McDonald's kicks out a paying, homeless customer.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, March 2nd
Scott says this is NOT a police matter.   Dana disagrees.

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. And I. While its accounting. We get our freak on in the joke. Who. It's a beautiful day get outside can't get too wild and crazy how we should we not only had the windows rolled down and the Berlin jamming on eighties on a cook. We opened the sunroof will. No I don't yes we did it Liggett CNN put our sunglasses on why is it a protector guy I mean. We were ought to today you were to caches basket. BA SK ET Texas in the 72881. Of the entire hour in your in the running for a thousand dollars. Your keyword is basket. Tsk at task at green. And think that contribution right. It actually makes me think I was thinking about getting Charlie some Easter pictures this year I mean with about kind of funny don't know why you would race just enjoy peace and thank you Stan did you do Sam. We didn't while we did. But not like. It's fabulous he does what it's any treaty in his beard. He's so I think he's the bunnies you should do May Day to all of those thanks. Well let's not let's not spend my money different that's what may today. Eight day Null out the last night you know we make little baskets and taken home a little flowers and her mom ever. Holes may. You may say is like when you're on a ship now let's and we mayday mayday mayday mayday name. Date may first. Like May Day SOS made every right around the hole with ribbons how he just he just gives flowers to your mother on May Day. You never did that in school and flowers to your mom. Always made made a basket and it snapped an embarrassment. Could Espinosa. He did last night in one might be the most bizarre injury I've ever inflicted upon myself. I'm sitting down at the at the height negro I'm a big fan. They've got that you know Mongolian girl thing going on in there now not only what I eat right. In house. Anyway whatever. I lower units at a grocery store and it got which want gorgeous. I get them confused it's ten house what we know wasn't Billy what Heidi that's club rant I just I get them confuse it scab on your neighborhood they have. This market and hen house and yes it is not lighted it is gorgeous and you can go in it's healthy he can do mushrooms and at a mommy and shrimp and they put it on his grill in front of you and you cook it's my daughter last night says I want to go to an house for dinner. My hand and so we it and that's fine. Walking. I sit down I am starving we're eating our very healthy Mongolian. Barbecue. And I bite down on the right side. Of my town. Now how. At age 43. Does an injury like that even happen. And when I say I bit down carrot than I did you know because I at that a Karachi soy sauce stuff on excellence and a hot it's very spicy. The minute I did I thought I'm in trouble here like my eyes to started watering it let's just like a little nick of the time I think I lost an actual part of my time. As well like actors on the side. And like I think I. That's saying let it go I had instead. It might face of taking Atkins. Angela. And tried to adapt side of my time what are you sound like. My daughter she's thirteen she looks at me and she's like. Mine like wow please just please please stop. It please stop please stop. Just you've just been normal that well. Like I set out to embarrass her right that they hen house dial mom come on inflicting. Leading more incher well. Ali I see it now looks like a little dot it hurts bad. Would you call the injury remarkable or unmarked as well was. Tore the line of unremarkable except for the bleeding that would not to attract. So it's a remarkable it was more remarkable than the prior remarkable injuries. Doctors on her mark. I'm talent it hurt like a beast and that I got that her rock chiefs Iraq said. Yeah out whatever's Austin. Playing well I think I'd leave. It alone. People restore gangster that was minor collision. He thinks I can't. Some who wants some races maybe you have a brain tumor and that's why you're biting her tongue and is that what you do when it brings him and it never had one I don't know. I hope not I hope that's not I hope that I was as clumsy. And. I just think it's fantastic your daughter restive. You can never be normal she flees just being normal. That even mean does that mean you put up a scene last night when this happened well. I was eating it was like it's. My face blah Miller wasn't. Her. I was squirting out your face it might as well you know that can produce one point some. It's Friday I just had one and I asked why it's one I missed. She makes fun of me because I'm what she calls a loud go poor are gonna let me give you an example. She hates it because I'm allowed golfer. You or not. Allowed golfer. What you are is a loud putting the cupped your mouth or I'll put mine are you ready. The mind. You sound like. When you take a drink out of the McDonald's cup. I fully admit and I make a point if I'm taking a sip of anything in this room I'd turn the microphone off because I don't want to hear ego. Yeah I just all out. You're the sister I never had. Or are a lot this puts the cup to the mouth or person I've ever heard in my life. Let's just. Speaking of McDonald's yes I went up like programs. What's going on care to a new CD need to go to a meeting no. I do not a Diet Coke meeting did you see. That whole war. Homeless guy have you seen the video is gathered in Nevada McDonald's it