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Wednesday, August 15th

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Keep cash this hour in so far. See our car accident seven to eight we got ridge the tweets and discussed rate before the news. A girly McKenzie and her sister were driving. Golf club highway 36 in Missouri. She's on her way to becoming class of 21 class 20/20 one member UN Casey. She and her sister both thought they were almost trafficked and out we sent this information over to. Kansas highway patrolman trooper bad knees on Twitter trooper Ben KHP and we always appreciate when he joins us. And to remember glad to have you we sent this to you yesterday before we had on today and when you read it legends thing. Well our red and I'll let you get the morning John elevate my concerns me if it didn't get a little bit read heard or read about. The difficulty she acts traveling down 36 are we cure the jury. Am and how we did deal player's situation anywhere over all are and how to best handle those situations. And nobody can only control ourselves and I'll be. And she did somewhat. And someone like that about staying. And another big concern was supposed to what she she tweeting out in Trenton but it's certainly concerned me just that it shouldn't be watching these. I don't want to shame her I certainly don't wanna be overly critical of her I wanna treat this as a learning experience at a time where I weep we Ari had a couple people text and say oh my gosh you're scaring me to death my daughters are going way to school or doing Astride this week. So I just wanna may be treated as a as a learning experience so why you know we described an iso one of the things that. I think I would have done differently as a again as a woman who's done that drive alone many times. I don't know that I would've waited fifty miles to call 911 but what should have happened differently here. And that we got concerned that something it is yours if you hear your viewpoint of what can they are you. Well because in on the call now should calling nine of one of the awards the weight of that but I. I think there and number number that people can call here and you can doubt police it can't factor of the patch for all yeah. You can talk to inspect it directly about what you see what you feel which are concerned are. And the trip here are some of you roll up behind war vehicle and immediate by the vehicle concerted democratic stop the heated. But don't think takes place in the is there ever epic. He's number are that you are for the whole state. So I don't like the corporate and I think it can get into the elevator serve and called 91 of their all the alternative belt and start it up. You know not much time happier you know she. I'm making your control yourself that your own via court to take everything seriously your picture if you you'll hear. And start addressing those concerns as best you can so. She she indicates he's eating at expectancy that such result but others there were about not the best practice I would say but there was a quote. And not stop it you and then to see what happens of that vehicle were hard to continue to stay there. It certainly does elevate the situation further you got. You know first responder BP responding to your slower speed to get caught up toward your. Charted where are your vehicle and that vehicle. You know that that for keeping it in public. Talking with Kansas highway patrolman troop prevent he's on Twitter trooper Ben Kay HP here and 91 KM BZ. The first place my head went to when when we were talking about this yesterday was the young girl I know you know about the story of Molly tidbits the Iowa girl that is disappeared. That does this sort of thing raise even more awareness do you think for cases like this is this something it's a problem in the Kansas Missouri Iowa the plains states area. Argument that it's something that affecting the world not just according state it everywhere certainly out there own backyard which. All Serbs in the problem germs you're experiencing coming off. Victim in the air traffic over. So. In the orbit orbit at an Iowa my my letter dated but blowing people make nuclear current situation. And picture going to be. Partner choose to identify and broke her again those are circumstances apology human trafficking. The lead to a power all of the public you know law enforcement trying to find and the Internet and it's it's true. You know the other at least in mr. Cooper. Helio on the early bird goes and improvement there that productive years act she passed away from her abductor. I think I'll hide it pulled in a big call. It at night on the lawn or are we kept our patent it and that's what are the side that make people aware of what is taking place at a ball game. It might experience it sort of validate or discredit what it rates we've been barred from and also yet more and more people doing. And that law enforcement where that they'd ever been a lot of calls about people are packed it in vehicles during these kind of activity and might further validate. They wouldn't get out of the war accurately credible even at the vehicles. Protector figure we're going. Tomorrow you make of what happened here. In this case that was on Twitter you know she was worried it was a human trafficking situation Macon police said