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Friday, January 19th

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Once Kansas City talking about this this this is what's trending yours who's what's true and and today with Jamie wicket on 91 KM BZ. All right Jamie go ahead at thirty seconds you are rights take your victory lap. All right Billy. You damn him Billy you'll. Neverland trending topic you know Kansas City coming concerts add to the today yes that was made by George Brett earlier this stuff here I can't you've got fourteen seconds has been I used logic and reason and and my knowledge of the city and I village all and a Arnold leads up. Collegial but that's. Odd tickets go on sale next week will be as low as 49 bucks but those Wilma passed. And then of course the secondary mark people. High prices. Or the prices I should say even more we do have they yet what are people going on asking you your favorite Billy Joel's songs. We gave you four choices we could have given you fifty choices seemingly. Here I'll fifty as we get through the senate exactly. Or asking you which one is it piano man scenes from Italian restaurant new York state of mind or only the good die young polish and vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio and appears isn't there. Feel free to tweeted to us and we'll read on the air. This weekend is the fortieth annual march for life rallies and events guy of course. Marking. Abortion and and those kinds of related issues president trump was speaking today about it I believe he did speak today and I believe Mike Pence as well either has spoke will be. Part of the march for life. Apps. But see here. And talk politics. I'm not gonna read bad reasons to get married one of these she took. Hash tag right now I don't feel like reading but we anytime we are traps that coming what ever. Asked. Thirty seconds to talk humor shut down. Actually it. President trump and is. Spearheading apparently a meeting between he and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. According to everywhere they're trying to get should chuck and Donald together he's invited him to the White House for a meeting. We are going to have a government shut down right now they need sixty votes to prevent a filibuster from Democrats are in the minority. I have seen no higher than fifty or 51 of yeses I've singled a lot of Republican knows voting to shut the government down. But according to CNN we still have ten hours fifty. 32 and until it. This has happened as recently as 2013 also evident when he eleventh there have been I think I saw nineteen government shut downs. It sounds really dramatic it does but it's not completely unusual. You know I will say this though if they'd do if the government does shut down but there are a lot of Democrats that are wanting it to shut down because there's. There's it to the trying to get the deal done with doc. And trump wants his wall and the chip. The health insurance for children in the future. For that are poor. That there. There has been president for this in the past but trump needs. She doesn't need this his approval rating is already pretty low while this may not be old trumps fault. It does often times started the top doesn't it oftentimes sort of the top yes that was thirty seconds why is John rule turning. And I'd hear what Travis just only job rule is trending because he had fifty cent are beefing did you say fifty cent fifty cent are beefing. What you need the fight Travis. Soil. It looked like mark doll rule. Pack your bags were going to Finland today is the First Lady. Of the game of the world's themed Ice Hotel is just a transition he just avoid your question I. Please I need to speak John roll to me we need to know why it's two rappers beaten Federer who don't rapid. Again we buy is keeping you mean fighting dissing over the that dissing over Twitter is that the new that the fight all right. Feature I'd like to go to Finland I don't I would stay in that hotel although my wife loves it when the apartment is freezing cold. And I love gave throws so they're for the game of the roads themed ice bolt L it comes with a complete. Complete our and a chapel for waiting. You know that. There will be people dressed up listeners are entirely confused about what's happening right now though that there'll be that kind of people lined up for this there's a hotel bed completely out of ice. And it scheme to throw steam there are things that you'll dressed up as. Job for he and Ned stark and John Snow all. All one to get married there and it's national popcorn day. Love me some popcorn. And a should make in the office and you burn it. That stinks up the to just make it in the office it's does not to this brand of pop group that I have bought I have in my body and it's my guy covered right now. I love it but my wife thinks it smells like feet. This is thinks the broader S and you never gonna make it again I make it every day almost. But it does make it before it's bad reason that I managed to get Mary. On what's the super graft. Soccer okay that's all he needed announces it has been doing it's all it has to do is sporting KC they're drafting. Sporting Casey took a defender midfielder name Graham Smith at number eighteen overall. Oh that's ball I've got okay if you know me I I love soccer. Downward quite soccer were quite pro soccer we're not. And ties are not as I doctor I just hate it in different. I'm indifferent