is. Well. Please tell me is on video even though I'm telling you this don't watch the video you'll not wanna watch it you'll break your heart it will break your heart. A man comes in there there is clearly a guy who is hungry and homeless. And the man says. I'm going to buy you lunch well what would you like I'll just buy your lunch out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so that the young man goes over buys this man a meal sits down with them here's your meal. At some point police are called. Me because they know he's homeless. And the officer removes the homeless guy who has sent their by the way just eating his lunch that was paid for. And people have lost their minds as they shed over what happened is gonna care. We enact certain what we might get out. Shall understand how they're saying that both for the guy came in to the restaurant to eat and the guide at bottom his meal and all that. The guy was outside. Asking for money or standing on the corner are. And they're saying we didn't call when he came and heat we had called before because we don't want it panhandling. You don't let that guy finish his meal it's two subs looks like he's 75. Years old. Or may be a hundred and funny I mean it's and much much older. How about this McDonald's manager how you count your blessings and you thank god every day and I you don't live like that. You really killing business orient. I don't think McDonald's is worried about where their next meal is coming from no pun intended. It's just I saw that I think in this hall is what makes you wanna punish people in the room that we just better than I had an answer back no we're not better than that now. I think we are what I would like things. I think we're better than that. Would you buy a homeless person in the old McDonald's. Yes except the fake homeless people that rotate in and out every day outside McDonald's closest my the lows and my house and we know their fate because because I've seen them get in and out of amateurs remembers she tracked him down Korea North Carolina member. Now everyone's a wild there will be. It Allison thinks that a lot of them live in a camp and in camp meant if you like a homeless encampments are off of homes. And they walk out that. 135 street and over to that McDonnell's answer outfits if it's an older woman that I see in standing out there I grabbed her coffee. If it's the younger girl I certainly. We'll get her something because I feel like she's more in danger than the rest of them so as of compassion is not an excuse. To disobey. All. Begging is not against the wall NASA music trust passing this. Well you can make the argument that you have the right to refuse service anybody and that's true. That's is root problem is he's already paid for that mean. Yeah at that point he's not ordering or nothing now now I've got mailed there are some places that have ordinance against panhandling. And and ordering and is certainly a crime and in many places but. You know once you've paid for a meal when you're sitting there eating your. Yet that's that's. Just on cool shoes meal but the guy is I mean go to talk to tally when you're done and need to get I don't know what. Rod but don't know nobody would be reporting this that they have let the man sit down for fifteen minutes it is Fries and as big Mac get up and leave. And now a story out of myrtle beach California armed guards South Carolina. At a McDonald's is being reported on. Garrison the number one talk radio station in Kansas City. And probably on talk radio stations around the country because you acted like he acts. That's what we do we point out. And if you let the guys sit down and enjoy his meal we wouldn't be busting your chops about. What you did and you kick a guy out you had the police command and as he's being. Take away by the police. He grabs some Fries on the table and screams I'm never coming back here and yes that's true is. It grabs Fries and. Insert here. BO billion. And one okay where else then do you think it is acceptable. To ask someone to leave who is homeless. Be honest. Plans of three. Before after it closes. After Dana of course before so bird. I've asked people to leave the plaza all the time but that's private property but so was a McDonald's weld those guys are standing outside. And put a down payment cheeseburger. You know I got he died by the I heard that I am asking inside. Inside the business. Would it what is another example that you would say okay you gotta move a lot. Would you say any restaurant and you sit down restaurant erratically Ebert. I'm you're gonna get more bad press for kicking him out in your view Lieberman there. We just don't wanna touch the unwashed masses America from them. I'm at a Denny's a paid twenty dollars for the stack of tactics. Nymex while I have a drink I had twenty dollars at Denny's first of you and what I have a feeling. They're going to be more people against us on the stopping them with the Scott. ID business owners will say were run their business here we're not run in the city union mission and. He's a paying customer. It's not like he stole food. I'm 767798576779. Acre marks around Babcock did right I'm Scott parks and KM music. The land solid. You know runners. Understood every kid about my age say. You do. I'm looking to do. Store here in Myrtle Beach. Where a homeless man video shows a homeless man being kicked out of McDonald's. Here here's the story of a homeless man was outside the restaurant and there are. Suggestions that he was