there's no evidence of that what do you make of what these two people these vehicles were trying to dale. What it is that I'm so far although only gotten one that I've not been there talk teacher her I haven't talked he offshore so you got you something that I. I Berkett hesitated speak geek I'm ignorant in the topic and they're cute those. They're deep in the involved. So my opinion though in general terms that we can take everything great concern that we should ditch read our verdict someone. Footer for. It is it not being read like you interpret it. And that we try to move forward elected leaders to try to figure out what we did better. And try to rest the concerns or educate individually what they want the does it look going. And that we can we can turn it moved cancer has trained here are the partnership is that he. Yeah. And the service that he put the corporate state and across camp called mr. console units itself. What what is the depicting here can't enter week. It's something that probably can sit because of the dispatch where but we introduced actual suite by some of the recent vehicle the. Woody said those people who were afraid to call because there are some people that think oh god you know this is not a thing I don't wanna waste time what happens if the police show up are they gonna get mad at me. What's your response to that your prevent. We get called against the all the time about vehicles erratic vehicle suspicious vehicle and what. It comes across our radio and across our state troopers and like eight attempt to locate that vehicle suspicious vehicle following somebody else. To quote or for a long distance or something is a issue to another motorist sort of money now and what archer person Kansas what do we respond to that area. Try to locate the inspection vehicle hit the street nick track which happened and if so nick stop it talked about driver about what's going on to try to figure out. If there's something more he regrets it it's nothing. Then we simply can't move their drives track cut him or what. A lot and drives it broke the way to make them aware of what the concerns are what are their activity. You know it is better than we actually never been. It is that the individual here are retreating figure out the stretch but how would be a repeat but we're in don't ever spoke. And there are certain how the Evernote that there might be allowed to take quick summer I would. And maybe that might spark a lot of other people call in you know I had the experience it makes it or it. Getting from now maybe somebody at the same experience of what she seen what she tweeted. And it might. I think I got something else going on your ballot if we don't use the vehicle. Kansas highway patrolman trooper Benny is on Twitter a trooper Ben Kay HPD. Love to know what you think of this story we ran to the tweets for you last hour you can see it on Twitter follow was we re tweet today at KM BZ radio 5767798. So you are asking why didn't she take video of of the truck and the cars that you have images of it why did she take pictures of it. What point out too she didn't live tweet this she tweeted out the story in a series of fifteen tweets and he was next day it was it was recounting it later so it's not like she was. She was just wide tweeting and she went on she was trying to keep the current round resumes trying not to have an accident with this car that was following behind her. I don't know won a lot of people are skeptical about her story. I've billionaire not by you know eight I believe the trooper the guy that handles the law and lawbreakers. When he says that. Trafficking is on the rise in this country. I believe that got more than ever believe somebody who's skeptical of the 21 year old girl or twenty year old girl's. You know a count of feeling threatened because. Ask Molly tidbits family if she is if for stories fabricated. Nobody knows where mackerel is. 5767798. Gonna fill on nine KM BZ what's up though. Today then he's all business I'm talking dog but there are shouldn't you're worried that go. You're a while but not have a a little license plate on their companies well. Yes I was I was looking that up. Commercial vehicles registered for 181000 pounds or above. Tell have to have front and rear she describes as is aid black Chevy pick out yeah regular old pickup truck. And that they are broken highway thirty. And well and that period. Never a problem there does seem like Karachi. Home server side state outward world. World. War at least I'm I've been out there. Give our dollars he measured for a more now man I award. Well it would seem like they're she didn't see Indian she's such try to get go thirty miles an hour over just to get pulled over. And net and it didn't work but Phil thanks for the Fo comment we'll get everybody on hold Jeff Ron please everybody coming up next don't forget about your key work cash we screwed this up last time car. CA AR carver. Accident a 72881. Midday with Jamie wicket get to your calls next 5767798. The phone number talking about the Twitter story. That's a young girl by the new MacKenzie detailed. About go one on highway 36 and west on the way to Kansas City and they were followed for a long time very closely by a very suspicious car second car got involved. The water eagle things follow us on Twitter KM BZ radio she thought