I went to a game it was coming to a match it was fun as a bicycle kick all sat squadron squadron is out that's called snap. Whole altar call cauldron and it's called or how. Right now my friend Kate is having a heart attack and yelling or radio right now if sorry friends with cauldron. I would TV I a friend that was like a big you know big sporting guy. I am went down that road games and we're gonna game it 135 degrees in Kansas City that day. And I'm five feet tall around a bunch of people that are thicker than I am and yelling and singing and stating time and pushing and drunk. And it's pops you out on top of everything else I've not been backs. Set some cushy seat underneath and over and and that that was old lady would let me get through. Just what let me that's not hero and a soccer fan and you're in the worst section. I know I heard I don't I want and it could be an. Yeah but none of the cauldron. Like yeah just like fun it's kind of a lot of friends are big soccer fans. It seems like a good time soccer's easy to follow. Some people understand some people would completely disagree and say it's very tough to swallow or for somebody who doesn't need to understand all the rules intricacies and ultimately how you score you win an idea at all that way yeah I guess I kicked the ball sometimes time though same reason I like hockey. It's real simple. It similarly confused by the by the outside split now be I think because you understand hockey and you understand soccer because the rule similar. Artists at 1214 there are some shows they are rebooting because Hollywood is completely out of ideas. And these next two are ahead scratch. Excited about them like. Fine we'll play about a both coming up next. Total match field. If you like an updated version of that spending since this one came out so long ago and it it so until at all. As it was announced this morning coming decay. The temperature when he first. Hurt my first wish it was sooner. But that's a bill told dead. On a lie like master class whites and they've put it on a greatest hit sent CD's so you basically. Went and why you. Got a group of village all fans together a lot of students got to this piano on stage and just took questions from the audience for awhile until they had enough. Is CD goes like an hour and a half for something like that until they had an hour and a half's worth a really good material. And he plays parts of the songs and he explains the meaning behind damages some of the back stories and stopped and it talks about we didn't start the fire. And he'll even admit that he can't remember the words a lot of time. But because. Does that song but he's always gonna have those lyrics up there with them because they're tough to remember everybody always knows is that Joseph DiMaggio yeah chorus that asked here is Mary Truman doors and forget a few hours and you come back and you remember upon but if you're collegial and that's a really hoping to check out because he talked about we're gonna find it odd that I want spot a collegial like. Greatest hits oh Annika came as a bonus CD but I'm sure it's on YouTube somewhere an eagle on but it goes in delight he explains why Vienna is one of his favorite song and and and how sees re telling restaurant keen to be and then he'll. He's onstage so hill. He'll talk and help plain talk and play and piano man is alive and as a part of that that CD and so now. As a local your fan it's it's a trickle on two counts. Our. So. Yeah so the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy yes I do. The I'm so it will premiere on Bravo back in 2003. And you had a group of five homosexual man. Who picked history guide to fix. And these five guys each had a specialty in five different areas and it gave the guy they picked a make over and then I guess he. Remember is that the end of the show they sent into an event of some kind or date like at a date where they got he got to do is you scale he learned to kind of new. Activity and any activity so there were five areas it was food and wine so they taught him how to cook stuff like how to be better cut. Interior design so that he can have an apartment that was while decorated. Eight culture which I believe was the activity. So he learned maybe ice skate our product. Appreciate our title. Or how to OK you know whatever. And then there was me and so they did this parent everything and fashions of the breast and apple are gonna lie this is. So a bit of an influence on me. Used to watch it and I there you may not believe me now but and with the show came out in the early two thousands. I was. Variant of fashion. Like I spent a lot of money on nice couple right now it's time you wouldn't think. Content they've given up a myriad mr. but I used to dress mr. flip flop and I are here very very well. The united that it had a lot to do with this that metro sexual went. I strains I got out of I'd started got married I got scared I'd I'd stop comparing. It close or X and CEO of rape or do you get everything a married what they stop it then like when I got like twenty she. We got money we're trying to get pregnant expensive. But I used to spend a my body ought to close the nicer the closure by. The more chances they're gonna be dry cleaning don't les than they have to be rest in sent out just became so much yet I I did intermission. Yes. I'm so did. Remembered today only pick men or details of 61 and I don't remember them ever fixing