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Wednesday, June 13th

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This week marked the two year anniversary. The Orlando shooting at the polls nightclub. And I remember right was set my mother in law's house that day just watching media coverage out of endo. Omar Mateen killed 49. People injured dozens. On survivors and families and now filed a lawsuit. In federal court saying that their civil rights were violated that. The lawsuit blames 31 Orlando police officers for not immediately confronting the gunman. And detaining an injured survivors. For questioning. WB SH in Orlando reporting the suit also claims the city inadequately trained the responders. In a joint statement said over the USA today the city Orlando the police department said they have not seen the federal lawsuit could stand firm to quote federal state and local law enforcement officers and first responders put themselves in harm's way. To save as many lives as possible. I don't realize this. And yesterday by the way it was a two year anniversary I didn't realize this Jamie. The shooting it or the hostage situation went on for three hours GAAP and so it's a question of you know why. Number one what the first responders worked whole team and if they were told not to go and then why that you got there for three hours and we knew the space analog and I want calls. Club goers who were injured hit installs as the gunman talked aren't enough police negotiators. And at least one woman bled out in the bathroom while she was waiting for help while authorities were negotiating with him you are people that were whose injuries were worsening as they were stuck in there. And some for three hours to get help that they need and so there are some that day. We could've made a big difference at first responders are gone in sooner. 5767798. Knowing what you know about this case spent two years. Do you think that this lawsuit has likes do you think the that the survivors and the families. Do they have a case against the Orlando police. What if Orlando police officers who responded the shooting were aggressive with a plan to re rescue victims and hostages. And killed the shooter. What's what one person asked what my brother still be alive. This I mean I know where you were starting to hear more about the Las Vegas shooting we know people are filing lawsuits down in Portland. And you. File a lawsuit against the police department for waiting three hours minutes and wait three hours but it took three hours. For them to get Omar Mateen. And people I would want likes of one woman blacked out in the in the bathroom while she was high. Hiding because they were taking its time to negotiate and try to get an end to that peacefully instead of just storming in the air and confronted the gunman. And trying to get the you know the survivors out of there on and in fact they said. Part of the lawsuit also was detaining an injured survivors for questioning what's it like but I would. No the deal about that. But for three hours they they didn't go in and two years later they say that's probably should've gone in and helped us. 5767798. Where do you stand do you think that they have a case or. Is this just frivolous let's go to John on KM BZ hi John thanks for calling. I think cramming you I don't think they're have a leg to stand on the on the on just because I don't book you mentioned at all. But our member they reported. Cute old law enforcement yet played out wired to blow. I don't eat sending addicts. He says he had explode and I believe they actually lose their way in a backer. Beat it and or truck out. Yeah I mean they're part of the the statement says that Mateen threatened to put bomb vests on hostages. I don't see how that couldn't go anywhere. I know that want orca and Kirk honored are trained in the question now what that at least that is. Can I ask what the different and John maybe don't know the Alameda which on the spot. But people are I remember a couple of days after the Broward County shooting people refer to the park in officer who stayed outside is the Broward coward. Is there a difference between the Broward coward who I couldn't call him a coward but is there between that guy and these police officers in Orlando for not going in. To the polls nightclub. That you take the gap trying to bilk art but there could be Baltic occur in the court or patient. All right John thanks. I'll ask you jamming is there a difference between the the officer at the park and shooting who who waited outside the many who are upset referred to as the Broward coward. And the officers who didn't go winning gunned down. Omar Mateen. I don't know because I don't know what everybody was to hold its its that was a big debate about the guy at Parkland was what his orders were his orders to stay outside. Or was he ignoring orders to go win on and the same thing here it's. We might have to have a conversation later about police policy but if policy was being followed that you gotta have that debate with whoever the commanding officer was. Over or whoever it was who decided that you had to negotiate with him before you went in its. It's conceivable to me that on part of the reason they may have chosen to negotiate with him for salon instead of just storming the building was that. He's unpredictable at that point and your goal is to get a peaceful solution so that he doesn't go and shoot the other people that are inside. On. My guess is that part of their thinking as. And Kipling it's gonna drop us way but we can lose a couple of other survivors and the process of it taking so long but we might save a hundred. Where's if we stormont. If he's got the placement with explosives if he's got more guns that we don't know about that he could end up shooting at people literally laughed. It was probably calculated. Risk that had to be taken and. I'd like to know if anybody can can further explain. The difference between the Astaro who didn't go win two Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. And these officers who didn't go when is it because of that the threat that he said he was gonna put bomb vests on hostages during the negotiating process. 