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Wednesday, December 13th

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Are you a quarter. Thousand people on the tax line have gotten an early 576779. Nader texted it. 22980. I feel like some people are in denial. Yeah you know if you. If you hold on to too much stuff you know and you tell if there's a difference between your house is being a little cluttered pretty content. But you keeping stuff that you know you don't use that you know you're never gonna take out of the box and in. But that you refused to get it solid people that are Texans and I kinda am. If you argue bar. It's like I'm kinda drunk Albright your S space center right let's go your eyes falling out and we did hear your stories because let's do a little gal will group therapy here in and work it's about let's applying to reach. Let's stop lying on earth is the first day. Out of the New York posted a survey that was done 2000 Americans by closet may witches organization leader of course. And the story starts up and Erica is a nation of workers. As one into admits they have a problem with clutter. They say the American is hoarding 23 items in their homes that they have absolutely no use for. So over half of the respondents surveyed said they had somewhat and they clutter issue in their home. Once evident that they have a great deal of clutter and 39% say they have quite a bit of water here's the kicker. Nearly a third people that responded say they have a completely broken item sitting in their home that they won't get rid of so it's useless to me but broke at night that you refused to get rid of it out of your 31%. Say they're inaccurate. At 5767798. Are you what those people that will refuse to get rid of even up like a broken. Microwave. Or Buick when they have to get it fixed I swear I used to be that way of example I used for some reason and this was in the lastly I went and 567 years now I had a stack. A dvd players in my closet. Because they would break but I do know what to do with it felt like a weird thing to throw a dvd player or piece of electronics in the trash. And I thought I'll wait for the next recite they do that electronics recycling Irish and I'm like damn it I'm just gonna wait for that. But in the meantime I'd buy another one and it would brick or I get his gift they would break in at some point I literally just threw them on the trash. I get it you know I I totally I don't know I have some. I still have a computer that I haven't fired up in over a year like up at tower and what to do with it sits in collects dust. I baiting about some things on so I've got some time on a trip adulterous I've got inspired is here and and like this time meter essence dot org bunch of these upper Christmas. Some dating about a couple things that I'm kind of stuck. That my mom made me today that was so my mom keeps everything. My mom I'm mom basis all my way because she hasn't run for it she's got a garage space and she's got the closet space port. I'm the only child and she knew it was going to be the only child so she still has from my childhood. Every baby blanket that someone knitted a good my baby clothes are still in a box somewhere she's got my credit. She's got just everything every piece of paper I ever made a scratch on that child is proud. Which. We cats ever and she would she hate me if she heard this right. But my mom stop and one of the things that she collects that I've inherited art is her oil collection. What her oil she collects oil so I Google this. Is like there's a big based on the bottom put oil and there's a wick and yet she over the collection of votes let's rephrase that I now have. Did you take she gave it to me Digi lightly and yeah everything's worth the fight in Chicago. I hung to be before at some point she made me IG is dropping off wells that bill this side of the road I think some of them are worth something. You know I think. So mark and to display a little bit but I have two big I'd probably have 20/20. Saturday. Antique or were I don't now apparently stunning thing on our sites situations like that if I or anything it's paper. It's files. And documents and stuff like that that I that I am afraid it. The but otherwise on the throws everything away makes my mother not mean I'm. Right now size seven box. One for 250 where one anywhere Agbayani and sell it on back OK let's talk. I have not either actually it was really good at that. Nikki pace from the rock she's really good at selling stuff anemic. I still arrangement where I give her boxes up and say here give FE yeah giver 20% handle and shall I got a second death or somebody else to deal with. I asked Nikki she might be on the heat she she doesn't know this which you might be on later this week. To. His to show up what you guys and there. Are out of jail Jamie's got vacation time be burned so like you might be hearing from Nicky later this week as a matter of fact. But what are you reporting 5767798. My wife. Pack one time we were going up to her namely into more and she said hey go get that in those touts the big bins. Grabbed the blue bean and we're gonna bring it to my mom Slater at her mom's