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Friday, July 20th

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Any hourly to keyword cash adventure. Texas and seven to 81 and adventure ADV and TU RE adventure is the word to make it tough like you this hour. Likeable it back to our coverage of the table rock tragedy. That happened yesterday we spent most of the the first two hours talking about it will take a break we'll come back to late Iran. Extra comes who has had a Saint Louis. So we see is while he had yet you well these bird electric scooter shall lot around downtown Kansas City they shuttle last week. And it's see like people were surprised that they just happened to be dropped off here on and they don't if you haven't seen in their electric scooters. But they don't need a docking station Q can just kind of them and then in order to charge them. People can just volunteer in which 120 bucks. Yes it I just learned this today like like you said there's no. Docking station you can go rent crap they they shut off at 9 o'clock. And for if you wanna use them there's an app and you set it up your phone and boom it's a buck to start fifteen cents a minute that when you're just leave it where real odd. It is today that. Since there is no bird company that comes in sweeps them up at 9 o'clock. On their website you can as part of the app you can become a charger if you're a charger. You can take them home with you and charge them up and then if you return them to some spot I don't know where. By 7 AM you get credited with either five. Or twenty dollars depending if it's been gone for three days you get paid more if it's just been used since 90 am and it shut off at 9 PM. You get five bucks. And there's GP asked tell you where they are so people actually in this twentieth of the Kansas City. People in like. In in some of the California cities like in LA or whatever that are used them are going with their trucks and picking up and he you know three and four or five at a time. They take 34 hours to charge up like it just you plug into the well. So the city Kansas City didn't. I don't know if they didn't know they were coming or maybe they were aware that they were coming but there's no framework. With and city ordinances that applies this of equities so we don't know. If you are supposed to treat them like bicycles that they can have the right of way on streets we don't know exactly how to treat them and I believe I saw something yesterday. That the city council's directing city staff to work on it like immediately. They've been banned from other cities and now we have another problem the sons in Saint Louis of the post dispatch. Dozens of bird electric scooters that popped up on downtown sidewalks Thursday are going to vanished just suddenly at least until next week. The scanners replaced for the rental startups local lines but say officials said. The business is operating with out it require it and asked the company to remove the vehicles I last night bird. Out rights incorporated agreed to pull the scooters the city streets and walkways. I've other stories where bird sort of approaches this is an asked for forgiveness not permission thing best way to go ducks come to drop off and figured out later. But operate business practice a company statement said in partnership with the city of Saint Louis we agreed to remove all birds in the city until skaters are added to the city's dock let's vehicle program next week. The scooters are offered for a nearly twenty markets already since launching in Milwaukee last month for example. The city notified bird scooters are illegal to use on sidewalks and streets and get the business continues to operate there. On and so they sag they are seen him in some neighborhoods of Saint Louis expected to add more of them. And they launched the company with out it they just drop them off and didn't get city permission. And just did it and the city noticed that you can't. Wait for Kansas City do the same thing is that we talk to. It communications director. Chris and Chris is thank you it's like exactly is so they are blind sided by this like colonel how we're supposed to do with these things. I've been written yet. I they shut off at 9 o'clock they're. It seems like they're a bad idea because there just is no organization what so ever well. Can't you people are safe spot on at that the key is where they get to Gao GAAP to me that's the the question is do you think it's gone sidewalks or do they have to be on. Streets and you people know how to ride that two people now look we can ride a bicycle were grown up we grew up the back. Patton but two people know how to navigate that and how much instructions as Byrd gave you. On how to do and so the city's working on at the city's sad told city staff reach out to reach out to Byrd and figure this out basically. The impression I get is that the city can go to Byrd and say you know we we need to do XY and Z and communicate this to tear writers or whatever and Burton may just ignore it. I