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Friday, January 19th

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Happy Friday to be. But just get this out of the way Billy Joseph is coming to Kauffman Stadium you're right Jamie let's never speak of your correct prior guest again. No. OK I am error the notable. The big concert announcement just came down at Kauffman Stadium Billy jolt will appear. Friday September 21 and with that you'll be hearing our favorite Billy Joel's songs today yes and we'll save editor Paul and gate good check it out on line on Twitter KM BZ radio. Before we start talking about anything Billy jewel related government shut down related. We do it talk about something that it departure chatting about this earlier in the week and it's called band the box it's pour a proposal. From Kansas City councilman Jimmy reed that is under discussion right now and as a matter of fact we're pleased to welcome in. For his maiden voyage here in the mid day program Kansas City councilman Jermaine recounts that read thank you so much for joining us. Well. First of all before we talk about what you are proposing. What is band the box and what are we already have here in Kansas City when it comes to bay in the box. To order a bit of Bob that the policy in which would move the criminal history question at all application. It's 2013. Years he would see. We at City Hall as in the box replica of the orbit applications that all the doesn't. It is removed their courtship it doesn't take a wait utility board. That in order to continue with background check. I just six Kuwait that initial question. That would one person certainly the on going well for. Job. They need especially if they get some sort of course criminal history or some sort of complexion Alder. In their background or their parents. They for our group for the word well the collection and the while we're here. In an interview great stop they feel they're Big Apple picture there were partners that we treat our record but he felt thirteen. But a political rhetoric and that although we're on the table outlook failure. Yesterday on the City Council basically what are we're. Businesses and report in our. OK so that I just wanna make I just wanted to clear for people that might be confused about what's happening so until 2013. Ought landlords and employers were able to keep a box on their applications that you had to check if you had a felony convictions of that they knew it. Could still a background check that box existed. In 2000 turn thirteen. Not not necessarily that are as well although licorice. They're still cars are still the current. Wait that is now we're report are very Cheney felt like here. It's who dealt with dark scenes with that you get this week it would move the court is for application or or. Or typical. Who were eligible work. Working with the kids city. So I am again and counselor read adding Jamie and I are kind of both confused what we had wise and correct me if I'm wrong as I I too am and in confused on this what we have had since 2013. Is the box. You you don't have to check if you had been convicted of a felony and now and 2018. That's being extended not only to employers would also land ports. Correct info that. The order be confused about that got maybe over picnic here. The equity we do that sometimes but at the light or mild negative part of the. A little older but Pedro flick it it looked at it basically. Fit and Albert I letter that it below where or where where great leaders are. Who are who the court in if you've been convicted of a felony all the applications or treaty in order to stop old. It so we have a poll out this week which is if it had written to experience. That it with the Atlanta alert throughout the entire city. The Quebec currently look over papal right now or an order. With their applications they can't. You know at whatever they please on. But we know that it that rarity for what he perspective. Quicker lawyer from policies it would. It's saying hey let's go to court hears from. For your applications that allow for it to people who may have some sort criminal background that we could look in the solar cooker or interview. Well or housing. Or they're recurring. Particularly either broke incorporate there's been returning to our community. And allowed him the opportunity there with your. Effort was let go that volatile. Gotcha and so so then if that employer that light and that landlord chooses not to do criminal background check whatever information that may show up with that box. Doesn't come in the light. Correct doubt but that that's that's that's. Keep in mind that led lower RP lawyer or do what is there repeal would not advocating for someone for example. Who is sick of it here to go work at stake here means that people aren't so what we are advocating orders were somewhat they had a conviction. Some forty years ago they have an opportunity. You know that the cease all of them are still a lot of work. It figures though it is still on the record. You know they don't have to kick it up with Communists say hey I'm out their jobs. Not on the quality of all of spotted what year are forty