5767798. Steadier next up I 91 KM BZ hasty. Leno all right what do you think this case against the Orlando police. Well unfortunately they are the Supreme Court case I believe it to the back in the seventies and eighties. Where in Washington DC some home invasion took place it'll what are the lady actually called the police. They were dispatched baker why they didn't see anything wrong and never out acting separately were raped and or killed. About it at the Supreme Court made corps basically said that the police are under no legal obligation to protect any specific individual. They provide protection to society as a whole. And that cool it sister without even though I believe in that case the ladies call the second time in the country turned. Drove by the building again still seeing nothing wrong thing is what. I don't know legally speaking I think the Supreme Court that's a long time that we cannot bear protection you're. So so then there should there be no blame for the Astaro inn in park is that what you're saying though that I mean heat. He waited and did what he thought or was taught was best was to wait outside. What I am or what legally speaking this Supreme Court that she. Going out he's Obi and he should be that would be you'd shot but no ever speak for him direct why. But that society not. I gotcha I think the phone call Steve 576779. Because if that's the case if the legal responsibility is to. For better or for lack of a veteran contain the situation. You know wait outside and if he you don't want their. Any of an entire city of Orlando who and the second he steps outside he'd take him out or you have a school. I'm not saying. And it's fine with nick crews did. Which levee school where this guy is in Siberia of the rest of the sub the suburbs. In that case I 767798. You can texted at 22 uniting Europe to the halls survivors and families have a case against the Orlando police. Lead to more your phone calls also to come this hour. The latest of what my generation is ruining. And if your of the generation that is a little older than we've millennial is you're gonna wanna listen up and they would that is coming up here and anyone came BZ. It's 111991. KM BZ happy Wednesday. This kind of a depressing story get to. So. Yes. The taxpayers from equal to thirty seconds ago yet I'm. So. Story. Mixture at the right one out of is Lebanon as more pronounced hat on and so. It's another occasion where we've had on multiple kids killed in a fire on if you recall. There was one out of lake ozark Missouri in April will recap that would free her a second but. The star. Fire investigators found no smoke detectors in the Ozarks home where five children were killed by fire last week out the fire chief their eleven and sad. Our search of the home did not reveal any smoke detectors. Five year old Ethan two year old man it was announced that manna one year old Benjamin hunt were killed in their home also killed. Where first cousins one year old Andre and patients who was six months. Andre impatience mother Alley Malloch brought the children of the home to babysit for her brother in law her brother in law is the father. Of three siblings that were killed. This is a small town 151000 people and so this was a big deal to have five kids that were killed in that same fire. On the home was rented to. According to county records of the mothers children and so landlords must insure smoking working smoke detectors are installed would tenants movement. But maintaining the devices is the sole responsibility of the tenants there. No testing agency misery has any legal authority when it comes of the proper maintenance of smoke detectors and residential dwellings not licensed by state agencies. On locally is how that is and forced. There are a couple of states on organs says state law mandates that maintenance and testing on detectors falls on the owners of the dwellings in Wisconsin landlords have to respond within five days. When there's a problem with the detectors. Again there were no smoke detectors in this mobile hot lesbian and be possible like it would. The bay and immediately doors windows and walls and a smoke detector. I tell you and feel free to admit to this 2290 or 5767798. Anybody take theirs down. On because day beep too much because think a lot to laugh and and so you just pull it off the wall. I guarantee they're people that just now they didn't find any fair and so I don't know if that's going to be a landlord. Things didn't have them installed or if we're gonna find out later they had been dismantled. On. But still that was the case were we had no smoke detectors on and Kansas City. Landlords must provide smoke detectors but occupants must maintain meaning change the batteries but in this case we had. It's the second case again we have to sneeze at lake ozark misery in April on where we had. Was this all four. Yeah I can account for Brothers were killed by something when there was a spark from a cigarette out potentially from a bonfire pit Corey. A barbecue. They had the family had people over. And after they he had he threw some water over to still burning logs mom and dad go to a bar leaving four Brothers at home. Fire goes off and unfortunately we lost all four. Yeah and in this case we are looking at what misery loss has about holed a child has to be to be left home alone and exits have been left home alone while mom went out. On but it's just it's two cases in the same part of the state where you had. And I think that's why the second one caught my attention as we have another case. Multiple children being killed a fire. On anybody willing to admit they take the battery and other smoke alarms are willing to. Because I think people do it starts chirping in the middle of the night. Hands and going and so in order to just take care that you just take the battery out of it and our troubles landlords with Ayers. 