asking for money you're asking for food whatever god forbid. Count your blessings you don't find yourself in the position to. And a man walked by. And said you know what come inside of like to buy you launch. And so the homeless man doctors of course it goes. And goes inside him the man buys them luncheon they sit down when they're eating together. At a table to McDonald's in Myrtle Beach. Apparently the manager was not okay with that. And called the police the police came. And told the man he has to go. And the man got up and he left. But before Diddy did grab the rest of his Fries shove them in his mouth and Sam never come back here again. It. Is the heart of America and I'm saying that you have to put up with. In our own. People begging for food or money and just being. Brood about it. And there's no obligation that you give anybody money. Or fruit. I run and out of the BP over here and in mission Wally couple years ago with people who were asking for. Money. That's a wall go in their body whatever you want but I'm not just gonna hand you money. They told me to go boy myself. Who barely held up there. Much of. This wasn't being read there is no indication the story was being readers. And. His meal was paid for some sort and this really was. And no harm no house situation just let it go you're more likely to get positive press. If you let him stay and throw one of free apple pie and her. But then Crist is rights and and this is true and I did see this on another website. I feel like just where you are referencing conveniently leaves out the part where the homeless man has been kicked out previously for disorderly conduct. I've 767798. If you guys want to weigh in. Chris in Kansas City hello Chris. I'm very well and thank you for a asked. I think on the whole thing is it. If the man came in and it ate that and wanted to sit down and have a male there's no reason. That. And I say that because. If the problem was the smell. Let's be real have been I've been here they're really bit people. That or eating and that meant to do it. And I did finish that day. And also. You know I'd be honest MacDonald it it's it's not a written it not. The in all it's where people are good to get a quick meal there at C. The amendment that worked there and I think he deserves the right to sit down and have a mailed just like anybody else. I'm afraid pure and have a great weekend but it Alan Dennis the other is you guys hang tight W Max Q would cash. Come into Iran after the arrive before the 3 o'clock news right after the 5 o'clock news we are fester this Friday. Beautiful Friday afternoon Kansas City let's get to the newsroom here is Carol marks. 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You're thirty in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the schools' safety office released their 20s17. Crime statistics report today at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. That's were down the most. You had 213 that's reported in 2016. We dropped 256. Steps between seventy. Deputy chief James on Jana says banks and other personal items are the most commonly stolen on campus there were also four reported rapes. And 148. Drugs and narcotics violations. The president of the European Union's executive body says the block will retaliate against planned US US tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. By taking aim at American exports like blue jeans. Jon Claude junker said the 28 nation bloc corresponding US import taxes by treating American products the same way. While abiding by World Trade Organization rules we'll check traffic and weather together next. High pressure sneak in on and giving some quiet weather here in Kansas City in the near term looks like her next shot at showers and even if he shocker thunderstorms may Roland starting. Late Sunday into Sunday night. Plenty of sunshine for the rest of this Friday a little gusty with our south southeasterly breeze are high mid to upper fifties. Tonight are clear a little upper thirties sunny low sixties for tomorrow and back to the late sixties on Sunday with that chance for a late day storm. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more key NBC weather. Du six KC nine's 56 downtown 56 right now on your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Yeah. Okay hello. Do you time. Tonight it. On Twitter Q3. KM BZ radio. At radio Dana app parks KM BZ. Do you privilege and an honor if you do. 5767798. We're talking about this story out of Myrtle Beach. Where a homeless man. Was offered a meal and my someone walking into a McDonald's. I'm almost and of course except. Has anybody would. And apparently. Them was asked to leave now some people are pointing out I haven't seen this in the story maybe I missed misses somewhere. That the homeless man had been accused of disorderly conduct prior. At that McDonald's I'm not familiar with that. I don't see it in the story may be judges. Mr. somehow I have no idea. 5767798. Allen in Kansas City hello Allen. Hello. Say. I have. I think gender parity in our topic that I think another topic should be addressed with a little bit more advanced but it. I'll look where the person that it. Is homeless he was addicted about a month ago he's still work with me. And he's 65 years old. And I. Well my problem visited the I think he has all farmers but he doesn't know it. Yeah and I don't think that he should be doing that type of work he's doing with mean. Or that reason. And it would just had a great partners trying to get to and I