Mayor Sly James calls out city council members for KCI delays

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, February 8th

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Mayors like James is with us this morning to talk about this afternoon's vote. And you just heard bill Grady say edge Moore is optimistic Ellen and I did a nice long. In depth interview with Jeff Stryker the CEO he is optimistic that it's going to pass. But as bill also said it's a thin margin at least at this point where the votes stand mr. mayor and are you optimistic. I am optimistic that there's going to be close call there's no doubt about it. I mean the last thing I heard was what. Any in an unofficial count five against may be 64 which means a couple of votes are still dangling out there is that is that what you're hearing is that what you're trying to shore up at this point. Well I think that's may be accurate I'm not sure it's quite that they about it we got seven. But regardless we believe will seven or eight wounded when the votes are actually count themselves wait and I'm looking at their sport. Ever know until people actually cast their vote. That's right what's the descent mr. mayor because it seems that edge more. Has done everything that's been stuffed them. It's more on everything and ask them what you're seeing him or it's really. Some heading into politics by any arm than burns and McDonnell. During everything required undermine its so that they can get exactly the result that optional Wagner believes he. He produced. What is. A pivot back to aecom however. Are there UConn has no longer the second bidder. Eighty calm and in birds McDonald vocal and thought each other. Two decision. All of they had all sorts of nasty thing to say about each other. Our when they were unsuccessful bid to join forces so eight. AECOM. That's in the original bid which constitutes material strange which means we spoke DP RPQ. So it's all over. Which means we were being consumed. All in a protracted litigation and probably not be able to get this thing started in one or at least a year to. That's the danger here. This is nothing more than politics by people who were unsuccessful bid. Advice counsel people who for whatever reason our our our fueling that process of buying into that crops. I was gonna say why are they buying into it mr. mayor because adds more was selected they've done up apparently everything that was asked of them if its heavy handed politics. What they have over these council members or or is there an incentive there are some what's the motivation not to support it more. Well I can't talk to their motivations. Didn't allow Walt. Also talk to their actions and the actions are the things that we deal. There are labor issues out there and there are also people who have strong labor ties to warm a seat. Immigrant labor reached that I think would impede the ability to. And apple robots in BER minority business when it is its participation in the program. Although there are people started off in the quarter is a difference developers from day one. And they hadn't changed don't forget there's an election for greater twenty entries. And you've got big companies out there like chips I'll look for a Muslim world that some of the people running for office including currency. That's part of what Lorillard to be quite honest with you. And and I'll be honest with you until you. I don't think get in the best interest of the city. They're being the best interest of the people and stand there and at that it variable machine geared toward down. But bottom line is it's it's more. And responded positively to 43 of the 45. Issues the council race incident was there elapsed. The final list none of which. Whether of the things about hearing shouts and what we're seeing now. For all of that list at that aren't yet when you the opportunity to speak his mind that this. So be it is that why didn't give these two political IBM. And it's one that you failed because what normal now we've not in the best interest of the city. Egregious pay the 76% of the intensity voters who voted for me a little. It is politics at its purest of Larson's Sebelius or. It needs to step. Kansas City mayors like James is with this on the news line ahead of this afternoon's important vote. On the memorandum of understanding between the city of Kansas City. And edge more the company that would build or or or oversee the building of a new Casey I that memorandum of understanding basically a basic agreement upon which the actual contracts would be based. Mayor a councilman Wagner brought up some overruns some cost overruns on a previous project at add more edge Moore has done. As a reason why he's not in favor of this. I'm assuming getting contracts like this when big deals like this or done. There are penalties for such problems like that is that fair or how do you how do you keep a genuine concern like cost overruns from being a real issue. Well person or build the project is a patent lawyers talking about to Seattle Tacoma airport. It's more not involved in Seattle Tacoma airport. The project manager from the Seattle Tacoma airport it's eight. They're the ones that are responsible for the project management that's interestingly has not been mentioned. It doesn't make a lot of sense doesn't. It's more is not a party that contract in any way. That's part number one part number two it's a totally different Elop there's the Port Authority in Seattle it's responsible for the airport. Part of the problem out there is is that. On a project Eddie Robinson project manager. They did not being below ground environmental. Assessments. And then they started building on the old they. Contending it's below ground and stop the process and re mediate those contempt. Number three. The person that the Wagner's been talked to ignore the part of the order forty in Seattle he's a consultant that was hired. To insert insulting Portuguese run and chill out there. He whatever acts are they eat that brought the Port Authority. Arctic was quoted in the paper saying things the movements move out there. And it's warning that cost overruns were partially their fault because we agree it is change orders. That's what somebody that the global program it's a progression of design build which means they. Reducing work they've made the budget and move forward and that changed. That's not the situation appear. Didn't in Seattle the Port Authority responsible for crossover votes in Kansas City. It's more would be responsible for any cost overruns so there's a cost overrun they. You bet and it's like sold. Look at what beats. Look we are in the surface of what means and I think people are in the what's being said really got nothing to do here the city it has a lot to do with policy. Mayors like James was this on the news line. You gotta be knocking on doors and trying to swing last minute votes here over the next few hours mayor. I will do our votes are we've already out there all the doors Erin I'm getting ready bill. Get this done while. What has happened here. Worked for six and it appears that the make sure that the city's image is we equally. And that we've been aggressive and moving forward getting things done. It did that comes along with the whole process that helps organize. Into the and they. Who the zeppelin. I'll bet if this is signaling the wrong thing. All of two people outside it's embarrassing. And it needs to stop the day. So. People on the council lead to recognize. That started with all the politics aside and do what we told people they're sitting quantity which you build single terminal airport. Everybody needs bad they weren't selected or so bad that somebody was selected unique you know. A we'd be near port well and stop all this dogs. Mayor we always appreciate time we always appreciate candor thank you for joining us this morning. Mayor slide Jane's mayor Kansas City was on the news.