Midday with J&W: 11 years old and the cop tased her. Was he in the right?

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Wednesday, August 8th

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Let's get this radio Thon tick off but again it will be broadcasting live to raise as much ways we can tomorrow. Story comes to us out of Cincinnati dot com and the vice mayor their pollen free complete investigation. And so why an eleven year old girl accused of stealing from a Kroger was taste. In fact the vice mayor Christopher Smith Armon said. I expect answers in 24 hours as to why an eleven year old would be taste. And get a Cincinnati police officer used a taser to stun the eleven year old girl suspected of stealing from Kroger on Monday. An off duty officer working security at the spring grove village Kroger was investigating several young girls accused of stealing from the store. The officer approached the eleven year old but she ignored the officer and continued to walk away. That is when he officer struck the girl in the back with the taser. The girls arrested on charges of theft and obstructing official business she was taken to Cincinnati children's hospital medical center for a valuation. And then released to my parents' custody we have to police chief Elliot Isaak who's sad. We are extremely concerned when force is used by one of our officers on a child of this aids as a result we take you very thorough review our policies. As it relates to force and juveniles as well as the propriety of the officer's actions. Police official said the officer was wearing a body camera. But did not activate the camera until after the taser was used how convenient convenient. The department's policy of body cameras states officers are required to activate the devices during all law enforcement related encounters but also says during extenuating circumstances. Utilization of the cameras may not be possible. Police department policy says tasters are for self defense or temporarily and mobilize the subject was actively resisting arrest. By the way if you're not as certain about how tweezers work on they generate electricity. Using a small handheld battery operated unit about the size of a handgun menus at the right way. It generates electrical current that dominates your muscular and censoring nervous system and so you're physically incapacitated and can't move you don't have you know muscle control that. Allowing officers to gain control over you at that point. The department policy adds officer should avoid using a taser on obviously pregnant females and those individuals under the age of seven or over the age of seventy. Due to the potential for those individuals to fall when incapacitated by taser unless the encounter rises to the level of a deadly force situation. 5767798. Was it right for a police officer to use a taser on an eleven year old girl who police say was stealing. From a supermarket by 767798. Or he can text in Tutu ninety's here. So what's on a couple things out yes she ignored orders. I've had the officer approached the eleven year old girl and she didn't we don't know exactly what the order was. But we know that the officer approached her. He probably said something like stop because my story says she ignored the officer and continued to walk away so he must of sent stock. She was walking away now and the officer hitter in the back with the taster. And walking not running more importantly not going toward. You know not not approaching the officer but but walking away. So he didn't run after her. He didn't continue to yell he didn't you know try to go getter he just took out his taser. And use the taser on the eleven year old girl. And she ignored hours. I going to be unpopular. By its. She was it going toward. You know if there was a concern about a threat on his safety. She was not going to support by the way we have no indication. That she had any kind of weapon. Did you say. That she was alone was she with others that think they were called notes on. They were called out to investigate several young girls accused of stealing from the store at the time that the officer approached or I don't know she was by herself or the other girls were. IA. May surprise at my answer. IA. Have no problem with this I do not have a problem with the officer using 88 user on an eleven year old girl. Who was stealing from the store allegedly what I have preferred that key chase her down grab her by the arm. Holder in the air. Dan I have the legal process probably. But don't steal from a supermarket allegedly. Don't steal. And you will get. Based on we don't know she stole all we know the police were called out on reports of girls stealing maybe it wasn't this girl maybe it was one of the other girls. Yet not that far. Enough. 