don't know. What he should. I don't know what the vice editors are certain type of person should call or anything like that but. Are on the basis that we yet we're talking about yeah I think that person should have been able Stater Egypt that McDonnell's. I know you've also he was also arrested two yeah shortly in his car. The problem is Alan and I I think you know this I think a large percentage of homeless people everywhere no matter where they live. Suffer from some type of mental illness some of them are homeless veterans. And we just have. I don't wanna say we have no services but where are the services for that population and how do you even begin. To get them into a program that offers services I. That's a much bigger discussion in the discussion we're having. Now. I'm sure if your friend needs services where you go for that Scott. I don't. Now aren't Dennis out south hello Dennis. I'd like and I could comment about it time and the homeless person a few days ago I'd. Well walk around Wal-Mart down here and ultimately got the street today. Well on the curb like these guys had built and so they're more money because I didn't walk out there. And law and I tried looking man Freddie money action hour and letting it out couple day. Endorsement quote Mary he's. You know you know I don't. You know felt sorry you know you know the way people treat them you know get a chance you know their team like the rest of them on you know they got the problems. There's another lady here and she's pretty sure at this Price Chopper for about a year sweetener car. And then match particular car accident and the on the again. There's people around here they try to help her at all and you know it's just saying you know the way these people are not not all of our you know. Hey Dennis. Do know how well the man that you helped came to be homeless do you know anything about his back story. Well he's he's he's been working around trying to find work he says he's had trouble finding work he says he tries to pick up work at Home Depot and places in all the says that they immigrants. Yard get to work instead it didn't work they'd rather marry younger you know young immigrant still aren't in. It's a quadruple. Well it's hard to get a job when you don't have a phone or mattress. And I don't. Want it comment about it. The Bobby. It is GO. Buried there. You turn your radio. That it is a I don't wanna go. What the different from this situation happened in Myrtle Beach. Shoot there actually that happened in Aruba. Or call to a private location. They're corporate. And product public place despite my belt in Myrtle Beach where are built. After the drip video. Order by. America we're eager to leave. Turkey call. Bottom manager when there was no crime committed Mike Gartner. When 22 there was no crime committed the bill are great for. A while. There. To. Based on prior year. Allegation. Accurate or. Because I think as people were bad for business. Your. Article is true that fell by an act people order. So what would've happened it would become an out of McDonald put the cart before he was incompetent or what. There are situations that happened there problem being is different to sort out there if there. All over. Well amid the mayor part of be a matter they all were handled the situation properly and whatever she's so why shouldn't expect that. Always with its one thing for business and and you brought up and I think. It's apples and gorges it's obviously not the same but in this regard it is it's a bit as Coles the police. And they want someone to week. And I made this argument regarding Applebee's in independence center. Rat independence. Is not the police department's job. To be the on site security. For a rest or for business if business doesn't want you there it is our job. To simply say we one months or view. Or we as we have served you and we are now asking you to leave. If you'd do we see what you eat are you really trust us. Exactly I could put it wouldn't Portugal by portable back. Or are they let him get there. But I can still take my two tag and sit down at a counter. I am a paying customer therefore I would argue unless I've broken another law or eight at all are not trust pass. Here as well. As long as you agrees guys that once police are called it is the job to respond that officer doesn't have a choice but I would org. You and I think you should. Agree or would agree a big part mission abuse were should you would agree that a police officer on this argument regarding independent senator to the Applebee's. A police officer if told by a manager we want that person removed. It's not the police department's job to remove that person they're job is simple. But difficult. They're job is law enforcement. Has a long been broken if so I have to enforce vol wall. I might jockeys are called to situations. Every single day. Where no law has been broken and they should remove themselves from that situation. And step back and say there's nothing I can do. Customer business dispute I'm out he leaves. And the customer goes crazy and bulls got. Didn't we would be screaming mad at the officers staying then a crime has been committed. Sometimes an officer will tell you their job. Is babysitting. It is. And I'm not saying that's okay or should be. Are we should be paying them more but how what percent of calls do you think our absolute crap that police are called him every day. I'm asking our our law enforcement officers to weigh in put a percentage to 50%. Notes that I. About