5767798. What are your smoke alarm issues because art. We house there's one in the apartment building that we cannot take off the ball and there's one like if there's a fire in the elevator or something or something goes off. The whole building is evacuated. And then there's the one it's just inside our apartment where. Usually when I cook and it'll turn the fan on everything coming off the Fryer whether it's at chick inner or chopper whatever if I don't have the fan on usually. The alarm goes off in the dog starts going nuts we have friends that have taped. Paper towel over there is the awful that up a bunch in and take it over there's because they have a couple of dogs Annika and it goes absolutely nuts. I can't imagine taking the smoke detector off. Or or taken the battery out and not replacing it. 5767798. If you do out or texted at 22980. We're talking about a fire here and I mean a major a major fire that if you're asleep. And let's say you you know it's a so it's a blaze your car. If you don't hear that fire alarm going off and ended it better understand why you wouldn't have a fire alarm or why he wouldn't have batteries working batteries in your fire. In order smoke detector. Okay so what was the story that I have was written. Answer immediately to the ozark story was on my birthday. You look. A little further into the story from the twenty year old mother of two of these kids. Remains unconscious still still to this day and doesn't know. That she has lost her children she is under heavy sedation and a ventilator because her lungs were damaged in the fire she is unaware that she is Gloucester children. So just imagine. Oh and my god she mom is able to be. A weekend. Oh you ordinary on the tax line that you have taking viewers down. While you have taken the batteries out when you work cooking because it goes too often that it goes off too often. But do you put it back up. I think people forget sometimes I'm dying no thank you forget your battery pack and you're right about that I will tell a very quick funny story for a moment of levity. And does or near about. Me the doorbell vs the smoke alarm in my house. No but that's got out of a lot I don't know so no real click on I when I first bought a house at the age of 25 at a split level and so you want dinners upstairs there's downstairs and there was a fan directly about the front door at split level and running for the dent. I was taking a frozen Pizza Hut and these smoke alarm went off and would not stop and so I found it. And could not find a place to take. The door off the bat that. The smoke alarm like to get to block couldn't by the but I can finally the battery battery was I want to and I started hitting it like it's much like kind of like I'm just gonna hit it'll stop. A eventually realized that the thing that I was hitting and beating a lot of was actually the doorbell. And that the smoke alarm was up by the fan. That's why there's a fan IRA to keep the smoke from going away so it doesn't go off and and if you if it does a lot you turn fan on that stops. So. But it was. It was new home football. You're blaming you homeownership lite announced another 5767798. Cody and came BZ was up Kelly. They we appreciate you calling in what's on your mind. Well that corporate market and bulk are alarms and early on paper corporation. Metroplex area and her crime here. Sport liked it and markers. And I figured it Dalai. Incurred are down there are my job and like any. And try to fool people about their opera director and I'll bet upon that they're being in the battery that it be thirty. I came in here and Lee barrier brought that. How often do you see people taking him down are you going like we're get your your your your smoke detector it's like it's in the closet batteries are dead like when you inspecting do that stuff how often is it. Is it a fail. Morning. When I. Told. It wouldn't acres. And walk and an equity. Marketers and Andre and get a caller. Who aren't somebody can expect a rocket pack her off or. Eight and here's my Decker are as well. All I did I have friends like it to double fate by the pool. And I'll just look at them just inhale and then just eight bill Lowe a plume of smoke comes out I imagine that that old metal massacre smoke detector or caused to go off. Thanks Tony for your call and thank you effort to save lives and we appreciated. Andy stick right there we'll get to you you want to admit it unplugging or unhook in your smoke detector and leave it at our conversation anyway jumping began 576779. Eighths a couple of stories about smoke detectors and people removing them. Why do you take your smoke detector will he admit to 5767798. Or text in it 22980. In the Euro 91 KM BZ entering an Andy. Had a part of what you gotta know when I lived in Ohio there is sorority house fire that clean. A number of lives and they found. I think five to seven and working smoke detectors in the home that never activated. And then