Mayor Sly James - " We can get anywhere in 3 and half hours"

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, September 12th

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Kansas city's morning news' good morning EJ Becker Christa causing for relishing mayors like James Willis in studio this morning as we talk about Casey I phone lines are open 5767798. Text like. At 22980. We were talking about finance just a moment ago let some if we can mayor just. To make it very clear out once and for all here's how the airport gets paid for. Right the airport it's paid for by the user fees that are attached to tickets. Believe it or not we've been paying user fees already. Everybody in who buys a ticket across the country page user fees some of those these go into a pot of money. Controlled by the federal government that's used to help build airports. We've been helping other people build their airports by the user fees to come out of this airport. Same situation here. Only people who have any financial stake in this at all is who buys a ticket. And the increase will be someplace between three and four dollars Max. Other than that it's all these senator generated inside the hospital. Our airport I'm sorry by concessions parking. Of those types of things so if there's more restaurants selling more food the money that comes off that can be used to pay report. That's not a problem any money that's not there as a result of those these will be paid by the airlines the only reason people have to vote in the first place is because of the laws of state and Missouri. Which require a public vote any time bonds or use and it doesn't matter who pays for the bonds if there's bonds used you have to vote with the exception Port Authority and Casey ATA which are really more federal. So the bonds will be paid by air by user fees connected to the airport not by taxpayers if you don't fly you don't pay had done. If you fly once you pay an extra three or four books it's just that simple it's not it's not. It's it's complicated because people don't get it sometimes but it's really very simple it's an airport issue it is not a taxable issue. Mayor it's interesting can you talk about user fees and the people use the airport of the ones we're gonna pay for I read a statistic that said 80% of the people that fly in and out of case CI. Don't live in Kansas City there so. Talk about the disadvantage that places US. We and you go to get a vote of Kansas City people who only 20% of people use the airport the ones who get to vote on what kind of what kind of an issue does that create for you as you try to tell it to push this vote in November. I don't think it creates is much of an issue as people might think because I I think that people get the need for the airport. I've seen a metamorphosis and transformation from the beginning of the conversation up to now. As we've got now and talked to people and explained that they don't have to report etc. people have moved in chains I saw that last night that the format was that several people came and say you know. A wasn't really in favor of it but I'm in favor of it now and and a lot of commencement prince to vote but because at the end of the day. People recognize that this is good for the city. This isn't about one person's convenience this is about the city of Kansas City, Missouri. And if we want the city and the entire region to benefit we have to change our report. Talking about regional benefits let's move on to the move on the big one there economic development is Olympics is what they're calling not because mayor you said we've lost business and lost money because of this airport. When I stopped and thought about Amazon coming to Kansas City the first thing McCain in my head was yes they want some direct flights to different locations but they said international airport here which Jimmy says. They want substantial runways substantial space to move their primary airplanes in the Amazon is what we're talking about Pryor does a new terminal really matter to the Amazon equation. Absolutely. There was an article that was published it's lunacy Amazon dropped his RFP. At our request for proposals in in that article they listed six cities and Amazon to seriously consider the number one city was Kansas City. And the reason they said that we should be considered is because it is very lovable and high tech in very tech savvy and we can offer all of that but the one drawback that they mentioned was our airport. Because it's not international lets you call flights to cop though and Toronto. International flight in camp Casey guys not international. They can't handle more than a couple of flights today because of the constraints that are in the airport itself that cannot be fixed. The year a lot of the airports of fun we don't have a problem we have been in competition for international flights we've lost to Nashville. And we've lost two Dallas. We've lost two. Chicago and we lost so other places because we can't handle international flights a new terminal would do that. Amazon needs international travel to move their product but they also need direct flights around the entire country. And in Kansas City what makes this attractive is you can get the anyplace in the country in three and a half hour. Mayor let me ask who is it less just technically here is it less about. Having international flights were passengers can fly elsewhere and more about. Slots for airplanes to be able to leave Kansas City and go to London go to Paris is not about whether it's people or product it's about being able to have the clearance to go there is that what you're saying. No I'm saying that we don't have the infrastructure to handle lights because of the way that our airport is laid out don't forget this is 1972. When this was built it wasn't bill yesterday. And the needs and to demand for travel at that time were totally different than the needs and demand for travel now so it's a matter. Not having the capacity to handle flights if we have the capacity there were a better position to bid for flights we've been in discussions with people about flights to Europe direct from Kansas City etc. etc. We have people that wanna fly out of dukes of Kansas City go international. But they usually hop on a plane here and fly someplace else to get to a place it actually is an international where. There's like James Willis on the news line is a discussion about Casey I continues to 2980 is the KM BZ text line 576. 7798.