women I don't either on demand so these responses that. And this. This disease. I was very. Fair it is very very game but I love this stuff also. A press release from scout reductions says they are back to use their exceptional makeovers skills to help turn the red states being. She's funny. Based in the color the original show was fighting for tolerance our fight is for acceptance. The original fab five and people are still round. I'm included Ted Allen greasy on Food Network a lot yeah chopped heroes talk now he's written books he works through my magazine heavily. On Q and Douglas are kind Douglas Weiss appear Rachael Ray sometimes he does okay grooming top Asia. Whose face I vaguely remember even did interior design Carson Presley who was gone on to do a lot of stuff. For CNN appears on talk shows that he did fashion and he appears on The Today Show and stuff. And Jay Rodriguez who is quite a dancer thinks it was quite a cancer on. So that five and I don't know any of these names also it's not even the original five their two bringing it back is have rob Ornette I asked pleasantly and Netflix it'll return February. Make America fabulous again the trailers out. Tell me if you know any of these names are I don't know these people aren't. And Tony for a ski who apparently works for touchdown. And jet fuel in your legit eulogies doing and one. Bobby Burke is doing interior design. Names caramel brown does culture a guy Jonathan van NASA's grooming and hand France does fashion you could see the trailer. What does that they clearly know what they are. And and they're not taking themselves seriously like if you just looked the picture of five non like all my gosh I did this voters ago because they're striding. You know or else out there and sunglasses walking the streets in New York I'd probably check it out. I say as I like to watching the show public eye shape every day Gianni I was well groomed it's eight episodes. They can do that I can all of Fuller house once. For Charlotte. And. It is related story and I don't know why they're bringing back party of five. I never watched party of five I got wolf as it. Some careers it did Scott all went on to do lost. Who was the woman that went on to use the screen movies. Jack well. Pretty bird that. Can't agree and think of her name and Scott Wall. Went on to do some other TV shows you but Matt fox went on to view and loss which was huge net Campbell not Campbell thank you she went on to do all the screen movies and stuff so. I want some careers well party of five is. I'm getting a modern day reboot of course free form announced that the network is committed to put pilots. Put on a pilot. For every bit of the problem with the original creators. But the pilot is gonna produce some penalties at the show's not aired. There's the original centered on the five C a Salinger's siblings that forced to carry on after the deaths of their parents. The Reba will follow five siblings whose parents. Where suddenly deported to Mexico. So when you say reboot this is not like Roseanne bring enact disabled character exactly different characters this is gonna be very different but they're gonna bring back a sort of a modern day reboot a party of five and is now because these kids. Lost their parents or deportation not death Howell modernizing of. Yes I'm so they call that show was kind of like my so called life and that it got a lot of critical acclaim no excuse me and like there's a difference between you wanna go really well yeah it got critical acclaim but not great ratings and they just eventually had to take off the year because it just wasn't getting the numbers even though critics and why our Yunus now. Scott bull Matthew Fox net Campbell lacy showed I should bear and also. Jennifer Love Hewitt I forgot about Jennifer Jennifer Love Hewitt was a natural gas selves there there's going to be a new one. Great and we knew that when I won't watch that when I will not okay we have not yet talked about what's coming to Julio. Oh yeah out all seasons of it's are coming into room so we told you a couple of shows coming back like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and also party of five. Did you used to watch ER. Yes but not. Camera how many seasons were on and on. Yes because my mom ran an emergency room so always interesting to to mean all medical shows or but I did watch every season of it. Like Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy is in season fourteen now that's insane which is an amazing. So I watch some often on. And then after awhile audit done and now yeah I got. As interest and I think I watched the first two seasons and I just stopped caring because at the time when it came out. I think it was fourteen. Show that wasn't really show for me in the 1990s but it's coming back. 22 Lulu yes it's coming to Hulu. So appear a little user you'll be able to binge watch all 331. Episodes. Of the show how. 331. Holy cow yep right I didn't know it was odd that law and 1994 it premiered in Iran 331. Episode. So it's all coming in yet you wanna watch all the Canon. That snowstorm and watch the along snows for you now 330. And if it. What's that thirteen. And no idea and it was on for a very long time to while. It. Yeah fourteen. Fourteen seasons. Fourteen seasons yeah. Want to just because you forget about the people that. Were actors on the show you know the fact that John state must roll later one point you'd you