what what they've found that there's a huge difference between there's 22 types of detectors photo electric. And that cheaper ironic detectors. And down a lot of municipality now required both in new homes but that's photo electric. Detect smoldering wildfire is a lot faster. And the ironic that actors and have a half hour to 45 minutes away with that type of fire. And the quite different that only about five dollars. By the photo electric. It would seem to me especially you're talking about sorority houses and what not those cattle older homes you probably want the faster one. Well it did they only work though and very apt leaning fire which. On our them that we comments fire it took her own. And that's why they require people now buy it. And they say you're gonna only choose one photo electric is by far better. Thanks for the the update any appreciated by 767798. And the reason I bring that up his most I'm guessing there's a fire frat house or sorority house or some like that. Those are old homes usually made on a lot of would. Thought I mean they're gonna spark up pretty quick. Yeah a lot of you're texting and you are guilty of taking them down that I. I believe Sony's and living in 1950s apart with no vent fans in the kitchen cooking sets at all to the badgers are seems that's and it came on the shower steam second half full snow. And and you've just got to get them up putting it back at us that's just frightening. That's scary. Let's see four bedroom house there's one in every bedroom at least one and every holly won every kitchen Lee's won in the winter there are several and one house is not department. And one house it's not how Zachary to shore up the house it's on you. You know apartments. There's a little bit of a landlord on. Every now knowing smoke alarms are. You're a delayed by smoke alarms like that it's like people who are delayed by seatbelts not because with your smoke alarm you and your seatbelt. Okay fine and as you can compare that that you can't make your seat belt away but with the smoke alarm. You push the button and make it stop you don't have to take the battery out to the but it'll stop instead of like. Dismantling all I have no idea why would one take your seat belt off I know ideally one and yours smoke alarm disabled. You know taken down battery removed it saving your life just like seatbelts are saving your life. Act call me crazy and I mean that's on one who knows read about it about a FaceBook page it's also up on Twitter you can check this out Travis. That talk about colonials so pleased scoot up to the microphone here you wanna know what ruining now. I mean at this point every time we run in the world we pretty much are. This is a story out of Forbes. After the thirty plus here in her career Donna. Is counting down the months until retirement. She gleefully shares everything she does plan for what she wants to do. She can do whatever she wants whenever she wants but in the middle of excitement she clinches her fists and says where my grand babies. Donna is not alone. She can't speak to the particular grand baby Louis predicament. Put her experience is part of a much bigger trend of one with serious implications for. Baby boomers retirement plans Travis put that up on the board for what we're ruining. The center for disease control and prevention released new data showing that the birth rate. In America. Has dropped to an all time low colonials. You mean Travis. We're just not having kids we're gonna shut evident yet the only cohort climate of the tail end of it. The only court cohort of women showing an uptick in first time births are women over the age of thirty follow gaff. So older women having their first time kid. Doubled from 1990 to 2012 observers have suggested a number of reasons why millennial improving to have children later if at all Travis. What is that number one reason why you do not have a child as a millennial here. I'm broke. I'm still working two jobs sometimes three to just to take care of Mel and I in my dog. And I just looked up the stat of what how much it is the raise a kid just one kid. And it says 233000. Dollar 233610. Dollars that's a lot of money and doesn't include how bad does not include calls messages from. Born to a team 233000. Dollars from Perth tilt get out of my house and I hope you got a scholarship. 8230. In. The so. Twelve. To 33 hours. To try to bang eighteen to 1213 and here. Travis got that it's well they use here. I. My salaries. Are going to be on you yes but and what percentage of your response to say. You know like for. You budget what percentage of what you take riis was like I've averaged like 35%. Is not ranked as the Macs but I know for saving supposed to say yes so. And with that to a 33000 icing that I assume that includes daycare. But they account for me you're gonna make more money over the course of those eighteen yours you're not going to be making in ten years and things that you make one back it's. But that means that you need to be saving. You at about 11100 bucks and and spare money. So you but you're gonna make more money you know over the course your life and I Patton go I'm in no way I'm saving my T 101000 dollars month and a. With what we pay in rent. Now the guy. But that we could be close is that outside of funding return what you as fund retirement accounts is up and we both have floral and k's. She has a Roth. And I am yap outside of floral one caddie. You know just straight savings right. Just in where you fund money we're kind of work work close to a grand in now we're looking to end this we're looking to move out of downtown so we're probably gonna save a little more in the near future. I guess I. Mean