it is I would say stupid argument disputes. Tan. I that one out of every ten calls is. And for that at a Scott we're gonna go down this road and you better tell Wal-Mart hired her and security because Wal-Mart has had every single city. Suck the resource as of the police departments dry look at great town. Because Wal-Mart don't think someone paid for TV here there's a guy all the calls go to Wal-Mart. It it is the percentage and I'm trying to think was at the LA times that of the story a couple years ago the percentage is. Is us. Down the day but Dana eight percentage of calls that does that because somebody sitting down and eating a meal. Is not a crime. Stinking. Is not Ameen. Or a crime failure to take a shower is not a crime. And their four I would argue the police overstepped their bounds. When the manager of the McDonald's calls them and says we want that guy over there removed from our restaurant why would you like to remove mr. manager. Because he is homeless and he stinks okay did he pay for his meal yes he did but so what. Did you serve in the meal that he paid for yes we did but so what. I am not removing that paying customer from York restaurant you served in the meal thereby. Allowing him to stay in your rest now. If he stays four hours after he's finished as me right that you might have a loitering trespassing. Argument to be made there although some people call that Starbucks. People stay for four hours after the finish the war. McDonald's not so much. Then you might have a case but he still leaving us for ice there's been no crime therefore there should be no enforcement of the law. And I cops should either say. There's been no crime I can't legally remove him from your restaurant but you may ask instantly. That's your prerogative. All go back and sit in the corner here and watch and if it becomes disorderly. All stepped in. But I'm not going to forcibly remove that man from your restaurant because he's committed no crime. And my job is to enforce the law. Not to be your personal security officer. I think the officer was out of line. I thought the officer was out of line and independents. I thought he should have removed himself not necessarily from the restaurant. Removed himself from the situation and stood in the corner and said you deal with these two women if you think they dined and dashed tonight before. Then you can ask them to. Our phones have just exploded and I hope it's a law enforcement officer because they will tell you if they stood in the corner and said you deal with this we would be talking about that the next day. That an officer was called to the scene to see you. Handle X. And refuse to handle X. That they don't get to decide Scott which calls have merits which dollar honestly when they know they don't they do have discretion. If you're speeding down the highway. And you don't pull over or until you pull into the parking lot at the birthing center in Shawnee mission medical senator. I guess the officers not gonna give you a ticket because your wife is crowning right now. Probably not they have disk but you broke the law. You were speeding down I 35 to get to Charlotte which medical center but they have discretion from time to time and they'll say. OK I mean abuse your wife and my god we got a kick and the officers exercised discretion all that. I 76779. It. Governing XQ were to cash coming your way right before the 3 o'clock news here and in impart. Did it right you foresee demos and sons spraying isn't knocking on the door that CMOs and son have them come to your home. They will measure your house they will tell you exactly the kind of generator Unita. Both for spring thunderstorms at Kansas City looks severe weather season is out what eight weeks away something like that. Calls CMOs and so on now get yourself a top of the winds in Iraq homestand by generator a generator it's the exact same kind we have here at the station. To keep all of the radio stations and our group on the year. If they storm knocks us. Out of business calls him dozens and now you're gonna love those guys 8167 at 147. Of seven. 8167814707. And check them out at the greater casing home show. They will be their march 23 to 25. Go find my guys CMOs insanity greater casing home show you tellem Dana cents. Boom boom. Yeah games. 67 victory and then let me throw out a scenario him. Do you respond of record and it doesn't matters god. If a private property business owner wants somebody removed. As long as it's for not reasons that are constitutionally protected IE protected status. The cop has to comply. The cop did not do any wrong here I find it rather inconvenient. Herm and decency rather convenient but you're not mentioning that. He did exactly what he was told to do by a business owner who has every right to ask someone to leave even if you don't agree with the reasons. Let me ask you this I got the thing about this during the break. Homeless man is sitting there and he's eating he's not overstayed his welcome and I use editor quantum connect he's eating his launch. That somebody else's paid for. But is a paid for me. The manager says we want you leave for whatever reason you stink or you just book homeless and your business we think. And the manager calls the police. The police officer goes up and says I need you to leave. The customer says. I'll leave as soon as I'm done with my meal but no I'm not leaving a committed no crime. The police officer. Recognizing that this man has disobeyed his order. Although the order is not