Midday with J&W: Blue Apron to replace food stamps?

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Wednesday, February 14th

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We think about a government run blew a prince style way of replacing snapped a 57677985767798. Called the America's harvest box. It's bold innovative approach providing nutritious food to people we need assistance the central administration's that are receiving other food stamps. Household to get a box of boot the government describes as nutritious and went under percent grown and produced in the USA here's what would come potentially in the box. Shelf stable milk juice grain cereals pasta. Peanut butter beans canned meat. Poultry or fish and the canned fruits and vegetables. We hear from yeah from those of you that on food stamps we're getting a lot of tax from people that are saying things like we'll just get a job. And if you're relying on government assistance that you deal with what we give view and in response to that I say. Not everyone food stamps is thereby their own doing what you were hurt on the job and you can't work what if your spouse just died in your suddenly left alone to support five kids. There are a lot of situations that people didn't create that put them in that situation of needing food stamps. But we assume everybody on food stamp is that is lazy and lazy and are just taking advantage of government assistance because it's there and therefore we get to judge Stan. However we want and get our free Twitter account at hug winds. Odd because this is somebody who has spent on food stamps and then put out a series of tweets saying. The fly on the plan is simple as you're assuming that people know how to cook what's more than they have just so needed to cut it or the pots pans need to cut it. So you're wasting food and if they can't if they can't cut it and you're throwing money. And who. Gets to decide. What comes to simulate how Switzerland's allergic to get kids a allergic what if you count food saved or from last month but now you need the money to buy diapers and feminine products and shampoo and now half of your money is going into food what you need is the money to buy others on. Are there bad apples. There are bad apples that are on EDT that are not on snapped. I don't tell me every person and snap with the majority of people and snapper receiving assistance. Is used it to buy cools. 5767798. Shared in Kansas City share and have you ever been on food stamps. Temporarily. On her mind have a child. With the stagnant by doctor had cancer aged or let agitating. 90% are white but they'll working or. And we got everything job how everything through you are people that get mark. That had not. Trading. He has the attention right in Portland on it yet and that unlocked her insurer and it. I can have that perception. Or actually I see them. That is with the it and where you go and you get animal and he knew about what you need. You can only buy certain thing. We were on electric that earth buried on them at times but bear in Portland in your constantly and not everyone take them though. I I don't understand how the blew it would help anybody. Get a lot of these are veterans are homeless. Some of these people are people who is out of it Mattel children's mercy catcher in an outlook chronic ill ill children. They're not the double there to people. And are trying to get back. And aren't using what they can't get. I think the people that helps the most in Sharon thank you for sharing your story is an important one to tell we appreciated. Here's who benefits from this the most I think. Otros apron blue apron who by the way is being talked about written about coast to coast because that's the one people referring to is a government blue apron he be whoever gets the deal and whoever gets the contract and from bottom line yeah that's that's what this looks that's of this benefits yeah 5767798. Let's go to Megan. In independence Megan what do you think about government run blue paper in style. A food assistance. I had been a terrible idea. I am a social worker and work with Italy. Who. Greatly benefit from that and they are all full time working. They're not Levy and yea you may agree play at what about how to achieve what about storage you know many of them are homeless arm. And what this in my opinion particularly the dignity. And that the and we have to be able to go shop doesn't sound rather leave the critic it. How do you deliver a box to somebody who lives in their car. Let me ask you this. Can you respond. Firm Europe position and expertise to respond to people who say. On if you're relying on government assistance you shouldn't have a choice in my you get. Well many people like you said have written it out of their control and I work quit are all well and working Italy and many of them. Still need. It now. It's not a fairly easy even now I mean there isn't just felt Macon and they absolutely rely on app and a either. From the text line for you mag and beggars shouldn't beach users free is free get a job and buy what you want. Well like it that many of them get out. Now you're right about that hey meg and think it's much for your phone call we appreciate it 5767798. Brett in Lee's summit thinks Colin Brett would think about government run food assistance. Well