all I've said before I could put away or could you really yeah. Because I just don't have a lot of on I don't have any debt of the car payment written. If we didn't have both have new car payments again last year I don't pay quite you do and it's. No insured by its. Yeah I mean because I think about how I fund vacations and quite quite honestly that 121000 years probably close to what I spend and and and travel sure they've shared like that much. So I just have to back occasions someone does Texas then we paid 121000 dollars a year for daycare and preschool I believe that. I believe it and I you want to be Smart. This talking to a friend of ours and now welcome to home school into the action at the American regarding the a friend of ours is telling us that they take their kids to put up. 800 dollar a month place for daycare like 800. Dollars a month and a daycare is as it's it's not cheap. Some of the reasons according to Forbes have to do obviously with money like Travis talked about one of the reasons you know for me the same thing. Observers have struck a suggested number of reasons why Amylin meals are proving slow to have children although the recession has been over for nearly a decade. There may be a lasting economic insecurity that is causing young would be parents to think twice about pro creating others assert that student debt has delayed parenthood. If you are of this millennial generation. Where you have kids that are of the millennial generation. And you haven't had children yet. What's the particular reason 5767798. Or text in it 22980. Love to know. We have been trying. Lee has some fertility issues that we have talked about what I also wasn't ready to have kids in my twenties. And most of my thirties. 57677. And eight with several reason take phone calls your text it's. Coming up annexing the baby boomer retirements. I'll pay this up and go to the phones and find out lie. You millennial we mullah peels are having kids later. If at all. The majority of baby boomers wealth is not in the bank there right now follow along. It's him and Donovan to pay in the bank or pension plan or an investment portfolio. Despite the popular Urbina mythology of boomer life in the big city more than 70% of baby boomers are still living in the suburbs and rural areas. There wealth is in their homes and increasing number of soon to retire in recently retired boomers are looking to downsize and cash out. The decades of equity they've amassed in their homes is a source of income. But how can cash out without any buyers I can imagine the scene of the boomer. Tried to trying her best to sell the idea of sprawling family home built for 23 or more children. Highly desirable community to a younger buyer AK eighty. My generation Travis is generation is not looking to buy the three bedroom home that you have lived in since the 1970s. Because we are having kids were staying in smaller apartments were living downtown and it. We're living in a mother's basements. Or whatever the case may. Eat yeah I think also because inside another stat what do you are waiting longer than ever now I'm more women I think it's. The section of society where bursts are going up as women over forty yeah. 35 for the the rate of birth firth chuck first time births per women between forty and 44 double. You have and this winter doing more and also over 35 is up for the first time ever. Yeah I just think it's it's. People kind of deciding they don't have to do it at a certain point and it's and it's. Women deciding you know that I'm gonna focus on my career for awhile first or you didn't focus on the relationship that would got you kids first or. In case I don't think IE. I'm still not sure if I do want cancer I'm almost forty. And I'm not gonna do it unless I'm sure there's sometimes not sure for awhile sometimes you just need at that point life where you're ready to take that step. 5767798. Bullet deals what's your number one reason for not having children yet let's start with Aron a 91 KM BZ how old are you airing. You are secure you and me brother ever read the end of the millennial generation. If you wanna go that way okay. We we're orders started I graduated in 2000 hold on colonial for what they are halo. Yeah you definitely are critical. Oh they're they're here here's the people are complaining about it at all you know route that. You're used to be able to order a caller als two car. And that on one person's salary or marry it. Internet. The factory drop off you know work. Well. He just read something in your story that you know totally in a walker or how to market you can find out. But he can dollar out air that without all the progress in the story is cool all. People like you'd through the fire out and get rid of a room and record. And rumor what do. Uses every man make the extra income. Per hour. Aaron thinks the volt comment. We 37 year old bullet heels got to stick together. Let's and stick with attacks on. About what people why people saying today as a here's a story for. In terms of why people waited mean I want kids for a long time just turned thirty had my first baby last year I was a terrible relationship and to force by 2.4 and life just didn't line up for kids. And on my current husband twenty sex we got here and honestly some pregnant 28. In my case I was gonna settle for the bad relationship I was then and have kids with that guy like the previous generation my family is I believe that. They're a good reason I know plenty of people who were near that boomer generation and it just. They they stayed with it because they had a Katie reliever miserable or they were miserable but it was their relationship so they had a kick you