5767798. I I I've backed the police officer here you suspected this girl was stealing you've got called because there were girls stealing. She ignored you she ran away from you. It doesn't mean a 100% she was stealing but that sounds like somebody doing something wrong in a supermarket with a backpack. That the people who coldly at the officer down there suspected she was stealing I got no promise. A crime. Just become it didn't. They didn't know for sure if she was stealing on not everybody who is suspected of a crime is actually committing a crime and she was not a threat to this guy. She was she was wac and the other direction she ignored and should be an assassin Dewey said. But she was just walking in the other direction. And by the way how do you know her age. Now and eleven girls can be small. Their policy says don't use not a kid that's younger than seven she's not much in seven years. Could tell a difference in a seven year old and eleven not all is not all is by the white packs two and so he can't see your face all. Her back was to win at them by that point when he first encountered. That are still a small girl I is still each high. Which it's eight and there are other things that you try and talking about yeah now I'm about an electric current that immobilize you. She was running away. She wasn't threatening with a guy and there was no threat to his safety. It was beyond lazy and just oddities after just it on the storewide. There are things that could have been tried there before you use an electric current on a child where do you stand by 767798. I think the police officer was in the right Jane wishes he would try so melts and and police let's point out are calling for an immediate investigation and they want answers within 24 hours to find out why this cop used a taser on eleven girl it is convenient that the body camera was not turned on doesn't act is on the does it does a reek of Shea Dennis so this was the time where he forgot to turn the camera eyes. You know. Seems to capital unfortunately but I think the police officer was in the right what do you think 5767798. Attacks in 22980. Mary TJ genie will get everybody coming up next. Speaking of that keyword cash at this hour that organs bake. The AKE bay. Texted it is seven to 81 by the way we either some of you are not getting any response message our Boston sent out an email that your messages are going through. You're just not getting the thanks for texting a return messages so your your text message is going through. Your chance is registered for a thousand box you're just not getting the receipt on it basically. 5767798. Talking about a girl out of Cincinnati Ohio. Stories out of Cincinnati dot com the police chief there has opened an investigation with the vice mayors saying I want answers in 24 hours. About why a taser was used on an eleven year old girl suspected of stealing food from a Kroger on Monday Assam police were called out. I was an off duty officer actually working security at these spring grove village Kroger. Investigating several young girls accused of stealing from the store the officer approaches and eleven year old girl she ignores the officer and keeps walking in the other direction. The officer hits the girl in the back with the taser other girls arrested on charges taken to hospital and released to her parents' custody. Office is placed on officers placed on restricted duty pending the outcome of the investigation. They do allow by department policy T users to be used on someone as young as seven. Or up until the age of 7711. Year old is within that window. I taser is for those who don't know generate electricity in a small battery operated units outsized handgun. It generates an electrical current that dominates your neural muscular and nervous sense nervous system so that you you stop smoking in a mobile as you said that you stop moving. Where the body can completely odd didn't activated until after the taser was used app raises some red flags forming. I even though the department policy says officers are required to activate devices during all law enforcement related encounters. I'm looking up a little bit more about what teachers do to your body and there was a study that was done from Drexel university in Arizona State that. It looked at bat in the last couple years. And they found the shot generated by a taser only hurts but also can temporarily impair a person's ability to remember. And process information. On the study results suggest I'm just reading this out of popular mechanics. A suspect might not be capable of waving their Miranda rights when questioned by police immediately aftershock because they may not remember what pap. 5767798. Was it right for this police officer to do this or was it. On the line was too extreme 5767798. Samaria and can be easy primary. Hi what's up. All I'm wondering. If you're a play inside or outside. It used to be when I was growing up bait people allowed to ask our approach your stealing something that you outside of the year. I. Unit that I don't agree with him yet he earned. A at all. That I'm wondering night. I don't know what it was she that he'd let us. And I didn't mean that the same theories are so I agree don't deal. Don't we quote from stored without consequences. That are I got here. They're right at someone who's been sued. Immediately hit it right regular the company. That could be approachable. Well the way to say it all it says in it about six different versions that it happened at a Kroger. In Cincinnati Mary thank you so much TJ Iran came BZ. They got. Are gonna say that. Before majors rosters were expected to be. And get an option they could restrain minaret. Grown men and had this guy can't restrain analyst