being someone who seemed out of both sides of the spectrum Larry being on camera you want you are you treat them first staples like milk you know Brad of that age are also being a manager. Four you know very popular there should start chain I've seen both I've seen it coming go. On their Sunday bogeys at all it means to be used for allotment part of what we're seeing are people kind of group. Our store buying lots their leg or hundred dollar birthday aches or you know. They're they're buying packs an energy drink and bowl and then import bank and there are people as the future but basically you need and then a lot of these. It big time after that happened nearly on the strip actually next transaction separate. Is their fifty dollars or alcohol cigarettes I can tell you a lot of people are able that such offer and it. It bought it about 50% from what I've seen and I've been a manager for about a year very popular parachute door. What's wrong with. Why would why people again we are judge ye weep put conditions on help and and we make decisions about what that family wants and needs and only day one that what's wrong with. A family who is having some financial trouble also giving their kid a nice birthday cake for their birthday party why shouldn't be anti of those. And dollar to me that that's a little extra that I mean. But note that may not on the but but but Brad. Who are you to judge. All they are about one you'd pay track that I helped to contribute to that and you know what I want. Helping or apartment and later scenes that we've been you know the stamp on the well being or milk red state. Let me I would I'd like to ask you Brad and I and I you have more experience in this industry than I do how often what percentage of your customers. Were on snapped. That ran it EVG cart. It deeper than 60%. Deeper at what EDT that would expand it what are what are we spent our. Yeah. But again. It's what you think it shouldn't be spent time. And you'll what are. Said it would mean also an issue transaction that you buy a 140 dollar for the cigarette and alcohol I'm going to. Really did you did you need that that money. I hear those same person that won't get to panhandlers because you think that they're gonna spend it on booze and cigarettes and your phone call Brett appreciate it I. Look Brett knows more than I do because he's been in that position. I tend to push I I shopping regularly at a store. Where there is snapped when he BT Hu that it did that the card is used it's often means. Because there are is it's a lower income part of town and I have seen it but for the most part in that story you cannot buy cigarettes you could not buy alcohol. Do they buy. No extra meat short putt. If I I would bet the that it. I am not going to believe that 50% of people that shop at that guys store are buying. Hundred dollar birthday cakes on the rag maybe once in awhile and and if they wanna smoke it's their god given right to smoke and drink alcohol well. And I feel like from a you know let's be humane toward each other thing I'm gonna guess if you're in that situation that's situations particularly stressful. And of cigarettes are helping relieve some of that stress that's a cheap way to get me. I I'd rather that nobody smoked but we all have our vice and another another point to bring up real quick yeah and up and a little bit just of add to the perspective on this conversation I tweeted this out excitement that's coming up but there was an LA times opinion piece. That the headline on this one is why don't more Americans eat so unhealthy fully. And it answers the question and it's an answer that we've never heard before it makes total sentence and I want to. Two to the previous callers point. Into the old the that I shot into the high V that you shopped the Price Chopper you shop that. Think about how much of that stored depends on snap. And EDT. And do you wanna see that store closed because if the caller was right 50% of its clientele uses that card. That's 50%. Of the local business gone do you wanna start seeing grocery stores closed where you live. Think about that as well. To order calls next what do you think of the idea of government run blue apron food assistance and that style. And America's harvest box a bold innovative approach providing nutritious food people who need assistance feeding themselves and their family that from agricultural secretary Sonny Purdue in the trump administration. What will be in the box shelf stable milk juice grains and cereals pastas. Eat butter beans canned meat poultry fish and canned fruits and vegetables. Lot of questions go into this. As in where'd you delivered if their homeless. I do you determine if someone has a food allergy or their kid has a food allergy or what have I got it snowed so bad they can't get you the food you just go hungry. This as opposed to the EB ET Carter snapped by the way you would use the remainder of the benefits. On an electronic benefit card as we have rate. And as a couple of people point out on Twitter that right now. With that you know the how to box or an average you get from month you use it for food or use it for other essentials like shampoo conditioner diapers. Things that you need basic unique things are food but things that you meet and what this does is eats up. Half of your half your