've talked about things I don't think we should be after right now and this is area. But if you have a question for Danny boy who you may listen to when you're not listening to EG and Alan. On you've been around here for a long long time we and on the bus for fifteen years. That we rising staying power the president. Shocking staying power actually. Global let's ask any bully anything at 1245. So get your questions ready. Another we're talking about a story. It's about a FaceBook page. From buzz feed. The World Health Organization. Has not said the medical candidates has no abuse potential because CBD is not addictive or abuse warming. 5767798. And that of course got us in the conversation of wind up at least medical pot in Kansas or Missouri. Because of the money. And the health benefits somebody attacks and said Potts more dangerous than alcohol. That is a 100% wrong and there are statistics to back to back that that is the reason is that man. Yeah yeah that's it's that mothers against doubting whether I could have grabbed adapt well 5767798. You'll pretty jumping like Lisa in Kansas City Lisa thanks for your patience your on KM BZ. But I. Hypocrisy you I am that president and founder of quitting and the advocate and we are fighting a medical camp at him. How well we were hard is that battle. Romo. Is that it's added we are pretty dang tough. You know I I used to work radioed him that the network in country radio or on time. And I worked in marketing an appetite for a long time I would rather work in any mail net and we call that make pet prairie them. I want I would rather do cold calling for the rest of my life. I didn't think the message sent me a while people offering him. You know. That was needless and let him doing something. A about Obama rally at a rally and the rate non profit organizations. Four years of my life it's a year every right now wake up in the pack for the crop and the street. And gore over to the market regulatory group an industry we wanted it could be aptly solid. And he Powell public safety that there are with our main concern. I'm you have to have you have to have that right we will we look at the failure of the state. 80 Lisa I don't mean to cut jobs and about 27 questions on a fire your way first off what's your what's the name of your organization. The bleeding him not advocate. And I about the historical term a people from camp at a at a Pallet pattern in the pre date and we. Gillick say we hope that camp will return Q her noble tired of being the three states and the and recognize patient right. When you are trying to pass medical marijuana in the state of Kansas or where have you gone baby gone. To the state capital of spoke on the floor do you do you speak lawmakers. Yeah. For the last several years. That's where I'm actually gearing up trying to. Will be there fighting likely dip last year I'll be there every day perfectly and a turnaround day we will promptly hearing last year. I represented in hock and out of Woodstock he met with my represented and culture from lack a Glock looked at how committee. And you know it's a matter of scheduling worked out worked until two tied the bill is 81 people on. What people think back on but the bill to regulate alcohol the Lebanese have been picked upon and yeah. When he regulating an entire new industry. If you're not that people are doing wrong. That's hourly as needed a right to better check. I. You know. Up spending about is the mention I think anybody else they want to see that passed. Despite your passion we have at thirty copies of every document for every area. And what do they wanna see all the greens are well there's number 1000 that he. How much repurchased you want an annual patient I mean now. People want to happen and I basically you know. I'm fighting on it that occur web site helped edit the content but. And art and now we're hearing that he doesn't like it that they carry you think you need to further evaluate and now. But members on that count committee last year out and make an Arab committee for the bulk of that study it over the entire summer. And you've got a consultant on because we have the financial protection threaten. But apparently not for profit now that fund public health public mental how ultimately helped keep it well and medically search. On the need to tactic that they made it clear Medicare Medicaid prescription costs down we can alleviate the the pressure and can't care. We can forget the fine to be another area. We not another idiot or an adult actor adult survivors of childhood trauma if you help us find mental health K through twelve. You change the cycle of abuse report generation. And that's a really important point if I could just jump in an armed and joking about this but it's Friday. Who who did have dramatic sexual abuse when they were a child and the way that it affected me in your addiction. Probability does she right through the roof and something. Like this is very important because you it's it's it's. Man I'm so glad you brought that up can you name your organization warmer time for me so I don't miss those. Lisa what's any organization. Bleeding camp African. Leading in this and hey Lisa thank you so much we appreciate it. The bleeding Kansas advocates. And I don't tell me candidates over on the Missouri side. Those that would it is. Guys ceiling of the Alina leading Kansas and show me campus. This on the tax line. Who claims that alcohol is saying that marijuana. Is more dangerous than it than alcohol and the risk that the response was to drinks will hurt me. Two Luntz will make me impaired to blogs would knock Snoop Dogg to the floor. Right to it's it's not a fair and ours they'll accept your challenge. The 28 at two bullets global bulls literally not being able to which year but two parts to puffs off of whatever. That that's not the be quick I've heard all of this this is not something I would know I I I referenced you. But that's not that's not fair I've been surrounded by alcohol addiction my entire life and I see what it's like an in north exit. You know grow up and it where your or your your dad's lose out because you want to go away I I I can't imagine that that anger comes from Merrill hunt that. And I I've never seen it. Let's go to a Jake and Overland Park on KM BZ IJ. Thank you it's up. What. The topic. I think you. That's you know that's right game plan. Well I do. Partake in at least that's it. I say it is definitely. That there. It definitely not. No barriers that out all. And alcohol. Until you what what the deputy that happy at hungry. You know frequent. What