forget about them the people in careers it was just George Clooney is not just George Clooney and Anthony Edwards correct it was also some others in there and didn't. My brain admin. Who was Avant I don't know and you lose you know highly. Avant for on I don't know why do the entire series. I think so some OK somebody teaching nannies or somebody didn't know wiley did it wasn't he one of the only ones that did the entire series and did Julianna Margulies are relieved or did she do the whole thing. Could you forget about that was Julian margulies in Michigan the device now. She's on the white most recently. I the I wish I had more for you yeah I'm pretty sure right I was extremely toxic radio guys like pretty sure I can keep talking I don't look at. But that was her first you know big TV role was ER in the humanize it and all wiley did 254. Did not do the whole thing Laura and it's did 250 episodes sent. Did anybody do all fourteen seasons that look like an interest does not look like Eric LaSalle did a 173 episode. Anthony Edwards and 182. Yeah I got that right in Sydney and Jim and a markedly easily you know 136. Crack of the continent's. May George colonial did a 109 and like the show is famous for George Clooney side but he only did a third episodes. His comeback that loop your little yup we do and it is that the courts do Netflix. Amazon prime and who. Between that we get about everything covered OK now I had to get slowing TV. Because they wanted to actually have some cable I think it's three ESPN's yet we actually are on day three of cutting the cord. Travis you cut the glad that it's OI I don't know yet it's sort of were alive then Travis us. Are you surviving we still have and we're in the talks the pregnant and I do want to cut it. Well with the amount of money that cable speed cable cost you I mean it's four days but I think the worst part is that. If you say you do wanna cut it it's the price yet the pay for them to turn at all. Erfurt canceling you know your description. Is there cancellation on the there's a lot of places have cancellations in I don't know spectrum more like Google Barbara does. But if you wanted to you know direct DirecTV or eighteenth hearing pain they'll charge you just because you cancel Al. In the long run it's gonna save me money. Because Wright who lose three with sprint if you have a Sprint's so going yeah act just like T-Mobile gives you freak. Netflix Hulu is free with sprint. Connecticut Verizon give a higher bill and I do. Such regrets I don't and a really great service you know I love them and company that's why stay with sprint for so long by. I'm pretty happy I as they did nothing to keep me when I had seen any problems with sprayed with sides we save a little extra money. And get to Libya between Hulu would pay for Netflix we have prime I've evident tenor for the locals. And then. Slaying TV with a free roku by way so I'm going to saved by doing all of that 972. Dollars a year. You know sometimes I miss just having cable doesn't as the days were cable is your only option. And I didn't have to have ten services to get what I want so that I don't have to pay for cable because it got too expensive is that that are remembered is that I don't remember a time when cable it wasn't expensive I miss just having. Because there the last I had cable it was when I start watching top staffers on is that that's now in its fourteenth season. That's on product that's what I lived in Illinois so that was eleven or twelve years ago while last MI cable. Imus that Imus have a like sixty channels and just all well and find some old now. Now I mean so many people are cutting the cord and everything's going to apps like of the fires stick now it's all just feels like apps on my phone I select. Note that NBC or ESPN. Or whatever. It it it really is changing room and this full we'll see how comfortable we are with this kudos go back producer announced later on you know. But yeah officially cut the cord this. Minds off this phone officially as of last month. Paid off vitally on at two years yeah but with Verizon you just. You. Are you paying something every except last month and remember but after paying for years that you on it and if you leave. It's what you get you know it's on a contract if you leave before your two years is up and paying off you just pay back the rest of boom out. I imagine some primer somebody get maybe I can report the price has gone out. You're acknowledged it last month on accompanied the basic Amazon prime membership is going up again got to pay for HQ Jews out on this is why. This is what we're paying for all those packages are we talked about Stalin pact doesn't stopper on the scene all the packages that they just at night is keep that are presented to the wrong address that's our right. You got two of those you just keep it this is tiger paying for it's going from 1099 a year to 1299. It's a 136 bucks a year not it's that's not huge but it is you know once it's and so much dancing on the monthly prime membership keep that in my. Just a monthly you know Brian ninety bucks a year. But if he does when you do the monthly advance on but you always gotta figure a way to get more money idea but that's what you are paying for the fact that I got two girls. I have to mouse. That's definitely a balance. Send it back what does that say his crimes they tell me I know it was until I chatted with pro with Amazon on Christmas even more because people made me feel guilty about it. So I got my computer Chris Susie Moore in my mother's house and check in with Amazon. About whether it's okay for me keep bulbs. They said yes considerate against. From Amazon and now I have to pay for that well somebody I don't have monthly try to make it as it if you eager transport. All right Tempe where our final four pack of tickets to the Johnson County home and Garden Show we have a who live for you. First clay Travis made it so you know it's not going to be very political. Yesterday's first clue was. I am famous Travis can we say that clues still applies here today. Oh most definitely apparent whoever won. I was in four different music groups to you got to clues are there I was involved or different music groups were giving a feeling generous today. 