benefit. Toward things that the government has decided unique but what if you're you know right I'm really low on diapers what is it. What if that extra half of that money a month isn't enough for some of the other things you need. 5767798. You can also text in a 22980. Jill and blue springs jail or you previously on food stamps. Yet Iowa divorce I found myself in the position where art to eat my children. Alike are high and that. They'd get short enough to eat by children but I working so why can't count how to beat them in the stands. Is it that people who want. To go as harvester. And into the area it is the church but it. An. Air ball he batter that he. There. They get beat back an so that the majority of the current period. But Jill according to people on her our tax line if your pour work Carter's you don't have to do this. Yeah that's Anthony. A girder. That was situation that was back. With a cut. Back and I'm. A little because it. Is just how. And I need to. I reached an end and they did it. Aren't you afraid that the situation and they get that there and take it or that their state. That the children born and you know and again but it kicker hooked it so it actually bears here and there. Al they Jill thank over the phone call we appreciate it rate and size a great phone call go to rob a 91 KM BZ how route. Yeah Alienware their arrogance that. They actually this is. Oh well as the potential to be really good point about what to do you probably get excellent work but. Couple point towards outwards but I think it's just change that people freaking out a work group extort. Well the kid. They're. Food stamps back then was actually like a paper money in everyone lost their mind one state that that they were going to they EDT court that they have now they're worried about people steal one there and Larry it just. Getting misused did. All kinds of the and it ended up making things easier. Did have to keep track to be goofy looking. Dollar bills and all of that. And it actually got to thank you when you were talking about what if you don't have a microwave or an opener. All hours. Well our whole yeah but I got strict about what a B I can go right now and body. And our military in breweries to feed myself for a year but it end duke stormed. It kind of made me wonder what was one doing that with homeless now not sincerely Manuel and I'm too old but its turn of the similar idea that you can very close. Everything you need to cook in cooker Oprah and all of that everything in the box with that I just made me think what what we do with. All bullets that didn't have called the I really like argue that you're shipping food to people that are sitting in the ADT money. The problem is likely we talked about a second ago though rob what do you do somebody's living in their car would if they don't have an address how do you get that food is somebody could are allergic to what's in the Emory down. Yeah well. On. What is it called late and actually like an old man. It's well. It's a general term it's not definitely going early and blue apron but yeah. Yeah I'd argue but one. What my point about what will checked into the late and the port so collector. Cool idea was you don't just sign up who blew it currently should you what do you what they did in your views. Well I'm sure they would do the same way way. Here's what is torture option that all of you count that. I'm not a into the war probably ride out and be about it at the central would be better than we're doing now. In my opinion. Thanks for the welcome and appreciated only problem is if you are a homeless person with a family hour you live any shelter or whatever. Is that a list gonna get delivered to you when you checked the boxes of what you would like this month I I think that's. You're asking for a lot. You know if you're if you're working hand if you're trying to work in trying to get a job and your kids going to school or whatever. It's it was like Avic cheap fill out this form and that's for it it just. And the more complicated plot gets the more expensive the guts for the government. A more complicated dance you let people make those choices the more people it requires. To process all of us and the more expense of the playing debts and in your losing their savings and you know it's easier. Here's your money and here here's the car here's your money. Have some responsibility why are we putting the gov again I go back to why are we putting the government in charge of what poor people can't it can't eat. So let's say is that it's 95 dollars Monty said 1985 to sending it and they're given about shall colony than a hundred so they're giving you now fifty dollar and this plan they're gonna give you fifty dollars on a cart. And Tamoxifen and the other half in a box of food in a way they're saving money is the value of that box of food is going to be less than fifty dollars that's how they're saving them money. Would be easier for the government to just cut snap benefits from a hundred bucks a month to 75 a month if they're happy simple if that is the answer I don't know if that goal says save money. And that somebody. And Twitter send out from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities from February. Thirteen from yesterday 62% of households with children. Do work while receiving stamp benefits in any given month. 