place like open it up. And it's. Eight green paper it's it's about it the sticker books from when she was in the seventh raid. He's an all that stuff but I mean park is right yet you could collect those and sell those boxes until one page handwritten paper on Malaysia like who needs that garbage and I said what to do with it should. We're gonna put my mom's basement. Does not want that. And does not want anything to do with the that the report cards from your fifth grade teacher. My mom does the same thing shall send it to me she sends me might old. Report cards are like. Great what I get in language in late in sixth grade I get a full. It's not sentimental like I keep pictures and I keep. On mementos from trips and stuff like that I keep all of that I just don't I'm not X stuff percent and I think it's my mom goes the other direction them work it is stories night. What are you Harden don't lie at 767798. Todd at Overland Park your lead off hitter a 91 KM BZ. Our yo what's up time what do you hoarding. Anything mechanical. Problem. No it won't if you wanna call that a basement might call that a catastrophe. I've heard not drive or your we can't stand the fact that I think it would divert it try to state of the art and re interpret them if you will you'll cool word. But have have you actually repaired and read her breast. Very few items that apparently that it shocked her looks so atrocious that would have a kitchen items in your kitchen but it works. Like is that all too commonly right good bye to little poke to netbook and a select calculated mixer circuit make a whole region grinder for like parmesan I. And they where you know I mean you don't wanna put your hand on don't try to it's functional cell. But it's to me that on its like if there are screwed are part directly to their proper speed at the bottom of the hole. They're now air Popper and other grunts real or true box. I can use those parts in my power cord for Winamp yeah it you think that it drives are not how. It's based laser stuff take up like all your great welcome. Thanks for the phone call I'd opt out. And I let us know what you or what do you hoarding 5767798. Story and the York post. That. Little bit of a quarter in them. Holding an all sorts of items that are totally unnecessary. I got it I am trying to think of what I horrid. My idol my wife would say that I do keep you wait too much up. But we have three storage units in our basement from the apartment that we live in the end of the outside the Christmas stuff which is ours and have a lot of Christmas stuff. Two thirds of that is always I swear I only minimalist it would seem I am. A lot of the common responses coming in arc tools. Electronics. Like pieces to electronics. Somebody said my husband keeps every parties ever again. Lee used to do that she now keeps VHS tapes. We don't even have a VCR that's yeah I boxes of cassette tapes at home like early air Texans up I've know it played them. Pattern have a tape player I don't know that feels like a weird thing to get rid of or never watching. You know I Wear that the babysitters club on VHS we don't have a VCR. I do think 7677. Any right to the phones Melinda in oddly Iran KM easy Melinda what are you hoarding. You. It. There are here. Are all. But there's a difference between. It's keeping some things from your childhood and your sixth grade art project that you're 25 year old daughter what's the thing to do it. That. Out. And create. Or are out. There. Now that I get if you're keeping the car seats and the and the high chair and the baby clothes and hopes of one day getting grandchildren. I get it. That's up to keep what you have no reason to keep the sixth green art project. I have. Or just remembered as somebody sadness and everybody has the box of corn this. You don't know what they go to you only had sitting in my front claws Jack yeah old cell phone charger right to cellphones you don't have anymore news on various connectors to things. Phone lines for wall phones you don't have any more does have a land lines and workers are kept the court's eye of that box. Melinda thanks in a phone call appreciate it. My wife would probably accuse me of trying to hold on to dishes and forks from a previous life like dish pie like the ball like I had one bull. That was the good Super Bowl now it was stained because they used it for ravioli your super whatever has got to capture from an ex girlfriend but it was the I believe that it was a good brown an undershirt on where to guess what it was the one ball and I finally decided all right fine. Al park with it. That day the dog chewed it suited really matter what I want it quick UA but it probably still meant to be I've kept balls because they're the ones that from my before we were together that was my. Crappy. Silverware. I have a working VCR you are welcome to not because rightly say they don't got rid of all my VHS. I lose last year. I don't were to order movies they all went away. I still got the VCR now they'll know you're well I'll she's not listening. And in Kansas City are next up on KM BZ. I added yeah. Premier mom she kept from your childhood. Key to keep them or lie. Which she wanted