you know girl aiding her. Then he'd probably shouldn't even be at least out there and addition actually worked stealing food. He'd he'd probably shouldn't serve our own and. See him there are some guys issue urban anger on the LE EI mean she might have been. You know hungry issue and had another incident that. Does that allow her to steal. Allegedly. But debtor's other recourse other than going straight to an eleven year old girls. I mean it it sounds like he tried to talk to her. And she walked away ran away invaded what whatever so it doesn't like he tried to approach her. And she wanted nothing to do it TJ thanks man 5767790. Jeanie you're on came easy. Yeah I'd say officers definitely at the right to cater the skit not say cap no respect for adults. They have no respect for anything and you know you just give them a little camp where they do it cheers to eat your old. They'll be killing people. Thought they got capsule consequences for what they're doing. Yet you arrest them. I mean that's what you do that those are the consequences that she's gonna faces is that she's being arrested she's gonna face the criminal justice systems she's not get off Scot free. Well you know lack. Eight election out Scot free throw a lot of things I know somebody saw a lot of our time. And before we even got downtown. Jail or at least from the wrong eight law that. That's gonna go out there isn't that what happened. There's no consequences. For anything anymore or McCain there you know actually number. The next French toast something's wrong. Jeanne thank over the phone call. Let's doctor Scott on KM BZ what do you think Scott. I think Yasser at all are you allowed it to mean. That would reverse break in the more it altered to stop you were told to start out and stop talk concert. It's we're really. The two who served in congress due to doctors orders were. Ordered not. Be. Healing should still potent stuff and some not try to their yachts. And it's against the law. Or she was scared. You know she's never dollar police before a lot of people run because they're scared and because they don't know how to react in that situation. That's that's cultivating them and then if you are scared that the of that very thing to look at that. The rules and laws that he's dating a plea. Didn't want to feature you're hitting a police officer you're right that's what you're doing bigger not necessarily doing it because you're guilty you're doing it to your freaking out. And no I NL. On one with twelve that the that it he was two to 42. Paul mentioned here earlier than I am not certain restraint someone at eleven. In the rose tumultuous cause you know what Christian small clusters that that's mother with those. They're certainly the name of extension and note that all mean my own a firearm. Comment that you do an excellent. You know in the packets which. But I've been in several important. That the law. At least process that we're in piracy that well here yet. Or. Principal at Harvard and then there won't won't won't important. Level eating. As Scott appreciate it thank you for your opinion by 767798. Hate your Jamie's eagle had Hank. They're good morning if that they've. From eleven year old. And it went out and I remember being eleven years you're old and I don't know the rules that come to populate pregnant on to go to school and whatever. I think that excessive force or not concerned about what you can do between now for the pork chop it should it's still. I just think that. He could win at their route because I think somebody's got and you were fired up they understood all want it kept on getting. And they still think. And you can drop I guess he was naked so we've had a lot of problems and you wonder why our social content in the columns so. I believe that it was excessive force. We'll takes more phone calls coming up Hank thank you for yours 5767798. I just got word first paired tickets is gone for tomorrow night's chief's game that's great we got nine left for a 500 dollar donation. To tomorrow's caring for kids radio Thon UN the bank is donating all of their tickets inside their sweet. Each Payer includes or herbs refreshments and a gold parking pass but you got to now be one of the first nine to make a donation of 500 bucks to the children's. Children's shelter at the Salvation Army. And the caring for kids radios only broadcast live tomorrow if you want the tickets. Never 500 dollar donation at least you can donate more but it's got to be at least 500 bucks. Give our phone calls 576779. Aids. As we are talking about a young girl out of Cincinnati. So there's eleven year old girl who is a part of the group of girls where police are called the Kroger. Accusing these girls shoplifting food so you have an off duty officer working security bear who approaches the eleven year old. And refuses orders is is how it's worded so we don't know what he said but we know that she turned and walked in the other direction. He teases her taser admits a bit and electrical currents and so it mobilizing persons that they can no longer Ryan. She'd be taken to a hospital and afterwards she was released or parents and she is facing charges in that incident. The vice mayor of the city of Cincinnati sad I want answers in 24 hours about