62% of households so well over half of households with kids work while getting snap benefits. And for those who are unemployed 87% are employed within a year so it helps you get back on your feet and with that we go to Spencer in Kansas City on KM BZ Spencer. He thinks the idea lets them. I'm just trying to acquire quite open here every and he tried over. Reid. In a public with the public on stuff like. It. Well I'm not going to be OK. I see first hand that people. Two children there and try to work. They get 60700. Dollars a month and don't stance as of right now. Now here's the deal I don't mind Indy help give help by adult you know. You have that right that help. But I see people month after month after month after about wanting more and more and more and when you go by their home after just two weeks after they did. It's broad state court's six to 700 hours upon. There's absolutely no food in the cabinets. Spent eight ask a quick questions beat good news here in a second but in order to believe a word of what you're saying or to give your statements any credibility we have to have an idea where your expertise is coming for. Oh. That adds a not so a lot of we askew you need to get a garbage man works in public servant I mean I could have a guy call up right now works Wal-Mart same work in public service and English are going to tell us what it is you do and how you have an expertise and expert view which. Are wrong and I'm not saying you're a liar I just have no idea whether to believe because I don't know where you I don't know. Are able to make it as a date we. Have a child is mine genes that are. I hate to be I was our job and my wife stay. Working we would make for our power Oakmont are the government assistance that I can come into work every mock edit what they're trying to do alleviate with this program. And I just hope you never lose your dot org thank you have a work injury that keeps you from working like happens to some people. I still don't know what Spencer does man like that I Texas too and I don't care what they're doing with that hundred dollars a month if if the alcohol. Helps as long as you're feeding your family. As one is our kids are not going hungry I'm in Texas too and I don't care. Jamie get to you Judy as well or wrap this up coming up next Spencer thinks her comment look in all due respect we can't take. I work in public service so I now as an expertise. I have facts and figures in front of me as opposed to what a guy on the phone says. And discrediting you accept and discrediting your I work in public service wrapping up our conversation on the idea of government. Run that food assistance via a blue aprons title. Provided by the drug administration to those that need it. And changing the whole scalable way to step program is working nosy BT guards. A final word on this is gonna go to Jamie Jamie thank you so much for hanging you get the final word on came BZ. Curry by the court that what are they. I'm. The amount a shot. At it. It it can't ever month is. In shame. At all unique and we begin at 600 on grammar and now now. Out of those 300 dollars or at camp four you know like. Implement dollars there in hundred dollar cash in hand then you know whoever. It the one of the casket go at bring her daughter in such an earnings using them and it is taking him away from her family to begin. And it can I mean. How can we. Don't yeah they might need Eric you're definitely being elected him right leader. There are repeal whatever. I. At our expense that that's that's not a I was on the camps there. Denny at twenty light years ago. In what their paper and I don't you will remember that but back in like that Ebenezer if it went the government and it. Who in addition to. The paper they're and that would like cheese and utter such it and it was powdered milk what do grounds by their own. The call and me about her and where government commodity. Error called back man. And that they didn't. Warm out means that a bit like that can be brought back. As far as the public people. Yet here you know they've been on how likely that that's you know. You know what they're. Then again. I am sorry to look at you know Colin was talking about and are used. That definitely are. They're not our soldiers there absolutely and that's our moment percent. Thank Robert Fogel Jaime appreciate it it is not a FaceBook page can take back into the conversation there you can also. Let us know on Twitter will bring this back a little bit later on we didn't need to move on talk about that one for awhile. The Olympics wanted to get to disrobe quake. And last night. The drama that was the Olympics I watched a movie last night I forgot the half my final was going to happen with Shaun White and trust me organic gets all Shaun White ear in a in a little bit. But the drama that was on last night. Added to the ratings mean I'd I've watched the movie get out and I was like how can get up get to the the the ratings we get to the at the Olympics. So I turn them on and I catch the end of the half pipe. And it was divorced research on this if our 76779. It is the phone number. Do you now. Of these top cities for TV ratings for the winter games the young Chung games that are going on. Kansas City on Monday night not the weekend to somebody on Twitter said oh well there you