know like and I understand that that's kind of an older. Generational. Minds. Oh on I think colonials are to their credit realizing that they don't have to go and do the same job for thirty years in which you might make. A solid secure living but you're going to be miserable. And to their credit they got more creative about it and more entrepreneurial about it and that takes a little more times some times to make your money in and they're finding more creative ways to live in Allen and traveling more inviting the experiences to be more beneficial I think we would rack animal on males too much just because they choose to do it differently doesn't mean that's wrong. I agree with that. You know there was a Pro Bowl running for Dana and park show for awhile. And it weighs an older gentleman. Thought about how. Low O'Neill's don't wanna be truck drivers anymore well. No they don't they figured out ways to make money doing other things you know the the tradition in this goes back to an old way of thinking. The traditional way you know for my parents in my grandparents. Meeting guy high school made a woman high school. And get you grow up little bit go to college get married by your twenties have a white picket fence and have veto two dogs are two kids and a daughter whatever. And then you know you you you live your life that way. It's different now I mean people are realizing this is the reason night I'd. You know jokingly but seriously say don't get married in your twenties is because who I was at 22. Is not who I was at 35. Who I was at 25 is not who I am now at 37 right and who I am at 37. Probably going to be more like who I'm going to be in my forties and fifties and and beyond you know and I mean down. This you know when I was 22 it was. Drink beer till 3 AM still wake up go to work and be our right and then you know whatever you know I could still do the radio program the next day. When I was doing sports talk in Ann Arbor years ago like at least it was a lot different ball game that. And I believe that this generation mature I believe that we rag on. We rag on my Jenner does your friends might have a like majority of prison they have kids. 5050. It's becoming minority party to switch. Isn't one of them was they home parent. It's in my friends John and Melissa Knoll they both work they living KC KE. Did that it that it could actually help close friends don't have kids so us friends out a majority of my friend does it about the same 5050. But. They'd make enough money into or one of them and stayed home because a lot of them a lot of the moms wanna take at least a year to off before they go back to work just you know be with it and whatever. I don't I'm not in this situation. If melt one to say hey you know if we were to have a kid you know let's say next year and she wants to stay home for at least a year. There's no way I could provide all three of. Oh gosh now I know I mean they're look at it especially with the rate we pay downtown. There's no way to leave not lead or I could take off work and quit working. I'm sorry the patent you're stuck with me Jamie. There's no way that the two of us could quit one of our jobs on the radio and support the other not not relevant downtown and probably not living. In in what the nicer suburbs. On the deal it you can choose you know the right mortgage rate and the right living situation and not have on and so we start figuring in the cost of daycare. Yeah now I mean you you could do that math and determine especially wanted to view wanted to stay especially in the first fight here's the Favre are often school. Work in I mean everybody embracing the math but there are people that that make it work and decide you know we're gonna give up one of our cars and working out you know not take as many vacations and and we're gonna do these things differently so that we can afford to do it. It's a tough balance I imagine Miette Travis I don't. I mean it would it would be it would be a struggle. Panning of the struggle for a lot of people did to take off work and it's. Lisa it's great that the that the decision comes in are you paying forward for daycare you paying for child care or you gonna stay home and can you both you can't bulk work Alicia some weird flipped schedule where. You work overnight to when you come home mom gets up and goes to work and you know you know that's just that's impossible. In just a sign I'm 33 I three kids my wife is a stay at home mom I'm not rich I just not a budget really well what do you do for a living. Idea Texas suit and here's another one I'm 39 I married at eighteen I three homes my wife has not worked in eighteen years I make construction worker I. I wish I am three home is possible if you want to. So with a so I think it's not all there you're gonna sacrifice something and it just depends on if that's something you want to second Archer's gonna gain a lot of elections and. I believe that 39 year old construction workers in the vary extreme minority. Most people don't have three kids three homes been married 21 years and I'm just gonna say that that that person. Is in the extreme minorities sole provider. And good for you I'm jealous I wish I could afford three homes and and lead didn't have to work. I know your question or hear the stories though in the attacks on I make 41000 dollars and 31 I have four kids my wife stays at home we own a home in two cars it works. How. I don't I hiked its I I think you know with maybe have a lot of savings before hand maybe you've got help maybe you. No my grocery shopping a waiver you don't spend the time maybe you have no car payments may be of no deputy it'll mortgage. People are telling me important.