that she and her sister were being trafficked. And we just talked with trooper banned from the Kansas Highway Patrol who said. Trafficking is on the rise we know I mean you know many Molly tidbits that story at Iowa. Com we don't know is that if Molly tidbits is being trafficked but it's definitely in the in the conversation right now. 5767798. Regular phones and gesture and came vis A Jeff thanks so much for anybody we really appreciate your patience. I. Go ahead. You know that trapped in bill. What senator order the city Kansas now forward. The beauty medial or news media all. Required you to take what the call truckers organs trafficking. And it's short little quarters. That talks about the agers basically. Of human trafficking and how much it is all right. What do they tell you to look for. Basically. It didn't buddy it's acting kind of out of place. The sad thing is is. A tracker hippies who literally anybody. And they the year. I don't called perpetrators that the traffickers themselves. Able. Kid's a man and a woman and child all the way at total adult. And the order what they were stained it. You feel like. A man. Up you demand driving a vehicle in you guys. You know one or two younger being dealt with Bain. And reverse that image is like is able to pitch in pellet or not it. Quite acting right. There and that is eight. I haven't suspicious sighing QB like hey something you know we need to let them know this. But when they get around in other traffickers. Paper birds have been meant like livestock or product. And it just it. Vial that it is it is kind of you know the journeyman it light. And make sure. Make you cringe a little bit of things that there's people out there that it is. It's awful and if you're gonna go through that area filled with gas before you go see of no reason to stop and anywhere on now long stretch of nothing. You know the fills up with gas. Especially. If your woman and you're traveling through that area fill up with gas. Jeff appreciate their full comment thank you so much let's talk to Iran on KM BZ how Ron. I do you know the body. I'm planning on just sucked and I get the people are. Are you getting in AT and eighteen Wheeler right now. Okay all right you're good we can hear anybody. So I drop below. Fortunately. Okay. And me he's inexperienced and meet you keep up. I. And as you know voters play it'll. On that road victory ought people with a telescope or. If you cut adverse smokey and the bandit you have one person driving in from the front or one and the fact that backdoor. Or a blocker is just what the dummy or so but he can be driving. Along side with plug and play. And just help them. Pigeon and get back call or you have to think. Electric criminals we. If you wanna be one. Or any opponent or terrorist. It took it to heart and soul. Where you don't wanna go. Couple little girls could be right. Arguably that's coincidence that two trucks or vehicles. Don't have play. And for them to get away but there was somebody else bowl because. Like imperial that's taken this. It worse for street troopers a lot of conflict or owner or the bunch. And many times it'll be it'll. Support that tree. Wolf thank you Ron we appreciate it. Is very strange to see. A car without license plates it is even more strange to see. Two cars and near each other. Without license plates especially when they're telling you yeah out no matter how fast or how slow you go when they won't get off the back your car that. Is weird I drove my dad's car he sold it. And we need to the it was going to get some but he walked up to the store while it was gone I drove my dad's car without a license plates he was not happy when he got home. Because I wanted to drive at one more time to worry at ease sold. But to seek to who cars like that. Blizzard next up an 81 KM BZ. Partly as your of the radio. I need to hit the age strictly teenaged daughter. That she worried about it but she meaning early in the week immediately. On my computer Shaq can't let that. But she is with all the same line that lady had been acting in what I'll yeah I think that they're not. To. I wasn't cheap. Pretty well. And problem people trying Cutler who. Did so. It apparently is going on more than one gas well. So it it it happened to your niece or your knees to your own kind of broke up an easier nieces child. No actually get to the email can be here. Oh OK I'd say if I was kind of break it up their little that I apologize. It happened in their area. So that is completely. Yeah it it's not just this 1% again trooper Ben told us it's going up all over the country and ending you know that. It's going up in a rural areas where there aren't as many exits they're not as many towns and as many people not as much traffic. And make you wonder when you're driving in Kansas or Missouri or Nebraska. Or an idol or these plain states that don't have a bunch of big cities. Cash you have to be more careful than you ever thought and it is frightening if you wanna read the entire. Twitter conversation the whole story from this girl MacKenzie follow us on Twitter and it is there act KM BZ radio what is our keyword cash this hour. Carr CA IR Kart accident seventy. Coming up next is it ever has to do this we. We talked about this earlier and yet there were some very. In a good way surprised. How many people can relate