to do originally. Was with her a few days before Holliday go out just. Secret sting of that stock that will be without a report that my kitchen and you. Are. Golf ability that. Good idea in these banks take more than a few days. Doctor box give luck is lot of blankets and it's the time we keep because on. I don't again there's I wouldn't mind keeping I just don't know what to do it an idea of keeping stuff just to keep it. I don't like the idea of throwing away the fifteen blankets that family members literally netted for me when I was a baby I. What am I gonna do with on an egg as a five kids then I'll I'll use them which relieves that they were just gets. I feel. What to do with it I keep it donate them you don't need fifteen blankets but pierce they were made formally as a baby like they were made specifically. You know I mean and so I feel like. That your displays those heat for. Now let's think you heard of all of but just if you wanna clear for. Maybe if you want to have a kid then you can you know do you have for blankets for the baby needed by green and probably a lot of things like there are there are a lot of things my mom kept that. Feel weird and throw him away but I do with it. So I don't know GAAP Serra in Kansas City here and KM BZ and sponsor. I don't yet so it's not rule. Let sure it's not use it might not that. All these somebody else. You had com in an abatement 200 TH. At we build new players. At eight tracks and any track where. Government. Beatty. Vehicle then you. He I mean I and the collectors currently. Trinket partly out. And we get back you original utterly. He got the original main. Bring that. Did you say you just got two birdies like this is a collection building that he's doing. Which the city and county as people do not. You're not throw them you can get my. And they don't want. Their. Economy will take them well ain't it'll come on looking at him really. We read the greens are kept. REI I I understand eight tracks from a sentimental brazen when's the last time we played an eight track. I have a ninety. The trash trash. Dumpster diving yet. That's finding clean. This six vehicles he said two of them run. What is the other four do. Com why do we actually keep the current CI. Light years ago they beat Butler we so eat plans. Greenhill. And the jedi jedi chat Jett died just recently. Got on board. He's done out there they're selling on that there for. Our wedding during. Again that wreck it is sitting in the waiting for Indy that cart I on the track or. Man it's all work in progress Serra. Thank you over the phone call many people texted and I would like us to point out and reference to the earlier caller that you cannot that car seats expire. That that legally they're only that they're they're not safe after a certain amount of time and you can't keep them forever news that am illegal. The pain of your and 81 KM BZ. I have rights kitchen appliances when I was married I can't buy this stuff that you sit. I am now a single. But I don't have the appliances however once a year at least at Christmas time. My kitchen wakes up to the point to enable that to do let me offer my family and use this stuff. I keep saying my thought of them at one a couple of itself. But then I. Let it get close to attempt to do that at like okay that jacket and a Christmas meal. Are you using all these other than that one day and hour. Now now let what's the what's the dumbest kitchen appliance you have like Jamie what do you know about a sandwich maker. About a. That was that probably get two letters. Give the big kitchen mixer. Yeah Eddie use it. Yes it would I don't use it now but I do not crazy about it. To hand in this after somebody as my daughter. Let me give it to your darting zealot Bonnie bank. Yeah I. Back after not cheap. Don't know trust me my wife we have a kitchen mixer and all the big kitchen aid. Let's see Lee a car we've been together for about five or six years now come IE I have never seen or use. I've never seen her use of data in a closet in the back behind the coats I'd never heard you talk about her banking all right I'll trade the VCR for the mixer and know how I had a eyes that don't watch TV. VCR. Not a bargaining chip. Today ahead in Prairie Village right KM BZ what's up Betty. You kid that does let you carry Geithner costs. And that about awkward little. I'm seventy enhance your outlook and I have gifts that mom begging me mine sisters and Brothers my friend I have a patch. I'm glad touch all of the little big items. And that may have been make it hard leasing arm and I'm a QVC fanatics like games on Wednesday. And I got so many. Often appliances that I use what you twice the year but I won't get rid of them because by the previous caller I hit them or twenty year. Going to go to get rid of them I think. Her talent so they need it and I definitely am given them a way you know and I don't think. Larry your mind Danny they're not in that kind of meandering in the political problem I seen every link them you know it is that. Obama. I I I it sounds like Michael Lewis with fourteen baby blankets kind of the same thing again elect somebody said. I'm not my possessions this is stuck in