what I didn't. You know I'd get that jitters in the shape. Aches. This is take the chemical reaction you just wish you were high. Well I will put it probably the latter. I. Very strong feeling oh. But I mean it's mild form of addiction on the art art I did not stop. My job every two years. The part but not part. What Cokie you're in Israel has now though many. Are. On the podium Motley group. Now we're getting into territory. I think that Maryland and I. Don't look that music I mean I read it harder bow. A lot worse. If you re injuring the other Motley Crue book. Don't the whiskey bottle on the cover. I did two men it was a good book AJ thanks meant I think you and any blackening out Ira I read a book once. How to roll a joint Nye I think it was done gone with the wind actually. Which is a weird bugs off he did not see that nobody did things Jake Christine in the next set things ecology on KM BZ. Think our timing yeah. And I haven't picture old daughter wed octagon and epilepsy. At fearful or I've actually been fighting firm article about. I hear now. It is approved by her pediatrician. And a approved by her college isn't room by her Ian he Gretzky come to our count on it very regular pay. The only person and not. Approved by. Is the committee that pulled in our panel Kyle though volunteer with bleeding can then and these children need help immediate halt yesterday. Get lost very good friend of mine. Leave here thinking and interest on why. Riggio. I don't have you made runs to Colorado to get the at the supplies you need. I'll read did UN thirty day trial with her child and in the very day she she absolutely flourished. We have near cedar. She came alive continent at least. Only days after stopping the medication. Peter's return. It started declining. Think lawmakers in Kansas and and will include misery which are in the next or why don't you think lawmakers in Kansas are listening to. I mean apple plans are full text indicating Cuba would it why is being. Lawmakers are listening. In these pharmaceutical money. I think it's LA has called you whip and the money. I think is out. With a lot of money and housing and has to do with its effectiveness is a law enforcement tool and that takes this into a completely different categories to talk about and that is in green racism in the United States justice system but we're not going down I know he's he's 1243. I know that there is one thing that she said and I think you know if if I can impart this anybody she said that she was really into goaded jail helper kid Jeff really wanna take. Mother away from her child that's willing to go to jail to do whatever it takes the maker to better and that as a showed. Always been no we are not gonna do that we are civilized society Christine thank you for the phone call and and all the best you'd you when your daughter Alison Casey and came easy. I do. Right now I am very cute and you're very and I have on. My. Just recently the where do you read it and why not rotting here and an eight. It secret no I think you know they have you. Eight quarter actually eat. So we're you know meaning researchers. Recreational. Medical recreational marijuana but on the ballot or hurt November. Company he. And then you mean is there any game. The dictionary abductor and a little over current incumbent that ordinary bad donated that you can't think. We get at least an hour. I I wonder if they're going to be able to get that number and a record shop for a quick Alex don't want to squeeze in one phone call and there you'll you'll be you'll understand why. Because Tim in Kansas City is with us Tim what do you do. Tenure on the year but yeah I don't start I'm. I'm out honor them Berry marijuana legalization movement and we need. Submitted the initiative for full legalization that secretary of state so our group of response for collecting signatures for legalization. Where where we act or acts you know Timmy came into the break. Can't hang on guys were Hampshire Alex wants to hear this we just talked to. We're bush asked enabling to be back the next hour because there are some questions this guy produces the ballot. To get marijuana legalized. Or to get the the initiative on the ballot in Missouri. How many questions you get any actually. They're forming aren't there yet it's time and it's got to get through the rest. You know if it clicked by text in your questions for him in Kansas City who's in charge to get marijuana on the ballot in Missouri. And the last answer them coming up next Amy's often they back next week some time Danny boy he is in from. 965 the buzz we're talking about legalizing pot recreational or Mair medically in Kansas and Missouri. And right now Tim is this from Kansas City Tim what's your last name. Julio from the tax line Tim Helio you need to have them on for more than just this few moments of an interview he's a good guys fighting for rights to Canada's. You're already giving love and attacks like you're getting a a better review and Danny boy in three half mountain. Why aren't. Hey tell us or right now and how is the battle banned in your eyes to to get the idea the initiative on the ballot. To legalize pot albeit recreational or medical. Leave the sentiment exactly. That the fight is not only because of the lawmakers and that's been there a political campaign pocket. That's blocking but they are illegal and the state that Italy. It's to sell their car. Big fat cat lobbyists is a pharmaceutical companies lining the pockets of lawmakers in Missouri. I would be number that would be number one of pharmaceuticals and go clear down the textiles coming Eagles are possible I'm Ingrid. And dependency on one oil that get in a little bit the fuel and. One thing the U said about textiles especially and it's like it always gets lost we always forget to talk about why we are where we are. And a lot of the anti America marijuana editorials and you know it took part in the yellow journalism phase of things and you had guys like Hearst. Who owned paper mills who work against it so there was financial incentive as well Adam. That is why it's illegal that's why it made illegal and 36 and that's why illegal today because bitten and enriched our. Do tobacco lobbyists have something to do with this too. Tobacco lobbyists have agreed deal it is the fact it's probably second line into the the pharmaceutical. I always was a confusing thing to me because if you're looking at the union Yang of smoke global products on earth. We have to we have tobacco and we have marijuana they both come from the earth yet what is considered a cash crop and the other