5767798. For try to figure out who I am today you've got four tickets coming your way. To the Johnson County home and Garden Show one of three days when it comes to the Overland Park in mentioned senator. Next week 5767798. I was in four different music groups. Who have 957677. And make your calls coming up next. I can't two and a final four bracket tickets to the Johnson County home and Garden Show coming up next week at the overlook our convention center we broadcasting live on Friday. But you wanna win four tickets they gotta do is figure out who I am two day. Travis made this. It's a difficult it was not too bad Travis. I'm 5767798. Is the phone number earlier to do is figure out who I am clue number one I was in four different music groups. Seems to blow up right maybe. Since it began in. Not this one down with Larry Euro 91 KM BZ Larry you know whoever dies. I hear Eric Clapton in my area claps did. Not Eric Clapton really popular answer with techsters though is Eric Clapton. So wrong answer though. Let's bring in if it if they spend. The load. Ngo and KM BZ ENTUN line. I would guess they're expecting you know side is to realize I'm out. Do you wanna give other guest will be three seconds. But. And do it got to move on 5767798. John who MI. Are you are or my Jack White and Jack White I'd here's another California. I am a music artists. In an actor. I'm a music artist and an actor and producer. 5767798. Let's go to Billy on KM BZ Billy eagle at nine. You have eight other guests and are very much Tom Petty and about. Jacob and team BZ Jacob landmines. Are quite good. And I slash. And not it's about Bob and KM BZ bottle. In my called McCartney and not Paul McCartney. Right. I was in four different music groups Ayman music artist actor and producer. And I started acting in 1991. And began acting in 1991. And their rights by 767798. Stephen and KM BZ whoever I Stephen that it took power in my Phil Collins. And not Phil Collins. Not know of being an act. Do not know it definitely does. About Adam and KM BZ Adam can you figure out who I am today. In my Henry Rollins. No it's acting as possible it's an acting not act out of bed yes at all good guess actually allowed to Don king and easy Don who have line. My Kevin Bacon. Began acting well before 1991. But you're about to musical part. Four different music groups actor producer and music artist. I started acting in 1991. And I am more it's 140 million dollars. Pretty wealthy person here. To Mike and KM BZ Mike Glenn mind. And I Ringo. Know about DeVon. And KM BZ DeVon knew that mine. You'd. Like Jamie Foxx. Good guess the gas not a bad yes yes it's a really good to get creative in thinking about it there ankle about this one. My son played me in a movie. So I guess I don't have any idea as to be right if it's nice solid play to be in a movie. 5767798. Sam who have signed Justin Timberlake MI JT. Not have a kid. I think it racquets but I think at that of that complaint and moving to the ads in at least one maybe two with one answer named Jennifer that are real and of just every just you know. So bad with names. We don't have to be to donate were on the radio. About Christie Christie who have hi mark my Mark Wahlberg and not a bad yes but does he have a kid that's of age to play him ever played him as a boy but yeah. Let's go to Natalie and KM BZ Natalie who MI. And around in my John Cougar. I am not us. Strike Don here on can be easy before another clue Dodd who headlined it if you in my ice Cuba. It. So that was imminent attacks on big time and so was my idea which was well snapped. OK given that he's known for being an Acton and may have been in more groups before he went out and zone and has the sign that complaint. Today it was ice cube forty for. Groups I don't know any of them other than NWA Travis in WA ambulance from. Wes Wes I could. Let's like connection westside connection and there is another one night to remember the name aren't. It was ice cube he was it actor obviously producers with a ton of money began back in 91 to. Was in Friday any was also in what else is he and Travis what was the big when he was in before. He wrote operatives in there is a lot of comedies now like Ari there yet yeah. Yup there's not a random movies is he wrote Friday. Yeah I believe he wrote I wrote that while he broke with in the Buick. It's kind of portrayed a little bit in the movie by the way you proceed. Straight at a company kind of portray that little butt is out. Ice cube to get four tickets coming your way onto the Johns county home and Garden Show one of three days and returns to the Overland Park convention senator. Friday