excuse me it's a worker at your local like this or am and we wanna have a opportunity. They market. Councilman drain rejoining us your 91 KM BZ councilman read what. Or what. Be your opponents say it is something that they would be you know they would be opposed to what are people who are against this idea. Saying. Well you know our widgets are at the minute information piece where all great delight. Quote while we give someone an opportunity to. Company that they have a criminal background or something like that work well placed the order. And I think that acute that the answer for you president order you have that opportunity is in the background if you remove. You know when you're born and are apt to be it if watcher at a law works for a game you to a lot of applications. They've got their application and we have been convicted of ability. You have to kick it off. There's a sense that it's like on the oh but. I may not get the job out over voters but my application away right away. Let you know where is advocating for that box to be removed it in the lawyer work. Before art that individuals can do background you know. We're working at it like there may who are living in their their. Unix source both voters in. In a battle order. Individuals they have some part of irbil. Oh record or some sort conviction that all the minor. At least they're within a bill that follows the Arctic. And Paul it will sink as. They don't have. We leave they'll have to do background. And that's not the case because they knew it and it will one or art in the desert. Councilman have you heard from employers in the city and gotten a reaction from people in Kansas City and and landlords citywide. You know we as we've been. Working very fit perfectly with the number of community stakeholders where a local leaders across the community the state community. That individuals who have. You know in perhaps. Incorporated. Were a recurring back into our community. Help from the group of lawyers who are excited about the pop. The city is an act committed it's that Stewart is well I'll. Look the deal and have some of them speak with you you'll like. That we beginning of their partner reactions and may have bought fears of this City Council have been very sports as well. They thought that it should make sure that we continue the conversation like that so that folks can understand the importance. It you know good predictor and try to do everything that we hear their help individuals in our community. Who retired back shortly after all of Meyer there's something on the applause and so I think it's a problem here law. What's the next step three guests. But richt got there that this will be hurt part. In the City Council chambers at 8458. You know on the weak export. We will be hearing testimony from port number that the community in this City Council committee heard depiction of the structure will be. Hearing their part of our. Human relations department will also. Be given additional information and feedback. About the leader ordered and hopefully the pair let me it will go full scale was a leader. Would be in the the next. It bases so there. Calvin Reid would be remiss to we did ask you how's the KC I negotiation going. There aren't we. Accounts that get a our. I Wii does not just give us to give us an ad hit because there has been no radio show that has been behind the new TCI more. Then this one's a week were in there or they're meeting yesterday right now seriousness. They're worried you know are are still a little bad because I think it is now that statement yesterday it. Liquor negotiations of course sort or forward. With the it's more in the local developer forward on a yacht. And we had a pair of conversations. On the entire City Council in terms of what wishlists perhaps may be. Four billion dollar infrastructure projects that will be transformational and our city. It's a world full body in the this month well. The other side is involved you just the memorandum of understanding. That helps that we got a lot of we can move forward an outlook for perhaps going back and chatting with you got a little harder you'll like. In the future without how will move forward that you perhaps where they. In the number of other things that will be transformational deal that would do well let's report what Wal-Mart city. We appreciate the time so much councilman hopefully we'll do it again soon. Or councilman Jermaine read in Kansas City joining us I'm I'm glad the clarification was made because I didn't understand what we had in what we're doing now we're getting rid of the box you can still do. A background check if your landlord or employer okay is coming up next I wanna hear from those of you that have criminal histories and the stories you have about the difficulty in applying for jobs. Or trying to get apartments and also from business owners about how this is going to change the way you will approach your hiring process. 