to this next story. About a mom and her baby stir up on mom's net sandwiches a mommy form at a Great Britain and a woman calling herself Katrina twelve posted this a few days. Met friends for coffee and cake this afternoon with my eight month old not referred to as DS here's your son. Is very friendly and sociable and the ladies serving our table took quite a shine to him she kept pop back to check if we wrote in the smile and a wave at the baby. I'm sociable myself and ads so the baby is such as my caller I often get to chatting with people out about and I am more than happy to do. But this lady would not leave bustle and persisted to keep coming back for well over an hour. Natalie was as annoying as I not seen my friend and months and she'd written or an hour to see us. But I was trying to feed the baby and she kept distracting him which eventually led to a total meltdown in the middle rest. Finally I was picking him for his height shared opponent Minas carrier she came over and held her hands out and asked if she could hold them. I found this to be totally inappropriate in my shot my mind went blank and I rather bluntly just. Blurted out no you cannot. She's kind of apologized for it now so I'm usually really polite and I was so shocked her request. That I just reacted. And she's asking people has this ever happened to you and what would you have said or done so again a total stranger the waitress at a restaurant. Just gives them entirely too much attention because she likes the baby and then eventually says can I hold your baby and mom says. No you can't. How people of ever had a stranger asked to hold their baby 5767798. And we talked about this earlier. We found out this happens pretty often and if if someone do you feel like she reacted okay. Do you feel like you know. She could have been nicer about it or because the answer earlier is my brain didn't immediately go to the what if she steals my baby place my first thought was that's just we're I just would never do. On but and went to we did the story few months ago the trees on Washington DC where other one it was actually added like thirty years ago the wind was coming to Kansas City from DC. Was waiting to board train and was with her baby she was a young mom teenage mom. And was just exhausted and a woman sits down next to her at the train station and says take out the tipping into the bathroom and change your diaper. It's never our babies which is frightening to me woman laughed and sorrow. My first thought is that's weird my second thought is. Taken my baby. In outlet what do you. 5767798. 576779. Eatery in the text in it to two nannies hero so Jamie what you're saying is you're Reid would be your sit at a restaurant. Now insincere down on the plaza and somebody has their baby in the the section next to you and your last fanatic it's laugh and you would I tell you pay your bill you don't get up walk over the table and say hi my name's Jamie you can I hold your baby. The all. Scenario which I can imagine. Making a suggestion or an offer like that is if mom needs help is if we're on an airplane or maybe she is and Kirsch restore and the kids haven't a meltdown or something an F I feel like. I can offer to help out there you know hey can I instructor kid what what can I do to help you here are currently haven't had a problem. Otherwise I cannot imagine. Going up to a stranger and saying can I hold your baby. Canada's colder maybe that's just we hear is that the baby Ella Y in out exact. There's and a berth behind you and the baby stern and facing you and giggle yeah that's different but holding the baby to me is completely outline. Would love to hear these stories because it just seems very very strange to me that. And I look I'm going to be getting into this holding a baby thing in a couple of months. Is that if bingo casino that data talks often and during that their program. About. You know the baby smell. And whatever and she loves being around babies and maybe that's it. That's weird to go back to me is very strange smelling bad thing is weird but a lot I've heard more people had just seen it done now but. Is anything you wanna go out and do would hold a stranger's. Baby. And how do you read what's what's their reaction when somebody. Yeah and you're texting into like their it's beyond that on as soon as we started talking about the somebody said something that I as a last time which was. People always ask to touch my wife's stomach when she was pregnant. Hole some Nielsen my son had the chubby is cheeks and people would ask if they could pinch his cheeks. No you can't that the now the cheek thing is so now is is so to me in my mind what are your hands back and your not brother my wife's belly now that's just weird. That's just strange don'ts. I guess better than their house first instead of just going happen pitcher that's cheeks. For some reason though when it comes to babies people forget. Normal human boundaries that that we apply in other situations let's go to the phone's talk to Jeff on KM BZ and Jeff. Check out how solid years anger that. What did they viewed adorable but it used to. Implement it and back. Want. All the bidding at the audible it's not the material that it and actually back at Herbalife will hold. Them. And China we. And absolutely the wrong. Lately you'd punch the perk the