January 26 through Sunday January 28. Three days to shop compare and save more than 300. Experts all under one roof. Which tickets online save two bucks go to Johnson County home show. Dot com that's our final four fact tickets go about Monday by the way EJ and Eleanor given away Billy Jules tickets. Lee Jules beat him coming to the K that's nice. So for stroke Friday's coming up ads. At 1 o'clock like we do every week. This may be the ultimate first world problem. I'm sort star at Mission Hills golf core I saw you need to know right there really the first thing you need to now. And the name somebody is filing a lawsuit. Alleging that fans on the golf course not people but big fans that they put on the golf course are causing a noise nuisance. Us a lot of channel 41 and the stations that are store on our station to those on the golf course strive for quiet and head of an attempt for the perfect putt but it turns out. People living nearby I want quiet to the golf course and nationals being brought to court this summer. After neighbors said it is too loud on the green according to Los. Gary Matthews says use lived at home overlooking the twelfth green at Kansas City country club for roughly 27 years. He filed the suit for most of that time right living in the cul-de-sac and that is and sell. The country club started using a large gasoline powered fan on the twelfth green. The lawsuit says it is so loud it is causing a nuisance to neighbors of the US golf association says those big fans. Are used to help maintain pudding services services during hot humid weather. He's as the fans are unnecessary court documents say the noise levels of the fans were tested by an acoustics expert. Higher and half of neighboring homeowners. Those tests showed the lay out the twelfth green acted like in the theaters when the fans were turned off ambient noise and that green tested at about forty dozen balls. What you would hear in a library. When they were turned on it went up to seventy decimals so they say it would be like standing fifty feet away from the freeway during morning traffic. Ball. On that and the other awards so well. Country club resident. Is upset because there's so why is coming from the golf course of which he lives not. The year so hole. I guess accordance with the Mission Hills noise ordinance the fans are only used from sunup to sun sat. Court documents at a country club tried opening wider electorate fan in November. But Matthews and other neighbors fought its. They said they were concerned about their property values there. And they said they couldn't spend time outs or with the wind is all without being disturbed by the sound of it not possible. Spend that you couldn't you have to stay indoors because of going to trial June 18. I love the part in this story to in the star where it says we're replacing it with the electric band which is quieter in the guys like still not good enough like duke on I yeah I know you're super important and weighty -- eighty and you live on a golf course in the world revolves around you every single day. Like shut out. Okay hold on for second. Just because they're rich doesn't mean it's not actually a problem. Just because they have a lot of money doesn't mean these fans are genuinely laugh even making fun because he likes of economic thought it is easy to make fun ones were described as like having a diesel truck. Outside all the time and I'll tell you this morning on. There's construction happening near my building I was recording stopper parcels for here. And there was a truck that must you know the beeping sound that was in reverse. You know when struggles back we're gonna talk that was doing like circles and reverse for fifteen minute there I went out. Of line. So I sort of get a little bit like if it's genuinely really loud and his edits out all summer and it's keeping you from enjoying just being outside of the problem if you lived in. Northumberland park to it just happens to be a country. I think this person's a baby. I had a mini golf courses I've seen mania fans that are probably just as loud. And it doesn't Boller the average golfer edition Boller neighbor who probably is to golf for free on a golf course right because they're living there. Anyway your when your golf and you play a course like it's in a city let's say. Traffic is going by at all hours like mean c'mon what are we really worrying about bright. I don't feel bad for this guy at all I hope he loses. He might he might be listening to us who knows. By the way T Kansas any country club. They had asked about the only permanent fan and they sent. They asked about the selling and even louder fans I don't know that was like out of the class struggling. I put it up on FaceBook created check out if you wanna read the story you can it golf fans is too noisy for some neighbors of the Kansas City country club. Make much all right look at some other personal problems up text him in 22980. What is going wrong in your world texted right now 22980. Not serious stuff save that professed this Friday a laugh at the stop yeah exactly. And as we can salt. We're here for you quick to complain about liquor being unavailable the other day we six that we provided different ideas for Dixon's problem if you got a probe problem yell will solve it. Take the next like you know it under Clinton on the spot if you got a problem yo I'll solve it tech at the hunt while the DJ revolves it.