22980. Or 576779. Committee with Jamie we can do that next goes over Twitter poll question go ahead and vote on Twitter what is your favorite. Billy Joel's song he's coming to Kansas City in September that was the big announcement. Right. Piano man scenes Italian restaurant in new York state of mind or only the good die young. Tweet us if viewers isn't fair to literally gives us there or forty other rights that you could name and even on follow us and vote on Twitter KM BZ radio. I can't see who won. Please mom. September 21. Tickets go on sale or Billy jolt next Friday. At 10 AM to be playing at Kauffman Stadium. That what did Friday. Glad to be and we had drawn day down at the K or anything. And Gary Hannover sadder yet are a lot sit on that deck. Oh planner favorites that are trust on the list you can vote on Twitter by the way at KM BZ radio for your favorite. We only get four choices. Just so you know we only get four choices so we have. And four are pleased that for actually took the four favorite of pay and for favorite according to fans easy for me to say at Rolling Stone and the four we got or piano man seen some Italian restaurant new York state of mind and only the good die young. Let us know on Twitter and you can also tweet us which one we skipped. Because there are 150 it's it's very true and so again. Right now piano man 40% of the vote in that we're very early and even fifty votes so vote on Twitter came BC radio. So we have Jermaine read on I Kansas City city councilman talking about the new band the box proposal on it basically. Extends with the city already had in place that this would prevents employers and landlords in the city. From having a box on applications that asks if you've had a felony conviction. It's important point out that they can still do background checks of it on but what this does is take off the box on the application. That would automatically warn them that they are something to look for on and that way it. Tell that out you've had a felony conviction this takes that box off of there so that they can't that they can't just put. Is this a good idea. It to to remove this would be would you support this because right now it's there for the city employment and now would expand landlords have markets. I think it depends on what they're gonna use what they're gonna do with the information on because. Dickens did backgrounds. And so they're gonna learn where the check the box or not if they choose to do a background check. If you get a telling conviction let's say for armed robbery and you check the box that says yes of had a felony conviction. There that's gonna if and it just you back project that's gonna come if you don't check the box and they do a background check and learn that any room so to me all this does as a misunderstanding it is it. It makes it harder for them define it does he's got a past and I wonder. You know if it's for a jobless and the top 48 and they're gonna do a background correct it if you don't having the daycare center they're gonna do backgrounds but if it's with all due respect to the dishwasher and that's a fine job to hang out if your job is to just scrub dishes for eight hours. And then he needs somebody I don't know if they're gonna run a real extensive background check so what this does is it makes it harder. For employers to find out. You've got a felony criminal history somebody in the FaceBook page incorporated jumping would you support this by 76779. Nader text and 22980. Stephen writes no you commit a felony you face the consequences. You're just made a really good point to back on attacks on her on and we just with what makes the sex offender registry sometimes. Text or just sad. Until we start giving people felonies for wheat and drug possession and I'm an add to that what we might consider minor offenses. This measure is absolutely necessary. Because that way somebody sees the word felony with that box and they automatically eliminate you from the running for job. Because they see the word felony without asking what it lies and not every felony is murder or rate. And also. My question is for those that would oppose it I think I support this. How long do you served your term. If let's say you know you. You got a year conviction of a drug charge you served your term. It was let's it was real bad you're distributing pounds of cocaine or something. But that happened in 1988. And you served ten years in jail for or whatever that would be. And now here we are when he years later after you get out get out in the 1998. Are you still supposed to be serving a penalty if you been cleaned it in which you served at the time for the crime this. This is still there now again if they do apparent checked they're gonna find it asks. But you're right we. There's no such thing I think in this country sometimes as serving your time I think once you've gone to prison and you tells them when you've gone to present. I assume that something's gonna follow you forever and that you never get to just put that behind you even after you've served your time. Now on day parks had there there's something or they turned it called in today and parks are early as we talked about it and I can't remember what business she worked for. But she described. On what would eliminate you. From a job for sure you know murder no matter how long ago it wise would eliminate you from a job where