don't know that what happens at Byrd continues to operate. I don't know if you need a permit in Kansas City I don't know if you need the city's permission. In order to be able to operate its it's entirely possible in Saint Louis you do need to permit injury doubt but is it written on an even out on yep we've had for about a week anybody but I'm. I've been on you have also. Called me when you come downtown. I it was when I was working and labels I had a break got you got it as I understand I was probably not in town it's probably would leave early not to my door I wasn't there exact yeah the birds. Our topic is so. We. I've is just like any other type of like electric scooters there's three buttons there's your break there's your starter and then there Ager accelerator. If you don't know how to write secure than you probably shouldn't be on. You write this thing on the sidewalk or the street but that's my problem is a lot of people don't know how to ride scooters and aren't gonna necessarily know how to do this that you probably shouldn't be on it or he's wearing a helmet so the that the right Handel has it I guess yeah handle it you're you have your gas in the right break on the left and then you have a like a bill ringer like a horn who couldn't get away. They prodigal about ten to fifteen miles per hours and army your moving. But I mean you can control that speed for how well horde you're holding that club team but I think for the most part people just don't pay attention on is just like. If you're right seedings scooter. It's Bay Area is sensitive to like the term in kind so it to you would recommend. Not just jumping on one on main street for the first time like. Take it to a parking if you do yet tickets or parking lot and if you caller hesitant I I was just bring a helmet. Because I mean odds the eye socket ball in front he accused ambulance to stuff. If it's someone do who does not know how to write one you're probably gonna hurt yourself because you're being an eighty tell me and sidewalk or street. Oh is writing them both and I mean. There cops and say anything they were like are real name is cops don't enjoy. I don't think we know exactly where they belong there and pop eyes says we are to ride it says right in bike lanes would available. And of and avoid pedestrians on sidewalks just bicycles of that yet. Keep it up shown there aren't sure there's a world power it was as you can hourly how hard is it to balance. Not army is Hartnell got. The prize county kick start so you're on there. Below kick started in and you put your back foot or use Fletcher you know if your are righty was so what I do have left but on. On this scooter in my left my right leg hanging OK I'm slow down like Alex it might split across the ground. But it's not hard pill now. And I mean in and with the aptly Jamie look this is the app right here that's relevant or. Yeah I mean you know you'll find where they are allegedly that's where they are based crazy yes you know you drop the mosque anywhere there's no like all right let's lock these you know get a bite to bite stand. When I got so I picked mine up by Johnny's tavern. Up top where desperate sinners yeah I ticket around the main street where like that to pull the in burger Cain. Wrote around there in the drop off right X liberty. Leave. Me leave it shuts off on Mac that you you can't started in less you have the app. And then because you get to so it's a dollar the start fifteen cents per minute. And they're based on the highest I'm looking at this right numbers like 75. Of these things downtown now or yet there's others tons of them okay. Whenever I whenever I used it it was five and one lane that I mean we're at the lineup over. Okay a couple of my apartment right now as a matter of fact I'm looking at the upper right now while. And Saint Louis thing to leave or turn them dismantled and for the time being canceled an apartment if it is it because people are getting hurt. They just at city city ordinance as you have temperament and they didn't get her. So permit allows them to regulate gas puts rules on them to follow and of our safety issues that they can take up. So in Dallas I think the first they came out different miles tell me it is to do about her because their brand of potholes or guess what you would get her on a pothole on a bike yeah. Eagles faced by an apologist on your ball. Trip a pothole right foot. It can happen it went of the bikes for that deeper and let us now. On the tax latitude to nannies are organs called 57677985767798. Mid day with Jamie wicket also odd coming up. There isn't that the latest you know when he it is the latest meltdown from Roseanne. You thought she was done yet but after her show got canceled maybe didn't think she'd go quietly. But the latest meltdown from Roseanne Barr you're gonna hear it coming up next door key cast this out. Slower than normal adventure AD VD and TU RE adventure. Next in seven to 81 you have a chance at a thousand bucks international contest. This is really strange. I