Mayor Sly James "KCI needs to be fixed"

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, September 12th

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Kansas city's morning news CJ Becker Christa clause in for Ellen shape we're joined in studio this hour by mayor slide James and taking your calls about Kansas city International League you're on Kansas city's morning news what your question for mayor James. All right we'll put Lee back on hold here and will go to James James lives in wall though. James. What your question for the mayor. Yeah good morning morning morning mayor. I was wondering why do you really think that the popular here in Kansas City will vote. Quite a major in November. And there are lucky out here on my street right now. And the people that what can't go up and down the sidewalk with their big securities because of the condition of the sidewalk this DN curbs are crumbling. And the water mains over here malvo break with them and it. Why should I would vote for. Well first of all you're talking about apples and oranges let's talk about your sidewalks and curbs. That was part of an 800 million dollar bond issue that we voted on in April that passed in a 150 million dollars to repair sidewalks. So your sidewalk may be one of those being repaired under the bond issue over the next few years. So that problems already being addressed. With regards to voting for the airport because of we don't vote for the airport were cutting off our nose to spite our face. People think that the airport is just a place where you go periodically up on a plane and travel but the airport is part of the business fabric of this community. We have companies to have fifty 50000 flights out of this airport a year others that have 30000 flights out of this airport a year. They are very ham strong buy this airport. We lose business because of this airport we've lost in CA eight tournaments because of this airport. We've had flights leave because of this airport this airport needs to be replace. Just because your stove in your kitchen doesn't work doesn't mean that you shouldn't go out and feature wrote. You have to be able to do two or three things at once this is a complicated. Interconnected city and the airport is a billion dollar asset that is performing like a hundred million dollar asset. It's just that simple we lose money because of that airport M it cost too much to constantly repair and fix it. It will cost more to renovated and to build new that people get it. Mayor James let's move on to come back kind of this issue of finance because I think that people may not necessarily understand. Exactly how this thing it's paid for class coming in from the text on a question and you airport doesn't help the middle class which is barely getting by. Are we responsible through taxes if this thing goes over budget can you help clear up some of the confusion taxpayers have that. Who leave nothing to do with paying for this airport it is airport revenue the pace forward in the form of user fees. That will be someplace less import dollars per ticket. Truck. Parking fees concession cost guilt things like restaurants and actually generate money would pay for it but since we don't have many. We don't get much there. So all of those things would be there plus if there's any shortfall in revenues which so far of work where we haven't seen any. The airport the airlines will backstop that it's never a taxable event. And secondly let me address the middle class will benefit from 181000. Jobs in 2.5 billion dollars worth of economic impact of building this airport. People will benefit from it is more money in the economy it's jobs that are out there they'll be training opportunities transportation opportunities. They'll be opportunities for people to work. And with things going on in Houston and in Florida work construction workers are going to be traveling to. There's going to be a lot of people here that need work in the airport would provide 181000 jobs for the building. And in some of those jobs will become permanent so I would disagree that people won't benefit the entire city will benefit. Mayors like James with a us in studio this morning as we continue to talk about Casey got 5767798. That's the number to call in with a question for the mayor will continue to take calls in a moment text line is 22980.