she works ma'am of rape would do it forever. But some of the other things that you might be convicted on indeed time for would only eliminate you out on until a certain amount of time like after ten years now. We don't we don't worry about that after news on a play call from their show earlier that was the got it it was a guy who had been in jail for a long time. And has talked about the struggles of a finding jobs and he's got a two really good call will be found out from what when they show it think it lies. But first let's get to Stephen in Kansas City upon KM BZ what's up Stephen. Our area do it okay do you support in the box. No I don't I think the auction remained. About an employer or not it's just hypothetical. Why should I. Do a background check on you know what they have no I don't wanna criminal court with a criminal record walking in my business I'd be nice to pica. I knew I had a time. If I had to do a background check on this or background check on bag I'd probably take about what you don't know and back project called money. To me either way it is. A waste of time and a waste of money. You know if you don't know but yep check everybody. To me the reason is not all felonies are created equal. And and the word felony encompasses a lot. Yeah so that to me that's the autistic Steven thinks your phone call wide open for you if you wanna jump in and follow up on that I 767798. Also you can text and 22980. Do you support band the box. And 2013. City only. The band the box proposal was enacted now you would not have to check whether or not you have. Then convicted of a felony. If the proposal expand here in 2018 it would go to all city. Landlords. City employers when it comes to attendance and possible employees now you can still do a background check if you're wondering about somebody. But this would. Mean I I guess make it harder on the employer and I'm a landlord to find out that you may have been convicted of felony two years ago five years ago twenty years ago. It means they have to do a background check to find out org I have to ask you in an interview and then you can choose to be honest or lie at night but it takes away. An obvious thing that you would check that tips them off that you've been convicted of felony and somebody point it out on the tax line. You're right sometimes it doesn't say have your ring connect him felony sometimes it decides heavier have been convicted of a crime. And you can and you can get an explanation of what you dead or some great tax on the tax line of examples of people that have been convicted of felonies. That we're not. One of the more serious felonies enact a double homicide is a different thing. Write and read some of those stories in a penny you can call letters or is on the phone on by. A text or did ask about question which was. Defines serious felonies. And I said or or allowable felonies in an accurate aside on buy it based acceptable as a name acceptable felonies. To mean there is a difference between. First degree murder and on. Whatever age rug felony maybe. You know there is a difference between. A a felony where someone else's hurt as a result of your actions and where all no one else's heart. They can't announce about perjury. Is perjury it depends on line. Perjury could also mean fraud and a lot of other things like white collar crime could be. At the expense. And in that case you might eliminate someone for perjury. From working her business because they also embezzled as a part of violating probation let's say that a felony yesterday's. It can be it depends though it depends what probation for I've got a list like all of this or animal cruelty. On a felony but to you that felony might mean a lot against businessman like it because that really that's a big deal to you but to somebody else it might. I've sort of 67798. Again thinks councilman to me read for joining us what are your thoughts on his proposal. 5767798. Let's talk to Stephen and Casey thanks for hanging Stephen your 91 came easy. Particular call let's and Albert a couple of I think it will mean that the congress congressman Ed. You know I'm not happen but it's that may be when you senior told twenty years ago. You've got a conviction forced you went up in orbit not the majority of these cases end in both cases you know what does take a couple of hundred dollars to go and get yourself on statement a felony record in. Actually Albert street under power sit around her in Burbank I know I'd. I think that that actually does is it yet people. Who art art with these applications to a good opportunity to turn a blind and that is peace for the actor. He said that he's speaking to a lot of people a lot. Expenses are about you know that have been able to happen well it just. It hiring these people why don't they are. Why why the opportunity to turn a blind eye before hiring these bulbs. Icy I really and yet you're saying because of they are an otherwise glowing job applicants. And she gets the job why would a felony conviction and keep you from hiring someone. That in other at an every other way is a really good applicant ambles let's use this job as an example on. Ye might wicked are perfectly