my mother's house that I know is going to be my problem. Abs and this is my mother's garage that I'm get him to deal with at some point but several people said take pieces of each blanket and haven't sewn into one big point. Not bad that. I did rate. Idea I'll let us know what your boarding on her FaceBook page or on Twitter KM BZ radio welcome back to this little bit later on straight ahead Dave telling you to Kansas City star's gonna join us. Or touch on last night's Alabama senate race with Dave and also what this means going forward. How much people there McCaskill now be facing forum president trump as we gear up for next year's. 2018 mid terms lots to discuss coming off the heels of Doug Jones win yesterday will do that next Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star big Nightline. Last night it was at the Democrat Doug Jones defeating Republican Roy Moore in the very hotly contested. I guess they really publicized I mean that senate race Jamie. I don't think it ever cared about a senate race outside of my own state more than that one in. And joining us right now on the news line from the Kansas City Star good friend Dave Helling is was to a talk about that and the repercussions. Dave thinks of the time how surprised were you with the results last night. Not a surprise to some people in fact I had I wagered a nickel hole Nichols. With a colleague here at but it could prove it to star and in my nickel was on Oz was on Doug Jones to win that race. So like I had a sensitive at least it was going to be much closer than some people thought frankly because. War Moore is a very problematic candidate if you know people have focused on the Washington Post story and the allegations that he stated young women and that's certainly played a role but. He has brought more have a long history of controversy you'll. Polarizing statement of Alabama and most Alabama voters were aware of that. He's lost Brothers statewide races he was kicked out of his he's on the structure a couple of times so. As a coach for on two occasions so. Visit you know I think he was more unpopular in Alabama that a lot of people who do. And then Doug Jones it was a very good candidate and we need. Said the right things he had money he knew that a campaign. He wasn't sort of a standard for the Democratic Party itself. Well I guess was. A couple of weeks ago that war Moore was in trouble. You know I was a little bit surprised that the margin book but. But or remorse just was not a very good care. Kids in two some of the specifics of who voted. For each candidate and and who turned out. Well that that it will be an extra game in its. Ordinarily important thing for Democrats and Republicans in other states. To study and understand that we we board he talked about it here about what Lou what Alabama says about the Missouri senate race next year. Involving clear Erica school perhaps draw. Only on the Republican side and what it might mean for the for the governor's race in Kansas. Which includes Chris cope box. Whose own statement. You're all pretty close to that of not only Roy Moore would be banned it and then president bill trot so on. Alabama was about turnout would they had enormous turnout for Democrats did. In traditionally urban African American counties. And precinct that was very important for. For Doug Jones all but he was also able to hold his own if you will even in the Republican counties. And that's critical at any rate like that you need to subtly wins you or you're supporters and win big. But to limit your losses are places where you bill. Really have a chance and there's evidence I'll put down Alabama. That Republicans went toward more but not in the level wayward force they go trawl for Jeff Sessions or. Or even Richard Shelby the other senator from. The state of Alabama and that's important it was or is that that's suggests that. Claire McCaskill credit decisions today. As to whether or actually want to try and pop up. Urban. Turn out adjusters and Doug Jones that did or whether she wants to continue to concentrate on rural counties and sort of a moderate viewpoint. In order to compete with the Republicans in the will be fast they COC. It's sort of addresses that post. They've telling the Kansas City Star joining us here on 91 KK MBZ. The trump endorsement the band an endorsement what you think that will go. Our -- how do you think that will affect candidates going forward because truck that was lost three in a row one in Virginia and then Luther strange and Roy Moore. Right it could be picked for example the drug policy. One. Steve Bennett accompany an ad campaign on his behalf off my guess is. Today the answers at all because he bandit is a bit of a polarizing figure. It's it's they offer. Decision. Four polity. In terms of what tribe might be able to do here on these you know he could prompt won by forty points in Missouri. But there is evident in every state that is approval has dropped dramatically since the election last. On November and so. What impact he might have on the senate race remains problematic. All that you know will of course called balk at Kansas asks. The Donald Trump to campaign for that now