thought. Roseanne was gone. And we were gonna hear from her again but apparently there is a new meltdown that has popped up from from Roseanne. In this video which I've edited the audio I'd been uploaded to her personal YouTube account Roseanne's YouTube account Estes. In this one. Op Roseanne is sitting their picture her in in all light tan and shirt. Smoke a cigarette as a man off camera attempts dictate how she. Conducts herself and I have no idea where this how this gets. And they're start talking about the president and then they start getting into something and then it takes a really strange term but it starts that would then try to make sure their microphones are working. A guy in the world has so I don't know how law hello mile oval. Hello hello hello hello okay. You set and then they're out that sit in the name here's the problem like I imagine that you tell me yeah. Imagine a presidential address like your lucky with the killing a hooker and whatever I. Just don't hear me out. President's gonna give his address and name and then the camera big knuckle on his desk in the Oval Office. And he thought I do not exactly that poker right imagine in his statement to keep and save his job. There were jump cuts multiple outfits different such. It anyway. Didn't happen and the U. How you told me this 300. You know that. Might even now I know you explain this literally hundreds. And doesn't. And wow I could and. Little less of what set this woman off in this video absolutely. Clueless of where it was going. And how she got so angry to scream about Valerie Jarrett who she was talking about a man. We don't want to get your TV your canceled she. I. I hamster on the good question. Sound like a summit on they're really good question unless sister and just turn normal states. Of being. Could be against possible she cuts off the director and began in detox you know I'm talking about I ran issue her I thought the B was Y eight gosh darn it but in a much more vulgar term. And then he laughs. And Iran and he suggests that perhaps that the Charlie asked Charlie Sheen asked breakdown is kind of and act I don't know like is this. Do you think grows in its plan to get back into the spotlight or is she just kind grasping at straws just trying to do whatever. I don't have any idea she said she had been offered a TV show again or was being given offers to get back in TV and we haven't heard those anymore so now. I don't think she has a plan now now can't imagine being announced in that head containing that up. You think. She's incredibly relevant right now. You know I think now that Roseanne is off the year I can't believe this is getting that much attention I particularly don't care about what she has to say anymore I'm now that she doesn't have the TV show. I don't. But who cares what she rants about anymore so I don't accidents its does not bulls if she gets and Tunisia I think she'll be back. And somebody I mean. Everybody was think in the show was gonna go perhaps to fox because that little edge here for their on fox supposed to CBS or ABC. Maybe Netflix is vertical and ago and they're gonna start up with the Connors. Matter of cheesy there any more or less relevant because she's not on TV any more she's still the same person I believe. You know regardless of she's the the face of it and she was that. He should ABC but you're more relevant when you have a TVs. Tiger more relevant when people are paying attention to you because I'm watching you on TV and not. Now then it will we'll see if she ever gets back on that. She's got yet and I'll put this up on Twitter you wanna check check it out and you concede. Girdle rows and give it a rosy and have another freak out happy Friday to yeah. Next story comes to us Al about your drinking. So I define what you consider to be drinking too much and the point at which you feel like I. And maybe you scale back to slow it. Stories of news week in a study of more than 34000. Adults. A researchers found that 40% of American adults consume excessive amounts of alcohol and continue to do so. Despite the high risk of suffering health consequences. The findings mark an nearly 10% increase from 2014. Data that revealed one in three adults drank heavily at double bet. A researchers looked at results of the national epidemiological. Survey on alcohol related conditions out for several for years. More than 7% of those who drank excessively in the first sample continued the pattern when they were surveyed two to four years later. 