why an officer used a taser. On an eleven year old girl by the way the police chief also is doing an investigation. He was wearing a body camera at the time but did not turn and on until after the incidents. If they get was over the line do you think it was appropriate 5767798. Lance got a Connie thanks much for hanging Connie the floor is yours. Like. Broke my heart. It was absolutely no reason that it. On on a lot of heat they're on to let on in the Euro call girl who was locked away. Equal. Grab some are. Saying to contain her there at their content on an eleven year old girl. There is no reason for that that would that the board and he needs to be content strip. Connie appreciate your vocal. Led Stockton Tracy on KM BZ what do you think tracing. Hi I'm. In lock pensions are major department store in Kansas City forward. For a year and I are so many questions about that because there are many different steps that need to follow what you can actually stop an African somewhat. A lot of those are you have to see somebody pick up the merchandise. Can feel it. And have the intent to lead the store without pain. Be surprised how many people predicting up throw it in the back like it was cycle back what do her. And then I that security opt for I have to watch them. And Carol they showed signs that intentionally. Not paying for it and then at that point. When that pretend show signs that kept hitting that when you're allowed to opt. I'm curious as to whether or not the guy stopped child while she still in sight or. You know whether or not they were. Profiling on each. That the department store I worked at the average shoplifters there was the forty year old Caucasian one. Because that the demographic of where it was located at. So I feel like. Yeah it would probably except that I feel like there's not enough information here. The investigation will go on and Jamie what you say 24 hours they want the at the results of this investigation vice mayor wants answers. Vice mayor says I want to know something in 24 hours about why. Hell happened here we will obviously keep an eye on this one as we wait on that information let's go back to the phones talking Tracy and can be easy I'm sorry actually on Camby sitting. There again. Well I know that I'd get a twelve year old son and most of the girls in his class our lead they had Pollard and am I haven't seen a picture of the girl. So I don't know but I don't know the top and that it rarely do that it was eleven you know girl he might about it that it gained sixteen year old. So everybody saying restrain her restrain her restrained her. What kind of conversation are we going to be happening when their video up on that Eric. Holding an eleven year old girl down and restraining order will be having a conversation about it. People out about excessive force having a robot arm it perimeter. And gladly. Go retreat or golf that day. Content item now what was reported but I know I can't cheat stepdaughter and are now in their mid to late twenties and both of them got in trouble for trying to shoplift. Holes. It was a he had a better person. It I think horrible crimes saying that happened and I really hope that that little girl. Was not that yet either current because I know I work at Wal-Mart the teenager and people hyping. In their baby cart eat that chocolate oblique but not in cash Lilly it's a shame. That its candidate and hopefully it'll grow back at something around. Ashley is always we appreciate your phone call it's a detailed next up on KM BZ was observed. I would like to know where you kind of draw the line now what are your shows just know recently you were. All about seven Errol for the Erica. You're okay what it'll have Joker OK okay. A seven year old boy who is. A was ADHD. And was running around at GM. Is not committing a crime a eleven year old girl who's allegedly shoplifting. Is in a police officer's eyes. Committing a crime so I would say when he crossed her oil and answering your question for you hear Tim. What I'm saying is when you commit a crime that to me is where the line is drawn. Now we had Ph.D.s. Children and our whole. And I'm sure he was doing more than just running around him being clever it was out of control and needed to be so what do. He kicked a cart he was running on the the bleachers any cart according to the report. Yeah up pressure that was probably more that happened there but you're basically. With the exact same finger trees restrain my child. Okay look at got okay what chasers. Again one is breaking the law in the police officer's eyes the other was being a wild seven year old in a gym. Do you not see the difference between that. He was still breaking the law be what we're doing what the opposite command if but it also says stopped. He didn't stop. He wasn't breaking the law by being a seven year old running around the gym here's a question I have. Because yet that the two cases are different you have a case in a school where eight a seven year old is acting erratic. But it has day has a condition has a medical condition that has him doing that now you have an officer that. Perhaps isn't trained in how to deal with the kid it's acting like that and handcuffs is the first thing things in this case. You have an officer