is considered a Bane on society. What point one trillion killing millions. And one Caroline. And now somebody always sends this in that smoking marijuana is not it's. It's not good for. Eight an and it I think we'd X established that is well it's not like. Taking vitamins you're not improving your health from your lol I mean there is still a danger detriment to your health that you smoke marijuana isn't there to him. There there was a detriment to your health the you don't ever and that. Hot. Literally I mean we're in a scientific. Fact there are body. Patent and open that would certainly that right now what you know candidate or not you have CC and your body you have to be in your body when you smoking at our. We have it was settlers in our bodies that are structured that mimic TH C you know runner's high that's exactly what that is I'm not running. I mean yeah and terrible I mean I'd ride if I had the wherewithal to do something I'd be like Tim in making a difference so we're we're you now in terms of get so will be on the ballot officially when we in Missouri go to the polls next November. 11 whether we have the money being grassroots movement we do and are we doing good enough now because let these people have the like the medical industry. There's people that that's at monopoly. There Symbian opt monopoly and waited and every other state. What that nobody wants to get money that could happen to their fair share of the pie. And what I'm after a lot of people to be released from jail. Camera back and forth to be released off the drugs schedule not to be scheduled from the scheduled one completely these schedule they shouldn't be truck. The drug a packet to its approved and it can't be a drawback. Do do we have. Enough potential growers and distributors in Missouri to sustain this too I know we have the planned to know we have the room do we have the resources. Yeah I'm pretty sure we got the resources anyway and what happens and every other state people are out of the ground for an organ Porsche and comrade when Mitch. I traveled around before I could dish the dirt because it was my state that's where I'd love that would work I would look grow again. So yeah there's going to be key people commitment to state a little old LB when he spiked and the fact one point app right now Missouri growth candidate. Or epilepsy. Only for specified epilepsy only so little between what people most in Italy has built out of twenty to 38 we introduced. And 2016. And only twenty people are received. And that because of the bureaucratic red tape. People don't know that that is that is that part of growing. What is the when the bill when you guys go to bill and you put it up on the of the ballot. What is the age minimum because somebody said you should've gone with 21 and not eighteen right now is the bill looking at eighteen. And now my bill my bill to my bill anymore. The doctor's approval pan am to group or guardian gruel and doctor's approval. Where there was an initiative that was and anger are out there that was eighteen so let's not get confused. Let art lover avenue on here it's him I liked what he won his while I think it's a easier swallowing point for people take and getting easy eighteen. For one we agrees electing. Its local blood but when he ones still for whatever reason that's fine I've gone good with I think that's a smarter. Because we don't haven't been able to study the effects on young people because of the scheduling of the drug. Probably to put one admit that I think it added that have an effect on people because. I'm younger people will are more apt to sit around and be couched locked and not make productive. Armed citizens as they could read it. So you know adults just like drinking alcohol at an analyst mark drinking alcohol anymore than they are in a bit but I'm not I'm not really think. Good that they keep doing it. And again we've seen in study in states where they've legalized it. You've seen a decrease in teen smoking rate problem on absolutely that's because it's not cool product. It's got the thought cool I'm when I'm collecting signatures. I can tell you I'm fifty years old and probably 80% of the people sign petitions are older than me. My major role. Around the you really don't they don't care and I'm like whatever will smoke at any way. 160 million other people well you know he's. Against it. And right. It was our gratitude to people have a misconception that they will we need to be at and get medical for a palm. I called crap on yet that I'd I'd like to think sect beat people face every single day collecting signatures and people one. Public a rough guess it's from my experience of speaking with people personally and not be scientific survey that people don't when it took over the phone whatever. But I would say it had to be at least 75%. To keep. Sites are our guys to say you say that a picturing in my head forget how talent. As your flying into the new single terminal case the eyes and looking down at seeing empty field house what if you looked down he saw Platte county paid for itself. We met at the point that like that one of the hardest fighting prosecutors have been calmed dirty dance but doesn't prosecute they're fighting get this because they're losing money as well. Told you know losing money. It's so that the war the war on track is because of a bit of money not because that the Obama of what candidate that Tia we all we all know like you guys know it and like that the majority people I beat you know that far ready to assist it in the weapon that speaker. So Tim real quick got to get out here it'll be on the ballot in November. It it if I can make sure that perhaps. Happened we do not that mature that. Working people look at your info worker people folly that. We have mr. I want legalization group on. FaceBook which has. Over 75000. Members in the group the little people actually that are participating. And then you have sub groups that are probably equals another tricky out we have more 125000 people involved. And then real quick we have if you want competition or Jean Mary. Dot com. ME RY dot com and you can go directly there come petitioner. Tim good luck and we appreciate it. And we definitely Danny on the team is excited. Idea less than one that's announced it is up there one final question for you yet we Eddie to the news what happens forest. A single terminal case CI or Missouri marijuana legalization built bills. I agree I think I care would you agree with that. Arnold Missouri Kansas and Missouri built all out bills were flying in KC guy or or getting high. And it.