15% of those who did not drink response irresponsibly in the first sample said they adopted risky drinking behaviors second time around. Persistence who were under 21 and that first set were much more likely to drink heavily when surveyed a second time. Other predictors included being white male and unmarried. Meant. You were more likely to be having drinker. We're just being being in being L. Female and nonwhite respondents were least likely to excessively. So 4% of American adults. Say they drink too much. Excessive amounts of alcohol and so even though they know it's not securely at that up. So to find too much. Do you feel like you need to scale back. I don't I I I can't I can't give you a number I don't know I don't well I mean conditions. Like if I am hung over. If I I feel like man like this is that rough week and you know he's got back and that if you know if it's. For all the for me usually sleep because bad sleeper and always plays and on but if if it's affecting me needing to get other things done. You know if I'm spending Saturday on over or son and our. And not getting other things done you know it's probably times now at what point do you quit with that like it and getting it. Because with. My you have with our our our baby on the way in January. It is come to the attention of both obviously she is quit drinking altogether. But I have also. Pulled the reins back in support of our. I'm obviously because I know this is an act I've been known to get after a few nights during the week. But I think there comes a point where you know and I'm sure many people have. Gone through this as well would say there comes a point where it. Being hung over and I I can about his being hung over socks. That being the know and Jolie's. Being hung over. And I'd say the last couple years I have made the conscious effort not to get hung over. But still abide probably still put me in the category of I may have. I'm majoring too much or may have in the past. But I don't think what what how many people admit to this I that most people wouldn't admit to this. I'm finding that the older I get the harder it is to predict what will make Hannover and the and the less it takes. Frankly. So I mean a secret back then. Kind of whiskey loyal but it will then switched to wind sometimes. And if I just need to kind of go more slowly. On and it surprises me now that I used to be really big red wine drinker I mean it is beyond drank and now red wine will give me an ever faster than any. Which is a little frustrating and so sometimes I can't predict anymore what will do. So. I front or over now. With drinking less of what. Age did you realize that hangovers were covered in full steam ahead if you didn't take it easy 5767798. Yeah I I think I learned a couple of years ago at number one what you're saying don't mix. Dumb telmex. It's on to your water between your drinks travesty is still mixed years still he turned 28 yesterday you still mix right that matter. No this is it. I'll change in the next ten years my friend I thought I was invincible to once I don't Mexico ever know I don't. You ever do a shot and beer than maybe other shot. I stick the one thing and I got to stick that the whole time or I'd know it would just be bad it's over. Because my my hangovers to consistently headaches for stomach it's more of my shoulders are hurling really bad my knees hurt really bad like warm out moving. The next feed our fit the better football better beyond for seven and a half hours. And pizza better get delivered and the better I got to come through my front door and I'm not gonna care and I am not getting up whatsoever. You know your your. Once you hit thirty things kind of changed a little bit in terms of your ability to bounce your ability to bounce back. I've never had a great ability to bounce back but they lost weight. I get drunk faster. It did everything hits me more quickly because there is less of me to absorb stuff and sell. Yeah you're right about the one thing but if you're for the long cantor was key for eight hours and knowing that it isn't that house joke she will make it to eight. Clearly those are the vast it seems like him but the older I get the less I can -- wine which is frustrating all but thanks well Morse I go more slowly with it which is so it's my preference of times the buy and drink with you for eight hours but. Clearly pockets of now. It also seems like I remember this point which I feel like okay it's on. Because it seems like the older I get and I turned four in six months for those letters and Wheatley or forty yeah I'm getting close. I feel like I. Remember less. Now about it if that's a way to tell and I feel like it speaks less drinking now to make me not remember what I did Erisa and agree that Al Gore and say wow I don't remember going to about last. I don't remember and keep my I would look for work at 4 o'clock in the morning film so it's got an early. Yeah it doesn't take a lot to get there not more I I I know that feeling I agree with yeah so it's just accident other two world public. You'll never get drunk again. That is a challenge she had overdone around your babies terrifying thought it's true you can't be somebody's always going to be sober that. I believe I now I mean. There will be a time. I can't say never because if I say never but. There is no no plan whatsoever to drink excessively. Around might he be sad to me is. Or like oh I've gone to place and I don't understand this and and and night maybe Jamie year OK with that I don't know. I went to. What's the brewery by