know it's because of the of the snow the ice and people are staying cooped up Kansas City. Is earth. When it comes to ratings nationally I had no idea because there is not one. From Kansas or Missouri that is in the Olympic Games. He got on now I'm I'm not watch and carefully. I don't know what they're watching I'd I don't know what people are paying more attention to you. That's a little talk about a story that's been out from a couple of places including USA today about how. On figure skating used to be the big events that we all that that really got a lot of attention in the United States. And that that's not getting the attention as much anymore and we'll go through some of the reasons why so I don't know what people are watching we don't have as many rock stars. And the Olympics as we used to have Wheatley got a got a couple an enemy and we a couple of new ones. Yeah we do because it Khloe Kim the seventeen year old snowboarders she's become an instant star. Shaun White who won gold again last night is isn't a well known name I mean even though the the novice Olympic blocked out watcher knows who Shaun White is so. We didn't Khloe Kim wasn't so these Olympics right and who was the Rick and ever pond we I didn't know that name before this week until he had been in a beef with my parents and even. So I'm going excellent backs Shaun White was the only big names if you run by a list. I mean. Any others that I have now. Honestly. That's pretty much all line style and other sports fan out all evidence suggests this would be paid. What watched Olympics but the number. Or about on par with Sochi the games that were played in in four years ago in in Russia Denver's number one. Salt Lake is to Kansas City is third on the list the rest of the top five or Milwaukee Minneapolis and those other four cities by the way have lots of athletes in their home states. Colorado you'd top media Minnesota and Wisconsin. Have a lot of winter athletes so what are you watch it. And I love it because I turn on and I cut the cord. So my might watch in my apartment probably doesn't even factor in this cause I watch on the NBC app right. Would you watch it 5767798. And texted it to two nicer because your ranks third Kansas City. Do you start watching more after some of these big headlines. Are made like Chloe and now we get we know we keep them but now is as well known for her Twitter account and for being angry. As she is anything else I mean I. The events that she won a Madeleine. But I know what's on her Twitter I know that she tweeted about wanting a Burr and about on not eating for breakfast sandwich. But I had no idea what she did in the Olympics snowboard slow style can't. What I like that's fine at. And I'm watching the Olympics on imparts I was gone in and I watched a little TV anyway. I am now paying a little more attention. Now that there have been a few I don't think anybody out there is a. Passionate Olympic and like I don't think people like sweet downhill skiing and curling when it's on it's that it's it's a novelty in we pay attention to it for two weeks. An obsession with curling love it. Some luck army. I 7677 I eight I got twenty tax from people saying curling is the best thing on all of its. I need to explain why as I as the broom and the thing you. Push them through and if it shuffle board quick. And get the big massive ball thing and that's about it I don't like that is fascinating line I think part that. I believe this. Could never downhill ski at the Olympic level I could have burst noble or or figures gay. I think you pursue it at home watching curling in your like. I think I could probably do that. You know given enough time not so it's something we think we can do right. Got it it's like why do people enjoy watching the NFL draft I could never play quarterback but I can a value a player like we think we can do it GM's Earl. I feel like I could be a like this got to curling place around here so the on the Olympics that I have watched so far was indeed bar in Palm Springs over the weekend as I was waiting to go to dinner. And it was when it's all but the the pair's skating dealt with singles. On long program he had like six minutes or something ridiculous. The reason I'm watching is to wait for someone to fall. I'm. I. I I'm like the music is in the Arctic to send muted sides I heard the music adding that would have made it more interesting but I'm I'm watching I think that's beautiful and fun to watch. But I'm waiting for someone to fall. Out of that triple locks whenever you're the person and you don't watch NASCAR but you're the guy that likes NASCAR for the crashes every watch hockey for the fried eggs. Hockey is fast pace to me I watch it. The Kansas City curling club by the way is in the north land him in case you want but I think a lot of it has to do whip. Eight it's kind of an angle staying it's different we don't see it there's they're you don't have to be physically gifted to be a curler I don't think. What are you watching Kansas City ranks third ranked third on Monday night so the weekend was over back to real life. Back to when we used to watch the Olympics and a massive scale just on NBC back in the day. You're third in the nation buying Denver and Salt Lake for ratings so what are you watch it by 767798. Grammy in Casey what are you watching