qualified and and the person they wanna hire as as a new talks ousting came easy. But you've only conviction on your record on an end does it matter what it is. But it. Word gets out about that after your hired nag at present a PR problem for her yeah that's yeah it's it's it's issues like that's a war on. Or you could be perfectly qualified child care worker. But you have a child porn connection on your record hire that person no. Person regardless how qualified you are for the top. Let's think the focal Stevens sought to Shane in Lawrence on 91 KM BZ was up Jane. Today I just want to disagree more. So in this or. Who is a good partner. I used to be. I used to own barbecue rest. Award in the best employees that. Kids are. Eight or ten years in prison for. Manslaughter. Or attempted manslaughter I don't remember specifically what war. That Koreans. Like murder bit you guys are taught about burger so horrific. Blue repeat offenders. Or. Less like urban it's less likely for a murderer. To be a repeat of Bender better it is a drug dealer or. Rapist child or whatever. So. They're the enemy employee that I. What is. He or this time. And she did everything he could. Make sure that he was not going to be back in that situation again. He was always early to work. War. He gave me in August they ship. We're acting like that about some of the other employees that. I knew. Smoked weed eater or water coral. Did he cheat so he checked the box and told you and said look I committed this crime and I served as long and you hired him regardless. Were you not concern. A history. Again like I where. He would according and so annually and what did it. And explained his. Situation. Did you keep an extra eye on him change. I report. Yeah and I and I bet that would be in the in the case anybody else's ever done that that you would. If you hire someone who has committed a felony and they are telling you look I killed somebody. But here's the story. And you say right now spent eight years you served your punishment. I'm gonna take a chance on you but you keep an extra item that you wanna know that information you know if you should keep an extra eye on them and they should the vocal Shane good story may appreciate it holly in Harrison bill upon KM BZ hi holly. I. Eat. It. We're married and I'm very early twenties and I got a couple power we. Weren't print and I didn't I liked around. And I are out now and then a heart. Any kind of job I wrote I like mid twenties when I went out and like in the Arctic curse or. Because I had a felony and didn't matter a bit like that wanna eat in fact. What was the founding. And manufacturing. Some drug drug panel. Of did did you ever think about lying. I tried a couple I am I lived there for awhile and I didn't let mark mark I'm at all. And I opted job and then in the background check and then the let me go. While were they more you had committed the crime or you had. Lied on the application. Anyway. The fact that a lot of money that they couldn't pick and working. On I can't work at Wal-Mart I mean teen years and I can't. I can't do any thing Adam. A lot of apartment complex but it it doesn't matter how old it is figure they don't care I'm luckily for me restaurant. Don't care. I am now I mean aren't because they don't care because big debate in your new big you are and not what you did it in your pick out. So when taking the bill would banning the box have helped you get a job because not everybody does background check. I think being in the box maybe would have helped me adequate in my time in my life you get a pretty cool air. There are times that I had direct route out from my current pop. Up I couldn't find the live convey they wouldn't technique that Alan. Unbelievable some steaks yeah it was Wednesday holly thinks of the phone call. Booked and there's going to be the other people that will have a zero and I have simply the forum but somebody else I'm sure Jamie would say. Don't commit crimes shouldn't have been Macon math don't don't get a felony should amid record manufacturing drugs whatever lies. And that's right to you like I get that side of it don't commit crime you know don't do it but on the other hand. I don't wonders why I don't I don't know what she'd. You know what conviction brought with it but whatever was she completed it. And did whatever the court decided them would be her punishment and she completed a while ago so. To one degree I think yeah I don't commit a crime but on the other hand we have a eight sentences some for reason and when you complete your sentence it feels like. On her because like you shouldn't have it if you've completed your sat and then why should you have to tell people you. How long should you be responsible for now as I go back to that. The guy that sad now if you if you commit murder the collar that such heinous that if you commit murder you're less likely to commit another crime and another for sure there's always chance. Cycles go on killing sprees and and may be based on nothing yet it now so part of me wanted to. Column basically guess the question is how long are you serving your punishment after you serve your punishment I mean. People