mean river market I these days in which is strange days not too long ago. And a sit there the couple of friends and I looked over. And there is a guy eight with a flights. At the bar and her right he's got five in front of them viva they're different Beers. And on the stool next to him is the baby in the Carson. That to me seemed very wrong you know what I'm away. Idaho it's you because here's what's gonna happen at some point you're gonna get tired of being in the house and you're gonna miss your old life. And you're you know just had a lot of energy and at some point you're gonna saying. Well I'm not to go get drunk. I'm just gonna go out and be an adult. And bring the baby with it's it now and friends that. An and family who have had children later in life and particularly at a cousin and aunt is like Colorado that take to their infant everywhere concerts. They each they kind of continued their normal life they just took the baby that seems really wrong to me. You're gonna do it now this get an idea. Because you're gonna miss. This you're gonna miss what you were doing or early tomorrow. And earned not tomorrow later tonight to be the Hall & Oates and train concert. I bet they're all the people there with. Its so you know baby's not screaming and has like ear protection in your off. What's with that. People are gonna scream at me now about where mastic babies and time let's find out for moms and that is what should you be taking a baby and to your life change after you had a baby I need the support notching. I'll have a lot of future parent questions. This could be one of them like tonight. Is it wrong to bring your baby. Let's say two who were younger you know you carry it. Is Iran to bring your baby. To a Hall & Oates and train show its prisoner. Ortiz strange day brewing company like when you're there that's a problem that I to a bar. And kind of grew. And and more experience but I think a lot of people that that too when your later life. You know you still want to maintain some of that adult life that you had and you know it's. It's gonna be pretty difficult for either of Lebanon river markets eleven and Roland park in your gun some of that stuff indexing we take the baby on the street Karl. We closed today yeah two week lows that are Condo in three hours. I'm the sovereign is gonna do you not with an intent and it isn't easy to take place is because these people and it's. In eighteen months after the year when when their more predictable and they have found their vocal chords and walking it's easier to take a matter where it. Where is it okay to take a baby to an under 5767798. At some people might frown upon what have you done concerts. I hope you're not taking it to a move people whatever dinners dinners bars and we are breweries. Museums. You know if you're just out for the day 5767798. It's the first of many. How like parents. It's a series who errant. As we're doing January 5767798. This is fascinating to me what do you from you coming up next. You can also texted it to do ninety's there'll be a day with Jamie wicket other keyword cash. Coming up next as well. All notes coming tonight with trained. Or. Acceptable we admired do in nine in January. Would it be acceptable to take a baby to that show let's say at ten month old baby. To that show it sprint center 57677. Edit where you take your babies. That is you know somebody would say really but you can justify give us a call 5767798. Text in 22980. A lot of people obviously it depends on the candidate. It's gonna be easier to do it when there an instance and they sleep more than when they're eighteen months in two years old so enjoy it when there when they're younger. L saying do whatever you want but when they cried cannot there yeah and I would be aware of the other people around him. Somebody said no concert no brewery if you're that selfish or wait to have a kid till you get over is that selfish to go to look is it selfish sure so. It sure do you wait a minute up up up. Way to there's grass this did he also going on there babies are trying to take them out and be Curtis and everyone around you. I mean that's a lot people said take your baby wherever you want but if the baby starts screaming and hurting you know the experience of other people that are around you. Do you. When you went to the movies and the baby cry and complain about the pride in the people on the text on complain about to complain about the data trying to tell us whatever you say they're gonna agree with there was get mad at me and Jamie's when you give us the definitive ruling in an attack slightly happy also and I want to debated on the you've been there ever between C in a movie which has the Dow in the quiet time and a rock concert right. Yeah it's go to the phones find out where you're taking your beat your babies Casey you're on KM BZ Casey held a kid. Public hit to right now it she felt the outlook morale like I think FaceBook page indicated your life or we'll. Like it was actually a quarter star for a little bit we took