Graham. They are kind of watch ever buried in turn on and you know why were British or even in any better. Pretty much locked everything. What's your favorite event you've watched over the last night I was glued to the aged I didn't care about the Australian snowboarder was glued the. The snowboarding art AD can't get a little boring after a while now but the Horry but I think they need to have just a couple have urged those. Odor eaters and looked at or. Smoke or like that. I am however I was trying to do like well or make our case. Now Nike aren't that I just learned something with that from multiple people on the tax line there is a Kansas City curling club I just took that to you. I just said the Kansas City curling clubs in the north plant linked to you'll what was I thinking about instant may be minor hockey and how I think air. If you look at a winter sports event. That's probably it's up to near Gladstone sorry that's right I knew that before in the last time that we talked about Jordan thanks for your phone call man would you watch it. What what you want to visit Jordan in ray more coming up next clear your schedule except for work to watch the Olympics. The short track speed skating if you get a chance to watch that this crime ring easy. Just can't get excited about it downcast. I ain't worth third. So what are you watch it also will get to the dark side of Shaun White and this is becoming a big story as well not only him winning goal again last night. But the fact that he is under some scrutiny for a lawsuit and for something he did with the flag. As somebody and prompt a complained about on the tax on about what to do with the I noticed this last night too and I was like the image he's gonna get called out here that he's being called out for lead to all that plus lead to Jordan what do you watch and I've 767798. All kinds. Michael also listens to do and think like watching the contest just makes you more nervous and more anxious 'cause it's like. It is awaiting that lake you know when news for us to go to the theme park in your parents are taking trip ever to get ready and just waiting there. And it's just like what pays residue there's also this on social media and I. Sweet and I can't angst that's Khloe Kim these seventeen year old female that won the downhill school these slopes guy. I'm snowboarding a couple of days ago tweeting out about a burger or sandwich. Breakfast sandwich is no different. What's that she didn't get time defendants chose not to finance fashion as I wish she'd finished today that's the story as she wanted to burger and Fries that's the story that's about it should know. She's likable. You know he's just an average teenager who happens to really do well at the Olympics. To be really really good at slow and snowboarding. And her event is the one. Could you half pipe you know to have IP you go from side to side you do your tree actually won gold in that one. The slow style is you go down the hill and there are jumps and there are everything from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill and you get judged by what you do. You are third in the ratings here in Kansas City into Denver one Salt Lake City to Kansas City for pre. Would you watch 767798. Jordan in portraying him but when you watch in the Olympics. Yeah. I heard your stats alone in saying it could be why you know the though often are. Where it ever make a party the broadcast. I did not know that what events is he calling her do you know. I have no idea. It looked. I I didn't know that. Travis you know that the Travis you to know now it. No I've I actually haven't watched any of the Olympics besides snowboarding areas and winter games is not exciting to me besides snowboarding and skiing and I'm a big fan summer I'll watch all summer but winner. I watched two things and that's about it as to your from Texas. Yes. It looked like snow there Jordan thinks the focal I did not know there was a former chief bunea. The call last night big story it was all over Twitter break in social media and there was drama in a half like emperor per Shaun White. He after his first run had a monster around he was in first and the Japanese kid came down the hill. And blue. Or Shaun White out of the water. And then on Shaun white's second run he fell. So there was a lot and rob are being built up to the third run because the Japanese kid had a better run as well so he was in first. And Shaun White who had won gold before four years ago it's so she he fell. I think he Feller just he didn't win he bungled and I was six and 2000 tan guy didn't get it in 2014 and this was the redemption year for the face of American snowboarding. Comes down crazy good run I don't know anything about the terminology. Of of of snowboarding. But his run got him the gold medal on Erie is afterwards obviously it hasn't even sunk AM I'm trip announced though. I had it. Say that in the back of my glass to review that felt really did. Three time Olympic gold medalist man you know this obviously he I'm sure you can tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe that this meant the world to me and in my family and my team. He won that gold he was very emotional there was a lot of crying. He's going to take heed to gain because he was given the American flag at the bottom of the hill. Jamie he raised