seems to be an open question. Well my guess is that many candidates on the Republican side not just a daughter but across the country. Will want to distance himself from the president. Because he's he came just alienate. The moderate suburban voters so worried one that's. The key to the victory last night for Derek Jones and Alabama and maybe to keep for Democrats with the water retake both. All either the house with a 728 K. So the Republicans just lost to city and the senate talk now about the balance of power in the senate and what that'll mean for future votes on and there was this morning about pushing forward Doug Jones to be able to take his seat sooners that he can be on the tax votes. Yeah all that doesn't seem more likely it will take some time today before the secretary of state and Alabama to certify the results. And there's just a few minutes ago. At their house and senate conferees announced that they had a and on final tax bill it's only Wednesday so. It's possible that the house for the senate could vote by the end of the week. On the tax measure added it may be. That the this victory of cocoa clarified little fire under Republicans in congress to try and get the tax deal done. Before Jones could be seated because he obviously would. Well or presumably be a vote against itself. The ballots are shifted dramatically. Because now he's 5149. Senator will be wouldn't he take his seat. That means is that the Republicans can't lose only two votes on any thing. If they do they lose whatever measures before the senate. Remember on a 5055 Mike Pence breaks that. So you really need to get 49 votes before you're in trouble. But pact gives almost every senator in on the Republican side enormous leverage to extract commitments from leadership. Before they consider any bill that they do immigration if they do infrastructure if they do obamacare next year. When those votes approach. Pistons senators on the Republican side need to go to leadership to say hey I need a bridge in my Stater aideed. You know more money for child child health care or whatever it is. And the leadership have to respond because they just have a very very slim margin for error on the now you'll hear some people face today and I think there maybe some truth of this. That it's some place for Republicans. Or more loss is a bit of a blessing because they're we're gonna have to defend themselves against. The things that we might that he epicenter. For the for the for the vote to my care that type of thing. So deal in the short term it might be critics from Mitch McConnell in the long term it may be. It's not healthy for the Republican Party at least a break even situation that war more did win. There from some people sitting in their car wondering the same thing is I am and we've been hearing about it and Chuck Schumer wants the vote delayed till they seat. And said senator elect's. Doug Jones. Didn't they already get the votes in the senate. Well they did on the original bill up Mike but what happens is that the senate passed its version at the house passed a different version. And do they need to to reconcile those differences they have one. Single bill that both houses can now consider. That process ended just a few moments ago. They have reported out an identical bill that bill now have to go back to the senate and back to the house four votes. If it passes in both places in the president's side itself. And so there have to be expected to vote in the senate on the conference report which was agreed to today and the conference report is different. In the bill the senate passes its so there may be a Susan Collins or Marco Rubio. A Rand Paul's above core group. Who will object to whatever the conference agreement years. It was announced today and if they lose those votes. The bill will fail and I think what Democrats are saying is let's scapegoat bill to place. So he could cast a ballot on the conference report and the Republicans will look but it's a call or resisting that they're gonna try to ram it through your the next couple. That's what most people of about government it there's a lot of hurdles as the people of the body gets drawn out and there's so many hurdles to jump over there. Ed it's gross that. Blah blah I used to work in Washington want to play out over many many different bills. But I think that general thing for your listeners to understated. The Republicans after last night are in upper. To get tax. Relief passed before the end of the year precisely because they now fear that the field will change course. Dave Helling Kansas City Star Dave always appreciated. Have a great rest your weekly topic do against. Uga areas state telling you the Kansas City Star it's like at and I thought that's what it was an insight. We've to got the vote that went back to the house now to the back of the senate. It's just so confusing and it's all whirlwind all whirlwind. Last week or actually in the summertime I should say we told you about some on some rose on the back of a boats. That were abusing a shark well. They've been arrested we'll tell you how and why in what's next for now though out in the liberty we sailor or burial Scott parks are