woman and so story. Yes that sounds like salt brother. What are. Yeah. What happened after that. She's loved at all. She's cry and I look back you citizen injury she clock every single after them at all certain she grabbed him anyway. I I'm fight of if this happens to you in the future. Dole to punch the person. In the jaw. I understand boundaries. I don't know of punching a woman in the face is the best way to go out. But that was the tactic that Jeff. My reaction I think would be to grab my baby yeah yeah down or strife for it raise my voice really loud yes. And if yeah. Now but that's your dead Saturday you do whatever you can't get your kid back in a safe spot. And gentle lady in the face. Let's go to Johnny and KM BZ I Johnny. Do right and try to take your kid. Yeah that bites you at my old thinking now but when they were my first with more I hate you know you I attended the church and like you I'll. Lot of people that might work it's burned and it was the you know the weirder things about. Them I kept people right now are probably a year. Or maybe an elect. Now and it's just not like that and quote unquote person in your life. For years and you're not let this person culture maybe. I don't for yet that he is there are about it yet it's like hey the street is that it can hope might be. But it that first one you're like all this thing is that it's an egg you have to protect it. Yeah like I like he's sick Terry you know so proud altered or that you watcher hand you know you know I think what people that I know. He liked no absolutely not just don't know what kind of we're. Even so to speak that people have to carry on the that you don't want them to attachment so your kid but you know I would never go violent and that someone was trying to think what it. Right exactly abductor child I understand want to hold your child. But isn't there a very thin line potentially between those two things isn't there 12. Between hate and I hold your baby and hate let me go kidnap her baby. Is as that there varies. Very slim line between those two things ye. Potentially potentially yeah now and I think Chinese probably is the answer is probably pretty common first baby and don't even look at it fifth kid hey. Can you read my kid like a run to the store like it's just the the worry. The worry changes a bill and Joseph stick right there we get to you coming up 5767798. Is phone number. Is it ever okay when somebody says he. I'd like to hold your baby. Have you ever done it. You were gone up to somebody wanted to hold somebody else's baby can texted at 22980. We'll wrap it up plus another key test of the chance for a thousand bucks coming your way next. Would you ever let a stranger. Hold your baby 5767798. There was asked by a woman calling herself Katrina twelve on mom's and dad's which is a mommy form at a great Britain and it happened tour in a restaurant she was out with her eight month old son. And the waitress took a lot of interest in her son. Just kept checking on the table kept making faces cat left with a baby. And toward the end of the meal. It doesn't clever so distracting the baby had a major meltdown act as it was just and the ball was our all time. And later the woman stranger asks if she can hold the baby and the mom was so surprised. That she comes stammer for second and sad. No you cannot. What do you do in that situation 5767798. Building turning to the break by your Itanium BZ. Either they idea. In certain fire and got lucky and open a triplet grandchildren. And I was then now also the hotel large hotel national. Under the young family and work analog watch or. Felt they're trying to get on the ball and they had trouble. Or does that number grant got a trip booked I don't view and they they're would you please about five minutes. All kinds of fun. Put a pop up. A little. Well. And a couple of punt than nickel Clark looked old and decrepit but I bet I in my sport in the and help all of it or enjoy it. Bill I I don't know if you look like but Avago is harmless and it got to go with harmless. OK guys good at all it's better to think topic. I think though we appreciate the focal. Thought Josh and KM BZ had Josh. Again under the doors. Here red eye. I think I have an interest to date on it. I have six children and down when I was when I was younger that are not number little anymore I was younger I was really in the late. Not so much creeped out what really ignored by people wind hole. The baby right or eighties. People which merger. All people kind of news and I never understood you know he could barely remembers how they weren't old beta so. And I certainly never ever wanted to hold someone else's baby meta tag by it by Wada holding the baby. I was quite annoyed by Reich as. I just ordinary yeah. Fast forward. For some reason. I don't know where it came from or what but what I see baby now. I have. Not not because I want help the person or whatever. I have this strong desire to hold that baby now I don't ever write that still feel like it puts in an awkward situation. Let down. I can certainly understand. Even though I can't explain. I can understand people that. Have that desire to you know hold the baby years smell. Smell the baby. Or discussed their you know that's their heads. No word what it is but down. I can certainly sympathize with you know some weird woman