based on a law. Grabs the man and escorts him out of the restaurant how quickly until that police department gets sued. She quickly. And how quickly do they lose 6200000. Dollars. Because they physically. I just who likes a man who committed no I just to see a friend of mine who happens to be a police officer as if you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't they have to show up. But if they show up and do nothing as you suggested and said you know but this is not a matter for police it's not that then. We be screened in the next day of something went wrong you know I just I think. But we can't but police can't operate on that premise of what if something goes wrong well what somebody's driving down the street but their obeying the ball. But Dana we don't know if there sober or if they're drunk or their higher and OP woods and they're just able to maintain there'll. Well I couldn't of pulled him over even though he was it turns out later he killed four people are drunk driving accident because he committed no traffic violation. Mark in Kansas City hello mark. I got it. The call screener I've got fourteen years experience whip. The court server sort art industry but it beltway. And I did that position or. But even today we do people completely. Restored hang out the sleep in the restaurant because that does look. Not inviting you're welcome for family. And another paying customers. And the manager. And let me finish the whole thought process fear that manager like asking the public park and Celine. Up until the point where you buy something. Because before they and he's not a customer. Needs and you can call the police who paid for trespassing. I bet that the lead they're not leaving. So the police can do it now once they've bought them or even someone like that the form. Tiger paying customer and that changes the whole the whole team. Now. What you can and do if someone does something so egregious. I'm get a refund your money here no longer paying customer Lee independently big you can call the police. And your trespassing. But once they purchased something to your point a minute ago. They're now a customer and they outright. Mark cubicles just wrote him I want. This is almost a secondary top. Somebody in regards my pulling someone over argument they righted you can pull someone over if someone has called in to the police. And hold you. That he was high or drunk and I do not believe that is true that is her. If I call someone and saying. I believe if I call someone and say. This person just left this party angry they're in a black Ford Bronco with this license plate and he is wasted. Absolutely. They can pull back are over it even if they get there a 45 mile per hour light. They're maintaining their Langer is that whites are wrong they're using their lakers 100 feet yes we're the company is that yes. And all you have is it somebody's cold events that I think this person is drunk yes. What do I know I'm not at Tony yurigan out of that take before you want to do my wallet and say. A person just robbed. A bank. He left in a black Ford Bronco with this license plate. And the police officers behind the black Ford Bronco and jinx himself at this point he's not violating any. Traffic laws of course that in and of itself as probable cause. Totals somebody else are you arguing that a police like an angry ex wife. Well I. Then she can be charged with abuse of an animal once it's my espouse but if you are worried about someone's safety because they've. Left in raids and they have been drinking their eye on drugs and you called it a lot. This person just left my house they are not safe to drive and afraid your gonna kill some. That's probably want to storage you're sitting next to somebody you don't know at a bar. You think third round but you don't know odor dry and get the car you go outside nosing. Natalie and you write down their license plate number. And you call the police say this guy just laughed yeah bar and in fact it happened to Chris and I about two weeks ago. We went out to a restaurant we never got him. To watch the end of the PGA tournament. And there was a guy in that establishment that could not stand up and I was more annoyed than any thing. He was just think they need to kick him out but it said Chris someone needs to follow him outside. And make sure he doesn't get into a car. He was just been an idiot he were to cash is geared GA art gear. Tex edit the 72881. Gear. 72881. In your in the running for thousand dollars of the Q were cash. Let's get to the newsroom here is your marks. Abbott and knowing KM BZ the president honoring America's pastor saying we'll have more next. You know it when are winding down hopefully we don't have any more ice storms are snowstorms in the forecast but if we do and if you do find yourself on slippery conditions and for whatever reason you bump into another car when it comes time to get it fixed remember the name Dale's collision repair in blue springs. That's serious business. You want your car fixed right. The first time and that's what they do it Dale's collision repair. And blue springs have been up there many times Dell's personal friend watched his crews who work there without a doubt the best in the business. And their work is guaranteed as long as you want your car trucks and get it fixed right the first time. 81622818558162281855. Rahman at Dale's auto collision dot com. Deals and blue springs tinker of cars taking care of. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.