him to power and light right there are there. The big twelve tournament in Europe to mop the JR Halloween cup. Do you know. He's well known that the I. Would have been mentioned you can cholera like. Good thing to do is teach kids how to be able to behavior public. You know they need to be around other people. Also our Ivan graduated to the movie action yet because it's ready to execute at bill like that other and taken almost anywhere but you know you'd be respectful. To a concert music appreciation. Even when it was would you like you appreciate. Thanks man appreciate it thanks for the phone call and see next separating. Is what Metallica. Is coming in also Elton John will be your next. I take the baby either though it's. 5767798. Sheila Iran KM BZ I chill out your children. As little louder. And cool okay that. Each. Have an op I'm married here on. Out there but I. Only column that I wouldn't and I and I didn't Eric I'm voluntarily returned there was that it starts. Let her aunt and a couple of Ella finally had. Great friend Bernard Mary and ankle took a back then but no outlet is there gonna chill players choke and and one passed a way. All of our bases where under a month. And I didn't know whether it's it's like debate as to general. And my. Pastor and that was the appropriate. Actually taken a stand you know it. It's like it's not okay. You know economic sentiment. In their face. Terror and she'll thanks so much we appreciated thanks so much for listening. Let's go to David on KM BZ how many kids you got David. Street okay. Jeter's now but my oldest two were not quite or not quite to I got almanac. Just like him at least I beat a guy. It's your money news here all night I was maturity not doing. So. At a little undertake them so I took I'm not quite oral not original and a daughter out can be go to these. Your protection. And make you washed dirt track. Laps now how they were asked for and how old. Or Q okay it's okay is that the that the one year old that's kind that's the easier one about the older one was a little tough to kind of Rangel once it. Okay. You eat at. That's awesome thanks man lunged at the ear protection I think you'll you'll be okay although so afraid of damaging the baby's yours the guy even despite your protection. Gotcha sound right. Let's go to Italy signed KM BZ which. You're on the air. Edit. I'll tell you about that shot. DJ children had to show. I have to watch out there that job you are here. For months now. Okay. And it thanks. It's frowned upon by some not frowned upon by others just like always like man. Lance goat idea I'm KM BZ Indiana now what are they about taking kids to places like concerts baby. I don't agree at both got to get babysitters. And my kids their ground and but we wanted to go out we got babysitters and I I don't know but people what to do that anymore but I think that's the way to. I think plenty of people do I think lots of people to what do you think is so wrong about taken let's say tonight to go to C Hall & Oates and train. I think it's destructive to the people around that whether that be idiots crying or not. It's a distraction. What about to a chief's game. That I don't I don't think I broke filter adult thing. Temper to enter a base that would enjoy it but it. Again that the it's a distraction and I don't think it's fair to debate either. Okay thank you so much for the phone call the end of Vienna says no gonna get a center. Let's go to gala or gala on KM BZ was Abdallah. And they lack the PT. Guys. Year by. And I've been on hold it started mentioning all I'm hearing protection. Aircraft. Section and that's what my concern. Pollen out sound at all leave the baby doll. At Aiken Taylor ice capades or some bank you know at the same with cheap. So cold usually at that she and Harry going to protect that baby from the coal it just like the royals game to protect them. What I so what if I do a game in late September when it was seventy. I go on about. Don't have a ball there at. Just where it is worried about the the weather. The way. When the weather and an air protection. Take care but I would never fathom taking a baby. To a royals game in July. That to me seems like. Europe you're you're doing something wrong or a chief's game in December. Not getting us that are she's right. I mean I and on one side and a bunch of examples of friends that it's in mystic at the bays with my everywhere but there are some out there that you can thank scale led to that of its on can be easy advance. So when my daughter it was the year. We used all the go to mud on the Olmert can't carry out. Where year to year apotheker is it just again that I can't. But it had the bike apart mode and all the people there's a lot of wrong but my daughter's that there had a blast there has set up as it or co op. Nice state is that they ear phones and think you're going to be good. So I had a baby I was gonna go to the take it to the train showed tonight doce Holland notes with my baby songs I got your phones in the bigs can compete okay.