acting stranger in older baby. Some people just have that desire that. If you whatever action is gone from baby. Meant eight it is out there. I don't think I I've and again I'm not a dead yet but I will be soon hopefully. And I don't think. Right now if I saw live Carol walking around with Charlie or whatever we load up you know is station event. I wouldn't go up to Kara and lake can I hold your baby. And I don't that's just bright and not do and would probably be okay it would be OK I teach you he adds we know her yet which makes. A difference but you never know I'll. You know how mom. I I just another asked even and I tell the story earlier the first time that I met her baby and Karen Carter good friends I didn't even ask that whole debate that didn't know. How she Phelan is your mom. How's that baby do with our I just didn't wanna. I just need to ask so. Another governor asked let's go to Christina on KM BZ hi Christina. I'll. I know I hate and key. My experience in her. But I have. Hey nobody's supposed to hold anybody at the baby and I actually facing now and I the other cars a year and it. Glad that they be you know that maybe you aren't. Of course there and act. That I would connect ER or a physical in this case because she couldn't if he can they are. The baby or anything right. Actually in my case I don't think operational graffiti. At Oakmont you try to protect anyone on doing. Because you don't know who hacked at it and ancient and let their intentions. I am so I didn't catch up. I Christina finish I apologize. I think I have. What I'd say it's eight. My that. I. I think they're only way you gonna do you know it and I actually did say well you know lack of sorry act should carrier or I was leaving her eye and a good excuse for you make. Person yelled back are acting or you're not the situation. Back in you don't have to let anybody call your channel are Lena. Not have to I think that's up TU I. But still also think it's really strange for somebody to lock up and like hey. Elder baby. It sounds like. This was kind of an annoying situation the whole time right that it wasn't just. Like that was kind of the the peak of everything that happened there was that the waitress. You know she is she's probably knocked out a lot as a new mom you know she's have a want an affront that she hasn't seen on time who wrote our I mean I'm. And the and the waitress and and the baby's cute and Lancelot and seems to be pretty good people and so the waitress likes the baby and the waitress keeps coming over to the table. Which would be annoyed by any day you know if if the waiters is two to attend some time second in going to turn the conversation. So that was bad enough and then the baby got fussy and had a meltdown and that was because of the distractions waitress. Jason writes on her FaceBook page two issues is in an inappropriate to ask that depends odd but not really asking is always appreciated and to. Should you feel bad for declining absolutely not it's. Now now I'd I don't think if you don't want to let some little burst of weird ass but that it's not rude if you saying now. Nice about it yeah to be a jerk you can you know you can say no actually he's just tease he's tired right now he's not in ours and it doesn't like strangers not I'd just rather. Rebecca writes adding it's an inappropriate request from the server of the story and of the that would let Samoan. I don't personally know hold my babies just seems weird I've had several jobs and customer service hospitality rolls. And as much I like babies I have never asked a parent I don't know if I can hold their child. Let's go to Michael Owen KN BC hit Michael. Our leader on the I would wait to get treated and I'll help my daughter once I'm up to church or. Stanley. And then have little baby it was just an outlaw. It was on the ground it was student Julio learning of the new walk you know when you walk walk. And he could look at that made you want to pick him up I'll lock you out buddy. Your daddy over there on the deck you can go ahead a lot Arctic Yuma and then they got called a couple minutes later goes to bill and the little guarded like about it. These guys I would I would like drop a local micrometer or would you come out and you you won a new baby are you should. And Mike thanks for the folk on and we appreciate it. It's over on her FaceBook page could check it out of the comments there as well lot of text messages coming in at 2298. Here now I know. Probably harmless but what if that's the one time where it's a baby snatched her. And she's faster than you. We took a call from somebody earlier. That was in a grocery store. And a woman. Took the baby is she beyond horrible and a baby through the pacifier on the ground and then the woman picked the baby up I'd rather than the basket or whatever the cart. And left with the baby and they finally stop her she was putting the baby. In the backseat of the car. Because she unfortunately he'd take the baby doesn't have the ability to have a child was going through a psychotic episode obviously or whatever thought it was justified to take someone else's China gold. Four year old because you could not have one. I I would always be. Concerned that there are about that yet very very concerned about that always happen. Again you can read about it governor FaceBook page.