Scott's. We're ligature and remembered the book and Oprah. In the liberties that just worked barker why not what I would like next well. I. Well. Corey Ritter are Gupta in treatment of our web site. Here at the worker program that included greater cart ship coup. Hot howl. It's incredible and you get a haircut for a vote just twelve dollars. Late Egypt are a tremendous work wondered what. Art 35 and one partner. Joseph opens this week they are ready they're changing what it meant. That. Apart AMP. Every teacher health. Jim Cunningham and the rest of the KM BZ and his team. Caremark serve like run abound in wind bomb everybody is they're gay gearing up for our. A year in a year and they should say a news stories and a harder FaceBook page. We're asking you what locals stories that you remember most from 2017. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump the says low nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. But in 2017 what are the local stories. That impacted you the most her FaceBook page its pain right to the top and let us know up 2017. What were the stories. That you know that we talked about that you read about you talk about what your friends the most. Couple good answers early on Casey I obviously biggest story locally. Carriker Penske and just the raw onions out there that bet big. The big fire out in Overland Park that apartment fire which huge. The. Turkey kitten country creek and done. Murderers on the trail only any free trail you agree trapped gas. Turkey on yeah that was a big London on not just Casey Ivo but we also had this year that I a couple of the big votes on the sales tax to benefit prospect that a lot of gas. So that happens. It's the flooding. Of all the floods especially coaches down out of jail line. Us let us know because there at the news team is gonna put together really cool end of the year special for you and we just want to know what the most important stories TO. Westport violence. Pew this year plaza stole. Newly shot new police chief that's a good one gap Mukasey came mayor. That's gambling hall and mark Allen was out. At the end of the royals now or I guess was a big store button. But to let us know on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash 91 KM BZ. In the news team's gonna be checking that all day to see which ones are the most important to you. And then we can follow up in and we can now put all that together for him as 2017 comes to an end yes and then you and I will do our kneeling. Guns. Fake news and was our fourth big national story we were gonna do for hours on days where you can you kneeling. Guns to meet you meet two things you need to. Gathered as fake news yeah that's gonna be there are big and the year's show Fareed here in mid day. You guys over the summer that were dragging the shark through the water and the thing was just. Slamming down and down they were last than they were videotaping it and they were drinking Beers yeah. And had been arrested. Tuesday. Deputies finally ended the investigation into allegations of animal cruelty stemming from a vial of viral video of this from CBS twelve. Down in. Hillsborough County Florida to be a shark being dragged and whipped across the ocean off the Florida coast launched a social media firestorm. And a four month investigation. And the video cost a lot of problems lot of outrage and yesterday 83 people turned themselves in to the Hillsborough County sheriff. Michael Wenzel all medal Robert leave bad neck or Bennett the Bradenton and Spencer heights. Of all metal all face it'll cruelty charges. In connection with that footage investigators look at social media post David spoke shark experts before bringing charges. I'm glad is I'm not a shark guy I'll never have a pet shark. But that's it'll cruelties straight up. Cancel it out without without question now three of them are out on bail the face five years in prison and up to a 101000 dollars so it's good to see. Crappy people get taken into custody and in an have charged against. It's on the goal here for yet. On to question Korea at 2290s era how did you put into this morning what what local business would you be crushed by. If it close to its Chinese here she doesn't is excited. On because I've mentioned many times it would relatively close down Roland park for reasons I like that the next businesses and stuff there. And there's a business that's been open for fifty years that is about to close next week. Emma should just say I've never Ben but I guarantee you they're gonna sell more doughnut and next week and I have and quite awhile moon but John's space age donuts will close for good next week oh by John Taylor. It was founded by his parents in 1967. That it be sometime next week. I she'd told the sinus imposed back earlier this year that the family was looking to sell the business. And then eventually got a point remain where they're going to use of that is going to close next week. Ball old ball on which means yeah I'm gonna have to go and check out violent park closes. That though. Don't know lounge. What Westport yes I am not bend over the brought donuts in when they open like. Earlier this year or last year it was