it over his head and is she was leaving the track. The flag dragged across the ground he only had one and in one day. Not supposed to do I noticed it wouldn't have an S. He should know that having competed in his fourth Olympics now having won two other gold medals and another flags before he should know that. And we're touchy about the American flag as we should be. People are that's that's a sensitive topic for a lot of people and in fact. I was getting tax on the text line about it before we even brought up the now people are mad that he did it on. It looked bad on TV. It really did just this and I dragon gas and somebody is PR guy his aging somebody somebody new team America should have been there too. Grab that flag wrapped around his neck or something it looked bad. Yeah I don't know what you're doing that and that moment because he's alone you know he's on TV. You may be draw more attention began may be wrapped around him or something by on yeah I just it it just. It doesn't mean he's an American or hates America it means he was caught up in the moments. And probably just didn't notice and Hattie nobody was doing he would have fixed it but. The other story about Shaun White. That is getting a lot of attention today is. Eight legal battle plays going throw yeah and I you know a little bit more about the details actually Travis has a lot more about anonymous than I do on but it a lot because he was asked about it I believe in the press conference yet happened after he won the medal yesterday and as a result of what he said and that press conference he then had to go on The Today Show today if it had to apologize for what he said yesterday and it goes to on and allegations this was a civil suit that was settled. Over sexual harassment. Complaints from a woman named Lina has a wide day. An announcement in the best I can get right who was a drummer in his band called bad things would finally civil suit in San Diego. And we'll details of the things that she claimed. But long story short of that he admitted to sending. Some of the graphic text messages and sexually explicit messages that she brought up in her suit and they eventually did -- to settle the. Some of these things Texan texting pictures of his genitals. I he showed her video of a couple having sex on top of a mayor or sexual rising human fecal matter hardcore or earned endorser collapse actually disturbing videos. He insisted she change her look in wardrobe once threatening to send her home because didn't like a fleece set a sweater she had war and a. As a finance syrup bad things and reading reading at a USA today why used his role to impose a strict regime over her including demanding that she cut her hair where sexually revealing clothing and underwear and refrain from wearing red lipstick whatever and how that's about. He stuck his hand down his pants and and shoved him in her face to smell them and they settled they settled they settled. I'm so. You might saying I don't buy it settlement doesn't mean he's guilty but he did assigning attacks he the did admit to sending those in denying other allegations. So this is casting a bit of a dark shadow last night after he won gold he was asked about it by ABC's Matt Gutman kind of awkward exchange. She John over the past couple of days the sexual harassment allegations against you by Lena. As a wide they have resurfaced lean and mean are you concerned. That they are going to tarnish your legacy. You know I see you here to talk about the Olympics not you know gossip so. But I don't think so I am who I am and I am and I am proud of who I am my friends. You know love me in doubt for me and I think that's stands stands on its own self. And saloon let's see you're saying that the allegations cancerous gossip. I think greeted talk about the gold medal mummies and do we had today was now Mancuso if we don't have another question while ago and just some of think you might like to be addressed just a little bit I mean. I considering created talked with little medal today in the amazing division I like I addressed it. Yes I absolutely think you mentioned. I assume that's his coach yeah I ask somebody for router from Portland team USA. So he called the allegations gossip. And which was a problem but he called it that that he later apologized for it to be on the Tex lines or asking wide immediately asked about it or why it was relevant. The question is relevant. Is that going to tarnish her legacy you're now at the top of your payment of ballot question I mean it's. It's the meat to movement that you know is not just on Harvey Weinstein it's not just on Al Franken it's not just on a you know all of these different people that are coming out in speaking out regionalism 10 and whatnot it it's part of the meat to conversation we're having and it made its way to Byung Chang. And he said I mean there were allegations that he admitted to some of that and settled and so I think the question of does it tarnish her legacy is valid one or. Coming up you're gonna hear his response this morning he. Probably shouldn't have called those words those those stories gossip now. And will you decide if he really felt bad for. Or it is PR guy got to think some emergency calls were made or ankle play that for you coming up it's a midday with Jamie wicket here at 1158. On KM BZ.