with multiple options that shows the taser instead the question I have is. Could he have caught up to her and then put her in handcuffs and he did he does not on a chaser. Was it was just not want them want Iran that I. Well here and at the same scrutiny in order spots. But now it is they suspect under under investigation for crime and if you thought it was located taser. That and also would've been OK to have Ron after her. Which which we see all the time officers chase suspects all the time why couldn't he have chased her and then when he caught her. Order in hand if account if a police officer think sure committing an illegal activity like shoplifting. Did he go far he may have gone too far but I don't have a problem with this because she was found to be in his eyes allegedly. Committing a crime a seven year old. It'd GM. It's not letting it. This is not at this that is a black and white issue. What is a crime one is enough one's a wild seven year old GM. What is a girl's stealing cans of soup or whatever and still he he had other options besides. Giving her an electrical current that hurt her importer in the hospital mean there were you could've run. He could have hotter he didn't have to man handle when he cocker he could've just hotter putter and had he put. The girl in handcuffs Tim. I would not be on the air saying he should not a putter in handcuffs again he wise. In his mind she was committing an illegal activity. There's there's there's there's no update eight apples and bananas. Kathy aren't ABC. Well I would think if congress been having trouble shots were there they would get their own security Kaymer. The child could have been identified at a later point. Our own. Age it was a group of girls have won the girl's. But it may point to where I hate him just overkill. There will be a full investigation and I'm sure there'll be cameras inside this grocery store and we're gonna find out more and Kathy thanks for your phone call. It decisively the body camera it would be you know but injury and on until after all this happen. Convenient so now it's. Sell moved convenience. Mid day with Jamie make it the conversation going on her FaceBook page welcome back this little bit later on FaceBook dot com. Slash 91 KMB easy and FaceBook also won Twitter came to usery you can see that as well. The guy that was on a national talk show yesterday did you see Jason Kantor. He'll hear what he had to say when he was on normally a program's coming up 91 KMB easy. Tomorrow. We will be broadcasting live in a park mall launches stop I'd say hi more importantly I want you to make some donations and watch your we want your money top for the Salvation Army the children's shelter where there's the caring for kids radio Thon will be live. Heated Allen will be out there from seven until ten and Jamie and I'll be out there from ten until two Dina and parks Jonathan we hear. 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At a Donald kick off this radio Thon with a bunch of money are raised and donated before we get to tomorrow and again will be broadcasting live at Oak Park mall. Last night Jason Kantor may oral candidate was on net but I think if you rubbed the the media rounds are some on CNN for a little bit but he was on. Late night with Seth Meyers and if you missed it here's what the possible potential future mayor of Kansas City had to say when he sat down on late night. Your book outside the wire references when you were serving in Afghanistan and you leave the days to go talk to people you view the we're also web you returned from Afghanistan 27 years all we elected senate office and asked what was it like being that young in the Statehouse. Well so this is the oldest I've ever been and so we'll start there I got to Jefferson City and people always ask me did I think they knew it would you intern for and they would say who you work for. And I would say 35000 incidents. And you know from marriage you know. Every office of Iran for a kind of bend the young guy runner for a so I guess what was it like I helped a lot of people with their Smartphones and you know and and they and they had I explained Twitter. Yeah that's nice and you look back and say that was a terrible thing to do it old people persuades voters. I wouldn't want to do this Danielle I hope I have I have an idea and it's not me. So I also. 01 as he ran as progressive and there seems to be this same conversation that we had the 2016. Election about the Democratic Party and the progressive wing in the moderately you have somebody like Alexander Acosta Cortez. Where moderate Democrats are saying is that there is scary thing we'd be very careful about the progressive Democrats taking over the party. Where do you stand on that has progressed as a. So I actually think is a totally false choice I'm you know what I write about an outside the wire is that. It's really about going out and trying to convince people of fact it has to be what you genuinely believe. Voters will forgive you for we've been some and they don't believe as long as they knew you really believe it and you weed because you care about you know. When I was around for the senate in sixteen and I would be in Kansas City talking about are equal pay like a Planned Parenthood