here still. Hate the fact that the chiefs brought in Mike Vick over the summer. But the dude served his time right and I love dogs I have two of them but the dude served his time. Lost millions of dollars in and people still weren't happy with. Not to tax and arrow her own fault no one else's next one don't commit a crime in the first place maybe. You're right right people make Wednesday what happens if I'm driving my car and I slide through and intersect and I'm let's say I'm not even drunk. But I slide to an intersection because I missed the stop side and I slam into a car and kill someone yes it was an. Accident you event are liable than regular manslaughter is gonna lay NB a felony if Michael and served seven years in jail and a I didn't commit the crime on purpose I. It lack of empathy the very next taxed don't complain if you commit a serious crime and no one's to hire you or rent to you. And a public or professional status and it I don't know how long are supposed to pay you for. How long I don't want to pay for some people have no tolerance but if it's something on. He had the right topic is he crazy because there are some jobs that where there. Yes your child porn conviction twenty years ago maybe would still keep people working a child care facility. So to meet are some exceptions and I just. It's it's it's one of those you can see both sides most people can get a deal. To order calls which Sean it's Jerry will get to you coming up next we're asking you right now 5767798. Do you support band the box in his proposal where you would not have to check. They you have committed a felony. I citywide in Kansas City when it comes to applying for a job or apartment. And importance of little background check this would just give you date they if they don't there are only don't have to. Rights. And because not every job is going to care as much as others there are so on employers who hire people with felony convictions even if their recent. Because maybe that's run by somebody used to have a felony or something like that but for the places that don't care as much this doesn't tip them off. Like I wonder if you go to applied Orkut there's a Firestone downtown right if you know is that. Gonna require extensive background check with all the respect to our friends the Firestone right here in there to change the oil and rotate the tires does it matter if you've committed burglary in the past. Or what if you on had a felony on your record he got out got clean and you decided to buy apartment building and now you rent out apartments and you don't cares much about LT convictions because. You are an example of someone that can turn their lifer by 767798. Right to the phones and Jerry in Overland Park your 91 KM BZ. I I have to disagree with most of the issues you bring up a justification. For that reason. For involved. We are one of the weakest country. There is a diplomacy. And the basis of every law is telling the truth. All right that we so it comes to parenting. And is this law helpful for the people they have but if it is. Then we'll leave it alone find something better. To pick up. But the poor lady. Just called in she's one of the exceptions. If she had the had better pay earning you probably wouldn't have broken a lot yet to be pretty. Right. To know whether. So it's so anyone who's ever committed a crime had bad parents out. No I didn't. It didn't go yeah you kind and I did Jerry. They're they've made the rule. That made you know law. For some functional. Or. Enhancing her. What was it. I understand you're my blood why why did they put the box and there in the first place that he asked injured. To not go through the trouble of doing a background check. To tip them off that you might have conviction. It's been very important if they wasted our time and money. Do I was. So any law so so you can't ever amend or change a law that is ever I don't I'd I'd Gerri I'm asking you I'm asking you a question. So just because it was a law in the first place that your justification for not changing a law. Well again. Things change the world evolves pot didn't used to be legal in a lot of states now it is the speed limit used to be 55 now it's seventy and eighty and other places. Alcohol you could never buy it on Sundays in a lot of places. But you can change laws rules as and he beat I don't know history band box thanks Jerry David Lee would your 91 KM BZ. Yes so I'd been balanced war probably the last sixteen years. And I have to disagree with the majority of people got compensated difficult ad out brigade gap. I pour it into how that worked it media and other apple corporation may be aware house's. This and that. Tax write out when you hire sell well it right at some former action. Come and the fact that your felony. Not what it is how long ago was really never has been a big issue. Only issue that running into an have been running into for quite a long time. It out it's extremely difficult but you know I had a bet that when I was. He'd. Spent three years in pointing. And then you know get out her part to find a place to live almond now that big problem that is at the live somewhere like a private housing. Now