Mayor Sly James on how to commute from KCI via Uber, taxi, etc.

Kansas City's Morning News
Tuesday, September 12th

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And the city's morning news CJ Becker Christa claws and mayors like James is with us in studio 5767798. Those of the phone lines John. Is on the news line you're on KM BZ John what's your question for mayors like James about the airport. Good morning mayor good morning rain on. Merit and up like what. I may yet ever. Or. People who are there every week and they need a new airport. But. It is not so much about the normal but under that and think you're. Utley or yet you drop while the blank out quite frankly that traffic on that air or without papers and need to but it does not work. That mayor and you've taken to the the account the fact that so many people talk about the convenience right drop off and pick up there are. Well the drop off and pick up we'll change entirely will be like most other airports. Where there will be two levels still be a level for dropping people off in a separate level for picking people up. They'll be opportunities in lanes and easy access to. Apple oriented. Transportation. And taxicabs and things of that nature. You know a little quiz for people. How do you get a taxi Casey. You know you're used to use a person's phone somewhere inside the terminal yes on the wall. It that most people use their Smartphones and try to get an amber exactly but. Not everybody does goober. Some people still use taxi cabs and it's not very easy but yes there will be separated drop off and pick up and the conveniences that people love about the airport we're we're not building. The most inconvenient airport in the world don't forget. The same people who built this airport and it was so convenient are going to be involved in building the next near port. It will not only be convenient obese state in the arc in terms of about sustainability. And in terms of incorporating all of our Smart connected city. Data and and a data collection and information push out. In all the things that make traveling easy we will be cutting edge because we have cutting edge mines and people here. So that people shouldn't fear it is they aren't welcome it. Changes inevitable with this this is 45 year old airport it's served us well. But we have another 45 years or more to go it's time to changing catch up with the rest of the country. When JD powers I think it is. Rates airports we used to being number one on the list I forgot how many points I'll just say 500 points and we were number one. We still get the 500 points but now we're no 125. Well let's talk a little bit about user experience because it or user experience differs depending on. With Aggies are at them whether they're from Kansas City or whether they're from outside of Kansas City and passing through. So that is something that that you're seeing on these surveys at and people are not too happy with their experience when they're traveling through Kansas City and that's really the window into our community for business recruitment. On business relocation and all that kind of good stuff. Well you're you're a 100% correct and there are different experiences there's a casual traveler who goes to see somebody at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Others that traveler and it flies 34 times year and then there's the travelers who fly every day. Every week. Their businesses to have 33000. Flights their businesses to have fifty flights 50000 flights of their employees out. They're tired of missing flights because if you shore up on the at the airport at 6 o'clock in the morning for flight to DC. Or flight to new York and the security line stretches literally around the rise and of the curve. And it takes forever to get through sometimes it's been 45 minutes to get through security. People miss their flights and that means business is being lost we had a company that was so frustrated with the lights in the situations that rather than. Continue to try to send their people how to do business elsewhere. Where they had are ongoing and consistent business recently built another office there and put those jobs there are so they didn't have to fly out of KC. Those are things that need to be considered the experience of various individual flyers varies by need and by the amount of time to spend there. But the fact that our airport is the way to do it is slows down our business slows down people coming into town. I get complaints the Republican National Committee when they came when they sector. Consult now he's sitting mayor I don't know what you can do about it but you've gotten some about your airport what does. So we brought that comedian the site selection committee we flew the middle Wheeler. And had the old stewardesses Whitner. TWA eight uniforms. And there's over push cart. Come out to serve Mary Kate. Kind of a retro thing instead taken the case CI wow we lost business because of that airport we lost consulates because of that airport. Coming up on Kansas city's morning news but the out the gold ring if you will the business that every city in America wants to happen now. How does our airport play into Amazon will talk about that with mayors like James.