that. And then I go to rural area and couple hours later. And be a roomful middle class man I would. I would still talk but equal prize but I would point out to them that I give their wife is making less money than a man doing the same job they both have west mornings in the kidney couch. So you win arguments by making arguments you don't win arguments are trying to. Make people believe that you actually believe the same thing where you can't argue with her roommate that Whelan on the electorate are I. You you ultimately the fault is that seems to be you what Democrats are talking about right now is do you choose to. Tried to flip chunk voters to the Democratic Party especially ones that were Democrats before he came on the scene or do you just ignore them. And try to get voters who haven't voted before. Do you also believe that's the ball starts well. Yeah because again you went arguments by making him so like I learned this really early on a toaster in the book about how we're ever for stores I've been knocked on monitoring of the state legislature. The stock came out we talked for a second it was really clear we did not agree on this issue. And I kind of panicked a little inside and I started to do what I'd seen politicians on TV do so or start trying to spin him make him think we believe the same thing. And it was working and if I just was like I gotta get out of here so I'd say you know banks that's what I believe I guess for disagreement or walk properties like. That's fair upload where you can put assignment art and and so like what I learned from that is is that. The reason it's a false choices like the people who already agree with you. They can see that you go out and make your argument to people who may not and they appreciate that and you excited they wanted to not endorse Brea. And these people over here who don't currently agreement yet. Like if you make your argument you might convince some of them. And if you're just trying to pretend you believe the same thing as them they're going to be all right I'll buy it sewing now. I'm ran for mayor Kansas City or it just like any other campaign I've had I'm out there talking to folks about what's going on on the street. And economic pretending we live on the same street you know I might pay wage I'm seeing a lady in a few days who has a possible problem. Right I'm doing ago I walk around we're gonna look at that it's important you're gonna look at the. A positive outlook we're gonna try to fix it I mean the government alleges assault because the rather boring lives that sounds kick out come women. I'm down a break and he's not some gloves and a bit. Hewitt if you have some pretty much I think I. Now that like you know we joke about it but that's what I mean the best argument for progressive values is progress that people can see you know and so in my town. We've had awesome progress and don't make sure everybody in town and see it feel like Sandra. You. You always. Criticize any of money politics getting out of politics and when you were running when you were raising money your opponents. It started doing this and bring this to your rallies or events this is called candor. Pander yeah and it was a guy dependency yeah it's. Which is well liked to call a stretched. So was the candor pander something that you Wear aware of it you have to plan around that. Yeah I thought it was letters yeah I I tell us during the Burke now we had to have like routes of ingress egress to go around it you know which is a military term clearly knowing your nose up at. But now you do at the end it and so boo was amazingly it was there was a dude that was his job yeah and it was hot sometimes. And what I do respect about it was that one time. A group of like I think kindergartners came and they all renewed interest politics is that as a parent. I like it was hot but he stayed and took pictures though. That's really that everything is really cool to me is they make and where Candice CA and then he just like go to king goes in printout panda and everybody. They got to put some production value like it like can I have one that goes around my next hour of hold it although if you. That's the point of all those how insane system that's right I mean the fact that like. I had to go all over the country reason many firsts in recent history is history so much money. At one point would you would you like speed dating you would sit in these meetings in and I had this fear that it was interfere it was a reality halfway through some times ever forget the name of the person but they didn't know. I was afraid that they were going to be act what's my name. And one day this dude says to me. There's very nice man who helped the campaign he says to me he says that you know John Smith. And I'm in my head like I really thought this was Jones met. Am I go oh my god it's happening. And so I didn't know what to do so I just bit the bullet in my aren't you'd John Smith and your he's act like that's dumbest thing ever dessert I'm talking to the other John Smith up up up up. And I might so relievers about I start just laughing like the jokers like a anyway I walked out there are campaign check in an introduction to the other Johnson at the event. Yeah Erica thanks so much of ambassador.