that. Why can't it did he. Extremely hard that we don't know morrow who we can't just live a normal apartment or anything like that. Because of all the background checks were quite do you write beyond belief which is illegal. As well but it. It as had happened in the past because we had no other opportunity. The story make vis a sag and I just ask real quick how long ago. How long is it bends since you've served your time. I was seventeen and I was in high school and I let that eighty fourteen year old French. I called the Romeo and Juliet act. But anyways. I went down in 02 July 18 got out July 28 both sides so that might eighteen. He's met the 91 at my 21 birthday. In an entry. And this is still a problem for you and turn out. Unfortunately. With some of the legislation that impact. I'll have to register for the rest of my life thinking and it had opposed to character get short I'd and her eighteen years. A lot. While. The las. Dell and win when it comes to registering to once every quarter. Go to dot at a courthouse. And paint twenty but they take a picture of me at me working here that live there pop up botnet elder skill and it's going to be issued to. Apple want that three month and go out there to remind myself that this horrible past that you know I I. And I don't I don't do any of that and it's not really who I am at it in you know anyways so it's pretty hard to match. Matt respect because this to say every three months here's a reminder of how crappy a per security. You know I mean yeah. Now why I don't even think this is why the sex offender registry is maddening because I don't learn. In that while I was in I met. We the people. You know Internet need to be some sort of rhetoric I've might be the exception but there are plenty of people that say. And independently. You know not really what people. I don't know what you want describe it but. And people that it cannot stop they know it's wrong. They tactical and felt that situation because they can't control themselves most people seldom Wear ankle bracelets are getting now even though they're kind of because they are just too much dangerous idea I believe that. You know ample report that. You know what people like me and other cases that artists of the year. They need to be some sort of I don't know maybe second round of legislature. May be another court date and check up on that person he where he has been applied for peace anymore predictions for this and you know. You know it's just do a little bit more deeper. Here mortgage debt agent that person's life you know on first and as opposed to categorizing. Yeah I mean that and that's a different conversation I'm sure we have to have in the future David thank you with the story man geez. Appreciated and I mean that that was how long ago. Goodness still followed him once we can squeeze in two mortal go to Sean Casey and KM BZ what's up John. Yeah Oregon. I completely agree with David. Also convicted felon I got convicted of street felonies the same time and want to do it for years. Missouri department erection and and when I got now couldn't I couldn't find a job that paid more than 1213 fourteen dollar an hour. And it was a really really horror you. Basically to make a paycheck and the housing was a nightmare well. Wanda I'll just you know you learn psych job working under the table Perry models and wanting what do another start my own business. So I chariot that was talking about or whoever actually been talking about. You know you can't complain whenever you don't want the hard part professional world what a lot of these people don't understand your hiring here every single day wore on your home of the war you know millions of dollars and I'm spelling your hiring my company. But it won't rent house you know. Chiefs. It's a good or aids Sean thanks man he started his own business and the higher that business you're hiring a felon it's an incredible story. Duly won more in here before we a break for the news and it's John in Kansas City Johnny to the final word this hour god you're on KM BZ. I I just sort mentioned that I out so that's on prominent. Federer has I actually got my act on it when I was and I rag I use more being in combat zones. Extremely depressed and even suicidal. I didn't online. Lying. Command that but I want certain years in jail which. That made me a challenge. I'm now. Going to school down in case he got mine associate it NPC. And biology I'm now going from ride to a major. Biology or chemistry. Around. A young kid here I am a junior now. But it hadn't been easy I can't I can't go to dot medical school. Because of this I would get turned away easily. There's a lot of things I can't do it now I'm a father I mean out nineteen it'll that was over a decade ago I'm nineteen years old and combat zone stated and benchmarking. And I stole it considered burglary because the doctor lived there. Oh my goodness. Page I have to I have to get to the news here but. That shouldn't onto the rest elect we're very happy that you didn't take your own life thank you for your your service and and we'll get some more of these stories a little bit later on because these are absolutely incredible.