a massive box of giant donut places in Portland that I can dance on the name escapes but. They're just artisan don't there's a lot you know there are pieces of of ours on and they also do that cold brew like nitro coffee instant there. On so there's one Westport and now they're gonna open locations in North Kansas City. And a downtown Harlem park on so it's gonna open. Up north it's gonna open and a former Judy's bakery cafe building at 1250 Burlington street. So that's gonna open and other gonna open a new one. At 79 point six Santa Fe drive in downtown appease a right in the heart of downs on park so we're gonna lose John space age donuts but we're gonna gain don't. Voodoo. Thank you on the text lines a round the block. At voodoo doughnuts in Portland. There. Their guys a gang fight and doughnuts and there was in the meal on top of me they're they're huge. So called it or not I'm just gonna open and down county and hurt because it's the first new. New restaurant eat kind of place that I've seen opener and a little while but it's. It's a taste of on hit a little bit for downtown Pete Wentz is canonize it mixes up the business is there a little bit so. So that'll be really cool to opener so. Local business would crush you with they close to 22980. Text Doumit top c.'s popcorn. Friend is somebody sent in. Let's see here blue steel guns and ammo where else would you possibly get a gun or MO we re blue sky you'll Clark stepped. On and texting and other things bloom baking company re market yeah I'm with yeah that's with the Italian guy that reminds me my grandfather a pistol doesn't the center is used and just outside of the bakery just a big Expansion Pack and hand out samples stuff of Baghdad and stuff like that on its one of the few places to get really good rounds and I love those. The macarena Mecca route I don't like to pocono another two different thing oh really I don't like to coconut things like the ones that are colors and pretty and they have built a cat is stuck. Larry there stupid expensive but I seem to include a tunnel work. Some says Hala Pena I was in Standley would be devastating. I don't know if I had because it only been here for a short amount of time I've had become emotionally attached to sell I would have to defer to you in the tax light on this people who have been here their entire lives is there anyone back is there any back home. Among Susan Omniture. Boy. Not that anybody would understand don't pay down here in Kansas City. Despite how much I talk about my disdain for where rot there are a couple of restaurants and we. Let's see couple people texting and men's skis would be horrible for somebody pretty crushed but there's like eleven min skis yeah. Yeah it's like that it's like you've got the Portland restaurant that you always gone to as a failure whatever. Miscue like the enclosed in Oakland park but I go to this one here or that on there or this one here I'm about to get in trouble but I maintain it just cozy business has multiple occasions does not mean on the same if the original guerrillas. I can read your brain there. I've been to both and I like the one in Overland Park wherever it is but the one downtown the one in Columbus park it's. Is just different it's batter it's just different it's it is just better. Corner cats and Riverside. Cafes. Have said gates. Of. Gates and the original Arthur Bryant's like if NC if if Joe's clothes if the original Joe's I get that I totally. Fun house pizza we talked about as we are great like people are upset that their clothes and on New Year's Eve missed their last night and it would have been a news story on that did you do that you. You to the historian finals pizza. While I was one of many but yeah we also shared that now and we were we talking about the donut shop them yeah. I wanted to talk to the 2 owners this morning not only way out of donuts. There's a thirty minute wait for the next match but they wanna talk to me and it looked very somber and now not happy. Ivory says apple freighters that are John's basic shots were always the OK gotcha. Casey beer writers. I don't understand everyone's love and affection for writers buy it if that's who they want the staple Aaron of transiting. I don't think I've ever eaten at graders I've been pretty drawn Pickering and placed it real really big pizza with the tater tops in the middle right. Is it I'm pretty sure that's where I had I mean I've gone to grind yours for five times it's always been for music and I've never actually there items and to the person you said in a tub to Jamie's dismay or follow me and. Down gap but. You can like which like coat chicken goes on here Bieber and she tell. Luncheon meat reap any rain she you know. Or be in a downtown or the cloth that did you know run. There lot of other third generation of owners though I bet you don't want to you know Joseph and Anthony do this surgery and that places like grandfathered in you can walk out with your beer. You can actually buy beer with it lockout within antique gallery downtown Kansas city's favorite tavern for over seventy years I'm speaking for the Irish rolls callies callies cloths. All these are good ideas right.